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JAGADEESH BABU R Mobile: +91-9848182519

Looking forward to associate myself in an organization where there is an opportunity to share, contribute and upgrade my knowledge for development of the organization served.

Obtained 59% in B-Tech in Computer Science & Engineering from Anurag Engineering College, Kodad (J.N.T.U, Hyderabad) during 2005- 2009. Obtained 79.8%in Intermediate from jvr jr. college(Board of Intermediate Education, A.P) in 2005. Obtained 67% in S.S.C. from the, govt high school nkpally) in 2003.


Programming Languages Operating Systems Databases Web technologies Tools & Utilities

: C, C++ and Java . : MS Windows /XP/vista, Linux 8.x/9.x/Fedora. : Oracle 9i, MySQL. : JSP/Servlets, JavaScript. : Eclipse, Star UML.

Trained under Jawaharlal Knowledge Center in career Awareness/ Planning Workshops, enhancement of communication skills ,industry orientation innovated by institute for electronic governance government of Andhra Pradesh /


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Adapt to any environment. Capability to work in a team and if needed lead it. Optimistic, Quick learner.

YAGE was designed with the end user in mind. Khammam(di). The main feature is advanced 3D Graphical User Interface (GUI).. Technology and Software used Organisization MINI PROJECT : Advanced Java & Eclipse. allowing a user to hide large amounts of information within image and audio files. Hindi. Presented Technical seminar on Cryptography in Anurag Engineering College. Technology and Software used Organisization ACHIEVEMENTS • • : C & TURBOC : Anurag Engineering College Presented technical seminar in Anurag Vista 08 in anurag engineering college. hence providing a very easy to use and efficient Graphical User Interface (GUI). H. Place: (JAGADEESH BABU R) . is significantly more sophisticated than the examples above suggest. Steganography today.MAIN PROJECT DATA SECURITY THROUGH STEGANOGRAPHY. rectangles etc. Telugu. YAGE (YET ANOTHER GRAPHICS EDITOR). : CMC Private Limited. Yage (Yet another Graphics Editor) is a simple 2D Graphics editor that implements standard primitive 2D operations like circles. lines. first it is encrypted and then hidden so that an adversary has to first find the information (an often difficult task in and of itself) and then decrypt it. Andhra Pradesh 507160. however. These forms of steganography often are used in conjunction with cryptography so that the information is doubly protected. : with an Interface Similar to Microsoft Paint. PERSONAL MINUTIAE Name Father’s name Date of Birth Address Languages known Date: : JAGADEESH BABU RAMAVARAPU : NAGESWARA RAO : 29-07-1988 : S/oNageswara rao.kothakohuru.