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The truth behind the word.

By Jerry Vano December 2, 2010.
We should listen to the words we speak and try to grasp the root meaning of them. It seems we are aping other people’s words that roll off our tongue without registering what they truly mean to us. For instance the words inspired and reasoning, what do they really mean? Inspired means in spirit and reasoning means resonating. "In spirit resonating" think about it. When this happens we are in harmony with a spiritual nature. We have lost the sense of the presence of the spirit in words. The original Hebrew language had both an alphabetical and a numerical meaning. This basic language tied the spirit to our observation of nature. The basic language of this alphabet was tied to the earth’s magnetic field caused by its rotation. The spiraled pattern of the lines of force observed from 22 different angles is the foundation of this language. These patterns formed the written symbols of the original Hebrew alphabet. This basic magnetics is embedded in our genetics and in our mind to give us understanding. If for any reason the magnetics of the planet screwed up it would foul up our understanding and communication with each other. Well, this is what happened and the only record of this is written in the bible as the “Tower of Babel” story. If we fully understand what the biblical words are saying we would see this. The fouling of our language was caused by a pole shift. The disastrous effect of the shift scattered the people through out the world and each little regrouping of people developed their own local language. The root meaning of the word language is land gauge meaning gauging the land or a measure of the land. The local language was a result of the magnetics of that area. The magnetics of the planet is tied to the spin of the polar axis and is the timing pole of the earth. In each new local area of language the people developed their own timing poles and called them temples. The aliens are trying to get across to us and especially the to the scientific community that we cannot think properly until the pole shifts back to its former place in 2012. They tried to do this with the formulas in the drawings given in a very spiritual and mystical way to Stan Romanik. It seems we will not listen which brings out the point we cannot think properly until the pole shifts back. Incidentally, the closest language to the heavenly nature is English which has a root meaning of angleish. The meaning is that everything ties back to angles such as in the saying “what’s your angle” meaning what’s your angel? Get it? The geographical center of the land mass of earth is pinpointed by the Giza pyramid but will shift to the Jerusalem temple mound in 2012. Many people think it is necessary to build a new temple for the return of their messiah. But God will rebuild His own temple when the pole shifts and to enter His temple the aliens are trying to prepare us to get in tune with its timing.