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Cast: y 2 GIRL and 2 BOY one of each to be narrating at the side of the stage and the other one

to be performing in the flashbacks . To allow the audience to recognize the main characters, the two GIRL actresses can wear a red hairband or anything else that is similarly distinctive while thetwo BOY actors may wear a jacket or anything else that is similarly distinctive. Ideally, the two pairs of characters should be similar in build. The pair of characters that will be performing in the flashbacks should be able to sing and dance. y y y y Crews: y y y y y y y Dancers who may also have to be extras if required. It will be a plus if they can al sing. so Back-up choir. Technical crews: props and lightings. A chorographer A band: two guitarists comfortable on electric and acoustic, a bassist, a keyboardist, a drummer and a stand-by percussionist. A director A musical director GIRL2 she should be able to sing and dance. BOY2 he should be able to sing and dance. A security guard. A teacher

Costumes: y y School uniform for the main characters. A security guard uniform.

Logistics: y y y Several benches, chairs and tables. A screen projector. A laptop

in front of the curtains. it s due on the 23rd of July. Spotlight is now going to follow the two people. The BOY and the GIRL on he bench remain t frozen. nice . BOY: Six years of knowing you and I d never thought I d ever hear thos words from your mouth. Spotlight is on the bench. GIRL: I give up. I didn t mean that early GIRL: Sssh. the curtain s already opening. It s a piece of cake. that s like only two months left. This affects college applications! My future! What am I supposed to write about? BOY: (sighs) okay. What e is this twisted problem that has confounded the smartest girl around so? (chuckles) not like I d be much of a help. She seems to be in deep thought. too late. Comment [DH1]: xD. before sighing and pushing the laptop away. Setting: the curtain opens and the spotlight on the bench is turned off the projector screen is also turned off. For you it must be like trying to choose just one type of food in a buffet. GIRL: And you know buffets paralyze me with their paradoxes of choice. What impossible problem s bugging you? GIRL: Have you done your key achievement statement thing? BOY: Man. Typical guy mentality BOY: It s a 300 word paragraph or two on one of the many accomplishments you ve made in six years of school. That means I ll do it on the 23rd. You re the smartest kid in school.SCENE 1 Setting: the curtain is closed and on the edge of the stage. you re spoiled for choice! I don t know what you re worrying about. GIRL types a few words and deletes them. GIRL: Yeah. flustered. GIRL walks into stage and opens the laptop and starts typing. Do work before it s due? Yeah right. A projection of Microsoft Word is on the curtain (without the screen) and it shows her typing Statement on a Key Achievement .I don t think you appreciate the gravity of the situation. hey. there is a bench and a laptop. I ll do it on the day its due. I can t do this! BOY walks into the stage from the opposing corner. It s a 300 word paragraph on 1 thing in 6 years! I ve posted facebook statuses longer than that. what about we take a trip downthe memory lane? GIRL: As in from the start? From the first time I stepped into school with this annoying talkative boy BOY: Hey.

They are now looking at the huge NUS High School logo and other students are streaming in as the instrumental part of the song began to play and the electric guitar kicks in. but Clementi shouldn t fit into any song. . During all this. looking around in a confused manner until the crowd swallows them up. BOY (sings): Just a city boy Born and raised in Clementi He took the midnight train going anywhere The "train" dashes across the stage again but boy stays on stage. girl enters stage with train and stays beside boy. Boy enters stage from the other side as the next chord plays.o I understand what you re trying to do. The song (Feeling Good) starts with no instrumental backgrounds but the occasional cymbal tinkles BOY (sings): Birds flying high you know how I feel GIRL (sings): Sun in the sky you know how I feel BOY (sings): Reeds driftin' on by you know how I feel GIRL (sings): It's a new dawn BOY (sings): It's a new day BOY and GIRL together (sing): It's a new life for me And I'm feeling good (harmonize) Instruments kick in--MUSE STYLE (with electric guitars and drums) as the crowd envelopes them again and everyone exits the stage from both sides) Comment [DH2]: o. they're now holding backpacks and clad in school uniform .Scene 1a Starts with piano (Don't Stop Believing--Journey) GIRL (sings): Just a small town girl Livin' in a lonely world She took the midnight train going anywhere Girl comes out onto the stage and wanders around before a "train" dashes across the stage and she goes backstage with them. the students make a lot of noise while the two main characters stay rooted. Once the instru mental part ends. everything pauses --including the music and the main characters step out of the crowd.

