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Department of Business Information Management & Operations

Date Due:

Westminster Business School

22nd Apr 2010
Creating a Website 4BIM403 4 2009/2010 Second
Sia Rajabi - (module leader) Room C287 Chiltern Building 020 7911 5000 ext 3022 Email: There is a website available on Mr. Arman Kiamanesh Email:

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Learning Outcome : • Assess the relevance and importance of a range of Web design applications in terms of the personal and business opportunities they offer. Understand the strategic nature networks and the internet Understand underlying technology, use and significance of a number of important web applications Introducing web authoring tools, to assess their usefulness and technical feasibility

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Learning Outcomes 1, 3 and 5 are covered by this assignment.

use of JavaScript & CSS is suggested.Creating the Website You are asked to create a 5 page website autobiography. etc. • • • • • • • • Fresh & Original Content Interactive Unique & Attractive Design Usefulness of Information Ease of Surfing on The Site Quick Response Time Readability & Originality User Friendly Layout Efficient utilization of Dreamweaver is expected. A suggested navigation list would be Background. A consistent combination of appropriate colours. art work etc. I. Functionality: Effective utilization of web authoring tools to enhance the way your site works. Links. Video & Animation Extras Report • % 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 Content: Fresh and original content is the key to a successful website. Photo Album. Your website must enjoy the following characteristics. Your message should be conveyed in a concise and easy to understand fashion. Goals. Schools. • • . Marks will be awarded for insertion of short video clips. relevant images.e. alignments and metaphors is expected. Coherency CSS JavaScript Template & Lib Item Audio. Interests. fonts. Marking Schemes Project Content Structure Functionality Accessibility & Nav. Deployment of Wireframe and div tag is highly endorsed. Structure: Use of frame is not advised.

i. Navigation: Consistent placement. A hard copy of the report is also required. Any requests for extensions must go through the Extenuating Circumstances Claim Process.e. on or before Thursday 22 Apr 2010. No extensions to coursework deadlines can be granted by the Module Leader. All work on this module will be submitted to a plagiarism test programme. Any similarity between your website and these will be treated as plagiarism and your work will be treated accordingly.e. external. i. look & feel and crystal clear labelling are required. I. separation of index file from the rest of your WebPages. etc. people with disability can use your site. our assignment must be posted in the coursework collection lobby. Use of Rollover would be an advantage. before closing time. CSS: effective use of CSS is essential in your web presentation.• • Accessibility: Ensure your website is accessible to everyone. with a covering nd CA1 form. is recommended. Written Report (1000 words) The report should justify your design strategy in a suitable format and language for a business reader who is computer literate but unfamiliar with the technicalities of website design. . Your CD must also include your written report as well as your project work. and independent CSS folder. (Faculty regulations on late submission will be applied). CSS codes must be separated from HTML. report file etc.e. No extension to the hand – in date can be granted on the basis of long printer queues or hardware failures. Marks are awarded for correct file management. project file. • • Please Note: It is likely that you may find websites that deal with the given topic on the internet.

There should be no zipped files. as the work is date-stamped on the H drive. to ensure that all relevant files are included. It should be checked by running the software on a different PC to the one used routinely. The lecturer must specify clearly which software version is acceptable for the given assignment. The CD should be virus checked by the student. It must not be sellotaped to the documentation. The disk must be securely attached to the documentation. A contact telephone number and the email address that the student uses most frequently must be included in the documentation. even if marking is to be done later. The student must check the disk before submission to make sure it contains ALL the relevant files and is in working order. Lecturing staff should check disks for readability immediately they receive assignments. The disk should contain only files relevant to the assignment. It should be enclosed in an envelope. The documentation must include details of logging on to the student’s H drive in the event the submitted disk proves unreadable. If any passwords are necessary to run the software. registration number. All files submitted on disk must also be stored on the H drive. A readable copy can then be obtained from the H drive. a stamped addressed envelope must be provided with the documentation. and module code. If the student wishes the disk to be returned to them by post. the passwords must be provided with submission (not later by email). • • • • • • • . in the event the lecturer marking the work needs to contact the student speedily. and the envelope attached to the documentation.Protocol for Electronic Submission of Coursework • • • • • • Each CD must be clearly labelled with student name.