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I Eight instructions to maintain a computer in good working conditions (May 2002) 1. Do not touch the cables. 2. Avoid touching the open sockets.

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In case of sparks or short circuits, switch off the main supply and open all the doors and windows. Avoid touching the monitor. Always shut down the system when it is not in use. Do not handle the equipment roughly. Shut down the system properly. Do not rest your legs anywhere on the stabilisers or UPS. While working on the net, open only minimum number of required sites so that you can get quick access. Do not work in the laboratory barefoot. Wear shoes to protect your feet. Do not handle the apparatus and instruments roughly. Do not wear gold ornaments, wrist watches, etc., while working in the lab. Do not allow chemicals to come into contact with your skin. Keep all the doors and windows open while working in the laboratory. Keep your working place neat and tidy. Switch off the power supply immediately after completing the experiment. Arrange the apparatus in order after the experiment is over. “Dilute acids” and “prepare solutions” only under the guidance of the staff. Do not wear loose clothes. Wear apron and gloves while handling the chemicals. Take care not to spill the chemicals on the floor. Handle all glassware items carefully. Always rinse the apparatus well both before and after use.

II Safety instructions in a chemical engineering lab. (April 05)

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III Eight instructions that must be followed by all pedestrians. (Dec 05)

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Walk on the pavement or keep to the extreme left of the road. Use subways; though long, they are absolutely safe. Avoid crossing suddenly. Do not ignore traffic signals; they are meant for ones safety. Do not walk on road dividers. Cross the road only at the zebra crossing or when the traffic constable signals. Before crossing the road, look on either side to make sure that the road is clear of fast moving vehicles. Avoid using the cell phone while walking along the road. Be familiar with the rule of the road and traffic signals. Stop and let a speeding vehicle go.

3. Don’t keep the engine running while the vehicle is not in motion. Fit the vehicle with an engine that gives high mileage. Service the vehicle regularly Avoid clutch driving. Avoid Foot board traveling. 2. 1. 6. Do not run after the bus which has already left the stop. Always form a Queue for getting into the bus leaving way for people to get down. V Instructions to be followed by the users of Buses 1. For fuel economy. Do not carry explosives. 5. 4. 8. 7. Be considerate to the old as well as the handicapped.IV Eight instructions to save petrol. . 3. 8. 5. 2. 6. Get ready to alight before stop arrives. Carry fewer luggages. keep the engine in good condition. Never board or get out of the bus at intersections. 7. Avoid frequent change of gear to save petrol. Do not smoke in the bus. Do not keep elbow or head out of the window. Inflate the tyres at an optimum level of air pressure. 4. Use the correct engine oil for the proper functioning of the engine. 9.