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Notice of Intention to Circulate Recall Petition COMMITTEE TO RECALL: © RobertMaldonado JAN 2 4 2020 ‘ar fb lected oc sagt Be ened) FROM THE OFFICE OF: Township Council ‘{Mitie of Office) We the undersigned certify that we are registered voters in Galloway Township, ‘Wuripaly) County of Atlantic State of New Jersey, hereby give notice that we are the sponsors of a ‘ame of Court recall petition and that we Intend to seek recall and removal of Robert Maldonado from ‘(Name of the elected offical sought to be recalied) the office of Township Cot Counc in Galloway Township County of (Munky) , State of New Jersey. We support the recall of the official named above and (Mame of County) accept the responsibilities associated with serving on the recall committee. The printed ra names, = satus ‘and business or residence addresses of the sponsors are as follows: hi LO Thomas Bassford Orval 29 S. New York Road, sud” Galloway 08205, ‘Residence or Business Addrest) (Number and Street) (Municipality) ‘(Zip Code) Lh h_ ‘Annamarie Deluccia (Signature) (Print Name) 700 8. Gall Lane Galloway 08205 (Residence or Business Address) (Number and Street) ‘(unicipaltty) (ip Code) 3, Aw Christopher Coleman ‘eit Nama) 366 S. Odessa Ave Galloway 08215 {Residence or uness Adres) (Number and Street) (Munictpaliey) (ip Code) . 1|Page Notice of Intention to Circulate Recall Petition ‘Statement of reasons for the recall (optional): (Must not exceed 300 words) This petition of recalls to hold accountable the elected offical that violated the public's trust and oeth of office to impartially and justly perform all dues as Counciman in Galloway Township. The Recall Commitee hereby cals the flowing actions of Counctiman Robert Maldonado into question: + Violation of State Ethic Laws end Regulatory Rules. + Unprofeselona! conduct and abuse of power inhi postion as Counciman to have «street in is neghborhood paved without prior consent. approval or abstention; and @ South Jersey Gas Contractor to instal to Improvements on his personel property for pereonel gain under public funding + Violation of Open Public Meetings Actin a scheme to eward monetary contracts to professional appointment with public funding. = Abuse of Power in requesting services for personal gain from a vendor who he awarded a public contract to. ‘Statement pursuant to N.t-S.A. 19:27A-6 subsection (f) Election to occur in the 2020 general election at no additional cost tothe Taxpayers of Galloway Township. (Gas) ; hereby approved. Voth Dowels’ Bate 2|Page