The Dance of Joy dougfloyd 4/2006 In the desert, we learn the mystery of walking in joy in spite of hunger, thirst

and any other perceived lack. For in the desert, we learn the dance of trust. We follow and the Lord leads us in a dance that world has never seen. Though we long to lead, we must learn to follow. He gently guides us through each step of the dance. And in the process, we become the music. I’ve shared many times over the past year about the various challenges related to my 25-year battle with Chronic Kidney Disease. This next week, I begin a new step in the dance. Tomorrow I will have surgery for a temporary port to begin immediate dialysis. With the plans to eventually transfer that process to my arm. This could and probably should be a time for concern, and yet even as the doctor made plans this last week, I felt a complete sense of peace. I realized then more than ever that I was being carried by the prayers of God’s people. In this dance of joy that He has called us to, we encourage one another. We build up one another. We bear one another’s burdens. And we share in one another’s joy. The reality of this community of faith stuck deep in my soul, and I felt complete peace. As one dear brother said, “a page is turning, same author, same book, just a new page.” So I rest in the goodness of God and in the collective prayers of His people. Instead of dread, there is expectancy. Our God is good and greatly to be praised. Thank you for those who prayed for me and I appreciate your continued prayers. God is a most faithful and loving dance partner. Sitting in a coffee shop recently, I penned the following words. It’s not really poem, but it is something that expresses the wonder of humans moving across this earth. We move across the face of the deep. And as we move, music. Wisps of words swirling and spinning in a gentle dance between lover and beloved. Monstrous, giant shouting words, pounding hearts and souls like tempered steel. Cackling, hackling, chuckling words giggling in playful chaos. Crying, aching, groaning words beyond words leaking through cracked and crushed hearts. Searching, grasping, longing words hoping that one small sound might echo back to the lonely yearning heart. Gentle, caressing arms encircling and clasping two bodies as one. Sure and strong arms holding steady day after day after day. Throbbing, sweating working arms carrying the weight of this world. Pounding, shaping, building arms erecting and repairing places and possibilities. Scraping, clicking and clacking feet play the wooden floors and gravel lots, paved parking lots and mountain trails. Tap, tap, tapping feet dancing in place to the silent tune that the heart endlessly pumps. Walking, running, traveling feet heading from here to there and back again. Stomping, jumping and thumping feet raging on innocent earth. And Breathing. Raspy, graspy breathing lusting for air and for life.

Steady breathing. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Oxygen and light filling soul with smiles and sunshine. We move across the face of the deep. And as we move, music.