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Edwin Rivera
A celebration of family, friends, life, community and love!


Another year goes by... I am so glad that you are part of my life today. As many of you are aware this was a really interesting and historic year. My personal journey was filled with many exciting things, the highlight being my participation in a historic Presidential campaign, that brought me into many places and helped me get to know so many wonderful people! I decided to create a different kind of holiday letter this year summarizing 2008 and giving you a “peek” of what awaits me in 2009!

A year to remember!
During this year a chapter ended in my career. I left Health Net, a place where I had the fortune of meeting many people that are now like my family. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I had to work with a marvelous team of people. They were not only very dedicated professionals, but also people with a heart of gold. I learned so much from them and I am lucky to call them my friends. Thank you all!

Important dates!
New President
January 20 Washington DC receives President Obama, and I am planning to attend!

Madeleine is 15
February 4 Believe it or not, my older daughter is turning 15 in February!

Emmeleine is 13
May 12 That day I officially become a parent of two teenagers!

who I think will be one of the best presidents in history. Being able to see and listen to Barack Obama accept the Democratic Nomination brought tears to my eyes. as I believe that there are so many things I could do to help advance the causes that I believe in… I will be officially running to become a DNC delegate next year! 2 . I supported Barrack Obama. It seems like I will continue to be involved somehow. The now famous Proposition 8. the winning presidential campaign and on the other. it gave me hope.THE RIVERAS HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 Presidential Campaign During 2008 I had the honor and privilege of working in the Obama Presidential campaign. I have always liked politics. although I have never been as involved in politics as I was this past year. and it encouraged me to give more of myself to my community. When my candidate did not win the majority of delegates. On one side. I was able to work on his campaign and it was an incredible experience! A great experience… During the Presidential campaign I was able to work with many people here in California as well as volunteers in Nevada and Colorado during the Democratic National Convention. That was an experience of a lifetime. a ballot initiative that my side lost. The best Democrat candidate As many of you know I am a big admirer of Hillary Clinton and supported her during the primary. a loss that have ignited an important discussion on civil rights for all Californians.

here in Los Angeles. I am so proud to work with so many dedicated individuals on the Board and a staff that deserves kudos for the magnificent work that they do. This year my childhood phrase: “Summer cannot dry true friendship” became very true… as many Summers have passed. Hopefully some day we will say that AIDS is a disease of the past! My other “son” This is my other baby Max who turned 3 on New Year’s Eve 3 . This year I had the privilege of being elected Chair of the Board of Directors. that contribute to close the gap that distance creates. and contributing my “granito de arena” (little grain of sand) to educate and move people to action against that terrible disease. I am looking forward to continue the work with organization for the coming year.THE RIVERAS HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 Reconnecting with friends and contributing to my community The year 2008 was also special because I was able to reconnect with so many of my friends whom I had lost contact with because of distance. and those friends are still there!!! I was also very lucky to do some community work as I continue to serve in Board of Directors of The Wall las Memorias Project. As many of you know. and my role with “The Wall” has helped me to help my community and try to educate people about this sad disease. I thank God for social networks like Facebook. for many years I have been an advocate to end HIV and AIDS.

she is currently in the 9th grade and enjoys dancing.THE RIVERAS HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 My Princesses Madeleine (Maddie) Maddie will be 15 on February 4. In Florida we visited the Disney Parks thanks to our friend Tomas! Thanks for the treat Tomas! 4 . We visited our family in Florida and Puerto Rico. which she has been doing since she is 2 years old! She loves the arts and this year participated in a couple of plays at church and school. She is quite the daredevil and enjoys gymnastics and is in a few Pep and Cheer teams. good food. where she competes regionally and nationally. family and friends. Emmeleine (Emmie) Emmeleine will be 13 on May 12. she is in the 7th grade and also enjoys dancing. Family vacation 2008 This year we were able to do some travel. and enjoyed good times.

and good times. and love your perpetual guide. As I look at my babies grow I cannot avoid thinking of the responsibility that we have. Happy New Year my friends… many blessings and a magical time to all of you! Love you all. and possibly someone with whom to share all the good things that 2009 will surely bring to my life. I wish that good health be your faithful companion. health and love for all! On my personal life. thank you for your friendship! 5 . laughter. I was able to spend a lot of time with my two princesses as you can read in these pages. new opportunities. I cannot believe how fast time goes. Stay tuned via Facebook… My Space… LinkedIn. prosperity.THE RIVERAS HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 Wishing that 2009 comes filled with peace. e-mail and telephone… this will be a great year for all! I wish that you find yourself surrounded by friends. peace your guarded ally. This coming year I am looking forward to many changes in my life… a possible new career. to help make this world a better place for them.