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Book proposal & tender ‘Fighting the unknown’ true crime story
1. Concept statement 2. Demands 3. About the book 4. About the Author 5. About the Market 6. About the Competition 7. Production Details 8. About Promotion 9. Sample - Full part I 10. Blogs & contact info

1. Concept statement
‘Never in world history…, has a single loving couple…, been betrayed so badly …, for so long…, by so many…! Hans Smedema This horror story, an autobiographic reconstructed diary and 'Life-work' of successful high level business man, Hans Smedema B. Sc., is an eye-opener for ‘World Community’ and ‘Psychiatrists’ by proving currently still controversial recovered memories after 28 years, and the existence of an also still controversial mind controlling ‘double or emotional personality (dissociation & DIS)’. And these already unbelievable facts, in a mind blowing combination with rape and children from rapist, without the defenseless woman realizing that herself (in her normal personality) and with an unscrupulous cover-up. Mind control and her selective amnesia and severe suppression prevented a learning process and filing charges. Made even worse by the unscrupulous coverup and conspiracy from family, physicians and Dutch officials. In fact a ‘Royal (approved) Criminal Organization Mengele (RCOM)’ as Hans named it. All controversial facts are still denied by most psychiatrists, so very educational and an eye-opener for anyone affected by sexual abuse or rape, which is the majority of all people.

Nobody can believe or understand that his wife still doesn’t believe she was raped and has children from rapist, as her mind and cover-up tells her she never had sex with others than her own husband Hans Smedema! This story can prevent young girls or woman from being forced into a defenseless mind controlled sex slave sometimes used by lover boys or criminals, without herself, family and friends, police and prosecutors, realizing and understanding that cruel fact. The book is an accusation against the Dutch Crown (Queen & Cabinet) Ministry of Justice, Psychiatrist and a criminal unethical thinking family permitting over 30 years of rape, and everybody still unscrupulously hiding the truth for the married couple! The cruel story takes us from the Netherlands to Germany, Middle East, America (political asylum Miami airport) and Spain where Hans Smedema still lives as a fugitive and outlaw. An American military CIA man was involved and suffered also for 10 years, before with help from former USA ambassador in the Netherlands Paul Bremer, he won his case with the secret files from Hans Smedema and his wife, which were quickly and unscrupulously deleted by the Dutch! For sure this story is completely unique and is worse than ever happened before in world history! It is much worse than the famous French Dreyfus- affaire and resembles partly the famous Alexander Solsjenitsin story! The ‘Dutch Watergate’ or in this case ‘Queen-gate’, because her involvement made it ‘State security’ and her refusal to help makes life for both victims a long torture and mistreatment. The name of the Dutch Queen and hiding criminal acts for Dutch community is evidently and unscrupulously worth more than the lives of both victims who still suffer badly now for over 35 years!

• • • •

Priority first on blowing up the cover-up and conspiracy by using and influencing world community opinion. High level marketing plan supporting these demands. All three versions of the book must be always available both digital and physical as long as necessary. Legal version after a disclaimer. Help from an experienced proven successful (bestsellers!) editor for the consensed true crime version of about 600/700 pages.

Demands for the publisher are the following:

• • •

If necessary a co-author (Dan Brown would be perfect) to achieve the goals set out here. Help from an experienced proven successful movie script/screen writer for the movie version and film script. First publishing in America, because of the Dutch cover-up and resistance from the Government, then publish in Dutch. Could be at the same moment. Translation of the Dutch story into at least English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese after initial proven success in English. Keeping up professional Blogs about the story and author in all to publish languages. No advance payment needed. Income from publishing has priority only after blowing the Dutch cover-up! First author income can be used also to that goal. Author income from digital royalties should be in conformity with the current digital world in which cost of digital publishing is extremely low and costly digital sales channels don’t add value any more. All author royalties should go to the ‘Hans Smedema Amnesia Foundation’ who holds all rights to this story. Royalties from printing books for the bookshops should allow for cheap books to reach a large market, and thus corresponding royalties.

• • •

• •


About the book

‘A thousand times worse than an enemy, is a friend who turns out to be an enemy!’

