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The World of Natural Health

“Winter/Spring 2020 Est. 1989” /

A Plant-Based Diet and Coronary Artery Disease:
a Mandate for Effective Therapy by Caldwell B Esselstyn, M.D.
News & Notes Cleveland
ter plan on a different profession because
these countries do not have cardiovascu-
fog, liver injury, chronic cough, fatigue,
hemorrhage, and erectile dysfunction.
P. 2, 3, 20, Wellness lar disease. Surgical interventions are fatal for tens
P.2 Olympic Gold, Silver Institute, The common thread is that they of thousands of patients annually. Each
Medalist & Former World Re- 1950 all thrive on whole food, plant-based nu- year approximately 1.2 million stents are
cord Holder 400 Meters Butch Richmond trition (WFPBN) with minimal intake placed with a 1% mortality rate, causing
Reynolds on YOUR Gold Medal Road, of animal products. By way of contrast, 12,000 deaths, and 500,000 bypass sur-
Lyndhurst, in the United States, we ignore CVD in- geries are performed with a 3% mortality
Ohio ception initiated by progressive endothe- rate, resulting in another 15,000 deaths.
P.2 Book Doing 44124, lial injury, inflammatory oxidative stress, In total, 27,000 patients die an-
Business Overseas by USA. E- decreased nitric oxide production, foam nually from these two procedures.[10] It
Author Harriett Russell mail: aes- cell formation, diminished endothelial is as though in ignoring this dairy, oil,
P.21 Ballroom Dancing J Geriatr Cardiol 2017; progenitor cell production and develop- and animal-based illness, we are wedded
P.21 Japanese Eletronic 14: 317320. doi:10.11909/j.issn.1671- ment of plaque that may rupture and cause to providing futile attempts at temporary
Toilet Bidet 5411.2017.05.004 myocardial infarction or stroke.[8] This symptomatic relief with drugs and in-
P.21 Eating Disorders & Self It is increasingly a shameful series of events is primarily set in motion, terventional therapy, which employs an
Esteem- Conscious Eating national embarrassment for the United and worsened, by the Western diet, which unsuccessful mechanical approach to a
P.23 Treasures Beachwood States to have constructed a billion-dollar consists of added oils, dairy, meat, fish, biological illness with no hope for cure.
cardiac healthcare industry surrounding fowl, and sugary foods and drinks—all Patients continue to consume the very
Consignment Shop
an illness that does not even exist in more of which injure endothelial function after foods that are destroying them. This
Natural Health than half of the planet.
If you, as a cardiologist or a car-
ingestion, making food a major, if not the
major cause of CAD.[9] In overlooking
disastrous illness and ineffective treat-
ments need never happen if we follow
P. 4-11 diac surgeon, decided to hang your shin- disease causation, we implement therapies the lessons of plant-based cultures where
P.4 Storehouse Organic Fair gle in Okinawa,[3] the Papua Highlands that have high morbidity and mortality. CVD is virtually nonexistent.
Trade Tea Co of New Guinea,[4] rural China,[5] Cen- The side effects of a plethora
P. 4 Glycemic Index, Glycemic tral Africa,[6] or with the Tarahumara of cardiovascular drugs include the risk
Load and Breast Cancer Risk Indians of northern Mexico,[7] you bet- of diabetes, neuromuscular pain, brain
by Keith Block, MD
The Nose T Patented Aquaceutical Cellular Nutrition Technology
Product Stops Nose Our Hydro Encapsulated Nano Delivery System Creates the Pur-
P. 5 & 22 Dental Health Bleeds in 5 Seconds! est, Fast-
Dr Vladimir Pastouk, DMD, ND, This cleverly designed Wellness Device
IBOM Explains est, Bio-
gets inserted above a user’s top gum and
A Solution to behind the top lip. The Nose T produces Av a i l a b l e
Tongue Tied pressure against the blood vessel beneath CBD with
-(By a Holistic
& Biological
the nose stopping the blood flow & al- Maximum
lowing the blood to clot quickly & natu-
Dentist) rally. The Nose T is the smart alternative
to unsanitary and ineffective methods (Small rect-
such as holding the head back, shoving angle prod-
tampons up the nose, squeezing the nos-
ucts are
trils together or just waiting on the nose
to stop bleeding on its own. There’s no sprays to
P. 5-6 The Importance of faster way to stop a nosebleed than with help with Sleep, Anxiety, Stress, Energy). SEE article briefing
Catching Zzz By Valentina The Nose T. SEE AD P. 12 on p. 7 and ad on pg. 9
Khoury Dubasik ND LAc LOM
P.6 Super Foods-by Ted Discover Hawaii & Discover YOU! At The Kona
Ingram Jr., RDN, LDN, CPT Hawaii Guest House SEE pg. 18
P. 7 Cryotherapy and
Healing- Beachwood This is the World of Children
Cryotherapy With Special Needs Where
P. 7 The Brain & Exercising- Miracles and Imagination
Often Merge with Reality.
Brain Benefits This book series is about the adventures of a SPE-
of Exercising CIAL hero 'Mircle Boy' (Lil' Bud), who has cerebral
Joseph palsy, his best friend Andrew, who has Asperger's dis-
ease, Professor Bob, a Schizophrenic mega-genius,
Maroon, MD.
and Mr. Pleomorph, an amazing computerized robot.
Told from the perspective of Lil' Bud and his friends,
these stories will introduce a new world waiting to be
discovered. Friend Lil BUD on Facebook and Invite
the Author Wm Grant MD to speak on the power
P.7 Why Choose A Body of special needs: 850-533-0166
Engineer by Sunday Homitz,
LPT. Founder Body Technic
Anne Kinchen LAc. (Licensed Acupuncturist)
Systems, Inc
on Womens’ Fertility (Email: clevelandacu-
P. 8 Ohio Personal Trainer Phone: (216) 292-9698 www.
Invents Revolutionary )
Strength and Performance Many people who have found their way here have already been
Device for Golfers & through the medical mill with doctors and other health care pro-
Movement Sports viders. Rarely is my office the first stop for fertility, but hope-
fully, it is the last. I am proud to say I have had the privilege
of helping many couples build their families, with many repeat
P. 10 HOW CAN THE NATURE Take Charge of customers. Cont. p.10
Your Healthcare
BEMER is designed to improve circula- There is strength in numbers.
tion thereby supporting the body’s natu- Join a community of health-conscious ynamic Realtor CYNTHIA NOSSEL Introduces You
ral self regulating processes. Blood is people who practice longstanding Chris- to THE ISG INTERNATIONAL REALTY
the body’s universal means of transport. tian principles in sharing healthcare MIAMI REPORT.
Oxygen, nutrients, chemical messengers costs. Liberty HealthShare exists for Take a look back through the 120 year history of Miami’s Evo-
(e.g. hormones) and immune cells etc. everyone who purchases healthcare for lution and explore the trends and opportunities of Miami’s real
are all transported through our blood. themselves or their family, or who wants estate market.
Only when all of our body’s cells, tissues to control their own healthcare.Liberty Download link: related
and organs are adequately nourished and HealthShare is not insurance. It simply Cynthia’s expertise is MIAMI AND THE EXCLUSIVE
all metabolic waste products removed PRIVATE ISLAND, FISHER ISLAND. Active in both resi-
unites like-minded people to share medi-
can we be healthy and productive and dential and commercial markets in South Florida and New
our body function properly. The optimal cal costs together. cont. pg 21
York, Cynthia is a results-driven, client-oriented Realtor.
regulation of circulation is a prerequisite Cynthia represents both buyers and sellers, and delivers an
for enjoying good levels of health and fit- exclusive tailor-made focus for each client. Her breadth of knowl-
Olympic Fencer Jason Pryor edge and depth of experience in business, sales, marketing and
Provides Tips for Business interior design assures no stone is left unturned when buying, selling or renting.
P. 11-12 PERSONAL Owners (born Cynthia reaches a wide and diverse audience which values her unwavering
integrity and confidentiality. Clients who seek the fine properties she represents benefit
September 26,
from her keen ability to understand their needs and aspirations - from residential homes
DEVELOPMENT 1987) is an Amer- and condominiums, exclusive waterfront properties to first-time homebuyers and investors.
ican épée fencer. Cont, pg 18
P. 13-17 FOOD He represented
the United States
P. 18 ECO LIFE in épée in the
2016 Olympic 3 Vital Health Topics-
games in Rio de Janeiro and competing
TRAVEL to make the 2020 Team in Tokyo... cont.
in YOUR Preventive Health Report
-Heart- Caldwell Esselstyn MD in photo Author Prevent & Reverse Heart ARTICLES Disease -Cancer -Keith Block MD author Life Over Cancer /-Joseph Ma-
P. 19BRAIN HEALTH Section roon, MD, author Longevity Factors -Order your custom Preventive Health
Report -20 Pages -Great client education and client attraction -contact and 216-212-1061 -Better than buying a coffee
mug. Dr Block in the photo. SEE article pg. 4
News & Notes P. 2,3, 15, 20
Special Gold Medal Mindset
by Olympic Gold, Silver, and former world record holder 400 meters Butch Ask About
Home Reynolds. Recently inducted into USA Track Hall of Fame.
Care From Whole Foods to YOUR Door
Homewatch Widely regarded to be the hardest discipline in track and field, the 400-meter race- •Holistic Health Talks •Radio
draws upon more than just ‘strength speed’ Interviews •Corporate
Care Givers and natural ability. Science shows us that
Beachwood beyond 300-meters, it is nearly impossible Subscriptions
Homewatch Care- for the human body to maintain top speed, •Custom Ad Programs
Givers of Northeast Ohio is the premier and a decrease in performance is recognized
Cleveland home care agency and provid- beyond 200-meters. Therefore, it is rea- •Barter Exposure Over 40,000
er of in-home elder care and senior care soned that the final 100-meter dash of the Business Owners
services for the surrounding Cleveland 400 draws strength from something beyond
area. Our Advanced Continuum of Care ability. It is tenacity. It is drive. It is want •Interview on Global Radio
allows us to provide in-home assisted and need and sheer willpower. Show
living for the elderly as well as personal And in 1988, a U.S. track athlete named Harry “Butch” Reynolds broke a 20-
care for adults and children. year world record (previously set by Lee Evans), running the event in an astonishing •Invite Butch Reynolds
Eric Malkin, owner of Home- 43.29 seconds and was honored as the “world’s fastest man” in Zurich, Switzerland. Olympic Gold, Silver, and For-
watch CareGivers serving Beachwood, Weeks later, Reynolds represented the United States at the Seoul Games, winning an
Ohio was inspired to start his business individual silver in the 400m race and a gold in the 4x400 relay. He and his relay team- mer World Record Holder 400
in 2006 after a dear aunt was diagnosed mates went on the set another world record in the 4x400 in 1993. Between the years Meters Speak to Your Co or
with Alzheimer’s disease. of 1993 and 1997, Reynolds earned five more gold medals, two silvers and a bronze.
Eric has an MBA and is a Certi- Despite the impressive records, his successes did not come easily and only because of Group
fied Senior Advisor (CSA), which shows dogged determination was he able to overcome extreme obstacles. •Order Preventive Health
that he is competent and knowledge- Reynolds proved himself to be more than an athlete. He became a voice
able about working with seniors. Eric, for all competitors, changing litigation protocol and the rights of athletes around the Report for you and your com-
who co-owns this business with his wife world. On November 3, 2016, Reynolds was inducted in the Track and Field Hall of pany- 3 top national doctors
Rosey Malkin, RN, takes his work with Fame but it is what he is doing off the track that is changing the world around him.
his clients seriously and has been trained Reynolds established the Butch Reynolds Care of Kids Foundation, teaching today’s covering heart, cancer, and anti
in CPR and First Aid. Call today! 216- youth about building a winning environment and mindset for personal growth and aging.•Order custom copies to
593-0120 /Office Address- 23811 Cha- success in life.
grin Blvd. Ste 114 Beachwood, OH The Second Step-In the world of sprint, that first stride out of the blocks is give to clients and help attract
44122. the longest. “But it is important to know that the blocks can help and they can hurt new clients
you,” Reynolds explains. How you push off, how you propel yourself sets up what
Music Notes- FollowYour Dreams: kind of race you will have. By using the blocks properly, the sprinter is able to gain
A Violinist Quest for a Healthier momentum more quickly and improve performance in the race. When done properly, Notes: •Subscribe: $36/
“it will propel you in the right direction.”
Life By Myles A. Smith (Humble yr/qtrly. Visit www.healthyrefer-
If you are unprepared, however, the same tool designed to help can also hurt
G tha Fiddla)-
performance. Throughout this book, you have learned the importance of building a and click on subscribe
During my years as
solid resume, how to market yourself and why branding is important. You should
a teenager I grew (Content in Healthy Referral for
understand the importance of continued education, certifications, and associations re-
up overweight, lated to your field of interest. Whatever your future holds, your mindset is critical to educational purposes-Consult
quiet, shy and awk-
success. your physician for medical ad-
ward. My violin
As soon as the starter gun for the race pops, racers explode from the blocks.
performances have vice).
The first stride out of the blocks in the longest but what about that second step? Many,
been for President
Reynolds says, pop up on the second, instantly losing momentum and become so pre- •Tennis Training and Build-
Barack Obama,
at the U.S. Tennis occupied with the idea of being first off the block, thus popping up, that they lose form
and technique. They lose the race.
ing of An International Tenni-
Open, Schools and
numerous venues. “Speed gets you noticed more than any other athletic ability,” Reynolds is Learning Center for Youth
Tera Buerkle with points out, but then what? In sport, Reynolds focuses on body posture and position, with copub and Former Ten-
the U.S. Tennis Open stated, “Humble G ability, and strength. In life, however, a gold medal mindset must come into play to
wowed the U.S. Open audiences.I am in- become a true champion. nis Coach Kent State, John
spired to bring more “Hip Hope” into the The Butch Reynold’s Care for Kids Foundation also offered an after-school Carroll, and Israel Tennis
industry. It all starts with playing sweet mu- program in Akron, Ohio that provided mentoring opportunities for children that, in
2008, the city’s mayor would declare a tremendous success, reducing suspensions Centres.
sic on the strings of a healthy spirit, mind
and body. Contact: Email: humblegpro- in school by 65 percent in just one elementary school. How brilliant that the skills com / and Website: http://hum- that come from the mindset of a 400-meter champion can be applied to children and adults, athletes and business leaders, dreamers and achievers. The concepts are not
new but, believing in the strength of these skills is what makes things possible. (Con- •Better Sleep:
Message from Trina tact for speaking, presenations, training, PR- 216- Sleep Bracelet Mimics Earth’
Kinnebrew, CEO Direct Energy
Health Care Solutions HR: USE Code SLPHR10 for 10%
WE are a highly motivated and licensed
professional team. We have over 20 years of Savings at Check out. SEE Ad
quality field service in the Pg 8
healthcare spectrum. Our
company was designed to
service the occupational
working industry, as well
•Secrets from an AMISH
as, to teach and educate on Healer Enos Yoder. Rare Au-
the importance of main-
taining a strong-base work- dio Lecture about 40 Min. $15
ethic in the workplace. Two Ecletic Art, Antique, Liquidators, Merged Their Talents send request to healthyrefer-
We pride ourselves on
offering direct, practical
Together in a Place Called Spaces Consignment.
and cost-effective solutions 3355 Richmond Rd. Beachwood, OH
to your pre-employment and educational Call us at 216-378-4900-AND SEE Ad on Pg. 17
workplace needs. Our mission is to con- •Have 7’1 Former Ohio
tractually service personnel responsibilities
and employer risks while establishing and
Doing Business with Business Overseas? State and Harlem Globe-
Harriet was the sole ABC News consultant and interpreter trotter Center Derick Polk
maintaining a good workplace relationship
to Peter Jennings at the Tokyo Economic Summit. Har-
between the employer and its employees. speak to your school, com-
riet was awarded a U.S. Speaker Grant from the U.S. State
The constant and continued de-
Department to speak, coach, and teach in Minsk, Belarus
velopment of our drug-free workplace and pany. Private and group
International consultant and technical translator for the
training programs allow us to provide in-
Spanish National Railway (RENFE) and Mitsubishi Corp. lessons. Send request to
novative ideas to employers thus leading to
First foreigner to receive a Masters in Linguistics from the
quality, improved work etiquette from em-
Japanese campus of Sophia University becoming a TV and
ployees. Simply put, “We Care.” news phenomena…all by the time she was 30! Worked in
Call to schedule: 216-242- banking on Wall Street, New York as an international corpo-
2990 rate loan officer •Super Food Spirulina
Direct Health Solutions HR, LLC. 12923
Shaker Blvd., Suite 104 Cleveland, Ohio Member of the National Speakers Association. Member of Grown in CA Under Optimal
44120. (Minority Business Certified & the International Coach Federation . Cross Cultural Edu-
State of Ohio DOT)...more on web site. cation & Experience. have been learning, consulting and Growing condiitons
SEE ad on pg. 3. coaching in this specialty for over 30 years. Lived abroad for 8 years in total immer-
sion (Spain, Japan, and Kyrgyzstan) and well-travelled globally.
Dr. Gerald Regni, DMD, a holistic healthyref
dentist practicing in Philadelphia,
PA was inspired to write the book
after hearing from patient after
SkyLight Inn & Suites Organo Gold Coffee with
patient that their children and associates
were out of work or couldn’t find a job. •Newly Renovated Hotel •Free Breakfast •Free WiFi Powerfull Immune boosting
He felt responsible for doing something •Free Parking •20 minutes to downtown Cleveland
about it and along with his long time mushroom GANODERMA
•20 minutes to Cleveland Clinic - University Hospi-
friend and associate Diane Phillips, who tals. 34600 Maple Grove Road-Willoughby, Ohio Call www.healthyreferral.organo-
herself has authored many books, cre-
ated a practical career owners manual for (440) 278-4502
the modern job seeker. The book takes Great Tasting, Healthier pH and Smarter Oral Health
the reader through every step needed to
determine one’s own unique strengths, Zollipops® were created by Alina Morse, an innova- Contact and Questions:
attributes and natural approach to life, to tive young girl in Michigan. Alina was inspired by a trip to
the point of being skilled at artfully find- (347-6-UR-WELL 879355)
the bank with her dad when the teller offered her a sucker.
ing and applying for an optimum lifetime Alina’s dad had always told her that eating sugar is bad for (216-533-2273)
career that fits and that one will keep your teeth. Why do we care about pH? pH is a key factor in
growing in. The book/course is currently National/International
oral health. We all remember experiments early on as chil-
available in kindle and print versions on dren when one of our baby teeth was left in a glass of soda healthyreferral@gmail. Check with St. Petersburg overnight and simply disappeared. The tooth, being made up of calcium, dissolves
College, FL curriculum. as acid breaks down the calcium until the pH is neutral. Zollipops® helps restore a com (est. 1989)
healthy pH in your mouth and may reduce the risk of tooth decay, dental caries and
Healthy Referral Newspaper p.2 future development of mention Healthy Referral
News and Notes
Welcome to Irie Jamaican Kitchen, where everything is Irie.
Need a dictionary? Irie, a word used
a 90 year old private park in an idyllic in the Jamaican language of Patois,
setting with a 26-acre bass lake with a one-mile commonly used to refer to a good
feeling, good vibes, and overall well-
hiking/biking loop trail being developed as a ness.
healthy yoga community That is exactly the vibe of Irie Jamaican
Kitchen. Nestled on a corner at 621 East 185th
Street, the Jamaican scents, flavors, and sounds
are evident. The menu boasts a variety of dishes
to please the pallet including Jamaican Jerk Chicken along with Jamaican Curry Chicken. Both
spices are very unique to Jamaica being a West Indian island. Different parts of the island can
give a variety of jerk flavors. Chef Omar was born and raised in the parish of Trewlany in a town
called Jackson Town. The flavors from his home are here with you at Irie Jamaican Kitchen.
Vegetarians fear not! Jerk Shrimp and Curry Shrimp are also on the
menu and are cooked to order at this fast-casual establishment. Not to
mention the Jahpotle Bar of fresh ingredients that can be added to any
Irie Bowl or Irie Wrap. Cabbage, rice and peas and plantains are also
available for lighter eating options and make a solid base to build your
veggie bowl. The most recent addition is quinoa, which has become
an Irie Favorite. So bring your good vibes on down to Irie Jamai-

