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Administered March 2000

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DIRECTIONS Find the word that best completes the sentence.

DIRECTIONS Read the words inside and outside the oval. Find the missing word.

SAMPLE A The students are in school. They are ______ lunch.

SAMPLE B Find the missing word.

red COLORS yellow




eating reading from your


four green sad apple

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DIRECTIONS Answer the question about the picture. SAMPLE C

How is the girl feeling? A B C D She is happy. She is asleep. The food is good. She has a nice haircut.

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Page 5 . He rides his bike. 6-12 SD-1 Carlos is from — F G H J Mexico Peru Japan Vietnam SD-2 How does Carlos get to school? A B C D He rides the bus. This is his third day at his new school. and Carlos is teaching David to play soccer. He is from Peru. David is helping Carlos learn English. Passage Gr. Carlos and David are becoming friends. SAMPLE D A New Student Carlos is a new student. He walks. He drives. He rides the bus with David.DIRECTIONS Read the selection and choose the best answer to each question.

? table chair rainy windy WEATHER sunny A B C D silly cloudy ready monkey F G buildings furniture roads food ? H J Page 6 GO ON . Find the missing words. desk bed 1 Find the missing word.DIRECTIONS Read the words inside and outside the ovals. 2 Find the missing word.

3 This is a ______. He is ______ the class where Florida is on the map. 4 Marco is from Florida.DIRECTIONS Find the word that best completes the sentence. A B C D plate bear glass bottle F G H J showing waiting after using Page 7 GO ON .

F A B C D grows dances likes stands G H J place season month flower Page 8 GO ON . 6 Rachel enjoys this time of year. She ______ music.5 Lisa plays the guitar. Spring is her favorite ______.

F G A B C D do are need say H J mind job way tire Page 9 GO ON . 8 Mr.7 Cathy and Carl can’t pick up the box by themselves. Flores often stops at this gas station. They ______ some help. It is on his ______ to work.

She suggested a few ways to ______ it. Clark liked the first draft of Paul’s paper. 10 Marisa is doing her homework. She hasn’t finished it ______. A B C D destroy control improve search F G H J during always sometimes yet Page 10 GO ON .9 Mrs.

Everyone likes the weather. It is a sunny day. There is a storm. Their homework is difficult.DIRECTIONS Answer the questions about the pictures. Page 11 GO ON . What’s the weather like? F G H J They like to eat outside. It is a new microscope. They are working on an experiment. 12 11 What are the students doing? A B C D They are cooking dinner.

Jacob groped for it. His hand searched for the clock. “Just look on top of your head.” Aunt Tina said with a smile. “I can’t find them anywhere!” “Stop worrying. cereal. First Day of High School The alarm clock rang.DIRECTIONS Read each selection and choose the best answer to each question. He just drank some juice and nibbled on a piece of toast. and he finally hit the “off” button. “Where are my glasses?” he asked. pancakes.” Aunt Tina had made a big breakfast. “You don’t want to be late for your first day of high school. Jacob wasn’t very hungry that morning. Juice. Then he slowly got out of bed and began to dress. and toast were on the table. “Get going!” Aunt Tina called from the kitchen.” Page 12 GO ON . eggs.

A boy gets ready for his first day of high school. the word groped means — A B C D worried called reached ran 16 How did Jacob probably feel as he got ready for his first day of high school? F G H J Angry Hungry Pleased Nervous 14 What did Jacob eat for breakfast? F G H J Cereal Toast Eggs Pancakes 17 What is this story mainly about? A B C D A boy always stays up too late watching television. 15 Aunt Tina told Jacob to get going because — A B C D she wanted to go to school with him he was moving too slowly she didn’t hear the alarm he wasn’t eating enough Page 13 GO ON . A boy’s aunt enjoys making big breakfasts. A boy can’t see well without his glasses.13 In this story.

John Glenn is now the oldest man to have traveled in space. 1998 Spaceship Friendship 7 Discovery Length of Flight 5 hours 9 days Age 40 77 Page 14 GO ON . In 1998 he circled our planet again.Who is John Glenn? In 1962 astronaut John Glenn became a hero. 1962 October 29. This time he was part of a team of seven people. John Glenn’s Spaceflights Date February 20. He was the first American to orbit Earth.

