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WHH Age of Exploration and 1/3 Term Review Any material covered in class can/may be test material

The Papal Monarchy Martin Luther The Feudal System Fief Vassal Charlemagne Monasticism The Norman Conquest The First Crusade Pope Urban II Holy Roman Empire

The 100 Years War The Black Death Abrahamic Religions Sacraments Torah New Testament Peace of Augsburg 95 Thesis Wittenberg Pope Leo X Quran Holy Roman Emperor Charles V

The Habsburg Family Henry VIII John Calvin Bayeux Tapestry Constantine Calvinism Anglican Church Indulgences Leonardo da Vinci Raphael Donatello Michelangelo

Filippo Brunelleschi Cathedral of Florence The Medici’s Patronage Mecca Humanism Renaissance Niccolo Machiavelli 476 A.D. 1066 A.D. Galileo Galilee The Western Schism

1099 A.D. The Reconquista Petrarch Monotheism Secular The Italian Wars Sunni Shi’a Christian Humanism Christopher Columbus Salvation Edict of Worms

Predestination Hernan Cortes Catholic Reformation Ignatius of Loyola Francisco Pizarro The Columbian Exchange Conquistadors Ferdinand Magellan Circumnavigate Bombay Inca Aztec

Smallpox Dutch East India Company West Indies Prince Henry the Navigator Marco Polo “God, Glory, and Gold” Portugal Vasco da Gama Melaka Treaty of Tordesillas Line of Demarcation John Cabot

Amerigo Vespucci Indios Encomienda Old World and New World Colony Mercantilism Balance of Trade Plantations Triangular Trade Middle Passage King Afonso Khmer

Moluccas Sumatra Java Mainland States (Southeast Asia) Philippines Bureaucracy Buddhist Style of Kingship Javanese Style of Kingship Islamic Sultans (Malay Peninsula) Vietnamese Style of Kingship 1453 A.D. 1469 A.D.

Portuguese Trading Empire Mughal Empire King Manuel I of Portugal Galleon Azores Islands Canary Islands Cape of Good Hope Cape Horn Calcutta Jacques Cartier Vasco Nunez de Balboa Jared Diamond and Guns, Germs, and Steel