3.1. What
The book ‘Fighting the unknown’ is an autobiographic reconstructed extremely openly written diary of the horror life of successful Dutch entrepreneur and high level business man, Hans Smedema B. Sc.

3.2. Genre
Psychological drama and educational true crime. Mystery.

3.3. Goals
With the book, Hans Smedema wants to open up and end the cover-up and conspiracy against him and his wife, and warn world community for the Dutch Government and Royal house, which betray and mistreat their own people by hiding crimes and denying them medical treatment during over 30 years against both their amnesia and suppression.

He also wants to educate world community about the controversial but extremely important ‘mind control’ and ‘double or emotional personality’. Rape and children from rapist during over 30 years, without the woman realizing this, being possible. This story also proofs the controversial but extremely important ‘recovered memories’ after 28 years. Priority is not getting as much money as possible with these books and movie, but getting as much people as possible to read about this cruel but very educational story! This case is NOT about money! First blowing up this Dutch cover-up and unscrupulous conspiracy against Hans Smedema and his poor still unknowing wife, and against all Dutch and American people, has the ultimate priority. Breaking the cover-up and proving this unbelievable story, will generate hundreds of thousands of books sold worldwide, if not millions, if written on a high enough level. And in the process, getting enough funds to compensate those who suffered from this Dutch conspiracy, or tried to help, and after that funding the Hans Smedema Amnesia foundation which will give grants for studying and investigating Amnesia, Suppression and Double or Emotional personalities.

3.4. Summary
The life of Hans Smedema, who after a normal but very interesting life, gets impossible flashbacks during three weeks in March 2000. The memories were denied by all involved, but after three years of investigation, proof still controversial ‘recovered memories’ after three decennia which is still seen as impossible by most psychiatrists! He discovers slowly, how he and his beautiful girlfriend and later wife, were drugged, raped, secretly used in rapemovies, he made infertile, she made into a mind controlled sex slave with a double or emotional personality and abused during 28 years by rapist who knew about this cruel fact. During all those long years they were betrayed by their Family, Psychiatrists and Physicians, Ministry of Justice, Police and Prosecutors, and even two Dutch Queens, Juliana and Beatrix. Both families and the government never did anything to protect them, which resulted in three children from rapist, and three pregnancies without children born. He himself suppressed all abuse or rapes he saw, and was thus unable to warn or protect his own completely defenseless wife until March 2000! The fact his brother Johan Smedema was able to protect his own cruel and unscrupulous behavior by involving and betraying the Ministry of Justice and

Dutch Queen Juliana in 1973 and 1975, made the cover-up and conspiracy ‘State security’ and therefore official state business for a cover-up. Hans is because of that involvement of the Dutch Royalty, not allowed to have any help from any Dutch organization for victims, and every investigation about the many rapes during 30 years, was immediately blocked by the highest Dutch officials(College Procureurs Generaal) with a demand on the ‘State security’ being threatened. Only because of the continued conspiracy and cover-up after his memory came slowly back, Hans became fully incapacitated and has to live as a fugitive and outcast in Spain from an insurance income. Evidently, in the Netherlands, protecting the name of the Queen and high officials from earlier mistakes and unethical criminal decisions is more important than the ruined and traumatic lives during over 30 years of victims Hans and his poor still unknowing and still (!) defenseless wife. Among the many crimes are:
• • • • • • • • •

three attempts to murder Hans Smedema, 1x 1975, 2x 1980 and a neighbor was murdered in 1980! making him secretly infertile in 1972 by the rapist, and have this repaired also secretly, to make sure Hans could not proof this fact! mind control and sex slave of his wife with a double or emotional personality, which is impossible according to most Psychiatrists. using his wife and him in illegal rapemovies, permitting (stimulating?) many rapes during over 30 years, police not acting after being warned about his wife being taken hostage by rapist, children from rapist and hiding that crucial fact for them, not prosecuting and therefore stimulating rapes, secretly set aside the Dutch ‘Freedom of Information Act’ (WOB) to make sure Hans would never be able to proof these many crimes against them and look insane or paranoid, manipulate and falsify evidence(DNA-test, MRI scan, etc.) so Hans and the Dutch people will never find out about how they are betrayed by their own Government and Queen, delete all police and other files about these crimes and witnesses, change the laws so all officials have to help with this cover-up and conspiracy,