18 This passage is mainly about — F G H J different kinds of heroes a famous astronaut why people travel in space how to become an astronaut 20 How old was John Glenn the second time he traveled in space? F G H J 40 62 77 98 19 How long was John Glenn’s flight in 1962? A B C D 5 hours 7 hours 9 days 20 days Page 15 GO ON .

Place the green container next to the curb in front of your house before 8:00 A.Town of Westwood Newsletter Dear Westwood Resident: Westwood Recycling Program Is Under Way Most of us know that garbage has become a big problem. 2. RECYCLE NOW Mayor. aluminum cans. metal. and plastic items on top of the newspapers. plastic jugs. Rinse all containers thoroughly with water to avoid problems with insects and other pests. newspapers. Place glass. Town of Westwood 1 Page 16 GO ON . on your scheduled collection day. Stack newspapers in the bottom of your green container. 3. Only plastic items with the number 1 or 2 on the bottom can be recycled at this time. The town of Westwood now has a recycling program. What Can Be Recycled We will collect glass containers. and bottles that have a recycling symbol on the bottom. The recycling truck will pick up your items once a week according to the schedule below: Area of Town North South East West Collection Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Thanks for doing your part! Let’s all work together to make this clean-up drive in our community a success.M. Garbage dumps and landfills are getting full. Directions for Recycling 1. Each household has received a large green plastic recycling container labeled with the words “Recycle Now.” Please use this box for your recyclable materials instead of throwing them into the trash. You can help reduce the amount of trash going to our landfill by recycling.

21 The word drive in this passage means — A B C D energy a short trip a planned effort a street or road 23 What is the best summary of this letter? A Westwood residents are told what materials to recycle. B C D 22 The section titled “What Can Be Recycled” is mostly about — F G H J reasons for recycling directions for preparing materials the collection schedule for each part of town the kinds of materials residents should recycle Page 17 GO ON . aluminum cans. and when their materials will be collected. how to sort materials. and plastic containers should be placed in the recycling boxes. Plastic containers that have a triangle and a 1 or 2 on the bottom will be collected in Westwood. Glass containers. All recyclable items not collected each week will be collected at other times.

Some have been forming for thousands of years. Please carry your trash out with you. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING RULES. Keep the cave beautiful for the next visitors. Don’t take any souvenirs. Admission is free. The oil from your skin can keep them from growing. They are very fragile and the slightest touch may break one. Don’t disturb any animals. Recall the trip by taking memories with you. People often suffer cuts and scratches when caving. Take along a first-aid kit. q q q q q q q q q 09R39839F Page 18 GO ON .Welcome to Red Rock Cave This notice is posted at the entrance to Red Rock Cave. THEY WILL KEEP YOU SAFE AND ALSO PROTECT OUR CAVE. Don’t paint or mark on the walls. Dress properly. Bring food and water. Wear warm clothes and boots that won’t slip on mud and wet rocks. Pack extra batteries. not by taking rocks or creatures from the cave. WELCOME TO RED ROCK CAVE. Caving takes a lot of energy. BEFORE YOU ENTER. Write the time you start your trip and sign out when you leave the cave. but please sign the register. RED ROCK CAVE AND ITS RESIDENTS THANK YOU. It’s easy to get lost in a hidden passage. Respect the cave’s wildlife. Don’t touch any of the rock formations in the cave. q q Don’t explore this huge cave by yourself. Wear a helmet with a light on it.

25 The best title for this sign is — A B C D Who Lives in Red Rock Cave? A Guide to Exploring Red Rock Cave Stay Out of Red Rock Cave The History of Red Rock Cave 27 The main purpose of this sign is to — A B C D inform people how to explore Red Rock Cave safely warn people to avoid Red Rock Cave persuade people to donate money to Red Rock Cave describe the different formations in Red Rock Cave Page 19 GO ON .24 In this notice. Only one group is allowed in the cave at a time. the word souvenirs means — F G H J proof that you paid for something pictures taken using flashbulbs things kept as reminders cloudy bodies of water 26 Why should cavers sign out when they return from their trip? F G H J Others can tell if anyone is lost in the cave. The caver who gets back earliest will get a prize. The cave owner will know how much to charge them.

and she ran down the street. When she reached the park. the baseball game had already started.” he said. She saw how late it was. Rita. Rita’s friend Julio shouted to her from the baseball field.Why was Rita hurrying? Rita looked at her watch as she left Adams High School. “I’m sorry.” 09R19812N Page 20 GO ON . You can play in the game tomorrow after school. “We couldn’t wait for you any longer.