Welcome to Lake O’ Springs Village can Kitchen and have a taste of the greatest place on earth (in our
humble opinion... The Country Jamaica). 621 E 185th St Cleveland, OH 44119.Northeast
Living in Harmony with Nature Shores, North Collinwood, East 185th. (216) 350-6112
Offering 25 single-family homes using modern designs and ancient healthy
Vedic green construction certified as Maharishi Vastu architecture. Anthony Nunes Insana and his you back to his Italian Family Roots from
Lakefront homes (7): starting at $475,000 Sicily with winemaking handed down
Lakeview homes (18): starting at $325,000
Crew Hit His Vino Veritas
from generation to generation. You must
Vineyard Idea Out of the Park bring your family or company out for wi-
netasting and sample their local cheese.
YOUR next company function will have
them talking about this one of a kind
venue for years. Vino Veritas Cellars is
Cleveland’s 1st fully functional Federally
Bonded Winery. Our wine is made from
California Grapes. We offer an unoaked
Chardonnay, a creative white blend, a
artful red blend, and an organic cherry
wine.4103 Memphis Ave, Cleveland,
OH 44109, USA vinoveritascle@gmail.
Tucked away off Memphis Ave. a few com (216) 650-9877 (featured
minutes from Pearl, in a family neigh- in Cleve. Magazine)https://www.
borhood, his Vino Veritas Vineyard takes
Sample Vastu Home Exterior
Located less than one hour south of Cleveland.
Lessons Learned from philosophies include: appreciation for the
(Five minutes south of the Akron Canton Airport)
In Jackson Township, Stark County, Ohio). Canton Charge Coach Nate moment (and not taking for granted of the
opportunity), imparting the team concept
Reinking. Re- where each person feels important adding
inking came to the
Live in a one-of-a-kind Home & Community Charge with over 20 to the whole. A holistic approach and im-
proving the quality of life is the foundation
Mary Anderson David A. Kidd The years of collegiate,
Treeman, Ohio’s professional and in- for a strong team concept.
Broker-Keller-Williams ternational experi-
best-known eviron- The Canton Charge are part
Legacy Group ence as both a player
mentalist Ohio Vedic of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Quicken
Realty, Canton, OH. and coach. He is an
Homes. Loans Arena organization and also owned
Brokers protected. assistant coach with
c: 330-417-3888 / the Great Britain by a group led by Cavaliers Majority Own-
c:330-309-1314 / National Team, as he er and Quicken Loans Founder and Chair-
prepares scouting reports and implements man Dan Gilbert. @CantonCharge on
game plans through on-court instruction Twitter at
and video breakdown. Reinking also played and on Facebook at
for Great Britain from 2005-12, represent- CantonCharge. CONTACT: Sean Wy-
The Western Reserve Racquet & Fitness Club Story ing the nation in international tournament att (330) 203-6771 For Charge Nation
tournaments such as the Olympics and Eu- Memberships, game day promotions and
(Founder Dick Schultz in Photo) ropean Championships. The Great Britain up-to-date information, head to www.Can-
Our club was founded in 1970 by four enterprising men wishing to bring year round tennis Reinking graduated from Kent State Uni- or call 866-444-1944.
to Aurora. During that first decade, the club changed greatly. Two of the original partners versity in 1996 after a four-year playing
left and the two remaining partners began expanding the club. What began as a four court career with the Golden Flashes. A few key
indoor tennis facility grew to six tennis courts, then several years later, grew to ten in-
door tennis courts with a fitness facility, child care room, tennis shop and
group fitness room.
By the 1980’s Western Reserve Racquet Club (the name was changed
in 1998 to Western Reserve Racquet & Fitness Club) had come under the
sole management and ownership by one of the four original men, Dick
Schultz. Today, WRRFC is still managed and owned by the Schultz Fam-
ily. In 1992, WRRFC experienced a devastating fire which forced the
club to close for a year. We recently discovered the typed original letter
that was mailed to the membership after the fire called “Ashes To Inspira-
tion”. This letter discussed the importance of rebuilding in order to serve
the tennis and fitness needs of the community, the feelings that WRRFC
was so much more than a business but rather a big family and the hopes for a future big-
ger and better club. Photo Below Today the Club is Owned and Operated by Dick’s Two
Daughters: Robin Palumbo and Terri Trebla. Third generation family members: Scott Gor-
don-Operations Coordinator, Matt Treblas - Co Tennis Director (Ohio Strong Shirt) and
Personal Trainer & Katie Treblas Digital Marketing and Customer Care Specialist \11013
Aurora Hudson Rd, Streetsboro, OH 330-653-3103. Congratulations on YOUR New
LED Installation Occupational Health Clinic
by Pearl Wind and
Lighting (Jeff 440- Monday-Friday 10am-4pm, must call Call to schedule: 216-242-2990
668-3248 or Tom to schedule appointment, no walk-ins
216-212-1061) please, Services: Direct Health Solutions HR, LLC
DOT/Non DOT Physical Exams, T-8 12923 Shaker Blvd., Suite 104
Physicals, Sports Physicals (14yrs. & Cleveland, Ohio 44120
up), Health Screens, Vaccines/Shots, (Minority Business Certified & State
of Ohio DOT)...more on web site.
Alcohol & Drug Screens, and DNA/
See article p. 15
Laboratory Screens.

Spirulina-The Mother of all Super Foods and GreenFoods -

(Dr. Christopher Hills, Our mentor and “The Father of Spirulina)-The mother of
all super foods and green foods, Spirulina is estimated to be
3.6 billion years old. As one of the oldest living organisms on
Earth, Spirulina contains the wisdom of the ages and the genetic
information of all life on earth. During these billions of years
Spirulina has evolved to thrive unlike any other life form on
earth. It is unique among all species on Earth in that it does not
compete with any other organism in order to survive. It simply
lives where nothing else will live. Through the work of early
pioneers such as Dr. Hiroshi Nakamura of Japan, our mentor
Dr. Christopher Hills of England and others, Spirulina has been
brought to the attention of modern society. Biolumina Spirulina
is the premier Spirulina on earth. Grown in the pristine California desert, it natu-
rally contains 2 to 3 times as much of the healing pigment phycocyanin as any other
brand. It is further enhanced by our proprietary Quantum Infusion process which
adds healing energy patterns to the Spirulina. Quantum infusion represents the latest
scientific research into what indigenous people understood for thousands of years.
We invite you to experience the difference for yourself. &
216-533-2273.(Referral income option).

Hemp Spot was created to give the consumer an affordable way to get the
relief they seek with hemp derived CBD. Hemp Spot is the only space where you can
purchase as much, or as little, CBD as you need. We offer anything from a daily dose
in your coffee to enough bulk CBD oil to last you a year. Our trained CBD consultants
See Hemp
will walk you through finding what best fits your needs and goals. Brian Lytle (440)
article on 231-5994 /
the rt / To book an appointment:
See ad to the left.
Healthy Referral Newspaper p3
Natural Health P.4-11
Diabetes Symtoms, lesterol and high triglyceride levels. Con-
suming more fat in your diet only wreaks beeswax and honey-based hand cream
Treatment & havoc on your lipid levels and sets you on that worked for Gloria in such a way
your way towards heart disease. that nothing ever had.
Management Some researchers have argued This sparked his business
by Pritkin Longevity Center- that eating more carbohydrates causes Bee Natural Products, created with the intention of supporting beekeepers
higher blood sugar levels; however, we
through product distribution. “Hand
Why are whole grains better disagree. Several studies have confirmed
cream was just the beginning,” ex-
than refined grains? our belief that a higher carbohydrate diet
plains de Andrade. “Now we vend ev-
According to the long-running (the right kind of carbohydrates — unre- erything from beeswax furniture pol-
Nurse’s Study on 80,000 women by Har- fined and unprocessed) is actually ben- ish to mosquito repellent. Honey and
eficial for blood sugars, lipid levels, and Charles
vard researchers, women who ate more beeswax are the anchoring ingredients
refined carbohydrates – like white bread, weight loss (Diabetes Care, 1995; JAMA, in all of these products.”
white pasta and mashed potatoes – had 1995, Arterioscler Thromb, 1994). Can Help Relieve: Topical uses of honey and
In addition, we have witnessed
two-and-a-half-times the risk of type
the benefits of the Pritikin Eating Plan
Acne, Eczema, beeswax products are highly effec-
tive in addressing many of the health
II diabetes than women who ate high
amounts of unrefined carbohydrates like on our own participants. A study of 657 Diabetic Skin, concerns people face in their everyday
whole-grain, high fiber breakfast cereals participants of Pritikin Longevity Center lives, and the reason why has to do
(Journal of the American Medical Asso- found that 76% of those recently diag- Scars, Psoriasis+ with the complex chemistry of honey

nosed with diabetes were able to lower and beeswax. Honey and beeswax
ciation, 1997). Interestingly, both groups
their blood sugars to the point where they aw honey for consump- have natural antibacterial and antioxi-
consumed the same number of carbo-
were no longer defined as having diabe- tion has a wide range of well-known dant properties, which is why Gloria’s
hydrates. Another study with 75,000 hand cream worked so well to heal her
women showed similar results, even after tes. Of those on oral hypoglycemic medi- medicinal uses, from cough suppres-
cations, 70% were able to leave the Cen- sant to nausea relief and immune sup- worn skin.
researchers adjusted for age, weight, and WATERBLOCKER SKIN
ter medication-free, and 39% of those on port. Beyond honey, beeswax also has
physical activity (American Journal of medicinal uses that have been used for CREAM- I wanted to let you know
Public Health, Sept, 2000). insulin left the program insulin-free (Dia- how great I think your skin cream is.
betes Care, 1994). thousands of years to treat common
There is not much nutritional problems people face. As a physician I wash my hands many
quality to refined carbohydrates, and they The bottom line is this it’s the times a day, one day I kept count and
type of carbohydrate that matters. If you Charles de Andrade I had washed my hand 115 times.
load the system with glucose at a rapid
rate, causing insulin levels to soar. Mini- are eating foods like fat-free cakes and (in photo), the owner of Bee Natu- In the winter my hands would be
cookies that are loaded with sugar and re- ral Products, a bee products distribu- cracked and bleeding as I have hand
mally processed foods, on the other hand, eczema. Nothing was helping. One
fined carbohydrates, you could be eating tion company, discovered one such use
are broken down and released into the when searching for a solution for his of my Medical Assistants brought me
bloodstream at a slower rate so less stress as many calories as a high-fat diet. The a jar last year of the WaterBlocker
wife Gloria’s rough and cracked hands.
is placed on the pancreas. The result is result is weight gain, elevated blood sug- cream, since then my hands are free
Being a fiber artist, her hands were reg-
less diabetes. ar, and lipid levels. What we are talking of any problems. I know you can’t
ularly submerged in water with chemi-
Isn’t it better to eat a higher fat about is a diet high in unrefined grains, cals and it took at a heavy toll. De An-
make medicinal claims, but your
fruits, and vegetables, and very low in cream is fantastic. I’ve told many
diet than a high carbohydrate diet? drade met a beekeeper who sold him a patients to try the cream for their dif-
People with diabetes are at risk for devel- fat. This naturally lowers calorie intake
and promotes weight loss. SAVE 5% for Healthy ferent skin conditions with wonderful
oping cardiovascular disease. Oftimes, success. Thanks, L. F., M.D.
Referral Readers. Mention
diabetes is accompanied with high cho-
Healthy Referral when
calling or online ordering..
Could this Pill Potentially Offer a Longer T: (772) 584-1574
Life? Live YOUR LIFE Activated. There are
2 survival genes inherent in the human body called NRF1 &
2. These genes, when activated turns on an incredible immune
defense system that that reduces free radical damage by 70% in
90 days. These genes also support the human bodies ability to
repair and feed itself. This product is the 1st NUTRIGENOM-
ICS supplement out there! Call any time 757-560-8035. Ask
for Anne Marie Cook.

LOOK At White Tea From processed and are characterized by delicate flavors, a
smooth mouthfeel, and a subtly fruity and sweet fin-
Storehouse to Boost YOUR Health! ish. They are delicately hand-harvested only once a
As we transition from winter into spring, summer isn’t too far away and year, for a few weeks in early spring, this is when we
White Teas are an excellent purchase the majority of our White Teas and ingre-
year round tea to boost your dients for maximum freshness. White teas take their
immune system and to en- name both from their white downy appearance and
joy hot or iced. White tea is from the original Fujian tea bush varieties selected
considered even more raw for the production of white tea.
and natural than green tea. Storehouse Tea’s White Teas are a variety of
Research has indicated that a White Peony, our single origin White Tea, Fujian
White Tea has even more Spring and blends are from the Fujian Provence in China and our White Tea
anti-oxidants than green blends are Red Raspberry,
tea, and since it’s only made Ginger Peach, Pomegran-
out of young and tender ate, Blueberry Hibiscus, and
buds it possesses the high- Rose Medley. Try some of
est content of polyphenols our amazing wellness blends
and anti-oxidants. White too like Turmeric Blend, El-
Teas are just one category of teas that our Organic, Fair Trade Loose Leaf Tea derberry Blend, Ginger Mint and others. For more information please go
Company, Storehouse Tea makes with the help of refugees from Rwanda and to or https://storehousetea.
Iran. In addition, we have Black, Oolong, Green, White, Rooibos and Well- com/ or (photo on the right
ness Tea categories of 50+ fresh, creative and deliciously healthy Organic teas. founder Paula Hershman) Order direct. Wholesale inquiries contact Paula.
White teas are semi-oxidized and carefully made with a gentle process
of withering, curing, and drying. Of all the types of tea, white teas are the least

Glycemic Index, Glycemic Load and Breast The Importance of

Cancer Risk by Keith Block, MD Catching Zzz (cont. p.5)
CourBesy Blcok Center, Chicago, Keith Block MD Founder - Author Life Over
Cancer (in photo on right) -from Swedish Study. By Valentina Khoury Dubasik ND LAc LOM
Glycemic index measures how quickly foods drive up Do you wake feeling rested and rejuvenated after a night’s
blood glucose levels. Foods such as sugars and refined sleep? If you answered “no,” you may be one of the millions
carbohydrates have high glycemic index values. Glycemic of Americans who suffer from inadequate sleep. Find out why
load is a similar measurement that takes into account how sleep is so important for health and overall well-being.
much of a high glycemic index food is eaten. Everyone knows that sleep is important; but few peo-
A group of 61,433 Swedish women who had mammograms ple truly understand why that is. Sleep is essential for a person’s health and well be-
filled out diet questionnaires, and were then followed for ing yet so many individuals suffer from sleep disorders and many of these individuals
breast cancer cases over the next 17 year. Their diets were remain undiagnosed. According to surveys conducted by the National Sleep Founda-
evaluated for overall glycemic index and glycemic load, as tion, around 40 million Americans, children and adults alike, suffer from a sleep dis-
well as total carbohydrate intake. Researchers found that order. Adults and children report having difficulty with sleep at least a few nights per
women whose diets had high glycemic load were signifi- week or more. Over 40% of adults report experiencing daytime somnolence severe
cantly more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer. enough to impede activities of daily living at least a few days each month.
Cancers that have estrogen receptors (ER+) but lack pro- Considering these numbers, it is not surprising that fatigue is one of the most
gesterone receptors (PR-) were more common in women common chief concerns that patients present to physicians with. Lack of sleep ob-
with the highest carbohydrate intake (by 33%), the highest glycemic index (by 44% viously affects energy; however, it also plays a role in a variety of other conditions
and the highest glycemic load (by 81%). There was no correlation with cancers that including poor memory, low mood, difficult concentration, weight gain, pain, and low
lacked both estrogen and progesterone receptors (ER-, PR-) or that had both estrogen libido to name a few. In a study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania,
and progesterone receptors (ER+, PR+). Thus, women whose diets are high in refined neurologists found that sleep deprivation over three consecutive nights, or a period of
carbohydrates and sugary foods may be at high risk for this particular type of breast about 88 hours, as well as chronic sleep loss averaging about four to six hours of sleep
tumor. each night for 14 nights seriously impaired cognitive function in healthy adults. The
Larsson SC et al. Glycemic load, glycemic index and breast cancer risk in a cumulative effect of less than necessary amounts of sleep is known as “sleep debt.”
prospective cohort of Swedish women. Int J Cancer. 2009 Jul 1;125(1):153-7. There are two types of sleep debt. The first and more common is partial sleep depriva-
To summarize: Women with diets that are high in refined carbohydrates, tion. This occurs when a person sleeps too little for many days or weeks.
leading to a high glycemic index or glycemic load, are more likely to be diagnosed Sleep is one of the pillars of health and not getting enough sleep, especially
over a prolonged period of time, can have mental
with a particular type of breast cancer effects on the body. Conversely, getting adequate amounts of sleep can im-
Healthy Referral Newspaper p.4
We focus on healing the brain sober. In fact, I just celebrated my thirtieth
first! Biochemical recovery is addressed anniversary in remission. Although some
with IV NAD+ Therapy and nutritional years proved more trying than others, I
supplementation. Essential nutrients vital learned to flourish. With commitment
to normal brain function are destroyed by that ebbed and flowed, I went on to create
persistent substance abuse. they can’t be and enjoy a very successful career work-
synthesized by the body. They must be ob- ing with Fortune 500 companies. While
tained from a dietary source. (photo Wen- in this role, I became the sober coach in-
dy Komac, author and founding partner- residence, helping many executives detox
Here I was again, waking up and enter remission.
in a damp, cold, empty basement. As an Working with executives, I dis-
experienced addict and alcoholic, it was covered that personalized addiction thera-
pretty normal for me to wake up in strange py was the most effective. Because it’s rare
places after all-night benders. What both- that a C-level executive can go away for
ered me about this particular morning was 30, 60, or 90 days, I searched for an option
that I hadn’t a clue as to which basement to help address the biochemical underpin-
this was or where it was located. I rolled nings of the disease of addiction that did
over on my elbow, wincing as it dug into not include residential treatment. That led
the freezing cement, and looked around. me to NAD, a co-enzyme which exists in
Next to me was my constant companion, our bodies, and is used extensively outside
my trusty bottle of vodka along with some of the US for detox. NAD therapy signifi-
other paraphanalia. I was 27 years old and cantly diminishes the symptoms of detox
felt like a pathetic waste of a human being. and cravings. Then, with the physiologi-
It was just another “normal” day in the life cal component of addiction under control,
of an addict. there can be rapid progress toward work-
My brain had been hijacked by ing on the behavioral components of the
addiction when I was 15, leading to more disease.
than a decade of darkness and despair. In 2016, Luna Living opened
Heaven knows I wanted to stop using; its flagship location, a 6600 ft² facility in
was desperate to stop the madness, but the Bainbridge, Ohio, specializing in NAD
struggle was overwhelming. Addiction is therapy. It is a CARF accredited partial
a complex issue that neither science nor hospitalization and
humanity knows much about even though outpatient facility
it’s been a problem for centuries. for substance use
If addiction were a matter of will, disorders and in-
any addict would use the love of family tensive outpatient
to motivate their recovery. If it were only mental health care.
a biochemical imbalance, wouldn’t there Every therapy –
be pill for that? Yet, people from every detox, nutritional
demographic, from every walk of life, assistance, psycho-
suffer. Whether their drug of choice was logical, functional
prescribed or illicit, 23 million Americans medicine, stress re-
find they can’t stop using without some covery, alternative
level of intervention. Eight Ohioians die care -- is offered
every day of overdose. Many suffer in si- under one roof. If you, or someone
lence and shame because as a society, ad- you know, is suffering from addic-
diction is still treated as a moral nose-dive tion, contact us for a free consultation.
instead of the devastating brain disease it Please call 216-410-7149. In photo
is. founder Wendy Komac. SEE ad
Fast forward thirty years, I am to the right on this page.

