“THE WORLD BEYOND “ is an intense political drama spinning around the tyrannic ambitions of a rogue group of high level U.S , EU, and UN officials, seeking to gain complete control over the American, French and Russian nuclear arsenals, by infiltrating various working groups,private contractors,and intelligence agencies. General Williams and Admiral Harris are long time friends, West Point graduates, fought side by side in South America, Somalia, and Iraq during the first Gulf War. Now they are in charge of a group of highly skilled professionals,trained in every field, from small talk diplomacy and PR, to forensic science, intelligence gathering, data mining,counter surveillance,and even guerrilla warfare. Their objective is to defend the United States of America from all foreign and domestic asymmetric threats. In April 2005 the body of a Japanese scientist is found by the NYPD in a back alley, he's been tortured and executed. A young NYPD detective is in charge of the homicide investigation, he has a theory that something sinister is boiling, and if he is right more mutilated bodies will start to fill the morgue. Meanwhile in DC, the Russian President is on official visit to sign the first ever partnership agreement for cooperation between Russian and American Defense contractors. The U.S President and the Secretary of Defense offer their Russian counterparts tour of what used to be one of the most secret military installations during the Cold War - Cheyenne Mountain Complex, home of NORAD (North American Defense Air Command) and other crucial for the national security installations. While on tour, the Russian Secretary of Defense is approached by Admiral Harris and briefed on the pending threat for both nations,General Ivanov shares his concerns with Admiral Harris that probably key Russian military installations are already compromised, and that four months from now, after the presidential elections in Russia, the man in charge of the country will most probably be selected and appointed by a cabal of oligarchs and rogue elements with nefarious ambitions, instead of being elected by the people. Six months later, the French foreign minister is incognito in New York, he is there to meet with the Detective investigating the death of the Japanese scientist,but he collapsed right in front of One Police Plaza, he is pronounced dead on the spot, three Secret Service agents of his security detail are found dead in their car right across the street, the other two agents escorting the minister entered the ambulance, on their way to the hospital the ambulance driver lost control of the vehicle, the ambulance accelerated to 96 mph, the left front tire exploded, the vehicle veered sharply to the left, slammed the concrete bridge rail, and violently splashed in the Hudson River.

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