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GHA YAT ~J\L_D" "-vT"'-1



The Goal of theViise





The Go_ of the- ise






.. n.l!.I:A!'\' KIESEL



This is not ~ much an introducti6n to fu~ PiC trix as ilt: . a ~gniti"n of e transmission of i 1om\'\ ledge to English $-peakers of fur West. The Ghayl1l AJRa im has been wefl known in the h:islOIT" o. western eso:tericisII.'\ ret it. n'OJ.rl e\ ad'ed ~ transLated into Eng[j~h for mi:mf rerstnries, The rO~OODb at the Pica ~ of which volume rn 0 embodies book m and IV, was a large

umpilaticn nf magiral, cultural and. hermetic know~edge boasting of 0 er 200 sources, A varie~ 0'1 practices ar~ evid.ent in the anther' _ escri:ptim:15 of za rtans cultures surh as the Sabi.n'l5, ~ and Nab.ltaeans. _ ~ r~e:reTlO5 are quoted tmm aide SOlITCC5, 50me reco~

. schol.aJl!, others obs ure and rmronfirmed as ~ e Thus one can read the verd of Ibn, ta.h:shqa as he describes the regional p.flKlice5 derived from tiw Nllb{Tt1Uim grif.-u 'f' re as e~ as the ~teri(: doctrines or the lklrwan III - Safo ..IDlmIgo~

Thera is OJ: ded edly practic I aspect to nonymous

uthor's pres£'ntati n of the material. hereas

admcrritions m th eader 'I, am ~m5t the pTadic:e of m~c as unorthodox e V~l find th mDS dcl.· eO d~ptiDn5 of m.ngical nt~ and. alchemical operations, CJne 0 d:1.l! SfgniflCB nl: aspec ot the ft!xt can seen in tha It emplli1VS the doctrine or corr5pondan-es~ which were to beo me the trademar a a steady ITeam of esoteric. -orks m e Iikes of !\gripp~ Fi 100 Iirand 1a and

Copyriuht ~ All right n5C1'\'erl.




SeatlIe,. Wa.!ihi elon (Ju:ro~oo.;@ ~.Drg

vv." v. bookarts.cum

DeiuXie' Edman limited tn 500 nnmbe::nrl en ~

fu..:l· Editi 'r+ - d pies,

I ~ .I.Jl1hO]1 mule to one thousand numbered copi~.

u TEDmO~

:\1anllfac:h1Ted In the United Sta.J;:~ olf Amzrica


3. The Life 0 PldJ'1.1 , Their -5hapes. lheU Incense, and :len; C,;trtru!fl~. The 'U'" D C ~l.latiQTffi lich: I nfluerrce l.i.."gi.c -mk, he Chi.ii"ai.: ris 16 l1f the R:egii:Jffi Jane nbill W

the Fl<!T1cl5r and ~ 01 the c: . 15

The 5ecre~ Knf1.. to Those l m No? Profowuil ~ ED;ed 'in . - d.'lLl" I:

';:. C~ Excerpts oi ~r Chaf'OKleristics ad f loy, tu Gill5pirits ._ilh the l\ld m pt.anet.ny ConfigUTilti!olrtS :..;

6 .. The lint g Calling: Spirits KnO\ n -., me pI!({ ;;'t • amra

Tmding \0 Aris tl ti Hermes, and the. anine

-aTL<iffi.mS <l]1d lis Appeilrallcr --

-. Gilling PlruleIaiy Forces Rr=--mg Up Eu:hangmg ~~l C.on v ~o:n:s wifh Them .md Sharing '\vHh Them the Eliel"is uf A("tions by Using "·ml6 OHwin,; '

laking ~pp.l:i atro an ProciUDoilg lnc~ as jeoll as b

Using o\3l:rolpg1 R,rt' _ al ~ in the- 5.1bis ~

• IOOllgnt

Caning PTilI'Iet:ary fl rces ndhridnall_' th 5pmtual NaIIlei of lh~ f,(}rr~ Placed Bt:!;H~e ~ 51 . Drrections .and Using Them in A.c~wd.ulce\rth Ari~olJe.·" Uastruc1iol'15 n-

10. \ ~1ng Spinmal. . l.agic and. d ehicl Repel th~ Harmful Eff~ of ction;;; as Presenked in -wmtic's md Hd"m:i:3' ¥to 0 "n _ flligJUtI raIbmilII eperanons, b USlll:; .food • Inr:ense. cdum Ointment, ,md Da::odmg 1:heiT

Efieds from fh.e iu 'hid-r 1"he _\ erE Al:t.ach llS

11. Thf'll:rmt. Ma~]caI Talismans \VM or Di~ PU:rp:!'Se5 il Taken &om former- .sdenti5t I arks in Imagmatron, Re>'eT:!olT]g, Perrep -~n and ~nju r;'l'\!: Vari£lus .~o;Qrd!ng to the- [b-[red ~ !\'fil.gical Talismans tc Put One In Sleep, 1:0 !l.f.akc Hlrn Moti~. lD . 'ill Him. and to N eulralize Pni:sum: US

B IV 161

I. Ecteruiing IUU:liT1i.n.3rfj'on tEam the F~ Callie 10 Eifocts &:-10\ I t Till ~ bobt th£ T l\iIe ~2 of the Phvs!caI .md M..:'laphysu:aJ Re.alil:i.e5~ the TnlJ! Essence 0 lhe find Us ~ and Rea1Hy. as .... ""rl.I a ... lbe Truth nr lJIe lnner lif~ and Irs Re.olli,. I _

1.. Cillino the Spinls an ~ F~ of ~ QDJ]

and s it Enters ConsteTl~ as u S

E.1rth.. Aumding 0 - KJ:If1llih llnd Aiwssin·

e Seven ThrY fa In .~c~ rith bilOi of,

lbough~1;3 - .

3. ScmI;' of the CapelS COHwaJed 5ecrd:!! and Som of rlld:r 5vmbril .. in This Ri!

~ E plwi:ng

Enigm.ali by Pi: D

Preventmg j I:S Oaocmn~ _


o, M.akin(T Planct1:ry Incense and the fclridcs

'I1"ri5 Prinaple' "" Prac - .11

-. Abu Bab: fun '13 -hiJ.1~s Trans atinn f 3b<fl:<!eilJl

[asit;;; T Vorb and Talismans 23;

• £(fia:ts of Things are a r.I..U1L.tion efTheir Ch.Had:er:ii.1:ic:: 273 Q !ipec.i.a! Campgruml£ of a~ Takm from 'I.'-arim.l.5 Books, FoD.owed • Reccrm.lIl-enaations.!. 1

The curre!"ipond~ce; are attribu teo. to he lanetary b ies, p!anbi, seen , S 1leS,, a:ni:J:mili and S\ mbols,

lagica1 inks. and heir in ed tents a~ ,; ~ II a: - pecial incenses fOJ th.:- planetary sp:irits <lft:' de.bcribed. Anima.l sacrifices, along \rith a1ii lrDT'~g;iUi't limes t'or thei r 'performance are also ..u1duded here, II:k_~ Dtiltt!riill5 ""ere tln:mght ~o have a :re~atiOl1shrp with the div,ne" OJ! d. each being a link in the chain of manifestation. \1JaE.n the Picliitrix 5J1l2i'Iks fJi !i in" flmf'lfmat4"2 J. i j re erring to a stellar &ws,rance. -hich acts as a medhrm throuarh ,,-hleb the soul may cemmune rith the be y. Thus in order to hring m~rrurud forces tD "bear in !.he prncti ~iCJlle sphere, one would in oke the ~ pidt uf :mer-any thcreb_ aligning that influence between the mtcreeosm and .the macrocesm. The prOl.::ess is ~ same willi thE' rrmstruction of fuli5mMl5i w"herebythe corresponding materials are Imbued , 'ifu iii. particular stellar rorca "hen [he plPinetarv body iappropriately aspecred, 51!\ eral ~1ilgiCal linages aJ:l2: described in delail ea -h "\\ -th its deslgnated p L These correspemdenres pla._ a ignificant role and are ,a defining part of the western esoteric tradition as it has c me don to us tlm:mgh thee cen hrries,

:illiam J. KiesBli An.tnm:na] Equinox

, 11k

:eChapter One~

H !\ ... E TALKED ~e }'OU reader, don" in the ~aF1ier b{Joks~ and mentioned the Influen e5 01[ talismans .. lmagli_: and their effuct-, beside thE origins and Uieir linki~lg pairs and we ~"Ur:ct."S~fu11} thrilled rOll with it. \\'e alse tried as much as: pes i!:tre w mention that everything 15 formed inside the earth and in the air above it or even SI little hig;hf'! than that, in the cd~a1 firmament ThL'Se

aJi "man .. and imae - ha" similar shapes an - rna dUng arui\alem clf&G..- just as ~ SUfi. ~liL'rY time it madres tD ill

certain points in eo om iJ causes a certain . and

1A ifh il:5 amtinunu rotating it cffimge;. The pla 0 - the

sta 1 arid unstable plane .

wh..m~\;'Ef' e: ne2d to moYe snmethin Dr make 5Dm~thing come true, ,;e determine first Ule time and the . Iare in the- Drml nf \ ·hich \ "e naturnTIy -an to ow the dl>;posibon Or somethin .It depends on ihe earth or -ai:i)

f 1 rs: and as a re=ul f a _gred1 spirt 0 .e-m

On see .. the 'u_ the spells wor -. b th at I:hese.

ys ,e neeessa ear and the ea en) \ tha

.. what is pIcsenmd m this l::!mrlt from the -::aity 0_ nUisb: an th , iiiy to the k u"lmgr - ~pclls.

E eryone ~ ho t.ri to use the magical spells must

m hat the plane have LI eir (lW dal powers;

0'0 'ers that de nil' JI1.:1icb <IIt~. other p.lalli_~.


SA TURN for e ample is the planet ~ 'hose mrrce holds w,eat: ~,rrf!1lgtll and M_ he laum-rkdg€ of m:!r-'mnllLb mtrit and the p[J\/,a~r to obtain fh:e Teaso:ft bffiinil things and '!:h.f! ilbilil:j to find their' ifdmtirm~, the !pell ofu~~ and ImtJU/lf'ligt! oj 5tcret and 'IU!{:51:eribJl - [S5fU'5_

n also IFI!l1es the Hebrt!ID and. Cgpti languages and fill exl;eTual body pam it rule the righ ~1iI:r th~ uu :"idf partand the ~I1!eR as an in ernal IJr~~ hi h .;J!so is crmslrl~d the OUJ"ce of the black pOf.lJt!1' nist« eo the trn and the _imnj.:;; and that -hlch hol$ the whole paris togefkn-

Its fabrks: all kinds of Touglr fobrir:!i, i~5 professiens: leatiu?, bmnurg.lrrrmittg and bmlding and mme disgr.JJ8 and il rules the ,epu1.~i;,e t1l5U:S the ~ti1d pmr. as fOr locatiarus II rules bJiTck mal n ttl~. dt;J,.k ~all£ll5, &~I'tt;; lOl!.lhl grtWtryJl'd5 and the lJitiernf!S5.

jB rels-: Off!! t; d StiI; 'i5, and 1 ad I ~ Its metals: lmd. iron. and eve . th:ing else that has turned biD , ,'rub'l and s inl] ,e m . lis plants: oa s iQtT~ amJb, pfiffn fW! l'anlI _, barU,om, cumin. rrnim. and all hard k~ plan t s and U[orny Jumn/ul rrees, 11;5 drugs: ulOf. n - I their equtvalent. wiLi a::sto ail plmrt and. lI1t1d c.oiocynth.. I ts scents; WfiiterU1 and licorice.

osmets B ~ pias

a long, and

iJff1lUrr. L~ .ats [: t , derground Its colors: bluck mally its symbol:

~ Gha_ at Al-Hakirn ~

)UPIIlER:is tne 50nrce of grawing pcrwer and' haiits own tiu.'<Iry C!I religwm; and the 5rumCC oJ fYTigiaus Imo_. It also has the abilit)· 6f obfoliling 1Di.;;ht~ l"'asHr and keeping way f :dful ~ick'1tes._~ and di.ce1L.~. It is also known for Ur[f;dam, f1'rjh.~fnI and infi'rpTI'tabt'it:l - drrams.

Jnpit2l' holds rulershlp ClVfi the Gred Ian nagc and among the exb!rnal, <1_ parts; tlti! 141 ear and also the inlemaJ argans the liD r, ~-n is ImO\\'Il fOT rigiltnes<:; ~ _ lht mood..;;; and fi:re ~ rm 'l!di.o;:.;;Ui'.5 and hat which LS t'Jod m the body and with R ~ bod • gmw~. A for iL religions it has all Lutittd rt'Ugll':JrtS. 'Dr its doth It rules ·rriny w-hit£ cloth ~~, alfirrr.r and similar.

for itsaCtl"Olls: goad d!!et~5 and PTL't'f"n HOff hom bad effects and ilia all the rclj l'W l~ £~rl"mmlies_ F01i' Us trades: all


rr kay, ay from cheatlngs ~ tastes: all _ so ' and

smIJDtil msres, for i lot:al::ions: all pm~ (If wors 'PJ leID and «r-: t"n plru:F&

Fer i 5 • ewds: thli! Aquammin~, yellllW wJ'

D ndum omd al] white sllmy and bri~ht =-Wnt5 used, Its metals; fin and .:Im:-, fOT plants: UJmrru :. rurrmutb, pi~mjllCF.i fm::rlma -. pine nut- and all picl-.sl1.rlt plflld5 \\ ilh edib/~ (Juit. it aI~ rules the ~pir;~5 anti my.,. le beside e ~ thi11:g r.L..qlU ana rnrut


-: t et, Its animals;

!! n cd Wi' .fift3: and an dfJ111 ri1fim: wlirnal "." hkh do Iittle harm like L mels, ~ l71 and II ~utifuI looking bird _ like 1~, 'QOfUT5, ~1:,lff

;tg~ and Mack pi ( also e \~err useful ect, like ';;11k

worm and those similar ." rfth greenrs" and also ~ 'hire caJon: as '\ re.ll. HeJ1e is the S}"11'1 bok

:s Ghavat: l-Hakim ~

used fur _fuel snd fire. 5 tor Its drogs: ,<II drugs ilia have <it ~-d qUlllity that would Ioll'with thcir 5h1l~~ and Tr-t:ltt.

Il5scenl:5; red sflnnalWtJrJd and th~ Hke. For Us animals; the red ones among the camc.1.E and atl anima .. with crminl! r • and Iwrm_{u.' cka EQ lmimIJ1s I:ib! 'UWfVf!: as. wdl as all hlJT!U '.l rP.ti inuds, ~ kes and 5l..wpf(m._~ and j colors are all

rleep red ones and here is Us. svmbol:

IT.'.' l.:eo

m:: SlJN i!5 th lig11l ~

~djns pt.1U1U'. 1 rules over the. Ii'01'll 'hil 50 h • for VUE'

It'lliHo and iCIW,.tiOH ~- oNigl tnms. As Jior Us ltmgu.ah~s it

ules tb_t= E· rf}p~ It (lJ Sf'i> and is' es e- G ee

lan~age.\viili f~lnv. 1\.5. or the e!X~al"body parts that it rules, Iht:! rigi,rt i!yt;; iii 11, .Isy.nul the 1c J in ~ night "me for both men and wo ren as fur the internal organ it rule tll.e 1 rear' the m a in part 0 f ali llial is responsiblefer

dm.'Yrlg that mnst dec"tt r~ fet in the whole y.

;\s for religiuns i rules the A gt an t.'f m rc

tcllgio:n- .. and tha is to resent the lory of ~ wm sptnts: _ fur faI.ric it rules 0 ocr tall' JIfuf tuin doth ilrtd·.ru.L such PI" . siens as ,,""'-..,IJ- ....

a stone sh.tped like a lentil with man" differen t colms could be found m lndla and sometimes in the Iranian moant.a['ns,U5Cd in the old time as a drug to an 5V!11t' L'1Ie' diSl!J,l;:,'£S and allbrigTd ~md glorious. red :it~lHiS,Qf top L.IUa]i~~- -

A5 fur metals i rules e (JU.Tii! gold and its plants are all tal! and gZamlJTO S "au ling plants 11 e pall, ITJe~ and

~ul'1Ji1i~s. also '!'llJmn. lI~"-nssu::r1 and rV5 '_-_ The Sun also shares nIlershlp ith Satu m nver TPheD.t, k rme« and [)illJil'i. 115 dnrgs are a1J£.~ mood. ~ndtlhr d, .Ellirot and glIli! beside e\'erytlring else t'.ifU iring Imndc:ny1ilIg tail:!Tl tan d contams in its na tu re a grm t frea!,

It .. ;;;; scent. a higk qu.nlity aWe iL>tJod. for its, animals everv SI~pporliFe sfriJng. h2lpfuf ~ t.~ us I1turt1a/~ like fugilive kinds of mnuis. III bl~ lm1'SeS, mountai I rilms. and all bird: 'hiclI Li 19~ pre er llke yrIal"otJ.m.d L'J lt» J i~ also rules

o er great - », aroc.1(s mill';; and 51li.'1!p. [ also shares

ri h M45 ru ership ave' as a d (t has or crtlnl'S;

fwdium rdnes._;.m I Uuame5_ and thus . its symbol:

far religion it rules (hI? Islamic f'E!li~jon and alii her n"lLgions tha' have 10 ;:, of eati.,w. drinkin and m.rrringes. 1115 fabrics arc nn wid£'ud As far pm!E!ssio ns, on Iy til e' most t"lrCIi:r of them like ifrnwing selling =occnts, pltIYing an rrFtr It1ICJJ I and ev en" Othff P mfes,,;il)Tl tha is d ellcate in its nature. ~.\£ for tastes, evt.~ thing that tastes plt!tl5anl, ~fli!.f and gr£Cl_~_

Its locaOOn:; are ah 'ays pleasen like r. II" 6 den~ and otI1~-hEre-~ are;ffl mainmrnts and~ 1 LOO1f1fll such as ·places ~"rli ~tKiaJ celt:bmti(JU. Its jewels are parIs, metals it rules ar;~ Idpi!l tin and mDniant and ;aU rru~:taJ:; ~hat can be used as jrn~lry fur women to \\~.

_J\~ for plimis it rules over imsit henna; sl~ffron- I"Ose<;, uli

11":;:;; millS. I}Wt~ a d all other plants. ' smel! gt~d and

look. piC"a_~., its druzs are ddrtb£1TU -e2d. .. Qt. seed uj

'iI al ". and i;\ 0 ~,1ant that hils a pl san ~Hr its

scents are Itm~-and

Its animals: amrPls and all other animal t look good

an stand SiI.nght like bH~ drer ~I:dp and r; bbfl" also all prcny mrtir;; thot -in ~lH ~ tlty and look pleasant r ~ among UtesR animals th ere a J:'Ie p..J ri';J.8c. ;;; lei ~ 1(!;J, ~ dridren <'I nd all simllar birds and all inMC5 tha have ~ and cnlw on them, its rnloTS; him.:;;!, olil _ tha also

h.n-e a tn'_ of gta'1l an ~ 5 ~ 'IIIhol is;

\IERCI._1NY is HIe source of nTid!ec~HU"I 1

-eI the IIr, Inlgt I

miIllhi!milllc:! n ,.l'" and llap£ .swnrt'!ll' g, -u::> '(t, appf.als. r:cstnrmts,. (orlUlJl, u·rWng rhdrnLc and an Ol"ervlew of the 'udden :;ec~f'-t~. Us langu.ages are T urkist: and ail 5.;-u.: r,llad hmg 19C5 and it nues 0\ er the exterior body part' the hJ1lgIIC and interior body piH'1I:. tIw bmTn, whidl i the source of all tine lllu5wr1iJr;' pall. er and l'! foUow~ [hal of tJ-wugllfS. rmaginati"'l and in.l~ili~eJia! AD sep rnk; t:iI::,.mi!f', as well as ruling O"e:r ill~1Jiralirm and fte1mg-,

Me,rcUIY also rules. all l heis beliefo and c inued

~MCJ, fur "iul ather religions and mind ::U!ingiJl,~ beliefs, as for fabric it rules ifli l and for>Slons it rules poetry, rhlrtoric. ~mM~~ QPpr,~ciafilln~ and the knfrlf!i~dg~ n rorilmg son~ drifWi:ns. pmn ring; and all ~'n1I!~ ddl{4l,lt' ,f1roft- ~lm~ 'l;r,.at are done as a :resw~ or [lhysicnF tffort.

Pm ta.5{es i rules rill - ur ti15lps: and fer locatiu:n5 iF rules i'i!llspc.Yi:hg ,ruin"", ~ jell ';; ''5 ddJate5 and h -r equrealents an ~ lIT iprirr~ ~ SL! res and U'fllcrJn tm.n!'!~

[tS]~ ;\ ~15 iII~ sraued <;tmtJ:'5 and aqwm riD _ and tor

metals l~ rules i! n m a that can ~ engra upon p us mnCflnt and all rum ~n-t§ as well as (lrm'ldes ~plt!bo w~r:k wi tb these: I' TO fe2iio~ IUisdum and ~ r afild it rules (lver pJ~nts su -Ii as _1 ~,'ur(l'lrrl'f rotron~ lmen P-i!f1P1!T, t: rna J I and all M hiI ~riWe burt on the outside and e~' edibl£. ~ - 11 ,

For i: rules aU kinds of g s, 1 ~ e ose

hich rnn be I and can be used also tor

ea 'nor ill.:e n ~ ';ipi -rtf and equivfl.!cn . tlLat ba ~ il

!Ott' and also m..1kes a mood liki' 'm hi;;! rrd - rglmm

~ Gha "at Al-Haklm -e

. .

Its animals are bo.b_ mm~15. ll.,ild assee, monkey icrfJQtl..". wof r:!t"_O and 'EveI) thin r- else that h ~ UTI - in oraIki n~ _fu~ t r~r ,,'f1in~ md e¥eT'( animal that is swift m iumpU'J~ and a ~I birds ';TJ.'ift in fiyrng \\ itb pretty s:i:n...e;iilg and. pleasartt looking and iJ'(~(I all insecu: winch au !iIDift in like ant~. w ~"n}adl£5 and its color ~ all CO[OI3i tha tare ni:mi II ith ~n¥U aruJ JL'lrrle and also l 'ned -111015 and th r for its mbol;

THE ,tOON has the role of li~hfing a11 the pI '£l" '1'1 his -w-mld and it 1.5 thl2 scurce of n.aturnl ptrlL t: • I rules over the r~ Ties of me ~ ~ 'II >T, nat ematics sciences, l1mgiL and also knnH!l£tfg~ 11t"ith

ell: treatments an e "'l(lwJ~d Q'_ and

con"~rs:a ion t ~-ie~lc~. II rules the ht:i1ra'Cd an /lulfl~:s ~ple:5 llmgullg6 and it rules u\ er the extcrim body parts the It!·~ eyr: in the dav and the righ, eye In Hu' mgh t fur bu th men and women.

As for interinl' or 'inhale the lIu:t~ t'

The plants i rules: -ugl.1/T.a:rw. papyru., msy. and all pl.mts vi h a plea_ t smell. il,hilf:' in color and all trees f.l'lliWJlt stnlk5 plus ~rns""IGJuls and legume», Fm its drugs: everything that 15 ,f'dibl~ and r~..11 be used as a utt'dit:ine lik« cinnamon, pqrper. ginger, cru~ dn'l(lf.!WJ1 and ill other plimls that are Id and Jwi~ in namre and .have 110 fbma". ill

ils 1:a'itP and either grecrr rn;;rlttr - enlor. .

lts animals: mules, dm~ COH.1§; rabbits hint wilh Irh-.f, and ::.;wift moeements in the air and even' other animal "·tlich rises in the ai and is rtflurl!!'hed therebv and also till rdfite and warer birds, lV/rire SIWej, and rdlil£' worms:. As OT the planet's colors. ;;ill mixed reh .. 'een yellow and. bWlill!. are among the planet's colerswith its symbol be:inlf.

You alsn need to know reader that: Capld Drumnisr in it nal:ur:e favor!>' rrease in ",llL"ltl fULl: ben i 15 ,um ailly <1.5 peete d and incre l! Emi I u {k wh 11 1: eo ten f!!D . Meanwht.l~ Cmtdn Drm::om;:;· m its Ili1mr~ d(1t$ t.he vppuSlif thus it dt"CTffr"{>s Jrgppim:~s when it is around nuppmbs and aeaease« i4ld1U;:r::; when it i~ around sadJ1£!::,':: be a 'are of lliaL

ZODL\C<\.L SIGNS I-L\VE ill Em 0\ . I POW .~ AI.90:

Y .oI\lUF5 quali iesr or the parts of the bod. rules the

llead, fo .. "i!, r. ,il &J_' ~ ey and the a~~ - or the lors

It rules the rneditnn fed and yellmCllsiJ COlOf , IDr tastes it rules hiHt7 liJ~te and i1 rules oy~ locations like di3r!ri5 .fire p u--:S ami thieoe« fmf5. for metals, all rtJelnl~ thnt rrqtun' fort;' an for am rnals eve animal with jOttr le :::. and dOITrn


V TAUR S quaii~'es; for the parts o-f 'tltc body it rules u: hi2 ruik, i\ l rs ie and the ihr. • oS or 00 Of'S it

s miud gran and ~ ~ ite, fur ~lii5" it rules tQ.Stes and

It has for Its locatioru all inhwilQ&le pia e {WidE: and arde1r5. 0 ,. 'l plan ... H rulps over tall m that do nat require murh \'II a: r 't; iidl i!'dibJe fruits and ev' _ tJ"eI2 \\ ifh a lmsant ~ and smell; us OT animal:s it rules i!¥J:!n animal

Ith four legs and clemen hoofs· -

1 I

other Iwilwu ptlr~ in the best; as fur its coloes It rules white and. 5mokv dJlsi colors, for tastes it roles ~r:y ta.:;t .- and it has for locations the cuUwQtea lam}::; fll·1.1~, tMldu."~, W[lLltle,l Iacal m11~ and rrecr '?llW;. A f> for i Is ie~~el ". rrak ·(:ll'elry. for its plants the trees 0 ediTI m h.t:ighr and {patel'" plim is and fnr animals all U1ate cmimnl.:: haw sh 5HIlkeS _-corpwnsT pi"Sts and gITIII n.J fJ1~' s,

n liO qualities; for the parts of the body it 'rules th~ I~ , urra stot w.dt. ches . hear«. the riglJ '!>lde. !-, the back. the ribs; and the. spme, il .. colol""i are mi and !I~/hm ~ lors for taste, all iJitrerttL .. ies d11d ithas fur loc:.:lti:ans tfirritkd and llard raugll '71fJd5, the !n1rrtgnable CtWties u kmgii and strrmgJwlds and JIs:ll~cJ pl11.l'.5. IJ:s -ewe.l.5 are dmmrmm mruu.dum:, the go d mme that appears on fhr: surface and IJ ih, !!ot1.m:es. Us me:IiJ1; Rold, its plants; tal' trees, Its ammals: even' animal

ilh casune b_'r!.th and lliH1s like W(!~ and bird. .. 1I'dll m1nH.~ an ;:;.Ira. ~ '-.

Tn1 \ IRGO qualities' or the parts of ~ itroles tlll:

11K .;lprmu:1! and e1,"12TV oUrer. hidden par: Ii irrte~ ",

di hrogm, iiI1'I.d gIl andbelcw it the gmtUili and the kJ~ -ide, as for colors It has i~!hi't. pu 'PIc and ,ir lo,~. Its tastes Me of Ui emss: and aaiJity A._c:. for locations it I"U es ~ er ~'lm;e c ,; i en \ifu u.1'Q11ldJ and ~"mgl'n~ ammlg m il gu: L.:"rmgs_lts plants include ill plm1t- It • II .. ;;; and

'Of 1'5 animals-; w ~ _ iiIIld fri 'E 1!5pL"LiaII_ the - to mT~"


r..,lDc,t!. lts p~ants; tall IreC5, its animals are nrouk ~~ and all mer-freaded birds.

1T11 SCORPIO qualities or the parts of the bod j it rul es I) I br the mal« FiJT,tc; and 1~!mUm~1 rear-end ltlruldt-7 femnk

arts the lmir tm froOl1U'1I and I 1,'1 lltlt1U;;ii', as tor culnrs it rules tlle red and ,tl'u::; t '01 i1T li, 'or tastes it TDlk'S _ I' wle:;_ Its locatiorui Include £lin ynrds, and e ',ery dJI .11 pi' te, risons and iocorpic)fl fIolE_1 its [e "el ~ iJre wrol and wml: IL'U't'ls, its plants; treee 'if mediu» lIrdgh.~. its animals are scnrpions,

::inak~~ pt!'Sl.<i. XTfJw!d i1l_ ...:. and iL '1W armutIl£.

"SAGITfAIUES qualities; fur the parts of the bodJ'.~ 'I.' thig'i~, U!i'S, aU marks and (Iuti"TOW~ in Uu bo II ~ ib fiJlger~ and extra nrglIll5. as for culars .t rule .. et'e.IJ cuJIJI" ilJYoC 10 P.!J., d~ roIated and ::;p'fJiteil CI1lOT'S and it Includes all billEr lUEUs. Its locations are frtri~ gntdt:R!!'.}i and rm.inwl

_ • If grnrmds, i SIDn£S Indade L enlld, aD tunes which

resemb:!£! tln!m. I illf' . 51 - lead, amang .i animals t

es: mon· s, lwl'Se- birrb;, s-Illlh!:r and groww - ~t:-

Z CAPRlCOR r quali ies;. fm the parts of e body it ro rules lrnlh k-n~ and thell nerof'~. the llJllJ& part- of iIr£ r Ijg~ and the /!eeJs~ as tor colors it rules au the peacock ·o1:ors d.Jl.rl;. h11l£ and '" er other cole ilia learn lm .. ard

b He and dus colo r 5- fur taste it 'rules g llmg and

, lUtes .i.$ rnr loeatinns it rules , "t.lfi niais,

Ids. illnngers and _ _ I U (IlL fin _ . f~_ I i:ndiIde

Li~ [11 n f an every gttu::r

5unilar ~ ilia' is m led and is in tne III er like PMP1iru..~ and ~cl8i.lrl)m • and c\ ~ other ter free that has • IUrJ,J, Its animals are an ur- Ot.1. WUT7uUs tha ha .. e dorJM 1:.0011; and scm ~ UT anmmk>,

~~.VAQuARIU5 qualities: for tht:- pacts of e ~.?O(hT the ""'·""teg: all he way to the IleeL" and their lU"rVt:"5, as fur its cokY[s it 'rules the grCt~nL..Jt • .:.001 yd1cu..1 lind allst i"OrCT", as for taste it rules ail ;3'~ trn hls.te..:; its locations inclu d e run rung water. sms, and £.""{"l'1ITtlhen~ alcohol !~ ::lJlil. As lor je~ .els .t rules over gl ,~~ md similar materials. Its plants are Jail I rees: .15 animals are mmkeyc and C\'Cl1 other uilJ,l repulsioe, drdl loukmg ll1Um I ~ it is described also or he diirm and JeriJ.;- by e ~iirif<;.

X PISCES qualities; for the paris 0 he bod _T the fn~ with j ts limbs; and JU!'Rt"~. as fur colors ir rules the grfl"'lJ:S. nrhlit'~lnd. N eI) mliltiroior in nne, ~ts tare. 0111 5UIlT ta.str:'5 Its locations indtlde IDfftf1ffp sitEs. riversIdt'=-~ lalt'sid.t's h~a.dfe5 and 5e1JC[I{L 5_ Among its jewels are pt' rls, TI.'lute f..otl1mium, (J.:WI -'tell. cry.lnl and all usuer -clI"Bl- r its plants

re trees of medi 1fT igh1 and' touter tr'I7E!~. its animals

include a' iff mlUrw._ and birds.