Dr Vladimir Pastouk, DMD, ND, IBOM who is involved with the latest develop- using principles of cranial osteopathy,
Explains A Solution to Tongue Tied ments and treatments of such conditions. and to bring about changes in muscle
(By a Holistic & Biological Dentist) To understand the nuances of the prob- function to achieve stable results. ALF
lem Dr. Pastouk has spent hundreds and is a whole-body-and-mind approach to
Excitement and Challenges with an Ar- quotes Dr. Pastouk. hundreds of hours on research, education improve overall health, and it is barely
rival of a Newborn… And How a Bio- For nine long months moth- and post graduate training, including ad- visible from the outside.
logical Dentist can be the Solution… ers eagerly waiting for the birth of their vanced anatomy, neurology, embryology, We partner with the best myo-
In the past 50 years, monumen- child. And finally the Birth Day -your cranial osteopathy, dental occlusion and functional therapists in US to provide
tal efforts in Dentistry and Medicine have little miracle is here. This is the time orthodontic mechanics. a comprehensive treatment approach.
been devoted to learning the develop- when some new mothers become anxious To further pursue his vision, Dr. Pastouk Myofunctional therapy is a program to
ment of human skull, bones, and teeth . because of issues with the breastfeed- has made it his mission to help newborns strengthen and tone the orofacial mus-
Understanding a face profile, teeth and ing, for example, the infant’s inability to to have healthy and happy start of their cles and the tongue. Current research
dental arches in attempt to focus on how latch. One of the possible answers is – life journey. At the Cleveland Center for indicates that properly toned orofacial
the human head and face grow and how tongue-tie or lip-tie condition. Lactation Integrative Dentistry, the broad scope of muscles aide in Swallowing (digestion),
teeth get consultants and support staff at postpar- biological and holistic services are of- TMJ Therapy, Treatment of Sleep Ap-
misaligned, tum departments should be able to help fered for infants, toddlers and beyond. nea, just to name a few.
became a to identify the problem. “By educating young parents on how to Go to Page 22, to learn
very impor- As Dr. Pastouk explains: “tongue-tie is identify the issue and how to treat it, we more about Dr. Vladimir Pastouk and
tant part of an abnormal attachment of the tongue to believe we are making an impact in their the Cleveland Center for Integrative
Dr. Vladimir the floor of the mouth that prevents the child’s healthy future.” Dentistry - The ONLY unique dental
P a s t o u k ’s tongue to move freely, destructs lactation Interesting enough, the tongue- practice in Ohio to offer the most ad-
philosophy and negatively influences the jaws devel- tie is not only the problem for newborns, vanced, comprehensive holistic & bio-
in biological dentistry. “Studies pub- opment. It might lead to dental and devel- but also for some young kids and even logical dentistry for general, cosmetic
lished in the last decade show that chew- opmental problems, improper function adults. Young children and adults could & surgical dental needs, all in one lo-
ing and other chewing-like activities of muscles used in swallowing, speech be dealing with the consequences of snor- cation.
such as biting, clenching and bruxing, problems, thumb sucking, open bite, ing, sleep apnea, non-restful sleep – all
are involved in regulating facial bone crooked teeth and uneven smiles. “ could potentially impact one’s behavior (216)777-8844 /
growth. It also plays important role in The good news - it can be easily and long term brain health.
development and maintenance of proper fixed by knowledgeable dental or medi- In addition, Dr. Pastouk utilizes 845 SOM Center Rd.
breathing and oxygen intake, in reducing cal practitioner. “In our practice”, con- Advanced Lightwire Functionals (ALF) Mayfield Village OH 44143.
stress, increasing attention, contributing tinues Dr. Pastouk , “we use advanced, method to treat misalignments in the
to improved cognitive ability, flagging minimally-invasive Laser technology to jaws and the face. It is a method to align
possible obstructive sleep apnea, clear- address the problem.” teeth and improve the bite without braces
ing the oral cavity and allowing the ab- Dr. Pastouk is one of the few Bi- (orthodontic treatment), to address align-
sorption of the food more efficiently “, ological Dentists on the East Coast of US, ment of the bones (orthopedic treatment)

prove your health in the following ways: your body in a constant state of stress requirements are met. According to the Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine.
1) Improved memory—al- causing increased production of cortisol. National Sleep Foundation, good sleep She holds a Masters of Science in Orien-
though it seems like not much is happen- Cortisol is a hormone that stimulates our hygiene practices include: avoiding day- tal Medicine from the Phoenix Institute
ing when you sleep, it is a very important sympathetic nervous system or “flight or time naps, avoid stimulants like caffeine of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture
time for your brain to process and make fight” response. Continually elevated or alcohol too close to bedtime, exercise (PIHMA) in Phoenix, Arizona. Prior to
connections between sensory input, feel- levels of cortisol increase inflamma- should be reserved for morning or after- attending SCNM and PIHMA, she was
ings and memories. Deep or dream tion and blood pressure as well as cause noon, avoid large meals close to bed time, graduated Suma Cum Laude from the
sleep enables the process for memory weight—sleep helps to regulate your and establish a regular bedtime routine. University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh,
formation. If you are not cycling through metabolism, lack thereof can cause a dis- more difficulty falling asleep. PA.
deep sleep, you are hindering the brain’s turbance in the hormones that regulate 3) Maintain a healthy Ad- Dr. Khoury has been a guest
ability to make connections and affect- appetite and cause increase in cravings ditionally, avoiding stimulating activi- lecturer at the Arizona State University
ing memory. Studies show that those and hunger. Furthermore, not getting ties or television shows before bedtime and has taught classes at the Southwest
who sleep less than six hours/night for 2 enough sleep can reduce muscle tone. is helpful in creating a more relaxed College of Naturopathic Medicine and
weeks score worse on memory tests than 4) Mood regulation—sleep mood. Lastly, think of your bedroom as Health Sciences.
those who sleep 8 hours/night. helps to maintain appropriate neurotrans- a “cave.” Caves are cool, dark, and quiet; She served as a co-host on the
2) Improved general health— mitter balance. Neurotransmitters are all things that help bring us back to our local Phoenix radio show Family Health
adequate sleep is crucial for allowing brain chemicals that help modulate mood, parasympathetic or relaxed state and al- Talk KXXT 1010AM since 2013. She
if these are not in balance, a person is low for more restful sleep. serves as the secretary for the Ohio As-
the body to repair damage inflicted by
more apt to feel anxious or depressed. If you are struggling with dif- sociation of Acupuncture and Oriental
stress, pro-inflammatory compounds and
Getting enough sleep can help to stabilize ficulty sleeping and have tried numer- Medicine (OAAOM). When not seeing
daily exposure to things like UV rays
neurotransmitters and reduce moodiness, ous methods to improve sleep with no patients, she volunteers with Acupunc-
and chemicals. During sleep, your cells
anxiety, and depression. success, contact Perspectives Wellness turists Without Borders, a non-profit that
are hard at work producing increased
What is the ideal length of time at 216.359.7189. We can help you get provides acupuncture services to trauma-
amounts of proteins—the building blocks
a person should sleep? This depends on back to sleeping soundly using natural, impacted populations that have relocated
for cells and organs. Sleep helps to curb
age, the younger the individual the more effective and safe therapies. to the Cleveland metro area. For more
inflammation in the body and improves
sleep he or she requires. Children ages Valentina Khoury Duba- information about Valentina Khoury
immune system function. By reducing
3-12 need anywhere from 10-14 hours/ sik ND, LAc, LOM is a graduate of Dubasik ND, LAc, LOM please visit pw-
inflammation, you are reducing your risk
night. The average adult requires 7.5-9 the Southwest College of Naturopathic
of cardiovascular disease, high blood
pressure, stroke, diabetes, arthritis and hours/night. Practicing good sleep hy- Medicine and Health Sciences (SCNM)
giene can help to ensure nightly sleep in Tempe, Arizona where she earned a
pre-mature aging. Lack of sleep can put Healthy Referral Newspaper p.5
Super Foods-Written by Ted Ingram Jr., RDN, LDN, CPT –
Integrative Clinical Nutritionist for JM Nutrition, Inc and Block Integrative Cancer cer. The polyphenols, dietary fiber, and anti-inflammatory properties associated with
Treatment Center. Ted has had a hand in many celebrities’ and prominent people’s a high consumption of fruits and vegetables might be the reason for one’s disease risk
nutrition such as Oprah Winfrey, the late Mr. Rogers, television producer Byron Allen reduction.
of Comedy Unleashed, Karyn Calabrese Let’s take a look at some “Top Super Foods” and their benefits.
of Chicago, Christy Hefner of the Playboy 1. Blueberries and other berries (Anthocyanins and Quercitin are antioxidants)
Empire, actress, comedian, and producer 2. Quinoa (all of the essential amino acids – a complete protein)
- Lily Tomlin, Dr. John McDougall, MD, 3. Mushrooms (Beta glucans and Flavonols are immune boosters/antioxidants)
Ellen Burstyn, actress, Dr. Cass Ingram, 4. Garlic/White Onions/Ginger (Allium and Allicin) are antioxidants and anti-
MD, “Eat Right or Die Young”, etc. Food inflammatory
sustainability and good nutrition continue 5. Broccoli/Kale/Brussels sprout (Indole, Lutein, Chlorophyll)
to be paramount in his endeavors. 6. Carrots/Yellow Onions (Beta-carotene – form of vitamin A and antioxidant)
7. Beans – all varieties - (Have protein, calcium, zinc, iron, etc.)
Some Top Super Foods: We sometimes 8. Nuts/Seeds/Avocados (Great fat source, Omega -3, and anti-oxidants)
forget that the natural medicines in the foods that help keep you healthy should be 9. Sweet Potatoes (Beta-carotene, B6, and Vitamin C)
found in your kitchen. In the great words of Hippocrates (c460 – c377 B.C.) “Let your 10. Tomato/Tomato Products/Beets – (Lycopene and Anthocyanin are–antioxi-
food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” dants)
What are Super Foods? These are mainly plant foods that are loaded with 11. Salmon/Sardines (Omega -3, protein, and anti-inflammatory properties)
phytochemicals, which are chemical compounds that can promote good health. The References: Gaby AR. Nutritional Medicine. Published 2011; Grotto D. 101
color and smell of various plant foods are attributed to some of these chemical com- Foods That Could Save Your Life. New York, NY; Random House: 2007.Lila MA. Anthocyanins
pounds. Some animal products are considered Super Food such as salmon/sardines. and Human Health: An In Vitro Investigative Approach. J Biomed Biotechnol.2004;(5): 306-13
They can provide more omega-3 in the diet and some additional anti-inflammatory Contact Ted at 312-208-1233
benefits to help sustain wellness. Evidenced by some laboratory studies fruits and
vegetables may reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, poor bone health, and can-

Reducing Inflammation inflammation. Chronic inflammation nutrition, I train smart, I have chiro, mas- Happy training!
occurs when the stress we put the body sage, I have cold water baths – that really Courtesy SierraSil- *Melanie
for Runners from Sierra through is not removed, when we don’t aren’t that much fun but kind of neces- Trepanier is the Brand Manager at Si-
give it time to rest and recover. Kevin sary after a hard workout, and I also take erraSil Health Inc and a Registered Yoga
you have a goal to get faster, O’Connor, Canada’s fastest 5km road a supplement in the form of a rich clay- Teacher from Vancouver. She has been
stronger or run further, then some degree racer in the 45-49 age category says like mineral structure2 that really helps teaching yoga since 2011 and enjoys
of inflammation will occur. The body gets “You have to look after your body. Re- me recover.” As he speaks in his posh inspiring others to live their healthiest
stronger via the inflammatory process by covery is actually more important than British accent, it’s almost like we’re on and best lives. Melanie is also the VP of
respond- the training itself.” set of the BBC listening to a real news the board for Yoga Outreach, an organi-
ing to the Symptoms of inflammation in- caster. zation that offers trauma-sensitive and
increased clude redness, decreased mobility, joint For more training tips from strengths-based yoga programs serving
demand swelling, stiffness and pain. These symp- O’Connor follow him on twitter @Su- men, women, and youth facing challeng-
and stress toms should be short lived, and there are perKrun. The clay-mineral structure es with mental health, addiction, poverty,
we put it many ways we can help the body flush O’Connor is referring to attracts and violence, trauma, and imprisonment.
through. out the flames of inflammation before binds positively charged toxins, harmful
So an acute they ignite. Remember to eat alkalinizing bacteria and viruses as well as heavy met- Footnotes:1 Miller MJ, Mehta K, Kunte S, Raut V, Gala J,

workout, foods including lots of green leafy veg- als, pesticides and other common chemi- Dhumale R, Shukla A, Tupalli H, Parikh H, Bobrowski P,

will illicit etables, get a good night’s sleep to allow cal toxins, facilitating their safe removal Chaudhary J. Early relief of osteoarthritis symptoms with
a natural mineral supplement and a herbomineral combi-
an acute your body to recover, include rest days in from the body and calming inflammation nation: a randomized controlled trial [ISRCTN38432711].
inflam- your workout plan and consume plenty in the process. 3 J Inflamm (Lond). 2005 Oct 21;2:11.2 Murray HH and

matory of healthy fats – try eating fish 3 times We hope some of these tips will Associates, Bloomington, IN. X-ray diffraction analysis
of Sierrasil®. December 29, 2003.3 Johns, T; Duquette,
response, a week. O’Connor’s routine has enabled encourage everyone to take care of the M. Detoxification and mineral supplementation as func-
which is him to train into his fifties without any one body we’ve been given by focusing tions of geophagy. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
beneficial serious injuries: “I’ve been able to avoid on reducing inflammation so we can con- 1991, Vol/Issue: 53:2, 448-56.

so long as any serious injuries for many years now. tinue to do the things we love for a long
that acute A lot of it comes down to how I look af- time. And if you have any tips of your
inflammation doesn’t turn into chronic ter myself and my body. I do good with own to share, please leave us a comment.

Welcome to Bill Martinez Live-My Thoughts insurance for really is for a catastrophic single payer. Single payer puts the gov-
event.We can negotiate our own health- ernment in total control of our healthcare,
on Health Care: care, either direct or through an associa- not you or your doctor. Obamacare is a
Bill hosts a nationally syndicated talk radio show that is tion. There are active clinics right now big lie, and it exposed those who shoved
committed to solutions over partisanship…involvement providing healthcare for as little as $50 it down our throats. If nothing else, the
over invalidation…The United States over party poli- per month, and prescriptions for ten cents DC bureaucrats taught us they are abso-
tics. The best answers come when we are all engaged, on the dollar. And this is healthcare and lutely incompetent, and in a sense should
involved and united for everyone’s higher good. Health- not a membership card for Obamacare be charged with practicing medicine
care is between you and your doctor, NOT a bunch of bu- that can cost you as much as 6-12,000 per without a license.
reaucrats who care more about being reelected. You want year before your government provided They all need to be fired once
me to believe the DC elites know better than you and your insurance kicks in. Direct pay gives us and for all. I say, take charge of your
doctor. It’s time to take our healthcare back. It will save our freedom back. healthcare, be free and work directly with
everyone more money including our government. WTP Obamacare was never designed your doctor, the way it should always be.
can do it better! to work, it was designed to fail, so that #BMLTalk
I support a direct pay relationship with our doctors. The only thing we need WTP would have no other choice but martinezlive/

Everything You Know is Wrong

Podcast featuring insightful interviews
with renowned
experts including:
Recorded at the Tree Top Tavern Studio. (as
•Doctors •Researchers featured on ‘Animal Planet’).
•Authors •Celebrities New episodes every week!
•Actors/Actresses •Musicians Lean in, learn something.
•Professional Athletes •Comedians
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Healthy Referral Newspaper p.6

How Can Extreme Cold Help Aquaceutical Cellular
Promote Healing?
Courtesy North Coast Cryo- Beachwood, OH Nutrition Technology
Stepping into a freezer in your underwear doesn’t sound like much fun–
or very healthy. Yet with whole body cryotherapy, clients stand in tem- Our Hydro Encapsulated Nano Delivery System Creates the
peratures well below zero for two to three minutes wearing just their Purest, Fastest, Bio-Available CBD with Maximum Potency.
undergarments & some Harness thePower DIRECTLY TO THE CELLS
protective gear. No, this
isn’t some version of the
Our unique Aquaceutical Nano Technology allows the CBD and other
ice bucket challenge -- nutrients to penetrate the cellular membrane and deliver a bigger nutritional
they do this for a host payload. Scientific studies show the smaller the particles, the more bio-avail-
of health and wellness able they are, the faster they can penetrate and be utilized by your cells. Larger
benefits including pain particles are less bio-available, have slower delivery time, and are less usable
relief, reduced inflam-
mation, recovery after
by the cells.
exercise or injury, re- Cellular Membrane Water, the Ultimate Delivery System
juvenated skin, super- Your body is approximately 70% water. Water is critical to your health
charged energy levels, as it carries vital nutrients and oxygen to cells throughout your entire body.
boosted metabolism, Thus once we nanosize the CBD and other nutrients, we use a seven step
elevated mood and im-
proved sleep. process to create an aqueous formulation for transporting these ingredients to
Terri Mullins, owner the cells of the body. Our proprietary technology breaks the covalent bonds
of North Coast Cryo in between hydrogen and oxygen atoms removing water memory before it is
Beachwood, shared that purified through several stages of reverse osmosis, filtering, and distillation.
the temperature during a cryo session ranges between -90 and -185 Then the nanosized CBD and nutrients are each encapsulated
degrees F. “It’s so much more manageable than you would expect,” she
said. “It actually doesn’t change your core temperature at all.” in this water creating trillions of individual nutritious particles the that can
She explained that the extreme cold on your skin triggers a sys- instantly enter your cells. The final product is a fast acting, highly therapeutic
temic reaction. Blood rushes to your core & circulates through your or- CBD supplement with 99% absorption.
gans, where it is hyper-enriched with oxygen and nutrients. At the end
of the session, the revitalized blood floods your extremities, flushing
away toxins and triggering repair and rejuvenation. Your body releases
Highly Scientific
endorphins, boosting energy and metabolism, and decreasing sensitiv- This proprietary technology was perfected through years of
ity to pain. Over the next several hours, the inflammatory properties in development by a team of four scientists with nine PhDs.
your system continue to change, further reducing pain and inflamma- Powerful Herbals
tion. First we nano size EU organic whole plant CBD and over 90
“People are somewhat familiar with cryotherapy because of
professional athletes or celebrities doing it,” she added, “but it was different pharmaceutical grade, essential vitamins, minerals,
actually developed nearly 40 years ago by a physician in Japan for adaptogens, nootropics and powerful glyconutrients.
patients with arthritis. This isn’t just for the elite or the famous.” Size Matters
“At North Coast Cryo, we have clients ranging from 14-year- While CBD is typically 2,000 nanometers, and other nutrients
old high school athletes to 85-year-old grandmothers,” Mullins said.
“Some have experienced life-changing results with cryo – others are can be 5,000 nm or more, we bring the particle size of each
finding that cryo simply helps them feel a whole lot better. The goal ingredient down to 7 nm, nearing the picometer threshold.

SEE Ad on Pg. 9
may be reducing chronic pain, recovering from workouts or inju-
ries, restoring energy and metabolism levels, or resolving skin con-
ditions. Our aim is to help regular people reach their goals--to help
them keep doing the work and activities they love -- to keep living their
best lives.”
Find out what cryotherapy can do for you by visiting North
Coast Cryo, conveniently located just off I-271 & Chagrin, at 3355
Richmond Road #191, Beachwood. |
216-508-4302 (IN Photo: Terri Mullins founder on the left. and
7’1 former Harlem Globetrotter Derick Polk).

