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Make Work FUN:
139 Ways to “Lighten Up” Your Workplace
By Ann Fry and Terrill Fischer

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That’s a bad combination. Remember. many devices that work well. we all know people who need to “lighten up”. In this guide to humor you will find many. They have an occasional good mood or creative day sometimes. You might surprise yourself. Black hole serious.INTRODUCTION We’re glad we got your attention. you can improve the way you work. They drag an overcast day. but -. but other times they have those terribly serious days. Then there are those people who try very hard at humor but have no sense. “we don’t stop playing because we grow old. The most important thing is to have fun with these ideas and later on share them with some of your serious friends or co-workers. No humor available. some for groups. Whatever kind of humor impairment. if not a dark cloud. some for entire companies. If you implement one or two of these ideas a week for the next six months. Please note that not all of these ideas are going to be fun for you. This doesn’t mean you should settle for only the ideas that are comfortable to you. We all know people who are terminally serious. we grow old because we stop playing!” Have fun!! Terrill and Ann Page 4 . and quite possibly the way you live. around with them. Maybe they’re just humor challenged. Try a couple that feel risky.some of them are you. though. Some are best for individuals. Or humor. You’ll like some more than others and some will suit your style and situation better. Now this may be shocking news for you.

5.” Person Overboard Award: Reward employees who go “over and beyond” for their customers.) Pass out Special Fortune Cookies: Have them specially baked and include fortunes that are special to your company – a great way to announce promotions. 6. 4. Games in the Breakroom: Keep board games. Payday: Give out more than just paychecks on payday . which the president presents to an employee at a special ceremony. 7. set up finger-paints and let ’em rip. Page 5 . Employee Dollars: Award an “employee dollar” to employees who do something special or exceed company expectations. Awards for Worst Customers: If you have difficult customers. They can wear the stickers or collect them on a sheet they post over their desk. IDEAS FOR THE BREAKROOM 8. Each month the employee with the most dollars gets movie tickets. The winner gets a free bottle of champagne and you experience improved morale because your staff is working to please you and to win the award. Finger-Painting Murals: Put up a large piece of Kraft paper in the breakroom. and a plaque with their name as “Employee of the Month. fun outlet. (Let everyone know ahead of time to wear their worst hairdo. 3. like a candy bar with their checks. 9. The “Person Overboard Award” is a life-saving ring. puzzles and small area games like ring toss in the breakroom for entertainment.AWARD IDEAS 1. like an appointment at a Spa. gifts. etc.give the employees a special gift. 2. “Good job” Stickers: Have staff give stickers to their supervisors when they do a good job and vice versa. Great stressreliever and creative. Worst Hairdo Day: Give out an award for the worst hairdo of the day. dinner. have a contest to see who can identify the worst customer of the week.

Ping Pong Table: Have a ping pong table or two available for 13.make sure it’s “safe” food and doesn’t create “ptomaine poisoning”.10. celebration. so why not celebrate the anniversary of when people were hired. TV and Videos: A great idea is to have funny videos like Three Stooges. Pizza Parties (or Bagel Parties. These get people laughing and put them in a good mood. Sing a few carols and give each other a small present or stocking stuffer to break up the summer routine. loaves of bread and knives in the breakroom. Celebrate Hiring Anniversaries: We celebrate birthdays. They can be aggressive or not. fellow workers. Road Warrior Celebration: Throw a party for the person with Page 6 . 11. 16. can include individual choices or games for two. or Candy Bar Parties): Food always lightens up a serious occasion . Christmas in July: Celebrate a little holiday cheer with your 17. Let people make sandwiches whenever they’re hungry. Peanut Butter and Jelly: Put out huge vats of peanut butter and jelly. 18. Video Games: Have a play station or video game system.they need it because they’re never home long enough to have a party of their own. the most frequent flyer miles or most car miles . playing. by having a little party. A great way to spend a break. CELEBRATION ACTIVITIES 15. Make them feel special for being with the company. etc. Candid Camera shows and other short-segment videos. communication (deals are often made this way). Percussion Instrument Day (or String Instrument Day): People bring in their favorite percussion instrument (or string instrument) and there is a “jam” session in the breakroom for 15 minutes in the afternoon.g. 12. It fits many categories – e. Top it off with barrels of Oreo cookies. Games 14. stress stomping.