Thus :aJ'C all th· qnali tit'S.rcl.a1ed to the plan ~ and the

zodiacaJ ~igns and re is ah ... ·ays a great need n f zm,

E.-\CH PLA rET has ion 5U pporti,-:e materials tha help in achieving d.ifft"orenl fum:tions~

turn needs bumt.'d {rool, Jupiter 5 material ib made of nhgns, M.:trs: made of ging£I". the Sun's made or yeUou.: oJ, en mda15s \ 5lU5' made 0 '!'lJffr& j MercorY5 material is ntilde vith a mitture of glue. ~Dld£n mdldr:; and rc,dig-n<;, a-s forthe ~[J(}n Us ffla~eriid is made uf rill_

Aristotle has drawn llit!' ~~ of the planets in hL

book 'ith the title TIl£ Sod. t La ~ and B01JnUS he rote

. or Ale ander the Crea . bou this

(J ledge. thns he dTI!l r 5 IUR.."\l in h hape of &!ack

Dll LLTTlIPped m g-ru.·fl Toh ~ dd 'li!lIdJ!d and JJdldi rl wr

He also dmw .MEReu R), in the image of a£1i ma« riJin(f un t'4gle ~lS hi i~ writing and he drew ~ )'IOON in theimage of a km~ld rtJlmg fl rabbit,

Here is 5Dme more tnformsurm "}I('1ul the planets tha \,,",r mentioned. in A.r:i ode's bnok right aftel' the par] retailed to je!weIry and =tcnes;

He starts "th ing to Alexander the Grf'a' teL1:irq;

him "Oh CWM _.<Unnudl!r, y' l~r etrer you In somethiu8 Dr Ire p'.a.rr.ef5, U5t' mIJteriais rna driitg 11£ plntui you U'urk _ 01' as (v.T flU!' robe. mlJk~ It J1l11tdl tIle for1rm't ynu LomE (Jul with om I~ pill i.e! hen bl~;l; am] plea r th 'lJQ of flmt fortune as possible will jinr aw ~J tJI becnUSI the good /lJrtut~ i .. fclr tIlt' demand! ami tnt.: 5fi't'J!"th Jor If:wse in dl'!Tn.wuL 'r,~ the colors For Saturn are ail the blacks and if it \\'as 1,\ Gal it 'orud be beHer.

up~l-er'!; coler ts gree-n 01' d i it .. Tas silk it would be brtrer. ~·I;m;· color is fierv red and if it vas thin Dr embroidered silk i d be better.

ThE' Sun's [0]015 .ar brlgh ~)den. ello and if i .is gold err yef]ow silk 1t, 'Uuld be be Ier, At;. for enus' -010 - coo r OS) red and ::;i.nillar crnors, ~ used and if it is silk it !;\>'oulrl be better, [ilr \1f'I ury's cnlor is the mixture of all colms and if it vas scc through It would be better, for - oon's colors the 'Shin \Tru e and if it was li:nen or \ ·bite silk it muId be betlB

!hen it comes I:'t~ mc~<;e. tum ru es

e Mirik. 1nrensc' . l{, ann . barraiks eight lli:t:Ns

and sirrular; JupHer rules evay s;:m.~I1ing I s:e Jke

ambc.rgris and alms \1\ nod. Mars rules all inre mild}

;;pi~ and hot like pepper .lo11\ other mild pepper fla (")fed

pifi and ~gN; the Sun rul all good smellinz incense

Ii e rnus an j an be €'IlU:=. rules all mild r e _

% Cha ~ a J-llakim-:

.!onteUmg incense like roses. vinlet and green mvrtle, as fnr ~1crC\J~ ex .. erv pleasant smelling incense mixed like nan:ts.sU!ir violet. mvrtle and rnallnw and th.£! Moen h.15 C'\en pleasant mid smelling incense like camphor, res - arul fre h smelling seen

As \ 'e LIre dune mentioning that, WI:! come back and i:1tL~ 'It hat we mentioned ,ea.r1l£r about the supportiv e rna ~ (J the planets an ho each phmelt had differenr

materia] that helped in tl.mrnonin we now relate t

·0 the zodiacal ~gn.." y.;rilh the help of each sign's analogy "hich is mentioned in chapter "",'0 Clf this book;

50 first we start ~\ ith .>\.RIES ~ke first part of Itlu~ II'Lrterial i~ dlau' and he "£IV it i"i made is by gcindin .... the . t l mll very fine SO as the gum and cnppenr~ each ge grinderl individually. Combine one pomon 0 each the wd1 and the gum ,Ilith half rtinn of the copperas lone

hile and huzehn: t and > put in a jar and aled

e- er it is needed g"ve it a little' bear and use it The

second ra rt of the material is Men _ ellow and the a

i nude vith equal portion Of ale (which is a irid oi metal stoneJ and lIm~lour?' and Q:ri:nd them: then mix them

-ith Iwn~!I and H!utcr then drain it in a gou-rd memmc: and

p I.D i! rop of glllt~ d rei - ""'ilk [t, and for the third

o the materia] ts hi ie rna e of c and t'~ U 1 ,'with RlL "first par mat rial -5 '>m _ d.u.-f d wUI1W.i"Tand the WdY It 15 made is y gmhcri:ng all

d han . a higk plac pu. i 1?1" and 111 a

thk (] one Dirham I it;: a 5ih.~ com usedrn ~ent

w through ant::ien:t time fur meas.uring . hi -h

~I' seeds of wheat "or each carat) lor earh ounce l ith

ii.l~ d:t then draw ~\"it! It. the- llliiler.i.ll for

lit'] ynI l I:a lhe ~alI and

till the bltlr.:~·Ul..'ss within comes out then cover it with ILJp:m thp.n beat that \ 'ater 'ith. rea illft~,taken out of rum and


add .5.{lme glue to that then draw • 'iili It. as for the third

part (If the material rt is I(dlr.lIi' and that 'IWU use il.Sl .. 'e

explained earlier, - -

GE nNI: The.first part of the material is gold~n and. we have mentioned lim .. ' i' :is done, as for the secrmd part the material is. red and tha I. Is made of red &rippe/I roprtc.··m5 and 'ilUm with adding a U, Ic giue. the dlird pad: 0 the material is yellow and thai:" \"',Hi already mentioned.

CAi""JCF.R The rlrst part 0 the ma,t~riaI is white ;md as otheady mentioned, the secend part ofi:he material is :!Olden I/eUoiJ.' and it Is aJread_ mentioned, a" Of the lhlrd part of the material to;:: black and 1 is dune Iike the whit part Cif the material but J'nu mix equal amount of1:hE ~ I ith the ~Illl.

LEO: TIn:- fir t pilI t of the rna 'erial i J rHl cill Qred olmmie , the second pan- of the maIflial Is gc i.JL7R awUou ID1rl 'hl! third part S r1m£gltmah red and this is made b\ washme Ihe ptIIJfe".,mUlu lue se ·ttalli:m:eii 0 renne it then mix iib greer gBll IT'Il.h:r and lea e it st! for an 11Iom time then add some ghue and some gum 'at all the mU:Wre lngel:hcr th 1. ith it.

V1Rr..n The rrst part of the rna erial is gaiden .,Bf aJ1I its made b_ grinding the _ rr: n '11l is ve. fu:Jp en mix , ith g l·gJj :wa '~ ana make so .. it is co .... red al the wa to tllP lap with 'Ie iftl~t!,. an leave l sit for. an hours time add some glue and then dnn;; \\ ith i1 the Sft!O I do part

of 'ma -erial B U:- culore lean. T. H1E ird part -

1lde • grinding :i2 01 -~ m hrl

~Ghaya l-Hakim ~

and milrirIg it with siT/fron .Ihlte.,. and httle gh .. re then yuu can '\ ;wrl~{' with iL

V"HRA The fin;;~ part of the II-r.:! ~.prial is Jus colered, lne ~d part or IDe material IS N~lLk and th e third is u·luk.

SCORPIO: The first part of the: material is fTlock. the second Is veI1iTJil' and the third ic; dus: (l)ll'lTItJ.

SAGmARILS: The first part of the material i n'diilie sa-oPd is y&lllT!£ from .vell(f' goldrn material and the 10 iay i

. made is that it gets [eft nrt the rue for one night till it is all cooguJa led the ne: t da~' then nux l"gS [t1hite and some glue. tn i then dr,n ' with i , the !hird part o· the material is dh- f(JIDr~

CA I~R1CORN: The. first part of thJ material is gtml and is made c£ iTldigrii- andi5(JTIJe glue, the secnnd part of the 1TI.dlerial is ud and 1 t j of gm~~r \ "iIb some glue and am and the third part is laW.

AQC.>\.RIU'-· part of the material 15 c:oppt'r n'l1 made snski bloo and (R 1S the blood of the AVO bra erst, y.ith J50~ gIu£!, Ule st..'\.-und part .rnaf.l!rial -,- Mad ami 11' made by ta rng a good quality Per:.inn ml with L'qUal pcrrtirm of glue and aU 1 Ull some bllrnP!'d

1'5, beat themixture then sieve it and knead I \ ith t:gg

wi' . Then let i dry d as it is eeded ge- it solvable then

dra ilh i 1he hrr part 07 the material is grr:rn and it i! made Df im f ltJ11' , 'ith some glue and then IJ ms

ri V'o ith it..

PIScEs. The liSt piIift u thE' n aterial is ~my and if l5 e of .:omii'='jcd ~. au! ... 1th gg Llthi.k and a ~ glue. as

~ r the 5ECand pan of the material is L rnl tz a H~

made ef bu leu tJnstk plll11~ 5lties with some glu.e then draw \\ ith n, as for the third part o[ the malerial is red.

All these materials are needed ln magic and spell or' beside all he other knowledge that we have mentioned e~r1icl" about the planets. That is l\ hy k"'1"CU r~ the know lcdgeable says that to acquire a certain planer character, obtain i i;: power and use its special spirit you have to know the food, drink. fabric incense time, profe'Ssllm DL"lleri.1Js. de-mands. wh t kind of sacrificial animal. engraved stones or charms, el1lgm<l~, astrernrmical proportions and revealing; spirits and everything .related to th~ pl.mel5 tn be able to succeed in earm ecting the 5 I' S POl' erwith the earth S pouTer and when they connec you ~ rill be able 1:0 get .. "hat rou need otherwise anv little negligence in some of the requirements \'-'QuId cause an opposite reaction and fue \ '~anliOO thing 1 euld be yo' ded,

There is atw 'dJ1 urgen need for the mOl"! ledge of the regions, territories and ccuntries be:ca:DSe ili~ planets. na\ e each their own features that 'od in certain region5- and countries ;md rt in other this is abo ' ~h} when it COIIl1!S in elemcnli Iikametals; plaD and stones there are c.e:riah1 cotmtrtes -b'clt have a larger numbe, uf these e ements, than thers,

Far th spec' matNials Q SO~ of the planets i' vas also rtitlPn" that i cou d rna e ith uo daub' any" Lmgh and. hapP) and i coul be tala!n out or gO.1\ ra_ c1S fu~ planet turns, the iL' -t. W is famous for the ~k. I licorice - tr and ' nleil .. at't!';;', a~ Yemt!.n " famal ~ .. oj h verr goo smelling: lue ffl!de::- and r.mdle-~ and in. ernen there is also a mountain that has a 'ater \: on 'both of j~ _ id.e5 here the \ ater fl ows bu right be on' it reaches th

~ Gha\ at Al-Haknn :;.

. _. ...

ground it freezes and this is "I 'hilt makes the whin; Yemeni alum ~ mit'S.

The fudiim aa1f n'iJ('),L1 is found on an island in India at a distance of flvc da} s from Ku far ltS called Kubiyu and in K:u:mar they have the Kumara altk' il oM at a distance of three davs from San: where there is: the Sanf rune wood v;hiLh its als;o knox 'n to be better than l he K umara al ue wood in quality and wClgh because it SID' in water a d there is no aloe wood anywhere other than these three locations.

People say that in Mecca ar'Id :Medina 110 Om? 'cl5 sick ith plague o:r epm..~ ~re~ Khyber is known vdth fl-.ver.

Bahrain knnwn with spleen dj~, Buh ~Ta is known for im1Jes and ulcers, As for ~ ria, r-t is known foI: plagues,

OnllX isa stone thM 15 hrought from t'I: plac _: \'mter. and ali ill, The best stone between tbem is fu_:e Yemeni !I ne and to De more sufficient the stones charactertsties aria' derumfmm.its name, the Chinese peel ie hate to e'Vt"n

dnse tothese skJneS for wha it has of pessimism yet

Y 5till'tak,e the sf nes out but ~ people that do ilia are recluses and l:h~ do t:bis for mane) and living.. The kings f F:limyar from Yetll1'!ll EVeT 'ore any of e stones on -"T clothes or put i in their vaules and Lh _ don' even

{O hold any [I the tones or seal them an ·h 1."VeT'

held or sealed -it his troD les arose. had ~ nightmares

tile tim 'I and Club ed talkine ~ him and prt1 ple use. l~ a stu e was bung on a ch [d. th chi d's sali:l"ll

Increa- ~. it ~ ~ 'U used in engravrngs and charms

the pcrtnrmance It.has on he p anet's pnil

Zr 1£ is formed I n d icn a c lorles

t' oust or he 1" 11m ~ . I is fine. d there 1= thilt \ lOCh 15 formed m


CJmru in the coest ol the Chinese , raters and it I'!- .1 UTet"1'I ~urT::,rl . .:;toUi' 1L'il1lmlt'~ and there are some that are formed in AndalillSltl ami that stone is sJmw wlute in color em cred' in lead and hea\ _ .. III ~;. cight and it colors painl<;; ml o;pper to ycllt:mt•

The majorH. of he stone 1 apis IS in .. /hlilalU,jj 1,~'1Thc:re there i.~ a big drspute O\'CJ' it ami paper. As or J f£.ln, it is round 'in areas toward .Ai sh Scm and ilie red Ru.ltv stone is found in Ftlhs. which is one of tne regions () Afuliiil. Fahs is artuallv known more ff'[ its Sunl71trf.

lo1Idl:!iD Ui is found ill orne TadmfJr areas as. for the shading {is also caned. the broo~toTle or the mountain stone i is il stI:me shaped like a 1entillvitb many diffe:renlr colors could be- found in J uiia and some in. the InmiufI 'lWUlltmn j used in the old time as a drug to cure some eye diseases;

, at j found in Ku'1rlf, mountains in quantity .. 50 is the special stone fur pa\-"""er that is called the l'alJudi can be

uund on these muuntain. .. too.

GoZillm. -m;;. ;;:h.1li5 "" bich are ~ no atlJN stones It 'e ii • are found in the Andu mu minim. The jCl"orels are fOllind mainly ill Ba clilffe and the ",old is U nal ~ fuund in Ghinratllh .. H'i~h quali ~ meiOlF!J is found an a mountain called the Baumie: mountain also Ti J! u; mixed with b,~er rna e on at UI\\ S is called Bll ~row \\' hkh i:.;: one n iile m T fine quali tin: in coloring he copper as we ha .e mentioned Earlier.

~ for 1 Mefu1~, t:he~ are found m t.h :MdnbiJ regirut.

CO" e'T<l5 is found -n ~ilttl it on 'i:th so man} ther \ "onder.; tha each cgions an lands are sp~alizOO \ ith

It IE abo known Uldt AFfWU:'S little towns mange the he-.alth of whoever lives in it to the be like the health of its own penple e\ en if the~ were kings and noble masters, It h35 been told that there I.S not one person " v ith. health .. red cheeks in tha little tm 'Il because the fever is ah~Td\ 5 "thele and the people- are Oih ... · .sick ~·jth it. That is probably [x_Y&l!ID-C the mountains surrounding Ahwaa are swanning with a huge amount-of s.~, scorpions and killer locusts,

There 15 also a town in a: valle ' of !:.har is so deep under. tIlat the eye can t~. The) are kmn 'll or bad manners; and that valley is attached {) Indian mwns This

all~' is knos m especially for its wealth of Jinm01l11~. ASWlF Hee [ands, they are specialrzed with urI and. what e Roman caJI.s. :l!itanc oil. It also specializes .in petrolf!'1lRl Mit. .. hich :is black luml solt. There Is also ~he Andnrr(Jtl. qU ,

which is ji11£ cry. tal wllile 5a1t ilia bas it pc ·erful bright rbite color, 'Ii\. hieh, [J little villagI! in Syrfu i specialized \\ith.. £hey caU "1 iHli/TU_ The 5ol1111mm tree is 101I1 found in ·- .. friar and DO .in the e:.l5l in Tnpuli. there i. .. a ~tL'n. kind tha gr'O\. in the tree holes 01 uilk tree where the ralnwa er gathErs and thickens ThJ;' colrrr Df it is Ugh blade and it is

fri. m. taste. U also gro vs in the- hob of rim tll.m i35 fur

a rei! grmre 11 is a "oil. IT! lite tu med w IldIm rna li e

hum .us and rha E bmllgh abo &om B~rb_ So is Anda, '-hidl is a brld: made nr d IT.! ll'Ith _torioil' ~ou:ld be

o.and in Tel: area that Is mostly rn fur the hune

ne r t e.. a , :ine ilia . T~ quidi} made. They prep.tre

tat noon art dinnertime it .~ on d be re.arl. to drink.

Tha IS a U be; d~ another number of things tl1£li~ rrm t

LOU II. Lha nd.ica"cs all this i_o:, nthin but .astranomiGtl

ilb spiritua ru&)(m


Galen has men ioned in his bonk that it WE' lnok J round us we ""111 be able to s;ee that people's t.Kt'5. their looks, characters, shapes and nature leeks so much like the nature of ~he region they 1 ive irt, Also, Bukrat has mentioned m so man) places ill his boo under the name (1£ 1 ~ VIUlerp ([ltd Reowrr<; that people's faces and manners match, without a daub the regions I:he'.' gro • lip in

Fhat is why there is a gr-eflt need in knov ing' e nature of each region and territory to be able In undersrand rile specialty of each indivfdual planet and t:h~ planef~ specialties (ogd:her. The planets also indhiduaHy have their own rugh power I~ke ~he 1tas tha pDwer of growing plan t_<; and cu:ring 'lliETIl. It 1£ a uperlor po er tmthclps in the fruits and an V' prod nee and the po ver for life in the ,e!;! .. also its superior power on eb"b and fl[)w and all that cau~::. the flo \ of the pc et in e

'rn:l£l Yet it Ii - also - ve a negati:ve affed: on some Iike on gs and whateve:rlhe loon spoils ili~ Sun is knot '0 to fix so as the}, loon has effect on the gro h f the pLnmr .tnd cures the ter anlrnais it also corrupts tlu~ land, anima 15 at mght and th t is. o~ if they happen to be ~CiCJ?D5ed to th MOO1lS eel 'pe on ito; e"lenth grl!M J uminou whim i is in the middle or the mil 0 the e

As Dr JupilPr, i has po 'ef of perfnrmt Ii e and

p:tmjdint:; iJ ith m l also plans the levels uf

oli - frnm rh~ roo . us side like e:& abfurung - re

ther band ba ~er

e:m&'1::iIinm.ent ami . " h nnl

~ Gh.l:at A -Hakim ~

dt:!plh and planning in poll lcs and pHH ides protection i:rum high buil ~.

~ tars causes bloodshed, conflicts and cornpu lslon, As fur the Sun it gives light to all the pLUk"!:!., ii .. es the world and !;n'Iy thing ehe un earth and nvercomes the darkness, Jt also helps In .chle 'ing interests, iL spreads under"itanding and it brings happiness and delight, The _Tm is &"'0 set right bet "cell the other planets in its crbi an he greatest in iL s urrc+ions because of it!; location it h the P"l)\\eI tn mOH.'! the orbn amund Itself from inside am! out from west to east 56 mimrtes and seconds lll"lth fhed\~e:nLgc movement en:'n-'dav and that is the-movement that dries the fond .l'J1d ripens the fruit arrd grows the

a51', sosimply !!he Sun Is the Hghl uf the world. See how enderful i:I:I:ho arrhaeo1n ical knowledge is and ho, piri ual hese 1\ enders art' !hat are created by I ah the Fi and fue Last,

;echapb~'r Fou~

\" ~UID uxt vot: TO KNOtV reader !.-hat I ha '{ een an amazing book 1 rritten by fa for A/-BIf311, he called the bock The Stored Book" He was hiding thibook a.t one of hT friendsand never showt:"a it to anv onc fur th~ fear £If some might see the secrets that are VI ri Uen therein but I go [ the: chance tv see MId read the book and I found that he had divtded tile verses of the F-tfl/v Quran bl:h~ ~el!;'en planets and he clarned that some ne else had done : at di "imng and that once you nnderstaad this knov Jed e vou V\.~Ul be able to reach a. Jot

secrets, ~:ah.o clamed that this dividing hrinO'- ont the

tt:!red names that A lah pJaced in the- hearts of men of

trn erslimding... IJiu:! vise men and !:he adept s, Here io; 11 sample fTnm this di\iding y.: hicb also sho\ me du:rnb:m:t of countries and the astrnncrntcal circuia ion. After esfabhs}nng the dots nn the first verses of the HDly Qumn i.t is used as [J key mr V~llUS' circuladon number divi e On tho do ~ _ au take. the IDtaI rurmber and rOIl can

w th Uurt the beginning and end. time: of the next d Iii on of the overnment, He clamed 00 h bv g !his inhumation run am I1!a.Ch eveI} thing aI:S. in each plan 's clrcula 'om of \\ 0 d IS and pacts iID !hal I call a reall,,·cmder_

nl~ symbols had r'. '0 meanings. if the zmbols

""presented words it carried one H~\,; -aled meaning

. i1nnlli r hidden mea 'ng I he' sente £' ra rie a

WOLd with [W(!I me-anll"lgs nne clear and 0ll1:' hidden and i has been yi ihat is lliL' H~.i50n behind "\ 'hv It has ~OITle wisdom and bcrit':fil to it; ust like LhE! Holy Qurm ~d" a revealed meaning and another hrdden one TI1e revealed and hidden meaning GDP!.' not necessarilv mean it had to be revealed or hid en from one side of the sam meanmz it actualh meant that the- revealed meaning had a totall~ different meaning from the hidden one which i \·".h~ ill ah it. I mighty made u~ use our knrn ledge and sense of Imagination to Team the hidden meanings and asked us' 0 LLq» our mind power to reach the revealed. mearnngs,

Yet a lot nf people <;did tfu:al if we I:an reach what is hiddE'n in mean inc:> 'with. our kn.O\ rIedge sense then it is a J1l0 l~ hidden ~aning it is actually revealed. meaning and what I~. try to reach b~' sing the mind makes It mysterious and confusing hat is \ hy \oI,?hat appean; tn 5ml\f' but not to others cansed the confusion and conflict be 'een Jll-'Oplf'-.

Whal we need 0 ackm:n, .. led. ;e is simp!. that:, ".hat W<'b hidden in meaning was hi 'den just because it· s acbIall tao ze .ealed SiO i had to be hidden, e also llfied' m knen " that eYeJ} thing ihat exceeds its limit IS hImPd against il

Although as an e:lCamplt". there 15 a. gJeiJl amount evidence in the 'universe, I'ICI one -knows ~l all bu Allah for I'BEOIlS on~ h~ 0 n::, AD 0:1: se P blind the e}'

I ike Ioakin d imctl~ m 0 the ligh t the ~_ es cann connnue to face tb~ light. Tha 1- wh} the po er 0: existen Cp is 1iI.e reason tor hidin it Thill' h ' it bas hidillm beeause re "@illing 11 ras' mo e po. '5ful. He is :ere ealed ilia bas no om arisen and h !5 he hid en neihin has more essence - hen him" He 15 Allah thai J-

, ...

hidden to a ppeara:nces bu l he 1<; rc\ ealed ill his \ €'rse5 of the HL'I"I./ QUIim.

~\"E'- alsn need tn that liu~ ~anin,g behind

the hioenly-eight le tars '" the Arabic ' l!=i 5 pedficall} rnsrn beret! bee ause it rrpte TI is a full person from bod _ a rid soul The fu:;1 four een Ie tters is the- rising of [~e: 5nw and i the soul .is. hiddEn therl these ]eti:e.n; secre S" are hidden too. A5 0 tne other fourteen le er:5

hev are the rising of fue b[ld~ and the ris~ng £If the descending spirits that appeared and had a reason for being revealed and do not think reader, tltat this is a ctllncidence, it is planned by the supreme power and it has grea meaning in it.

To paint out and reveal these guarded secrets and restored enuwladge Is '"@C} important because it is the secret of the HvhJ u"'nn lGeL£ the ftrst letter in the word

urQlI is one th~ the totallilDD1beI:s letters comes to five

and rve IS };~ onlv nu.m~ that is J mrrrud number. which if J (JU eli ide it by Itself i keep its nature and the 'ir::.L I~ means the beginning which means the beg" ine of

he craatirm and the Ietter 'Vat t ~ end means I:.lJ£ end III - means the end nf the ~ation.

'\ e need to ac rmrwledgt!l:hat the Wt~ 'DDs. tried to these secraes from being re\"TJled for too long ~'a that dId TI prevent it from fullin in eo l'o'l'Oflg hands.. Thar is hj~ it hill' been 5C1id, never give wisdom to the u.nworth!""

znse it is unmtr thr kn wledgeable, d do nor s p

\\ lse peQple trom ha\'Ifig the knn ledge because at

be un air to them. Thev so 5aV d D(I anele pearl before swine and ~: say talk - peQpl[' the rar

ca un if' tand an do 0 talk Ihem m a rna

the. can not understand If I happen to talk to people

~ Picatnx ~

about \ ~hat I kno c Lne: uuld rut m} throat, Tha b why the lawmaker does not prevent asking but he does prohibit ,'he contmuous demanding of aI1 .. wers he al 0 says that penple befnre U~ gOl wiped out tor their comlnued demand Or answers from their prophets. rhe\ even say that a nobleman has llet"n vipcd ODt rom the Il~1 of holy men because hi'> lnsistenre i askina questious, Tha is \'1. h!- Tea d ers ~'Oll need '1;0 acknowledge as much as ~ ou can from this information and keep it tn yourself, Now r 1\iI1 tell ~·ou ~\ hat I have seen in Jaw ar' book I) knowledz as the need for this knowledge is great Ja far has also clamed that tlus tti\'lding of the Qur«!1 required ai lot of

~ 01VIDDJG THE QURA "1 BY THE SEVE.'i 5TARSe; -T,e first chapt-er of the Mo!~. QI1J""liU is he FiJ.h~Ui chapter

. and he letter symbol for ~t. ISZ. he s~l.ld the firs part fir the chapter oes to me un and the end goes In far.;

He also r.cla~ the first part of the Baq If t:hapter and ~ Jc Her- symhoF In r it is R.FZ to the Sun and the end to Ma rs,

The -i-'mm" ["h~prd's first part is .rclatai to fur Sun and the end part of it to he ~ oon and he etter symbo1 fer wt:is R.

The fi~f11.i chapter's first part ~ m Sa m ami the end 0' it to ~ Moon and . e iei:ter .... "Tf1ooJ £01:' it ts CAH.

The" ~ chapter' .. '- t parr.goes to Saturn and 'the end of I to tlu! Snits 112il:er mbaI fur" ls CKG.

TheAl1·mn (haptcr-o:; 'rst part gees to \"mns and the en

i m JUpHfi and tne letter symbol for it is C V.

The r cn-apter' _ :ill:sr part-goes to J\lars and the end of 10.

• SWl n • Ii!l r s -mbol fur r-' RH

The An izi chap er's iirs part gocs to \"enus and the- end of It to Mar~ and the letter svmbol for] t 1S '1 [ \"

The E fl ra:IT ch apter' ~ first part g05 to the Sn n and the end u tt h." thli! Moon and the lel:l:er SJ'JJ100HOT It ~ CL

The Yunu.; chapter's first part goes to Sa 'run and the end cl il to the Sun and tha letter symbol for it 15 cr

The HUll rhapter's first part goes to \.enus and the end nf It tn ercury and ibe letter symbol for it is CK

The YUSHfchapter's fu:5t pari goes to the _ Ioon and the end of it to Venus and the ~et:l:Er symbor for it i ITA.

The H1ld chapter's first part goes to ~ erc-my and the end of it to and the letter symbol of if.~ {\IH.

Ihe lbrnJrim chapter'S first part goes to JupHer and the end of jt 0 ... tars and the letler syrnbo! uf i is .. ~4..

The .. I-Hijr chap :err ~ firs part of i.i goes. '(J the Sun and the end [(fit to Sun and the letter symbol of It IS 5T.

The i'Jaill chapter's mt part of it goes to Venus MId l:h£

of t to furt:U[r and the Ietter symbffi 'Of it is CKll.

The Sa 11-10; a-il cmpLer'.: first pari of it gt:re5 to the ~ Ioon <rnd th end of il 10 the un an HIe (etta S¥m.ooJ {) i is

cr. .

r 4ihapter·'S nrst part a it goes to Venus and the end

to . rs and Jette! ~\'l11bol gf - is eYA.

The . I chaplCT" . t part o i· oes toi:h~ ~ un an

tho.:: en I of it , Ma:J:5 and the h!tte S mbol of It is H

1 fie I, fl'-Ha chilpteeS .first n of l 10 J uptter and th

to the and the

I 0 lti~ CLB

:;. Ghava I\I-Hakim ~

~ Picatri ~

The 5~~m ch,'1pter·~, first part at 11 goes to Jupiter and tfte end nf It tn MerD.1nr and the letter symba1 of it is \rD.

Ule 4J-millikaJr: cha pter's first part of .it ~oes tn the Moon and tJle end of it to jupiter and the letter :::._ -mbol of it is . m.

The Anl!(lIlIf< chapters tirst part of it goes to "lar~ and the end of it to 5.."lturn and the letter svmbol 0 It 15 Cl~A.

The Hajj chapter' s m~t part of it goe'S to Juri er and Ute end of i t to \~f'rcu ry a nd the !etlle:r svmbol of it is "ill.

. "

The' , c ap er 5 first part of it ~oes to tlu~ Mocm and he end of it to Iercury and the ~fiI:'I -mbol (If it is CYT

The NUT chapter's first: part of it goes to the Moon and the end of it to the Moon amd the la:ler S'\'''IDbnJ of it is SD.

The FurqarI chapter's first part or it g0e5 to aturn and the. end: of It to the ~rnm and w letter symbnl uf i ib lZ.

The S/ru r imIn chap er' 1· t part of it goes. to Saturn and the end of iHO the: J upitar and the lctIH ~_ rmbol e I is R.K. •

The Nnml chal'u2r'!li, first part of it ~ tu Iars and ~ en' of it to VII5lU5 and the _ mho} of' ~ is ':0 ..

The Qtlsn5 chapter's firs' part of it goes to l.en:LUY and the end of ~~ to Jupiter and the leuer symbol nf it is ill.

Th ·Ankaol t cnapter' first part of it goes to and me en oi·E to Saturn and the leftier svrnbol of It is ST.

Rum -hapter first part of it goes to ,upiter and the

end of it to ,l'eIllb an e letter s mbolI 0 it·

l1e. Loqm:nn chapter t part ill it goes t and

the end ofti'; te the eun nd the letll"rsymboJ of it is ill.

The Slijdl1 chapter ':). . A part 0 it goes to en:us and lire en d 0 it to \ enns and the Ieher 5\--mlx:Jl of it is KT

The Ya-5in chapter's mit pM of 11 goes to. lars and the end o' i to the Moon and e letter 5) mho] ofit is I-R

The 5!1 . It chapter's first part of it goes 'to Sa turn and the 151 of it to Mercury and the letter symbol of it is eFA..

The Sud dmpteI:'s first part of it goesto th~ Mmm and the end D£ it to the Icon and the letter symbol is FH

The Z, ma chapter's first part of iL goes to 5a.hlm. and the end 0 it to jupiter an . the Ietter .symlx:JI oi It 15 08.

The MI -ill rr chapter' firs part of it goes flo ars and the

end of it to the ~ non <lnd letter ~) mbol of if· FB_

The A 1-5ajdafl chap r's first pan IJf ~t goes to Satu m and e end of it to ~1:m:'!J and the letter svmbol of it hi ~rvB,

fhe. fImn-Astle' chapter's first part of ~t g~ ru the Sun and

end ot it to Satum and thE! etter !SjT11.ool •• MT.

The Zu !TUf chaplet' S ~ part [) il g06, to the Sun and

t fitmSatuman 1~5ymboJ (l it - ..

Th 1dwn rna fer' first part of it goes: In uprter an the d I) II to j upi tf!Ii and the Ie r symbol (I it is J\fZ,

"$ Piratrix ~

The ",ftu!'.1 rhapter's, first, part of if goes to ~lilf.s and the end of lr tu Mars and the letter svmbol Or it is LI :.

me Ahqaf chapter s first p.ttt o! I gOl2G to the Sun and the end or rt tn J upiter a nd the letter symbol of it k ID_

The rU-litm1P chapter's fITS pillt {} 1 glJe5 to Mars and li't£. end 01 i to the Muon and the letter svmbol [If it Is ,M

The huh chapter's first parl of it goes tu Sa urn. and the end of it to Saturn and the letter symbol f) It is k _

Ole Hujlm1t chapter 5 fi rst part of it goe- to Jupiter and the end of it to \. enus and ilie Ilett~ svmbol of n is j H_

TIll? Q'~ chapter's flr .tpart @f it goes to tercury and the end 01 it to Saturn and ~ [Etter symbol uf it is Am.

The Zariyut chapter's fil:31 part of i1 got."S to Jupiter and the end of it to Venus and the letter ~ mbel 0 it ,is •

The Tar chapter's: first part or it goes to MNCllr} an end of it ill he Sun and the letter symbol of it is MM.

