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Franchesca Alexis Paungan NCP

Assesment Subjective “medyo nanghihina ako” Objective • complaints of cramping, weakness, abdominal pain • passage of loose stools • on BRAT diet

Acute Gastroenteritis - Female ward
Planning After nursing interventions, the patient will be able to restore normal electrolyte levels as evidenced by less cramps. Intervention • Vital signs taken and recorded • Monitor I and O • Encouraged patient to eat foods rich in potassium • Encouraged patient to increase fluid intake • Emphasized importance of proper hand washing and hygiene

November 27 2010
Rationale • To obtain baseline data • To determine fluid losses • To compensate for electrolyte loss • To replace fluid losses • To prevent further passing of infection • To supply and manage additional fluids • To prevent further occurrence of diarrhea • To determine the extent of fluid loss and effectiveness of therapeutic management. Evaluation The patient reports less cramping.

Nursing Diagnosis Electrolyte imbalance related to episodes of loose watery stools.

• IVF regulated as ordered • Advised to avoid fatty foods • Advised patient to report stool color, amount, frequency, and color.