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Product Category Readymade Jewellery Brands Asmi, Gili, Nakshatra, D’damas and sangini Marketing mix is generally a mix

of four Ps viz. Product, Price, Place or Promotion. a. Product
The Gitanjali Group, as a modern integrated conglomerate, produces a diverse range of jewellery: gold, silver, platinum and stainless steel, studded with diamond and other gems, natural and synthetic. Gitanjali produces a vast diversity of jewellery. These include Classic, Indian Traditional, Contemporary, Ethnic and Casual designs, under multiple brands and collections, and targeted at specific consumer and price segments.

It is named basing on the constellation. Symbolizes the star and evokes the images of destiny and fate. The brand specializes in diamond jewelries. One of the leading fashion jewelry brands in India. Jewelries inspired by the popular Indian floral motif reflect the beauty and brilliance of constellation. The products on offer areEarrings (Price range: `13000- `30000) Pendants (Price range: `7000- `39000) Ring (Price range: `8500- `25000) Nose pin (Price range: `10000- `22000)

It is a Joint venture between Gitanjali gems and Dubai based Damas group. It is accomplished with IGI certificate and Hallmarking. There are various sub-brands available which offer stylish jewelries. The products on offer areEarrings (Price range: `4500- `51000) Pendants (Price range: `3000- `22000) Necklace (Price range: `5000- `160000) Nose pin (Price range: `2500- `12000) Rings (Price range: `6000- `39000) Men rings (Price range: `21000- `24000)

It’s the first branded jewelry in India. Started in 1994 Gili provides 22karat jewelry in the market with fine blend of gold and diamond, jewelries for all occasion use. The products on offer areEarrings (Price range: `10000- `125000) Necklace (Price range: `70000- `160000) Pendant (Price range: `4000- `90000) Bangles (Price range: `65000- `130000)

Siddhi-This is a collection to celebrate & recognize the academic achievement of women.the wedding collection.Later it was taken over by Gitanjali group. The products on offer are- • • Rings (Price range: `19000-`29000) Pendants (Price range: `26000-`29000) Sangini • Rings (Price range: `1100-`29000) .`26750) a. Anantya. This is a collection to celebrate the relationship of the women on an occasion of engagement / marriage. The products on offer are- • • • • Rings (Price range: ` 5000-` 23.500) Pendants (Price range : `4750-`14. Age group 18-24 years. The products under this category are- • • • • • Nose Pin (Price range: `1500-`14750) Pendants (Price range: `16500-` 29000) Earrings (Price range: `10150-`28000) Necklace(Price range: `25000-`30000) Bangles (Price range: `25000-`29000) a. It has been divided in following stages of achievement of women: a.500) Nose pin (Price range: `2560-`6700) Earrings ( Price range: `6350.This is a collection to celebrate & recognize women in her corporate & career achievement. The products on offer are- • • • • Rings (Price range: `8500-`30000) Necklace (Price range: `19000-`24000) Pendant (Price range: `2250-`20000) Earrings (Price range: `7000-`28000) a. Yukta. Aanchal.Sets (Price range: `9000. It empowers the women and applauds her for various achievements in her lifetime.It was started by Diamond Trading Company (DTC). Age group: 22 – 30 years.`160000) Asmi It was launched in 2002.This is the pinnacle collection to recognize all the achievements of the women when they are at their peak. For age group: 30-45 years. for those who have blossomed into independent free spirited Women of today.

• • • • Pendants (Price range: `1900-`22000) Nose pin (Price range: `1400-`12000) Bangles (Price range: `15000-`29000) Earrings (Price range: `6000-`25000) Place Mix The company had divided the market in four zones viz. south. TV commercials. for D’damas its Preity Zinta. The Promotion Mix: The company has a celebrity endorsing sosme or the other brand. for sagini the endorsers are Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor. east and west with the help of its selected distributors. Like for asmi its Priyanka Chopra. . hoardings. There is one zonal office in each zone who report to the head office. north. for Nakshatra its Katria Kaif. Other than this measure the organization also promotes with the help of bill boards.