whatever they're supposed to do. GIRL walks in and sits on the chair and flips op n a e book. anyway. The dancers are extras sitting around reading books/chatting. I'll think softer. make it stop or else my heart is going to pop 'Cause it's too much. what are you revising? GIRL: Puts hands on hips and looks affronted as if she has been asked a stupid question. Don't you see that I've a lot to read? ( gestures at thick books on the table in front of her) Instruments start to play and BOY shrugs and looks like he's leaving but approaches GIRL again and playfully sings around her while she tries to fend him off. I'm going to prepare myself right. can't do it alone I've tried and I don't know why Slow it down. no sir. She looks engrossed in reading and is taking down notes as she reads/busy highlighting. BOY skips in with a bag. It's not like I have anything else to do. looking around excitedly. explore and excel! GIRL turns around: Sssshhh! Do you mind? BOY: Oh. you can have that seat. Dancers take their places and do. That's the thing--we're the first batch and no one knows what we¶re going to face. BOY: Comment [DH3]: =D Comment [DH4]: Referencing Phineas and Ferb? Comment [DH5]: Maybe less verbosey lines will be easier for the actors. I mean. GIRL: It looks like you're an expert at wasting time. To experiment. the infinite potential of what I can do and be.. He tries to read over her shoulder w/o her realising it since she's so engrossed in the book. What're you doing? GIRL jumps in shock: What is your problem? Can¶t you see I¶m studying? GIRL stands up and moves to another seat You know what. But I'm not going to be a sitting duck when class starts. BOY chases after her: Well. the possibilities. Song: The Show--Lenka BOY (sings--in a carefree and light manner): I'm just a little bit caught in the middle Life is a maze and love is a riddle I don't know where to go. but please just go away and don't waste mine.. today's the first day of school. BOY: Isn't this exciting ± this is an entirely new slate for me! Ah. but that sounds really sad. so what can you possibly be revising? It¶s the first day of school. (stifles a laughter) Sorry. I'm sorry. BOY hums to himself but walks towards GIRL. I'm curious.SCENE 2 Setting: chairs on stage along with a table of books. yeah it's a lot to be something I'm not I'm a fool out of love 'cause I just can't get enough .

What about those Olympiad golds? GIRL: Urgh. BOY: Is this childish? They all shrug and exit the stage. keyboard holds last chord) BOY and the dancers sing for a while until GIRL finally gets up and shoves him away and tells him to: GIRL: GROW UP! and leaves the stage. GIRL types it. The GIRL and the BOY on the bench unfreeze and look at each other. he looks around the dancers.(this chorus is done in the style of the second chorus) I'm just a little bit caught in the middle Life is a maze and love is a riddle I don't know where to go. okay. BOY: (almost immediately) Yeah (scratches head) Okay. just enjoy the show (dies off. BOY: But I can t remind you of the chemistry. how about you just list down all your achievements right here. GIRL: How s that an achievement? BOY: And we move on.0. please don t remind me of the time I got a silver for the InternationalChemistry Olympiad.0 BOY: Why am I not surprised?So type it down: constant CAP of 5. can't do it alone I've tried and I don't know why I'm just a little boy lost in the moment I'm so scared but I don't show it I can't figure it out. The spotlight is back on them and the projection of the word document is back she hasn t added any more words to it. physics and math golds? . BOY looks perplexed and still on the ground. it's bringing me down I know I've got to let it go and just enjoy the show (keyboard) Dum-dee-dam-dam-dee-dam Just enjoy the show Dum-dee-dam-dam-dee-dam (chorus with dancers) Just enjoy the show. right now? What s your CAP? GIRL: 5. GIRL: Yeah I really haven t changed much.

BOY reaches to type on the laptop: being an overall genius. GIRL: Hmm I guess the time I applied for the Student Council was a trial by fire for me BOY: A trial by fire? It was an inferno! SETTING: Spotlight and the screen projection are turned off again and on the stage. Shouldn t I write about stuff that people still wouldn t know about me after seeing my BOY: very impressive GIRL: transcript? BOY: Okay. a stage is being set up and extras flood onto the stage facing the fake stage . . There is somebody on stage already while GIRL is standing beside the stage . let s talk about your non-academic achievements. GIRL: But you can see all that on my portfolio already.