The Brain & Exercising- But this “controlled stress” of ex-

ercise is not limited to muscles – it extends Old School Patient Care
Brain Benefits of to the brain as well. Both animal and human
Primary Care -Dennis Grossman, MD.
cell studies have shown that exercise causes
Exercising new nerve cells to grow, called neurogenesis.
Reviews May 2017-Dr.Grossman was very attentive, and he listened
Joseph C. Maroon, MD, FACS is clini- Thus, the old tale that you can’t grow new to my concerns. he shared some information about one of my health
cal professor and vice chairman of the brain cells is not true and in fact we have the issued that no other doctor had shared with me. he took the time to
Department of Neurological Surgery and potential to have improved brain function as draw an illustration so i could better understand what he was talk-
Heindl Scholar we age. ing about. Specialty Area(s) Internal Medicine. Education-Medical
in Neuroscience So how does this occur? Our bod- School -Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine (Ohio).
at the University ies can sense stress, whether physical, mental Internship-Robert Packer Hospital/Guthrie Medical Center (Pennsyl-
of Pittsburgh or both. During the stress of exercise, genes
Medical Center. vania) Residency. Robert Packer Hospital/Guthrie Medical Center (Pennsylvania).
can be signaled to produce a certain pro- Board Certification(s)-American Board of Internal Medicine - Internal Medicine.
In addition to tein called brain-derived neurotrophic fac-
being a re- Metro Health- Bedford Medical Offices. 19999 Rockside Road. 800-524-7377
tor (BDNF). BDNF acts on certain neurons
nowned neuro-
surgeon, he is a
(brain cells) in an effort to support the sur- Podiatry-Foot & Ankle Surgery Richard Berkowitz, DPM.
vival of existing neurons and encourage the The Dr. and staff were wonderful! They explained my problem and offered a surgical solu-
sports medicine growth and differentiation of new neurons.
expert, health tion. They made the experience as pleasant as possible.Board Certi-
This is especially important since as we age fications -American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery - Foot Surgery
and nutrition there is negative stress, from chemicals in
expert and Iron- /Education & Training-Undergraduate- 1972, University at Buf-
our diet and environment and additional free
man triathlete. radical production, which can cause neuronal falo State - The State University of New York Medical / Professional
Regular physi- death and disease. The condition called Par- School(s).1977, Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine. Residency -1978,
cal exercise is kinson’s disease is associated with reduction Podiatrist - Foot Surgery - Cleveland Foot and Ankle Clinic. Expertise
good for us, no of the neurons that produce the neurotrans- -Podiatric Medicine and Surgery-Complete Foot Care - (440)735-
matter what our age. However, a as we age, mitter – dopamine – and studies now show 3338. 88 Center Rd. -Ste 100. Bedford, OH 44146
exercise becomes especially important. The that exercise can protect these dopamine
beneficial effects of exercise on the heart, producing cells and reduce the incidence of
blood pressure, immune system and blood this disease. BDNF also has the capacity to
sugar levels have been known for a while.
More recent research shows that regular
increase the number of neuron connections Why Choose a Body Engineer?
or synapses which can potentially improve Body Technic System, Inc. (BTS) teaches movement techniques and training for
physical exercise can have a strengthen- memory and learning.
ing impact on the structure of the brain, and the physical aspect of the human being. We are available for any person regardless of age,
How much exercise should I fitness level, or injury. Our goal is to provide preventative care through proper instruction.
hence improves brain function and reduces do? -In a study in 2001 evaluating exercise
memory problems associated with aging. Our instruction involves a totally individualized approach designed to effectively assist
in women in the San Francisco Bay area the participant in optimizing their physical well-being, and in maintaining an appropriate
The process of aging is often de- 65 years and old, researchers found that for
scribed as the accumulation of the results of level of safe and helpful activity on an ongoing basis. What makes this program differ-
each mile walked per day, there was 13%
choices made throughout our lives – for bet- ent? For starters, we work with the client to help them empower their somatic, mind-body
lower odds of development or progression of
ter or worse. As a neurosurgeon and neuro- connection, and to give focus to rhythm, pacing, and timing. We develop a schedule that
mental decline. And for every 1,700 calories
scientist, I have seen first hand the detrimen- works with one’s present lifestyle and make appropriate modifications as necessary. We
spent actively exercising there was a 14%
tal effects of poor life choices, including poor decline. Walking speed was not a significant help the client to find a favorable consistency that helps them develop positive changes and
nutrition and lack of exercise, on the health factor: a resultant commitment to their personal program.
of a human body and brain. While the body Studies do indicate that the key to We focus on providing flexibility with structure and maximize progressive
can be forgiving to neglect in the short run, it protection afforded by exercise only occurs strength gains. We relate form with function for the best outcomes from everyday activity
can certainly tell its own story if one does not with regular exercise. Higher levels of exer- to recreational and competitive training. We work with clients on evaluating skill levels,
take care of it in the longer run. cise, at least 3 times or more per week had a both observed and experienced. Once a client enters either fitness training or rehabilitative
Making the right choices for our higher benefit and at intensities greater than work we can help them to achieve enduring results. We provide a wide range of equip-
health is not always easy. Sometimes we walking had the greatest benefits. For ideal ment and techniques such as: Pilates, GYROTONIC, Kinescape, physioball work, aquatic
lack knowledge as to what is best for us, brain and body improvements at any age work, and more!
other times we know what we “should” or many researchers recommend adults should
“shouldn’t” do, but lack motivation. So what walk at least 10,000 steps each day (as mea- Contact us at 440-248-9255 or
are the proper exercise choices? And, what
occurs in the brain during exercise that can
sured by stride on a pedometer) or approxi- to
mately 5 miles. reserve a fitness training or physical therapy
have such profound health improving ef- This is not an easy prescription to
visit. Bring this article to receive $15 off your
follow but it is clear that exercise can help next fitness training visit! (Photo on left) Sun-
Healthy Brains and Bodies -Ex- the brain and body function better and longer
ercise, by design, causes mild trauma and day Homitz, L.P.T, B.F.A. Dance, is a former
through the prevention of disease. I would physical therapist at the Cleveland Clinic
damage to muscle fibers. The trauma leads encourage you to “Just do it” as the famous
the body to activate cells in an effort to re- Sports Medicine Section under the former
sport shoe company has also told us. Do team doctor for the Cleveland Browns, John
pair the damage. This repair process leads to on those shoes and go for a walk – today!
an increase in muscle fiber diameter, which Bergfeld, M.D. Ms. Homitz founded Body
translate to increase strength. Technic Systems, Inc. in 1997 as an interna-
tional physical therapy and integrative fitness
and wellness clinic. Since 2000, she has been
The mission of the National Health Association is to educate and part-time faculty in the University of Akron’s Theater and Dance Department. Ms. Homitz
empower individuals to understand that health results from healthful living. We rec- directs a Pilates Mat and Machine teacher training program and a Sports Performance
ognize the integration of all aspects of health—personal, environmental, and social. Arts Training program for athletic trainers, coaches, personal trainers, and students in the
We communicate the benefits of a plant-based diet, exercise and rest, a healthy envi- movement, therapy, and sports medicine fields. 33790 Bainbridge Rd., Suite 205,
ronment, psychological well-being, and, when indicated, the use of fasting. We take a Solon, OH 44139.
leadership role in advocating health freedom issues.
Healthy Referral Newspaper p.7
Sleep better &
wake up feeling more refreshed

Did you know that a sound and restful sleep is essential to your
overall wellbeing? Restorative sleep is linked directly to mood, focus
and overall performance.
The SLEEP Bracelet contains a Natural Frequency Disc, which
harnesses beneficial frequencies associated with sleep and channels
them to your body like a finely tuned antenna.
Use promo code SLPHR10 for savings exclusively from Healthy
Referral at, plus FREE standard shipping.


Ohio Personal Trainer Invents Revolutionary and Introductory Course Teacher 2014
Ohio College of Massotherapy
Strength and Performance Device for Instructor 2014
Golfers & Movement Sports Ohio College of Massotherapy
The NITROSWING is a vision that unites all instruction, training, and prac- Associate of Applied Science
tice needs of the golfer in a faster, more powerful teaching/training tool. The vision was in Massotherapy - 2005
fueled by the inadequate products and golf equipment training aids that take advantage of -Precision Neuromuscular Therapy
the 500 million dollar golf instruction market. The idea is to capture the last remaining -Myofascial Release
sector that cannot be regulated, such as the club and ball, by the USGA for “distance”
and prove that the “human performance” ele-
ment is really what matters. Hitting the ball -Manual Lymph Drainage
further and straighter is the most valuable at- -Sports Massage
tribute the golfer desires. Promises from the -Acupressure/Shiatsu
club and ball makers have yet to deliver. The Hosanna Bible Training Center 2005
analogy is, “It’s not the bows and License in Medical Massage
arrows, it’s the indian that needs to get better”. Ohio State Medical Board 1989
The NITROSWING was designed with BCHA, Brecksville Center Ohio College of Massotherapy
specific attributes and features that acceler- for the Healing Arts (dba Certificate of Massage 1988
ate the learning curve of the golf swing. The Other Continuing Education
golf swing is a high velocity subconscious Restoring Touch LLC) The Emotion Code 2013
movement pattern and has a specific biome- Touch for Health 2010
chanical sequence.
The objective information relayed from Emotional Freedom Technique 2010
the MSI laser handle provides real time feed- Wastu 2010
back of what the swing is doing. Path, plane, BCHA has been providing Therapeutic Reiki Master Teacher 2009
face angle, and hand position are easily de- Medical Massage, and Bodywork for CranioSacral Therapy 2004
tected during all phases of the swing unlike over 32 years. Modalities and training Geriatri Massage 1996
the actual golf club. Linking this conscious include but are not limited to Swedish, Reflexology 1995
stream of information to the subconscious na- Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Trigger Neuromuscular Therapy 1989
ture of the muscles and vestibular system is Point, Reiki, Reflexology, CranioSacral,
the key to “training” the body to swing correctly. Add in the high speed, high resistance Myofascial, Hot Stone, Pre/Post Na-
nitrogen gas pressure that enables the swing to be performed at the same speed as swing- tal, Pre/Post Surgical, T’ai Chi, Kinesio
ing a club, and the chasm of “knowing and doing” is bridged. Doing 50 swings on the Taping, Structural Integration, Postural Vaccines Do Far More
NITROSWING in 60 seconds provides the capability to compare swing motions and Analysis, Muscle Energy Techniques, Damage Than Good
perfect the swing like no other product or program. This convergence of factual swing
Traditional Chinese Medicine, Energy (courtesy National Health Federation
information, linking it to subconscious muscular actions, high speed-high resistance, and
multi-rep capability makes it the most potent learning/training device golf has ever wit- Medicine, Acupressure, Aromatherapy, (the oldest Health Freedom Organiza-
nessed. Manual Lymph Drainage, Sports Mas-
tion in the
sage, The Emotion Code and Emotional
Freedom Technique (EFT). By David Noakes
Does it work? It has never failed to work. It has a 100% success rate in delivering
positive results. From beginners to experts, the NITROSWING makes any golf Today, vaccines contain neuro-
swing more powerful, more accurate, and more consistent. Our highly trained and educated staff toxins and poisons such as aluminium,
The inventor, Frank Campitelli trains with it regularly, and just recently won the USS consists of Therapists Licensed by the mercury and nagalase, which destroy your
Long Drive Championships beating world record holders, Hall of Famers, and Ohio State Medical Board and Certified GcMAF and immune system; vaccines
multiple Long Drive World Champions this past year. Reiki Practitioners. They bring a vari-
also cause autoimmune diseases and force
ety of life experience and education from
Many of his clients have gone on to get college scholarships in golf, lowered people to buy drugs for the rest of their
nursing, physical therapy, and theology
handicaps, increased distance and accuracy, and enjoy golf more now than ever before. lives.
A recent 15 year veteran of golfing just started training sessions and after 2 sessions and to their practice.
hits his driver 70 yards further than he used to. This is a common scenario training on Vaccines also contain mouse
the NITROSWING. It’s not a fluke. High performance training on the NITROSWING OUR MISSION STATEMENT brains, tissue from pigs, insect cells, calf
is not a gimmick. It is not some “weird swing trick” only golf instructors know. It’s pure Through education and application we: lymph, chick embryos, testicle cells,
training science applied to the golf swing. Improvement in physical ability, talent, and • Eliminate or Manage Pain
aborted human fetal tissue, cow serum,
skill is only produced by training in a specific manner. This adaptive capability is within • Increase Strength and Flexibility
every golfer. It takes the right tool for the right job to extract it it. • Increase Athletic Potential formaldehyde, aluminium phosphate,
Frank Campitelli, a personal trainer out of Medina, Ohio developed this • Facilitate Body Awareness MSG, cancer cells and the cancer-causing
unique ability to drive golf balls by inventing a golf swing training machine with • Reduce Stress monkey virus, SV40. The body cannot
nitrogen gas pressure called the “NITROSWING”. In comparison to professional • Restore Harmony Among Systems typically cope with this number of inject-
golfers, his swing speed is 25 mph faster and distances are about 60 yards further than the
• Provide Hope ed foreign proteins.
longest on tour.
Exposed to training golfers in the mid 1990s at Glenmoor Country Club, Frank • Renew a Sense of Wellbeing
The apothecaries from centuries
designed training programs with the existing equipment that was available. “I always • Restore You Naturally
ago were doing much less damage.
knew that what I was using wasn’t perfect, but it was the only equipment available”.
Big Pharma will only launch a
Years later while developing his own high performance training equipment for NITRO- Lisa M. Cooper, (in photo
FORCE Industries, he decided to make what did not exist and the NITROSWING was drug or vaccine if it promises to make bil-
above) LMT, EEM-AP,
spawned. lions. And to make that much, it has to be
Masters in
For more information on the NITROSWING (including or- patented, which means it has to be an un-
dering) or contact Frank at frank@thenitro- natural substance. That’s why they usually
216-233-3670 or 330-321-5824 for additional information. Masters in Acupuncture 2016 fail. Continued article section
Eden Energy Medicine
Healthy Referral Newspaper p.8 Advanced Practitioner, TA
The Future of Nutrition is HERE
The Purest, Most Bio-available CBD on the Planet
● Pain
● Inflammation
● Stress
● Acne
● Eczema
● Psoriasis
● Anxiety
● Insomnia
● Energy Levels
● Depression
● Cancer What Makes Our Products The Most
● Nausea Effective On The Market?
● Addiction
● Arthritis Pure EU organic whole plant hemp CBD/CBG, 90 additional vitamins, minerals,
● Diabetes nootropics, electrolytes and primary adaptogens. CBD/CBG are two cannabinoids
● Mental Clarity found in the hemp plant. Our products are THC free. Once extracted, the CBD/CBG
● Crohn's and other nutrients are nano-sized down from around 3000 nm to around 7 nm and
● Focus then hydro-encapsulated into ultrapure water. The final product is a fast acting,
● Epilepsy highly therapeutic CBD supplement with 99% absorption.
● Hair Growth Advantages of CILI Aquaceutical Cellular Technology
● Fibromyalgia
● Asthma Smaller particles Higher potency
● Digestion No harsh CBD taste Fastest delivery to cells
● Bone Regrowth More cost effective Higher absorption and efficiency
● Alzheimer’s Pure healthier products Increased oral bio-availability
● Parkinsons Increases cellular hydration Quicker onset of therapeutic benefits


The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products
has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Discover FitSpirit & Witness True Fitness ence for our younger genera- program for Avon Lake School district
and now adopted in The Cleveland Metro
tion. We are currently work- School district, Midview Schools and
Our concept goes far beyond clients on skills for life. Be- ing with the local schools in surrounding school districts in the Cleve-
land area.
the personal training provid- ing healthy, being fit requires our neighborhood, and will be His background includes train-
ed at gyms, boot camps and life changing steps. We take expanding to other school dis- ing at NASA Glenn Research and the US
Coast Guard. Lawrence has also been re-
recreational centers. FitSpir- many of the same approaches tricts throughout Ohio and the cently nominated for induction into the to
it has perfected the art and that ‘life coaches” do but with region. Lawrence Chin Al- the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

science of wellness, group greater emphasis on individ- bert (photo above in orange Visit Fit Spirit: 31037 Center
training, individual transfor- ual fitness needs. The quality shirt), founder, 10th degree Ridge Rd. Westlake OH 44145
mation, nutrition consulting, and effectiveness of Fit Spir- Black Belt, business CEO, email: /
it’s programs philanthropist. Nominated to Tel: 440-360-7502.
is supported the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.
by its team of Lawrence Chin Albert is a 10th
degree Black Belt and 5th in
professionals. Tiger System of karate and
The team a fifth degree black belt in
Katsudo. Lawrence is also a
consists of member of the Okinawan Is-
doctors, nurs- shhinryu Karate and Kabudo
Association and has earned
es, individual the sports award in the sport
transforma- of karate and physical fitness
as a certified fitness trainer,
and meal prep. The works. tion coaches, yoga instructors, nutrition counselor and indi-
All geared towards YOU. massage therapist, nutrition- vidual transformation coach.
Lawrence was also inducted
When you come in at our ists, and dietitian. Each has a into the International Karate
spacious and peaceful cen- specialty, be it working with & Kickboxing Hall of Fame!
Founder of FitSpirit
ter the focus is on YOU, our seniors, International Fitness Inc,
Lawrence Affiliates and Law-
sole purpose is YOU! Healthy Children: FitSpir- rence Business Partners LLC
Skills for Life: Our it strongly believes that a in Westlake. OH. An Ohio res-
ident for over 17 years, father of 4 beauti-
philosophy goes beyond the “healthy future starts with a ful girls.
short-term focus of stan- healthy child,”and have de- FitSpirit also piloted a kids fit-
ness program for Avon Lake School dis-
dard personal training and veloped programs for tod- trict and now adopted in The Cleveland
boot camps. We educate our dlers & teenagers, a fun filled Metro School district, Midview Schools
packed with energy experi-

A Look at Minimal by the big, cushy shoes—and he’s not pay a price if the runner doesn’t have letes landing on force plates. When told
alone. The brand saw sales increase 350 good form.” they were running on soft surfaces, they
Running & Footwear percent from 2013 to 2015 and most run- Physical therapist Dr. Rob- actually hit the ground harder than when
Courtesy of Natural Running
ning shoemakers now have a maximalist ert Gillanders from Washington, D.C., they perceived themselves to be running
Center & Achilles Running (see
offering. As legions of runners flock to agrees. “If you think all that cushion will across hard Amanda Loudin
their new Cleve Hts., OH Location
the over-cushioned category, however, fix things or allow you to stay injury-free, Amanda Loudin‘s work has appeared in Zelle
on Lee Rd) Jason Bahamundi will go
they risk some tradeoffs if they don’t do you are being short-sighted,” he says. by Runner’s World, Baltimore Magazine,
to his grave
some back-end work—a false sense of “When we step back and look over injury the Daily Burn, Weight Watchers magazine
clutching his pair of Hoka One One run-
security being one. statistics dating to the 1970s, not much and many others. She have also shared the
ning shoes. The finisher of five Ironman
“The shoes might not be bad, has changed. Runners still make the same health and fitness gospel through her former
races and multiple ultramarathons swears
but they will allow you to get mistakes and equipment variations aren’t blog, MissZippy, and designed copy for many
away with some movement dys- improving that.” partner brands on their platforms or mine.
function,” says elite runner, physi- Gillanders points out that re- Amanda have also worked with the Baltimore
cian and natural running advocate search shows runners who avoid injuries Running Festival, the Wildflower Triathlon,
Mark Cucuzzella. “If an 80-year tend to be those who land softly. He wor- the New York City Marathon, Vivobarefoot,
old runner wants to run a few miles ries that when a runner straps on a heav- Newton Running, YouFit Health Clubs and
a week and these shoes allow him ily cushioned shoe, he or she perceives more.
or her to do that, great. But for a a soft landing when in fact the opposite
young marathoner putting in high is true. He points to a 2007 study in the
mileage, ultimately the body will Journal of Sports Science that tested ath-
Healthy Referral Newspaper p.9
By using the BEMER, one can accelerate
general blood flow even further, resulting in
How Can the Nature of the Bemer enhanced oxygen supply and cellular waste
Be Briefly Explained? removal through the body. The benefits of in-
Dr. Rainer Klopp, world renown physician creased blood flow within the human body are
and head of the Institute for Microcircula- renowned, and the positive results of BEMER
tion in Berlin, has researched this science have been published in over fifty medical pub-
for many years and has seen no other tech-
nology work as effectively as the BEMER.