Build a "Submarine Sandwich Day": Have everyone bring a COMMUNICATION IDEAS 23. For example. You could even hang a piñata for everyone to take a whack at and have it filled with candy. going up or down the stairs. The smell of popcorn alone will put them in a better mood. But you must stop the story when you arrive at your destination. different meat. but it won’t tell you when you’re lost. especially on late workdays or when people put in a lot of overtime. Ice Cream Service: Bring in your favorite ice cream server to serve cones of ice cream for afternoon breaks. “This car gets great gas mileage. My Way Coupons: From the song sung by Frank Sinatra. riding in the elevators. Argument: You use a set-up with two straight messages followed by a third that is humorous and unexpected. Give a Standing Ovation: Alleviate someone’s stress or pain by gathering a group of co-workers and give that person a standing ovation when they come into a room. 24. Lemonade/Popcorn Service: Serve these free. and tell them that they can use at least one anytime they want to have it their way. spread. and other goodies for everyone to snag when it busts open. “Rule of Three” Approach to the Benefits of Your 5 Page 7 . 25. 22. quarters. The goal is to build the perfect sub that everyone can enjoy consuming. cheese. National Tortilla Chip Day: Have a Mexican fiesta where everyone brings in a Mexican dish. 20. Watch how no one will give away their last coupons because they want to save it for something very important. it has a full automation system to tell you when something is wrong. You can pick it up again when you leave. Give each employee 3 of them. Storying Around: Tell stories walking down the hallways. Watch their face light up. “My Way. etc.19. 21. This is great for enhancing your story telling ability and adding humor and adventure to everyday situations.” Make coupons that say “my way”.” 26.

creative excuses for your mistake. you’ll feel better every time you pass their desk knowing you made them happy. Joke-a-thons: Plan running joke contests or have a “live” openmike style “joke-a-rama”. It’s bound to be contagious. Creative Excuses: When you are late for a meeting. They’ll really appreciate the secret angel in the office. Just be willing to take responsibility. 28. before the message. Pass around a Compliment: Whisper a compliment to one person. clean joke telling. try making up ridiculous.27. or make a mistake on something. “I can do the stupidest thing. It lightens up their day. Warning: Make sure you set rules for non-offensive. messages (e. Laugh Track: Record a laugh track on your voice mail. Guess what. Flower Power: Buy a flower and anonymously place it on someone else’s desk just to make them feel better—to boost their self-esteem. mail has a funny message for anyone calling in. etc. Graffiti Board in the Bathrooms: A graffiti board can be set up CONTESTS 35. See how it sounds when it gets to the last person and also see how it’s made many people feel great to hear it. like clean language required.) 33. I’m trapped…”).” 36. have that person pass it. Pencil Power: Sharpen people’s pencils anonymously and leave 34. What have you got to lose? It’s better than beating yourself up.g. Email Pal: Have an arrangement with a funny friend to send each 30. 31. them on their desks. no sexual jokes. (Be careful to set rules here. etc. come on first. Funny One-Liners for Your Voicemail: Make sure your voice 29. Have it 32. Stupid Human Tricks (a la David Letterman): The winner could Page 8 . “help.. etc. wear a hat that says. other fun emails during the day just to keep spirits up. jokes. for people to write funny sayings.