Martin Luther King has been cliché since primary 5 but nobodyseemed to know who the Beatles or John Lennon were.. for a school that is united in spirit and mind.. . You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us And the world will be as one Audience stands up and cheers loudly. BOY: I can t believe they fell for that. as she starts to look around the audience. the piano starts playing) Imagine by John Lennon Imagine there's no heaven It's easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people Living for today. Imagine there's no countries It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion too Imagine all the people Living life in peace. Everything freezes and the curtain starts to close. GIRL: Well. Spotlight returns to the GIRL and BOY on the bench. please put your hands together for our next candidate (turns to .SCENE 3 RANDOM TEACHER ON STAGE: School. RANDOM TEACHER: Students. GIRL: Ah (glance at script) I have a dream! The audience groaned. GIRL) the stage s yours. GIRL: (in a shaky voice) I have a dream for a school that lives in harmony. for a school that RANDOM PERSON: YOU LIE! GIRL: (looking nervous and starting to sway and bite her nails) So yeah. if you vote for me I will The audience starts to laugh... please show our speaker some respect! GIRL: (exasperatedly) Listen! (throws away script.

don t feel too bad you hadn t gone through all . stories of how spoilt daddy girls grow up and become independent after living and growing up in boarding never fail to bring tears to anyone s eyes GIRL: (waves her hand dismissively) Can t you remember that night? BOY: Is this conversation still PG? GIRL: (whacks BOY and points to the opposite corner) Knock it off. those HIPs and TIPs yet. admission officers would be so rich if they get a penny every time they read an account of the student in question being (suddenly stands up) I got it! There s hostel! BOY: Well. GIRL and BOY turn to the direction. But only all year 6 s. Comment [DH6]: Good internal joke.BOY: And it was like 4 years before Glee aired Aww. (gestures at the laptop) so now you can write about all the leadership experience you gained from serving as student leaders. Comment [DH7]: xD . The spotlight and screen projection are turned off again and theBOY and the GIRL on the bench freeze. half the year 5 s and half the teache rs know what this is. I m talking aboutthat. GIRL: Come on.

I think one of the clusters took the entire thing before we got down here. . people don t need to know about hostel for this to be funy. BOY: Hi. snoring like the pig he is ² BOY: --he thought it'd be hilarious to try and drown me in a pail of water.. How about you. a song to sing To help me cope with anything If you see the wonder of a fairy tale You can take the future even if you fail I believe in angels Something good in everything I see I believe in angels When I know the time is right for me I¶ll cross the stream . They're pouring over books and homework when those BOY and BOY2 enter the stage.I have a dream Comment [DH8]: Good one. it sounds like a jackhammer! GIRL2: I didn't know you sing! BOY2: He doesn't. why are you wet? BOY2: Oh.. BOY: He can't appreciate talent. From the side of the hall there are a bunch of students running and laughing while carrying a cardboard labeled supper. BOY 2 playfully makes a face and closes his ears. what's for supper tonight? GIRL: I don't know. BOY: Aw man. I slept through study time. I'm so hungry. They enter into the stage. BOY2: You have to understand.SCENE 4 GIRL and GIRL2 comes out of the side of the stage to sit on the steps (curtain is still closed). BOY starts to sing: I have a dream. A security guard is cha sing after them. I'm really not an auditory kind of learner. he was being really noisy. GIRL2: Did you have a study marathon too? BOY: No. still busy? GIRL2: We're just finishing. GIRL2: Then show me! GIRL: Uh.

I guess? Or in MINDEF? Well. BOY2: What's wrong. I think stuff that doesn t directly affect the story and that CAN be omitted should be omitted. Comment [DH9]: Not too funny IMO. You know. A researcher in A*. you.. the song you sang just now got me thinking. GIRL: I« Why are you all staring at me? GIRL2: You know. Everyone stares at him. BOY: hm. Everyone turns to the GIRL.. Really? Comment [DH10]: I dunno. did you receive complaints about an inhuman wailing noise? GUARD: My spider sense is tingling. BOY2: Hm. I guess? Yeah. you've always studied the hardest. BOY2: You are forever the romantic. etcetera. They laugh. I want to be a photojournalist. GIRL2: For what? GIRL: Medicine. (appending) I dunno. you want people to see how beautiful the world is through your eyes. BOY: And you are just jealous. sir. To get good marks. Or research. you took the words right outta my mouth. . I want to be the secretary-general of the United Nations! BOY2: Dream on! GIRL2: I will! *sticks out tongue* BOY: Well. GIRL2: You know. You know me so well. I better survive NS first before thinking too much! GIRL2: Me. but you've never told me what are you studying for. We've got a year left in school and I'm sure we all know what we wanna do in the future. You haven¶t done your roll call yet! The students quickly into the stage to do their rollcall before coming back out. etcetera? BOY: Aha. GIRL: Well.Security Guard walks in. BOY: What! BOY2: Let me guess. I haven¶t decided.