28 This story is mostly about — F G H J two friends who meet after school a girl who arrives late for a game a girl who learns to be more patient a baseball player who runs very fast 30 Where was the baseball game being played? F G H J At the park At Adams High School In Julio’s yard In the street 29 You can tell from the story that Rita’s friends — A B C D waited awhile for her didn’t want her in the game thought she was a good player were glad she finally arrived 31 Rita will probably play baseball — A B C D early the next morning later the same day the next afternoon next season Page 21 GO ON .

They stood out in the snow as clearly as ink blots on white paper. and the ranch was painted with a thin coat of snow. Ginger was going to be all right. was missing. The temperature was falling rapidly as dark clouds rolled in from the distant mountains. and now the clouds sweeping down on the ranch were bringing the first bitter weather of winter. Feeling hopeless. A snowstorm that could have ended her life had saved it instead. Lucinda got into her truck and headed out over the desert. She returned to the ranch house a couple of hours later. A few minutes later. Ginger had been sick recently. tired and discouraged. she found Ginger’s tracks. The tracks led into a small canyon at the edge of the ranch. the cold could be too much for her in her weakened condition.The Missing Horse Lucinda was worried because one of her horses. she was in her truck bouncing across the desert once again. When she awoke a few hours later. In less than an hour. The storm had passed. Ginger. searching for Ginger’s hoofprints. “What good luck!” Lucinda shouted as she jumped to her feet and ran out the door. She searched the snowy terrain for fresh hoofprints. she looked out the window. There was no trace of the horse’s trail on the hard. She drove slowly. Lucinda watched for a while and then dozed off. I can’t track her down. Page 22 GO ON . If Ginger couldn’t find shelter. The mare had always been a little wild. There Lucinda discovered her horse huddled against a rocky cliff.” thought Lucinda. Lucinda flopped into a chair by the window just as the first flakes of snow began to fall. but she couldn’t have picked a worse day to run away. rocky ground. “If I can’t find her trail.

35 How did Lucinda feel after she woke up and looked outside? A B C D Frightened Worried Relaxed Excited Page 23 GO ON . A young woman searches for wild horses in the desert. A dangerous snowstorm threatens a ranch. A cover of snow helps a young woman find her missing horse.32 In this passage. dozed off means — F G H J began to cry fell asleep looked around drove away 34 Lucinda couldn’t find Ginger the first time because — F G H J Lucinda was not familiar with the area Ginger’s hoofprints didn’t show on the ground the roads hadn’t been cleared of snow it was too dark to follow the horse’s trail 33 What is the best summary of this passage? A B C D A wild horse escapes and runs away.

dependable. noon to 5 P. will train Apply in person.A Classified Ad WAITERS/WAITRESSES NEEDED Join our friendly staff! Busy restaurant needs waiters and waitresses Work lunch and dinner hours. and polite Experience not necessary. Tasty Restaurant 7 Elm Street Orangeville Page 24 GO ON . weekdays and weekends Perfect for high school and college students Will arrange hours around class schedule Good pay Must be neat.M.

the word staff means — F G H J customers students workers class 38 To apply for this job.36 In this ad. a person should — F G H J call on the telephone go to the restaurant write a letter to the owner see a school guidance counselor 37 People who apply for this job must be — A B C D busy experienced hungry polite 39 The ad does NOT offer jobs to people who want to work — A B C D early mornings afternoons late evenings weekends Page 25 GO ON .