Have a contest for the funniest memo of the week. she gets a gift certificate to Victoria’s Secret and if a man wins. Have winners in a variety of categories . The winners get a free doughnut each day for a week. Scavenger Hunt: Pit individuals or teams against each other with 43. etc. but only if you play on a clean surface. to say what they need to say in the funniest way they can. move the tables in the 45. 38. If a woman wins. Prize can be a model airplane kit. Dance Contests: Bring in a boom box. 44. Appropriate prizes might be a photo session with a top photographer or an awesome picture frame.” a list of items to collect. serious memos invite employees 41. Wear Your Underwear on the Outside Day: Pretty self- explanatory. The winner has to wear a hat that says. 40. “I had the stupidest idea. Page 9 . 42. Doughnut Ring-Toss: A novel way to play the ring-toss game 39. best dancer (individual). Take pictures of them in action and post on the bulletin board or print in the newsletter. best dance couple.37. Funny Memos: Instead of dry. breakroom and have a 15 minute dance party. The prize could be tickets to the local comedy club. Stupid Idea Contests: Have a contest where you award the lamest idea for how to improve a work situation.worst dancer. and you get to eat the doughnuts. Winner gets a free latte. Funny Trash: Have a contest where everyone rummages through their trash and comes up with the funniest thing they threw away. Paper Airplane Contests: Let people (individually or in groups) create the most aerodynamic paper airplanes possible and fly them to see which go the distance. he gets one too. Give them 15 minutes and reward the person/group who collects the most. Baby Picture Contests: Have everyone bring their own baby picture. post them on the bulletin board and have contests to see who can identify the most people from the pictures. most original.

etc. Dress Down Friday (or Monday or Middle of the Week): Who says it has to be Friday? The point is people act different in casual mode than on “suit” days. 47.) bright colors to liven up the environment. 49. break room. Of course you want to get the input of the bosses when making decisions just as the bosses should get the input of their employees. conference rooms. 54. select their colors.46. The way a person feels about their environment makes a huge impact on their productivity. Common Areas: Paint the common areas (reception area. Paper Clip Art: Create chains and pieces of art with just paper clips. They can post a written description on the bulletin board anonymously.” Read the top three ideas at a staff meeting. Suggestion Box: Have a suggestion box that really collects “fun 50. 51. Music: Pipe in music in the common areas and in the work areas. Role Switching . make them individual to their personal taste. Have plants and flowers all around these areas to give a sense of aliveness. ideas. Perhaps there can be a music selection committee. Let the staff select the styles of music they desire. Prize is a gift certificate to Office Depot or 7 Office Max. It’s a great way to have closure on a difficult time and a great way to hype something new.Bosses/Employees: For one hour/day the employees tell the bosses what to do and the bosses become employees. etc. Decorating Allowed: Let people decorate their cubes/offices. to 53. Have a contest. Daydream Contest: Have people share their most outrageous daydream (if they dare). with a situation that the company recently dealt with and have a fun afternoon event of skits or plays that employees put on. An alternate suggestion is to let Page 10 . Let them cover their walls. Plays and Skits: Take an issue that needs to be resolved or play 52. ENVIRONMENT IDEAS 48.

Develop an Alias: Create an alias or evil nickname for the unpleasant side of your personality. This Japanese art of “placement” is built on the belief that energies flow best in certain patterns and 59. No-Whining Area: Create Whining-Free areas around your work IDEAS TO PROMOTE IMAGINATION AND CREATIVITY 58. You can find a list of improvisational games on the web at www. learn to roll with the punches and laugh and have a great time. Once the survey gives you data on how “lightened up” your employees are. Improv Games: Unless every move or conversation of your day is planned.) 60.humoru. Create Funny Headlines: Look at what’s going on at work that is major news. 56. Page 11 . Assess the Humor Quotient or Laughitude of Your Workplace: Hire a humor consultant to survey your staff on their humor attitudes. where whining is off limits. environment. Improv games help you be more write your improvement prescription and coach you to greater results. and create an amusing headline and story that you can share with your co-workers or staff.comedysportz. Once a quarter the money is used to have a wine and cheese party. If anyone is caught whining in these areas they have to put a dollar in the Whine Pot. you’re improvising all day long. 57. 61. (This is great for creative thinking. Feng Shui: Hire a Feng Shui expert to consult on furniture placement and design decisions. Transform an Object: Take an ordinary object and transform it into something else by telling a story about what else it can do or using it in a creative way. Have people call you by your alias when that bad side of you shows up to provide some levity.individuals have music in their own cubes/offices – radios or CD players. 55. let the humor consultants (at www. etc.