How it Works
BEMER has a specific patented signal that For you. For life. For Energy
activates the body’s amazing powers. BEMER ENHANCES:
BEMER uses their patented signal to •GENERAL BLOODFLOW
deliver the benefits that NO other PEMF •THE BODY’S NUTRIENT AND OXYGEN SUPPLY
machine can accomplish. AND WASTE DISPOSAL
widely researched
methods available •SLEEP MANAGEMENT
For Further Information: Independent Bemer
*Dr. Rainer Distributor
Klopp,Institute for
Microcirculation, Berlin, or 216 744 5130


AUTISM-Terry Chappell, MD /Celebration of Health Association-Bluff- Health and Fitness Equipment
ton, Ohio /419-358-4627 /
Memory loss and inability to think clearly are common
Centers Raise the Bar for YOUR
complaints, especially co-existing with fatigue. Usually they are
associated with toxicity (especially lead, mercury and aluminum),
Go To Center for Health,
yeast imbalance, or food and chemical sensitivities, These are all
easily detected through testing, but frequently the tests are not per-
Wellness, and Fitness
formed and thus the patient’s complaint is inadequately treated.
Proper treatment can be highly effective, if done comprehensive-
ly. Chelating agents, anti-fungals, probiotics, special diet and de-
sensitization are common therapies that must be offered. After a
few months of these therapies, plus good nutritional supplements,
and sometimes much sooner, major changes might be detected by
the patient. See the rest of the article at

Children’s At Health and Fitness Equipment Centers, we are ac-

Health claimed for our lines of top performing, premium equip-
ment. We sell products that will not only last longer, but
Defense will allow you to achieve your fitness goals and enjoy the
many benefits of a healthy lifestyle…!
Founder Robert
Kennedy Jr
Our mission is to end the epi-
Health & Fitness has provided many services for the
demic of children’s chronic Tallmadge Recreation Center over the years. When it’s
health conditions by work- time to add or replace equipment in our facility, they are
ing aggressively to eliminate the first phone call we make. I’d like to send a special
harmful exposures, hold those thanks to Steve Sova and Joel Parks for the outstand-
responsible accountable, and ing customer service.​-Gary Crabtree​-Fitness Director​
establish safeguards so this
never happens again.
-Tallmadge Ohio Recreation
w w w. c h i l d r e n s h e a l t h d e - Center
The staff at Health and Fit-
Cont from Pg 1 Anne Kinchen Licensed ness Equipment Centers​​con-
Acupuncturist LAc stantly strives to be a partner in
For the past 18 years or so, I have devoted a tremendous part the commitment to​improving
of my medical practice to fertility, including repairing the dam-
age done to body and soul by fertility drugs, aggressive and your quality of life . . . after
expensive medical treatments, and the accompanying sense of all your health is​ ​your wealth!
victimization, frustration and loss associated with such.
A good part of my job is rallying the spirit of patients
on an emotional level to believe in the restorative power of com​ ​(Online & 5 Convenient Locations in NE Ohio)​
nature, and their own inherent ability to heal themselves by ​Mention Healthy Referral
practicing GOOD health habits. The emotional toll of disap-
pointment is often disruptive hormonally as well as socially…
It is my experience that every aspect of one’s being must be considered and
coordinated to provide a platform of strength from which fertility potential can be
realized. I have seen miracles happen, small and large over the years — there isn’t
much I haven’t seen.
I have learned that by and large, most people who won’t take no for an
answer, and are willing to do the work, do in fact succeed in having a baby. This
sometimes requires an about face of lifestyle, priorities, and trying new things. It
also requires taking a leap of faith that I know what I am talking about! A look at
the bulletin boards of baby pictures and the notecards pinned to the office wall are Custom Marketing and Promotion for YOUR
my best reference. I do no advertising, so if you found your way this far, chances Business - contact &
are you know someone I worked with or found me on the internet. I have owned the
name Cleveland Acupuncture since 2000, and my rank is high on Google because I
Cont. P11
Healthy Referral Newspaper p.10
Anne Kinchen cont from p. 10 have been doing this a long time. I think of the more! While part of my practice is supporting patients undergoing fertility treatments,
fertility journey as a joint effort. I am one of your guides on the journey, and if nothing if at all possible I strive to see pregnancy occur by bypassing drugs and procedures, in
else, the process requires audience participation. favor of a more natural approach. If you are absolutely requiring IVF, I offer an IVF
If you are expecting me to just stick you with needles to make things happen, “bootcamp” program, and often those labeled poor responders previously, will find
I assure you that your personal effort to comply with my suggestions will be equally, success through systematic guided preparation beforehand, in addition to the pre and
if not more important than your actual acupuncture treatment.. post IVF acupuncture that has been touted in medical studies…
I think the reason I am so successful with fertility, even with the difficult cases, is that I I will teach you what you need to know to optimize your fertility, monitor
am extremely thorough in my approach. You will not get this level of care or monitor- your progress, or alter the course if there is lack of progress.
ing at the local hospitals offering acupuncture. Even if the acupuncturists at the hos- If we both do our job, and give it our best effort, together we can make it
pital wellness departments knew what to do, and when, the corporate structure within happen. Also please go to
they are practicing does not allow for comprehensive care. The goal at hospital clinic radio site to hear the wonderful Interview with Anne on Infertility. Simply click on the
is simple relaxation, so as not to compete with your doctor’s treatment protocol. Interview Link you will see in the Archived/On Demand section!
While the relaxation response is an important aspect, there really is SO much (216) 292-9698

Personal /Spiritual Development

What My Father Instilled in Me with the team? “Yes”, I answered. He looked over at my bicycle leaning against the
tree and began laughing. He then placed my bike in the trunk of his car and drive me
Was the Fuel for a 21 Year Pro back to my dormitory. The next day I signed my first professional contract.
Soccer Career...and Helping Not many people ever hear about how I got my start in soccer but I believe it was the
strong work ethic my father instilled in me from the time I was young that allowed me
Kids Around the World! Otto to make it right from the start. I played the outdoor game all over the US and Canada
Orf and then the indoor game all across the country as well. I was a back-up and honed my
53 Years old, former 21 year soccer professional. skills at training every day until I was afforded the opportunity to start a game.
17 years with Cleveland Crunch/Force. 3 Cham- I was fortunate to play for a very long time indoor, outdoor and even futsal
pionships, 3 All-star selections. 7 years with US for our national team. I have helped my teams win 4 indoor, 2 outdoor championships,
Mens National Futsal Team, 1996 CONCACAF a CONCACAF title and an appearance at a FIFA Futsal World Cup.
Championship and FIFA World Cup, 2003 Gold If there are any lessons to be learned from my experience they are to play
Cup Champion. because you love to, compete with all of your being and never give up. I believe that
My journey in soccer began as unexpectedly as anyone could imagine. Hav- for most of my career I was able to continue getting better and I continued to learn.
ing grown up in Buffalo, NY I played hockey goalkeeper growing up in addition to This is something I emphasize to the players I coach all of the time. It is too easy to
pitching on a little league baseball team. My dream however was to be a football think you are good enough and become complacent. This is the curse of the very good
quarterback. In the fall of my freshman year I showed up at the football tryouts, made player and it is what the very best players avoid. Soccer has given me more than I
the third string freshman team and never saw action, not even one play! Needless to could have ever imagined. I have coached and mentored tens of thousands of young
say next year I was going to try something different. So I showed up the first day of athletes, many who have reached the college, professional and even national team
my sophomore year at the soccer field. Never having played soccer, I stayed quiet ranks.
when the coach asked, “ Who wants to play forward?”. A bunch of players walked With the support of our soccer community, family and friends I have started
his direction. Next he said, “Who wants to play defender?”. Another bunch of players the HandsOnSports Foundation which brings shoes, balls, equipment and facilities to
gathered together. Next he asked, “Who plays halfback?”, I didn’t even know what underprivileged youth in NE Ohio and over 12 countries abroad.
that meant as a bunch of players gathered in this last group. The best part about that I am so very thankful for the cultural exposure soccer has afforded me, getting to meet
day was that I was the only person left standing and there was one position that had and interact with teammates and opponents from every corner of the planet, , every
not been filled. “Do you want to play goalie?” he asked. This was the beginning of my language, every color and every religion. I have made NE Ohio my home for the
soccer career. past 27 years, I met my wife Marty here and together we have our beautiful daughter
I fell in love with the position and received the Most Improved Player award Olivia.
two years in row. My coach joked at our junior year team banquet, “Can you imagine As my playing days are most certainly over the game rolls on and my inter-
how bad he was when he started?”. My senior year I was awarded the MVP of the ests have moved almost exclusively to futsal. My hopes now are to help more young
team. players achieve their goals and to reach heights as high or higher than I was able to.
I went to the University of Buffalo for engineering and played baseball there And maybe, if fortune has it, I’ll be a part of returning pro indoor soccer to Northeast
too. I walked on to the soccer team and ended up playing for 2 years. In the summer of Ohio in the form of professional futsal someday soon!
my junior year I rode my bicycle to a tryout for the local pro team the Buffalo Storm. Stay tuned and stay in touch at:, otto@
I was not in top form but ran the 5+ miles with the team. As they all left in their cars With a long, successful career in the past, Orf looks to futsal for
the coach kept me and ran me through some goalkeeper drills. In the last exercise I the future of soccer in NE Ohio.Otto Orf 330-329-5883 cell Visit Our Websites At:
ran to touch the ball, back-pedalled as he through the ball over my head and I dove to / / Great-
tip the ball over the bar. As I reached down to touch the third ball my legs completely /
cramped up, the coach came and in his broken English asked, “Did you made the run

Can“The to BE me; to Love me; to Take Re- each moment with anticipation & ex- issue, however, from my experience
ally good care of me. It was a time citement which is how it is meant to when we go directly to the issue ~ to
Greatest that became very clear that I was be! the cause then we are more able to
being given an opportunity to make In my conversations with HEAL! To Heal our wounds that are
LOVE of All” a choice! A choice to care enough people I share the importance of leading us to harm ourselves. To the
for myself. To reach deep down in- finding what one is passionate about. real source of it all. May we all experi-
Help Heal side and reconnect spiritually. A time What creates an excitement that car- ence The Greatest Love of All so that
when my inner voice said, “STOP! ries them through each day eager to true Healing may take place! Be your
Anorexia? Stop comparing yourself to others be living and experiencing what life is own Beautiful!
by radio host and falling short! Start recognizing offering. I also recommend that they Written by co-publisher of
and copub & expressing YOUR talents & gifts! turn off any negativity that is making the Healthy Referral Newspaper,
There is only one of you and you are its way to them in the forms of rela- the national full size newspaper on
Marchia Carnicelli Minor as unique as each & every other per- tionships that are not healthy & sup- natural heath and personal/spiritual
Learning Who we are is one son on the planet.” I began to fall in portive. In my opinion I do not need development marchia carnicelli mi-
of the most precious Gifts we can love with myself ~ the Greatest Love to tap into the many forms of media nor. Marchia is also long time radio
give ourselves! A Gift that only we can of All from which all others flow! It is feeding me THEIR side of things host of Mind Your Body and Spirit in-
open! In a world that has so many the reservoir from which to draw. whether we are talking about TV/ra- terviewing such guests as Gandhi’s
mixed messages to Be, to Think, to We can only give what we dio/newspapers etc. grandson Arun, Dr Christopher Hills,
Look like someone else there is no already have! When we realize who I recall years ago as a child PhD, Pioneer in the research of spi-
doubt as to why so many women ~ we really are and are grateful for our hearing things such as: “Be sure to rulina for the hunger problem, opera
& men also can think so lowly of self own talents & gifts we can truly be- read the newspapers so that you star Andrea Bocelli, and Caldwell Es-
that they find themselves trapped in a gin to live & be the person we were know what is going on in the world.” selstyn, MD., author Prevent and Re-
vicious cycle of ups and downs where born to be! Yes Anorexia has to do Listen to the news on the TV & radio verse Heart Disease.
the downs out number the ups! with a disorder of eating, however, to again be sure I am up on what is Available for speaking con-
Then add on top of that the that is only the result of what is be- happening. The interesting part of tact marchia at 216-533-2273 or
mired of things such as poor relation- ing felt ~ or not felt inside our being. all of this was that at the same time email at
ship experiences, family issues, cer- Once again I will say that when we I was feeling…NO! No I am not feel- The Healthy Referral Newspaper,
tain type of religious beliefs, competi- truly love & like ourselves for who we ing that doing that is healthy for me. est. 1989, covers the world of natural
tion of many sorts we can see how are magic begins to take place! It all Making our own decisions about what health and positive news. Marchia
low self esteem may find its way into begins with us and our recognition we are allowing into our lives; into our has interviewed many of our contribu-
our young people’s lives in the form of that we are a part of something much Hearts; into our souls is so very im- tors/advertisers/sponsors.
eating disorders such as Anorexia. greater! Something that is holding all portant! Ask about the new Spiritual Rela-
How do I know this can be things together. When we are living So remember if you are ex- tionship booklet.
so? Because I myself walked through our purpose ~ our passion we are H periencing eating disorders ~ yes you
the opportunity of making a decision a P p Y beings! We look forward to want to get a handle on the eating

Dance Have you ever wanted to learn the elegant Waltz, Foxtrot, and Tan-
go? Or perhaps you wanted to go out and dance popular night club dances such as
Salsa, Bachata, Swing, Argentine Tango, and West Coast Swing, and want to learn
With Me those dances. Our staff instructors are certified and are experienced in all styles of
ballroom, Latin, and night club dancing.
Studio Makes it Whether it is taking up a new hobby, cultivating elegance and social life,
dance sport and competitive training, or choreographing the perfect first dance for
Easy for You to your wedding, Dance With Me studio instructors can help you achieve that goal
Learn Ballroom, easier and faster.
We offer private lessons and weekly group dance classes. We organize spe-
Latin, and Night- cial events, dance workshops, and club outings. This will also give you chances to
Club Dancing. meeting other dancers and new friends and get you involved in dancing as your own
lifestyle. Yes, in time, indeed learning to dance is not just a hobby, but a lifelong
Photo pursuit. We want to be your partner in this precious experience of dancing lifestyle.
A native Clevelander, and musician, Avie Klein is a composer, singer, and a band Dance With Me Dance Studio is located at 3637 S. Green Rd. Suite 3A,
leader. He has published many music CDs, wrote many original songs, and has per- Beachwood, Ohio. Please visit us and start enjoying the excitement and joy of danc-
formed many concerts with his band. ing. Studio: (216) 342-4132. cell: 216.570.5859

Dr. Forsythe performed a Poly-MVA outcome-based investigation with 212 patients over a 2.5 year period on various (18 types) Stage IV
Cancers , in which he observed a 56 % overall positive response rate. Dr. Forsythe found that Poly-MVA is a safe and highly effective supplement for
palliative assistance in Stage IV cancer patients. Poly-MVA is a uniquely-formulated combination of minerals, vitamins and amino acids designed to
support cellular energy production and promote overall health. Poly-MVA also replaces specific nutrients that may be depleted during certain thera-
pies. A patented dietary supplement with over 18 years of clinical and laboratory research and testing, Poly-MVA is a revolutionary product and the
first in a remarkable new category of supplements called lipoic acid mineral complexes (LAMC). Contact: 216-533-2273 & healthyreferral@gmail.
Healthy Referral Newspaper p.11
Going to Extremes-By Pat Williams, Sr. VP ducted by whirling Ping-Pong balls in a lottery machine. In back-to-back lotteries (1992
Orlando Magic- Call me an extreme dreamer. I believe in and 1993) those Ping-Pong balls bounced our way, allowing us to acquire two young star
dreaming big dreams and doing everything on an extreme scale. players—Shaquille O’Neal and Penny Hardaway.
I could never be a chef, because I couldn’t stick to the recipe. I’d Suddenly, our little franchise in Orlando was the most up-and-coming young
figure if a pinch of salt improves the soup, imagine what a cup of team in sports. We got to the NBA Finals in 1995 and reached the Eastern Conference
salt would do! Finals in 1996. Over my NBA career, twenty-three of my teams have made the NBA Play-
Everything I do, I do to extremes. I’m proud to be an extreme offs and five have gone to the NBA Finals.
dreamer. The world has been transformed and revolutionized, again Once you put teamwork into practice, your dreams will begin transforming into
and again, by people who dreamed extreme dreams—then assem- reality. Whether you’re building a professional sports team, launching a magazine, starting
bled dynamic teams to turn those dreams into reality. Dream-builders are team-builders. a software company or growing a nonprofit organization, your dream needs a team. That
Extreme dreams really do depend on teams. dream team will challenge and inspire you in a profound and life-changing way.
In the late 1970s and early 1980s, I was general manager of the Philadelphia Encourage everyone in your organization, your office, and your family to dream
76ers. A big part of my job was to help recruit a great coaching staff and great players to extreme dreams, then put together teams to make those dreams come true. Let’s go to
the team. The Sixers team I helped assemble in 1983 swept the Los Angeles Lakers in the extremes . . . !
finals, winning the NBA Championship. Pat Williams is co-founder and senior vice president of the NBA’s Orlando
I moved to Orlando in 1986 to help launch the Orlando Magic. Once again, I was Magic. An author of over 100 books, he is an extremely popular corporate speaker.
in the dream-building and team-building business. Soon after we got our NBA expansion Connect with Pat via his website at on Facebook at PatWilliams.
team up and running, we got a terrific break. As you may know, the NBA lottery is con- OrlandoMagic or via twitter @OrlandoMagicPat.