The N~jm chapter s mt pan or I goes to Venus and end of it m Jupim and 11k letter symbol of i is SA.

The Qamar chapteT' firs part of It goes ttl MOll"'S ant:hc end ef i Saturn Mid the lctt~r S) mho of:it is NIL

The Rnlmllm chapter' 5 firs part of it goes to Jupiter and the md ~flt to the ~ oon and the letter s ~f of it is .o\JV.

e rqi'" chapter's first part of it gpes 0 Saturn and the end 0 it to 'en.' the lett'ft'" symbol 0 it 15 :5Z

;B Chayat AI-HakiJIl ~

'1 he 1 hrdul cha pter'< fir:,t pa rt of it !lJ£S to the Mo on a nd th~ end of it to the Moon and the lztter 5_~ mbol uI il is f...T.

The Mf~1l 'till chapter's first part of it gne to Saturn and the end of it to' Saturn and the letter symbol of It 15 .kR

The Ha~FJr chapter's first part ct i goes to Jupiter and rbe end ot it to the Sun and the r~ler symbol of it is KD _

The Mu rli tanana cha pter's first part of it goes to Venus: and the end 0 f t to Ma rs and the lette II'" symbol uf it Is YG

The Sn/T chap iter' ~f, part D it goes to the SW1 and the rnd of it to lars and the letter symbol of it E. )"O_

The Iwuu 'u chapteT's first par of i goes to I::i:Je un and the end of it to the Moon and the letter .. ymbol of it is Y 11.

The J Tunajiqlm chapter's first part of it PQeS to Saturn and the end 0 It tu Ih-e Slim and the letter symlmt (If it is Y A.

1:IJe. r gJmbJ 11 chaptI!r'$ :first part: of it goe5 to Venus.. and lire end of iL to Saturn and the Iet'ter !i:YIl100i of iL is Yft

The Talaq chapter's fi:r:s~ part Df i go~ to Jupiter and the EI1d of it to Venus and the letter symbol of j' is YA.

I'h2 Tahrim chapter's first part of I' i'U~ to _ 1erc1l!J and

end of it to ers and the 1etlet .symbol of it {s} •

The 'f1lk chapter's first part m it goes to the Sun and the end 0 -. to Venus and: the etter svmbol of it: is L

The q am chapter' first part of i ~ to Merrur)' and tbp

~ ot· (0 Sa and the tetter sywbol c: i is NIL

The ffaqq cha ter' . _ par uf i gOB to a::nd lhe ~.., f I ill lars and e ~t:I:N..-\ mhol of it 15 fA

:: Picatri ~

The- Saul 5liai]r chapter's fir.;t part Nit goe::. ro the Sun and. the end o~ it h) Venus and the letter scmbol oj a Is- i\ill,

The Nuh chapter 0;, hr5t pact of it gDCS to Mell"cun' and the end of it to ~lcrruJy and the letter S,\ mhol uf it is K],

The linn chapter's first part or it goes to ~ Moon and the end o it to _ .lffcill) and the letter "YTllb..,1 of i is KH.

The J 11'::: mil chapter's nT5L part of it goe_ 1"0 the Moon and the end of 1 to the SlID W1.d the Jetter =vrnbcl 0:£ rt :is IT.

The M1J.dda.thtlI, chapter sfirst part of it goes 10 Venus and. the end of it: to the Sun and the !eRe r ~ bot of it is M \ .

The QiyalllatchaptE!T's rs pa 0 it goe~ to Venus and the end of it to Saturn and i:hc letter s!'1llbol of it 15 LT.

The 1\ l-ln.._.;;gu - chap s fust part 0 i goes Jupire][ and

the end nf it to the Sun and. e letter- symbol of i I LA.

The MllF- ... ah:rt "harte first part of it goes to enus and eend of it to Venus and the letrer 5) mho} uf it is X.

The NiIlran chapter·s . par (if it Sues to M(!f'CU - and e

lend of it to th~ Sun and the letter symbo of it is A!A.

The tir t cffi3.pter's 11::r'St pari: of i goes to V~ and the

end 0 it (0 he M and 1:Ik-letn!I symbol 0 • MIl.

'The • A 'iJ$[l cha.ptel first part of it g~ to

en m it to tercu r'\ nd JeMe::r svmbol of it -

The T m..1LIiJ; chap te • s Ii P rut . it gves m the 100n and

eend of II tn hn ~ loon and Ih I etier sy mho~ cf It Is J..'T,

~ Ghayat Al-l Jakim ~

The [nriJiIT chapter's first part ot 1.1 gues to Saturn and the end iJf it to \: GlU.5 and the Ietter syrnbel (If it is )7.

1l1e Talnj chapter's first part of tt goes ~o Mercu_r: and the end of 1 to }'leK~ and the letter ymbol of it is , ~ \ .

The IrI~HqIUI chapk!r<'" firs par of it goes to thE" doon and tl1e end of it til Saturn and the letter svmbol of it is KG.

The B rui chapter s first part of i goes to upiter and the end of it to }u:pitl2T and he letter symbol n it L KB.

The 111 riq rna ptar' 5 first part [) ] t goes to Mars arid the end Q f it to Venus<ULd ill E:! lel1eor symbel nf i ~ is ) L

The '_AJ.i1 chapter's first art 0 it goes to ~en:lU} and thl! pnd 0 It to Mars and the 1etter svmbol of it is \ .

e G/wsl1iya dl.t."l_pnrr-'"s'irsi part of it goes to he Sttn. and

e end of it to Saturn and letter svmbol of i is "J .


Fa T chapter's firs part of it goes lo Jupitcr and Ih end . i In J upiter and the ettt"1 '- vmbol of iJ: is T.

eB'u1d I chapter'..: f[f5i part or It soes tc tars and the end o ' it to Saturn and the ]eU:e:r 5~ mbol of [t lS t(_

e 5Ju. .. chapteT' s firs art of it goes In J u r· tel' d the - i'l to jupiter and the Letter svmbol of rt 1S •.

e - Ii ch.apter#s firs pa i goe"S OJ; lars and the- em e eiter s mtbo1 of it is

chapter's first part of I goes to fill: and the

of H to r,.~. and letter _ vmbal of il IS ••

n1e In.:hirah chapter's pax- of it g~ to the 10011 and

thr! end D it m the Moan an ¥Ie etter~. mb:li of it -

-s Picatrix ~

The 1 II! charter 5 first part nl It goes tu Saturn and. the e-nd of i t to Saturn and 11lP letter ::, ~ moo] of it is; H

The Iq nit: chapter' 5 iiI'S l part of i t goes to J u P I te r am! the end or it In ~ 1ercl.l.0 und the leHf'r s\ mbol of It is n_

Th e (.la-ar cha pter' ~ fu: t part () rt goe:=:- 1:0 the \ loon and the end nf it tn the Sun and he letter ~'TIlbol it is H.

The! Baiuin« c.haptp.r s first part ot il go~ to Venus and fue end of it to }>laruIy and the letter ~yTIlbol of it is T.

The bbl1 chapt1."U·s first part of it ~rues to the 100n and the end (If IL to Saturn and the lelle1l' symbol of it 15 T_

1 hi;" 4dit;ol chapter's Dl'St "part of it goe:~ to Jupiter and thll" end of it "'to \ enu- MId the letter symbol of: it i.3 lAo

1 he .M-Qari'a chapter's firstpart iQf it braes to feliCUryand the enJ uf it to IJeI'm. and the letter symbol 0: it is H.

The Al-lliuiliH~ chapter's :fiBt part 0 jt goes to t:h{! J loon and ne end of it to the loon and the lettez _ -mbol of it is H_

I he Asr cha ptel' 50 firs t prut Dj i~ goes to Sarum and the en of it to !l.-Lns and the letter symbol uf it i'? G.

The Hutnaza dlapter', ;:, part ot it oes 0 ~ Sun and

the end of I to -MUS and Ihe Jetter s mbol 0 - t - s T.

The ffl chapler's ti:rst pm f 1 goes t Ie the

end of ]1 lo M rs an lettH symbol of i is H

The QuroisJr cha er' first part of i t goes to the Sun and the end oht: tcJ l1w. loon a the 1~tlN5yTnool (I it;b D.

~ Chavat A;\ l-Hakim ~

The Am Ayrr chap er's nT!;t pdY of it gO€ I) _3turn and

he end 01 it to the i\,.'lonn and the letter svmbol 0 it is Z.

The K,rulim ~ chapter' fir;;t part of it g~ to Sa lu rn and the end nr it tel MaTS and the leHer symbol nl it I.S G.

The A.'1.lirurl chartf>r'~ fir-<;L pa uf it gt'J£"5 to the Sun and me end of i to Jupitcr and he 'letter svrnbol of it is 1 •

The - -'7:.r chapter s firs part 01 I goo m ars and the i' d of it bl \ anus and the Jetter symbol n it is: L.

The l.tdwll chapter's first part of it g,0'.:s to Mercury arul the end uf it [u ~faT"S and the letter symbo] of It is H.

The nhlilS chapter s mt part of it goe. .. ttl the Sun and ~ end 0 it to me' loon and the: IE-Her symbor of it is D

The Fa aq chapter' first part 0 .i. goes to Saturn an th~ end cf it to Verrill> and fne letter svmbol of it is H.

Th _ as chapter's firs part of it goes to . JeJ'CW) and lhe end 0 It to the Sun and the letter s-ymhol of it ~ ~ .

- on" as VIo,Te ad me chance rn look at dUs di rid i ng and organizing nf the planets with ~h~ chapters of the Holy Ul"Ifn ""~ can see c.learl MW brim a nt and ','ond rful this

di\'idlng of lIhe creatio~ and dur-d..Iion from the Inning

- !he crea ion Df the ~ un and we return at th end D the sun and. that is 5LHn~ f h I found in ja'far Ar-Bas:rl5 o ·oruieB:

I e abo seen something slrui.IilI" to this Ia 'OII D - ih

planets in Abu Y1l511f Jacob Bin Isaac MKan I's book lUld ~T ~ name n T1:~ L; fin Du m tian nf '.rab C fH(Jl t nes he

~ Picatrix :;

also was named the Philosopher of the Arab \'0 erld foT hiE, 1"" perrise an d skills in his knowledge

He Mentirn1cd in his book. under the name MLi B~lOk oj Hr5to!ll that Je-\\ ish ~ -im~ to the- Prophet Muhammad (Aliall'S- blessing and peace be upon 'him] some of these tribes were Havaa bin Akhtab, Abu Yaser bin Darrar and

• ab bin A' and I:h-L'\ told the prnphe "we heard t:f"Mt "00 have received the - -ilpteI" Alam" .50 he dllS\ 'erect ·'YL"S, i did" so Ihey told him .. men vou will be mhng for 5t-\ ent'\ one ,=eal"5". Al-Kimli als~ clamed that gathering the firSt u.nd~H:ed numbers from the first , .. erses 0 the Holv Qu:ra n a ndthe UI1T-epe-a led nnes. would let )' nu know the dura tit_m of each country in thzwnrl d _

H~ also claims tha the' DlD.5t repealed numbers ,iiITe the rrrnst valuable and .. trunger ill nilina. That l'i all that he mentioned in his book abou l thls type 0 di idmg and 1 have ne .. eli' seen a one else that had he same s_ 'Slen. AI-Kmdi does not go in-depth tv explain this _ ~ tern bu be does ~ how 0 do •. ~'h!ch is by taking the total letters 0 the first V~ of the 'iQ!Y Qurnn and the ~otal number 0 h~tte'rs or \i enus's first and 2sil part of ~ dtapb:!rs: and like

o HGEl then vou drop the repeated letters and the rL'SUlt is he number ~f ruti 'enus and fup duration. 'i this von ill understand. the 5el:1""et: at earn ~oun.t:n:'s. ruling duratian,

As ~ vi - ou reader, 'ou ave to keep

this knewledze n 'ourself ai,d do not s1J.J;;re it, nth anyone else, bei::aut:le ' kind 'lrnowl2d~ should' be ept in the hand!' of bo can ro Lee it J:\i5 is ,.uoo vh the la wmakers nev er r.ev~led the .. secret= (]~ the s-pi:rits tu people even if

hey ask them .a ut . 1"1le spmt5 essen· i atur is

T(! ~d to om d Q see in the shape of a gerr e


~ Gha at Al-Hakirn ~

figure released in lht> boch hom rhe heart and \ I?JJlS ~d ci\ e.s the boJ\ the hC2Lt, breathing and pul ... ~ In the brain ~d nerves .::;,~ it controls the feelings and mov emcnts bee ause the bod) "s main elemen t [I; the SOLI I <l n d the 5-1;.1 W' ~ [I'laIf1 clement 1-5 tne- bod) and ,both the bod~ and soul are lIDitcd In one. The nul rl1.n.;;; through the bQd_ \ i h. air and the mind is the source of bud_, actinns, The location or the: soul In he bodv i'i in the le side of the heart, !:he heart ·ha mmmts ~ 5QuI an pirit power and W1rr-5 it the rt"St 0 the bod. parts .. ~ - Dr the body parts they are on the other hand created rroma soft, gentle fier~ nature. The bod1i.' simpl ~ is a fi~~ jewel b om from t be m h; ~ U re 0 el~e nts and ttl eo pleasant smell feeds the suw and heart, "Beauty also feeds the bod . and liver, So when the bod~ is this delicate and this knoYo kilgc is ~ important and h tv. ho\'l- can l re trus an. one or let anyone reveal its

o~dffful secrets?


LET l5 GET B~~CK TO \<\ HA I <\ IE PRO~ "ED to mention about dividin he p]aneb into he three main living and found elements, s the whole world is. ~i, her rHUfu. Plnut or Mftlcm and the \ odd does not depart fro m this pa Hem yet t h CD::' are levels;" like the animalshave levels and therr highest Is the human be~llg then secrmd comes the rest of the animals. The animals are dhidL"Id aa:oniing to tbteir sen.-'i~, some have ene sense like the ovsters and same nave two and mree and four and ",orne has five and finallv the humans he, 'E lEn; fl\',e arc noticeable o.te:mall~ and .\~ hldd(' on

e inside jus as we han;' mentioned them earller. The animals have different characteeistics J:ik!L' some have '0 Tight ~1.dOO su lliL~' are double rig:.."tt sided 'I.\"ith' rtn len side and. some instead 10 a Ii pit has a be a k. some of them .thci:rr nigh t Is da,~ and some ha 'C hair lik~ thems, some hin'e dd ~ 5 for nails ami some are headless an d sorne ha \reo thlriJr eyes in their chest, There are als1J some slaughtere like Iocus; and fish and some arc [hln in the middle like arns

an <;owe 0 them have em and some ba... _ rin '. Su

a . hi! ~ en:wanng5 and 5.0Dl£ have scales and me hsve S ells and some are swimme and some are \' m\ ers and SOme are builders, seme have miu~r legs and some ha e LI • orne hilIvc hooves and some ha eo toes th en the € an>

ann;.> th t fly and some live on the land and some alm~t

JLI~t .1" the 11UD"I.iln being is the link between animals and a neels the fi,;h Iinks between birds and the rest of the animals and the O\·,~tL'T i:;. the: link between animals and 5flliJ. (lbjec~ as the ovster does not have more than one sense because i is d05C to the grO'IJ Ii1Ji and i t J~ :=:0 similar to plants. ThE' human being took from each obrecr OJn equal element and It L considered to be the f.ure<> .mj~llal ot aJl and th~ human b~ing has the most ~traighl:. budv traInE' and setup, He hi" alw the most modera e in temper.

Yau also need to know reader that e~re1')' elemen has an aruma] with. "'hIch 1t G. specialized and bdDngs "'1'iI::h lik .. , birds belong .. 'ith air. 'hale=. belong with water, fi @ belongs '"lith Diinn and the A/umrdiJ which is til - full and the partia I fire and it belongs l'I. ith the sal InWJui ,. .'\Iso the earth-like: elements are spec'alized 'lith metals and plants.

So a:5 we can see e ,crvtlring unites and ,yorks together although ~v;en elemen has ib m '11 rna:rl1cteri5tics like :t'h.e biro"'s life and will is m flying in the air. \ 'hales also '

life and "'-Tn is In the water all the bidden. disobeytng animal's life and ~ rill is in the me, so the whole ~ht fr; in the f'.Hlh tha is unci'&" Its oth~r sister planets Ma!'be snme 0 _ O[] ould ask hfm is i possible [or Djrnn to remain in th element of fuel Well there Is an example 0

hat in tru.' human body and that is anger evil desire revenge tha,. are Tlothing bUI: an eo treme fi n reaction ' he bod~' and i _'OU 0\ er exceed in these ~eelings yon 'became nothing hu a d~iL This h Ii -e the ~il blat e canno see '\ . itb OW'" es.

Bu if ~ 01] man .':;1e to contra iln!l Ieeli g then u

bec.urne an angel like the angels \ e carme 5Ee ..... th

_ es ~l they do ll"tSide Q U5 and . t in the lIP er a :"ID t that 1<; ahoy this crea ~ 'mId The Djinn <l


~ Gha 'a A I-Hakim ~

do ~:\h and rhcr relate to fire. The human being is a miCCOC05IH, everj thing exists in the d., ine world and scrnetlung similar or jus like it is reflected in tnt' human bang- I he human bcing on the 'whole is ,mFY t)f the !IUla[)Lt.l~m,

Let us gil back nos -e- to l ~hffe we stopped talking earlier about acknowledging and preparmg to reach to our desIreS:

e have to knov r before an th:ing ilia' admol'!.'ledging IS. part (I preparing is parr of desiring so 'H~ need to know that by dividing the three elernerns on the rotating planets ",,-i U be useful fur the TeO"l5On 'e desire to achieve That is, 'hy all the Clw1rkuJJ$ hOID among the N(lbat~ffn5, the Chri.!ifi ns from Egyp, the k;~.IITim'J5 frem Nabataea tha live' in Syna and HlWa$:hu ~hru Jive dose to thf:Cluistjans 0 Egrpr,ilie KlIrtb, Judum~, Im.r'UJnS" that r c dose m Nabataeans in India and t'fte OunC5Ci aHh.ough they ha '('! their dif erences Jet: the, an have one si.mihu- runp'. and th t Is wocki:ng in ~ag:k and mixln elemen

get:hd and wing these eJeD:b!J'lrs some by putrefyi.n'" 1 tming it ea Ing -t. da~gling i or m charms and in 50 man.- ether stranb""C ways thatthe~ havementioned in their books.

.~ Picatrix ~

clement, nn soul ca n Iive l 'j thou t JI r so air b the In ermediarv Dr the acceptance and g:idng n~ air also flitS more pow er in carrying out the rorce and energy uf !:he desired p~[501'l. 1 hal 15 wh you cannot dismiss these acfinrts once ~ ou have done' them because me, are divine

- _

sprrltuai • acnons attdrned together He also mcnhons in his

book that the t\:abatacam, hac ~ matters and artinns in elevation mixture with the human body parts lIom plant5 and other elements th:.:l,lt:hev can move with ilip hnrnsn's spirits \'I henever they wanted. Thev illF.O hax ~ the words that move th~ spirits with an original dividing: and !alli,-mans with "lear reactions.

1 have also seen and heard .about he Indians' kIlo .. ledge in some (if the e matters from Abi Gll'lllib Ahmad bin Abde!~\ ahid Al-Ruzbady's book that he named nIP HaoJo of Dilridmg the Knowlmg and RoetJlUI ~ iJlr:

Concealed one of the -mteIe5ling nauers that he bas l !TiU.e:li is as follm s ... I have been told a storv from a rrader.& 1 Kharasan that 1 know and trust !:hat U1l 0[1£ of his trips he had met a :man from lnJiEl. The man l\, as seUmg rnerchandise from Bire.ira:r. f-Ie ma"t~d t ith him abou . magical kIlO' 'ledge and he hapfJl-'1::Ied tn be ai" are of tha know ledge too. Then the} ill rgned over a couple uf points that: m- had _ us icinns about. 50 the Indian rn.m c..:slled!. ~ trader fur ~ demonstration and there W [is a rirh gooa rooking bo~ from the 8aIkh tribe, be clamed 'that be , il bring thai boy or obedimu; and rna him lea re hi\ 'ealth and remain in the trader's house tin he releases hi.m .;J the trader's cheice and desire, - the ader agreed N the demcnstramm -0'31' \'U ea50Jl5 one or leammg kID:n' ledge and one fOT hm. So lhe Indian man man t l' i1gur"" n the planets \ rUb the ascendant and hen h

a small 1'1 ture. Th h SAid the rising _ is .:\ries ad It

~ Gha\'at Al-Hakim E

~ i:icmmpID'lied. bv Ma rs and the seventh b Ultra and i 15 J[ccmpanrai b~ \ enu= then he said B[1kh Bi~ih and the trader asked him what IS tha? And he sard that mNI15 that the risin ~ign and thE! seventh had agreed to the matter that votr want because \lill''i and VeI'1U are planets 0 watnmon~ and pleasure, I hen he made Mars the traders 5:ign and svmbol and '\ PfiU5 the boy .. sign and symbol. Then he looked at t.lwir locatinn as -unorrucally tOT when llie:\' connect in a Lrme and then" was fort~ da~s Lill that coMectlonat the time. So the Indian man said in forty davs time the bov , s: ill come tn O1J and stav \\~ith YOU.

- - - ...-

Then he rnok a piKe uf lodestone ami crushed It real fine

like nnv dust particles ~IDd kneaded it '\oith Quas5Ul (it is a bitter _ Iedical plant used to L'"m~ patients with mtestines problems) lill il bec,ame_ one wdl lnixed dough then he made a little figure shaped like the trader and then he oak hard garhc and mashed it ''lith wax and made 0 tha t),e boys figure andthen he dressed tile fi~ \\ill:h clothes similar to their 0\'\'Il.

Then he took a Jug made of pottery.mel lined seven sticks made of "-{yrill' Ait:ppQ Pine. Pomegranate, Qumn: . iflflb NY Depbne and DuHornI'(i!.,Q lliIL~ he put roUE under and three on top in the shape uf a cross, Th("I] he m taIled . der's figure in the Jug: first tt;um the boy'~ figure ,vllb is bad: to the- trader's figure.. lIe did his as Ver\U5 ras -_ C'ing tars md he kep coming bac evEry' ti..:y at the =-all1e time he mounted the figures in th~ jug;and the boys

19u:rc Ieans W ... ard the trader 5 i"gure 10'w1 . .e err a_ ill! ~ day of the trine then the boy' _ iioWl! '" as faL--rng the 19lY' (I the m ,;!I: an thev tuck race to a fh£J'I be lrled th_ 00\ ~ figure awav from die trad 5 ~re and

~l!terl the. jug:3 d ordered tht:: ader a ~T' the u:~ nd IUJ11a.ce vii;' me coal a then inc spd the 4

% Picatrix ~

jug wi th t ra n kincense _ rh~l1 he said so 111 e \ ... ·0 rd 5 that the trader memorized rom him in Indian ~ruagc. On-e I1£' W.'l5 done' \\ith. hb word .. he told the trader 'to dig the jug out and opcrq it, "'0 he did and he saw that the boy figw-e was all turned tm: 'ard the trader Iike it 'as made that l.\.'"ay. Once he pu. the figures bark under tnt:' furnace the bur suddenly walked into the place and stayed at the lr-aderrS' place fur hen da\'"S and when hi ... talIlily started asking for him and the Indian s.a .. "" that he said now we release the OO\' and he sald I did what 1 promised }'ou to do. Then he tQok the »eeds of Arammf ru~mirl.f: and he kneaded I with l'I<a and made- d l ~rd.;;: and I ig-hted i ur under the furnace after he took the figu:r'e5 out from und~ the ftu::nac.e and separated them as 0 5hm . the trader also hov - rnanv mnre wondershe knows, Then he said Ol11E. more word s and the bov became like a dru rtk ,iU'I d got nut 0' his drunkenness h opened Ins eyes and Stlid can I have the permission m lea e so e~' ga,<e trim the pe.rmilii'ililll and he left, People Elided up lalking about this spiritual expereenee because the bov was -a ~av from his home fer too long and that caused lhe trad~ ';:0 move awol:. Thi..!= was one of the- mO:5 interesting storie-s in l\J-Ruzbad~.J"o; book that I thollgh '0\ on.ld be of some benen in mentioning as to see hot T some a tilt:' fo unes work and DO ... r ome of the people .... itiI this knowl edge operate these: fornmes..

fA\ 1 get hac to "hilt I promised yuu reader, 0 ttl eb at hnw 10 bring the spirits and mix the criginatti [{J construct talismans and. the use [J.f de ents like. smoke and to rna tali§;man5 For UJ" pe:rsanal benefif, Yet first I advise "01.1 abuui somelhinb-

'l: 00 have (0 know reader that rhis book wi l.h the .Inun -ledge r s thered b} ~,.rorking lung nighh. .5C.nchlng and reading other 'l.,.,j ters books abou tlu» knowledge. 1 took the useful knowledge and disrcgaTded others, I made

his "bonk the me" accurate ... rith the most appro\,"i'd methods nf ill in creanng these talismans which means it 1'Cl.1ULro from" OU absolute secrecy and prctecnon for this kmn 'Ied~e I had gathered all this intormatien rom 1,-0 hundred and h '-"TIt\' fuur oook'!' frum other t riter 5 books that eonta ined similar kIU)wlE!cige- and J WOIS able to put the book Lo~fuer in :six vears then I \ as able to acineve \ -hat I

as hopTng for and iti.:::. my final \.'I ark.

Getting back to uur ~ublE'( about brmgln , the spirits and llsing them or. 'our benefi H~ ore ~ ou bring a spirt rt t- necessary tn moo",' the natnrc of lhe planet and yon need tn invoke its- !=3.pirit to reveal its pO\ 'eT. You also need to nOo\\ what Wl~ hax e m~tioned earlier a out each planets color, taste and smell 5U pm prepare the inside rure of your bodv Vl'ith its and taste and that beromes _ our a i~en rv foo to keep' e heal h of your body and you start leaning "jIm .. L. kI a differeru nature of ['ood that matches that planet and nur bod ~ starts o accept unh r that certain na lure of food and R~tll1ing else, m-en you. ob er e th Iocatien of the desired planet .J:.(cordlng 1::0 the other strai~t a trolog.k:a.1 signs lines, The

. plane shrmld. not be on tl1r same lim? rifh annther

~lane tha has 11 diff-erent nature than YOtH desired pLmet. 1 ne d"esin.'i:I lartet should be em a stralght line nih the '1 ihout I ntermpnen,

Th~ y-ou learn about wh- t metals thM pli.1..I\et is "pee ed vi h and you ake wi h tho metals an Emlp V :ros the pr portion that u ha e ascertained from


~ Picatrix ~

~ ow" desired plane and the cross should be empty bottomed anri its mp penetrating to the atmosphere and the bottom of the ClCl5S di\ ided on tw (I secti ens. The11 you mount the picture ot \ .. -hat vnu desire to see from the spirits on that CIlhS, for example, yuu put a picture of lion o Snake ] you desire 0 be prepared for <ightlng- OT prepared for yom enemies plans,

Or you could put d picture of ,]_ bird if _j ou ~"an ed to be saved [rrrm dangei- or you could also put your 0\ .. '11 picture sitting on a chair if YDU desire tn be promo l:iL...g OT get into Oil. high ranking place and similar to that and also the oppnsil-e if you wanted towmk rn1 some one e:Tse you nero to humiliate or p~ and make \1\ hum ever you !:ike an obeyi.n,g slave to _ rou.

When you do this on humans you need 0 learn die plane, of the persons orbit and he time 0 Ius; birth whicb planet it "lIS andthen yon make a figure to tb:..JJ flffSon from one of that planers stones and the times for e planet Then make sure I:ha~ planet win not be interrupted byanother pl.n:L1~t m be ill the sante sign hP i5 from. 90 does not jinx it, ~liel1 you put tha figure ~ -iu, th pictu]"C of what you desire to see tha .~ in or an.

If 'it happens that _'ou OVaint to ,affed more than our pason ell _ 011 happen ru to krln\\ the plane - e_ are

rom then YOli g her seven stones. corresponding tv

se 'en plancJ:5 like Cl"m, .. nt. fur- Satmn.. AqllBm nne lOT Jupiter, GiJIJ1en mt'tDis for lars, Gj)Id sta. res ilia appear on lhe surface [nr the un, BlooJi51olJE or mouflmirr -Imt~ . r '\"~'Il:S. Taft fnr kn:::ury. rrystl1! for ~ Motin m ~r o her - QI'le5 tha.t e ch lanet are speciattzed w,. h .~ make a, ~~ uf these stones at the bOUT 0 each rela d strme to eac r an ... "0 ld carrv

~ Ghayat Al-Hakim ~

tht' oms"" that we had rnentinned earlier, The reason II I;;' iI ,"-rn~ shape is bL"CLlU5~ we' a 1"0 mentioned before that ev e("rthrng has Lo be' connected tu it5 shape and [hat j It

'as uN a matching shape It will not connect and we are tryU'10 to r~ach the higher spirits 'nth a -iO"un:' 0' its shape anc , e dn not know wha f! -haF~ of the spirits are and

e do nut have an~ proof if they are shaped hU1J1ilIl5 (IT not and hecau<;e we do nut- know that is wh: we use the ('TOSS and add rrur picture to it- Tnt" cross is a jusr one of their s~ mbols because t1:u!:- hun 'ledge i..:; nm It tO\l, ani them 1:,'rli:ffl pictures, So many ha ve searched fur this before they detm:m:i:nt'to use the cross because' if was coofusme to find £} shape fOIl" the spirits especialf sinre therewere so man~ difJE!r'eIll shapes and Hgures of e:·~ plant" animal and metal so the'} ha e choSCI1 the U05...'i_ I is it shape that has hcig;tu, width and weight and an outside feeling 0 i an the shape of me IT'llS5 is rn re appealing ro the spirits than a . other and fua:t ~ One of the !ipiriL's secrets. This brings LlS ~ the tact that an people and ill creatures are under the in uence of the mentioned yen planets, So it the spmt C{jnn~d w-ith this. figure reached iil:s target" then that i:arod becomes more powerful and more glorious. So ~·hate er the desired picture is, it reaches its targ 50 if it

' a buman "t chenges th bllllliln. if it was an ob ect

. it changes that object In mat 'ou desired it to be.

e'![ we are done -fir! tha par r ~' • .e- take a brazier hom ~ ~ same ma erial I)':: the crnss an d ou make the bra7.iN with an open top and an open bottom but the

pt."l'1 op should ruJ t be hi . er thaJi a, I HHe. hole It is t1:iI! .1'\ • a out trnm lh~ top r the ft<:inkin.cen.o;e that veu \. il be using, Then rn rm he spirits do vn _ on need to

be a cl ~an pIa(.:> th.3. has verad ceiUn

an VOU cover

~ Picalrix E

5iUTI~ planet's nature- that .You art" bnn61ng irs torce down. '\: au la~ the plants completely fiat and nut too close or too

M to each 0 her then vou use the incense that has [he: same nature oi the desired planet on yourself [00 then ~"OTI put the rest in the hrazier and the cross 15 OIl th~ top of th.e brazier Ii3ldng tile smo"ke of the frankincense tha' is gettulg in f om the bottom hole and coming out hem the top hole. )'011 make aU this in the one hour ynu ha c of the planet, So if YOU do allthis the smoke of the ranklncense thaL is made of the planet 5 nature U'11l connect with Its effect m [he- asrronon ical signs straight to earth without interrupting another planet WIth a dif erent nature, 50 .. the- connectiert of the above hap~ns \' llh the belos .. artd vice versa then the acceptance happens and the d . :'1'15hes cometrue,

The seeker for this knowledge should be aware that e\ '-'TOY planet has iL awn privarv, ru:l~ Jmi.sdicfiOD: a authority thosetranscripts in bell een earn planer has the complete auth.orit) in ruling and other l'aI'tiaI anthuri r That is .something YOD eed to keep 1" mind when you a e trying to bring a planet'!= spirit becaUS€ some ha C either more or Tess rn tha pm cr of aurhorizatloa ha others espedallj . hen you decide your reasons fur using: ilia P(ll<.IL'T_ I also TOWld ilia this is thR same' ~ E1}t:o connect Ith~ 5p.iritual soul wirh llil! ph}'"5"ca} soul. Ihic; is one af tire greatest secre of all and .. hom ever work:; " ilh it reaches his desires. tt has also been said th t if ar human kITe,. his birib. tim-c h-e knows his. partial time u

connecte hi bod' \\iI:b his soul an . ill .lI11Xed rna :e

1 lm the .. ra he is, then h could fi~re ut the plane" has ihlIueoce on him and ilia nli: es hi5 sow po er \to th

at ianets w. - if the ph-ill tha the per n"" ccrnn,ec~e:J 10 is know n to be planet WJth ban lw:k th


~ Ghayat Al-Hakirn ~

tJi'wt pason VIli[J be born with bad luc but if the planet iii a good. luck planet then the pc:r~on cOJ'I1L'Cted to it ,","111 be botn with a gnod ILLCk.