Don’t only use Dilbert – use any comic strip and adapt it. Be an Expert for a Minute: Each person takes on an expertise in 70. After 30 minutes others seek him out and the problem must be solved. Enlist other members who share your quirk. Be Each Other at the Office: Pretend to be someone else.” 64.62. You might even establish a small hiding room. 67. and take on the role of someone else while answering your phone. but it will take the charge off the confrontation for you. it won’t shut them up. We call this “mooseticating. Invent Your Own Buzzwords: Use your imagination to invent 66. put on 65.g. Fun Committee or Minister of Comedy: Appoint a minister of Page 12 . face forward” (I better put my clothes back on!) up your own captions based on your work environment. Hide and Seek: A person with a problem goes into hiding to come up with solutions for their problems. They won’t know you’re doing it. 63.. Start Your Own Association: Create your own association that highlights a quirk about yourself. Cartoons: Take cartoons and white out what they say and make 68. Be on the lookout for words where a second interpretation is possible. just visualize them wearing a big diaper or polka dot boxer shorts. your own words for the various tasks you do at work. e. Ambiguity in Conversations: Make a conscious effort to find ambiguity in everyday conversations-both your own and others. an accent. Visualize People in Their Underwear: When you are confronted with someone who is yelling at you. credit card machine says to put the card in “strip down.g. The National Association of People Who Don’t Know What they Like. You could be a rich Texan. e. a cab driver from New York. or even Elvis. some area. Look at the words used to describe situations around your office and think of new terms for them. and pretend that they know everything for that minute comedy to oversee humor in the workplace and/or select a fun 69.

Gibberish Meetings: Much of what we say is gibberish and see how well you understand each other anyhow. It provides a fun way to run a meeting and break out of the old routines. Invite them to find out something about their partner they never knew before.. interviewing each other using children’s songs or contemporary songs or your favorite rock and roll song. e. 71. work backward all the way to the opening. I was late this morning and my boss yelled at me. and right now I feel like a cockroach about ready to get stomped. e. Backward Meetings: Start with the last thing on the agenda and 76. Spock ears to all employees and have them wear them to the next employee meeting or whenever they need a chuckle. so why not designate a part of the meeting where everyone communicates in their favorite gibberish .g. Wheel of Fortune or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Props Distribution: Distribute clown noses or Groucho glasses 77. what their favorite Christmas present of all time was.g. Accent Interviews: Start a meeting off with pairs of people or Dr. Talk to you later. the Rolling Stone’s song. what their favorite midnight snack is. Page 13 . not just management. “You Can’t Always Get What You Want. 75. etc. 73. this is Bob! What a bummer day.committee to plan events for the company. BYE!” IDEAS TO LIGHTEN UP MEETINGS 72. Games Show Events: Next time you have a big event or meeting. create a game show environment like Jeopardy. The important trend here is to involve employees. Sing-A-Longs: How about starting every meeting with a song 74. who their cartoon hero is. Build morale and promote fun and creativity by spotlighting the hidden talents of your co-workers. Complain to Yourself by Leaving Messages on Your Voicemail: Some examples are: "Hi Bob.” (With this song you’d not only be singing but also learning a REAL lesson for your personal development). everyone can sing together ..