• •

• • •

using secretly millions of Dutch taxpayers money to hide the crimes against innocent civilian victims, only to protect the Queen and high level officials, letting his wife and the Dutch people think Hans Smedema is paranoid, while knowing he is right about the conspiracy, forcing and torturing the married and still loving couple to live separate by hiding the truth for his wife with still amnesia and severe selective suppression! Forcing Hans Smedema to ask for Political Asylum in Miami Florida, USA. Judge Rex Ford found the story true and reason for asylum, if Dutch government was behind this. Hans was deported back to Netherlands only because the Dutch government hides their involvement!

3.5. Important controversial items
Current ruling thoughts are:
• •

Recovered memories after 28 years are impossible! A double or emotional personality with selective amnesia and severe suppression which can be wakened or called by mind control and criminals, is impossible! A woman being abused and raped for over 30 years with children from rapist, but not realizing those facts still thinking she was never raped or had sex with others than her own husband, is impossible! The Dutch don’t do this kind of cover-up and conspiracies! The Dutch Queen or Royalty can never be involved in this case of rape and hiding of all the crimes for all the Dutch people!

• •

3.6. Versions
The book will be issued in three versions:
1. Legal version and written statement of Hans Smedema about what

happened. For Investigators, Crime fighters, Lawyers and Judges, or Psychiatrists and students. Ready, 1300 pages, over 500.000 words.
2. Novel version for selling and bookshops, 650 pages maximum, 250.000

words. Almost ready, leaving out the many legal documents will shorten the legal version a lot.
3. Movie version, dramatized and maximum 200 pages. Almost ready, only

the most emotional items.

3.7. Parts
The book has 4 parts:

1. Fighting the unknown, Part I – Unscrupulous betrayal. Legal version ready,

389 pages. The life of Hans Smedema until March 2000 when his memory came slowly back. They lived unknowingly of all the rapes and betrayal happening to them.
2. Fighting the unknown, Part II – Impossible Flashbacks. Legal version

ready, 236 pages. His life from March 2000 until he became fully incapacitated in January 2004.
3. Fighting the unknown, Part III – Outcast. Legal version ready, 481 pages.

His life of being rejected by all, but finding out more and more about the truth, from January 2004 until January 2008.
4. Fighting the unknown, Part IV – J’Accuse. Legal version almost ready, end

of 2010. About 200 pages. 2008 until 2010, when Hans accuses openly and very dangerously al people and criminals involved in this cover-up and conspiracy and asked for political asylum in Miami Florida, USA after being sentenced by an unethical Dutch Police Judge without a Lawyer present and with every defense denied!

3.8. About: Fighting the unknown, Part I – Unscrupulous betrayal!
In this first part, author Hans Smedema describes how he lived unknowingly with a wife that could be raped at will from 1972 until March 2000. Using memory blocking chemicals, she was by the rapist transferred into a sex slave by forcing her into severe traumatic situations, and she developed a so called extra ‘double or better emotional personality’ (DIS). He takes the reader very openly through his feelings being in love with his beautiful girlfriend, how they were misled and betrayed by both criminals and family during those first horror years, but also for the best part of their lives until in March 2000 he got his impossible recovered memories. So it is his life until he found out about the cruel truth. He tells about the many, many warnings he got from several people involved among which the rapist themselves, and how he did not believe them or his mind suppressed everything told to him at once, as it was too much for his sick brain at that moment. Being very sick during 28 years with a mind that suppresses every rape or abuse of his wife, without his own family, physicians or government warning him and getting him a simple therapy, is unbelievable cruel, unscrupulous and disgusting. But makes this story unique. The story is also very educational for people with similar experiences about suppression or a double or emotional extra personality, because it describes very

open how he saw his world after suppression kicked in every time an abuse or rape happened. Still this part tells in 389 pages about 28 years of a very interesting live, being a successful entrepreneur and high level businessman.