of course. They are pulled to the top of the first hill by a chain. Then gravity moves the car for the rest of the ride. Today’s roller coasters are not as dangerous. it began a new life as an amusement ride. What are they? They are roller coasters. The cars coasted 18 miles downhill at a top speed of 6 miles per hour. It was built in 1800 to carry coal down a mountain in Pennsylvania. The entire ride lasted almost three hours. the momentum lifts riders out of their seats for a moment or two as the cars begin their descent. The plunge down the first hill builds up enough speed for the cars to get up the next hill and so on until the end of the ride. Hundreds of roller coasters thrill people at amusement parks around the country. workers ride the coasters each day to listen for sounds that might signal a problem. computers monitor the coasters throughout each ride. When it was no longer used as a coal train. Modern coaster tracks are measured in feet rather than miles. In addition. The rides last minutes instead of hours. It can take four hours to do each day’s safety check.” A good roller-coaster ride provides plenty of it. People started building real roller coasters in the 1880s. but today’s coasters are far more exciting. Coaster fans call these moments of separation from their seats “air time. Roller-coaster cars have no motors. In some parks.What’s it like to ride a roller coaster? They make people scream in fear. As the cars reach the top of each hill. Page 26 GO ON . The first roller coaster in the United States was a train. yet people pay for a chance to ride them. Some gave such a wild ride that people suffered broken bones. Safety bars and harnesses hold riders in place. Some reach speeds of 100 miles per hour.

today’s rides are — F G H J longer and slower shorter and faster rougher and more dangerous less exciting 41 What is the last paragraph mostly about? A B C D How roller coasters work Why roller-coaster rides are wild Why people get hurt on roller coasters How workers maintain roller coasters 43 How long was the earliest known roller-coaster ride in the United States? A B C D 1. the word monitor means — F G H J a student who helps a teacher to keep watch over a giant lizard to make special sounds 42 Compared to the earliest roller coaster.40 In this passage.880 feet 6 miles 18 miles 100 miles Page 27 GO ON .

The students in Mr. He also gave directions and told the students to begin. He was happy that he had studied the night before. Kenny smiled as he looked at the test questions. Chung gave the test to the students. 09R19809N Page 28 GO ON . Mr. Chung’s class entered the room.The History Test The day of the history test had come.

47 Why was Kenny happy? A B C D He knew the answers to the questions. Mr. Mr. Chung gave out the tests. Kenny and his class take a history test. Chung will clean the chalkboard. Chung was a good teacher. Chung gave directions for the test. The students entered the room. Page 29 GO ON . Chung. 45 What is the main idea of this story? A B C D Kenny forgets to study for a test. He liked Mr. Mr. Kenny’s favorite subject is history. Chung will show a movie to the students. 46 What will happen next? F G H J Kenny will leave the room. Kenny will answer the test questions. Kenny’s grade is the best in the class. The class was very quiet. Mr.44 Which of these happened last? F G H J Kenny looked at the test. Mr.

This was the first time players born in Latin America won the awards in both leagues. Voting for 1998 Player Sammy Sosa Mark McGwire Moisés Alou Greg Vaughn Craig Biggio Team Chicago Cubs St.V. and Juan González was born in Puerto Rico. was Juan González.P. National League M.V.P. In 1998 the National League’s M. The American League’s M. voting for 1998.Baseball’s Most Valuable Players Each year the Baseball Writers Association of America votes for the sport’s most valuable players.V. Sammy Sosa was born in the Dominican Republic.) in the National League and in the American League.V. It also shows how many votes each player received. was Sammy Sosa. These sportswriters elect a Most Valuable Player (M.V. The chart below shows the top five National League players in the M.P.P.P. Louis Cardinals Houston Astros San Diego Padres Houston Astros Votes 438 272 215 185 163 Page 30 GO ON .

V. the word elect means — A B C D see choose play study Page 31 GO ON .’s were — F G H J on the same team good friends in the American League from Latin America 49 In this passage. 1998 was the first year both baseball M.P. Louis Cardinals San Diego Padres Houston Astros 50 According to the passage.48 Which team had more than one player among the top five? F G H J Chicago Cubs St.

M.” last grade completed: ______________________ Are you now in school? ❑ Yes ❑ No Sports or activities: ___________________________________________________________ Work Experience Last job held: _________________________________________________________________ Company: ____________________________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________________ Dates worked: From ______ to ______ * * * All the information I have given in this application is true. Date: __________________ Signature: __________________________________________ Page 32 GO ON . She is able to work weekday afternoons. She went to the mall to apply for a job as a cashier.” date of birth: ______________________________ Job you are applying for: _______________________________________________________ ❑ Part-time ❑ Full-time Education Last school attended: __________________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________________ Did you graduate? ❑ Yes ❑ No If “no.Applying for a Job Sonia Pérez wants to get a job. and her high school classes end at 1 P. The store manager asked her to fill out this form: JOB APPLICATION Name: _______________________________________________________________________ (Last) (First) (Middle Initial) Address: _____________________________________________________________________ (Street) (Town or City) (State) (Zip) Are you 18 or older? ❑ Yes ❑ No If “no.