The 80/20 Lifestyle: Small them visual. Below are the fundamentals that go into what I believe are strong goals.
1) The goal is clear and specific
Sustainable Changes for 2) The goal challenges you
Long-Term Health by 3x 3) The goal is something that you are committed to, for yourself
4) The goal is consistently evaluated, on a regular cycle
Olympian Diana Munz 5) The goal needs to be broken down into smaller achievements so that you can ap-
When I began working as a health and wellness preciate the progress
coach, I was inspired by helping people make long-term With clients, I promote the idea of an 80/20 lifestyle which I highlight that
changes to their lives and overall health. I did not want perfection is not the expectation and this is why the short term small achieve-
to work with fad diets or extreme lifestyle changes that ment goals are so important. If we can all make small modifications to our behavior
would not be sustainable. As a young child, I witnessed today, over time that will yield a big change and achieve a balanced healthy lifestyle.
my father go through rapid weight gain and subsequent- Remember, you only have ONE body and ONE life.
ly make a radical change to his diet and exercise routine Bio: Diana Munz DePetro is a 3-time Olympic medalist and mother of two
to counteract. As quick as he would get on his new rou- daughters. She finds balance in her life by inspiring others in their own journey’s. Di-
tine, he was off of it again. This became the foundation ana is a motivational speaker, health and wellness coach as well as a self-proclaimed
for how I look at fitness and diet plans and what to avoid. fashion junkie. She enjoys eating and exercising; to her own admission exercises to
Weight loss and a healthy lifestyle can be achieved through making small, eat. You can find Diana on Facebook or Instagram @dianamunzdepetro
manageable changes to what you are already doing. I believe in setting goals but not
just verbalizing a goal, I believe that you have to write your goals down and make

Strengthen your Shoulder to who is NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, Certified Mobility|WOD
Movement & Mobility Specialist, FMS Level 1 certified, and a certified
Avoid Injury By 17-Time Grand functional strength coach.
Slam Tennis Champion: Gigi
Photos from Top Clockwise:
Fernandez About Gigi Fernandez – Gigi is Dumbell Raise, Dumbell Overhead
a 17-time Grand Slam Doubles champion, 2 times Olympic Press, Shoulder Rotation Internal &
Gold medalist and is enshrined in The International Ten- External, Seated Reverse Fly
nis Hall of Fame. She offers expert instruction and unique
travel experiences to tennis players. She created The Gigi
Method to help tennis players gain a better understanding of doubles. The shoulder
joint was not designed for repetitive overhead / serving movements. Whether you
are a tennis player, a swimmer, a baseball player or just throwing a ball with your
kid, the repetitive motion above the shoulder joint will, over time, cause pain in the
shoulder and can lead to a severe injury. To avoid a severe injury in your shoulder
joint, daily maintenance of the shoulder joint is recommended. The 5 muscles that
need to be addressed are: 1. Supraspinatus 2. Subscapularis 3. Infraspinatus 4. Teres
Minor 5. Deltoid I have found the following exercise to be helpful in keeping the
shoulder joint stabilized and injury free. They can be performed with dumbbells or a
band. They should be performed 3-5 times a week, repeating the exercise three times
with 10- 12 repetitions each time. It should take no longer 8-10 minute. For more
information about Gigi and The Gigi Method please visit: www.GigiFer- Exercises designed in collaboration with Kelly Dubois

Healthy Referral Newspaper p.12

Food P.13-17
What Do You Mean that
We’re Out of DeMassimo’s
Authentic Sauce?
De Massimo’s Authentic Sauces is proud
Zack Bruell Introduces to bring a part of our family traditions to
a Full Range of Exciting you with sauces that have been in the De
New Natural Wines at Massimo family for generations. From
L’Albatros and Parallax Abruzzo, Italy to your home, we know
These highly dynamic wines are unlike our sauces will be an enjoyable experi-
anything most people have ever experi- ence and that they will play an important
enced in wine. Cleveland – Zack Bruell part in your family’s fond memories.
Restaurant Group is proud to introduce a
De Massimo’s is based right outside of
new line of highly acclaimed natural wines Columbus, OH. We
at tow his restaurants: L’Albatros in Uni- pride ourselves
versity Circle and Parallax in Tremont. with the offering of 3
The introduction is part of an emerging movement that has upended an influ- Call (937) 631-3060 to Order for distinct sauces. Our
ential group of winemakers, Michelin-starred restaurants and sommeliers throughout Your Store, Food sauces consist of a
the world and in the process, redefined many tightly held perceptions of fine wine. Service or Event! fresh blend of
Natural wines are distinguished by a biodynamic or organic growing process, coupled tomatoes, imported
with minimal technological intervention during winemaking and cellaring. No yeasts, www.demassimos. olive oil, a parmesan-
sugars or bacteria are added in the process. Fermentation is spontaneous from natural com romano cheese blend,
yeasts and bacteria present on the grape skins during harvest. The only additive can be Check the web site for your near- garlic, and a perfect
blend of spices.
a small amount of Sulphur for bottling stability. And often, the wines are unfiltered. est grocer!
The result is a surprisingly dynamic, lively wine that constantly evolves in-
At Natalie’s Gourmet Foods, we be-
side the bottle and changes again in the glass. Drinking natural wines has been de-
lieve in creating healthy and unique
scribed as an exhilarating experience, which has converted many wine lovers to turn recipes by enhancing traditional fa-
almost vorites. Beets were initially added to
exclusively to the new offerings. Their highly active characteristics make them an our gourmet salsa as a natural color
ideal pairing with contemporary foods that feature intensive flavors. enhancer. They were so tasty that we
New York Times wine critic, Jeff Gordinier, called natural wines “rowdy, unfil- just kept adding more and more! Now
beets are the #1 ingredient making our
tered and extremely unpredictable. Be prepared to have your mind blown.” proprietary salsa recipe even more de-
“The smells and taste qualities are constantly changing,” said Zack Bruell, licious with a natural sweetness and
founder of the Zack Bruell Restaurant Group. “This is ideal for the rustic French flavors gorgeous crimson red color which is sure to excite your tastebuds. Also, it’s naturally
of L’Albatros and the Franco-Asian fusion on Parallax. I’m very excited about this gluten free with no artificial flavors, colors or sugar added. https://www.nataliesgour-
new offering, and I think Cleveland will embrace the same level of appreciation that ASK YOUR Grocer for Natalies.
is growing in momentum around the world.”
The Zack Bruell Restaurant Group is a leading provider of contemporary
Restaurants With Vegetarian Dishes
cuisine, including high-end restaurants, custom catering, retail products and business started with two simple discoveries our founders made while building their
consulting. Founder Zack Bruell is one of the nation’s most prolific chefs and restau- first company, which made soup and spice mixes for restaurants. That origi-
rateurs in Cleveland, who first emerged on the forefront of California cuisine in the nal business gave the partners kitchen-door access to top
1970s and brought his unique culinary style to Ohio, where he has established a na-
chefs and managers at hundreds of restaurants. And, it
tionally known brand throughout the past 40 years.For more information about natural
wines, please visit
gave them the chance to confirm what they suspected all
along. First, that really good soup is hard to find. And,
second, that soup has powerful intangible qualities that

Back to Nature:
elicit feelings of comfort, warmth and well-being for
many people.
1997-Inspired by their discoveries and passion for soup, the found-
ers sold their original business, teamed up with a top chef and spent almost
FARM To Table two years creating and evaluating recipes. A er a painstaking trial-and-error
MUVEL Cafe- process and hundreds of group tastings, they were ready to introduce their
proprietary soups.
Chagrin Falls & Zoup! is the leading fast-casual soup
restaurant concept that is defining the category
Hungry Bee with its award-winning soups and made-to-order
Catering - sandwiches and salads. Each location o ers 12
always-rotating varieties each day from its collec-
Healthier Food tion of hundreds of proprietary recipes. “Some-
thing for Everyone” nutritional options include
Choices! low-fat, dairy-free, vegetarian, spicy and made with gluten- free ingre-
James is also the youngest chef to be dients. Zoup! also o ers TryTwo! Combos and Zoup! •Zoup! Engle Road
invited to cook at the world renowned 7080 Engle Road, Middleburg Heights, OH, 44130-440.345.9090 •Zoup! Greens
of Strongsville 18086 Royalton Road, Strongsville, OH 44136-440.876.0400.
James Beard House twice and had •Zoup! Harvard Park 4025 Richmond Road, Warrensville Heights, OH 44122-
the incredible opportunity to cater 216.365.7210- •Zoup! Solon 30050 Aurora Road, Solon, OH 44139-440.349.0020.

New York Fashion Week. Kimberly •tommy’s Coventry No matter what your diet, Tommy’s has something that will satisfy you –
vegetarians, vegans, meat-eaters, health-conscious and the just plain hungry all have fun dining
McCune wife of James trained at with us. Whatever category you fall into, Tommy’s will take care of you. The drinking water is
filtered, the oil used to fry is non-hydrogenated, soups are made from scratch daily, and olive
CIA in Hyde Park, New York. oil is used in salad dressings. The menu caters to all walks of dietary life, and they eventually
find their way into Tommy’s.
Grateful for this commu- •Mustard Seed Market & Cafe Founded in 1981 in Akron, Ohio by Margaret and Phillip
Nabors, we are a family owned and operated business. We are pioneers in this work that began
nity support and respectful of the over 30 years ago with our strict ingredient standards—no artificial colors, flavorings or harm-
fresh local products, in which she ful chemical preservatives, no saccharin or aspartame, no irradiated foods, meats raised without
the use of growth hormones and never fed animal by-products—and we continue our leadership
was raised, Kimberly has gained today.
•Beviamo Treemont I got obsessed with nutrition and wanted to spread the love for food and
a pointed urgency to give some- my new obsession for specialty coffee. I started this business 100% Bootstrapped with all my
savings. The biggest challenge I ever had to face. We started in a 500 sq ft storefront to validate
thing back. She now champions the needs of the business model and it was a hit. Our team started to grow and we had the oppor-
tunity to move the business to the heart of the retail district in our neighborhood to a storefront 5
the “Farmer to Restaurant” and times the size we were operating from. As we took the challenge of financing another buildout,
“Pasture to Plate” causes and is a we needed to keep our focus to reach our goals and offer our customers the best experience.
We’ve expanded our Vegan food program alongside our 100% Organic Coffee and Espresso
strong supporter of independent Bar. Beviamo partnered with Greener Fields Together, a sustainability program that helps en-
sure we source the freshest produce from local farms. Our nutritional forward commitment is
restaurant operators everywhere. created from passion for food and I hope to share the growth of Beviamo with you. https://
After filming a weight loss series Pots and Pans Amazing Jamaican Homemade Foods- Address: 325 S Main St, Akron, OH
44308 Menu: Order: / Phone:
for The Food Network, (234) 706-2300
Golden Dragon | (440) 449-8710-5871 Mayfield Rd, Mayfield
Our goal at the Hungry
Heights, OH Asian Japanese /Chinese.
Bee Gourmet Food Catery is to Pita Potle Great great tasty Midfle East food delicious sandwiches made by the One and only
Famous George Tabanji you got a try it and see what I’m saying!!! Tony Mikhael 21700 Miles
provide healthy, reasonably priced Road North Randall, Ohio Call (216) 865-5999
Kan Zaman (Cafe & Hookah Bar)Near the West Side Market
dinners and sides to an on-the-go 3 words : Humus, Shawarma and Hookah ! All the food is great, delicious and you can trust
me since I have been in the Middle East many times. The place has a typical decoration
community. The building also pro- and hookah wihch is great !! If you love Middle Easter food... just goooo ! :) Delight your
tastebuds with our Greek inspired dishes. We have delicious sandwiches, salads, shish
vides a home of sorts for locally
kabobs and shawarma. Enjoy a helping of hummus, and a
produced, specialty merchandise, feast of feta. Mediterranean Platter (falafel in the front with
homemade hummus in the middle) 616 W. 25 St. Cleveland,
cooking classes, and notable guest Ohio 44113. Phone(216) 621-2222
Choukouya Welcome to the vibrant, new, and exciting Afro-Eu-
speakers. All of our entrées are prepared with the finest, freshest ingredients with a ropean Restaurant for the first time in Cleveland. A NEW dining
experience in town 4620 Richmond Road Suite 290
strong local influence. The entrées are carefully packaged, refrigerated, and detailed Cleveland, Ohio Call (216) 245-6660
Fresh Healthy Cafe Beachwood food court 2nd level. Wraps, smoothies, bowls., crepes,
heating instructions are provided for your convenience.
(216) 292-0022 Ask about larger orders for schools, groups, companies churches.
Cultivate™ ia a new kind of cafe and carryout, with roots in local farms and Suzy Soup and Deli- Tower City and Reserve Sq. Catering.
IRIE Jamaican Kitchen 621 E 185th St Cleveland, OH 44119.Northeast Shores, North Col-
a passion for good clean food. Cultivate is the perfect place to meet for a local roast linwood, East 185th. (216) 350-6112
Smoothie King Mayfield Follow on Facebook
coffee, cold press juice, fresh salad, bowl or snack.
Kent Natural Food Coop • 151 E. Main St. • Kent, OH • (330) 673-2878
MUVEL | 524 East Washington Street | Chagrin Falls, Ohio Daboros See ad on Pg. 14
Muvel See ad on the left
44022 | 440.394.8662 Siam Cafe See ad on pg 14
Tomo Sushi nd Hibachi P. 14 Downtown Cleve
Italian Creations, Pacific Grill,
Cafe Avalaun see pg. 16 Healthy Referral Newspaper p.13
DaBORO’S Farm to Table Derick Polk, 7’1 former
Ohio State and Harlem
Locally grown (seasonal) ~ all-natural gluten-free ~ wheat free ~ Globetrotter Center at
preservative-free ~ soy free (except Da- Smoothie King Mayfield
Boro’s sauce) ~ vegan options ~ veg- Rd with Owners Joe and
etarian options- DaBOROS is unique Mike Visit Smoothie King
because it’s FAST and HEALTHY!! Or- Mayfield Facebook Page
ganic when available. Most options un-
der 350 calories (w/o toppings). Our food Book Derick for clinics,
is also Weight-Watcher friendly! motivational talks, auto-
graph signings
Sherron Kinney reviewed Daboro’s —5 healthyreferral@gmail.
star March 5 ·I really don’t cook a lot com / 216-533-2273
and I have spent a great deal of money on
junk fast food;as I am changing my life to
eat cleaner it was very refreshing to find
Daboro’s where I can pick up healthy,
healing, clean food. I am very excited to
I have been eating at the

Siam Cafe
be your customer.

FresHealthyTM Fast Food www.da- for menu. M - Fri 9:00am
- 7:30pm /Sat 9-3. Most guilt free for Over a Decade and Still go Back for
meals under $8 and under 450 calo-
ries. $5 daily specials .Save. 1241 More!
Tom+Chee is the grilled cheese and tomato soup shop for the
kid at heart, mixing classic comfort food with fresh ingredients, healthy alternatives,
and a flair for the unexpected.From the vegetarian Hippy Chee, to the offbeat Grilled
Cheese Donut, Tom+Chee offers limitless grilled cheese sandwich combinations,
fresh salads, along with tomato soups, daily soups and seasonal favorites like gazpa-
cho and blue cheese chili. Check out our super sweet and savory specials!*
UNCOMMON QUALITY-Unlike most restaurants, we roast our own meats
and make our dressings, sauces, and spreads from scratch. We also offer gluten-free
bread, vegan cheese, vegan/vegetarian soups and make our basil pesto with sunflower
seeds (perfect for our friends with tree-nut allergies). Tom+Chee goes the extra mile
to serve all of our customers food that is awesome and fresh! Tom+Chee: 3875
Massillon Rd, Uniontown, OH 44685- Off I77 and Massillon Rd. Phone: (330)

Sahara Mediterranean Cuisine

(Kosher) We produce over 28 different varieties of hummus dips, available by the
case which can be used as a sauce on sandwiches and wraps. It also makes a great
vegetarian appetizer on pita bread, chips or crackers. Add water for a delicious pasta
sauce or salad dressing. Sahara Cuisine also produces over 35 different varieties of
fresh salad, salsa and chips. (& Visit the new stand
Jacobs Oasis in the West Side Market).

Photo-Thai Style Vancouver Crab cooked with basil,

chili peppers, and shallots

The World’s First Plant Based Burger That Looks, Cooks,

3951 St Clair Ave NE Cleveland, OH 44114
and Satisfies Like Beef without GMOS, SOY, or Gluten. Phone number (216) 361-2323-Mon-Sat. 11am to Midnite
Sunday 11am to 11:30pm. This certificate good towards food only. NOT valid
At Fresh and Healthy Cafe: with other savings. TAX, TIP, Beverage Extra. NO cash given if bill is less. Sub.
to change. 2017 /VALID til June 2017. Authorization -Mike
In cooperation with Healthy Referral Newspaper
Food Court Beachwood Place Mall 216-292-0022

Cleveland Tiffin Home Fresh North Complete CAR Maintenance &

Indian Food-Sit in, Take Out, Catering- 4630 Warrensville Center Repair! Rainbow
Road North Randall, Ohio 44128-(216) 220-7002
We’re committed to provide fresh samosas with the highest quality.
Muffler & Brake /
This world famous Indian savory is a stuffed deep fried snack. It con- Over16 Years!
sists of a fried or baked triangular pastry shell with a savory filling,
which may include potatoes or spinach or cauliflower or chicken and
•USA Made Exhaust Locations
Inventory **Maple Heights** 5130 Northfield Road
TOMO Sushi & Hibachi Restaurant & Lounge is •Full Service Including Maple Heights, OH 44137 (216) 438-2639
Computer Diagnostics **Willoughby Hills** 2780 Bishop Road Wil-
where you will find some of the very best Japanese cuisine
in the city of Cleveland, Ohio (and throughout the Mid- •E Check loughby Hills, OH 44092 (440) 833-1178
**Cleveland** 18801 Nottingham Road
west). We are the home of the most entertaining, charis- •Brakes Cleveland, OH 44110 (216) 370-7573
matic, and talented chefs from the Far East who prepare •Suspension **Cleveland - W. 130th Street** 4301 W.
your Sushi or Hibachi meals •Engine Repairs 130th St. Cleveland, OH 44135 (216) 370-7970
before your very eyes, and •Radiators-Oil Changes- **Cleveland - Clark Avenue** 4700 Clark
leave you with a taste that you •Axles-Shocks Ave. Cleveland, OH 44102 (216) 370-3617
won’t believe. Let us entertain •Struts-Belts-Tires- **Cleveland - Broadway Ave. ** 7816 Broad-
you and satisfy your appetite •Wheel Alignments way Ave. Cleveland, OH 44105 (216) 370-7570
at one of our 17 Hibachi tables
on 3 floors, where our tal-
ented chefs will prepare your meal of Hibachi Chicken ,
Shrimp, Steak, or one of our Hibachi Classic or Hibachi YOU and YOUR Car Will Smile
Combination plates. 1293 W 9th St-Cleveland, Ohio @TomoCleveland
Call (216) 696-4444- in photo VLAD, cofounder & Hibachi Chef with
After a Tune Up at
Health Benefits of Black Beans
1. Heart Disease Protection
2. Assists Nervous System
3. Regulates Blood Sugar
4. Detoxifies Sulphites
5. Helps Fight Cnncer

PAPOO’S Auto Repair

6. Lower Cholesterol
7. Anti-Inflammtory
8. Aids Digestion Over 40 Years-Old School-Family Touch
9. Full of Fibre Many times-same day service!
10. Anti Oxidant
High Tech -High Touch
YOUR Go To Source for Natural Health 13403 Lorain Ave /Cleveland, OH 44111

Resources : (216) 252-2111

Healthy Referral Newspaper p.14
Berlin Natural Bakery is located in the world’s largest Amish Community - Berlin, OH
The Amish are not only our neighbors but they are a part of our own personal heritage and you can see that plainly in the values we share.