People love it. take turns giving others a ride. Happiness List: When things start to make us upset we must to be able to tap into what makes us happy instead of brooding. Have a host.announce it and do it without notice. There would be activities for all the adults to engage in to make them feel like kids again. rent the theater on a weekend morning and invite them to bring their families along. The important thing here would be the element of “surprise” . go to skeleton staff. take questions. RELAXATION OPPORTUNITIES 86. Or. Take the whole office bowling in the middle of the day. Work/family balance is the “hot” issue of the new century. 83. give the employees the opportunity to “soak” their but know that it’s a great morale builder. her comments in the form of an aria. or have an outside family event day (as above). Shut Down Days for Outside Activities: Or.campcamelot. Adult Camp Scenario: We have camps for kids so how about a camp for adults for the day. check out: www. Talk Show Meetings: Instead of a meeting. For some great ideas on setting this up. Start Page 14 . etc. if you have a bicycle built for two. Make sure everyone gets popcorn and a soda. 81. Family Day: Have staff bring their families to work for the day to see what they do. set up a talk show out a theater and take the 82. Dunk the Bosses: Rent a dunking booth for an afternoon and 84. Bicycle Riding: Ride your bicycle to work or during your break. Use your imagination on this one. 79. whole crew spontaneously. Conduct Your Meeting as an Opera: Everyone must sing his or OUTSIDE EVENTS 80. 85. or have a catered picnic in a park. Movie Days: Similar to above . Better yet.

wind-up toys -. Tuesday be cat days.” Good luck!! Pets really help us to relax. with an irate customer or “just because.” Good desk toys include: koosh balls. It could include things that make you laugh but need not be limited to that. it’s a good 91.your own happiness list. Pet Days: Bring your pets to work. while on the phone. Thursday be fish days. Toys for Desks: Every desk needs at least a couple of fun toys to play with during a tense moment.each week a different Page 15 . 87. Nurture Your Plants: When you care for your plants. No Talking Hour: For one hour. and Friday’s could be “safari day. Set up a small room filled with soft. allowing this everyday. Turn off the Computer: For 20 minutes have a department or 90. impose a vow of silence and allow yourself to be quiet with everyone else. team concocts a snack or meal to share with others. with some relaxing music and let them have a little peaceful nap. nerf balls and baskets. It’s a lot better than dealing with a tired. You can even talk to your plants without fear of them talking back. 92. Buddy System: Assign everyone a humor buddy that you can go to when you need a laugh or a chance to look at something in a more lighthearted way.anything to give you a “laugh break “ or tension break. Siesta Times: A 15 to 20 minute nap on the job makes people more energetic. You could begin experimenting. way to lighten the mood. Let Monday’s be dog days. 88. long massage tables or sleeping bags. 94. recharged and less moody. Some companies are already TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES 93. Cooking Contests: A great team project . slinky’s. 89. You will find yourself becoming relaxed and calmer in the silence. irritable co-worker. division turn off their computers and play a game that everyone can get involved in playing. relax. Wednesday be bird days.

Everyone will laugh. Beat the “Dead Horse”: Have a toy horse doll which can be used Page 16 . but you must act out whatever it is you’re trying to express. but as in exaggerate” their stress. You’ll discover some wonderful fun things about your co-workers.95. as the “dead horse”. You could even have someone do sound effects.Create “Ally McBeal” Co-ed Bathrooms: Try it for a day . Blind Trust Walk: This is great for developing trust in teams. Teams work together to solve the mystery. Take 5 minutes to be silent. fearful and act out their stress response. Have fun killing them off. Have one person blindfolded and another person leading that person on a “walkabout. Use it anytime someone starts to beat a “dead horse” issue by passing it to them.not as in firearms. Add texture by having the person touch certain items along the way. Murder Mystery: Someone sets up a scenario of a presumed crime. 101.” They can walk inside or out. will make for some great stories later on. work and take spontaneous pictures of your teammates. Spontaneous “Shoots”: Bring your Polaroid or digital camera to 100. Kindergarten Day: Have a show and tell session during the day where you bring something you want to show your co-workers. Water Balloon Fights: You might want to do this one outside excellent stress reduction experience. Sacred Cow Hour: Take all of your so called “sacred cows” and slaughter them in a room designated for it. “Stress-out” Exaggeration Day: An opportunity for people to “blow up . be shaky. 104. STRESS STOMPERS 102. 99. Silent Tension: Great for team building. 105. especially when they’re snoozing in a meeting. 97. 96. Twister or Knots: Play these human puzzle games with your team. They can jump up and down. 103.

