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VOLUME 4 December Issue, 2010

Official ZRU Newsletter

tournament and has a unique setting in the middle of the desert.

The World Series Zimbabwe have found themselves in Pool B alongside Argentina (match
time 09:10), New Zealand (match time 12:24) and USA (match time 13:16).

"It is important for our qualification for future tournaments that we play
HSBC have become the new Title Sponsor of the Sevens World Series well in Dubai, but not only that, for our profile and our sponsors too,"
which sees 16 countries compete in 8 tournaments around the globe said coach Liam Middleton.
between December and June of 2011. With the exception of the Hong
Kong Sevens which is a 24 team, 3 day tournament, the rest are 2 day "We work really hard behind the scenes to get rugby in Zimbabwe to the
affairs. standard we want, I think we have done that in previous years, and we
have to continue to do that. But we are not looking to just maintain a
Each team plays 2 Pool matches on Day 1 and then is ceded according level, we are looking to push on and keep competing with the bigger
to their results for the knockout stages on Day 2. A maximum of 6 teams. But we have brought a younger side here and I think it is probably
matches can be played at any one tournament. a more talented team, so it is just about getting them to gel and work
together to get the performances that we want.”
The tournaments are the pinnacle of every International Sevens
Rugby Players competitive calendar. Months of preparation and
"I think you will see some exciting rugby from us because there are some
planning culminate in minutes of action for these supremely fit and good, talented individuals.”
mentally tough athletes. Hours in the gym, endless field sessions,
fitness tests and strict diets are all a part of this modern gladiators
"Justin Coles has just come in, he is still a schoolboy but a phenomenal
daily routine.
talent and he has the physical structure to back it up. Another young guy,
Tafadzwa Chitokwindo, is very, very fast. Look out for those guys along
The Zimbabwe Sevens squad are no exception to this regime. Each
with the more experienced guys in Wesley Mbanje and Fortunate
players’ training program is monitored under the guidance of a Chipendu."
strength coach and players are provided with a year round training
base at the National Sevens Academy. Consistent strength and
anaerobic fitness tests are conducted on the players to ensure that The second leg of the series takes place in George, South Africa a week
they are at the required level of competition, in conjunction with later on the 10th and 11th of December. Zimbabwe will be facing
advised supplementation and dietary advice. Argentina (match time 14:11), South Africa (match time 16:55) and
Portugal (match time 18:55) in Pool D.
The first leg of the series is held on the 3rd and 4th December in
Dubai at The 7evens. This facility was built especially for the Follow the news on or

U20’s On Track
Inside this issue:
This coming weekend Brighton Chivandires’ charges will be put
through their paces at Harare Sports Club. The first of many
Masenda Scoops Top Award 2
training camps will take the form of a trials match to indicate to
the coaching staff who will be viable for squad selection early
next year.
The Mbare Academy 2
The tournament is due to be held in May 2011 and a 5 month
preparation window will allow Coach Chivandire to improve on
Meet The Office 2
programs of the past.

Continued strength and conditioning programs means the

Cheerleaders in Rugby 3 players are aiming to be bigger and stronger than their

ZRU Training Initiatives 3 Another training camp is set for early January to further test the
players progress, assess squad dynamics and to hold trial
matches once again.
Club Rugby Awards 4
The U20 management are excited about the opportunities that
lie ahead for Zimbabwe’s latest generation of National Players.
Fundraiser 4
Official ZRU Newsletter

Masenda Scoops Top Award

Age: 23 Falcon College in June. His Assistant Referee duties saw him
run touch in the inaugural Victoria Cup clashes between
School: Lomagundi College Uganda and Kenya in Kampala, the return fixture in Nairobi
and the home fixture between Zimbabwe and Kenya at the
Hometown: Harare Harare Sports Club. In Kenya he was AR to the IRB number 2
ranked referee Mark Lawrence and in Harare he was AR to
Whistle Choice: ACME Thunderer IRB number 3 ranked referee Craig Joubert.

