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1* What is your age group?
Less than 19 years. 19-24 >24

2* What is your gender?

Male Female

3* Are you Indian?

Yes No

4* Do you have a Facebook account?

Yes No

If your answer is 'Yes ', please jump to question6

If your answer is 'No', please jump to question 5.

5 Why do you not have a Facebook account?

Do not know about Facebook

Do not require Facebook to interact

6 How long have you been a Facebook user?

Less than a month

More than a month but less than 3 months

More than 3 months

What do you use Facebook for? Please rate the following 7 activities according to the frequency
of usage with 1 being the most frequent and 7 being the least.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
7 Find new friends

8 Play interactive games

9 Play non-interactive games

10 Chat (including comments and wall)

Check out how your friends are doing(photos,
walls etc)
12 Update your profile

13 To pass time

14 In the last 3 months, how many strangers have you initiated to add as friends?
None 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 >20

15 Would you accept strangers who added you as friends on Facebook?

Yes No

16 Why would you accept strangers who added you as friends on Facebook?
e.g. Others

Lazy to verify

Want to expand social network please specify:

When adding or accepting new friends, what criteria do you look at? . Please rank the activities
according to importance, with 1 being the most important to you
1 2 3 4 5
17 Common hobbies and interests

18 Games you play

19 Looks (eg. an attractive display picture)

20 Number of common friends

21 Gender
With all factors constant, that is, hobbies/number of common friends etc, are you more likely to:
(Rank from 1-3, with 1 being most likely), whether you would add or accept a friend with:

22 No display picture
1 2 3

23 An attractive display picture

1 2 3

24 Not so attractive display picture

1 2 3

25 How frequently do you log into Facebook?

Several times a day Daily

Weekly Monthly

Less than monthly

26 On average, how long do you spend on Facebookapplications per week?

Less than an hour

1 - (just under) 2 hours

2 - (just under) 3 hours

3 - (just under) 4 hours

4 hours or more

27 Do you normally play interactive games/ applications on Facebook with your friends or
with strangers?


I seldom play interactive games on Facebook

28 How much more time does facebook applications or games take in your daily life?
Little Average Significant