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Electro-Magnetic Pulse/Nuclear EM Wave.

Coming Soon, creating the We evolve four main product lines to achieve
& Safe
Future success for the US and the world: (1) Mass
production of Protecta-Grid for everyone's needs.
(2) Creation of EMP-hard Protecta-Grid to save
Independence is and improve the U. S. grid. Protecta-Grid, Solar-
Here: Energy & Nuclear Hardened Fabric; to be used to
harden/protect the electrical grid system, from
Communication Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) or upper
Structural Fabric atmosphere nuclear explosion, Solar Flares and
prevent disaster from penetration of EMP strong
Insta-GridTM is the only Solar-
Microwave Fabric (SMF) a mass-
enough to wipe out our electrical grid system &
important infrastructures. This Hybrid Solar-
Protecta-Grid TM

produced, thin, flexible Nuclear Hardened Fabric; is manufactured is Harvesting the Sun’s Energy & Deliver it
membrane upon which is large rolls like Insta-Grid Fabrics with the added Safely for Power & Communications.
printed various combinations of matrixed composites woven with conductive
solar cells, microwave patch Faraday cage sewn in & built-in power supply.
antennas, and analog control Enable to provide small arms protection we add
devices. The fabric harvests its the necessary materials (i.e., Kevlar, S2,
own solar power and can Dyneema, Graphite, etc.) along with conductive
provide power to other devices. strands which produce the faraday cage to
Need power where you’re protect everything it surrounds. We will also
going? Roll out a SMF rug and provide build in LED Lighting if desired for
you have “Insta-Grid”. SMF can illumination for maintenance or protection.
also use collected power for
communication or long-distance
power transmission. Precise
transmission uses advanced
retro-directive MW technology
involving extremely robust,
decentralized radiation-
hardened flexible structural
integral smart circuits.

According to Frank Gaffney, a spokesman for the

Center for Security Policy, within a year of an
attack “9 out of 10 Americans would be dead,
because we can’t support a population of the
present size in urban centers and the like without
electricity.” CIA Bureau Chief Claire Lopez is also
Insta-Grid.comTM warning the same Statistics. Protecta-Grid TM
“I’d put my money on the
sun and solar energy. What
a source of power! I hope
we don’t have to wait until
oil & coal run out before we Protect Military & Tactile Vehicles
tackle that.” Rolls, Sheets of Protecta-Grid with both solar
- Thomas Edison 1931 cells, integral batteries & bullet-proof material(s)
can protect you & your valuable assets. Easily
<Protecta-Grid Fabric cross section wrap our military fuelers, which are an enemies
example showing PV, EMP Proof, #1 target with adhesive backed Protecta-Grid
Bullet-Proof, Nuclear Hardened Solar giving the vehicle bullet & EMP, resistance.
Flare-Proof Materials.

Power & Communications

Would you like real freedom and independence from
the energy and communications grid system?
Originally developed for space applications, the Self-Powered & Protected Cell phone Tower
revolutionary Insta-Grid, with its patented Solar- Almost all cell towers rely on external power to
Microwave fabric now comes down to Earth for you. keep services working. Storms, lightning strikes,
Insta-grid rugs spread on the ground or on bullets & an EMP attack would kill them unless you
platforms gives you the freedom you want. EMP wrap them in Self-Powered & Threat-Proof
(Nuclear Hardened) & Ballistic Protection with our Protecta-Grid which always keeps you in
Protecta-GridTM communications & all lines working.
Focus on What You Do Best
Solar Nuclear Hardened & Bullet-Proof Tents Protected Electrical Grid & Transformers You’re Only Limited by your Imagination
Protecta-Grid can be embodied in rugged, flexible On April 16, 2013, a sophisticated assault was We draw attention to near-term applications
and waterproof fabrics. On the other hand, a flexible carried out on Pacific Gas and Electric Company's that are enabled by Insta-Grid and perhaps
Insta-Grid tent is both a Metcalf Transmission Substation in Coyote, not anticipated before the invention of
shelter and the power patented Insta-Grid.
California, near the border of San Jose. The
source and can be simply
folded and unfolded & no attack, in which gunmen fired on 17 electrical Contact Us
plugging in. Insta-Grid’s transformers, resulted in more than $15 million Insta-Grid
smart self- powered solar worth of equipment damage, but it had little Long Beach & Seal Beach, CA. 90803
materials contain smart impact on the station's electrical power supply. Contact: Shawn Boike (Dr. David Hyland)
integral LED lighting for any Protecta-Grid would prevent this from ever
nighttime illumination. The Telephone: 562-343-5660/562-338-9911(m)
being possible again allowing you to save money
build-in patch antenna
allows communications
& time from having to replace & repair equipment. Website:
anywhere on & out of earth. Protecta-Grid will be a tarp like material with self- makers of: Power-Wave, Power-Tops,
energized faraday cage for nuclear hardening. Protecta-Grid, Insta-Grid & Power-Star TM TM TM