right? BOY: Of course! The night when you almost got a demerit point for missing roll call and forever tainting your perfect record Comment [DH11]: Strange use of security guard to end the scene. I won't let you down It messed me up. BOY (just his voice): Aw man. need a second to breathe Just keep coming around Hey. here we are so whataya want from me Whataya want from me Just don't give up I'm workin it out Please don't give in. BOY2: Lights out! (in an 'eeekkk!!' voice) SECURITY GUARD: You should have been in bed five minutes ago! The students scurry backstage and the spotlights die off. slow it down whataya want from me Whataya want from me Yeah I'm afraid whataya want from me Whataya want from me There might have been a time When I would give myself away Oooh once upon a time I didn't give a damn But now. GIRL: Sounds good. BOY: Ah. I see. my bed is stillwet. GIRL (sings): Piano+acoustic guitar+bass+cajon drum Hey. for you to find what you wanna do? SECURITY GUARD walks in.. whataya want from me Whataya want from me Whataya want from me (Basically it's just a dance showing her frustration around her friends.GIRL backs away. The first few chords for whattaya want from me--Adam Lambert plays. BOY: Uh-oh.. wholook concerned) (She stops singing on the last note and looks around the students as if demanding an answer rather breathlessly) GIRL2: (as if answering her question). Could be better Comment [DH12]: Haha . The spotlight on the BOY and the GIRL on the bench return.

charming smile lies a rather uncertain and unconfident boy They were an extremely stressful time for me. girl! Fine. GIRL: (arrogantly. BOY: You know me. GIRL: (closes laptop) you know what? Enough about me. I may have seemed fine on the outside. you know. dismissively) There s nothing special about the APs. underneath this cool. I remember I was more ofa wreck during the APs than even you were. GIRL: Maybe you should give being an actor a thought. GIRL: But you should have at least some idea? BOY: Stop trying to rush me. it sounds like the perfect Hollywood movie now. Go luck putting that in 300 words! od GIRL: But it does sound whiny. because I truly believed down to my core that I would never be able to do it. maybe I d write about the APs. What about you? BOY: I told you. . BOY: Yeah well. It s not good to make your transcript whiny. but I was nervous to bits.GIRL: I meant (glares at BOY) it s the night when I realized I have no set path in life. they are for me. isn t it? BOY: At least it d flesh you out.0. You don t know how much soul searching I underwent after that. student council president and all-round genius. The spotlight on them is turned off and the curtain is opened. I still have two months to sit on it. Breathe some personality into the idea of this perfect genius girl with a constant cap of 5. I have an image to uphold. You see. All my life. running without a goal BOY: You re right. I had been trying to build something without a blue print.

APs. GIRL and GIRL2 run into stage and walk up to BOY (the RANDOMFRIENDS have sat down on their desks) GIRL2: You wouldn¶t believe how many people were stuck queuing for the turnstiles« Bloody turnstile« BOY: Whew. future. dazed before dropping into his knees and sing: Bohemian Rhapsody--Queen Is this the real life Is this just fantasy Then he scampers off backstage while BOY2 rushes in. man! You guys nervous? GIRL: (stammering) APs. I need no sympathy Then backupsingers and BOY2 sing in unison Because I'm easy come.SCENE 5 The curtain opens to reveal a stage with tables set in exam style (in rows). lights dim. Caught in a landslide Can't escape from reality Then he runs off to the back before backupsinger1 and backupsinger2 walk into the stage. running around. The spotlights will light up one by one as the actors walk in later.. BOY stumbles in.. throwing several AP books to the side.. girl.. looking hysterical. and then the drums) as extras/dancers walk into the stage and take their place on the desks.. *hands trembling* (the Highway to Hell riff is still going on in the background) BOY: Nobody is more prepared than you. easy go little high. what are you worried for? . we go straight to the introduction of ACDC's Highway to Hell (the electric guitar riff.. Open your eyes Look into the skies and see Then they drop their heads down and hum and harmonize while BOY slides back into the stage and jumps onto the center table and sings: I'm just a poor boy (poor boy). at hand. little low BOY solo from his table Anywhere the the wind blows BOY jumps off the table doesn't really matter to me Instead of the piano continuance of Bohemian Rhapsody.