weather report. Basketball: Place a regulation-size basketball hoop in the middle JUST PLAIN FUN IDEAS 113. let it all hang out and then after 15 minutes let it all go and take responsibility. Theme Days: You can have film “noir” day. Then. 107. Newscaster: Express your upsets as the 10:00 news headline 108. sporting report. Get others to play with you by taking on the various roles of the newscast. and your dog. who can walk fastest with their foot in a trash can while holding their office chair. they have to wear kids Band-Aids – neon ones. Their stress goes with the bag. Distribute Funny Band-Aids for Injuries: Whenever someone is injured. 60’s Day. etc. on a court outside. This game helps you highlight the absurdity of your can do “funny walks”. 110. the traffic. their employees with huge garbage bags. Play the Blame Game: For 15 minutes you get to blame everybody and everything that hasn’t gone right for you at work. etc. ones with dinosaurs. Blame the President. . Relay Races in the Hallways: These are great tension-breakers 112. It’s a chance to know another side of your co-workers and what interests them. fashion report. How TV Shows Can Help Your Work Day: Pick out your favorite sitcom and plug your stressful situation into it. or Star Wars Day. of the break room or the rotunda of the building for inside play or if more practical. market report. office chair rolling races. 111. put on a twistee and toss the bags. Don’t hold back. Stress Trash Collection: At 4:00. In addition to stomping stress. etc. Have peers play the parts with you and play out the scenario the way the TV cast would. etc. or come dressed in your favorite hobby garb. this is great for building teams and releasing creative thought. Include an on-the-scene report. have managers go around to 109. inviting employees to “trash their stress” into the bags. story. Page 17 .

Character Day: Come as your favorite character from a movie. clowning. it’s a commentary to the person receiving it. Silly Walks: On the old Monty Python shows. Then vote on the winners. cartoon. Page 18 . or politics. Aid” the Problem: In addition to this being fun. Hire Kids as Consultants: Talk to kids about how to solve some of your issues at work. They can follow through with preparation if they want. have people bring in their 120. chuckle. people differently than in their typical work role. simple and direct. props. Have Fun Classes Available: Offer classes in face painting. 122. You’ll be surprised at the solutions they come up with – practical. TV show. Personalize New Equipment: Create some humor for all the equipment that you work with. Award prizes for best characters. silly walks. Create a time of day when everyone walks down the hall in a silly way. we saw a variety of 115. Bring Your Toddler to Work Day: Everyone enjoys seeing 119. Internet Bookmarks: Bookmark all the funny sites you’ve found on the Internet so you can take a humor break whenever you feel like it. You can give them pet names or put your favorite toys. Have a Big Band-Aid to Pass out for People Who “Band- 123.114. finger-painting. or something similar. printer. copier. 118. Watching them interact with their babies is really special. (Similar to Theme Day) 117. like your computer. or cartoons on them. etc. 116. Joke Books: Have joke books around to refer to when you need a 124. One-Minute Parades: Have the staff dress in their tackiest best and parade through the offices. Bizarre Recipe Days: Once a quarter. A great way to give “feedback” in a lighthearted way. most bizarre recipe and have them swap with someone else. 121.

