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Inheritance of Blood Types

Blood type inheritance categorized in co dominance
 Occurs when alternative alleles are present in the genotype and fully
observed in the phenotype E.g. ABO blood grouping system, where a single gene locus features multiple alleles- IA, IB, and i. Individuals carrying alleles for both A and B express both in the phenotype AB

These charts show the possible blood type results for offspring.
Blood Type Mothers's Type

O O, A O, B A, B

O, A O, A O, A, B, AB A, B, AB

O, B O, A, B, AB O, B A, B, AB

A, B A, B, AB A, B, AB A, B, AB

Fathers' Type


An individual inherits an allele for each gene from each parent. This means that the genetic pairs that can exist in humans are as follows: Genetic makeup ++ +-The same inheritance rules apply as on the previous page: Parents' Rh types Possible allele combinations Possible Rh in the children Blood type Rh positive Rh positive Rh Negative .the phenotype is only expressed when there are no dominant alleles Codominant – both phenotypes are expressed Genotype is the specific allele makeup. (Expressed as the two allele letters) Phenotype is the outward physical appearance.CASE 4 SEM 3 Rh Factor Mother's Type Rh + Rh + Rh +.E. Rh Rh - Father's Type RH system : • • • Rh - • • • Rh system is so named because it was first discovered in the blood of rhesus monkey. Rh Rh +. About 85% of all population are Rh +ve Recall: • • • • • • • • Alleles are different forms of a gene. Dominant Alleles – the phenotype is always expressed Recessive Alleles. The type D antigenic is more antigenic. Any one who have D antigenRh +ve Person who does not have D antigenRh –ve. Rh - Rh Rh +.d. the Rh proteins are grouped into two families . A gene is a stretch of DNA that codes for a protein that may result in a trait.D. there is a dominant allele which happens to be the positive family. As with the ABO system. the blood type The Rh system is actually much more complicated than the ABO system because there are more than 30 combinations possible when inherited.e. in the case of this lab.either positive or negative. however for general usage. There are six common types of Rh antigen (agglutinogen) C. c.

& --negative One + & One ++ & -+positive poitive One + & One +.& -+.& +++ or +.or -or negative Both -. Both + Both + ++ & ++ ++ & +++ ++ or +- .CASE 4 SEM 3 positive positive poitive Both + +.or -or negative • Rh negative children can have parents that are either Rh positive or Rh negative. • If both parents are Rh negative then the children will be Rh negative.