3.9. About: Fighting the unknown, Part II – Impossible flashbacks!
In this second part, Hans writes about the sudden flashbacks which were impossible and emotionally shocking. How everyone concerned denied everything and how he slowly discovered the cruel truth from March 2000 until he became fully incapacitated in January 2004 and had to stop with his successful ‘headhunting’ or ‘executive search’ business in the North of the Netherlands. How their lives became more and more impossible, being betrayed by everybody concerned as their own Families, Physicians and more specific Psychiatrist. How Dutch officials betrayed them by lying and hiding the cruel truth. His slow but certain mental deterioration was deliberately forced upon him by the leaders of what he later called the ‘Royal Criminal Organization Mengele’ or in short RCOM, working closely (or a member) with the unscrupulous Dutch Psychiatrist Prof. dr. Onno van der Hart, which Hans gave the nickname ‘The Dutch Mengele’. The part II is 236 pages and covers the horror story, mostly abuse and rape, from ‘no impossible’ until ‘yes it is true!’

3.10. Outcast!

About: Fighting the unknown, Part III –

In this third part Hans tells how he investigated what happened and who were behind this cover-up, and tried to get proof. Also how he started writing his diary, keeping track of all important happenings and started with his first part of the book. The book is most of all a legal written statement of what he knows about what must be the greatest cover-up and conspiracy against a single loving couple ever in world history. It covers his life from 2004 until 2008 when he had found enough facts to openly accuse the rapist and other people involved. How he was denied the right to file charges against all his enemies, which is the right of all other Dutch citizens. In 2007 he started his Blog, which very slowly became more and more known to Dutch readers, but never got any media coverage. He talked to journalists and crime fighters like the famous John van den Heuvel working for the largest Dutch Newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’ and the even more famous and well known Dutch TV crime fighter ‘Peter R. de Vries’, and a head

editor from the largest Newspaper in the North of the Netherlands he personally knew being both a Rotary member, but no one dared publishing about this horror story, which is still the case end of 2010. He thinks it is forbidden because of ‘State security!’ Many more memories and facts are in this timeframe filling in the gaps, and more and more he finds out about how this unscrupulous conspiracy had developed into the ‘Dutch Queengate’ because of fraud and betrayal of his brother mr. Johan Smedema and other family members. He found that after a life of helping other people, nobody ever helped him when he desperately needed help and most of all information! From 2004 until end of 2010 he never found a Lawyer willing or daring to help them to end this conspiracy based on all hidden special legal rulings! The part consists of 481 pages and ends when he openly started accusing his enemies.

3.11. J’Accuse!

About: Fighting the unknown, Part IV –

In this last part Hans writes about the accusations he openly and legally dangerously made against all his enemies on his Blog and now in his book and legal written statement. How in 2009 he was sentenced without a Lawyer present and while not allowed any investigation, no witnesses heard under oath and no simple DNA test of 500 euro or so, which could proof his innocence of being not insane, but the victim of the largest conspiracy ever in world history against a single loving couple. It would proof one of the complainants being the rapist and father of their youngest son. But how his strategy of openly forcing his enemies into the open to file charges against him, caused him to get for his appeal one of the most famous Dutch Lawyers available, mr. Bram Moszkowicz. Well known from defending among many others, Bouterse and Dutch politician Geert Wilders. How he was forced to ask for political asylum in Miami Florida because of the persecution of the Dutch Government, but after 28 weeks in detention in BTC Broward Transitional Centre, Pompano Beach, Florida was cruelly deported back to the same Netherlands who betrayed and persecuted him for then 36 years! America had the proof in their secret CIA files, but was not allowed to use that information by the Dutch, who based on fraud and betrayal asked America for help with this legal(?) conspiracy.