YOV W,!LL BE 1VO!\:-"DER1NG and searching for this knowledge t lat Allah gave only if I . is in ~ our nature, Just like Aristo c pomted out in lus book Kitab al-b·tanw:05 that th~ desire to search am! learn about thi:s knowledge has to be inside ~ au and

hat the philO&oprtp"..l' that has this power, 'I.".:iU be wtser and more knowledgea.ble ahou Ihc spirits. The philcsophers kept: thi_o:;: secret between them and the1 did nof share it ,"lith olhcni or with their students. These wise men called tfu,: hidden secret of the complete inborn spirtreal natuJ'e; T.zmllghee- Baghrus-ll1ad 1 aglIidtlS 'fanaghdee!i and !these

our WlaHll.'S are the- names of ~_h,ese spmb and they used. to call them 1 hen the_' needed them and it is also a sign for the pe.rfuct nature,

J\s fut l-Iermes, he mentioned in his book that \ <hl:!n he

edded ro ;get to the secret 0 creation be 100111:] a VE'I} dar - basement -herein he could not 5eE" anything. Yet i had a strong wind glJing thn:mgh :il. r 'as sc wind_' tha he coald 110l keep a lighlr li Tha night he lJCa5 visiled in h..5 dre.ams by a good looking spirit:.. that spirit told him h) 01_ olI light and put it in a glas lamp to p:rot«l it from the

illd nd hat will r ght the " ra~;r fur ~ DU.

1 h-. he to d him enter the basement and rug In the nnd e of it <md take out a statue of a talisman that was rna . • and uried there and M saW if lJ lake tba statue

,.. nd ilJ st m that"

Ilghi. up the rest or the place, Then he told him to dlg In four comers (] the t:llace and he .,'ill find the creatinns s,KI1?t. nature' :,. 5OC[Cts. and the \'\Tmdel'5 of things and tn:err nature. So Hermes asked the spirit ,.\ he art' you? And he answered him; J m !Jnur peTjfX lw.turt' ruml desire l(l5e(! lIIe uo« (WVi' W s..'gll me F~ my name 50 he Ji5ked him and \ .. hat is -that name that I should ~ calling you with? And he said F. r ... !'agJrc~ Baglrdlswad I tfghidR.~ Nujallaglrdu;,.. Then Jm

c sked him in what orm I shuuld be calling . ou and .. r t should r do in rm caUing to you? And he ansx ered, when the moon comes down tn lh~ level of the "Head of Aries a mv time in cilher dar 01 "Il'ighL Enter at clean house and pu"t a table at the eastern comer uf lite house [Ill a 'W higher tllim the b'ToIDlti. Then take four cups; each cup ~.a:; to be able to hold tli "Thole pound. Then fill these cUI's lth four different oils. Fill the first cup with ,Unwnd llit d'1e second vith butter, the third with iUHmd ml and the t ~ itl1 rinegar oil rhen take another four OJ p!i! same .i:z_e o the first ones and rill them \ iLh alcohDt, then Dliike a cmId'll Rlodl! 0 rL'i1lmli oil. PuHer and lots (] ::Jugat, it needs to be vm sweet and heav . on ni . Then take these' eight rnp" OlTJd the. candy and it glass vessel, Hrst pu the glass v -in the middle of ~ table and put the candies on top 0 r then put the aur cups 0: akohoJ arotrnd :it facing cardinal points starting v.ith easter "'5[,. nOT h an 5"0 Ihen ou start wilth Ih~ oils first the- Almond oil to t_he W1 th~ same pattern of the alcohol cup. hen ~"\ "alnuf il ne__-xt 0 e ~ est the butler to fhe north and lasl[ th

rrnegar oil to the sou I found portion in iw I!!it~mQti mo.Then Eake a candle and light it and put i m he: mIdi! e 0 the \ essel, Then za h (I ,rariel'S full f nat then bum in one of them E:i1 ula :il geed smelting elne a nd in the other 0 c bum ()( nJOOd. Ihen stand a Ii


the east and. repeat seven times Tamagnee« Bi1ghdbwaJ ~ l1~/mfib ~ Tufim{lg'llk~ then sav after that

I ,;all you, yOlI Higll ami Prnl"er/uf Spirit oj Spirits, tire "'liEst of aU list!, lntellige,ft of III IlIteUigeuCt', KmJIdedgrolJlE with tIre ~\·orldr5 KJlrnl.'led'ge. an$'1'C'n me awl come to me mu:l'get me close to your knou,ledge. make me c1$. lcise allfi puw,",ul rl5 von .1re, let me understand what' liD ,ror HrlllnstuJJI! let me see ll'ha I co'mwt . ee ami prtJh'ct ~nt' fram igtwnmt'e, orgetfulnes5 an.d cnlt.'lty Illld flUlke me like the fOl' 011 rio dum tI!~ o'UCs r-lun had i~telligell'u. u'isdom. artMtfue aWdrelle5S amI Hllder:.-mndf1lg in their Ilt't1rtS, ta ,dJ t1mt litle in my lteart' aud necer dqJart /nJm if::.

Then the spirit said if _ 'DU do that then yon 1. .ill St.."e me, HeIID5 also mentioned in his book that the philnsephers used to do that once or tv ice a year, tn conm:x't ~o lhelr pe:rfoct s-pirit's nature, the ~\-a< earned fmm H-ermes.

Aristo I: said that every philosopher bas a power from Lhe sprrrffi that gives hlm inspiration and tren th and opens the d~ doors of -isdom tha are cmmected 11.0 fuis pOl rer and that it is the philosopher's high :star that aiful:ts him. This pon;~I gronrs ~\\,j 11 him and nOllT shes him, Even the KinWO and j~der'S used to call these :'!t-ptt:its busing these names, to ask fDT help, supper an accommodate lh~mseh es \", ith their kn . edge foy the O'ogd of their kingdom..,.m. also. to keep e il and their ·es awa So l~ spuits pTO\ :i!ded them ith al the

P ron their kin ~dom5 and I gatb ered their ror ~ of "mg. These ptrits, as ~ tle rrofe to exander Ih~ ~ and said·

o ~1'1'f'af ~I'i:,e uns: hen' I tel! y.~u the name» lW! I rl."'Vrol t11 'lr hidden "'{"nel h1 lI~lU dll j j-i i~ mJ'~ no! for 1Iot r,' "'fum lilJd ~renIHi!:=;5 J if tljili1 iuu'r.' '1ei:'L'r revealed (he<;Jl ~(·cre .. sh .~W!L Sta 'm~ki.' f1 promise to I!rmr;;.t'~f llu~1 Llnll1Ut t[l u rwl 1(1 ~J~rL' U,is. u'djl iIflPlrlif ) d make !rlFI! to rL.o;,e flit?~t" =1'1rl h4il rrallU~ fo I d you succeed II1ld 'iUfP(1 yUJi Ul T/[I;~ r PIlSl1WPl lind east' ymu tn1ld,r4!;_';: and dcfrat _IOU enemies I y~'1! d(~ tim ltJ 'IOt disregard the forc!? c lie stur» awl do not do ullythmg ·it1u.1r...f them b~ usc flle stars ti e tJlt;;T mJif V"'gll1lEf""~ (( the iCOrlrJ and wi ' l tIle mlnVCtb1lJ and maCJ"OLoo;m uere .fo.nulIu'd. SLl lL5C lJJul rely orl yDl~ r four "J11r.:. Ow ere JIFU r rt:7jITt spirlhfi11'111tu e, utith Ie ('Our THlnlf'S I ~a"y IIOU -nrJ )fern lJ.1iU rL:adr to the -ecrcts. Tiu: reason lhere ~rrt' _fuu r l becm~EI' flIt> IlWU.iW mllHn~ is fU!ufold. .so rail the ~in I'~ tJl unytime lind 1t:n tJ1i~m aftout IjtT!ir needs and WlltI et'f!r !Jrnl hstn: trouhle with. i'lHJwuglr I hut',;;: Scil:""H j"i:J r OU my lord. '~om your hi 1'3mr that you will d~fr.1 t1 PersIans and kill tneir ling and fh~ll fJre nf tinu: yilli will dl:.7Jarl fo:rrll ~ r COll rry W lhe Pe,.s:fans na Hem wf1l1Uli'L grf'.u . Ji ,mllie;, in

tete. 50 if !l(l~l lriwc " lIt'S: din cultie« tmd lJlt'.l j !l {) lose

in u!iTmmg, Wn.JIE·Z YOllt' {lerjert ,~pirrlunl nature 71'Wt )'til r 3 t. and coff 'fhoioe nault:- ami leU them obcur wlwict'f'1'" is tTUUbUf



~ Chil\ at Al-Hakim ~

Ailer .;\ristotle's .. nnng tv Alexander the GreaL. the

'til:" went to fight the Per~ian kl ng and he had countless s;('ldters: ,\ lth hi m. ~i5 he go~ cluservthe Persian kmg asked about Alexander's lncatirm and preparations and what irtfoI1J'latillt'l the., had abuu his armv and his a~;;,istant-s

old him hal their current situation is so weak and advised 1111 1I l 15 po~~lbl~, to consider peacp wi n him, ::' ~ Pe sian king said "I see this mill is approaching with he help of the: upper power; to his side and no doubt i hn figh _ the uppt:'T power is defeated and has no chance to ., ln" and tha l t'T~S ex ctl} VI. hat i\ris~ot1e ha lnld f'Je'XandeT from his stars.

Artstotle mcntinned m his bonk also that the first philosophtr.f that ....... uikcd with these tali .. "n.u'l<;; and had the "piril.'; appear to him and led him to the wonder of tafismans and made him cermec with his perfect nature an opened his e'_ .5 to the mys erions .secret'i of crea Ton. !"liS{. those: splTits that 0 d him ill never uppe:a.r tn • yone else but _'ou and unless they call ou name and P resent a gift of sacrifice ill. UW: llilIII1C. Tha.t philesop he name was Kirfisavis,

This man used to look with. a spiritual E~'e and know

, .. hh a spiri:tna1 ~t and there were two I OLL~ v. u

hundred and sixty years ~h een thb philnsopher and am, 5 me of thu; nse man's .. ords arc; .. osopher that "" m:ks with talismans' should EOTII entra

ill this. knowledge ··th all his senses and his mind an heart should nnlv be for tms because th s kn v edge r~Ui res all the philosopher's thuugill:s and effoN to 'be ab e to un i tee these s:piritual pifiit& together: and any Phi.hJ pher 1> hu occupies fiims.eI l\,:H.h more an his

o~Ied h.e wnuld 1 his I telligence and ~trength fur

~ Picatrix ~

Uri"" knowledge and any other" SimIlar [u his iu:h .. ice, 1 amtam the Iridian philu50pher m the wgmning of his book men 10m: that the reason thev are called talismans is because the are a spir rna) power gathered and pulled wgedler \I; ith intention and determination. fhm' are /rmr spmtWll POfCC"r.!. J rtf fir5: powa is c;priCQJ1ilIg i~ tt:Tlnonul pf'WEr m the irorltl_ TIli seLL nd is the ~pil1:tlli11 tnsttutnen! PffLl'U 111m pull:: ffU' spmt'i J ·he 1I,mJ potcer rs tht! rlght spfnlual prrd.!'t'r lf1 tfl£ Iou ~ai i!o fhe lumli1UHde 5pirituai rIJIPer. The three spiritual .. power the Instrument. interttmns and the Handmade receive and obtains the spreading intentio pol\'er and pulls it rays and ties the paris that desired to be. tied in like a man holding .it mi:rror and tries to pet the- ra;:' of the Sun .md then when he doe. s he reflects Jt to the shaded areas and 5'0 it lights. it up and ilia IL"i without any decrease in the ugh ts po\\: er, Tha t is hel V these. three spiriIt u.aI po \"1;'1"5 work with the po ver 0 spreading intentions to the 'odd. It is alsa the- mo\'ingand standt po ver 50 il puns to it the meaning 0 talismans.

Tamtam also mentions sn the begmning f hili sarlng: tha a hen ynn first start tn look inside 0 ·owsell. to your managing spirit that COllf1I...'("Is. JOD .iih 'our M and hat IS the ptrft:.ct Hermes the "". e mentioned in hils book 5a:_io'ing i'ha the ntkrocosm, in whic he mt5111t th-e- human. if he 1i as perieded in his nature, hi!; souJ 1; 'culd be in ~ posItion nf the stationa . un in '2 5k.y that shines with its light on ~ "\ 'hole \\ odd so a me perfec .nature it spreads in the soul se its rays connects

1. .. i.i:h the power of wisdom and pulls it till it -<; eenrere m-e soalthat is orrgmaily i5 lace like e~'y the Sun. pul ~ ~ ]\1 7 uJ -tl:i2 odd and Ii ['IS it up in the ~ •

So-rates had also hi .. own opinion about this math..or \\rhE!Il he Slid that the perfect nature I:lo called the Stm l1Je I 'i:;t'_ ~me .l5ked Hermes \\ hat he thmks abou hQl.'I~ to SUI-1pI} wisdom? He answered 'by pe-rfect natun: ". Then he was ,asked "what LS the source of", isdorn?" he answered .. Jt is Ow per: ed uatuf?". Then the) asked "well what is the ke J If visdo m? 'f he a nswered ~ 11 Ii:: the pi'1ixt !lat i re" . Than they asked "'''Nrnt L"i the perfect nature?" So he answered saying "If is till! philosophers spiri: thai rs amu~r:tea

o IIi;:; ;;tur and and [Jp~JJ .. C; fa him all tIre Zod; oJ un:dmn ami leuws 'lim und a"fl!fwt'f5 Iwt L['iu£l! is trmJblr Ig Jl1m and iu::tructE him in hi:; ::;leep and wlnie hr i.5' au.'tlh! t.l.lilh hys fD flU:' dosed door. TI,£, pt:. eel "Btu re r tire' phi1(.T5l1phe is tl I! Iii' gOfJd tea.dr!"f tJm' te.acJu·_ the boy word for word .amI n:'U1I tim« tle gets d[,ll~ witlJ one "Qat {l l"11.irI1}Jedgt' Iii enters witll him IJ another door and thai hoy il.rill net'l!T ftar lI'l.J551Uo

_ nawleJge as long as IIi!. has Q tendl"l!'r 'lwt last5 Wltlt him foreeer. &cau'=-<: the Wncha al~'tlllS rt'i!eals fl.l Uu: l1liY niI=""rYt!Ul1g thJr( troubles Jum and etl IJ..!':S him wll1ll i~ 1m d this to; fl lhilosiJpJu:r'j peifixr rraturt"_ So keep thill in mind. rna 15 \.l1y we sa~ who Jearns this krmwlcdge and vorks ... rith it has to have l in nature first tiNIt is why I felt the need to bring he \\ ords of AristGtJe the Wise so "OU -an understand.


~Chapte[ Sevenl~


. I. " .. hat the ft. uUle5ki prop1£' had to "iI) about snme related !I matters to the powers, AI-Tabari the astrologer spoke about calling the planet'S 1P00VL'TS, ., 1 nave 'hat J

miginal1~- gathered from the leaders of the faultless people and ~n'mg in the tearpie which Sht)\!',-5 what to do if ~ou

ant to i'i.'hi s pcr a secret UT ask the plane! rOT samething vou need. You have to finn :feel fearful Df .!\lIah and dear _ m:rr heart from all evil beliefs and rour clothes from any impurity and be aithfu1 to vonrsel and dear it out and look at , hilt you desire and \·hich planet of the seven pkmets -ou need to. el it from and rhar is the fl.ature uf this upper planet Then head to tha'~ upper planet that. 'OU need and \'I'&lI its appmpnate robe and use its Incense end Gill iJ "'itih its after d:t;;it plane . is in the limits that 1

in be prnvlding ~'ou \ ith dea ... .ing tram Irs astrological location and If rDllI do ,aU th -your rtsh cnmes true and • em get root }rou ,ask for",

SKruRl"l' 15 used. to a_o; for needs that -ou desirE: from c -gf-tains. noblE'S pres[dents, kings. olrl ~le and dead

nple, criminals. recipients, he people benefiting of lIiliPritmce, Mr0e5, depu iE'S. peasants, budd 51 slaves, ~'lie Yes~ pMe'n~~ grandpanrnlS and prominent people and II VOUr afoe sad ('T -ide ""th a deadly disease' and ev oilier simITa r~qU6 of the StUrH! nature ask r it .from saturn ..... th he cl" drawing that [ make fur 01"..1 and

~ Picatrix "iE

the use [If Jupitt."'l' because jupiter fixes. every rung Sarurn damages. The planets get to connec with each otnE!r to get :;our request t.hat IS why ~ uu need to 015'-: the right planet tur \ .. hatis in il5" nature to do.

1 [JP I ITU is used to ask for l1.L'eJ~ that \-OU desire om hl?h people, former high r~nk.i:ng people sciennsts, ju.dge , [urisprudenrs leaders, juG.tiCIi" rulers, leaders of guidance. dream Interpreters \';rtuOIJ.5 people. the denouncers of woridlr pleasures ruler .. , K.m~". su.C'(~5.50IE, no bles, ma.jestie-5, m i nisters, chi I dren, I it He bro~eu; or sis .us, asking lor fotgivenes~, or asking fur bu Illest you will be asking Jupiter for lt,

11ARS is used \tu ask for needs that vou de5ff-e from bound criminals, pimps, outlav ::0, deputies, 5uH~ companio:t!1-5hips,. heroes, soldiers, dispute gatherin ~ rn-:s:sengc:rs 0 evil that ~11 to ruin homes, rips p~QPlew pIl\raq and cause spillmg of Non . AU fires, peopk t a.

• "\-ork in iron industries, war creators, politicians, sbe herders, robbers. road roblnedes, enemies, opposit _

middle brothers or sisters, Yen cnuld as tars also for aU

that ~TOU. need of Mars' nature like diseases of I:h.e ]0 • parts, phhiliotum.' and capping om make- me to use the help of Venus because Venus .... hat ~lan; damages,

SU rs u~ to ask for needs tha }OU di!SJJ:e kings. SUCCt5-'>O-r5, presldeats, nobles lith era vns, rankin~ p~('IpJe, sultans, nobles. prinres, peoplecourage. heroes. Justice d~fun~eTS. standers ,or . ·ce, good praise achiev ers, judges. jurisPTudent5,~1a'~ piillns:ophen;, majesties, masters, respectable :scien.tist~ quiet honorable people, hi 'rankin pt..'Opl brothers or !tis~ . Y u can as 101' thin~ 01.1 0 li

govern mtai or m}a.I posltio or <; ar ues.

~ Ghilyat Al-Hakim ~

, NLS I.!! used tu as .about i:hings like women peopk \'11th no manners, odalisques, male sla es. the people that call) on slavery, children and children lovers, lovers and laney lovers, adultery making. hermscxuals and t:rMllSl;-e1;;tft;es, prostitutes, gpmbJel'5- and nighldub lovers, instrument ria) ~T- and singers, [emale and male hODlos,e\.UiJls., eunuchs. slax CS, maids. hypocrites, all paimcr:s, cripples, husbands. mothers. aunts Ii rUe brothers or stsrers and make sure to use Mars because Venus ~ and leans to lIrla:rs.

1V[[RCURY j~ used to ask for matters Iike boo m 'Jedge, mathemancs, engineers. astrologers. public ~-pea L'T.S, eloquent, well speakers, scientlsts, phlJosophe:rs. ";~ men, debate speakers authors, poetry \"'TitN"5, king's

hiidren, ministers, poetical leaders. rerkers, rnonev k~. merchants, workers in science and practical fi~ opponents, controverters, sla (5, he eroscxuals, btl 5 • butlers, honsemauis, lit le brothers or isters, h.anda-"aft

- , engraVlT->, pattlteJ:S, dlill '55 and goldsmiths and

an\ simllar professions.

~ 100_ is used to ask for marters like ings, deputies, trea _. O!dnnnishators, tax admintstratars, prmmse ~pc:rsr orke.-:Sl mess,agc carriers. tra elers, dece vees, peasants, sai]lders ~ e~eers, land o:.wner5. de.punL'S. -Oa.gers. m 0_ .- \\: n kers m rater, public audiences or galheriflb"'5.

iliglCtans, ri£h l mnen p:tegru1nt 'I omen. 'kings sen ants .. moth -s arrnts, big broth . o ~isteIs_ Th main hlng) DU to "keep i mind is never to ask a. planet somethlne t llU ts na we.

11 ow like 0; to P l:"'SCJl some more 5UiJf1("c a u

~tu.r a . chara ieris ncs he pla 1 .~ rrom I ie

~ Picatrix a:

aisling elements. Like the highest and dosc. .. t m locaUnn rrom (h~ astrolngical ~igns.

5A rLTRN'S rm"~t'r i - cold, hard and i~ CllIC is. made uf misfortune, corruption. stinky, ,. icious betraval and '" ~a~. Saturn also Jf he g,cts hold of em, matter it betraCV5. separates and scares, It has the pursuance or garde~ ri\ ers, plowings l' .. arming, provides with .a lot of rnon~' cheapness, poverty, uisputes. traveling to far bud places. -n. also nil."> the signs of depression gnH.ige. cunnin£ crrcurnciairm, refug~1 no socialization and everv uLher matter which has to du with evil, forr~fuln'i:35. rail change, i .. tigue, hard 'Ii ork, weakness, (IJTrtIplfOD. truthful words friertdltncss. determmanon and old ",l.~e. advocacv, buildln after clepres~'-ons,. after fear. too much thinking worries, expcrtences, anger. insistent doing less goodness. concerns • sadness, difficulties. grumpiness. death cheating, in-heritance, db"£usatiom.. old things. b:roodmg too much talking, the knowledge IJ secrets, the m~'5teri side of thmgs and if Sarum rus retrograde i holds the SIC' of disgrace weakness, It also has the igns of bondi .. .JC""" tnsrstence on certain matters and .if Saturn as it 0;; n?ITognde happens to' face aIloti1eJ' pJanet it weakens that pland too and i as h was returninz you hLlppen to a. .. k. 0 something that has difhcultieb and. grumpin~s and the possibility becomes hard to gel and at ttJat poinJ: 'Sa

has plen _ ~ of ~ in il5 fortwlate and good mood iT: 1~ "sing fnrtune then Saturn becomes mild

JUpn ER" P:OWl!I" is medium hea and humidi core is, tm:pp~ and it i1. _ i1funmL than Saturn -11 the.fillk height and it is it sign of life and animal sha r?e5, gro .. rfh an credltion. beun Y, grO'o ·th r development, jr:<;h!r! moderarton m things. [IS c'Cl PUT- _'I fle5t)", good 1Mb'

faith.fu lness den') utness, obedient, GoJ-f~a ring-nees, u;.lmrnendatiml prai~e. patieflce bearing, urulc:rstandingJ ".b;do01, rO:S~lbil-jtics. enthusiasm superiortty, peace [])akmg, generosui:y. arming, \'~i-tOZ1r. pI£'5ideIH:~', desire ill LlJllccting money, inheritanres, gO-tld manners. charities, freehanded, donations hdpmg people with things. the love of building and Inhibited place ... , the love 0 meres lm\",u'd people. kR:ping promlscs and consignments, the Im~ to juke and laugh, !!.he- Iove oi dernraticn and ~ood looks, happiness, Ian hter, t..llking too much, .t''Xperience. in} \ .. Hh others, marrying ~y£"ral times, Ille love of good and hate of badness, command to do fa '011'& and proh.ib.iting abominable doings,

L.o\RS' power b heat and burning dl1 ness. The (jon- of iL B misf(lrlun~ and corruption. All lhe' s~gn shows corm ptirm, des, ruction, dryness drought, fi:tt5, blaze , disputes, blood and eo" eJ1T other matter that happens all of il <adden, mjn5 ice, forcefume.o;;s, sadness, murders, \ ars, nets separations, waste, ruin, forcefuhress, torture. 'bt:a:W:t~, jailing, diffiru tics, continuousness, fighting.

ootishaess, lnsistent. rushing things,. scurrilous, ohscecity. less happi ess ]ymg.. rattliTIg. lack of m.iU1J1.eTS, traveling, '!Ding around, desolation. Ionellness, hate. roughnes , .an~, raping pr11, aoes,feaIr no God-fearlessness dlld fai hrnlness. di:s.wlule, rnalicieusness, 5\ rearing b. nsinz the Nme 01 religions, doing ba and less good. thinking t mum about thin};i, u 1im.'3s in marriages messin

\ Ith il1'Iimals, adu1ten', abortion. killing infants. betrayal, - 'lin . deception, s rindling, uad' nr1 boonn -e. trredness arm ng. ruughness, scum, road -mbbc:rle-. theft :0} ~p:i ad ~ knockIng "~d Il5 and np-e:ning dum ~ and tin", . Ing pn <1£:15, dishonormg' and e\'eT} other dness

svrx: 5 power is heat and dr-_: ness, The core of it is mixed. It flW-S and it ~iarnagl5 1l is harmful and useful, Hri tg .. good Jud. and bad Iuck It also shows signs of mrellraence, undcrstandlrrg, "knm ledge, oUTage. hdp. exploration strength, roughness, v ictorv, forcefulnes, punishment, unlusr to the unjust and just to lhe lust. to

ha rmru I to P\ er~ thrng too close and be useful ,to ev£'r~thing that sLU'u.:L a\'1'a~ plp[\ty uf advantage, plen' ot damiu;e, keeping promise s, dOIng goC'd m people, happiness, reaching goaJs. too much talking. qu\::k: ansx ers, passion to save money, good praismg, pride in fronl of people. socralizing, and every characteristic kin and governors need in runmng their politics and kingdoms .. ' 60 arran~ng till' holy sscnes anCi wreaths and making kings, valnsble mstrnments and golden nu~ei5_

\lENUS' power is cold. and humidity. The COle of it- 15 happiness. Those thing, 'hidl ~ho\\ 5 SIgns u( cleanr

vender, sIo'r, \ awg!my, pleasantry, the pas ion to 01" play. laugh, decorate, happ:ines:s. f IJ]l dancing, pIa:_ rmg a instrument and all lnsrruments, songs. weddl·ng~ perfun1e5, scents, composin pla~ nz games lUre chess dice. assassination, laziness. adulte _ • campltmentim ~ flirting " ith omen an finding comfor with the

beautification. generosit). openhanded, freedom £I' - uJ

forgiveness, good mannered beanl , tnagniricenee, ple of dl!S'ire for everyihing. eating: _' using the name of reliRi BS~ the passion to drmk alrohnlic drinks, plrntv - mamages, destruction. pa~_lon arc child en. leaning to jU£tic~ an fiiimt"55. p .. ion 0 shoppin1'- or ~rerylhtn~ IllVin tr:ien.dlines~. acc.ept.'mct.', a.uangmg wreaths jG

a d crmo. 5 well speaking rna . n e h e:nct"

. ha 1"1 ess '" it1:1 everrthin ~oud Ie ~

~ Ghavat Al-Hakim e-

. -

o:Uillmcnt 01 desires, making of pairrts goldsmiths, trading and selling perfume s, Venus also hiLo;; bmding: in places oJ worship and c~mmitment to r~ligl0.ns and pra~ mg. it abo pre 'ents desires I rom completIng wisdnm,

MERCl.:R) ls a quick-chal"tger.1licans. , ... ith us strength i31IG nature 1.0 the PU1NeT, streneth and nature' (If all the

other planets and MercDT) hnv .. 5 the slgns 0

understanding, speech and talking.. after depressions, intelligence. insight .. fine educdf:ion, debates. literature, pbilos:ophy, uanting knov led'?, majhematics, sunreying, elIgin~rIng. a:slfulOb'Y, fortnne telllng, healmg, curing. good omens, ..... ::rilmg. l!Icquence punt} of language. nice ralker, " vif mess. knm .. ledg~ (If other ffieni:ps praise of

llah'::, na-me and his prophet - Iuharnmad. poetic ccmpcsttion, the J,;nm.o. ledge of books and poetical ~ or .... and taxes, m l!ES£'eS illl hidden secrets. the revelations to

prophet8, s_ rmpatity. mere) kindne:s5, peace uf mind. respect, happiness, cnrruptinn of money. merchants buying and selling, taking and gh'iJlb. CDmpa nionsh IpS. dISpute_~. thoughts, running, deceptton, craftiness, cle-wmess, grunge. lying. after depresstcn, the use Dr the t.1Ilre books hustllit}, fear of enemies, qmc. - ac 'ng: in busi .e:ss cb.mgJ! in moods. palm reading, WDikIng in diffe.I'G1t mdusl'J"ii.'5 beifig smarr in ell en thmQ' tb.E desire

leasuJU ,"V(lX • money cnllecting and mane pnon, belping and standing far fromLTVi1

f ,DO .er is rold and with: hwnidit\. The ore 01 it

15 P I ness, WID - shO\~ 5 signs of ihe beginnin of works "fK! too Mucn tb.iru.."in" about. ihmgs It also has mner ersa ons quaIit} a in-ons eloquence, iJ\ raren ~ and the abir k. get all desired either made merits. companion hip, ioceseness,

acting quick] v. hear! SdleL.." eating a loL fc\ ... · marriages" saferv or body parL-., staying a, ilV from evil, the desire to praise and CIlmph m.ent happmess, beauty, the hllOVf Jedge of the hlghCT screnccs new ~ secret telling, nltm'}"in WClIl"lC1l raisunr other ... kids kindnesstn their own families prefer what nthC'r~ prefer, \·eIY It tIe desire fOT filthiness, fh .. ing every matter furgetting. dullness str.lying awa. hom wisdom, the passinn to lie. tale bearing, grudges, deceiving, envy. cowardice, adulteress, fed up Jailll'ro, lazinevs, di5b'Tac~. rushing, spending too much and '\'1,asllng_

~~, OC>\ 110N OF SATL.R.1\, :;:;:

so .if you wanted to Ln\'O :e an)' at ttte<;;e planets, ~'n beEd tn du wh:at I .lID abou to tell you to, let us start \ rith SatWIL If vou wanted tu in, eke it an bring do '"TI f ~ spirit to raise-its pm er you have tn ume the planet correctlv 'here it is facing Lihra then Aqua ius. because -\quruiiu. is Satum~s home and he finds exaltation in It. T en time it .. 'ith Caprioom because it ls Saturn:'s. seen home, if it !Vas not at an of these lncatirms then you ~ to [ocate it when it has 111 15 fortune-.::. an equal extent u the same natured planet or at reus:t at the same I~cl ~~th . balh are facing east when it is on the same pattern W another planet or on Ute next pattern and file besr pa is the one in (be midillt' Df the skv or on ~tr.:right lin aw.IY of bad lmiunes, bright TIl the middk of tbe sk~r. Abi be .... a ~ of Saturn s bad luck or. him i is square lar~ r l hen its ~OU5e is in a desrnrrt, The p~ uf that is ! In plane veuld be at its best and a ~v hom all the , jus' like' the good person that aever asks abou anythino an alV!; _ .... d~ good d.~ bUt if "t KilS bum

-Dr unf :lrlunatE' or retrograde or It was m d house awa ~

[001 the risina tortune then Saturn becomes like he iffilDlF" erson that IS bLl5y ~\ ith himself and a .. a~' frcn ~thero;. Thus if '1atum was in my of these locations, and you: ~\ lanteJ to invoke i~ _'~u need ~o 1j"l ear a b1a('~ ou:l::fi~ ~r black hooded dvdk " hich IS t.h~ wise man s ou t It and if it

vas (UnLca!mo black fabric it .... rnuld be all the better.