unless it’s the week you’re experimenting with the coed bathroom. Word in Underwear: Think of a favorite word. Hopscotch: Set up a hopscotch pattern in the hallway. Let people shoot the Nerf darts as they pass by. only you will know it’s there and will laugh when you think of it. 130. learn a magic trick that you can show off to your friends and co-workers. Play Darts: Set up dartboards (the Nerf kind) on various doors or walls throughout the workplace. 131. write it down on 136. Women can play jacks instead if they prefer. Have the entire workplace do it one day and everyone can be curious about each other’s words. 128. humorous pictures and fun sayings to keep at your desk. There can be one in the men’s room and one in the ladies room. See if you agree. your least favorite if you prefer. Learn a Magic Trick: Learn a simple feat of prestidigitation – in other words. The loser gets a set of math flashcards to spruce up their counting skills. fold it up and stick it in your underwear. 132. Great stress relief. 134. Candid Camera Day: Pretend you’re Allen Funt (yes we know he’s dead) and spend one day videotaping people doing funny things around the workplace. Play Jump Rope in the Hallways: Have two people turn the 127. Whistling: Walk down the halls. Or. Ceiling Hole Count: If you have those tiles on your ceiling that are full of holes. Then schedule five-minute humor breaks twice a day. Make Up Your Own First Aid Humor Kit: Fill it with cartoons. 126. count the number on one tile and compare what you get with the next person. must maintain a positive attitude. whistling your favorite tunes. If anyone is caught being 135. Play Marbles: Put together a marble game on the tile floor of the bathroom. 129. maybe double ropes and jump in. Mismatched Socks Day: Everyone wears two different socks. rope. All day. Have a Positive Day: Throw a “Positive Day” where everyone Page 19 . a small piece of paper.125. 133.

negative they must put a dollar in the Negative Pot. Vote for your favorites in 3 categories: Best Potato Pun. Decorate a Potato Contest: Have each employee issued a potato. 138. Page 20 . and give it a name. Once a quarter the money is used to buy pizza or donuts for everyone. The Ugly Sweater Contest: Award three people with the ugliest sweaters. Great for connecting everybody in a funny nonthreatening way. Honor the winners with a ribbon and a fresh bag of McDonald's French Fries. with general instructions to decorate it however they choose. at a quick team meeting with snacks. and Best Use of Potato as an Art Form. 137. Funniest Potato.

fitting in all categories… 139. You don’t need an excuse to laugh – JUST DO IT! We hope you had fun reading this. please contact us at: Humor University P. add a few ideas of your own! If you’re willing. for no better reason. TX 78703 For quicker information: Admin@humoru. other than it makes you feel (512) 472-1855 Fax (512) 476-0540 To visit our website and subscribe to our free email Humor Tips: Page 21 . Box 300567 Austin. Now. LAUGH!!! Just laugh.humoru.O.ANYTIME! And the last Way to Lighten Up the Workplace. If you would like to find out more about how humor and fun can enhance productivity and improve morale. e-mail them to us – we’d love to receive them.

com. market. an administrator. please contact us to learn more about how we can help you to produce. their on-site presentations at conferences and in corporate and agency settings.humoru. Dean of Fun Ann Fry has been a psychotherapist. committed to “eradicating terminal seriousness from the world. When people share their expertise and passion.ABOUT HUMOR UNIVERSITY Bringing humor to the workplace is just one of many “majors” at Humor University. why not give it a try? ABOUT THE AUTHORS AND HUMOR UNIVERSITY FACULTY Terrill Fischer. their tele-discussion classes (classes held over the telephone). The faculty believes that the company that plays together stays together.” He’s a business consultant.” Humor University brings laughter and an appreciation of the benefits of humor to people around the world through their web site at www. coaching and. So. We believe that almost everyone is an expert in some area or passionate about some topic. and sell your and a college professor. Krug Publishing helps people get their expertise out of their heads and into the hands of the people who can benefit from it. a virtual university. independent study classes and workbooks. ABOUT THE PUBLISHER At Krug Publishing. a trainer. Terrill Fischer describes himself as a “Recovering Serious Person. If you are an expert in any area. She works now as a professional speaker/trainer. a stand up comedian and performs improv with ComedySportz. the entire community benefits. an executive coach and does a bit of improv on the side. you get a simple introduction to many of the suggestions that the Humor U faculty make when facilitating “culture changes” within companies. Page 22 . In this e-book. and we will get in touch with you to discuss how we can work together. primarily. Send a brief email to bryon@krugpublishing. Dean of Humor Ann Fry. we believe that learning never ends and that knowledge should be shared.

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