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Powered Clothing

Coming Soon, creating the Power-Wave fabric with solar cells can be
World’s Clean Future manufactured using wearable fabric. This means
that a person’s coat can be used to recharge
electronic devices such as smart phones,
Independence is watches, etc.

Here: Energy &

Integral Structural
Flexible Fabric Revolutionary
Power-Wave TM made by the Insta- Power-Wave TM
GridTM Company, is the only
Integral Solar Flexible Fabric (SFF) Solar Energy Integral Flex Fabrics
a mass-produced, thin, flexible
membrane upon which is printed
various combinations of hi-output RV’s, Roll-Out Awnings, Cart Covers
solar cells, Integral Fabrics, Power-Wave can be embodied in rugged, flexible
composites and analog devices and waterproof fabrics. On the other hand, a
such as LED lighting. The fabric flexible Power-Wave RV Tops, Roll-out Awning &
harvests its own solar power and even Electric Golf Cart Roofs can be both a shelter
can provide power to other and the power source and can be simply powered
unrolled & no plugging into outlets thus providing
devices. Need power where additional power for all your needs & uses.
you’re going? Roll out a Roll, SFF
rug and you have “Insta-Grid”.
SFF can also use collected power
for power transmission in the
needs of your choice or desire &
No plug-in bills. Precise power
creation technology involving
robust, decentralized radiation
hardened flexible integral
structural circuits.
Self-Powered Tents
Power-Wave can be embodied in rugged, flexible
and waterproof fabrics. On the other hand, a
flexible Power-Wave tent is both a shelter and the
power source and can be simply folded and
unfolded & no plugging in. TM
Power-Wave TM
Power-Tops TM Power-Wave TM Power-Wave TM
Focus on What You Do Best
“I’d put my money on the
sun and solar energy. What
a source of power! I hope
we don’t have to wait until
oil & coal run out before we
tackle that.”
- Thomas Edison 1931

< Power-Wave Fabric cross-

section example showing PV.
Uses Only Limited by your Imagination
We draw attention to near-term applications that
Self–Powered Cell phone Towers are enabled by Power-Wave by Insta-Grid and
Almost all cell towers rely on external power perhaps not anticipated before the invention of
and are disabled in a blackout. Power-Wave patented Power-Wave.
(with our flexible battery storage) provides a Advanced Habitation Technology
cheap, independent power source. Power- By “habitation technology” we refer to an
Wave can be wrapped around the framework integrated, portable system of systems that
of the cell tower to prevent power interruption enables a small group of people to generate
most or all their consumables. Power-Wave can
provide a substantial component of such
systems. An example where People in the
California fires lost everything because they
shut the power off & couldn’t pump water or life
support systems would never have to worry
again & neither will you!
Power & Integral Fabric Expanding Possibilities
Would you like real freedom and independence • Rolls, rugs & sheets of Power-Wave with solar
from the energy and communications grid Bimini Tops and Convertible Tops cells and integral fabrics capability works
system? Originally developed for space Power-Wave bimini tops solar powered
directly from the surfaces of almost anyplace,
applications, the revolutionary Power-Wave, convertible tops are both convenient and save
buildings, making each office building or
Power-Tops by Insta-Grid with its patented battery life and improve mileage. Even Solar
Solar-Integral fabric now comes down to Earth home a fortified energy factory.
Electric RV and Car Covers or roofs.
for you. Power-Wave rugs spread on the
rooftop, ground or rolls on platforms gives you Contact Us
the freedom you want. Power-Wave (Insta-Grid Co.)
Long Beach, CA. 90803
Contact: Shawn Boike

Telephone: 562-341-1919/562-338-9911

makers of: Power-Wave, Power-Tops,
Protecta-Grid, Insta-Grid & Power-Star
Power-Wave TM Power-Wave TM TM

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