Favorite Match: St. Jonhs vs St. Georges and Harare Sports Masenda believes that it’s these opportunities and the
Club vs Busters learning culture provided at these matches that allow him to
learn, grow and practise what he does best. He maintains
This years Referee of The Year Award was deservedly given to that it’s necessary to take constructive criticism form all
Gabriel Masenda. The former ‘foul committing flanker, turned those who share an interest in growing the game of rugby.
foul preventing referee’ has shown the promise and
dedication to refereeing that the Zimbabwe Rugby Referee By not resting on his laurels and employing a hard work ethic Masenda works as Mark Lawrences’ Assistant Referee in
Society has been searching for in it’s new recruits. Masenda is determined to achieve his dream of becoming a
professional referee and having the opportunity to take
He first blew the whistle in 2007 for primary school matches centre stage at a Rugby World Cup.
when he was a school master. Masenda then signed up with
the ZRRS in mid 2009. The ZRRS acknowledged that once he had chosen between
playing and refereeing Masenda turned out to be a referee
The 2010 season has seen Masenda travel as a referee to the with vast amounts of potential. It then becomes a case of
Amajuba School Boy festival in Mpumalanga, South Africa. He investing and working with this potential and allowing him to Try or no try
crossed the border again to referee at the Volkrust Festival referee as often as possible.
before attending the International Schools Rugby Festival at

‘Keeping the children off the streets through

sport and rugby in particular is our main aim at Mbare Rugby Academy
the Academy’ states Director of Rugby and
Head Coach Victor Pekani. ‘This has been our
aim sine the Academy inception some 3 years
ago.’ Pekani and his coaching team were elated when the U14 side
‘We have over 75 children attending the recently won the Cup Final at the Lou Corbi tournament in
Academy from schools within Mbare. Schools Bulawayo. A massive achievement considering the nature of
such as Gwinyai, Chitsere, St. Peters, Maria, the opposition.
Chirodzo, St. Micheals, Chiedza and Shingirai ‘Our main sponsors are Timber Connectors and we are
Primary Schools are all represented.’ extremely grateful for their input and contributions behind
‘Our competing age groups include the colts the scenes to allow the Academy to grow and produce future
and U13 with our most senior side being the Cheetahs and Sables,’ added Pekani.
U14’s.’ Zimbabwe Rugby is fortunate to have the likes of the Mbare
‘The Academy aims to enter as many Rugby Academy, and it will only be a matter of time that the
tournaments a year as it can and this year saw next Njabulo Ndlovu or Manasah Sita are discovered and
the Colts win the Shield Final against Hartman nurtured in Mbare. This could be the breeding ground of the
House at the Catsicas Hellenic Tens Night The Cheetahs held a training session at Gary Stark School in country’s next generation.
Festival. Spar Zimbabwe were the funding force Mbare with the Academy.
behind our involvement at this tournament.’

Meet The ZRU Office

There are always people that work Modreck Makatose heads the Unions create a competitive league amongst the
behind the scenes of any organisation to Rugby Development program as the girls schools so as to grow the player
ensure that it runs accordingly. Development Manager. Five years of base in time for the 2016 Olympics.
Zimbabwe Rugby is no exception and the service has seen Modreck implement
Although Edson Sandako is the biggest
rugby community appreciates the efforts numerous programs around the country.
Dynamos fan in town, he assures you that
of the Union staff. Much will be expected of him as the
he also supports the Harare Sports Club
game continues to grow.
Yeukai Gandawa fills the role of Office and District Dragons teams in the
Administrator and has been with the Senior Development Officer Cheks National Rugby League. Edsons’ loyalty
ZRU for 5 years . She is often single Vurayayi is not short of experience, to the ZRU has seen him serve five years
handily responsible for the large majority having been with the Union for 19 years. as the Union Messenger.
of the Union’s administration. For the Maybe rugby is in his blood? Checks’ new
Zimbabwe Rugby thanks The Team
most part it’s a thankless but necessary project is the infusion of sevens rugby
behind The Teams.
task, one that she enjoys and performs into the girls senior schools. He plans to
with enthusiasm.

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Cheerleaders in Rugby

Pompoms, bright colours, cute skirts - does this strike a

chord? Well, I am sure it does! Because these are what
characterise a very popular activity and that is none other
than cheery cheerleading! That is one reason why some of
the guys go out there to watch games! Who would want to
Cheerleaders are awesome. Beautiful women who dress in
miss it?
suggestive outfits and dance around to fire up the crowd.
We love cheerleaders from the NFL , Sharks, Bulls and
Cheerleading is a physical activity, sometimes a competitive Stormers and they all have one thing in common—crowd
sport, using organized routines, usually ranging from one to pleasing value.
three minutes, which contain the components of tumbling,
dance, jumps, cheers, and stunting to direct spectators of
events to cheer on sports teams at games or to participate ‘Zimcheer’ are looking to emulate such programs as they
in competitions. begin to create a brand of their own in Zimbabwe. As the
team prepares for the Cheerleading World Championships
in the USA mid next year, they have undertaken to train at
Cheerleading originated in the United States, and remains a local sporting events. This saw them demonstrate and
predominantly American activity, with an estimated 1.5 cheer at this years home Victoria Cup test match between
million participants in all-star cheerleading. The growing Zimbabwe and Kenya.
presentation of the sport to a global audience has been led
by the 1997 start of broadcasts of cheerleading competition
by ESPN International and the worldwide release of the Lets hope their wardrobe does not malfunction!
2000 film Bring it On.

