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Energy from Space Power

Coming Soon, creating the We evolve four main product lines to achieve
World’s Clean Future success for the US and the world: (1) Mass
production of Insta-Grid for everyone's energy
needs. (2) Creation of EMP-hard Protecta-Grid
Independence is to save and improve the U. S. grid, (3) Stationing
Here: Energy & first launch & initial Power-Star satellites.
Utilizing an old NASA Echo concept with new
Communication materials & technologies for Energy from Space.
Structural Fabric Revolutionary
Insta-GridTM is the only Solar-
Microwave Fabric (SMF) a mass-
Insta-Grid TM

produced, thin, flexible

Harvesting the Sun’s Energy & Deliver it
membrane upon which is
Safely for Power & Communications.
printed various combinations of
solar cells, microwave patch
antennas, and analog control
devices. The fabric harvests its
own solar power and can
provide power to other devices.
Need power where you’re (4) Expansion of the space system to over 100
going? Roll out a SMF rug and Satellites for transmission to ground and
you have “Insta-Grid”. SMF can numerous in-space applications. America's
also use collected power for households, businesses, national defense, and
communication or long-distance NASA's most ambitious explorations will be
power transmission. Precise stupendously enriched by these revolutionary
transmission uses advanced energy & Microwave retro-directive RF systems.
retro-directive technology
involving robust, decentralized
radiation-hardened flexible
structural integral circuits.

Insta-Grid.comTM Insta-Grid TM
Power & Communications
“I’d put my money on the Would you like real freedom and independence from the
energy and communications grid system? Originally
sun and solar energy. What
developed for space applications, the revolutionary
a source of power! I hope Insta-Grid, with its patented Solar-Microwave fabric
we don’t have to wait until now comes down to Earth for you. Insta-grid rugs
spread on the ground or on platforms gives you the
oil & coal run out before we freedom you want. EMP (Nuclear Hardened) & Ballistic
tackle that.” Protection with our Protecta-GridTM
- Thomas Edison 1931

< Insta-Grid Fabric cross section

example showing PV, MW-RF Trans.

Focus on What You Do Best

Only Limited by your Imagination
We draw attention to near-term applications that
are enabled by Insta-Grid and perhaps not
anticipated before the invention of patented
Expanding Possibilities

• Rolls, Sheets of Insta-Grid with both solar

cells and transparent microwave antennas
with retro-directive array capability works
directly from clothing, the surfaces of
buildings, making each office building or
home a fortified energy factory.

Contact Us
Long Beach & Seal Beach, CA. 90803
Contact: Shawn Boike (Dr. David Hyland)
Telephone: 562-343-5660/562-338-9911(m)

makers of: Power-Wave, Power-Tops,
Protecta-Grid, Insta-Grid & Power-Star TM TM TM

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