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Lesson Plan Model Date: October, 13th (second period) Skill: Oral and Writing Level: Second grade

, secondary

Expected Outcomes: Students are able to give instructions, using words like after that, first, second, then, last, next, now, to begin with, etc. Resources: Board, Page 114 English book 2nd grade: “Looking ahead” Time Comments Introduction 5 min Greetings Students are introduced about the contents to be seen in the class. Possible unknown items are introduced An example is given by me regarding the use of the previous mentioned words “When I want to sign in to facebook, what do I do? First, I turn on the computer, then…. Students are told to write instructions to use 2 objects such as: a dvd player, a microwave, etc.

Core of the class Pre-stage

10 min


20 min


5 min

Students read their assignment voluntarily


5 min

Students are remember the new words introduced in the class Goodbye