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Robert Helms

AEC 3073

Thursday May 16, 2018


In the world many people may have different opinions on what may be the best

imaginable way to be raised. Many people have an idea of the perfect childhood consisting of

being raised by a silver spoon. However, has the thought to step back and look at the bigger

picture an option? In today’s world if someone only knows a culture of the pampered, being

fed with a silver spoon at some point they will become unsatisfied leading to only wanting

something more. As of myself I tend to realize the surroundings that each day hold within us.

If someone’s mind continues to think angry thoughts only anger can be expected

through the day. Same to say if someone has opportunity on their mind opportunity will be

found. This is why I believe a main value that has become a blessing in my life is the realization

of humility. As the days pass I find this value in my life can play a huge factor not only as the

situation I am faced with but the next step with being able to solve them in the best way


Being able to have an open-minded mind set will allow for myself to be able to see the

bigger picture when someone talks, to be able to see the task complete at the end of the work

day, and to have accomplished my goal when I lay my head on my pillow at night. With the

three core values I hold true to myself of open-mindedness, honesty, and loyalty these will be

able to take me further through each day of life with the true understanding of each. With a

true practice of each. Being able to have a clear conscious is completely priceless when the
reputation you have can start with being a honest man. Although loyalty is the last of the major

values I see forth in perfecting each day loyalty is nothing to take lightly neither. Loyalty is the

true soul of someone that can be depended on, that can be counted on to morally do right by

each individual just not the ones close to us is something very hard to find. My grandfather

taught me the power of a man’s loyalty a long time ago and cannot be forgotten.

I grew up in a Christian house hold, being raised around a family that knows only to put

Jesus first is something I could never wish to change, nor wish to know any other way. Every

day in my household growing up I always had chores however they were mostly out side. This

teaching me hard work will always pay off in the long run. Resting on Sundays to go to church

with momma to hear and to worship with her taught me the values and the culture that I live in


I have always been a big time activity guy around the community and the town I grew

up in. Participation on fundraiser, giving back to the community little league teach the young

boys and girls more than just about the game of baseball. However, to pass them along with

knowledge that can be carried for years such as honesty, loyalty, and open-mindedness. This is

perfect in the game of baseball to be able to relate everyday life with the game that each and

every one of those kids had always loved with all of their hearts. This experience teaches each

young kid to be honest to the game, that cutting corners or lies would only circle back around

to hurt them in the end. To explain the power to have an open mind in life is the same to have

an open mind with the leaders and coaches that full the field they are plying on. To be able to

learn and embrace the knowledge even though it may not be the same idea they may have had
from the start. Values can keep everyone on a path of success if the time is taken to not only

realize but to however establish and practice these values.