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THURSDAY This is the forth day of the second week and it was so sudden, we actually have no idea we are

going for orientation and that it requires us to wear our school uniform, it happened that all of us were on our civilian attire, we were given 10 minutes to change and so we did. We arrived at Villaverde's Municipal Health Office for the orientation facilitated by Doctor Telesforo Ragpa, he informed us obout few organizations of their offices, their responsibilities in the community and some of their programs. Afterwards, we proceed to Sawmill following our plan to cultivate the Villaberde Elementary Herbal Garden, we went and check the site , some picture taking then discussed for a while about our focused activity for tommorow, then we visited our addopted family, informed them about our plan of activity for their health and environment. One thing for sure next week when we'll return to this family is we're going to fixt thier sorroundings and secondly their house, its somewhat delapidating.

FRIDAY before stepping unto the similarly plants vs zombie thing, actually it's a garden a beautiful mini garden situated at the right farthest corner of the Villaverde Elementary School, we have to ride a 1 hour trip, not exactly. We reached Sawmill's Barangay Hall in a very nice weather, then we proceeded to the Elementary School where this pretty garden is to be found, our plan was to cultivate and to fix the fence. So we sat at the site then started for renovation, yes, renovation, and we landscaped, some maybe are hoping for a good outcome not untilit rained, but before that, at exactly 11 am, we had our break. The unfinished work is totally a messed up because we're also dealing with time and now it's postponed, I don't know how are we going to cope up with that.

SATURDAY Third day of October, we were just given an information through text that we're not going for community, more likely as not spending 60 pesos for this day, funny I did mention that, but sadly, we left the mini garden unfinished, and it maybe a total embarrassment if we'll soon arrive there next week to find it amazingly finalized, not by us but by the pupils of the Elementary School,would there be even a chance for that to happen? Good if it will. Okey, so our CIs instructed us to stay at school instead, but in turn, we must have to finish our output as soon as possible because this day is its deadline, it's gonna be way to busy 'til afternoon, well at least we're just gonna sit and think.

who. unity. in times of troublesome moments. concern. Firstly. to whom we are acquiring our first and daily needs. To our Lord. is always with us. to all. the Group V would like to express our heartily gratitude to the following who's always been with us as our light. leading us to safety and diverting us from harm's way. watching. Finally.And of course. participation. Acknowledgement We. to our Clinical Instructors who are at their atmost will to follow the great philosophy as "teachers who proudly hold the future of the hope of the fatherland". who showed great interest. thank you for rendering great responsibility for our own good and for the betterment of all's success. both psychosocial and financial. the reaon why we're unable to attend the garden is that it's bad weather. . understanding and ever knowledge to complete this greatful requirement. to this group. our parents.