ZRU Training Initiatives Zimbabwe’s Wes Mbane has too much pace for the Northern Region
cover defence

Regional IRB Trainers based in Southern become qualified and to up-skill and develop
Africa believe that 2011 will be a big year for their own programs.
Coach Development and Education in
It is important that once coaches are
Zimbabwe. They have identified Zimbabwe as
accredited that they continue to grow and
the latest ‘hotbed’ of IRB Educator and Coach
source programs and courses to keep pace
talent. This can only result in improved player
with the modern game.
performances and an improved game of
rugby in Zimbabwe. The ZRU advises all coaches at all levels to
become qualified in their respective code
The product of the IRB is the game of rugby
(XVs / 7s) and qualify themselves with the
itself and through the use of IRB Educators
soon to be launched IRB Strength and
within each member union, IRB accredited
Conditioning courses. This will allow them to
courses are conducted to ensure that
have an understanding of coaching programs
coaches are up to speed and qualified.
in their entirety.
In Zimbabwe alone, the team of Educators
The game of rugby is moving and developing
cover all necessary Training brackets. XV’s /
on a seasonal basis and it’s imperative that
Sevens / Strength and Conditioning /
Zimbabwe Rugby is on par with all the latest
Referees and Match Officials. This allows for
trends and resources.
all those actively involved in the game to

Fan Focus

If you enjoy the game of rugby in Zimbabwe be it at schools, clubs or national level then consider yourself a Fan.
The Zimbabwe Rugby Community is a passionate one and the players that take to the field every weekend
appreciate your enthusiasm and support.

Zimbabwe Rugby hopes to showcase this talent on a regular basis and trusts that you The Fan enjoy the whole
experience. Be sure to follow this column each week as we seek to grow the game and it’s following throughout

Congratulations to the November winner, Brian Makamure.

Submit your ‘Caption’ to: Grant

The winning caption will be published in the January edition. The best caption will win a prize.

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Club Rugby Awards

The month of November saw the OLD HARARIANS: DISTRICT DRAGONS:

National Rugby League Clubs hosting U21 Player: Tatenda Karuru U21 Player: Dimitri Zavadinos
their own Awards Evenings. Players who Rookie of The Year: Tafadzwa Chitokwindo Most Improved Player: Sam Eager
produced the goods for their respective Best Back: Victor Zimbawo Most Dedicated Player: Dzingai Samora
Clubs were duly rewarded with peer Best Forward: Brian Makamure Best Senior: Prayer Chitenderu
acknowledgement and handed the Players Player of The Year: Brian Makamure Top Try Scorer: Njabulo Ndlovu
appropriate silverware with their names Player of The Year: Brian Makamure Top Points Scorer: Grant Mitchell
engraved . Much will be expected of Best Back: Danny Robertson
these players by their Clubs during the MANYAME AIRFORCE BASE: Best Forward: Njabulo Ndlovu
2011 season. Top Try Scorer: Larry Chikukura Coaches Award: Jacques Leitao
Most Disciplined: Newton Sibanda Player of The Year: Jacques Leitao
HARARE SPORTS CLUB: Most Improved Player: Clive Velani
Upcoming Player: Tafadzwa Bepura Player of The Year: Slimfield Moyo
Top Try Scorer: Ruramai Kudenga
Top Points Scorer: Rangarirai ZImbowa
Most Disciplined: Samson Makuku
Best Back: Danny Hondo Dragons 8th Man Njabulo Ndlovu awarded Top Try
Best Forward: Shingai Mpofu Scorer and Best Forward
Special Award: Taffy Mhende
Captains Award: Shingai Mpofu
Player of The Year: Shingai Mpofu

Sables Fundraiser

The Zimbabwe Rugby union in conjunction with the Sables

are in the process of raising funds for the National Team.

Funding has always been a stumbling block but the desire

to compete cannot be held back. CONTACT DETAILS:

With an increasingly competitive National Calendar for

2011, the Sables will be playing 10 Test Matches. This is a
major step forward in the progress and development of
the National Team. Harare Sports Club

Should you wish to buy a raffle ticket for $50.00 or sell a Cnr Josiah Tongogara / 5th St
booklet on the Teams behalf, please contact the Union
Offices. You will stand the chance of winning a brand new Tel: +263 4 700 283
Nissan NP200 which will be drawn on Friday 28th January,

Your support and assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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