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(U) GULF OF GUINEA/HORN ONI INFOGRAPHIC 3} OF AFRICA/SOUTHEAST ASIA: Weekly Piracy Update for 23 - 29 January 2020 ee as (U) Piracy and Armed (W) NIGERA 25 Jn Tanker ee ee ee ee & acing — © surpuious Acti gos Anchorage {W)INDONESIA: 22 Jan — (ate Reportng) Blk carer bose in 2m] (U) Gulf of Guines Incidents (U Horn of Ain Incidents (U) Southeast Asia incidents 0 0 pe—te—e eet Teen 20 [HOTT] 009 | 209] ent Be [aT [ae | an [28] ee EEE 7a bebe be be bo tm Te aa a al tae a ae a0 (U) GULF OF GUINEA/HORN OF AFRICA/SOUTHEAST ASIA: Weekly Piracy Update for 23 - 29 January 2020 eer 1. (U) BOARDING - NIGERIA: On 25 January, robbers boarded a tanker during cargo operations while anchored near position O6:16N - 003:19E, Lagos Anchorage. A duty crewman saw the unauthorized person near the forecastle. Alarm was sounded. Seeing the alerted crew the person jumped overboard and escaped mith his accomplices in a wooden boat. A naval patrol Boat arrived atthe location, searched the waters around the ‘tanker and remained close to the tanker unt daybreak. Nothing reported stolen (MB) (U Reporting received on a boarding event this past week; wth no further information availabe. Cen (U) No incidents to report 2.(U) BOARDING - INDONESIA (LATE REPORTING): On 22 January, a duty crewman onboard a bulk carrier anchored near position 03:42.65 114:25 2€, Taboneo Anchorage, saw the lock an the bosun store room broken and ship's properties stolen The incident was reported to port contral and local agent (IM) (U Reporting received on three other boarding events this past week with no further information available. recon Piracy Levels = (U) Altempted Boarding - Clos approach a ul-o-ull contact wth eport hat boating paraphernalia were + 1) Soading Unauthorized embarkation ofa vessel by persons not pt ofits complement without successfully *(U High:S or mee pracy incidents in this one-week prod + (Fred Upon ‘Weapons dacharge ator tonard 2 vessel + (U) Moderate: 2-4 pray incidents in this one-week period “Tu}ijecing Unatberaed saute and erin of vest by pte nt pat fe complement. {lu} kidnapping - Unauthorized forbs removal of pean belonging t the vesel rom +0) Low 0-1 pray incidents in ths one-weck period "Tu} Robben Theft rom a vse! or rom persons 3 board the vse "1u Stapioos Roprouch Allotheruneplned att close pros by an unkown veel