. BOY: That s one period of my life I m happ to be over with. right! I've told her so many times that.. the students on stage can dance (related to being frustrated over the tests while others are overjoyed at b eing able to do the exams. reflects the feelings going on in an exam) while they sing the chorus ("Highway to YALE. And then the exams end: they all stand up and look down and pause while GIRL finishes the song: (sings) And I'm goin' down. The spotlight is back on the GIRL and the BOY on the bench.all the waa-ay-aay.. But I can t say the same about graduating. everyone throws their paper up and the curtain closes at the final beat. turn your paper now!") As the guitar solo goes on. wohh Then as the guitar shreds and the song comes to its end. (sings) Highway to YALE--AC/DC No stop signs Speed limit Nobody's gonna slow you down Like a wheel You gonna spin it No AP's gonna mess you 'round BOY: (sings) Hey there.. girl! paid your dues studyin' through sleepless nights GIRL 2 and BOY (one of them harmonizes the other): Hey there. y though. etc.GIRL2: I know. girl! look at us we're on our way to the Promised land! GIRL pushes past through them and sings exasperatedly: (Exclaimed: Can't you see!) (The dancers can get up and start dancing here) I'm on the highway to Yale Highway to Yale I'm on the highway to Yale Highway to Yale (After they finish dancing they all go to their seats) (Instead of "mhmmm don't stop me now" RANDOM TEACHER steps in and sings: "students."). .

growing up. at least you know what you re gonna write now. YOU LITTLE BOY: (wags finger) nuh-uh-uh! Not in front of the camera. GIRL: I can t believe I m friends with you. She nods). BOY: I couldn t believe it either.4k run every year. Yeah. It s the painful but delicious ache of e completing that 2. It s the brief taste of freedom and the heavy reluctance in June and December. I sound like a narrator in aMel Gibson movie. amused) What did you learn exactly? GIRL: (stares at him. BOY: (he s still holding his phone) This has to be the most challenging riddle I ve ever heard. (huffs) I can t believe I just said that. BOY has taken out his phone. . It s the bonds we ve formed and the friends we ve lost. If there s anything we can be proud of. then shegets up and packs her laptop. so you can remember that flash of poetic brilliancejust now when you re going to try and write your key achievement statement again. and I ve just GIRL: I ve learnt so much. and I disagree I m going to put one of the songs in the 300 soundtrack in the background. diamonds formed under the weight of the earth. little Miss Sunshine! (pats her shoulder) I m doing all that for your benefit. getting to know the world. I m fine with leaving it in though. before sighing) it s not just the complex numbers and algorithms or Lorentz transformations our six years here are not defined just by our grades and our accomplishments. I spent my teenage years here. I m right. We re like metals forged in an oven. It ll sound epic in Youtube. BOY: (gets up) well. BOY: But oh man. Comment [DH14]: FANTASTIC Comment [DH15]: Wait what? I think not many people will get this reference.GIRL: It s kinda too early to be nostalgic. Comment [DH13]: Ahh bad comedy is bad BOY: (laughing. becoming a man. GIRL: It s the laughter we shared and the tears we cried it s the hours of burning the midnight oil rushing projects and the sometimes haunting guilt when w slack. oh man! I ve been here for six years! That s like a third of my life. that s it. really. I really have changed so much. GIRL: I can t believe I just said that. it s the overwhelming weight of stress and expectations during exam periods. God. right? (ente the curtain) rs GIRL: (turns to her laptop and on the screen we can see her deleting everything she has written and she closes the Word window. GIRL: You GIT! (tries to reach for the phone but BOY dodges) GIVE IT TO ME. I give up! GIRL: We survive six years and come out for the better. I just need the Braveheart soundtrack to play in the background and were you recording all this? BOY: Yeap.

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