She has been truthful on the application. She has filled in all the information. 52 Under “Work Experience. She will accept the job.51 On the line “Job you are applying for.” Sonia should write — A B C D part-time student cashier manager 53 What does Sonia promise by signing this form? A B C D She will work hard if she gets the job.” which job should Sonia list? F G H J Her favorite job Her first job Her hardest job Her last job Page 33 GO ON .

soon. Another year it was bright pink. “No. But when could they paint it? Miss Ada never went anywhere. the neighbors began to realize that “soon” really meant “never. “Hey. One year it was sky blue. It wasn’t much bigger than a dollhouse. The roof was so low that she hardly needed a ladder.” What could the neighbors do? They couldn’t offer to paint it for her. As she got older. a small crew gathered. “How did she know who to thank?” they asked one another. Page 34 GO ON .Miss Ada’s House Everyone knew Miss Ada’s house. Soon she was thanking each secret painter by name. honey. Then she looked at the crowd. Everyone else’s house stayed the same color. Then they looked at each other and began to laugh. she could paint her house in a weekend. The only answer was to paint the house in secret. Later that morning a crowd gathered around Miss Ada’s house. Every year Miss Ada painted it a different color. On the night of the next full moon. Still another year it was grass green.” neighbors called as they walked past. thank you. Then came the year that she didn’t paint it at all.” Miss Ada was a proud woman. Miss Ada. Finally. There was just one safe time: late at night when she was asleep. she looked at her house in surprise. the job took longer.” she’d say from her porch. “When are you going to paint your house?” “Soon. They worked in absolute silence so Miss Ada wouldn’t hear them. They all had bright yellow spots in their hair. but Miss Ada’s house bloomed in a new color every spring. When Miss Ada was young. When she came out. It was now the color of the sun. She would just say. It was almost daylight when they finished. honey.

Miss Ada was going out of town then. She had seen them working. They had paint in their hair. They needed light to work. Page 35 GO ON . 55 How did Miss Ada know who the secret painters were? A B C D Someone told her their names. They wanted to copy the color of the moon. She had heard them talking.54 Another good title for this passage could be — F G H J Springtime The Young Miss Ada Moving Day Helping Miss Ada 56 Why did the secret painters wait for the night of the next full moon? F G H J It was Miss Ada’s birthday.

“Maybe I should try out for the band. Cole greeted him.M.M. Brad had been playing the trumpet for two years.” thought Brad. I can do something I like and watch the football games. His uncle Bob.” 09R29823N Page 36 GO ON .” On Wednesday Brad went to Room 324.–2 P. If I’m in the band. had been teaching him. Uncle Bob was pleased with Brad’s progress and thought he had talent. “I want to join something.” Mr.” he said. too. Mr. Cole smiled when Brad finished playing. “We need another trumpet player. “Let me hear you play something. The band will be playing at next week’s football game. “Come back tomorrow for your uniform and come to practice on Friday after school. a musician.Why did Brad want to join the band? Brad saw this notice on a school bulletin board: JOIN THE B A N D ! Come to Room 324 Wednesday 11 A.

Brad doesn’t like to wear uniforms. Brad’s uncle teaches him to play the trumpet. 60 The reader can tell from the story that Brad — F G H J was not a good trumpet player took trumpet lessons at school played in a band with his uncle Bob became a member of the band BE SURE YOU HAVE MARKED ALL OF YOUR Page 37 ANSWERS ON THE ANSWER DOCUMENT. Students in his school wear uniforms to class. . the word talent means — A B C D ability good manners a dream bad habits 59 Why will Brad need a uniform? A B C D The band members wear uniforms when they perform. He is joining the football team. 58 What is this story mostly about? F G H J Brad is the best musician in his school.57 In this story. Brad becomes a member of the band. He plans to join the army.



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