Then approach the locadon ~'l(her~ von would Iike to DWOke it \ [ttl reverence and subtnissrveness at; If you. are ilin:UJ~t sad and gri~\-OUS l\rth your flt'.ad: all ben down 'li\Glking slo ·1 T and quietly. Also come to ._ turn in ]~ vish

r5S because _ "turn L'i\ fum·!Jar "' ith their rotation .md milo' wrth vnu an iron seal ring and brazier of in:m and mcense i i; shoo d be mmJ.iil1cen5C:. lake equal amount of each of apium, myrtle, ~ffnlli. plilJ1lmll, rIlilllJu!r l!JlIeTS D.' ~h ?rW;'" ~odeJ LV ol; cilh:lIrrlh grCi1'5f pure black coi hair and gnnd '" hat needs to be grinded then rnlx fuem aU togeiJIel'" and make It like a dou.g:h with bund'Je or Macx goat il~l then separate e threads and lift fuenl then Incense one f these thread' when} Oil. arc ream' to 1m oke and face the

IID'let and the incense smoke is nsing and Sly:

o Spin-rs, of the Groot 'arter, Rll'~r oj the Grea & DIne' nd great importam:e, l'au k.~L"T af:uro Ike hartl, til cold, the. d-ark. the. be:ne!iU1lt~ the llfn~s,t~ tbe

ri ' lin 55. n,l' fditllfut Ure only mntddess rohr H "'ups his agT'f'emenlsr t1u far. Ii) on t fJlt .~ his 1"(tf1fi5~s. rill' al ans.' , tliP h rd UlDJI"k1:T', tile mdy (tu£' i lr 5ullnes~ ~U1 gmmpine !il t1 Ollf tilt'll strt 15 arrall rom I, ppfnf! S lIlII} joys, ille aid and rperiell d. tile' dou&lf': cross; T. fire dl!cml!T1 flu wist, th. rmd f:!;oooin . tllf!' J er, tlte destroyer. 011 lRl kf' £ek - ml·!ll'roble n heR

DU give hbn bad 'Online, and . au llrak them JQP1'JJ

~ Picatrix ~

fC'hen yuu give tile", good 'OrfmiL •. r ask you flu' Firs' fdflre:r {Jhf!' nmne of yo.ur god- iJ1HI IImt,- gell.n:Otls InnUIlt.'T5 to do to me this fmd this..

Then YOll qui..:'l[y bo\'\ to him l,n h reverence and submissiveness, As vou are bowirrg keep repeating what YOU asked him h1 do for "'UTI and make sure lhat the time

_ _

v ou speak to him. is h:b, time and the dar is his da y bec.al1.">e then roU' ha n~ better do ances 0 succeeding,

There is also ann her oliloquy nd incense tnilrt ,somr IJ.Se_ The incense hev use b a little di ferenr, 1 he\ use an

~ _

equal amoun of .4mra lIDI mCL"HSl'. ·,,mipcr and t:be ;;:;eeJ of r

Jree, diHCf. and [l'''l~nTf1gu • Thev grIDrl hem dill together Wi1 knead them and oak them \I rith bJ5·L Ihen it g~ put up and, rhen vou need i do what I [old -ou earlier tn do and face Saturn and sav:

In fllL name sf lltlh.. In Ilre Name sf A.5HHED tJlt] mandawry ki,Jg of Saturn ill all tite cold lJnd iC£;. tIlt! OWlIn al the ~enmtl, Oriri,t, 1 call !fOIl wilh alloT flames: in Arabic ZlHlM. in P'ersiau J(11"~ll'\ in Romi\[j'J CORom in Grrek CROMS and f1,Imli.a1l SHAJv.~~ In fI,e numt' 0 flu Gad of VIe Uppff Strucf:un:, ,ar:cPfTtmy request and Quqll my ,.111 and abe'l' he God .-if HIt DouDniofI and Jnn:ke '"Y retpIest SD iIffll.50 com "bwi.'.

YflUI make sure your incense is in an iron brazier,

you at' done with your speech and in ense ylO do Ii said eadier where fun bo\\ and repaa you request er and over. Then von praise Allah and onsecrste biro and you present a ~rificc. 1 h saaiija should be a trlJU'k biJ jJ-

(la~ l,.<ithaul an} , ... hite spo: ~ \Vl'lp:n _ eu acrifice -t orr

the bedv \ 11 a fire tltai 11 put out til e mw

nses in the air hen reep tlie ~DOa _ our place and ·uu

can use it ur ynur bus: ness and eat the liver thL"I1 vour requ~l CClIT'! es true.


When _ au t\;m t to invnke Juri ter ~ uu need to d re~~ in .. hi e and . ellow colors and }lfU need to be 5ubnli"sl\·~ like priests and Christi ans because J upitcr if> fru:mhar \'1 ith LhE:IT rotatirm. ~ y uu need to .;10 t'\'ffV hinz

h.e\' d Cl and also I1('U'. thev ge dressed in d hone, colored (lut·fit. the region the: live m the cross \ ou also need a U1I:ta a rdlit~ JrOl"1zletl drwk. Prepare the brazier i or r~ce.nse with lzUt'!'- e I oak and fil.i.1nas:, tkane , .UrllJJf1l _', d{llu~:Iil. This kind (J sanda Il cod hID\ ever YOU break it,

'Oil find a cross j nside of· Then \ ou also add W1ft; pmI!der, pUle Sll:J and . miper :?i!l!U. You ~ ... sad an equal amount of earh and mix: ~ rith afnlllOl. take \'V cks of i and Use' it hen '()U need i and vou sland and au as r have

- .

mentioned ill Saturn's hrvocatien, Ihen you race Jupiter and sa :

Pe(JC'f!' br. upon !'D,fl Holy H.appy MtlStel'. tJot u>ifh m.iIJI 1rum; ity. th,; llmuliftd, fht KmrclleiJ'getJbL!, tlfe H01fest,

he Riglrtful. H~e Just, tbe Fair, the nevout, tJU! Urise in rHg'on~ the :lpa he,t-ici hi! PfJ1.Perf,d~ ri,e Great Dettmn· let, the fixer. llle G enenm5" tll~ Grent Boustu, hi! II ili::;ed, the ;lind, tIre Prmnis.e K'_'.qer~ tb.E FaWf{ulf 111i'. f rien ]I, h~ Gmifflltl'i in m _ ~. I II k: you f'afl,« inffn! m~l " all gaur b~QI.ti I gene,rans manne,~ amI IIOlit "'<1lu file deer.i~ to do 0 me ~IJ' and' se, JaIl h~ Cor; of all

tf e Gpo,_' emil m eft mal ~ an f'/!$fU.ell5 ~1It'C£5~ . l

~ Picatrix ~

rlleLeS t~· mvrrl: trt'(', Then take h .. ·o pieces of :::redlt ss misin. grind what needs to be grinded and knead it ,ith cooked h,l511 and you USt' thrs as, incense when \'OU invoke the planet. You need to put on clothes of the dutifu1 and people of hold the bonk (If the true relieion and show an absolute submissr, e a:nd peate (In your face.

'hile ~'[)U arc domg this use he incense tha 1j 'eha eo de." rrlbed and face the plane wh ile saying:

o RAFAEL t1u~ Kmg, The /IJlthoFj;;;~T of lupiter, {h,e IwPf11l, the campIer" the It'lude, the gOf),I, witTr tlse good td$:t{'. the r,espedable. tlJl!: sUJll!rt;. tiff! far au'ay /Tm'h contau,ilwtiou au~:llwad m!1i:ll~ t caU !J(jIU u,.itl, all !fOUl' nalRf'oS, in ~{rabic lfUSBTAR:l'. inPersis'n BANGEES, in Barbariml .mut\ftlZ. itl IGreek Z..t 1\ ISH" ~ml ilt Ituiiau t A HS.41T. III the ·~,rQml! tJ" Ure U.",," Cremol'S Mld' Gads (JwJ ask you to doJarme: 5,0 und :sO.

. hen you are done ,i, _ 'OIHi ~oliluqu_ . you bow do "'IT to him and presen a burned rPlufp 'ilu~.t.JI a= a sacrifice and eat the liver as. we- described before and LheTII "CWT reqnest comes true,

There is another 'ay 1(1 Invoke jupiter that so~ do ,"v'rum dCJe'S not require Incense, It has such grea t power. that SOfi'I.C spec' lcully use it, to pro\ ide saIetr n sea jourOl'YS. Be.side a group of people tha had thlkno ll~ge. Al-lCui has men 'oned it in his bonk under name of The Book n lJic Holy KntIwlnlge by S<i_\ingtha: . \

you face jupiter in the 'and sa :

furl pMU be flpcm yo" 1'00 Noble Planet. th£ most l:fDt'II'1.1'dble imil GreaT, th-e.J: I.£r:K~ful,. the Hrutdler of UtllFf'f nQttPf'S~ Uu' Knocker on til Pun!- SpirifO: Dours, 1:lm ~L1",i!1 D tI UvLPtfiniJ ld Bt 'flJlirlgforr hdp in the Drpt/J 11 11f'

~ Gha a Al-Hakim ~

51/J, tlte one th'l1t 511in~ his liS1l1. l~i~ sfml amI his spirits vn us. Fi.T Lll'i'r s.ituafirm and secure OUT exit and ~t'Ij's11 tlu' fii tTt of nature aIDa rt/ frout us. AuIJT£"\IL

The .sign of acreptan e for your request k that a bunlmg flame appC'oll5 For the requester. The flalme is Jupi ter ~ splriL

"Ii e he greates in deliOTI and most pm\ erfnl imrocanon o all is said fating Jupiter:

Peace b£ Hptm !fIJI Huppirrst at Planet. • n" mos H011dJrablt.> in Ndture, the 'Hagnific~lf, tJre \tl1lwdJlle, tbe IGreilfl the Ha:::.a rdeJ's, flu: Fnl"rnlud:e l\:[uster, tJU! Jrot. fmmitf and nwder,l'Ite in ,air. fh~ Be~nd iflll. Ute Kllo'l(lrellgeable. the nunest, flfl!' frienilly. tl:u~ [ gi t i.n n!Ngionr U,t! Divine, the Certain. oj Good F,lJrtuue. fill! Distilll~t. flnl Faithful. the religious. tile ju~t, the: lair. flw

etee, the. 'ldiriollS. til brig ,It tnd radiant, t/lf~ pious, til c.ampa5m01ftLt£:, the gr; fill drlenn/,tmlifJll. tJJ8 !ReF. rh I!'~ire. rire gf!JU~roU5. "J'e I?xploit. tl,P supnjor, tlw prOtm' e keeper, tJ~(1 myal to hi'- words, tile cfJm1"e-te perfect, the Idnd' uirtuoU5. th~ God-jel:u:ing rig1:!.teUlt5. UJf! immacultlte., tIl£' well N!garded. th~ fllr from soil II Ed immortd U/orw;# tlu~ po .. uf ffumgllG ana ,eligianl .fI,,~ dnd olmmest.. tire intelligell~ tlt'e' wulnittmding. the 11 isc. rhc. dn!il1n. up' iner, tILe tm,fll/Ill. f'~ U.'fJrshipD~

tu (Ii ta ~.J.1fulj, tire' t bdu tf'll peuplt! (l "th fi im '-". the " d'ience al tl r~ligioU5~ the 00:1 pnR5f! ar.u1 pro peelM.

I Ut1mSi1l5 tic, th rigld:~DlIS the l1uma;n. tbe r pedlible., fh'f:" .swJ::{es5 I. the winner, tl,:e presidentillil HI£' Stdfnn, ttse tin.:; ·lhf! uoble5t, tll~ ma 'csiy. tl des/reF in CD 1reding chlTrifies orul liviD m ruJt~y. lIte opeW' n4ed. If' do~mt T, th~ Outr fifO lltl~1 feu I.e to do gllml. ho rot e to IhI'1nd papu1ate, the! mf'rci HI rUlf I Ill'Dpl • the m s

ke(~per, tIll' returnee Of trusts. t.hefmmy, tile h1l11l0roU5, the Om' ca f'I.'5 fur "tyit' a r,d sir ape, UIt"! JUII~PY'. the laugTJer. the talker, tit> r.mgll£, trainer, the IHflrriag-i! lover. tllt~ lowr 0 all K~Jod and Ildte,-' or aU l!i."it. lire CIJ"fII.m.alldcr- of good ,g,nil bmw uf ~'il.

Peace be U"01l YDU PlmU!t the Supporter of ,i\ler[ ~ Kimilless, who are ill duuKe of Ire(J"pl~s matters, fhi! sq~.atJ let oJ pllr~ souls, fl~ sauer of Ilom'blell!?s alld fhl"; ten-iblene:·s oJ fhe seas, flU! .5fli'f!f' 41f drou'niflg people ftmu trw deptll of thl' SM, yau are th!.' nne lImt slliues Iris fig/d, soul. cum/OTt and rum' kiud 'pirit thai is attached fo tli" fl.p,J'er I'Of.l'f.'" on emf' cluldrt!n Ilnd families.. A. pOlliO' fll,at gJlaril5 our matters. pnli.:i.iks itS wit1. uume.y. keqU! U~. rom .fl.le rlaily WlJrrif!S of Ollt If-e, "':0 our living beconres mor~ 1Jl'oducfiiJe. easier; mare pleasant;, nUJre useful aild IllO e blessed. l"ou fir our bodies QM ertetfd, O'Ul' li'Pes with 1101 r iipirihla.l puwer. l'ou protti."e liS HJith Itea'ith /run'" fil1 ilImsses and po ins ,I'lind you keep tfU.lay . 0111 ilnd II sufferil1g. I'uu ""Hid (n, us wit1, 'lour hmuJmble" 'Utilgnificen.~ rigld.wns spiritual p'Otf)N, h,lmte .. feSpe.rt «od poet! mess. You givE' us u'Uh tba.t PO-aJ" at:crptn re b'f!tn:"~ft1: all"7tr!lwres and dL'ft!rsd flS agning alillilnns:from at.lllm;. from caB-us afld UDil-Wll-i!f'S. You provide us wit j ltre . nd beau:tiftd iml1unity a:nd sJrelt«. }'oo mot· k:t Uf1 no one talks rlbOIlf u.s. ew eeaer peup,'e'- f!]JiC5 ~uil

.5]. iritual veil SD it. coz.ers t relr mil eye> and make 51 rio: ti,e;, ',arm III f(.rngUl!So dQ not laurt ns, 'ou stup I, ~2 penpk's violet t lumas a-nd U' lking legs. YOIl res - 'rt these pe_al-dr~ roil iute:utWn· till rhry get jmdled tu y ho"orabh; 'gil eous spirihl . 1 pamer Nla yon hold 15 a 1 'lint" fa our own ~iri I sauls. These spiritJlal ~ouJs ,n tie Ute. ptDpl£'-<;, I' es it1 a fM'~ ,e.sp«t~ glori/ir:atJ r

Q d grrabress ill t: r. J~rt5 to nl II ; lib till! r.


.~ Gha\ at Al-Hakirn ~

U, HI tile 15"-Y shines Oll tlfe world. Yall grant lL it iUi your JDnorrlbl~, rigllt:eou5 I]Rd magnific:e'1l1 spintlUJi P[HI'" Itnotdedg in undersfll.ndhlg rdig.ian tlml ~'ltlQ11' "bed.ruce. Ala'lce ooze of ~/om' 1,cmO'dbll', righteous alUI t11dgrfilicf'm- spi,ituaZ pOU'e1'5 S'JlrTolind us tll supporl, pnJtect, gt,ide tJmi tribute us and to mediak> fvr us at OUT Cre,MOT (be he ble .. ed) so ,,'£ prot.t3d.s us from tltlWJI'e5 !iHperiority. faWng for am" deslre.s. mr.d make 1'L'i fortified wifJ. intelfigenre and tlse ligM.s oJ tlfoology. PrDwide 11.5 with pure souls aud denT ""mh. Dired U5 - it," divim:. supe.riority nmf spiritual POTU" so um soul b'.fL01tIf! motivated and OUI"" minils fil~ci"ftted ill'il!1 1I1e mr£' of thi' ,wif'1:f'se . .Malt:" tlwl POTPE'f turn Its a1:vay jt'tJJ.n mff inten?sfE b. morra.' desires rUld mRke if easier to get: om r:~e:sf -:I fOTgire fl5 ,md disregard 1'11,,' bigge f sins", so Il, e betome mu: soul :with no cmnpari ~Ofl aad flO onE agairl5t. [oak at OUT limits, Do not give US mort' f!hUI we alII blke, Do not chang,;- mn Raines and s'tapl$ till rvf' di.e Wit/I 9011.r "OHOrabJ.e. rigllte..ous aNd magniflO!ld; spiritual pUll!erp thai'

owl'r til' t l,t~rm us' and maslres of! tllf~ WJmrr dirt mul gB them tilt! goodn~ 0 the beJl,oirming und the mil at lifl!~ .\men..

Hnc leU you witll all your 1!dmt'S. ill Tllb;£. .\fiSHY ARl. in PI?T5Um 8~aGEE,ST in RUmHn no ruz. in Greek ZAI rISR,~sn!FJ" my call 011 make aU III reqwsts. a:JIB f-nu in t~ nlJme' 0 RA.FllEL tll£ tJutluwizu king a yo, matter» and in tlse nlJrn~ o· VR1'AS, "111"££--. ,tuGH£E " nR££~. THEE I FIlOOS" D RID/iS.. HUDOO, VA 1AHUD5 i. -the r me (J flu Upp > Gods IJd lhEil' Ble.s.smgs, aU! IJ«gtfI UR u. flu:B~frinni g, tlle Etcmala - the Eli!;, r~liev~ me and ma .t ~Jl ftI . eqfJe~ ts eom« rue, as r hane tumen m ~l»1~ mith

ttt-fe ,d ,rrit1r tlu~ 'lard II e U li~


~Pkatri'\ ~

ru,d It'mkncs5t's. I 'e hl'wd you 0I4r faU!~ ldth loyalty. bow amI ktrcf:·l tu yml to i our godlilh~55, il1orsl,ip YWr ligM d5 f uEnnif til you "md obey yUJI ond jllUD"R' your /tr;rmn-ablf! U tture. Respond to my cilli. abl:1l my orde.r: make my 1~q1lest cinne true aud everythillg r ,lesirc from you, keep u,isjo,.tune ~l t"dtf from U5 Qnd give us IJ 5hnl'ein your importance, fn!'lluty. yom hOlJuruld£~ rt'gllt~OIl:S arid fUagu.ificeut ii.1Jiritun:.1 P0rf'l'T tlhrf JlOlds U5 find fU£5 eur nl't1!tters. provide~ U5 nlit1, .luts 0 - mOtley tlurt certies: tI piece of lhis 'wtlrld~~ desir« to us ('J1tcl gives UE the love p tht' wor'd.

lUake Ollr work. O'UT de-essio" in. pmple .a1l11 OUf' 'im.~ at c01lih ct d.Crep tub te. .Uu h- usda t' to Ii iua~. give us tlie obedi.ell.r:e fJ/ people, mak u:o li.·naU~1f fm" hrmesty. give us tire tl101IgiltS o_t QlI people, arm utilize tlu!JJf witlt your jiglfl Iwd 5fJld and tIn:! Jr01fofab'e. riglttemr anA ll1agnifit

'irifitul POtU£'T tfrat holds l~ wgetJU!l'. The PtTlJJU 0/

Qr I'l tittle child .md fhe t!UilJi!I' 0-' gWinS fOl' an' ad pf!TS01J. r ask you l .. wiftll in flu.: rOl1ff! ,0/ your Han bte Beaulijrll t~JQ;nnef5 and· alunble Deeds. .'n tIre .TQme 0 - , tigllt that fiOitl5 em gmt from A.nll', rlre Mdgtfificeut; IIf:: f:xo/rl!d, fOT YJ)U to 'lear my elltt d'ltd fflR'ke my re.fJ~l comr true. reveol ii',l'llmlJ mUle been hiding i·n my _Old a III !lUI! -to gii'e .il to mr:. Givl' me some 0: DIN' h:ro£ JIB co:m,dSSifJfl thtJt 1. can Iuww flOur aUSin" tD WP, • U!' m£rqJ, relieoe us from troubles ... md give us an uttiUI •• 1111ppHJE55 lim! do nat dhm e by a misery. I ask f)

th 'II He oj YOUT Rig.hmess mI lt~ OIl u'itlr ytJUl' kind'nes5. fl,af !liJ"U rnmiDte- fOT me fo 11m. fbe Iced 11

l'he FtwOn!r. to ke ttry rellu~'[ ("rune tme mrd my If!~ i

nlfuplf~ . .\fa it i.'t.I£lI for me tD reacn my- que' ,d m~f£c'Ta" the. king$ of art11 and on eartl: e eatures til talkers ami lWfI-tafleT$ i. 1 the- Vi11J e .• lllah. 0 btl 1.1 t i

l\l5t Era amI the EtenmJ Era Forerer OIuJ Ever, J a~kFd you ill tllL' !\>;mne of your Riglrme55 lIrul approadf gcm iu Int' n!1me u your kilfdu~ ~s, cmnpipte pem; be upcm yuu fr1Jl1f All all t) illl creators, lli~ blessinX5, 'Ji5< mercy. "L pro Fpf'rity to all ett'nrit'!J IJntl. to ail Un? lJ~res Ill" ages. be UpDn !IOU. ,lrni!t~J" Amen ,(md u'pm.r all .!four faiti./nl keep'L'J"5 " t ollr'Jame .. to A ilal,. to IIml~ Amen. AJ"ffell.

. ~

Thev .,3\ that who e\ cr invokes in this war and uses

- -

the incense correctlv and invokes tilUSt, [uplter's spirit \\ ill

stJrrmmd tile requester and rna}.", his requests iIDd desires m the wurld come [nu~ and also cure him (rom iUnC"5R5 fur aYBar, utiliL~ the world, Il ..... ercorne all difficulties, prc5;en.e him from tear of <:IU the people in ~ world. 'OU have to also understand tha the b-I.,,'(Ing. the suhrmsstve, rolling lOur furehead ito the dust will OID_' help fa make ynur request happen faster,

~IN \7OCA nON OF l\ilAR.~

en yau need to mv nke Mar= ~ l.1U ha 'e to be dressed in red wi h rl red Tread basui. nmyi.w a '!!Il.'ord and all DU I:"IiID of ill kinds of iJ_nt IpOIl~, or ares::a lik~ .;;;o1~. ~ghtn's or "jJlaln.: and as p gar.::! because Mi:lf5 L amlliar - h their rotation. Do not orget to w ar a mpVi"7' "n and 2 _ftilflkmcens£ in a brazier made nf copper and the

1 em~e- art" a combination of equal amounts uf

rry. btl..Sh-8nlS.;:;~ and aioe, e ro-ot 0 herbaceous Pdi bfYOU and pqrpfT. "\ au grind and k eed after ddm 5Om.~ mmun blood and ma1;~ wicks, J UlJ put lle cks up and use them -or incense "Then VOU need to kc the prune_

You hav Ii:"' to approach _: I~r" with strength and UunJ.! and tadn~ him straight In the sk\ 1ike you do tel the other planets and say as ~-ou are using the iru.ense:

o l"irluov - Uuster tI',L' Hot, nre Hard. tlu' BrdlP,j? i, Hearl~ tlu! Blood Spiller. flit' ilnncer 'fJ:.f t're'ltdelligmt, ,tilP One witl. 'lu Powerful N', the l'ictorious .. Hr Domiuator. the sharp mHrllni1l, respotf5iblf' for evil ami to Th'tre. beati1rg .. _jailing, f.~,ili!,g. tale-b'efiU'ing~'uittl. care[i!ssnt.!ss. tile kil'll:'T. tl, stranger, t1z.r. carrier for lolfJ If];tdpO''~ tire Ir,r:Issirmntt! for lots a_f m.arriidg£5. tJJf' strotJg iI-I r/roughts, flU! migJlty, the UJitUlerj tire Well'" causer; tilE defi~·ndl:r of fhe weak, th~ $tmug sfand!!" ar tl'"U~ thl' r'ei'enge taker /rUIn t'l-lil.. 11191:: yor~ wit/l your aJUT5l! in lE PTb~ lcifl, your vU::f.onJ. I n!lfll.esl om you i'f the name I} U'}w prejmeil ,au alIt! In, uk yuu f'el'errgtjul, balm.,. find g~ t.eT in DlllrU" aud' more dominic"" Gm.llt UU! enda .:w lny rrquz'S"ts aJ1d IU!QlJ" my prm t'1'S, I u..-islr you fa du me 5"0 wuf ~ o. 11 flC-e bl" "pan ' au mho protert: - ,ami kup'~ b away.

Remembcr c erything you need to Tequ.est. Then. re ea the speech ~'cril1 time as) our bOl,""ring di\ining to him and vnu will ge yuur reqaests,

The pta rre L ~-{ars' second in, or a . en 'and Incense is dome b~" taking an equal amuun ·of brood kan. malk • nlJfm:~g, bU5h-gra~;;. 'em grind and nee he mi'rlu:re 1 cooked basi and. on use i s Incense :s- we ha meniionN beIo.rr. Then YrnI 9i.'I.V~

. -

D RUBAlEl Uj~ \~ tt laJrny Kiug oj hraJ'5 tIl Har i tIr ·Fbm., tJu~ Finy~ Ute Read~id. til Ri&iIWvus ~ fast~ th hol~ the cn.r.eI~ Ilr l"allt!' in lJrarl. rill! bw:a spite". til ris

of dis lr:bilnce and rtr Hi . II pon. a. 1


~ Gha\'ilt Al-Hakim ~

Wl.m~. au' victorious, tilt! i'~mqrlis"er. t1u' l'atiOlw I. thl! .strOng, me rC15f.1on sible 10 r Q n t"l u. torture bf!ann$ ·11 tn I1g, I.,iug,. ale -bearil,g, ab« t'11if!}. iu: Clfrl:lf!ss alwlIt .,tJ,e-rs. ~t' (igJftf'1', du' Duly, lh strmrgi·' the Wt'ftl}OQ n"EmeT, the pd.5.sio-rrj]tf' tor 1['11'-$ of "hi.mages. 1l1sk !IOU in all your nome.:;; ;n "~rabicIARE[KH, ill Persian BU HR.'l IU, ifJ ROl1um Rf:.E5, i.n Greek AAR, in InJimJ A .. j\TGAR L 1 cJ5l: 110ft in the Natne oJ flfe Upp'cr GiJds Iv r -pond obty and pant me Iffy requests. H.t'aJ' my pm yeN , UTant you to utake so aud :lI1IJ for me. In Ihf:' rmme nf RUJH.EEl ti,e

. arJlltJtury Kjllg a you, .,taftfTS..

Fhen \ OU use tnt:' Incense and then repe-at the invocation as Oil ar 100 -ing and lrn~Ung to hi rl. 'When U all; done, sacrifice <it tigf'r IJr il'ilii ~I and burn him. a .. \\ e ha .. eo mentioned befure and Colt Hs liver then all j OUT requests will come true,

l\,.W:rs has: another call that you do if au had a-n &lerny llial harmed \'OU and ~ ou rant to ge back a him with orture sid"TIess or damage. You TIL"ed (J be dressed n the clothes we have mentioned befnre, 'DIll prepare lhe hrazier 1'0: ith I neense and me Man,; and sa~ as you:rinceruse

o fy Bliinling Firef (1 "TI" from Dis ISfi'T5. R~no~er Df ta II .fro Q' rci, I rnmes~ Burning l!ild Do s, DisgriilUl the tauglJ. tIU' 51Hll~t 01 uJ~ 8lood nil IunnW.afltJn to their l{ omen. tite mUStY of b/oothllm~ 0 refngwlw' - alu ~. YOr:tr oicteries, your appToac.l~ mho cherish ,yo,

,zd 011 urillg virlory to 11 If(l lISb 9r.1U WId /01' ~lJng

5, ~ ries 1I1~ rona/I. t. Ie bot" tIre ,liZ,!:, tIl gNl ts L111 rt'~ rJf!St". J IIsI.· YU1j u. all flau tramt!s, c&at"adm:stus.

cou ~f!S I orbit, YOI r ligld~ your proof of . t te t

n To: eI, m u I carr COl",. «iu ttl I] il Jet l' , ~tm


~-ricatth ~

wlw is setting me tip to r1eliberately h1tn: m£' atw "bOld ftisr:OfJ5pn'llrie~ against me s!:eki,rg to hann me. I a '1- YOll lIt' ll,s:t source fJ_f 'lO·pe faT people in tremble; !lfnl'Te tlU' last 51'eltff for n1uge£S. , ask: Yfmll"ith the pml!er iwlumr it Ha.ll olA ll, l,as ptavidf!lj you i.C'it14 t'fat yo,rl send m~ fhis p

a Ilmninat.iou a_f your donull tliauS" to be Q _feJr.t:f' b:cmemT me muI bim so it Jroqr trim tli.Vtly from 'tie ,rutd makes hun: too b1'$Y to think aDUltt UIe, dlsgrace him SJld reveal . prj-racy, lmggle him with iortur», gef" tIll:' _ tnmgesf rriI it?,orst F"eT'e'lIge 0 Mm, rut his rurmJ's alld legs. r:urs~ ',iJn iQ llis soul 11'ilh miu, brillg to Ili'm aU tne fJroose.d ,and Jorr:eJrd spirits, the tlliwf!5. tbe road block£'f'S1 flte gr~atest ftmurrsaml irritat,im'$ Uti 'finl ..... \I,d;:,!? Itim go &Un.d. U'I.a .e llim' go ileaf, Iftdke aU &;5 senses go nUnl, IMk!:' ',in! blind. deaj: mute, totaUy in£flt!cth}l!~ makt" '~ir1i. tiel.l up. ,l~' "im suffer tlJld ,be fl1t'hlTed lor a long time, ptrnent him /tom poling, dri.11kiHg,mIOimtftm't and Ulling. S!;!t IIi 11 IJfJ 'fL'itll tin ki-nds of ClH'Ses, SIT Ms soul up nnt}J grudg~ spirf! in his mrufty. iu. 11;S fmmlg, in his drildtm .. Clll'5.t! h r witl' th~ sultan' in_iustlce and the JwstiW:y gf fJ ue:igJlboT5, and tilE '.Ate ,0 the. reteiiocs. et llim up Iri tl!e crim.£'5 11')1 tJli.e:i"e- tmd rob&t>T5 .• ill his (JUlff '.JrJW.e-tl)I( (ludwherifill!T ~ l-ra:l'e'ts. or, lo:nd or see: ~ fab ,0" t tCl is ',,-sf OJi po sibil:' ~nd CID"Se hiF, j9f'('fjully shongIY.!lm tf to miJll ty. the tongh in spite; ill flU! nsmt' of YOlK 11f.1I[1 fota tlnIT IDDl"r5 Ute mriPefSe! _0 immoT;dity. !Jall nJ thuse ptl~5imlme with lunmmg and 'rand hi be' l1u~ u.ritil tlH~m5el C5. Listen to my pTayer, "al1l:" mN"ql fOT tears, in the na'm of ROBAIEL the.i :Junda-wry King !l !!UUf.' flJ.UHNS, in fll~ liun. (} .the ~pirits tlMt yuu ust' uDoi·mf ilJIltJ tli.subsys flOUr i,~ tit naJ It! of flle liht _ 7U send w tlte n:m1 ~;_J the people of ang"' ,uI ron fiil l rom-mi, tl,· biggFst sin . A1b-':~'er TH~, pUT ue my nqfH~N.

~ Ghayat Al-Hakim ~

and giVE me tlf your/OFe. wl,id, 1 kno-u !Jou will all~ll'~ witlJ, 11 ct1mplete peace be upt:m ,!JOll Qud 011 whom eilff p,otected womef, from lurnn and puslud aLvay l'11il i1rfbumu aud directed mtjainres .. )lmen, ..une'J, a:ltd in tlfe 'IIdme of these lVtmJ't!s ['PUR yao. DEGHIDIOUS. ff_-1GHL\WEfS, GHIDVOOS. J.,f}R-1ASr AlHJfCH05, mDGlfllJ\ 5, M.W1D~;\S, D.UIlDAH5f J ask you W rnaie' RI!' requests come true, support me wifh my need5, 'fall" m:t"r· /or- my t.euf'S, res$.t..n Iny Slip5T take my lUnfd in Ute 1I'.ame lJ tfle upper gods. the "Ulg11ijiCeJ1t competent, t'lf:~ higge-st rli'r-ine. ti,e ultimate desire arrd the names I(if AI 'will in flte name of god!i, tire grocefid, tlfP creator 0/ tl~a'll, life, li:ri5~ce and de-miry. hdp' m~ and grail' Ill£' -my ri ht pmv, at this moment;. Am£1l. A'flCIL

Then yuu bow and prnstra te and repeal • our reques as ) [Ill are prostrating and th en ~ou:r w ishes rome true and it [Ill sacrifice .iln~ of the animals it IS specialized with ~ enid be 50 much better.

