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Be Selective! For Only $75 You Can Apply to 10 Programs in Your Specialty.

For residency applicants, ERAS charges fees based on the number of programs you select in each specialty. Fees are automatically calculated, and you can pay online, by credit card. Number of Programs Per Specialty Up to 10

Everything You Need to Know to Put ERAS to Work for You . . .

AAMC Fees $75 $8 each $15 each $25 each

Working Together to Streamline Your Residency or Fellowship Application Process.
Welcome to ERAS! ERAS is the Electronic Residency Application Service, from the Association of American Medical Colleges. ERAS streamlines your application process by using the Internet to transmit residency and fellowship applications, letters of recommendation (LoRs), MSPEs, medical school transcripts, USMLE and COMLEX transcripts, and other supporting documents and credentials from you and your designated dean’s office to program directors. You’ll find ERAS convenient and flexible . . . saving you time and paperwork.

11-20 21-30 31 or more

For information on fellowship application fees, visit our Web site:

And Streamline Your Application Process.
2450 N Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20037-1126 T 202-828-0413 F 202-828-1129
ERAS® is a program of the Association of American Medical Colleges

.org/eras or call 202-862-6264 for more and contact your designated dean’s office to obtain your token to access MyERAS. Omission of education extension Omission of previous residency training Submission of fraudulent supporting documents Tampering with content of LoRs Plagiarized personal statements ■ ■ Plagiarizing or falsifying information can have a negative and lasting impact on an applicant’s future career. This program will benefit everyone involved. Contact programs directly for their specific requirements. . away rotations . Research programs and contact them for information on application requirements and deadlines. there are a variety of resources available to guide you through the process. 8. MyERAS Applicant User residency and fellowship applicants used ERAS to apply to more than 6. update your documents and track their delivery as necessary. Putting ERAS to work for you is easy and convenient. please visit us online at www. Physician Training Programs. Everything you’d ever want to know about ERAS. ERAS has a comprehensive Integrity Promotion Education Program. Keep your Profile up-to-date. 7. September 1st . Programs will be assured that applicant information is accurate. Select and apply to new programs. . 13. . . ERAS Works With You.. Applicant Document Tracking System (ADTS). Select programs where you’d like to apply. Osteopathic applicants may begin selecting and applying to osteopathic training programs only. ERAS is committed to supporting a high standard of integrity throughout the application process for residency and fellowship positions. . 6.aamc. Create your personal statement and request supporting documents. Every Step of the Way. and deadlines. . Assign documents to your programs of interest. Register for your Match (Military. ERAS is Committed to Ensuring Applications Are Accurate. To learn more. to Save You Time. E-mail. 12. to ensure information submitted in applications is accurate. NRMP. . If you have questions or concerns about using ERAS. Use ERAS’ Applicant Document Tracking System (ADTS) to check the status of your application. or the whole guide. . Create your MyERAS application. Osteopathic. You can begin working on your application. Download the MyERAS user guide from our Web site (www..We Streamline the Application Process. 3.aamc.The MyERAS Web site is open to all applicants. Create your Profile. Have your documents been transmitted? Find out. 9.4th year is a very busy time for medical students. 5. ERAS streamlines the application process. Note these important dates in your calendar: Late June . 2. processes. sitting for Board exams . 11. . San Francisco or Urology). 10. July 1st . Register with MyERAS online. Still have a question? E-mail myeras@aamc. more than 48. C lerkship schedules . Unethical behavior is strongly discouraged and will be thoroughly investigated and addressed appropriately.000 programs nationwide. and applicants will be assured that they are competing for positions on the basis of accurate credentials. It’s simply not worth it. and Honest.. Get your MyERAS token and user guide. Just follow these simple steps: 1. For any and all questions you have about the application process. Certify and transmit your application. Download it by section. making it easier for you to apply to programs and find the position of your dreams. including: Your Designated Dean’s Office. or to begin using MyERAS. . Examples of what ERAS considers fraudulent activity include: ■ ■ ■ Getting Started is Easy. . 24/7 through this automated system. 4. . Residency applicants may begin selecting and applying to allopathic programs. Last year. applying for a residency position in the specialty of your choice.