About the Author Hans Smedema

Here a short bio about who was Hans Smedema:

• • • • • •

Born in the Netherlands, Leeuwarden on March 27th 1948. Studied at two Technical High Colleges, one B.Sc. for electronics and the other B. Sc. for technical business administration. Married February 23th 1973 and has 3 children. In 1993 followed the 'Advanced Management Program AMP-4’ of the Nijenrode University, only for certain allowed CEO's. Followed lots of seminars and management workshops. Spent around 13 years working in a family business Euro-Routing which produced and sold Signage and Routing Systems to Hospitals and Airports. Experience in export to Middle East. Last position Commercial Manager/ CSO. Was the CEO and 50% owner of a German company also in Signage for 3 years. Was CEO and Member of the Board of Systems Engineering Heerenveen, Netherlands, 100% daughter of Baker Brothers Stoughton, Massachusetts USA. Was outplacement consultant for a year and next 6 years CEO of IHN Engineering Leeuwarden with 100 professional employees, part of the larger holding with 350 employees and later Grontmij Engineering and Consulting Group with 2200 employees. Last position was (successful) headhunter or 'Executive Searcher' in Drachten, Northern Netherlands for 10 years. Member of Rotary Int. District 1590 club number 124. Int. Nr. 10454 Leeuwarden-Zuid, and Chairman 1998/1999, left 2003. Was member of most commercial clubs in the North of the Netherlands.

• •

• •

• • •

Had to stop working in January 2004, after in 2000 his memory came slowly back about this horror cover-up and conspiracy, and when everything was denied. Was declared insane (not true of course) and slowly was able to reconstruct most of what happened about all the lying and betraying done to him and his wife. An unbelievable conspiracy by the Dutch Government, Family, Medici and misled politicians. Now living of an insurance payment, fighting the (unknown) crimes against us and doing research for my autobiographic reconstructed diary 'Fighting the Unknown' and writing it.


About the Market

5.1. Unique selling points:

Only a few books worldwide exist telling about a woman being raped because she was forced into being a sex slave in combination with having a double or emotional personality. Sybil is one, but written by her Psychiatrist, not by the victim itself and all files are sealed! Without precedence in this combination and with a Queen and high level officials from both Netherlands and America involved! Meaning much more interest than normal books. Unbelievable true crime story! Even after now 10 years of telling about it and 6 years on the internet en 3 years a Blog, still almost nobody believes this is possible! Not even close friends! A woman being abused and raped for 28 years, and having children from rapist, without realizing that cruel fact herself even after being warned, is too much for 99,99% of world community to grasp. So more selling and reading. Family betraying their own brother and sister, allowing rape and abuse for over 28 years with children from those rapist, is too much to comprehend for 99,99% of world community. It will generate of course more selling. The Dutch Government ordering the Ministry of Justice and a secret service to hide all evidence about criminal acts of mostly rape, blocking every investigation even when one was already started in January 1991 by the Head Prosecutor mr. Ruud Rosingh, is too much to comprehend for most people! Netherlands is not a banana republic they say mostly and mistaken in this specific case. The Dutch Government blocking and forbidding all help for victim Hans Smedema from Lawyers, organizations for victims, Police, Prosecutors has never in history been published before. Falsifying of evidence as a father DNA-test, MRI scan, deleting of police and other files about this case, moving of officials when refusing, falsifying of medical files of physicians and using ‘State security’ as a reason for victims Hans Smedema and his still unknowing wife, who have never in their lives done anything wrong! Unbelievable and unscrupulously! Using ‘State security’ to betray the whole Dutch community, only because a brother and Dutch officials advised and betrayed the Dutch Queen and she signed a special secret ruling for Hans Smedema and his wife. That fact together with protecting high level officials like Ministers is the only reason for this cover-up which is the Dutch Watergate, or Queen gate.

• •

Using secretly millions of Dutch tax money to betray the Dutch people and hide the mistakes they made themselves. The controversial items mentioned in item 3.5 A conspiracy from the Dutch government Educational because a new way of looking at things Has something to explain Exiting and a mystery Captures the imagination of readers, specific young woman Unexpected, never happened before Unbelievable A mystery A tearjerker A low cost movie & cash generator

5.2. In short this story is:
• • • • • • • • • •

Which are exactly the success factors used by famous Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code) for deciding on a book to write.