T}.'tle- is also .a rite tna.t gets carried out to Ai-Nil '_"II S [} gl1l.o'5 l and that is if you hold an enemy that had ba:rtned you-and you"\ anted to set up an a.hiolufe harm or -ormre for- them. then vou need to, face AI- a·"Jt·s [_. fi{ilk~ and use th . incm'if' and Sly:

. Peocf' II upon .I.IOU 1-· u"'sh's Oldest Ducugidu, tile fU:gh dJld fll 8~:au.ti 'II, I ask you in /'be Name gf the. liDa' oJ tIle Creiltm" f'1/ All giDm mIla 0'''. to end 91 this. Pl!'f'SI]nTs sl'iri~ an air JIIt!'"t blQU's (rin: rtp ~nd all his body geh flk ~ and.,o ~ tlurt n 1mb: hi.. ors 115, lines in IJis


st'nse~ 50 ~re dUl.'S lIot see, hear: feel, walk,. talk, t!td, d"itiJ.; or ~Joy 11fti' ~f n/~, let t1J~tq? spirifs put Ilim m aU d:ge r:m.d hAK}:lf' In:tn rmtll • II kluds oj torture, with nil kintf5 a b~ating ", set the IyrtJ,my oj sntltms againsll,i"l.., de/eati'S" oJ e1tt1nus turd r;,erxhbo,s. make all £lit" t." ',illl r..ttith quick Ulld ftTget1f nu'aes: cmmected to all t1u! people iJl tile u at sO U1t!!1_ CUlISf' ttis house to r:ollapse un "im an I drop I'i~ r,mn 1n:gli pl'ICes. plltck l,i5 ey5, Hnlip Slis Ikllnls anti Ie !S d.IUl make I!im busy r. .... itJr h-i'lnse1f. Mnke dfem be . 110S l~rmful to hi". find remove ~-\'lah''ii ,prokctioo dll!ay from lam llud m) not Ifa~e m"ty JOT Iris fellTS, d '.50 ,nake them not to lessen his dips flu'r Ilcfually ",ake if quicker. H e 1 Qm htl'fli!!d to gem for wlM,t l:nmh,led m~ a.nd hanl1ed rJI£. Ti,is pel'5QR '.ril.d iC50uUea me DiUd hanned me. You me fit; last SOUJl'Cf' 0 hope tv .all retI'/~sters. the ultimat~ de5ire ,fo its ~JlPpo,"!et'S. r as~ you to SfMd Q STtUtp 0/ your -pm 5 agarnst Jmu to set him up witl, 'lI~ft greatESt p8wet 50 U'ey Ret quickly on WIUlt 1 ,tl1)bd you to do to him (1

• I

:.,nrtF, tOTture~ c:ut'Se, ~Iu;m'e. dLgracc, fOf'C lllJnn:, ill"

sidmes. ~S, harmful epidemics and cTuif] fdm with tllf.' c: Jl ci~de. In tile 1 dJnf' at ~tnlr PrJ'4lafid Crosp. grtlnt me. ny WiSh ond lUl've mercy lor my UlIrs llDd ,gi::ve mr ~o e 0 your tate, wldelJ r b,Of:v is Om' J1Su>er to me. In

Tmne oj th'e Upper Gads. fh~ gretd.e:i't pamer.. with. . 1:1 difJinl!~ Tlell' m ,and make llIy requps' came tnu''' :hitlllIment, i1l tklf! . arne Df tire Cod of Gods, filE. Gud Upper Suprenuu:y. aU$wL"f m cult lnuk.c m [vi!J rem true:

Then you bow and prostrate an d Npcat the ords 0 er and 0\ BJ" and _Ii our mcC1'JS that lJ.InS is made of an unC2

ot each 0 umi liwnre, gu butto: J n 1m snnti lur

and a irham. {it is ..,. s-iI e.r row u ed m diffi·~l fit

thrun: <InDEnt ti~ (; T measurin \ 1kh equals Sf ~l1."

of wheat tOT e ch carat) 0:1: each ot 'ipiXenard. mu::-k, grmd what needs to be grind~d then you rna ~ the dODgh in ~ size f hazelnu and Sou use th.d:t as an i cerise vhen vnu 's~d tOT .\l-Na·:;h'~ Daughters for vour requcst and then that reques will come lrue.


Tf a person needs to connect to a kin6 to ask him for !something Cine should invokethe Sun. also if that person d lre5 to g~t the sympathy and the acceptance Itrom that king' _ hear or foe ilT1j one that is Inuking CI make agreements with gcvennaents and. rates then the .. should seek me un, .l\l the til11e of its rtse, the t;un'" 0"'"'"' rna} and heur "-hile putting the right hand on top of the left hand as he is acing the SWl from a hidden l:;-po acting like a fe.1:du1 person and dressed in lkingl_ and majestic OlItfits ike diU-il' silt rove,~ and oJ ~Dldm CTQW1I& He also "ears a 'Dltlen. ring and dressed 3D well llke ilie ki:ngs uf Persia. as Sun is familiar l\ ith their rotation and holding a gt"ldrn b 'Clcr The seeker of the Sun needs 0. gel a roo:;;ler, olth [JI ~ood crest and light up Huf candJt:' and put in the candle a sric uf lwe on ~he 5icle and Ught up the side of tJ:iE stick <is the sun 15 ruing, fhen I go of the reoster fadng the SuniOls "DU lighi your incense and sa :

o CUUSB at all Causes It t is 51 ill in BuJy Jerns lrnr.

In. t11. "me uf l:lU' ['ernul GfJd.s I ask yuu to gm rt mi?' my w 11 a ttl give. me Racii n:t:t'" Af'c~laru;:e an tbe LoiT 0 hl,5 king or aU th~ king:; 0/ MTf'II.

Then OU5il:

h G, rings 0 L~fe at he Unit" rs "rrd flU! LigfJ 0 Un

ld, dllTW,. n n and it e ,e R di tel! nd

.~ CCf!ptmu:.e. D SWl 1 Call Thee b;li JjourTiln1ilc.s; in Arab.;!:

SH.4.MS, in Persian .\.fl1HR. in RmntUJ n'L}~OOS~ in Jmlim:r ~4j1R5 tmd BRrl-t You are the Light and Glo-'1I 0: tilt! l,\,'m-ld. al£' ",-,iddle of all. 1.vlwm greets a,e rmiverse Arrd all e7Jil, the fixer and connecter, tJ,'t? highest in It.T'.elsf f.h~ l1ighe5t in places.. I Qsk yall to uss;.:;;t mil fl.1itll firi' king tdl file k.i1i.g~ Uf eru'tlt 01" snpport ida, this stole Dr ra.nk Or presid£uOj and make me Radiant and .. -lccept:rrl as Y(J[1 are the MJISfer and Kiug at the PLa'lets. l,\'itl, YOll the ~war'd. l~,!:Ms ,fIl' and 5hi,lies, I. rlsk you tbe ContrQller of AU t.o lume mercy OIii 11If' n:u.d my "egging mId subtnissiv,mess.

You sa~ ll'wt as fUU .ne using the Incense and that mcensc is known <15 (.I liUllio.t -(linr Hli:i'I.fSe... This incense's reaction is stranze, being OI'LhudQJIiI., and it is made of th· _ one :ingredients mtd. this 1..<;; how it j made. YOU!. take seven OlID('~ at mastic, 71IJUe., m!'"'l. rodrnSt~1 e1enm:pmw. (Kllu1oiJ Then WP£' ounce each of roman s.piknwn!, blorqtisWn:e r mountain ston« pme seed and five rnmce or iDJsferiu root J- " aspiImgu.o::;, waJmd, nrlfmeg Sf1Cks. tm;;II-!{n:lss. rose ail.

four eunces of driCKl r~.II flI.f1l'l'T: '>lJ.ffrou, Indinn: "tpikm. rei Itfflll mot. lu,R"-I1 leeoe». [hen n - ne ounces of tUJ tm dderh«ry ~"£d50, mdli1it,. Then DOC ounce () lh~ rOth hC"rfraCEllu~ fiLm t fifty smnll pu mphn 5eet~ wood ru r bulb and two pmrnds of ~rcl1e::::~ dolEs, !ndl1"550 rni!' 1 and n\ -POU1l:d;; I3f fuamle,!;:!.- f.(J1I£!I. You kneed them all aftfT grinding what rteeds to be grinded. and shape the dtJll~ into hazeirrut-sized pieces, Then ~'OU use' u for lncenseat the time ut t:1w invLA'<l.tion and then rou sacrifice the (. _-r and eat the liver like \ ·~ha c expiamed before and tn~ btrrn the body.

There - a lei5ef ID' ocation tar [l;re 5Un ihaL vnu can d dr erent Incense: and lh' ay ilia i is don .;; b


~GhayatAI-Ilakim E;

",Fearing the doilies I have merrtinned eartiar, A~ for the i"Ul..~no;~ thi;;, Que 6 made oj[ equal amount. .. :X~fr(lu, licorice UUS ,-gra .. ~;;; limw.:::.k~. rna dam pOJJlegTmtat~ lJu-iE'er lndmn.

'II fuJwooa !J 111 se ,tis- 0 uelltm. iri~. GriM then kneed ",",th ~nIl·' ulk and shape the d.ough In fhe SIZe uf hazalrmt than ~ it for incense 0lJ5 YOU say:

Pf!aa be "pml !WfI 0 S~Uf tlu: l.ady, ffu~ HI1iPPY, tIll Iwt. ibe 'uilrd, tlre slNny, th£ bright .th "isin.~, tl,e mngnfficeu.t, tJ1C wufeTslruui.iuE" fi,e lliglL. .tlu~ lumor:able-, fJu~. mAster of all betmty, life. dean, fl,g teise, the collector ,;,f f1lDJ'l!!I. tJ~,e CDutroller 01 t"llt! o,her sis: IJlolU"ts l1.11.1 fuUO'tI, yau tmd yrm ore tlfe;.r maste • tht..>y .arc disgraced

'fJwJlt yatl, thai is it hy they comp lr~lCk- to yens, i they s« dnseT tlu~!I ge.t bume.d 'lDitlt yaur my, tl1l'd d'e!itmyed 'Wit I yaur Ught dnd you, pCYD.'er Jet thpY rise from yOl'T li,'~l so !lOll have til£! s.uperiarity In ti,es£' plands. ym.l~re [he q'Uf!1!1l and Utt:y attl your' ~, you bring lulppine.s W liPhom laaksa' you Ilnd Y9U jila 1C'lzmn. you gud,". ""0 ;IU mr.e will be surrounded with yoor Imbu.·ledg;-e a.nd no On£' rill ill." t1'l("an: udti, yom~ COl'e hDnesty_

H"leTI . -ou bo ,. anti repeat til:? speech a couple of nrnes .hen vou present the Sun's Spe."iali7..ed animal and sacrifice ;t and \\ hat) ou ask bet fuJ' ,....m. rome true,

lllEre is another im .. ocation for ~ un for th ~ ,\ hn hal e T ~t hope and ear a king yet there r, a hnpcrtan - or the.' need 10 • P in mind and that is .. ho ever n use this bibc ID make sure to do it \ .. ~hen th un I1r.ts II) the ~ign of Scerpio .m! the Sun is conjunct Vllh '\~l'S. Then take age' d. 11l=it'. and put in j' 00 waf ";th o:l 't.."Ce of iilN t:' rha oeks like il chickpea an you pu the

001 one after the ether Jnd 115 our ring Ute Sun m the dd t! th~ ~k. T eu sa .. •·

% Gruvat AI-I Jakim .:;;.

o Sautee of die Pruud. tilt! Purity of Ihe POIwer. ti,e I af '-ife. ti,e Pillar of the Big'resl l.eiJels, t'u~ 5om"("'e Gottd. I no,. to !Ion f!~itJ, my Ilee~ wlt/) tire 1l1lmb,,:e s f1J y UN!t11tlJ imd my hands 5 t:retdred mit to you. In flf~ e of yrmt quid 11IalioU' And IDppqrf ift,jtJf SUJ'II'riOrifv. "1 the name af ti,e mmpad .fUJU have OH !/0l1 a_f ob'£1ling wtw ever an: fait1iful to you a.nd ClIlf 1 urE for twlp. In tile uame of e pown you bald the planets all togethl'f w·jlll. du nut 1lid from. me anything .rna r~I!QJ to me my suffmng. rele my wealth, Ul(JC',f't1 pi.ea of ti,e tlfls worlds desire to Ih.~, give ute sOllle of your glory amI "tau.ty~ some of thE IltlPl,inrs in 1m fRt~. some of ,your lridtkn limine'S!):, 1tUl.h me tlll~ c.x.twtplc- ,~"y(jm! uses as a guide, 'nake t!Vl!ryrme move i:_ ith nly mode o/Ii/,' Q1Ul i.e; itJ, your mooitt,ting tlu: wo-rid aud meTgJ m~ the little clriM il1ttl di.e ariult.s. wi f,

out to prl!SUiJc and 1"0 s« lfiglU!T in their nmI:. ill tit nome oj fill tllat and all your OOly books thtd' haut rwtlJing like on mrtJr. HeRr my pra,er, all5""t.{Iu my mU rd 'lILly aU p~acl:'! be "pan YO'fl and on all those foyal to you tlJld f!1I ~he OFlE[' that.elf!1J tp YOI" name, the aitl, I {l .. 411ah amllu you.

'\ ou f;. ill ~t '0[1 mq'1lJ15b and \'l-ishes after you. d .:; properly and do aU vhat li have menno ed earlier.

a 1[T ,m It made (If pftlrls and du not forgcl to wear a 3[11d~n ring U"tilI r..a.luablc !r<Pels lfl it and on both vour hands gold lrflH"Clt.: b hold in your right hand a mirror and in vcnr l.eft hand .hold an apple Dr a comh and put in front of) nu a slaS::i of wme also use some _fw.gn11lt and" perhsme and ~"T ~\ fth ~·ou a stl":'t r or ~al.J hrtr:rer [.0 bum inct:ns.e as you


PC~lU ~e npon uo« ,'rnU"s, n Happy Btl5tmre.d Lady, HJe Ct)ld, tJw mod~raJ1 ill humidity, tr,e clean~ flu! beautiful~ 1"111: a.-amalir, fit£" geJlf!Tt)us in if] F th on UeF of jflE'elS. gald. htJ,ppines5~ drm.dJlg~ sin;ging. decol'tJt1ml.. 'lQving fUlly futming t(.ll nfUsic. f~ 110 play' an il151mJ1lMt. m .. fHle string5 CJ bil::e to Iflake m.usic, play,in& juking, s.ocitl,wng.. furl 1a) leisure tl.nd fmteriainmeut. thf" jurl. the passion focI'

nuking alcohol. me- plissifJ,Jt for ft'l.aratiDlI «lid pine 5. flu! pa :siott fo, 1 a15u roll you tIli#.

aU your uamf:S in I'lTabic 11 ZAHR..41. in Persian

lH[ED, in. Rmttlln PHRODm~ in. Greltk UY ... _ , u, Indi.mISURF.llf. in tIle ffllttW Df dU tIre Upp'fl" gods. ult'Ewn , Hnd obey c llah' ,and his 'SU'mllot~ and grant me So and 0, in l:he Raml' of BlTtlA.B.. the king'ly fJJ1tlwrher witl" ymtT mn.ttr:-rs.

Than you bow and repeat 'oW' lnvocaticn then 'au lift our head and .repeat yom in rocanon and the sacrifice In that of il col~rn1 pi eo,J or a nm;"c and ea il5 li '"er and urn the body .in the brazier tn fmnt 0 on. & far e znses recrpe ven LL~ a small amennt of each nf can.e an "ks \ h fine ~ocs. li'S'nu:." rJfro. I, lli . Y iliff (it } low resin ltll a beautiful en l71iJS:b,~ -kin a;

" ~ Ilr[m l~ ... 2>, root 'r'bo gnnd then ;;need" ith rQ_~ and then shape them III the size 01 hazelnu and

U! or: Incense,


~INVOCAnON 0 Vfu'lli5~

Ve-nu5 on the 0 hl!r hand has different arran gem en when you need to in 0 it you need b fu~in: it Go We5 side and while it is total1y aJo 'a:r of aU bad fortunes on a ~I::raigh line, then yon need obe .dressed in robes of thtc t\rab.j(' malesties of Il'mll' olDr and a nIH turban. c: the ,-\xabic outf and en s is fami1:ia r, ·th thcir rot3tiO.n or get dI-e£~ -d in eltgiT! ~ rru cy UlLS d pu on 'OU head

I he reasnn to invoke \ enus IS to love, affectiun and 1II.Iim.d(~ that ~ \\ h~ ~ ou get dressed in an outfit tha matches the planeu .. rta turf! and use this combinatien oJ incense, which is £i\ -= ounces uf LHltld !'nd~ \\ ith fine ff1ges_ , l1Irrlr two and a nail nunce nf rm.,;;in, 5(1Iffi rnus.fK and 13 ounre of fw:1illn ccdsr, mnlmlcb ~cd IlJL'I{,J m : mo' in», kneed all these ingredients and rni them 'with -_;"rin:: Il'ata shape them in the size of a hazelnut and use it when. ou In, eke by 5a~ ing;

o Spirit of [av,c, H~ ruwuioWi Org~lni:-fr. milO'lses spirirmd deSIre, u_!.I'lo increeses tl~e paw!! .. 0 mjtJy11lf'Rt, fll'~_fi~-er of rnH1tnFr5, tire jannutJ/ tlrf! dil"K~ OJ s~'Pirihh l p'd~Siionf l1~e t!ucoUJ'tf8'e-r of moTia'ges, /rmller flunilles, !Ion T'alt'tlble t itl. your 1'fJ:7lJf!1' toO bn'ng ,riff«tir:Jn fa seuls wlridJ' caniimuu: hnollrJ "tllC1' p'llssiQnate 50uh;, you provide ,coot: to nIl om ppruac1res yfJU wi' It tOIle.

.8 tndifol and Kind euus. fi,e dose, ~ou pull to yon II ;that OpJRflad. you uti no on.e rtje.ct;s yon .. I a k 01t it he I. r"me of your ~TtJ1neS nnd the rames of you.,. C1'eOtlOl' opet'ating y:all ill rill! nmt arul pnJvidp. you with 0 Ught 0 the 5lrpremtu:y oj IWi ligb.!. To appf(J.{Jdl me ,QS J ccrmp'ltiin W yuu fll~ lwrl J "rave seell from this persou and wI, t J hovE" to' go tJrrDugf, from this f'el'!HJn'_ btJMo.nmeu,

'lmnttitn~, l1-.uI nmr,dnionship tInd IfUTTYwK 0 et' a- 11 en: I m ,atlfl d~'obeying me d~lihi!nf'tr!ly_ You lJT'f! tIle 1St hupe that I ilttddi tv and 90U are the. am 1! rl£si~

fu,''7e:es.. I Mk you'o ttd a -€Id from eer ~rits il PfIU'ff of yma pow ta pull 1m; quiet spirit in his }(~ rt to me, tltat lum:rt tllat is mad i:u aatme tmd trassee r'lrou f aU IIi...,. argnu..!ii_ Bring bim:w1U. aUc_diomltc. kiJul~ trnJ mare Irim tLilll'dm mE wiflr tt p'OwufU1 nwl't and "'HI excit. ent li 0:. frt: ami the ern'-temput of

lib tIn, mmd and I wh - ~ y", ttl 1 Q ~

lroMSt in Inor irrtirtlJfcq, th~ goad in Jl,~rmDf~y, in Hi name L~{ on, iut;rU(lte spirits rmd your curnpo5sionate pawl."T UW'f rIses desires. in !ii@' and puts love ill Ise« rts ,atuf malt:; the rl'lurbnu 0/ d~5iu:s to Ere all inferesled in dnd fury with n. .-tn.swer I1t'}f ,mJyer; t.1Lr:-f'pt my iurplerllt:"nt" inthe l1d11U' of BITA..E£l- tlse I¥lt.'dialory U1rtl, your matters IJr/a in lilt.' nmn.e of the spirit- lhn 'lou use to briJrg back

Ie Jeria tors of yorn- way dHd in tIre mllne €If ille ligll! ba; you et' in lilt 1te.arts of thr de ires Sf} tlmy become more pi1.!;'siouarr,l wont you to dlLSlllf'iI'" t"1Ie' Rud o.ppr:oUJcll wlrut I fik frOU'f 'IOU ami give .,rl' from yOHr IOile m/Illt I aJU kmntl 'rnid, yoor ~HUiWiT to me. ~'i complete PM,!:,£, be fqJOH all a>lu",;R;(e ab&!fo gt',~ hro heart» tOpt1WF Qffd comw'tf H'li! ties of iff· ima:cy and affeclion and 11Ulie tlIf!' Imppin-~' oj d ,.,5 IJ1S u ay in lifo, Aml'-;;"

Then you stlcrifice 11 il hilt ¢grtm tHHl ellt t1.e liv and bum t~ b .. ,dq a:ud 110M the ,!lsh lmrllnls you b~mu:s that 5 lis tilE pass.iooote spirit in he. heart of whom yo J Ie it' to i J you, nmue.


~ need ot l".alling M~rury and invok:ing it, i.;; done if 1 you have any H~qUes that has to do 1' ... ;01 vriters or er of poetical galherin and what yeu. need W do

~ on a pproarn it 15 ro be dressed ill scriial iT lire a all es and the moon has to be substantiated ..... ith he n. _' u also wear a ring made l'>dth a metal that

r is specializ:ed \,1 h and if it is ma'dle or k"')~tfd

ry that would be the best, Helme alwa ... s \'10 ore that ?n \ 'hen you approachMeroJry fil:cC bim and make the Lion in a hnrrv With -deliGlC\ and eloqucntf as i dl"t:' sl =s on the chair 0 I'! rnJin _ classes became

~li'r(w:~ is fa rn ihar with their rutarirm You a15C1 hold i:! l·(I[Jk in V(lU! hand and pretend to be wrnrng in the book and the incense IS between YOur hand .. and also a braL1!!r mad i:! of one of the m etals 0 r \'Ii' h lch Mcro:rrv is specializ

r hen i1S }"OU bum incense f"OU ~\T:

Pence be upen you II.le,cmy the Iaste», the 1"irluGU6,. tlu? Honest. the Sma t, tite .. \rticulufe. tJ! Ulld rstandr~ fltt! Df"bllter. knuwleth"f!able iPith {dl arts; till! ctmiions writer with good malJRe s, knowJeagedhle It.rit11 all IImtter z • .J.bove wid Below. the "mMmfJle mao ter, tire f}n~ with So liul,e IUIP1Joines5. the US~lf(r for maney" tl,.e useful for trade.,. -tire ertrmmg.. the o,atll "keeper, the ill-teU~galr, ffli! 1U'lpn, ttl;! PQHe:n1~ tJ'l! ~kWfuJ. tile kllut tILt! Im.'f"e1!tm, t'~ Proprietor 6/ tife Ri'VelntioltS to fllf.' ProphPls. !lOU tIl'S 'hI.! proal of dil'init; , beUpvill& mtelled, CDll'I'L" ·ufirm,. 1leWS, fine MllctltiolJ. different 'lc:iE!flCe!i, intelligence, ~mdrtne' I liler 11ln!. pmiD opl.y. aDUlt, red bw'Wledge~ rngm u

Ire dillin:e Ilml terrestrial H,in , sUlVf!lmg, the K1WW'~d 0/ biTS, resll'tJming and fothmi! telling, lhfo rnefo,iri Q~le to pom;::e book writer~ unci the poetry garb °n_ fv~lh t!.'{IquenCt'~ Ur.e 1,-15f/ gl!llhte and nice ftdking. fI >r depres~lJns, wcJ,-king fa t, tile UUJOd'irtC5S~ tI,e ''!lilts, tl, hr.nnonng.. tJr~i!fldurillg, he supporting, brinK abed, t bt'.i"K p«timt. bring m,el I and comp'fllrimwte, kinqilltl1l8S5. respect, prrPenUl1g emf" good AUa111 ft;lfoJ e. fIr. -ecti-ng rigllt~, good 10ul »oiee, there i! 110 0

d 'criptimr Usnt does not it 1jou QJ kindness. 0 .. b m_oTe I _PP~ to n llappy, gau &ring boy ro bays guls fo gi-fbl YUIl bring Eigld:U Day und Darb til t rt:

.~ I,t yrm bleud e,,-,ly In peapl ... ~mllre anJ sn:lJP turd in (In tlJ 0, InOiIJM:. I alifJ ca,r au lcifh all r P"(Jr. lUn JII ; IIii' In:l\R1D .. m P n;;irm TEER,. -in Rom II U.-tn005. , J Creek. HO~lU5. L Ji Iww BLDD~lli I a~'k flU in t I

~ Gha) at -Ha im ~

fl!lJfl'U' of tlJ di.vine pou er rula tht! pDwerjuJ sulttu.rotl' 0 aflliiC1'f'1" nU~ muJ obey m,e in my request, send ,11' 1'OU'V oJ !lour spirits to me to make UI:i! stnJ'ngu IUIII ~'id£ 11n~ aud

ke tlu' tlsking fo'l' aU tbe knowledge easy on nC't1 I bfcalllt ~5 iik~ II king "igh' in tmkue amI mKk uriti, 6 f'ciaJ spot beEide them heiu.l u'ht!n Jln!rted in all k:f1.fJwl£·dge, in all nurtters, ;1' aU 5i!TfJICe~, 'HrJvements. phiJnsoplfif'5. st'J"rJiug prJ~try gatllt:rirrgs. ill fToub'f'5~ ill

"naging amJ by pro iding lue [llith aU tI~is gomt m pI ffty 0/ ruoPJl!1j that is associated lP.I1, it and the 'r;gl! lfiJet, the ll'ea'ia" llu '~;g1t place by aU kings and ,111 C't:eaturie!i. In the namE' ,0/ ffercule5 tiu~: "ding kiffg of yOUl l ttt'TS, tul~;1t~" my praye" hE'dJ" unJ ndl. mn ke m!l re-quf!S"t cvm t-rne ,fry making fRC stronger. gel me closer to flU! ki" 51 UJitll your llrmtIling me, wiff" ymlT SllJ1l1oFtnl,i of me ruit1~ II isddm, will, your pfDt'i,li:ll$ willi strE01Jgth rmd kno-wledge, mil/r ll!b~1 t III.J11 taH~S t me of U.llwt f did not

Di~, mtl.k~ me see fhf!' UD5t'ffl. keep iIH1lJY all bllDnf!5S from m€. he luulnns tn« comes from igmJl' tire.

etfu brt!55, li:Tflf!'Ines:. wednessr fW yon lll'W rr,fi! reach the lUg-rt le'ui!ls of first mIers, fhe I)'J~ that had wi~dom. hlfl!fligFm:e,. tmnuwU!Ss, nghtlng,. lml~mnding in their 'I:t'arb mau all Ibis ill my 12m rl: afld of your .spin and 'rmraj" le "uwer u force toot tnrulil inside o.f III

ligh to iik me in a.n f1l mottns. ,G,.ant me the ... ~ce af .~ kin s, m~istfJF5, s-ultnns anil gma:t money bmifits

"ng Hurt a d.gra _t it m fill' viftl. In the:l' e v}

lhe Dir;-mJ;! Gods om! ~ PuwnfW ultana:te7.:1 I5We-r: ne o ff!J JUi! ill all I a - k ytm 10 .0.

Thmyou OO\"'! and repeat ~our request as J U e bo ingo 11~1'I ift four head after VOl! are done an sa -ntlce a r. .. cr and hm:n I as e described e.:rrlie.r and

lIne .. for- to ense . n Ingredients; _p

~ Picatrix ~

an eqllill amnunt of l"tUtml"w(lud cutnm (this L" il dif~ereilt kind the color of i is ' ... ·rule to ~ cllow jus like the l"I:Jlor chickpeas and its called Kurmanij dried A rteunsia, tn. i! "'(1511, '! (~- fhe n !ii', Ekin of blttr;r ~l1rwnds d'owi tree ~d cinnamon the. ~rJal o_r "i..'rl, «eous pLmf myrrh- Grind l kneed wi h cooked basll and then ~hape them in the si~ f hazelnuts and use them "\ hen. you need ill ·t"l1R.

~1 f\ OCATION O~ 1HE MOO~e;

Wo'O E'\ ar needs tn tm oke he Moon needs to be dres5€d m a titth .. boo .' c; and miners ou tfi t, make sure it is a ",Iult' outfit and usc ~nume'!i' and ni~ incenses an

\ .. 'ear a :;;i!L'~"'r ri,,:g. '\lake ~·OUT fin es fa .. , talk nice, ask niCE que uons and hold ill sikt'T h1"trier. You mvoke the- Moon on the fourteenth night of the' mnnth as he's fullv round and bright and attached Ito geud fortune, ~"(l'O <l pproach tile Moon vilh your face- as ) OIJ]:" sa. -ing:

Pellc~ bE "I,on yau ,0 _. form ,the lo'!dn'lasfer, lu~ lI,oly, ",e Cold, f'he m_Qauate in humidity, aU! beQuti-d Key 6/ tlw 5fnJl'S, and ,fhe master of tllem flU, tire light in rnQ'[lt"I1l-elTI" t'l~_lJflP wit/J 5fJ'inyliglrt;, rhe briglrt, ti,e 1m t!il.! 'fJ1"ll1.l!ndllfinn~ full of praise;, the h'apP!I ki"~ til kn.o-wledges&le in rtliginn. flu l'ho-ugll Lfo-I rif thifl-gs, ,expert. Ufe . i_mI_ nller, tllf~ pass;,i€l1fat Jor fin'; til;; 'PtJ5sioWltl! 1M' job,,! and plaging~ the pro-prietu-r '0 PT()P',etS,1 t1f~ pOSSe-SJiOT of en: s. lie hard iff e . -ecreis, fht' generous- tile np'f!fllw.n4ed, the .nuru:ijuf/Jt" gre t. you are thr dssest. W U!F in thlt, orbit, you I U-~ t1L~ .:reate t iff IUln71m tlnd in bt.,utiti l,g us" you ar Ou< esta_blmm &em7t"ell pt. nets, tf,~ r;a-rr-ia 9j the liuht. yotl tlFe Ii Ix.£'f' U all misfortune b , .. #ling us JJJ1d w-ml0Ur your aL mCE r!'fI"yfi!iu_g gr . 61 m~-rp-d.- you an tIl ';1

~ Ghayat Al-Hakim ~

"f f"£'ITIfthiltg (lnJ you are the 'tl-sf of fTffl thing, yuu hRUe t1re IlOIlO,. in,d .lignity on aU the ather pltm.m. J also a~ k yoU in tIre fuune of ~UY~-tEEl. the ",lin~ ~ju8 a/yau! m.-z ttets, to Iume men!} on my 'UinfU55101l lInd my Irom.blr"ltt..ll;s to you if! the fUUR(! of -4Dalt fllat !lfJJt obey and ill 'lis s:u.1 ttlfW b~ tQ grant my nqul!5,ts /'01" r 0", here • ce II ytn' if~ t.l1 your N;nne' iu Artilbir K.·\_}U 4R, iN P"rsian

rIiL H, ill Greek SAu\I;\£fl iH Roma.n SAi fENI. in lr drou SOUl\l. duS'u·er1Ue.

Then mention yuur requ-est Then repeat lhe ir1\~('1;G3 'on as you are OOU-I11_g -';1'1. hile adding the incense thruughout. lnis- Incense Is the- incense of the little otth'Odm.: .md it i.:;. made 0 ur.mly eIght ingredien <; starting i'!.rim five ounces '-1f earn of 'U"almu. a"'p l1'Dgttlf. holoru::es. ~Ulshc., myrtle. then. h<\'o OWiCC. of dt.U1mpt1fl£. nyrrh. h~rbaceOl't5 pima. Jujube eptWliUd dl~-'::~lJt, busll-grll..'is, sa ,m, then tift} pI mphn .; .is. four ounces of h!;nnJl TOOi duee ounces of ins root _m tmtr sprJ.:.c-wmf. Indian cedar: pi!ehd pmo, then ~ OUfit:es. of Per:;um r-xhOSE. liried apple skin, Tf'I6e blfJ;:.soms. two pousrds of thickened it jwce. two pound 0 EeedJ~ raisins, five --pounds dates he pOUDd. TIoney.and yeu add cooked 11{1<;d " hen} OIiJi mix them an and grind iIDd kne-ed en ~ou shape them in th~ size 0 the bazeffiut and )' on USI! It "''1tnen yoo need for i:m::ense. Yau need also to &ac:rifice <I :mmll ca1.f. \ OU JighL a fire till i:he smoke rises all the 'il to the skJ as

• ... e menfonerl before then v Oll burn the GIl . If i is a

e I sheep first,f' if then bum it the S4Dl~ <1...-

and t-at i _ Ij'l."eJ'~w-hen 'fliJll we dOTIE DDT 1o'I."i5h will rnme

true •

is the idrolnz!: for invoking the planets and thcir ~ - C-e5 "him \ '3_!; one b, the Sablan's whenever he r tl'ee1.J~ something- from ~ pL'lna ;\cco:rdin· '0' eli


each planet grves whatever C7 in it~ nature 1.0 give. Fo:~ tnstance . _ I is hilppy if grves happiness and alse I ~ opposite, thev abo S-ay to be cautious uf im uking th~

planets when they are facing ea5[ and ill the pralse · )1\

quarter of the circled orbit You ma_'1.' ask the planet hen t

is :ri"mg. [I t night bees 115e fuel' the i nv ocatirm is more likeh to succeed because the connecting power b easier [lnd stronger and ne\ er .lsk a planet that is nul ready to approached beca use lhen the consequences C.IDI1ot b prevented.

