Time well theory


While staring into a buchner funnel under vac. I began thinking very intently about just what was occurring, so I first calculated the actual downward force created by the vaccuum. and began to wonder about gravity.as in is gravity a genuine "force" or is it timespace topography? Gravitrons are postulated, but what emits/produces/contains these elusive particles? It came to me that perhaps they do not exist at all and what we experience as gravity is actually a "well" or depression in the fabric of timespace and force must be exerted to rise up into the smoother fabric of timespace and out of the depression. I use the term depression metaphoricaly to describe a condition which does not occur in the four dimensions of timespace.Rather it is a extra dimensional effect of a wave form interacting with timespace effectively making a 4 dimensional dimple in the fabric of the confines of our perceptions. This makes all the energy of gravity "potential" thus only occuring while in the influence/confines of the depression in timespace. The whole gravitron notion requires an relatively infintite emmision of energy vis-a-vis gravitrons. Such a fundamental "force" and continous exertion of said "force" would have undoubtedly been observed by now. But how does on observe the "radiation" of potential energy? So inthinking things through it seems that groups of distant dimples in timespace would naturally group the way bubbles gather into a foam, producing tthe structures we see in the universe. The whole effect is one of creating "time wells" as space is deformed into a dimple it is stretched along with time. This stretching explains the slowing of time near gravity sources, In thinking futher it seemed that standing wave forms interacting with the dimension containing the four we experience directly could explain the reason for these structures in timespace. How particles seem like particles when stoped in time but behave as wave forms when fluid. A ffour dimensional interface with a propagating wave form would form a particulate dimple when observed as an instant in flow, when observed in flow that moving dimple would become a four dimensional waveform.Macro wave forms would produce a slowing of timespace and form matter.as the wave form is nearly frozen to our perception we experience "solidity" this all seemed to fit what I have learned from Abramov and Bohm regarding a holographic underpinning of reality and loci of interference would seen to explain the standing waves we experience as matter. Just coffee musings but i am interested in others thoughts.