5.3. Markets

Dutch language market is most important because the need to inform the Dutch people about this conspiracy against them and blow this cover-up sky-high. Next is most important the English language American market as America is involved and also suffered badly by Military CIA official Al Rust and involvement of former USA ambassador in the Netherlands, Paul Bremer, also known as former Governor in Iraq. ‘Ladies and Gentleman, we got him!’ For certain the largest market to sell the books both digital and physical. And for the movie. Will generate most of the cash. Germany where the involvement of America started will be next important, also because Germans follow and know much about the Dutch. Rest of the world, with the largest languages like French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese of course most important. Depending on interest but the book could easily be of worldwide interest.

• •


About the competition

Books like this with all the unique selling points simply don’t exist! A story like this has never been published before! The involvement of family, the Dutch government and the two Queens, Juliana and Beatrix, makes it one of its kind. Only a few(ten or so?) books exist about people having a double personality.

Non fiction but controversial book ‘Sybil’. Initial print 400.000. Sybil is a 1973 book by Flora Rheta Schreiger about the treatment of Sybil Dorsett for Dissociative Identity Disorder (then referred to as multiple personality disorder) by her psychoanalyst, Cornelia B. Wilbur. The book was made into two movies of the same name, once in 1976 by NBC and again as a television movie in 2007 by CBS. Files are sealed and both persons with knowledge died. Non fiction but controversial book from 1979: I am Eve, with movie from 1957 ‘The three faces of Eve’. Fiction(!): The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, by Robert Louis Stevenson Lots of scientific books explaining DIS.

• • •

For author Hans Smedema competition is not important, because he will publish this story one way or the other. But he expects a lot of interest. Already publishers are interested, but Dutch and to small with not enough marketing power to handle a bestseller like this which needs a lot of media coverage and promotion. Better to publish first in America, to counter any coverup and blocking by the Dutch Government. There will be legal fights over publishing of course, but will help getting a lot of attention for the book and are in fact wanted by Hans Smedema to help blowing up this cover-up. He himself is NOT allowed to file charges and still has NO Lawyer for the main case! Which is against all known International laws! So having others filing charges against him, is the only way to get the Justice departments involved, force investigations and maybe getting a Lawyer to defend their case!


Production details

Depending on promotion and media coverage. POD for a legal trial is always possible at first. A large enough publisher to handle marketing, production and translations is necessary. A first legal trial version of part I with 500 books was printed in December 2007 and only offered through the Blog of Hans Smedema after approving to a disclaimer, to force his enemies to come into the open and file charges. It was used for feedback, Lawyers and other legal matters only. His enemies indeed did file charges, which was allowed by the cover-up RCOM. People were interested in the book! Two publishers told Hans it was written well enough, and only needed some editing.


About promotion

When this cover-up and conspiracy is not yet blown up, a lot of marketing and promotion is needed. After this case being big news at least in the Netherlands and America, promotion will be done by stimulating interviews, articles and book signing, among other things. The author is willing to do a lot to promote this book. Keeping a Dutch and English Blog is only one of them. More have to be made as soon as translations are started into more languages.


Sample - Full Part I

Only in Dutch available, so better to have someone read it who can read Dutch! And after interest can be decided who will do the condensing into a smaller book and the translation into English! That is important and should be done after consultation with the agent, publisher and editor. Remember the full legal & Investigation Parts I, II and III are ready and 1100 pages long with about 450.000 words. Part IV will be ready in a few weeks. Condensing the legal book into an interesting ‘Diary’, is easy simply after leaving out the legal documents! When directly contacting Publishers or Agents, the first full part of 389 pages in Dutch is attached! Part II and III on request.

10. Blogs & Contact info
Dutch: English: Author: Hans Smedema Apartado 114 03727 Xalo/Jalon Alicante, Spain Email: *************************** Hans Smedema, wijzigingen zullen worden aangebracht naar voortschrijdend inzicht. Komende weken en maanden zullen worden gebruikt om een geschikte Amerikaanse hoofd agent of Publisher te zoeken, die vervolgens het boek in Nederland zal uitgeven. Voordeel is dat het boek dan in Amerika bestreden moet worden door onze vijanden. Intussen zal de kortere versie voor de boekhandel worden afgemaakt en vertaald in het Engels. Copyright 2010 Hans Smedema, Xalo/Jalon, Alicante, Spain