The Sahians U5f' hese invocations to thi. .. day and he have their own h orrible opi mons a bon i:. the pl anets r-eligiion I ike 51 .. ughL!> ring children. Ever_' time me OI bit rose '" the wnrld eight Tanh or dropped m m eigh' _laugbh:!r a child and the_ claim that Hermes has ()~""rDrl them gO and lhal is 'hat the ' call the Trismegestus e- ich means the Thrice-wise, because he wa~ Ji king. aprop_ and a Wl!5eman.

Th~ also never saaifice during fhetr prayer3 at' temples anywhite or black rams, or an, ilia have oJ boo bone or , 'ith damaged horns Dr OJ'1£' e) eli and if the. sacrifice it they look .at the Iiver i i was touched' or hi with a knife ht..'1· sa tha the O~ ner of fhearrific~ II ha re a. catastrophe. Then the, bni! the liver and cut it - pieces and gi·e a piece Ii) everyone I::hat is present lJIlli!nding fue prayer at the temp e. They cal -'Mar5;

InIga .. 'hlm means the Blind God and acctudfng to he became blind from the e tI"el\1 violence and el' he "IlWndt;;, ill do evil he ennrro see, Th-ey g.n·e i the fip.lrl! of a man with 51lJIJ1'd in. his rio u fmmJ ami m 1 is

tmm iJ -_fire. So he ~ rfpes out !d hith the nd

with the oLher he bums I aD_ That. IS ~-b y t is- at ' •• le r

~ Chayat ,1- Hakim :e;

me SJbb<:l.ti(,.16 and they sacrifice for h un because they IMr b£! \,UJJ,t;!f1ce- n'l.e~ sarrtfice to him when ihe Sun enters DiS !JL'GllL"C it hi<;; sign and .uso if it entered Scorpio lhe_ sac:nfic-e tll him.

'fhev also hil\ c what they [all the ~[f!:!JtJt test and that j .. €,'Io en' ~~ that j .. bum a "long them \\ ithnut Irecdmn then beol~me_ roe the_ r :l.ake him and put him ma house Ute\ iike.llu."'· put a pit.."Ce ni tl my U'L'lJd in a brazier. til Y ~peilk 5U"1llt! ~ urds O\'f!1" it. Then the} put it under the buy"s =hlrt, [ it bites him in hIS back they know tha he is diseased. so the .. do not allow him m tht' temple to p:ray [f the fire bitI5 him from Uu.: front he \ ';,1",> not allowed tn thE temple to

<1\' ci.t:her and that 15 because of the fear of that he might ha _J;:' committed 0:1 sID from behind or hunt. but if he' passes fhc test he is heed 0 all .. mils. Then he enters another dnn' t£rrrpe where he is blmdfolded and the pnest (1£ the temple puis a red Irt:i1llbUlfd on IDS head and some clothes made of he- sacrifices that were made for him hen he pLJ~ close to rJgbt fou't a lrowl wilh fir in il and by Ins lett foot a bon·l i~ ha~ water in it The bov's, mother on t:he OHlL'I' hand a rooster and si at the en, anca 0 ' the remple- Then ::h priest t.akes a {'upper. nn1-rng np~ ri h fire in i and. 5 t:breate.ning the boy to swear and sa~ their secret pr yer and it i" a priva prayer for tbe un that. protects them aJL Then he releases the boy rom his bonds and his nmthf'l" sarrifires tl1e rooster for him. 1 hen the-v untie and

his eves and ~ bo ]oo·s like i'I bird tb.,t lost his -i h. 50 ~ Ialls an 'starts shl\ ering and.his nlotiter takes

him puts some l:lothes em him ..

leaves thci:r an d goes to'

e. ever ~pt!a'5 uf th i secret because lh

Cl5 them, that whom e\ 'B rev the seere t of

~ Pkatrix ~

the Salnnes or hill S at it d ies at that mnrnen Ihe boy gc.;s sealed on his "., t1Y nut uf the temple between his ind - finger and thumb \",:ith a seal tha has. a figure of a mD~1; and. hoopoe un rt,

They also .. .a~ that the best sacrifice for Saturn is the [rut! bPcau_c It is from th~ good creatures. They glurify e cruwn on his head uf horns and lhey say that the bulb are the best cattle and the best sacrifice". lh~" sacnfice e bulls especial" aHcJ!' tee-ding i erassthat virgins cullett a.t sunrtse and lh~' cnme back from different places I) wmplete thE:! secret lhat thcv h;;n c be2111.0W. The bulf has to bt" 14itlmut whi e hairs at ail on hi, hody and the. pur-a goldel1 chain on his eyes thal \\TilPf> around. his born..'i The~ say tha this 15 also done according' to Hermes r. 'ofl::b. W1t-en thev decide to 5d.crifk:e the bull rhe\' sav tha

- - -

the bull does not resist and there lS 110 need to Lie him u [hen they start in h:mrt uf him to pIa ",~Ub Incense and ' ' prayer i~ a Greek prayer. Then !:be1- approach the place s.aaifi£e SO he pU5 his hom on the side of a rnund hme and the sIaughfere'I" curs. off the head m CIne mction dee IJt go ('I' 'er the same spot , .. rith the kt.Ufe again_ Then the; put the head np h-mgh and the-) tr,,' to translate DlO'l;ements of llie tongue, ears. lips and ~es then.

look a the blood that is ID the hole, he . yeUow it and foam_ and '1m starts to fonn uf buttery foamy shapes~ so tbe_ (an teU from that ,~hat goes on in their coun _ bdiuI5e u.e COi.mtIv {or th~m is Satur-n and 1 hilt started or rotation gets back tn it and this $i1uificHl'; happens ?I hen the Sun moves into Taurus. fbi s bun been IDPntiOfled in the T arah in Ul£ im~ o the bull ran awa_' hom being sacrificed from Bm - .4tJOO11 5 rarm

~ Gha~ at .. \l-Hakinl ~.

The Sablan's use the cxudatiun with alcohol and dus~ sal! in the faces of their ,]a-ilile~. to aler and shudder them 50 It .. preads thl! blond in their bodiE'S with mDving ilfId d.ari:i) i l.

The ' also have what they call the Hr:.'Unily J r{>Il~!lf!l_ U is, a temple that is orbldden to the publk and nobody can see tNt there is a well within i L '\ \then the Sun enters the: sig'Tl LE~(l ~her bri rq; a boy from thE! cypre~'5 regton. Thev get him dressed i15 we described earlier he comes to the temple and tht'Y take him. into places \\'ith trees, 110 vers and b, n he C<1m feel harp~'- Then th~r make him drink till he is lhunk and they carry him to the t~mple at nigh to the weD and they soak him in sesame oil and dri~d red


mSl!5 that t.1::u~y have collected fur that purpose and they

eed him in a bottle seven different mixtures of mustasd, lentil, chi .kpeas, rice, legume that looks Like lentil caned ]..~h.. lupine and wheat On tIt£' t\\'entr L'i.ghth day of the crescent: 0 the month !\.Iay, they snuff and sneeze him after he passes OUl lhe}r go out at night :1:0 a deserted road and they sera rate the head from the bod}. They bury the bod._ and they carrv the head to Kadl! rrumasteri and put it on the back of ~. image of stone, a-aofding ~ lliem the head stiU't3 m no vi a harsh hm 1. en they figure out frorn it i the DUltI.OOT 0 Ute SabiBn' will gm or not and i the tollml:ry "Till a:pproaili ~ or noL ThJ2: 9l that the one

t [,aught thL-m !hIS is a ·i e man J;Us nam:~ as B tll-Hnl Al-lb TImmy that ,diPd in India that is wm they aD the people from India Al-BaTahrl1ll1h. Thc:r have 50 man}' similar and other 5rue:!i lhat aJ:l~ verv hard to indud,e in th:i:;. bonk ~nd it l"-oold Ix! off DUfsubjec-.


-£ Picatrix -~

THE N . .o\BATAEA PEOPLE Cl.A.iM!rut Lh 'Sun has sule influence on the orld, But then the, Il;;~med that the Moon has i~ ~"'tn influences 00: without the need of Ihe' Sun 5 influenre or any of Ii:L:l' othe r seven pJ.a:n~. The y say tha t all planets ollo w the - n in am on and they com plete ly [J bey it. bmv to ii and r it day and mght. The Sun Is tb.c denlQ~ em and they all rnntimre prdising it. iT'! amon5 and infiuEnn~ because all

renees belQng to the ~ U The 5e\!"en planets share in

Ii; at: ions of the _ lID. 50 as th nther fued stars hi:cn

are comide"re;J sll\'e5 of i . They al praise and bov to i lJesid.e their own indi'iduaJ influences, the Nabataeans I \re thcir prayer to the Sun and. that ptiI;.r-[T ~0e5 like this;

AI 11 prayers, l'l'.dises. commendation ond" giori/kCi tio n to aur bright. gre" t. magtdjic£td un IGO d. GrU-flt;eor of life to all t11llt lroes DI tll.l~ /{;U2 ajlJre tnrtl,. l\fo-sl lW1Jirwus OJ U with its light flU!' one th"t shirr ~ OR t1l£ wur'd lId

o us II mifh gaur di 'r tit strength, -goo dre' Mg in yOfJ liI gR'Ilt in - OIlF S ltanate; you an n ' fig/It.

isdom. fI"~tn.ndiJJ.g, own. migi.tines.s:s gua , rJ

{lod 5. The creator CJ! all O'~amTS. H,e' ertmdB a a' lila l!t:fmds .. the ~is !' of all tb t etE~n. tile '!1 ~gfll uJ a II that is ~ trOfl • gFllf!TO'U!' in :u:ti o~ ope.nJt: lId ~d in g illg. the solvP". U1 is 5:t;~s. Pean be upon .. /u tire ro1oriau5r niP 91' D tF.5 I, tht comm ulan, (1 _ r

u·ot"Shi,r. ulness th.r tJpen-lumdf!n. w[' are all bound IIDr' you in oer l"i/ijYers, HIt> u.1l J.ITt:' filifb!"' in oru' i(1()fship NUrn you, we dU mean to get ("rose to ~I(JU be-ell use yon lire tire s; hdtu. the"Ut for uS', '-Iou are 'td"pim~s5. !,ml Are flu. preSCr7!r.l'. ~',fJlf are on:,. w,lJrsllip .. you are OUT crea tor, '!Iou are our founrler. guu gi"l'(' If~' life. you art" our last tlfJpe, lDf' l~fm m:u' backs til yCUI mtd ta gour I1Llll1e IlTe surrel1.der:. 50 ytl'Ur nam« becomes lilt" Ullto hemren; _!frill became £I ' helter

"IN'' rl5 from (JIlT enemies tfwl (Jut protector uf dl ll!lw meum; 1mnn -"Dr 01 I" desires Rtrd ta yOfll' seroaut the J 1DOft the (J l1q ing king un to you, tJ~ glurifying of your prUEfetr the bUi'Llle'I'.the etemnl Of.reiSt1fl.C'e" you pl'ol.'fd:e thi! 1\1~jIlJU ll.'ilh t1u~ ligM ,fuui give it .strengtll, it alw.Jllys follows tjt1'U :m the HIIf'l1er5C to obey your glvry, tv rusJ, V1' you uJtJrship"frdJlr!5'5, tlrf' monk: o.lll.lalls to OU, teimo« languishing 0,. twillklitlg or tHly {me momeur af negligence. Pf'Qc:eT pmyt!T tllra thm kfub ss are '111' n un of y,rn.

U~, yOR thf ITl!T1wJ at .all efern~ U».d"g p! ilU ag • men; men..

In the book of Abu Bakr Bin \ ahshivah under the na]]]~ Nilbat.apun AgriculhJ re he mentions ~ pIay~r for Sa Urn and he says HBe a~ rare of the evil E"lE'S5 0' this god if it i ~ending or rhimg or \0\ hen it ~ east of the Sun l r ru den "wifh the Sun's ra - or vnen 1 ... III e middle lea.::! retrogradation, Then you need to pTa,~ Ihi:~ pra rer tha am about to inform {'I 0 •• et before fha

Ct.'I5C its image", -ith old JEi11.1: r, graJ5t'. dirt ..l aea oa:;;

s bum to' tnurteen ck'11J baff and tice, take the a~1 L_ bow \Yilli them be ore i & rna ge IlWl1 OCH'Io -] (In a b. 1'OC' or II i'c-A; _ md. 1 ith this vtm can avoid i <; evi1ne<;.~ ~U5E he is the reason or all dnm.1:ge and JJl:bs.furtunt::

tht" reason behind all cries wlu'!n he 10;.. mad, i;; th~

nd of al poor a. h" IJ le e ple all jail J. mi_~

:; Gha 'a t Ai-Hakim ~

- -

o -erts and sad n~<;;s" llu \ 'hen he 1<;; m il good mood he ~h'es lastmg and lung life. ~eat name ... vea I lh, mon~r and

... L-~~ the nevt of kids and grondk1ds inheru

ro .. !J.'" b _-

that too till a II ,etE"rniry' and his good mood 1<; when I ~ 'On

the east or in the middle of .t stnught line ill v. hen he ss a his fu"~e5t speed and min to his ~'~ories phase" -

He also claimed that Dii ltreet l pra_ ed thi., prayer to tum <;; and he .. ked the irn..l£'~ for something and the irThlge has guided him to \ lat he .. an ., and he praycr i ~ to ~y:

A.uPf,lJ.i5es., ail glory, all pmyerr, oil' devonoll f~om us '0 "au rJc-S we staml on om feet slr.gjght Ito aU'r ttld. trot' ~vd ,tiJtit urI!" and :5tiU i-tIll' unity ur gi,jlodm.·S'!i It) III ,thwg.s tital he is t'i't,.lasting ,i.n t.he sIc,", effi!di:ve in 'lis pO'WeT~tlle miglrty ;,a 'Solitudl.', pride tmd gres-mess 'fl'lmm srw?,.md

ll. tlrings {ur!i!fldf mlm sees lhe UJISf!l!1J and eT'ery t11l.fK 011 artfJ belongs. til you. you fiT£, f~ oni" that gaile Ute. tJI

rth ,'Om ili awn life IIml i, exists as fong as !I'Uf/. enst, 1/1!i1 ore tile rnn"lll:l'ro pro",Jded emil' witll ;w,lfer m# witJ~ ylm r rOW". the iDa teT s t:ayetl turd las:ted'~ you UlI'ade tlu water run. tIn' wafer &ecatn~ alive and It:fdd Uke m~fo gUlIr suJLmllte over the plants. Vall Jfrad~ tltt lmulllFllVY wi~ yuur weight Hud movement alb! if yf1fl de:sfft!' yuu ~n ffla_ke ing in! but you 11 e tI iSOE Il1b1 ftmc:.tul I TDItll fnngdl of wisdo t yo Iff:' knnwledgf!ubl. OIl tlu' 11 u"'n D aU .. riM pORN. BIe:: yo he god jJf~ P1.' JS and

11 others, may:dl your gtn rDUS names bel'on i~ I11W pmifinl, il.W umr5hip um:li pray for !Iou." H"£ ask you m n,t ilJT nil! 01 a.n !l(]ur fH'lm!C1i. tl,at yOHr Jj"Tatrhldc Ilud -ent!rosity :will r;l."l1Hliu ;n our lnin.ds as lang as wt" I.itt uli: i;! rmd a«.mllprmy our &udi.:s !I.mJ Wllev ~ll,' ~ d ad s

IllI 'Will ke,_.p Ilium. a- j.l Q d flu worm- aff oW' _ "lEsh

1 3

bemust' 'YfW are tl meuiful aid "ail, no mercy _for youI' tmtglmes_". there is no r~gret or your if.t;uslict, 1JfUU'SD p4tient, 51'ow 1n acrions, 1I0U. arr the god tJ,UC wlwn YOlt girl'! r,O' olle cun stop YOII if you forbid to gii.le.. YOII Ml! , f' rmly god -witltfn yuur: power/Ill 5J11fanat , you are tht' galf of tI,e plillwts and th« stas» fhat rotate in the'ir 01P1, o'l'bils, t1u~y all fellr thesallnd 6f your movement and iDe ask yDlI ta protect us from your (mger mul keep your piolMIte lUVOy frown us, have mercy an. us fro", f eu« greatest roil. We a you to keep YO-lIT force» t1WllY from u,s ilt tht' Harne of ycnudttrim,ted' "mllf~ that 101ws.0' ever begs, you Jar' mercy til gTlmt fl1lm:y. be th,erciftt' 011 U.5 mul be p~easl!d ll'itl1 liS In the nMne at your attributed names YOllr hrigh£;st ruune (be 'il(j'luable the Weat. we &lsk you to be tnerri/ullPith I'ls",

This is. the prayereccordiag 1.(1 ihf! book of lim \ ~ahhldyah. about the Nabataeans, We have mentioned '" about the past gell1l!TatioI15 that talked about the plane _ and their na ure tu shew yuu ho\\ Hre" 'U 4iping of these pianetss B'~ allowed and encouraged b) these groups bnt in our l'etigion and culture usmg this information k clhbclief in Allah that IS \ 'h\'" \ e were ordered ro kill thL' magi~ in Ow:' culture becausethe use and) "ark in field fun disbclie",es in Allah,. yet \~ c have mentioned an this as an example bu 1\ ithout getting [Iff the main S\l -t and in a , a} to Ie real the ideologies of the!r and their veliefs_ 1 advLo;..e "i ho reads my book no to tbese beliefs because there are a 10, nf people ""'Un no belie In thisl 0 Id and. in revealing 5llch secretsI do net ;an 1

to cncoUFOlige people to disbe ieve m their main . 11\


"' ---'


r-HE PHILOSOPHER ARlSTOTlE }'t(Th.lItOI\,~D in the boo. ok that he \\ rote fnr ,",~leYnder the Grea~ called AJ-lstamalr~. how to brmg the strl?ngth or lite planets and tile names of saw of the planet's spirits.. Th~ .. pint [If Saturn IS called BRTh< ,AS and he is diVIded into !'fix parts, each part L<; in a dHfurent direction and each. part has a different name, so SatDm',"i ~"p'rit ah .. 'ay~ calls his parts and gathers them rum the S)'l( different drrections. He starts with the top parr and be calls it TOS. the bottom 11m and hi called KHRCXlS. the right part Is called 0)'005, the left is called DJRl\'fX)S, the &nnt _ called T MUJ5 and £ina n_· the back p-art is called OORCXl5 and there is one spirit \\:ho gat~ all the pill'ts fur th~ Spiritual rotations, movements and their talismanic

-· the arbit and that 0112 is called L<lI.lffiOOS then .11 lbat was nrigina! and the kind of spirits gl!ts gathered in f1ean that one is the one thati~ called BRJ!'.tIAS.

The pirit of 1upiter is called D. AHOS. he upper spirit is n~&NIt\S, the bottom -5 ATEES. the righ is

CHEfS. the dt is DAREES, !:he front is TA :IE~ a I d the ba!:k is. FAROOS_ The spirit that is respcnsibleIor t.iLeir _ anal movements and their talismanic !"Osition in th£ ~- it i:!) called OAmD and the responsible spirit: OJ" an lit: Qrgal1izmg and the 0 gi:naI i tnj' one IhJ1 i called DA. 1\HOS_

1 :

_ !h~ spirit of M.u:'S j called IJ A.GHDJyr_15, the upPer spmt ls HAGJIEDES, the bottom is GHIDYOS~ the right hi M A.CHRAS, the left is _!\.RDACHOS the frnnt is IL\,~DIGH\05 and the back is MAHAl."\IDAS. The spirit that is responsi bl E" for their rota ti onal m ovements and the'rr taliSffiill1.iC position in the orbit i..'ii called D.1l,.H~DMAS and _ he :re.. .. ponsilrle spiri t for all the organizing and he onginaJ is he one thar ~'i called D~GHIDY05.

_ ~e Spirit nf tbe Sun 15 called BAN[)AlOS, the upper Spi nt .IS D AI -m.J A 5. the bouom is AB DULAS, the rwght hi DAHrr 1\5, the lett Is A HVEFAS. the f:runt Is MAGfNfl,_I\<~OS and .the bad is GHADEES. The spirit that is responslbis for their rotattonal movements and tln.elr talismanic posirirm in the orbit .is called TAH[],tARE ~S '<m.d, the .'responsible spin for an the orgamzing and me original Is the- une tha is called Ilt\1\.TIAUJS.

The Spirit of enus is called DIDAS. the up er "pin ...

GIllYlOS, the bottom ~s I-llYLOS. the rigbt is D~~\US,

the left ~5 ABU AS, the [ om is B,\51 105 and the

is A~IOS. The spirihlal that is responsible for their TO ~ti?nal movements and tharr talismanic pasi lion in the orbr is ca I led. D A HTAREES and the respon.'i ,bl e spirit fer all the organizing and the ori~ina1 is the one that is t:alleu

DIDA5_ 0

_ ~~ Spiri of Mercury IS called BARliOY AS, th up Spin E A.MIRA. r the bottnm is f-llYTES he ri t io::

AHEES, the lef is D,I\R.EES. the &ont is HELEES and back _is DAHDIT5. The pu:it 18 responsible tor thelr ro.t~ l~nal mm ~erris and their tali5manicpl1sition in l€ orbit ts called ~lAHODEES an.dt:h~ responsibJL" spirit for all the ucganiL:ing and the nrig;ina1l~ the· mlE that i calle i BAR.HO'lt\S_

~ Ghaya Al-llakim ~

The Spirit of the .\loon ls ,.a Iled GI-L \R..'\JOS, the upper splrH is !LADEES, the bott~ i~ ~lAR..<\"_\;05, the right is· \1VL r J\S. the lelt IS 'IIY}. t:'\ J the front ] 5 R..ABEES and the back i9 ~I [N.\ LOS. TIU! o;;pirit I:bM is responsible for their rotation.:ll movements and. their ~Ii"imiffiic position in the orb:tt ic L:J.J]ed DAGI IA'" OS and the respunsihle spiri for anID£> or~nizing and the uriginal is the one that is L~I led


Tilat is "hat Aristotle mentioned m his book about the spints nam~~ a~d claimed that they are di\ ided 0 the earth's s~:'!. directions sn the} have i'I complete oo\'eraJ";e at the earth':; dlffercnt regmm;_ I want ViJU tn lmU\\ reader lhatthcse are the' names IJf the planets that the people actuaJh" use when they J1WO . the planets <md no other n.JOlles: 50 when Aris ode said that some of these ~ pldts

ow each in C'\'e£V direction of ~ery region tn specific eo Ie IS absel ui.ely C01ra.1 0 have different talismans and nrttrnes .each require a call. a preach, tal· mJTlS and unusual infl f.'-n-es because some can 111m ide ~ith mon~ and some take~ aW<1}o \'~'calt:h; somegf'l>"C,. ~.ome ta.k~ and there an:' some tlliIt prevents and some

t m[)tiv.i'l~.

Some of the spirits ha e certain bodies. that they in rarnate in, he~ have in certam regions their men that eo gL.rt bold of and nverfl .... their 'iiFml~ u rn heir dies -here they" guide em to fum kn Ie gt.. and inf1 ence however and wh~ er the need "hen I meets-

i:h ir cnre and nanrre, ~

Aristutle said .. tf yeu like to briFl1!, fmm tl"1I5e spirits \~ hat 'VDU need (1. their regIOns, yen! need to ciUI each pla :e!\ hatthe .. have on1_ in their region ami n certain

da '"F -0 \ OU need in M I on (l-il? know ledce Jam abou to share with vou:

~ To ask a s pet.ific need ot r u prter yo u need w a p Proau::h it on Thursdavs ",'hen the Sun enters SagjttaTiu.o= Or Pb<es or \ hen it dIOp5 dnwn to the Moon at faces the Head Aries Or \ ·hen. I ace the Sun Then you need to build a clean hOU~T furnished ith the best you can £If ord, VDIl -l:a~ in that house alone and fuM becomes \ our temple,

Then make as much as ou can of s\, eet kind 0 f that is made with hmll.~} buller, mrt oil, mgar. M~ SO1m' hard candies and seme soft that IS aha made of buner: milk. SUgii'lT and saffron, Thenput it hlg table ill ,ll OOTlI'Ie:r 01 the house on top of another =olrd 5ta.b]lE! table. then put ill front () vo U a brazier made at on e of the meta I that L s specialized with the planet, Then put on e first able musk. camphor. sandal vnod, a triangl~ of all scents and e peI15EVe p~fumes rose of Jericho and mastic Th arrange rhe "Items as they- are and put IJIl the ether table the hard and soft desserts and you put In [he rmddle o~ t a braided candle and beside that mIff open basket. s fuU m brea d and cold n'i:eat griUed a nd couk~d mil de of lam _ meat, chicken. fum. and all kind nf bea ns,

Beside each basket pu a hill bottle >f wine and a dean

35S and good srnelllng hasU betv .. can each basket,

CCIl51? on O~ side 7~tb tl1:e sa.nd.lh,,"Ood and (In the 0 er hand ill:t the Mastic, on e other 5id 0 ... the table:... you im okc, l"· ... h ile .:dune these , erds Dam lit, • ~-Intli _ Hpff!~, f£lg"U5~ &-ldre.e.s.,. L mlre.:i, '-Inroo_. Dallidt , Kayi1u.'rTS.

Th.L"Se are JUplt:L7 _ sp' '110 in the: 5h: directions of . _

orbil and Jo~.m5 tl isc said hat the meani g of t!..._---t..:


~ Chavat Al-Hakim .;.

ord" ..'If'C Confe .alrmg ,ull ~piril' united and! ;~ ... 11 all tuese bt..dutiftd !Om,~115 and eat from till!' faod and

S111'~ •

!}5l' tht'.S.e uu:.eUSe5-

You repea t t hese ... 'rorcb.: se I,i en H rnes: you lea 'V eo ~e

us for one hour on the SlXtll nme and call them again tm the: seventh time they come to ~ OU looking and dressed i:rI heir best, Then ,un. as hem or what _ 'OR . ant and V>'l!ih of wisdom an knox zled ~ and the_:. erant vnu the

.' hes and \'OU will be em ered \ ith their spiritual plJ~ er.

WI!: - .:t.._ _ ~_,.J drink th

Then vuu galhe::r your friends to eat uwt tnou, In' e

wine.ind U5e the pleasant incense and SID 0 ke,

Ihi .. is th.~ Roman rulers in'flXation (or the "'Pints and It is one of their Important secrets and or therr holy days and p.ra_ ers that tb.~~ celebre each year.

I ~ a '!;pa_-ific nred ot. ars you need ~ l1ppr~ -h ! on Tnesdavs \ hen the> un descends to . nes -nich IS

S home or \ rhen the Ieun Is wen aspecte and is - aug Mars. Then you out (0 a desert fua has pt.: 0 _ fruitful trees, You bring ~w-jth ~'(J'U a Jiacrific,e, make It .1 she-ep OT a cm1r, also bring de brazier with plEJ]~ of coal and tht:£lnse ~t is made of myrrh, carob and black mulberry

a basket that has fuo&i ti:te best kind of desserts and aI pl t:h of wine,

Then sit under one f e trees and release e sacri Ice from mur hand. bum he incense and say D ida I fJ glr;'i/u!i, Gf,id us, Ali kd 50, rdglms,. Hid hid es, • 1 Irinrlas, DalJiilmas.

Then \ [JU say: TilL BiICriJi-cf und f If /ooiJ i _far Jill oJ YOU •• -lccept ~,.. tUM' put it wli1Cm ;y'ou ~iesirl". Th n. au ta se

n (e und ~ th ee d ce 5l! it with h cense

you sIaughte it dean It and grill liver Ii \1 au


grilled the whole sacrifice and prepared 11 then take t

and la) It on the sacrifice 5, skin like a able doth til YOU rall and "a~ Tilis is YOllr : .. t~rrificf! [nul YlJ1lT food. com~ ~:fhl S11lell it ,rnd eat from it.

Then a red. spirit ~\ ill came that lno :s like a torch of'- t:" and it pasS5 by the (0 Jd and smells IL an • ..t bums some . iL

Onc~ you see that d5k the <pirit for l\ hat you want and ask for help afld support in thi I1g~. If the ~p][J t disappears, then go to the tood and use nf rt as mud, as \'OU ~ rish and ask fur ~hings rou desire, Maybe yon wnu"ld ge~ tt and maybe not because thLE spirit is a star in Its core bu because it is knov n for being mood v w here i al ra ~ agree~ and disagreE'S un lhinis .a]mo~t in [ant! so never knO\ . \l,Tith i in hat mood It might be tli t is thL ;;; irit's special nature. So i } uu ha to cat 0- the tIl

veu mig'hl be better to joq go back home at tha point.

r 0 ask a. sperific need of f e Sun au need to approach it when il: descends to Leo's sign or when fhe ~Ii descends rdltecrt degrees of ."\riL"5 or nineteen degrees of it and that is on 5IDlday, \ \7herI that happens. prepare a cl~· house furnished \,Ith the best furniture fua.t T U --

a ford. Then s~t seven gof 'statues; If on cannot -- d gold <>1atut5: then make them of 1i\'OL.>d. ( ev are IDa e gol oe(:orair them wUh rM rubies and je,- els. 1 i

rrrrn '!.lil.d then dre s them In expensive Ted ilk a ~ decorate lli~m l\'ith Fed rubies and gold and pu t them ID the middh~ of the house IJI1 one Ime and between ,eat::h th~ statues' hal'lds a trav that has loaves of Bak;-,.- bread ~ tt and hard amdie= that are made of ripe del k :, Pn t in th . mid e of each tray a up an bottle Of vine pla e

~ ndimerrts and plate ha.. piLe nd -en

% Ghayal ~-\l-Haklm :e.:

lu.'il;. .amphnr LU"Id. Amber. C~ the house with basil. lheI1 lagM a big cand Ie and sit in front of the statues On il. jU~h bed and sa_'" Bundilos. DahinJQ.S~ d.btlldus. Dal~iflrs. Aie-/as, .liigmWlJ5, Gr,.adee-s, IalJint«.-ee5.

T'iSh tor w hat -ou want and eat \ ith ~ uur friends the nod d ml tht:< wlne then leave the hou~ and . OUI \I rish.15 VI' ill co ~ true,

10 ask EI specific need or \. enUh rou need to a pproach it l\ hen the Sun Je]:H."'I1ds to the h ea d of P'J5U~ sign or the

loon is 1 n Cancer and that is on Friw:r ThE'J"I you '" ash up, p2lfUTILt" ~ ourself, and vour clothes, then enter a bathroom or goO undcr a. palm tree or an~ other tree .iilllld brinz with roo a rarn and d raLOI and say fJida.s, Ghewo , f:ll1Jllilof)s, Damaff'e5, Teyfna I mnwos. i:lrhos. Hutanes ..

As. fur 'hat von need and Ish foe anvthiae beca~e

u. - uld be granted ~\'crythinp even ma-gk. tricks and anmi tg privilege!': il you wish for It 'because Venus is l."oWTI to grant such wishes .. 'hen }'OU approach her. Ao;; y moth needto 'ish" hat is in each planets nature to be abla to iet that wish,

1 (1. a:;: k a sped ftc need ui MCrcill),"' -011 need 0 .iPpl'oach it when th~ Sun dTOp5 down to the Capricorn wh' is the beg nnlng 0 the PC:l5.Lan year_ Ihen yo need e a golden chair with a gol en brazier on top of i in em ~r clean aouse and cense with sandal . myrrh, -gra::;s~ camh and elecampane. Put the golden trav in

nt 0 VO'U dndi get seven goats and pro['Filte a \ 'ODden "h k In a wav tha l\ hen _"'OIl rut ea eh:sOil roo can kill it in ne strike_ Then vou needto d D tM t ence fur earh ~pa ~ m a fer. tb n you bu&m the mcense a rtd <l) BQ_flltrBas~ .. 4m 'ms,

t!!£ • Salle.! >, DUal ls. tees, DahrEl's, lag/rpde_

w ar ~ 5 i 0 tit meat the pu all th g 's fill


around the hal, after cleaning it You repeat the ..... ords [ this time 35 vou are veiled all the w~w to your e)'e5 and rensmg ill the same time. Then take the skirtned off IDe ... ~ and conk it in one big pan 1; 'ith vinegar and rou prepare Dr the feed what vou need and you put it In baskets and ou exceed the- gre€tings to the spirits and ask fur what you need and thev rill uive 'ou vhat the,T are <>peLiali7ed 'I'

- .,-


T lJ ask. a specific need of the Moon you need 0 approach it \ 'hen the Sun is on the top of Cancer en: v

the Moon 15 facing the Sun and that is Aries sign and UPOI1

Sundav at the !5UIl5Ct. Yuta should be all W.:L4cd up, .

