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Space Power-Star Satellites

Coming Soon, creating the The collection of solar energy in space could
World’s Clean Future potentially be an order-of-magnitude more
effective than ground-based technology because
in space, solar insolation is continuous and not
Independence is attenuated by the atmosphere. A solar power
system consists of a space segment that collects
Here: Energy & solar energy, converts the energy into radiation
(typically in a wavelength band to which the
Communication atmosphere is mostly transparent), then
Structural Fabric transmits the radiation to a ground facility that
converts the radiation into electrical power.
Insta-GridTM is the only Solar- Power Star is the breakthrough solution for the
space segment. Take mass- produced SMF, and
Power-Star TM
Microwave Fabric (SMF) a mass-
form it into balloon satellites, as in the Echo
produced, thin, flexible satellites (see below). Compactly folded for Harvesting the Sun’s Energy in Space
membrane upon which is launch, it is automatically inflated on-orbit to
printed various combinations of provide enough power for a first-revenue
solar cells, microwave patch system. Dozens of launches of complex
antennas, and analog control structures with many moving parts requiring
robotic in-space construction are all unnecessary.
devices. The fabric harvests its
One launch = 3 Sat’s = one complete system."
own solar power and can
provide power to other devices.
Need power where you’re
going? Roll out a SMF rug and
you have “Insta-Grid”. SMF can
also use collected power for
communication or long-distance
power transmission. Precise
transmission uses advanced
retro-directive technology
involving robust, decentralized
radiation-hardened flexible
structural integral circuits. Energy from Space Power
We evolve four main product lines to achieve
success for the US and the world: (1) Mass
production of Insta-Grid for everyone's energy
needs. (2) Creation of EMP-hard Protecta-Grid to
save and improve the U. S. grid, (3) Stationing
the first Power-Star satellites, and (4)
expansion of the space system to over 100
Satellites for transmission to ground and
numerous in-space applications. America's
households, businesses, national defense, and
NASA's most ambitious explorations will be
stupendously enriched by these revolutionary
Insta-Grid.comTM energy & MW-RF systems.
Power-StarTM Power-Star TM Power-Star TM
“I’d put my money on the
sun and solar energy.
What a source of power! I
hope we don’t have to wait
until oil & coal run out
before we tackle that.”
- Thomas Edison 1931

< Insta-Grid Fabric cross section

example showing PV, MW-RF
Transmission for Power-Star.

Power-Star Fabric
This Power-Star’s fabric is an evolutionary Best of
all Worlds in Insta-Grid technologies for energy
Power & Communications communications & Space threat defenses.

Would you like real freedom and independence

Focus on What You Do Best
from the energy and communications grid system? We draw attention to near-term applications that
Originally developed for space applications, the are enabled by Insta-Grid and perhaps not
revolutionary Insta-Grid, with its patented Solar- anticipated before the invention of patented
Microwave fabric now comes down to Earth for you. Space-Force Threat Defense System Insta-Grid.
Insta-grid rugs spread on the ground or on Using Power-Star’s self-powered Microwave Expanding Possibilities
platforms gives you the freedom you want. EMP & Retro-Directive technologies threats such as;
Meteors, Missiles & all hostiles can be • Our Energy from Space Satellite(s) the
Ballistic Protection with our Protecta-GridTM Power-StarTM design will answer the World’s
vaporized. Studies (USAF) have shown a 20-
metric ton meteor can be vaporized within a Climate Change & Energy concerns.
Space Energy & Communications System
Power-Star has been proposed for future MARS known short amount of time. Having multiple • Our Space Threat Defense System can
Advanced Relay Satellite systems. Current relay Satellites would only improve its power output provide a peace of mind from annihilation of
from Mars to Earth is a lengthy 12 ½ minutes & & precision for detection for vaporization. threats. Both space & land threats (meteors
NASA wishes to reduce that time. This requires our & weapons) change warfare for generations.
large 100-meter spherical Satellites to be positioned
• Sheets & rolls of Insta-Grid’s Power-Star
far out in Geo and beyond the dark side of the moon.
Fabrics with both solar cells and microwave
Our self-powered Microwave Retro-Directive
antennas with retro-directive array capability
technologies can do this along with provide tractor
making any building an energy factory.
beam energy to assist outer planetary explorations.
Long Beach & Seal Beach, CA. 90803
Contact: Shawn Boike (Dr. David Hyland)
Telephone: 562-343-5660/562-338-9911
makers of: Power-Wave, Power-Tops,
Protecta-Grid, Insta-Grid & Power-Star

Power-Star TM Power-Star TM Power-Star TM