For instance, we share family very seriously and we – NO flour sit-

in the belief that faster is not are honored to continue do- ting around going
always better when It comes ing so. rancid!
to creating items with true Read below for a little insight  We only use
substance – like your daily into what makes us different. simple, easy to
bread.  We bake exclusively with recognize in-
We also agree that it is spelt which is far superior gredients – NO
our responsibility to do what nutritionally compared to dough condition-
is right even when it isn’t modern wheat(s) ers, no added
easy. That compromising is  We use an Heirloom gluten
never the answer no matter Spelt grain grown in Ger-  We only bake
how tough things get. many that is registered and authentic loaves
And like the Amish – protected to ensure it stays of bread – NO ar-
we find ourselves separate that way – no modernized tificial colors, NO
from our competitors because grains here! synthetic vita-
our way of baking and doing  We were the first bread mins, NO manu-
business looks nothing like line in the United States to be factured flavors
theirs. Non-GMO Project Verified  We double bag our products for maximum freshness – NO
We stand apart from  We only bake in small preservatives here!
other bread manufactures be- batches – NO mass produc- •SEE the Store Locator or
cause we are not a “manufac- ing or added ingredients to •Order Online
turer” first – we are a bakery make mass producing easier. •Ask YourGrocer
and we take the responsibil-  We stone grind our grain
ity of baking for you and your into flour, daily at the bakery (800) 686-5334

More Health Notes Before After 60 Days

Lucent Dermatology & Skin Surgery Center is
dedicated in providing the highest quality of dermatology, dermatologic surgery and
cosmetic services to our patients and their families. At Lucent Dermatology & Skin
Surgery Center, caring is our commitment. Every member of our team is determined
to provide exceptional care to each and every patient with compassion, innovation
and cutting edge technologies. William Camp, MD and
Alexandra Zhang, MD

RIP our Long Time Friend and Natural

Health Pioneer Wm Brown PhD. by William
Brown, Ph.D. LMT. To say that manual lymph merely works on the
surface while other systems of lymph go deeper “to break up pro-
teins” is to reveal a serious lack of knowledge about the physiology
of the body and how the lymphatic system works. Organic Health & Beauty, Natural Remedies &
Therapies. We develop our products free of harmful chemicals and
KOBE On chasing success: research them to offer the most effective products.
“When you make a choice and say, ‘Come hell or high water, I am going to
We believe in healthy beauty and healthy environment.
be this,’ then you should not be surprised when you are that. It should not be
something that is intoxicating or out of character because you have seen this
moment for so long that ... when that moment comes, of course it is here be- We believe that what you leave out of a product can be as important as what
cause it has been here the whole time, because it has been [in your mind] the you put in. Here’s just a few of the ingredients you won’t find in any of our
products, and why: No silicones - they coat skin, and impede its natural function
whole time.” No mineral oils - derived from petroleum, and have a tendency to block the skin
No parabens - these are linked to hormonal imbalances (Whole Meal Bars) Mention Healthy Referral No GM ingredients - not enough is known about possible long-term implications
No phthalates - it’s reported they have toxic impact on humans and animal life › en-us No propylene glycol - derived from petroleum No animal testing - unnecessary - cruel
Luminette®: Light therapy glasses. Innovative light therapy Luminette® Contact: Rita, Ind. Consultant: 216-905-2361 and
emits a safe blue-enriched white light peaked at 468 nm. This wavelength is to Order (not sold
proven to be the most effective at triggering the body’s positive response to in stores) & or Inquire About YOUR own home business.

believes in
for extreme
mance in
- condi-

Humble, Caring, tions that

test both the individual and the gear.
Challenges make us stronger and require
both physical and mental endurance.Baf-
Licensed Massage Therapy fin makes the most well thought out, du-
rable and dependable gear possible, for
you to focus on the task at hand without
9693 Brookpark Rd Promote YOUR Busi- giving your gear a second thought. Baf-
Parma, Ohio (Just east of Tiedeman) fin’s promise is to provide extreme per-
Book Your Appointments online ness in the Only Full formance gear that allows you to chal- Size Newspaper on lenge yourself, whether at work or on
OR Call (440) 799-8988 your most demanding adventure.
•Corporate Events •Company
Natural Health and
Wellness Programs Preventive Medicine
Photo by Katemangostar -
Healthy Referral Newspaper p.15
Nature Mills...Your
Source for Organic Food
Founded by a simple passion to offer the best in certified
organic and gourmet ingredients to our retail customers I had my wedding on September 30th at Ariel International Center and Italian
and foodservice operators, while preserving and respect- Creations catered my special day. With that said, it couldn’t have been more
ing the diversity of their uniqueness but staying true to special than it was without Ross and his team! The food was outstanding!
our core mission. Seriously, I can’t say enough about these guys, they were a huge part in
making my day perfect!
Over the years, we have remained true to our original vision First, the red sauce for the la-
by offering one of the largest selections of organic mixes, all sagna and the chicken parm
natural brands and gourmet (artisan) style of brands in the is so yummy- nice rich flavor
and perfect balance of sweet
and rich. The perfect sauce.
About Us: My hubby and I ordered these
NATURE’S MILLS was founded by a simple passion to offer two dishes the first time and
the best in certified organic, kosher and all natural gourmet we had enough for two huge
meals. Warning: you will want
ingredients to our: Direct, Retail and Food Service Operators
to eat it all.

Our products are all made with clean and simple Italian
ingredients with fewer calories! Makes a better tasting, Creations--located at
more nutritious snack and meal! 16104 Hilliard Road in Lake-
 No preservatives wood--specializes in home-
 No fillers made gourmet Italian cuisine
 No cholesterol available for catering, carry-
out, and delivery to your home
 No artificial favors
or business. What a great idea
to indulge in chicken marsala
Everything You Want and Nothing You Don’t! or perhaps fettuccini pesto ac-
While preserving and respecting the diversity of each of our companied with soup or salad
customers and their and fresh focaccia bread de-
livered to you for lunch or dinner. You can even “Create Your Own Pizza &
uniqueness we stay Pasta” with an array of sauces and toppings to choose from.
true to our core mis-
sion. To demonstrate
our commitment, we
contribute a percent-
age of our sales Discover Pacific Grill-
13911 Cedar Rd, South Euclid, OH, a sister restaurant of Pacific East -1763
towards sustainable Coventry Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH Japanese Restaurant
organic local farming Photo: Chicken & Ginseng Broth Noodles
initiatives. “(Pacific Grill) is more Chipotle-style,” said Pacific East owner Free-
man Ngo. “You will be able to or-
der rice and our signature noodle
Types of bowls that you don’t find anywhere
Products: else.”
Organic /Natural / The Pacific Grill is a casual
Vegan /Kosher /Low dining experience that will feature
grilled foods. “It is our first (loca-
Sodium /Gluten Free tion),” Ngo said of Pacific Grill. “We
/GMO-Free hope to someday have them all
Our Retail and over the country. Testimoni-
als: “i had never had coconut rice
Food-service before and it was scrumptious :)
big side salad with good greens for
(Bulk) Products: $4 too” in 7 reviews- “Outside of Katsu Ramen, all the dishes are new to
NATURE’S MILLS me.” in 5 reviews - $9.95 Katsu Ramen Sharmeela S. -“This is a casual pacific
east off shoot that has ample free parking!” 13911 Cedar Rd .South Euclid,
Organic (Salt-Free) OH 44118. phone number (216) 320-9008 .Business website pacificgrill- Mon-Thur. 11:00 am - 9:30 pm /Fri., Sat. 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Gourmet Blended Sun. 12:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Herbs & Spices,
Organic Seasoning,
know microgreens are one of
All-Natural Gour- nature’s best
met Seasonings superfoods? They are known to carry up
to 40x the nutrition of their mature counterparts
* Herbs & Spices
and now you can find them grown locally and
Food-service Jars sustainably here in NE Ohio. Gaia Greens Specialty
Microgreens provides a wide variety of beautiful
* 100% Pure Rice and flavorful microgreens for your culinary delight.
Choose from packaged, living, or DIY microgreens.
Bran Oil * Vegetable
Look for us at local farmers markets, specialty
Based (Vegan) Pasta grocers, and restaurants. Custom orders accepted.
* Specialty Rice *
Seasoned Blended
Rice * Specialty Dry Café Avalaun is Northeast Ohio’s first 100%
Gluten Free Bakery, Café, and Crêperie.
Beans * Blended
We’re nestled in Cleveland’s
Gourmet Soup southeast suburbs and our fo-
Beans * Specialty cus is on simple preparation
Oats / Cereal Grains from fresh, locally sourced
ingredients. Our mission is to
* Granola Cereal,
be greater Cleveland’s leader
Granola Go-Cups in gluten free, all natural, ar-
and our Old Fashion tistically prepared food. Café
Granola Bars (made Avalaun promotes a green
environment and is com-
with real … Fruits,
mitted to the betterment of
Nuts & Grains) Cleveland’s unique history
and people. Phone: (330) 962 - 3318 in photo Chef /Owner Brian Doyle. Café
Avalaun 4640 Richmond Road. Suite 200 .Warrensville Heights, Ohio
44128. (216) 245-6666

Healthy Referral Newspaper p.16

Foods & Restaurants With
Vegetarian Dishes •One of a Kind
YOUR LIFE in a Glass Bottle! •Big Flavord
•Little Bit of Calories
•34 Superfoods
•Physicxan Formulated

•Free Call
(888) 879-1190
•Organic (NO pesticides)
•Cold Pressed (Experience
Natures’ Taste & Health) Nutrition on a Mission (see ad above)
•Made Daily •Thick Glass Bottled
Our story begins when Dr. Krystosik aka
“Dr. Good Carbs” author of the Carbs from
Heaven Carbs from Hell, host of The Other
Side of Medicine radio program on Cleve-
land’s Magic 105.7 fm, and the founder of
13206 Shaker Square Kick Acid Superfoods discovered a letter
his late father wrote to God. In his letter, this
Cleveland Ohio 44120. simple and humble man made a promise to
216-404-7587 God. If he would be allowed to win the lot-
•Ask about catering & If You Want to Live a Long Life tery, the money would be used to help native

in Good Health, Americans, specifically in Arizona and less
Corporate Events Start Kicking Acid Today!” privileged, marginalized people around the

His father’s dream became Dr. Krystosik’s passion. Years later the
Kick Acid team was formed and Kick Acid Superfoods was born. We are a
social enterprise that provides delicious and squeaky clean whole food, while
at the same time helping to support a greater cause. We are proud to say that
10% of our profits go to help less fortunate people. All our superfoods are non-
GMO, gluten free, dairy free, vegan and guaranteed to delight your taste buds.
We invite you to enjoy the deliciously healthy benefits of our flagship product,
Teas n Greens cold brew. And in July of 2017 we will be launching our 4 deli-
cious flavors of protein bars. Our plant based superfood products help alkalize
and detoxify the body in a delightful way. Taste and see how good healthy can
We realize we can’t accomplish our mission alone. We need your help.
Join the Kick Acid Movement! Our promise to you. No shenanigans. Just
clean whole food. Come join us to Better Yourself and Better the World.

A Treasure

Susy’s Soup & Deli Hunt at

(Plus Catering!) Consignment

Beachwood, OH
It is our goal to provide you, our customer, with simply delicious food, pre- “This is a huge
pared from fresh quality ingredients. Our soups are literally hand made, one kettle at space of eclec-
a time; kind of the way Great-Grandmother may have. “ One of my absolute favorite tic, beautiful and
soup places downtown! The fact that I work in Tower City makes this place the best
in the Fall, Winter or Spring when the weather isn’t so great outside. Their options of unique furniture
soups are incredible and each of the ones I’ve tried have been delicious. Their salads and house de-
and sandwiches are huge for the price. The service is always so quick and everyone cor.”- Barb D.
working there is very friendly. AND-enjoy convenient delivery for your next meet- Beachwood
ing or event. Contact: Susy’s and ask for GM Dave Long. 230 W. Huron Tower
City Fountain Level - East End- Cleveland, OH 44113 & Reserve Square on E. 12th
Tower City:
•Help YOUR
Family Get
216-771-7792 & Reserve Square: Ready To Move
216-600-9940 •Liquidate Your Valuables
•Appraise YOUR
Art, Jewelry,
•Help YOUR
Elderly Parent
•Stage YOUR
Home for Sale
•Find YOUR
Treasure This

Meet YOUR Expert Proprietors

TRINA B. MILLER (President) has over 30 years of experience as an appraiser
and liquidator. Her knowledge of this competitive market is due to her extensive
Map of Thailand has fast and plesant service, and such a cute place to traveling to auctions, antique shows and road shows throughout the country. She
eat! The entrees are reasonably priced. We had the Pad See-Eau and has helped many seniors and their families with a POSITIVE SOLUTION to
the Red Curry with Duck, it was very well presented, hot and deli- property dispersal. Trina’s personal attention and genuine concern along with her
vast knowledge gives families a secure feeling.
cious! Also the soups are REALLY REALLY good, Tum Yum King and
Seafood Coconut Soup.... absolutely amazing!! BILL JEFFRIES (Director) has over 25 years experience in sales, decorative
Map of Thailland 3710 Payne Ave Ste 106 and fine arts, antiques, and as a business owner. Bill’s expertise and flair for inte-
rior design can enhance any home or business. Bill’s knowledge of antiques and
Cleveland, OH 44114. (216) 361-2220 designer furniture rounds out the team at Spaces.

3355 Richmond Rd /Beachwood, OH 44122

(216) 378-4900 /

Healthy Referral Newspaper p.17

Eco Life &Travel Our Hot Pool, large family room or workshop space room and great location
Kona Hawaii Guest House and Healing
support workshops, family reunions, and destressing therapeutic massage.
Center IS YOUR Go To Retreat To Experi- The large family room is 40 by 40 or larger and has had seral family reunions
ence the Richness of Rare Experiences and many workshops held there to the delight of the participants. The large

family room has 3 double beds and a king, which can be adjusted for a better
fit for each group. The pool has hosted several water massage workshops and
he star gazing, waterfalls, beaches, lava pool temp can be adjusted. The best thing about the pool area is that it is a
tubes, water canals, remote hiking trails and beach- great place to destress and let go of stress during a therapeutic massage.
es, great farmers markets and healing festivals. It is
a little known secret that many famous musician live
and share their music here when they are not touring
the world. The biggest thing is the Hawaiian practices,
healing tradition, and the diversity of life. Be inspired,
and joyful with kindness.
A place that supports growth and healing. Ha-
waii is calling you to live. What better place than Kona
Hawaii than on the sunny side of the volcano island of
Hawaii. Expensive view and a simple Hawaiian home Hi’ilawe waterfall at the back of the Waipio Valley, Hawaii
that comes together with songs from the Hawaiian Hiilawe Waterfall (or Hi’ilawe Waterfall) is one of the tallest and most powerful
birds. With low powered binoculars you can see what waterfalls in Hawaii located on the Big Island. The waterfall drops about 1,450
people are eating on the beach, on their boats, and the feet (442m) with a main drop of 1,201 feet (366m), into Waipio Valley on Lalakea
dolphins swimming.

77-362 Paulina Place . Kailua Kona, HI 96740. Phone 808-557-1420
Post your favorate photo on our facebook page to win a 3-7 day

Speedway Legacy Inn... a total of 7 bedrooms and 7 bath- events

rooms. Overnight accommoda- from cor-
tions are avail- porate
able in one of retreats,
the 7 guest non-profit
bedrooms m e e t -
and a beauti- ings, fund
ful honeymoon raisers,
suite complete birthdays
with a Jacuzzi, and anni-
four poster bed versaries,
and attached bridal/
parlor. b a b y
We have s h o w -
beautifully landscaped grounds ers along
Historic One of a with large grassy areas, custom with net-
Kind Bed and gazebo for ceremonies and photo working groups and specialty meetings. We have a grand hall, main
ops and on site parking for your hall, lounge and outdoor areas for a variety of set ups and event needs.
Breakfast Near the guests. Many items are included We supply our own event host for each event that can assist you with
Indy 500 Speedway in each package including our your audio visual needs, decor, catering needs and floor plan set up.
Our historic inn is over own luxury 30 x 60 tent for our Our venue will host 75 guests seated inside and you will have access
120 years old and it sits on more door dinners and receptions. In- to all meeting rooms, kitchen and first floor restrooms along with onsite
than an acre of land. The Inn is doors or outdoors, we have rooms parking. Outdoor events can seat 140 under the tent and up to 250
located in the heart of Speedway, and pricing structures for all your in our grassy areas. Use of the gazebo, courtyard and patio also in-
one mile from the world famous events and party needs. cluded. 1829 Cunningham Rd /Speedway, IN 46224 /
Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Venue: 317.484.9999 /​ /contact@
The 6,000 square foot home has Speedway Legacy Inn hosts many /

Miami Real Estate cont. from p. 1 hit Miami, splitting the southern end of
Furthermore, Cynthia is recognized for Miami Beach creating Government Cut borhoods in the country and it’s easy to to recreational venues like PAMM, the
her unparalleled client-centric service and what is now known as Fisher Island. see why. Major mixed-used, public/pri- Frost Museum of Science, The Adrienne
going beyond the expected ... hand-hold- The cut was dredged along with a new vate projects like All Aboard Florida’s Arsht Center and American Airlines
ing her clients through the entire process channel, today known as Bicentennial Brightline and residential developments Arena is another important draw. The
from purchase to move in, including fa- Park in Downtown Miami. This new ac- like Brickell City Centre, Miami World- booming millennial population is creat-
miliarizing them with their new commu- cess to the mainland greatly improved the center, One Thousand Museum, and Vice ing and attracted to the renewed night-
nity. shipping access to the new port - pres- have led to downtown Miami’s 30% pop- life, dining, shopping and pedestrian-
As a member of RelatedISG ently serving 4.9 million passengers a ulation increase since 2010. Proximity friendly experience. Miami is a global
International Realty’s dynamic team of year. Port of Miami is the world’s busiest
specialists, Cynthia is a relentless advo- cruise ship port, and ships more than 7.4
cate for anyone looking to buy, sell, rent, million tons of freight around the world!
invest or relocate. Port of Miami’s $2 billion-plus renova-
PLEASE FEEL WELCOME TO tion has prepared it for the growth in
CONTACT CYNTHIA traffic resulting from the Panama Canal
expansion. It is now the only port south
cell 305-781-9744 of Virginia that can accommodate mega- cargo vessels.
HISTORY OF FISHER ISLAND - HOOD - Downtown Miami is expected
Early in the 1900’s a powerful hurricane to be one of the fastest growing neigh-

buyers will love and hate?

8 Simple Steps to Selling Your Home Fast 4-Remove personalized items Removing personal photographs or memorabilia
Courtesy Michael Siegal, Realtor, VS
from Trulia. will allow the prospective buyer to imagine themselves living in your house and make it
Realty Group former Assistant VP Leader Mort- easier to focus on the home’s highlighted features
gage 216-215-0527 or 5-Make small upgrades-Don’t go overboard on major remodels. Chances are,
1. Get a storage unit-You might think the easiest way to de- you won’t get your money back. Instead, focus on small upgrades, particularly in the kitch-
clutter your home is to shove everything into the closets. Bad idea: en and bathroom, where you’re most likely to see a return on investment. A new sink and
Anyone who tours your home is going to check out the storage cabinet hardware in the kitchen, or light fixtures, shower curtains, and hand towels in the
spaces, and disorganized, overstuffed closets only serve as evidence bathroom, are inexpensive but can instantly transform your space.
that your home is lacking. Opt instead for a storage unit to house the 6-Light it up-A dark or poorly lit home feels damp and depressing. Brighten it up
things you won’t need while your home is on the market. by using natural and artificial light.
2. Hire a professional to stage and photograph your home-A 7-Amp up the curb appeal-Your home’s exterior is typically the first thing a buyer
professional home stager sees your home from a buyer’s perspective — a good one under- sees in person and on listing sites. If it doesn’t look good, a buyer won’t even consider
stands how to highlight its strengths and soften its flaws. Your buyer’s first impression will looking at the interior shots. Flowers, particularly near the entryway, add a hint of color,
be the listing photos, and studies show that homes with more than six listing photos online making your home feel alive and inviting.
are twice as likely to be viewed by buyers. But not everyone wants their home staged (or 8-You also need to price your house right. Just because you want to sell for a cer-
has the money for it). tain amount doesn’t mean your home is worth your magic number (unfortunately). Work
3. Find the right real estate agent Are they familiar with the benefits (and nega- with your agent when it comes to negotiating.
tives) of your neighborhood? Can they walk into your home and tell you precisely what
Tennis Resources
Angel Valley Sedona, a •Download the tennispal app - connecting tennis players over the world.
sacred retreat community for •Listen to Phillip Kim’s tennis podcasts.
healing, transformation and • a premier women’s tennis coaching assciation.
empowerment. www.angel- Cleveland Tennis Academy- Training for All Ages www.clevelandtennisacad-
•Ask About A Tennis Lesson with Proceeds to Benefit Israel Tennis Centers / 347-687-9355
Healthy Referral Newspaper p.18
Brain Health
What exactly is a qEEG or YOUR Client or YOUR Patient Solution: Or the client who has gone from
one practitioner to another trying to explain his symptoms with little or no
Brain Map? result may find that their personalized brain map will guide the practitioner.
Why would I want a brain map and what might my Or the client who has tried so many prescription drugs that they have lost
faith in believing they can be helped may find that certain drugs do not work
brain tell me about my physical and/or mental symp- efficiently on “their brain” at all.
By Tom Collura, PhD. Founder BrainMaster
as seen in Healthy Referral Newspaper, est.
1989, Summer 2017

Brain Mapping began Columbus, OH in the

early 1960’s. Electroencephalography or EEG
records brain activity in the brain by placing
sensors on the scalp and visually watching or monitoring the brain activity.
Although qEEG used for client stated symptom confirmation is considered
Quantitative EEG is the analysis of the EEG which “new” and is thus labelled “experimental or research” at this time the infor-
helps trained specialists interpret brain function. mation derived can be invaluable to the patient as well as the practitioner
involved and is fast evolving as evidence based.
When the qEEG derived information is compared to the client’s reported
symptoms and other mental health testing results those specific areas in the Key Mental Health Evaluation Tool: The world and use of neuroscience is
brain may reflect or show a dysregulated patterns related to timing issues, fast emerging as a key component “changing the face of mental health choic-
es” for the first time in our history. Many practitioners practicing mental
health these days are encouraged and openly admit that incorporating neuro-
science into their toolbox for assessment (utilizing qEEG aka brain mapping)
as well as treatment considerations (such as neurofeedback) is the future of
mental health alternatives as they directly assist the brain in changing itself
naturally and gently.

Rumor has it that countries have used and saved brain mapping similarly
to blood testing on their population for decades. What better way to more
efficiently and cost effectively get to the root cause or better confirm of an
individual’s symptoms? Neuroscience is opening these new doors.

BrainMaster is paving the way with its BrainAvatar software showing brain
changes for children and adults “live in real time”. Walk with us through the
neuroscience and EEG Biofeedback door to the future! www.brainmaster.
com or .

Dr. Collura has over 35 years experience as a biomedical engineer and neu-
lack of brain communication to its counterparts, and neurophysiological rophysi-
over-arousal or under-arousal brainwaves to name a few ologist.
He has
When a data base (known as “normative or referential”) is used this addi- conducted
tional information may offer practitioners much needed insight and informa- clinical
tion as to why the client may be experiencing certain reported symptoms. research
Since the 1990’s it has been well researched and accepted that the brain is a and
dynamic and an electrically changing organ. develop-
ment and
When dysregulated brain wave activity emerges (sometimes due to reported system
outside influences such as chronic stress, trauma, head injuries, poor sleep design, in
issues, or lack of brain resources due to poor dietary and nutrition habits, to the areas
name a few) various symptoms oftentimes are reflected or shown in specific of evoked
areas in the brain which represent the brain source. potentials,
Brain maps, are often seen as colored looking maps indicating low or high elec-
arousal areas and so much more to the trained practitioner. Live or real time tronics,
brain maps are dynamic in nature and show in real time the changes occur- human factors, EEG mapping for epilepsy surgery, and neurofeedback. His
ring. work integrates philosophy, psychology, biology, computers, and electronics.
His graduate work focused on the real-time measurement of visual and audi-
Why would we want a brain map? Taking ownership of one’s brain “base tory evoked potentials, and relationships with selective attention in a vigi-
line” can be very useful for many years due to the researched fact that the lance task. He then spent 8 years with AT&T Bell Laboratories as a technical
brain has the ability to change itself and does so regularly with the appropri- staff member and supervisor in the areas of integrated circuit technology,
ate guidance from a trained or certified practitioner. computer graphics, networking, and man/machine interfaces. He then served
from 1988 to 1996 on the Staff of the Department of Neurology, Cleveland
A child who has gotten a brain map prior to starting the sport season gives Clinic Foundation, where he conducted research and development in EEG
the parents vital information regarding the possibility of a brain trauma or in- mapping for epilepsy surgery, long-term EEG monitoring, and DC brain
jury after a nasty fall or hit on the field. Or the adult who was in an accident potentials.
can possibly help guide their medical team to better assess and identify just
how the whip lash, accident or fall affected their brain.

Financial Health Life (IUL)? And the Hidden Financial Benefits The other universal design
is Indexed Universal Life (IUL). This chassis uses the tax codes for a required
WHO DOESN’T WANT TAX minimum death benefit based on the amount of money you want to protect and
FREE CASH FLOW grow - buying the least for the most. It’s like a ROTH on steroids.
Renowned CPA Ed Slott
by Ron Joseph Reveals Tax Free Cash Flow Without Traditional
Investment Risks.
with it.
Nationally known CPA, educator, and author Ed Slott teaches how a properly de-
Maybe over the years you’ve
signed IUL can be a source of tax-free cash flow for life with no market risk along
been sold some type of life insurance.
with other contract perks.
Typically, term insurance which is very
He believes most folks tune it out because of its name and encourages
expensive because it rarely pays out, or
you to learn more about this vital strategy. He teaches that this type of insurance
whole life or universal Insurance which
protects you from taxes and is a great remedy for retirement concerns and risks.
also could be very expensive because of
Little Known Life Insurance You can YouTube Ed Slott to see more of his educational videos.
it’s design.

Investment Structure Slashes Drawbacks of Term and Whole
Your Tax Bill Life Insurance Remember it’s not how much you make, it’s how much you keep without any
This may sound crazy or even The challenge with term and tax. This strategy is a great solution to help make up for lost time and in most
too good to be true but yes you can whole life is that it is designed as death cases not biased to any age, health concerns, or deposit amounts. It’s designed to
have a reliable source of income that is insurance and is usually sold as buy- achieve your goals.
legally exempt from any tax. What if ing the most death benefit for the least Whose retirement are you planning? Yours or Uncle Sam’s?
you learned about a strategy that lets you amount of money. Term doesn’t grow Learn MORE About this Strategy & Questions Ask about a no obli-
to deposit as much money as you want, in value and for whole life to increase in gation analysis for you and or your family. Send a request to ron-joseph@att.
is legally exempt from any tax, provides value premium deposits would have to net or call 614-207-4605. Based near Columbus OH. Can work outside Ohio.
market gains with no market losses, and be made over a much longer time frame. Ron has worked with such co as: Allianz, National Life Group, North Ameri-
doesn’t run out of money before running Universal has 2 types of de- can.
out of life. sign. Variable U/L is nothing more
Would you really care what it’s than a brokerage account wrapped up
called? Well, it’s called life insurance. Ask About Promoting YOUR Co. or
inside an insurance contract. Not the
There is a catch though, not all life con- Organization in Healthy Referral: healthyreferral@gmail.
best because of market exposure and
tracts are designed for this purpose. com & 347-687-9355. & Ask about earning extra income
required extra premium deposits due to
You may be like most people and get with the referral program.
poor growth performance.
turned off hearing the words “life insur- What is Indexed Universal
ance” and all the negative hype that goes

Healthy Referral Newspaper p.19

News & Notes
Compassionate Weight Loss For Life by
Frank Sabatino, D.C., Ph.D.
This article courtesy of https://
“What in the World am I doing
by Dr. Frank Sabatino is medical director Balance
Here?”. for Life Center, Health Retreat, Deerfield Beach,
“The law also works in some very curious ways. One of the most paradoxical has FL.He is a Chiropractic Physician with over 30 years
to do with God’s desire that no soul is lost. Because of experience in wellness care, and also holds a Ph.D
of this divine desire somehow one’s greatest weak- in cell biology and neuroendocrinology from the
ness becomes its greatest potential strength. With Emory University School of Medicine.
each difficult situation, whether it is a physical,
mental or spiritual one, there comes an opportunity.” As a result, a “starvation response” devel-
“These opportunities sometimes appear to be oped in response to periods of deprivation. Hormon-
hopeless problems, like a crippling disease, and al and chemical changes were established that could
uncontrollable habit or a situation in which one program an exaggeration of hunger signals and override satiety signals when food
feels totally victimized without cause. More often was available again, to encourage overeating and store calories for a future time of
they are seen as mere annoyances or frustrations, need. This same ancient starvation response still exists within each of us today, and
like an unattractive nose, a difficult sibling, spouse, is often triggered by the recurring use of extreme calorie restricted or fragmented fad
colleague, boss, lover or friend, or the ever present diets.
lack of money. In all these cases, the soul has an This becomes very problematic in modern times when there are no longer
opportunity to resolve and overcome some weak- big gaps between the “kills,” as we are constantly overexposed to all the calorie
ness in itself, and by doing so with the right attitude dense meat and dairy products, and processed junk and refined foods that are so read-
the soul can rise to new heights of consciousness, ily available today, and our calorie output is decreased by the remarkable reduction
love and oneness.” ......”Attempting to sidestep one’s crosses is simply a temporary of physical activity in our modern society and school systems.
diversion, delaying the eventual glorification that is the soul’s inheritance when it As a result of the hormonal and biochemical changes of this ingrained sur-
seeks it.” vival response, fad diets that promote restricted calories and food types — e.g., low-
I would like to propose to you that the Trivalent Understanding Noetics (T.U.N.- carb, high protein animal-based diets — without regard for the quantity and synergy
this is non-religious-) will provide you with the tools to face those “opportuni- of key nutrients, typically promote longterm reactive weight gain. Understanding
ties” that seem like obstacles! Start your journey by signing up to take the T.U.N. and correcting certain hormonal and biochemical disturbances are essential to solv-
introduction course with Dr. L.Carlisle Woods RN, M.D., MetD1. Make this year ing the problem of obesity. Perhaps the most common metabolic disturbance associ-
the year that you learn to understand “WHY YOU ARE HERE”. “Presently, the ated with weight gain is insulin resistance.
Personal Development Coordinator for Coach Sam Rutigliano’s ‘Aiming Higher
Program’, Kwaku L. Carlisle Woods RN M.D.MetD1 is an educator, entertainer, Insulin is a hormone that carries sugar into cells by attaching to special
writer, martial artist, and ex-professional athlete, (briefly was a point guard for the proteins (receptors) on the surface of brain and muscle cells.
Spirit of St. Louis in the ABA).” (In photo Dr. LC Woods -on the left and his These receptors act like doors in the membrane, or outer envelope, of cells.
wife Dr. Hameeda Woods.) When insulin attaches to these doors, it acts like a key opening these doors so that
“Doc Woods has developed tools and techniques so unique & revolutionary, he sugar can enter the cell and be converted into energy.
was invited to the United Nations sponsored, ‘Incentive 2 Innovation Conference at
U.N. Headquarters in New York. His methods are so effective that they can change However, weight gain, high fat diets, excessive consumption of refined car-
how you function in as little as 133 seconds, (that’s right seconds).” bohydrates, yo-yo dieting, decreased physical activity, and sleep deficiency slam
Learn more by going to: 1. these insulin doors shut making them resistant to the attachment and action of insu-
lin. As a result, sugar can’t enter cells, blood sugar rises, driving sugar into fat pro-
duction and weight gain via the action of the fat making enzyme, lipoprotein lipase.
It is important to note that the potential activity of this fat making enzyme
Could this Pill Potentially Offer a is significantly increased during extreme dieting as a part of the starvation response
so that this enzyme is poised and ready to promote dramatic, rapid weight and fat
Longer Life? Discover the Power of gain whenever fat and sugar intake is increased following periods of dieting and
YOU! There are 2 survival genes inherent in the human calorie restriction.
Since insulin is not attaching well in insulin resistance, the body begins to
body called NRF1 & 2. These genes, when activated turns on
believe that there is an insulin deficiency, and overproduces insulin. This excessive
an incredible immune defense system that that reduces free
insulin increases our craving for fat and sugar, reinforcing the cycle of sugar imbal-
radical damage by 70% in 90 days. These genes also support
ance and weight gain.
the human bodies ability to repair and feed itself. This product
is the 1st NUTRIGENOMICS supplement out there! I believe
this product will replace all supplements and I feel honored to Special OFFER Balance for Life Florida or Heartland Spa north
be able to present this to you today. of Chicago in Wisconsin $500 gift cert for $100. May apply to one
Please watch this short video and let me of the programs. Contact: 216-533-2273. healthyreferral@gmail.
know what you think. Af- com
ter watching this video you will be given an opportunity to
purchase product, I recommend you purchase three bottles
(90 day) so that you may experience what it feels like to be fully ACTIVATED and
discover the POWER inherent in you. You may call me at any time with questions:
757-560-8035 AM Cook/ & web site: (Distributor ID 1729083)

I wanted the chronic exhaustion, pain and anxiety to just go away, this
was not a way to live, I was just surviving, I had to take Con-
trol! That became the beginning of my new journey, one of which
I am still on and now sharing with you. I love helping others to
restore the Balance within.
My journey with doTERRA Essential Oils has been phe-
nomenal.... Results after results have been Amazing, doTERRA
Essential Oil’s has changed my life and the lives of everyone I
have touched, giving all of us a healthy alternative to pharmaceu-
ticals, chemicals and a safe environment to live in. (cont p. 22)
My husband is a Vietnam Veteran; his exposure to Agent Orange
has caused multiple illnesses, diabetes, cancer (5 year survivor), neuropathy, and the
inability to heal quickly. Larynx Cancer rebuilds can be tricky, the rebuild failed
and his larynx began to collapse. After 14 surgeries, his life line is now a Trachea
Tube. When you have someone in your home that has a Trachea Tube, everything
he comes in contact with goes directly into the lungs, they no longer have a filtering
system. I had to rethink everything in our environment and get rid of all the harm-
ful chemicals around our home, these items we are made to believe are safe to use.
CALL me today to learn more and to order Not in stores: 216-338-5318

The Washlet is an cleaning WandWand is cleaned before

electronic bidet seat and after every use.DeodorizerAir is

that cleanses you filtered and purified.

with warm water PremistWater spray that

after toileting and

wets the bowl before use. TOTO is
the world’s largest plumbing products
provides an manufacturer.
exceptionally clean We offer a complete line of
feeling. commercial and decorative plumbing
fixtures and fittings, faucets, accesso- ries, shower and flush valves, as well
works as lavatories, toilets, air baths and uri-
Hands Free DryerWarm air nals.
drying with adjustable temperature. More than 1,500 TOTO en-
77-362 Paulina Place . Kailua Kona, HI 96740. Phone 808-557-1420 Rear Soft SprayA soft, comfortable gineers and their colleagues are com- spray. mitted to achieving the seamless inte-
Email Rear CleanseWarm water gration of performance, conservation,
Post your favorate photo on our facebook page to win a 3-7 day spray with adjustable water tempera- design, and innovation.
stay with us ture and pressure.Heated SeatCom- Contact:Marchia, radio host
forting, warm seat. Mind Your Body and Spirit and copub-
Front CleanseWarm water lisher and
spray with adjustable water tempera- 216-533-2273 / 347-687-9355.
ture and pressure.DryerWarm air dry-
Healthy Referral Newspaper p.20 ing with adjustable temperature.Self-
Less Regulation and More Freedom in Health Care?
Health Sharing Takes the Stress Out of Health Care Costs
exemption from the mandate,
thanks to
hile a number of con-
the fact
stricting regulations imposed
that they
upon a number of different in-
were ef-
dustries have been rolled back
since the beginning of last
year, the vast amount of re-
for decades
maining regulations consum-
prior to
ers face in the United States
the bill be-
limits the freedom of con-
ing signed
sumers to choose the product
into law.
or service that best fits their
This has
As we know, when
many Americans who sub- not requiring members to to them by God, instead of
regulations burden industries,
scribe to the beliefs of indi-contribute toward medical being infringed upon by an
prices generally rise and the
vidual freedoms and liberties costs that violate their moral overreaching government.
number of options available
set forth by healthcare shar- and ethical beliefs.
to the consumer often dwin-
ing ministries to find a more Upon joining, Liberty Healthcare sharing
dles. With less competition
cost-effective way to pay for HealthShare members agree ministries take the govern-
in an industry, the quality of
their healthcare while also to a set of sharing guide- ment out of healthcare and
the product or service begins
escaping penalties resulting lines, which state that mem- allow like-minded people to
to fall as companies have less
from the mandate. bers will not contribute to “bear one another’s burdens”
motivation to provide con-
medical expenses arising when it comes to medical ex-
sumers with quality because
As faith-based organiza- from abortions, contracep- penses.
the consumers have few or, in
tions, these healthcare tives, sex changes, alcohol, As the cost of health-
some cases, no other alterna-
sharing ministries under- drugs, or illegal acts. This care continues to rise, it’s
stand that our freedoms are allows members to assuage no surprise that membership
In the last decade or so,
given to us by our Creator their conscience, knowing in these ministries continues
regulation and government
and not by any state or that they are not contributing to grow, as they continue to
involvement in the health-
federal government. to immoral or unethical acts provide members with much-
care industry has skyrocketed
One of the healthcare shar- while also ensuring that their needed protection against ris-
thanks in no small part to the
ing ministries that strongly sharing amounts are used ing medical costs.
Affordable Care Act. As some
follows this ideology, and only for medically necessary Now that you are
experts predicted upon enact-
one of the largest ministries expenses. armed with some key knowl-
ing this legislation, prices
with over 200,000 mem- A third way that Lib- edge as to how healthcare
have risen while consumer
bers, is Liberty HealthShare. erty HealthShare returns sharing ministries empower
options have dwindled.
Similarly to most healthcare freedom to its members is by their members to take con-
These experts have
sharing ministries, Liberty providing them the ability to trol of their healthcare costs,
been proven to be right ac-
HealthShare gives its mem- join and leave the program you too can choose freedom
cording to eHealth, who esti-
bers freedom in their health- any time they choose. Liberty in your healthcare cost deci-
mates that the average annual
care decisions in a number HealthShare allows members sions by joining a healthcare
healthcare costs for a fam-
of ways. to join any time and begin sharing ministry.
ily have risen from $9,242
their membership on the first
in 2013 (the year prior to the
ACA taking effect) to $20,604
One of the main ways that day of the following month. Contact
Liberty HealthShare gives Additionally, members
in 2017. HAVE
freedom to its members is can leave the program when-
However, one method
by allowing its members to ever they choose, meaning QUESTIONS?
of paying for healthcare ex-
penses continues to grow
seek care from whichever that if a member determines CALL US TO-
in the United States thanks
doctors and hospitals they that healthcare sharing isn’t a DAY!
decide are best for them. perfect fit, he or she can can-
largely to the freedom it of-
cel at any time.
(855) 585-4237
fers consumers. While this
While Liberty Health-
method has long been a vi-
Share has a provider list on In a time when the future Mention Healthy Referral
able option to pay for health-
its website, members are of healthcare costs is under
care expenses, the exemption
not limited to this list. The intense scrutiny, healthcare
members receive from the Af-
list simply features provid- sharing ministries provides
fordable Care Act individual
ers who have agreed to work consumers with the ability to
mandate gave it a significant
directly with Liberty Health- maintain the freedom given
boost and returned freedom to
the consumers.
If a member visits a
This method of pay-
provider who is not on this
ing for healthcare expenses
list, the member self-pays
is known as healthcare shar-
(usually at a discount) and
ing. While healthcare sharing
then submits the bill to Lib-
ministries have been around
erty HealthShare for reim-
since the 1980s, major growth
has been seen since the insti-
A second way that
tution of the Affordable Care
Liberty HealthShare keeps
Act’s individual mandate.
healthcare freedom in the
Healthcare sharing
hands of its members is by
ministries were granted an
Healthy Referral Newspaper p.21

The ONLY unique dental practice in Ohio to offer the

most advanced, comprehensive holistic & biological
dentistry for general, cosmetic & surgical
dental needs, all in one location…

We are Biological...
• Biocompatible Dental Materials
• Metal-free, All-Ceramic Dental Implants
• Biological Treatment of Snoring, Cranio-Mandibular and TMJ Disorders
• Biological Approach to Dental Hygiene and Treatment of Gum Disease
• Dental Materials Biocompatibility Testing

We are Holistic...
• Huggins Protocol Principles
• Holistic Approach to Dental Surgery, Using Patient’s Own Immune Cells
• Safe Mercury-Amalgam Removal Technique- WE ARE SMART Certified
• Holistic Dentistry for Children
• Safe Dentistry Before and During Pregnancy

We are Advanced…
• CariVu, A Brilliant New Approach to Discovering Caries and Cracks without Xrays
• Metal-free, All-Ceramic Crowns in a Single Visit!
• Full-Mouth Reconstruction, Smile Transformation
• Digital 3D Imaging and 4D Technologies
• Invisalign® Teeth Straightening

Vladimir Pastouk, DMD, ND, IBDM




Don’t have dental insurance?

Where YOU control your dental wellness investment and SAVE at every visit!
845 SOM Center Rd.
Mayfield Village OH 44143.
SEE article pg. 5 (Mention Healthy Referral When Calling)


Healthy Referral Newspaper p.22