~~ yoo1'Sell .and you r dot+lfS \vith pleasan iru Y[lU go to the desert and you can h.a,re people wjlh: . [JU and each one of \ ou should bring; with them a ram sharp knife .lnd 'nee se tha is made 0 bush-gr ahnnnd, carob, elecampane, myrrh and lean sandals -

. eu need rn be prepared] with lots of food in l.l'tt:m,l::ctc light up a w:eat fire of wood. Put the food hils ets 0 from the top by the" rre and slt around that. Then the that will brine- t:I1£ spirits needs .1:0 lake thE!: ramand go 3.

c .

1 rater spring '\Ii ith trees around. Then he ruts the ram With

the krrife and throws some moense 1H th fire an - ~ G&andoos. Ht.ultt.:, NlIdS, lias, Tyrnas, R_al ces

enalfJ5, DaghD 0-, GIla os. Then he sacrifices e 11 as. do earn I:lI1e" of tiu::,' others then fhe . let 0' o ftterr • Ute spirits lead tells them _ . Then the onebringin".he piril:s leaves the sacrifice and g~ bac tn where the nre is and fimJW:!i so me more mcQIlSC and calls kh£ [_::I Then he ~t(J~ talking mr an hour. Then he goes back to his friertds and starts ",kinn~n off the sacrifices an cens .:L

the a.rl<;; like the leather; 'heads -eet and. leave them in a clean place and JOTl. teat arw 01 those.

Then they grill the meat with the b'lJ"t.s In i L Once it :is

ked put it \\' th the baske aro und the tree and h ng ~ the tree colored fabric \'i'l h aU difu."IEll.t colo s_ Then the . er oi the Spirits bv himself alone hums the mcenses @Dd ~all the spirits thn_~ times and asks fur what' he 1: zants

im hem and for his lends.

To ask a specific need 0 Sal urn pm need to approach it when the Sun descend to CilpnL"Omr" !iign or the __ oon i!i in Sagrttarius. You make a statue wi fh fft't m,;id~ of Iron tU'IId put on it colored clnthes. green. ~l~ck and roo. Then hike thilt and go to the desert under a frmtless tree you have ou r sacrifice '"' ith. vhlrh ,<; a cow or calt and an

J"I5e made of il blac C"~t5 brain. its guts, carob, myrrh, juniper and yon say Brinta-". T05, Klr.rtJtls. Kiyoos. C; bUdiyOs: .. TQlmoos~ &iyi1a~, TtJheeJ. 5eynt4 llfandQDl and Ii eans ' come- SPJ -tuals this i~ _ our sacrifice" then as .

or "hat vnu desire and \ 'ollid ('orne t:ru.e and all hrs is hat \ as rnentianed abo ut the pl anets invoc a . ons in ~ 000 tOOl is called A,-ro;Lnnatis.



ARl5TOTLF _MI.f'..'"TI0r-..1fD L~ HLS 800K l\biCh he called A l-Letam« h~ and wrote 1:0 he A1exandPr four desc iptions o~ beads that help's in forming talisman" and "..hat the spirits kn('lwledgc requires, He called the first one the Bt'nd 0' Damatec. YOIl VS~ this bead as a stone tor your DTIg and wherever sees- or looks at this ring DllISit submit, obey and disg; for you and accept pHil orders and it ~'IJU used it as a seal for a letter and sent it to a king or iIYlryune else, ThE'} shiver and tremble as they look at it and the) obev yom ,\jshes and orders, U you. pointed at a disobedien oiittll. he would immediatel", obey i1I1d surrender to vou.


. ~ the specialty of the bead and the. color ():f it is red,

J1Je "<a~ to make tbi .. bead is by ta1ring do small a mount red rubies, Grind it and add to Jt one carat of diamond tha gn g;rincIN with lead h 0 rnrat ma.gnesia., mTo Gll'at Illfur and one carat goId_ Pu~ an this in a mdting pnt anc it up slowly kill the. all mel and become runny. The diamond melt5 fue ruby. the magnesia melts the diamond. h~ :ro]fur melts the rna: esinm and the gold melts all

t up.

hili is. aD melted and :mnn) Tibie \ 'a er, take the aJdLing pot '" l:h.It hmt and Ie l cool. \ I11ffi you take the ~otre out ~ au . ill fin it a jCl .. -pj that is mlxed in cnl

u rnos ly cloud ud ... colored. Put thi side then

an.equ: 1 amount f lion. brain, LJ a ti er <mil ;J



~ Picatrie s:

blood of hyena. ~:!elt the tat and rrn he brarn in it, pour the blood on them till the color Mo~ dusty very careful not tu touch this mixture 1.\ itb voW" han " let ;lIlY gel on \ au clothe .. and be La eful nnt to brea because t . is poisonous, 1 is the 5.1 Ole poison lhi:lL Hetr, cl.' drank and it tore him apart and made hi .. ~in fall off,

When thE' mreture settlf5 dm~ n put it aside thm ra an equal amount of ye.llin golden metals. n~lJow ur and ginger abou the welght oi [i\ e carats each, grind them and boil them. Then add that to all he mixtures .. ron h.l\e done, this wul mdl all k"lgether and will balanr:~ it Aticr miwg it very fine, put it in alittla cup made of clay then heal that up 510 \']y as: i starts to me) Hke ~ 'dX. "fb~ does look like wax, take it off the heat till It cools and

L the mixlure ilia helps in eV,eIT charm and talismen anc grunts. _ 'Otl all your needs,

[be second bead is called Ihc Bead of A1-1fitlii:maas am work. .. fur amulets for sloppin:;;. rain. cold and snow frilling OJ[! mop5 going to fighL (t keeps nature and oro D~tades away from harming any Ieque5teT, his wnill and hi rides. Thi bead is dust cnlored and the wa done is b_'!;' taking hvo carats of wrun. Melt it with bush-grass. OIlO:~ it 15 melted add (Im~ earn of siIv cara of lead .. !\fter all :is mrxed \'\ el tngether remav £rom th2 beat and II1h:]' ith the 5pirits, spirit The do that. is b taking bones nt the hand and .fuet a F dear them 0 an meaL we! nerves and cook It ~ 'ith 3' and salt then dJ}- iliem and grind them and melt an equ.1l amount of he' bones \ 1lh mandrake an fn.~ them ut it in a putofcla~'_

Ke p - amg this till ~ u fill the pnrith Then put it on a fa :il.-d fiT tha burned


~ Ghavat Al-Halim ~

full fl1il:ht and that \\ ill make it mel all the .. a~ ::ugll ili~Tl take it and cool it and grind iL some more i1nd :(Iud it to !pure red golden metal and grmd it and mix it \ iilh hwnan blood tor one ful day_

Then melt the tirst milo, ure with trus b_" poming tt ~I , ,1,- rill i all mixes in and the pinls are harmoruzed -h n ~ke it out and (001 i_You will find the color of it . Jusw- Lame it round gently and rna rm it with .. nrds o what yrm need fflr three da) ~ and pout it up and anv time "Oll ~d [Q stop the rain, cold ur 5f'tO .... some \ here, you ~ he word .. and lift 'oW' ughl hand \ ~ith j our beads to the ~k md all l!.hat stops, and ~"OU will h .. ve a compfe;~e ~muJe\ that is made oi the' strengm of the spirits <;pirit

AristodiE" called the third beJ.d the' Bead of'tl-h.h1matis an , .. l is a special amulet thaL vau ran carry W11h ~ou in attlf5, wars w!th enemies to make ,th~ enemies swords. weapons and !=>peillni freeze and miss their targets and (he c \] r of this bead is black and the \ av it is done Is .nu

fi I: ca ats of iron that Is mclted with ~lfur and you add white sulfur, magnesia, tin pOl dar and that will make rhc mixture becomes ",hile like: srwer, it wil] eat up the dirt in and purify tlle core of it. Then you take om equal amount C!f pig'<: tat and brain, melt and mi them togethcr '?ith the blood of a blade ra rert. \"rlhen it coots off it thi~ ken~ and looks like yogu . Then take too zo carats

i1:~n~a nne cam' 1.11 qrJ(1ded diamonds, one carat pure

~ a

ell ,'_' gold£n metals, one carat ot yeT1o~ T :=.-ulful"_ Gnnd an

tlu:l an . ado i m the fu"st thickeneo mi'IdDre and hea . up a tidY pot. Thq will. melt and look 'e ... <l • Take i n

he eat and !.ea\.t': it LOG' ill orne Hke a stone pu

_ l a.~l e. Then ta. ITOI'll e same ron _-en melted t1v~

~il'! 1 and liIli carat of each 5i \~T gold an copper cit

i (-

them all ogether and add the other mixture In sion [y ill] j mixes in well wrth the hea and the rre eats the dirt u.p clears ,'. Tha is how the spirits harmonize together i3fl becomes nmny like \ rater, Then remove I from the Yon will find once it is cooled, to be plain ]iltl~ 50ft in lhe CO~ then Iathe It round and im nke it for three da ·s \vIlli '" [JUT request then caTl"} :it with YOU because as long as is with .'01.1, no metal, 5~\TOTd~ spears nor dITt1\ '5 wilJ II!' er hurt ) OU or anv of the people around vou

The (olllth bead he called tiLe Bead n Ghiti.amQtee:;; he used that to bind the soldler's desiTP...5 of I'ltarria~~ an adu.Herr because adultery and gett-inl.T close ('I women In the mllitarv is a huge mtsfortnne and it: GJUSt.'5 the enL"m to win ,,;th great victo z : 1 his bead is l· ... hite in color and the , ay ! t Is made is by taking five On-ham of lead. one dirham of copper and iron that is melled wi h white su half dirham of stlver, Ihen you melt them and adJ ' po lead to it, once it .IS melted all down . [J a smooth text ~.a~~ half a CITrdit of magnesia and diamonds and ha dirhilln of yeUu . sulfur and fOUT carats u red ~I en metals grind them. ill) and. add it to the fi::rs:t mixture sl 1 tiU all is \l{leU mi"ed and you. leave it to cool. Th make a spirit f('lI it and that is b taking an equal am of deer fat nu horse brain. ):011 melt the-.fat , .. ith the and add b:i:rd blood tn it till it thic eDS, then uu add t

that one dirham melted pig feet grillded '\"~F f e .t

liru~ ti ,ha~f dirham magnesia, one dirham -ellow sulf une and hili dtrham red goLden metals, grind them ail adli it, to the brain and l:h fat that • au mixed' first 'It:b th bleed, Put j on the ue IIJI it melts then ta e i! off e P.l>i

o ceol, Once it '0; ·00100 you ad _ our fi:t5 mixture eo ~Jm\ l.' -U It iIii rtmn like 'dter then ~ au get It 0 t e fu:ut and Jet it cool then 'CJU Ia le 11 round then oB im e t 11


~ itll your \\'"oflh for three days. Then make t1r" u statues of (OPFer l")f a man and a woman then ~·OLJ put. the beaJ on the rna Ie figure statue and ." on make rnem "\\: ith their barn to ~_.lcb other then you take a rron needleand .'UU ;;a~ the I oreIs 01 YOLll request on it three times then ynu hammer it tn both of the figure::; chests till it goes all the wa.~ through. I hen you pul these statues In a SIlliIJ] iron coffin \'DO sa~· your words on .it first da.~ and rU!!:'o the11) Oil lake thilt \~ ith vou arrd that 'wil'! bind th~ soldier's desires and adultery f~ling as long as -au have it \\"th.

The book of Aristotle also explains tha mE mg the e MlIllIels is very dangereus and the person that is aoing it shomld be 91tremelYal'ifefW. because the_ iU'e poisOn.OU!L Do no tI} 10 touch. them with _\ om hand« or smell them, There is abo an amulet th" t vdU protect you from the pUBarl and this is the l1i'"a. it i 5 dnne: take one ca rat or each . the Indian sandalwood l ith Lhe myrtle seeds, mandrake

, musk meUm., seeds, one c:a.rat of 11Ul.5i and half a ~dIilL uf betel nul seedless raisin and white sandaIw'PQd. Grind them alltuaether and kneed with pounded myrtle \ .:J.ta" and make wicks and dry it, \ men you're vorking wit11 61~ potions then 'Olll US£' that on vour nose, ears lips and mouth and veil yOUT face .... ·Hh this .. hen _ on

d and ttl t, mgn."tlients. As fur your hands there . S a tHtfcre[]J amulet tD protect yom hands £rom these peiscns i .. done b} takin rail eqna! amount of raureJ seed, rnahilleb seed and gerttia and four pieces • elderberry oil and r. bit blood, . DU grind \ bal med'i te be grinded and you zd i ith e-lderoeny nil and .rabbit blood and y 11 put thiJ ID iJ boltle to use l -hen you , .. ran to ouch an.' 0 pOtions then _'OU ipe, ULl hands tbotnuglily with

~ (I an then touch the materials arul poisons au.:;

t.~ l harm )on.

~Chayal J\l-I~akim E:

Aristotle described in Ius book that i!. caned klWlc ilia the spirits of the am ulets could exceed and vmlata th maker by harming him or making him HI and that btoo~ the- close connectionbetween th.5e spirits arui the nature of certain illnesses and if that happcfls, the <;1Ck per needs to drink Uti.:; patlon that IS made of half ounce .. human: blond melted with tWIJ smail a Jilm unts of alm oil and two small amounts of .rabbH brain and 0011( iIllPln well with one ounce donke} u me. You drink an arneum of rwo dirham I) that mixture for seven day .. in a m v, tiM thing in the morning on an empt} stomach and that will dear everA thing [hat: Ilh~ spirits amulet influenced the person and all his bad moods and any other kind ot influence the oilier seven planets ron_ have. This drin~ \ rill settle the person's spirit and b. aru harm.

Me ander bas asked Atistetle in hi .. book that ~ called Mtlla~ about Kinas th~ Po·.is£ Indian man that !:h:eo knowledge of tallsmans and if that man actLlatU • ha book where hI:" mentions e wav tn rna e Ihcsetall

so Aristotle wrote this book that he callEd llla.!..·-es to

answer Ale.xa.nder~s question land he OOsE.d it rm FY know ledge of the talisma a nd some of th e wa: 5 to d them, He started bv SiJ\ I::I:tat:Kinas was kruJ -m

nth the spill and 'he lived to be fj e hundre:O ann ,0 years old and b12 Jived in the limes at Adriyan l:;o the i_ fighter king. So X111as made talismans tnal lbring me dh e

'odd l'o"'iih the material ro.rlds. ,.,<ith spirits that are spre..1d :in th. world and \ 'itb these talismans be was uvi t ga}n th oS king .rod ihe other king'.; _~npatby_ fu aE!: m de other different talismans, fw these other ta i rni1r.'5

here is this one hha he ca kd de t

take hall a carat of deer brain ha f carat or melted fat tail uf an e \ e, onecarat nl camphor half carat f rabbit brain,

on gather tile brains in at melting nt on. a coal ill it all in-e-l~. ThI3l1 lOU add the tat tail of the e-\\ e to that till it mclts too then·~ 01.1. add the rm .. 'd~red camphor tnL"I1 • ou l¥[I1m C It r om the heat and vnu make a statue of '!,'1Ta'\. tna,': empty in the middle thal has previous!_ ne ',~r been U-~ for anything. \DU vish for the woman "",'h05.2 love vau , .. an 1 hen \;OU make ,;]I hole all the ,~a_ through and you start pouring the mixture intn the 5t.atu.e ,i!I.S ~'OU Me ::- i ng: fJalriyayees, G lum-mlHJN~de5. NakaglrtJ.fJ~, Di.~QbJyes. Then von take a one small arnoun ~ of rOUJ11d \"'I---hlte ~uga.r and add I:ha~ In the stame, 11't0l yon get a fine silver nail a nd you stick it in the chest area nol all the \.,,~a_·

ugh and '(JU say Haduraas~ T~P1Ulro05, Hanitoos,

.-\.miraQs. Then ~ au \'lr"Tap thar me m a doth of white

material and ·hHe- silk and rou lie the cloth willI a sir tmead under the chest area then ) un bring me two sides of .he thread Logelher and tie In seven knots arrd 5a~ aIler each knuL ~:tJxln)Ra.s .. ffadrniyo5, Fin.oTllS, Anl1itnas. 'hen ·00 are dane put the statue in a ne-~y small container ma~ o cia' fhen dig a hole in the house- uf the requester of this illi:stnan and hury the statue strough! u.p «here the head is and the faet are do m, Then cover it .... rith dirt, then take .., mall amount of bush-grass and ~ ass, pu them. un fire and. sa) as von burn them: Balrirnrt1J:i., OtMrlees,

tlttm-edDfJlri..~, FilU1n!S. You excite E' -pint heart 0'1 that

\ oman 'Wnb lave ro tha man. and you bri1'Ig: her heart' ~ 1; • ·t wnh the po er of these spirits 0 spirit!; and ti.-tIDr nolD1(!~ are B H)'l rOR L'1 OR ~ OLIVOS, AnN ,Once au do IUs e 'omen iLha til tallsma

S rna e {or '" i get excited W1L !the love- rin and

n t settle s.fd!p, awaken, SIt, U1U:Uk or am thin:;, "I


to lOOTlD:£'l.- t men '"' ith ·OtnEn. and .


av Jt'

~ Picatrix ~

3 Ghil) at Al-Hakim ~

she S driv en rn that man quletl and obediently and Ith no con trn I over herself, pulled with the POl" er of th ta r lsman to that place Lhat. has the talisman bu ried in, ~ -heLher .. he knows about the talisman "f nnt she b2 ed into the place and that man.

Another talisman gets made to he put in food or d '"

an,d . he war tha it, d?nc is by taking two grains "e'ight ~ rab~ll:. no~, two gram ",,'eight of hyena brain, three gran welghr 01 melted tat tail nf ewe, h\ 0 grain ,,'ei hL of amber, two grain \\ eight 0' musk. three grain velghl grounded camphor and one small annnmt of the requ~'>tcr of th is chan:ns blood. Pu l the bl 000 in a meltirtg pan .md hear it up_ Once i is hot ~hi the noses. the ~rain and

-.1 tail m it and mix them.fhen add the musk, ca pIlOT and amber and mix all that. then reRlove i from the Then you mix tha-t " '1m wme or in sweets or bread dUlldI

or '\ ith the meat of bird or snv other boiled meat ~

food or drink} ou desire. Then pu t .:;orne on 'our

'ish fur what and w om 'ou made i~ for-and til e some small amounts of bush-grass and ~s -and burn

and as you a re burning; it saY'" Diylo:as" hid rs

Dutrudfe-t>;S:. [l,fluJiolees, PSr'ylas. With this you , .. ill have that certain woman':. spin t iJ',et 5(lti;' '-ited ith ':':C' mixtures and she will be pulled with these spirit'

t she am not hol tm and it ill k_(_IL'P her slee

resLles:i and ol..lghtles till she come ob ing to

po "er of Ithe e sp rl s and their na rnes Bun. OLSASE1t llIY.ID£ES. KIDMOVS, ,TD ~ LEI'S. "'he]] you're done" ith 'that ,;wd youmvoked an -f"I15e-t.l it add just a little of tlual mnture- in the food or drink S(I thai the p,ernQfl who ~at:s- QT drinks at leaves Imthi1'1 T

behind, rfuke snre to e d " the pe.r&lIl 'OlJ 10\ eo-

tnt:" ood goes ill th pBS011' S bod .. he; II


e"cit~d thai tlte~ won't be able to get hnld of ~hemsel\-15 till the one thi .. talisman is made for comes obeying iI'I1d s:nbl1'l~~l\ e. [r it \'" ~ \ erv hard for yon to f.t't'd this to tl1L~ persofl then all you need to do is to change your mtenticns in ~ mur request and pomt out as you make )- our , .. 'ish that

per.sun } (JU ma . ~ 1,,0;; for is unable to eat it 01: drink i .. "'1ou do keep the potion as i IS and you abo ake i put i~

our hand with some bu .. h-grass and grass and as _'ou m:e- rurnIDg it you S'iI_ T .-irJiToo:, 8atirao5. Btiyode , FardttrUfJl!: llfUi.!,e e;;n:::i-letl the ',ellrl af l1~i5 pt: _O'u ro this, anA m01)'ed Ilis/lfl!r l'fiU"'t spirit witrl love, &Iud kept llet' (rom "lwping, rnat;:iug deC"isions:, sttmding ot sitting till d,e comes to fl~is petslon Sl~bJDitting and abeyilfg 8ms fit!! ~l'irit'~ heart of the, rs sJrn fl be brorJgl~ t to tJUl t persOJ' ft.'i.tlJ' !'Ill! p'oiVe ()f the spirit~ spirit turd tilere t a:mes art'

tIDE , A\\lDOR.4S, -t1\TUR.-U'IS, HAND 4 ROOS. Ir' en tu feedthis to the person, if they eat it and it ser eel ~n thEir - omach, then take a mall amount of bush-grass and

_ i1IUl throw it n the fire and let 1hat person sav RuI7IO"l'e~; Hdorhf!s Ayimm_'S'. Hanna's.. If he sa. _ tht'5e \ ords then h~1 she \\ III come ,\ith love Oh2ying and submissive with 1Il0 control on tnelrsouls. Kinas '~d al!'i:fl that if it was hard ITI h<t..'"t some blood hum the requester to

IX in the potion then :a '£! n'o small amomtlts of h:e-Thl

b and one small amonn 0 a ewe blon . Pu i 1 m a

tmg pot and add ttl' t\ ro gram \\ Ci.ght (1 rabbIt brain. grain , .. reights 0 hyena brain. four grain ei h of

! ed fa rail of an e e.' am weights. of DIU" ~., two veinht of camphor and to '0 gram weight of rabbit 1\ Ii them a I i and TI1ci t them, Once it undts tel ke ito - ~It hea l and mix i i -h ith rood or drink then bnm _ ante

i\J h: SS lind graSS' and SIli~ on tho. potion th se \ ords

. lora BaJ.nrlllD'L~ F • &lJ,.tJlla~ excite It I

.;:s Plcatrix ~

of this person to this, aml move U,Pffl ~'IJirit~ keep th '7J from sief!J1itlg. tnt akt"JJ Urn", sltmdiug o:r sifting. Pull d bring them wifh lin! 1J()WtT of tbeee Spirif.1· urrd'lbcir nQJ~ll's: are BATlROlE£5. BRll'.-lii 05, OBOHEE , "~-t;\'DOL Ihen eed i 1 0 the requester if ~ I" sertles m th em ,;; to ta ·e on~ small amourr of bush-grass, grass and a hair the h vena s till and le t t he person burn it if they burn I teach them to sa_' Hm:tudee', AJal1tl.oyas. Tidortfs. OmiJ'O.IJ'i thenthat persen'« heart gets a ll exiled ~ ith 10\ ~ and

to the other and can't 'ie' c Ii]] they go 1:(1 thElr Imref~ obeying and 5ubmissive.

There is afilOI:h.eT third amulet that H~ burned and the 'wa~~ that is done is b~' akine a small piece of the h_ e a ear. a pu:"C_e of rna Ie rabbit ear, hili w~~g1-a 0: ~\ hire CLl r s pupil of ~h~ 'q~e half 'eight 0 \...-hite dogs fat, one , weight of bush-grass and g:ra,;:;,s and like i3 Ii uf them it d melted at tail of e, re Yon melt he fat tail of tt e e re melting pan and add 'to it all the nthcr inp;edients: th mix wen and add half eara grinded camphor, two of hite sandal. Dod and Indian sanda \\ ond that _ no Ieened, one carat of <Imber, half carat of musk to ' rruxrure, Once- it is wcll mixed divide it 0 s.t'\ en p' then L.1LkE sev en br aziersand pu ~ coal in them and . them up. Then Iirre tht! braziers p in front of .' u and nne oJ the rmx turns on each brazi er \\ hen vou LITe- dOClI.2 start burning: and ay ~'liyoru, Iltuntias. " [J~.flniyoliZs I~ite tIle heart tJ rids person w fllls, ,ruuI rm1i:'i! thri,.lwarts spirit wi r loot' Bilo-il1 sleep. m~kj rg II« ._, tl1vakening. ~rillUl'i"g 01" sitting 1m they come ofJegirrg ud sJllnnissiile, pull INm ,,-,.-ing 'IW-tn wit1r this spirit" -pi ,I

ud rht!t-r mmre are ALBO . RE . ll'Y:4K -

ROD1TES. 1: 1 .IDO hE'n lear. ~ and DU conJ]cit'l1

ilia t VWlT ta..fu.:man vill person you U"

~ Ghavat AI-Hakim ~

tali5lI1 an on ill ~t all e~' ted \\ ith love and will DO t settle tiD the_' go ~Q th!il manor woman.

The fourth of Kinas" amulets is an oil. hi! H seem: or dane- on an apple or anv oilier similar items. Here IS how It

dont:', vou tae two grain weight of rabbit noses take a goat lil"e~ and mix It with bush-grass and pult it {}1l n:e ~ it b-et5 inflated and Iets ~n of it~ \"rate:r_ Ihen . IJU slice I and ~glJ2eZe it till all the W<II ter comes out in 21 cup and put i aside in a bottle till you. need to use i fot tills charm, Then vou ta e h 0 grains weight of that liquid \\ i'th fDUrgrili~ weight of amber, three grams, eight e musk add them ali in ~,me-lting poI on III coal till il a II melts. Once i is meltEd remove it om ~ heal and put i in a bottle. Then when ou need to do our am ule vou take ene small 1 Teight or old pure oil ,,:u;-d put i~ in a ~lljng pot and add t I one grain l -eight of that liquid mhh:lre till - melts in It "j'hi!ll its .ill melted take one small weight 0;1;' bush-grass and grass and bum it under that -m.ixtnr2 and sa, Ti r{lf}S _nylw-rees~ l'itulas, .4ndraw5 ,i:"Xdre fhls p~l"i9Dn or tilt o I,", rnO"lJf! rhtiF hetlrr- spirit to the otlul' fUlfIl Iaoe

L aid 5lcepi~ tll1l(rieuin& stmul'ing Or sitting, pull til it bring ,lrnn to III otlJff il_tit-1t hI!' p'uu'e,. of thesE' s-pint'rpirits aud th'e-ir names (J,Te BlKll"AROO , ... IDILA. • frl fHOREES, fA-, 'COHAAS.. Then take from the -I and 1 } DlJ. can spread i an the requester OT rna eo them. use mt 5 a sceru, Ever)" lime you US£ the oil OS the scent their spirits

'lVill be e:xc:ired ith love and hEy wil] be able to slee

iU\'akwt till th . go to their lovers, If you were unable to

i' on i:he person then make a statue tlW loo .

rerson from -..\ ax and order them bJ Imld it in h.mrl and

\ i bn h-grass ami gr <;1;; or tlJ::we da t s

~ and kl say hese erd and conlimre 0 buntin and

using the scent hecau~ that will move the bpird:s luv!:! and P\ci~pruent .feelings fnr the other,

If \fOUWill1t fOU can take basil or an appfe and smeaT me mixtun~ un t worth of ,'0 grai~we]oht 0 the oil Then cL'Ilsewith t''I~_ and gra_.<;:? on it and sa. r as ~ ou ~ doing this ·OTa'f.iSs rlndo-lt'f!s, Annatns; fi,ntU!f!es exeite fhe hea..,. at Ilehlae tmd Ina-ve 1ti~h-'1" 'Sp,rn" 1J.IitJJ larri' to tile otlser and avoid sleeping. il.<.l.Jakening. standing ur

ittuJg, -pull ami britl,£ 1'I'im/hf'r with the POU'CT uf llrest! sp'irH"s. spirit ar~d their n tUIl es Rrf' BAIU)LAS, t\il':li'1TOR1S, FE).1A [as. liIR OHOl"'-A5. Then 1et lti1e peJ:5(ffl smell the basil. \'\'nen rhev do !heir hearts. \\111 0\ erfIm\. with eliciteruent ot the <;;_pirHual of ](1V~ and they will not be able to control them sel .. ,t.'5 'oU the~ go to thf! other person, ~ the person canno smell the b .... L1, hen rna .e ~ :requesID to take It ~ statue 0 the desrred person in out'hand and small anJOLmls uf bllSh-gri'l~S and g. i<;; le biID l\ith his 'Other hand throVt. l( into the fire and teOlG him to say Cd~il.a Biitmecs. ,"-,DOS, Dirqano an d eU t person ~hey need 'D smell 11 firs t beca use tha t M I' move the spirit of the b~k.'l\·e!.l one and e..xc:il~ thm ",itO. !mr m their heart and lvill at settfe tiU ihe~ get to their lc~,"'~J3. obeyil'lg and s:ub:missil"e~

And these are the ~. of the: spints tha Me cal eO D - Uffi that Kinas made unite men and vemen,

There is. anoU. called Baghe ~ and these

talismans are used to ~'"fflpillh _ the hearts of kiJilgS on rheir people and make them Jean 'i h iO"f'lt and mercies towartis them. The Wd.~· It .is b~ takmg a wax tha r h n used iur anvth:in be:(ore ann rna e iii. hallol'l 5l rue in l to na e ollhe king _ l U. de . ttl' Then yCu..lake one lL :I

eer brain, two carat f rab "- brain an iI. m:taU an nrt

1'LU1lh1l1 blood. IOU mix them all ~ogether in a melting pot aDd add to the mixture h~Jf amount of powde-red arnpflrrr two caral amber and hal carat musk, melt them en mix them well tiH they are all melted. Then ~ili a hule- in the .head 0 the "tame, pour ~mur mixture ~ and 1 a e it to cool, H'hen it is cool, LOver fu.l hole WI the

3:\.. The-n vou 1 .~ fou small amounts 01 human blood, i '0 small -amolmts of white rooster blood. rwo small ameunts of horse brain one carat oC musk and camphor, one- srna I] ametm t of mel te~.;Ha t La ij of a el\ e. Put all tha t in -a melting pot, Mclt and mix them well, make .mother hole end POUl the mi\tu:r~ in then seal it back after rt eools off. Then vou '.a:ke iii Ime, delicate si}I;'er nail that \ ',as not used 'or .m} lliing before and poke L in the ch.13I: but n,Dt ~U the \ al through. and 'ia~' Jlkri_llor. GhitlaYOD_. cJ1J1g,ltls.

Yo -liduus. I hen ~TOU PUl the statue in a net.· bowl made at _ a - take half of it small amon : of pm .. dered bush-~T'a.5 and 'g:t'ilh5 and a small a.mount 0 white moster' ~ p llpil ~.t'_

- all that logeth1!Tt:hen take tiu~ statue and <1 brazier hb cool and go to a hltl that has III \'i~\cV of the d~. dig a hule as big as th~ ta:l:t:u! and bury it s:tJ'aight where the head of it 6 up and the feet dmnl s!::r.llgh.t then put a sta.fi_~ [In th~ top to cuver it -ell Then put the mcense on ~ fire

sa \. as rour c.ensing .. 'l btu"us, la.nduras, 'ilahoo5, Rum l~es l~TVe the "n~TCY a tleis persans IlCart ill ti JUl.llIe lo"t, frinUlliness ami mncy o« this per ,O'n uli 11 IIi!'

o e:r uf this spiriY- !!iplrits und ,be,,. 1nf'.;. are

IJ-. :nOHAS. A¥J 1100"',·' I' 5 .. J.IADLOO '. \\1Th1.en rou d all tbi5 be assured that YOu i'li I gd the merry and ilQ:~ of this king for alLyuar ..Ktimt.<;_

Thers i5 an appos:He harm used 10 ~ef a: .king gain_r;t Il1eone ar ~ eng.e. Here c;: hnw H is done on ma e a 11 Sla.tue or a ax th has n been US(' be re and

then you Lake one small amount 01 black eat's gnllbIad ~:r half of a small amount 0 black dog _ gallbladder, e small ammm 01 black rtorike) brain, two carat of aloe, one tarat black pepper and one Laf,at rnJ rrh, Grind the b -, pepper and aloe and YOU put the brain and the gallblddder in a melbng pot you ad the grmded pepper and a oe 10 it and leave it till it melts Once it is a.ll mn ... ed and melte:d make q hole' in the Ski ues head pour tnt' mixture then s al

hen it cools off. Ihen bike i3 hal f err a small a:mo urn black kite \! gallbladder, half a small amount of bJ _ ra.,.,eI1'<; gallbladder. one small amount of black ha braIn, one carat alee, one anal m_ rrrh, fou carat myrtle seed. You mlx a.U this tog,etftl2'i' withthe ram and' galThladd~ i a melting pan on coal ill .it melts, Once it melts make <I hole ill the' statue and pour the rmxuire in It then se.lllt back with' the wax once :li't cools nf1. Then ta ~E:' a iron n.til poke i all the wa _ through in the chest of th.e .!'itattJ£ and i15 YOUT doing this say KtJ7dil s, DikdJ05. BahfJlL~s Btl ODaas then put it in a nel'oT bo\1d and make a SInO e ur one small amount of each af black eat's gallbladder a

b ad. raven's gizzard and e "mall amounts of b ~~

goat's hoof and black horse hoof. rou mix it all l:i:m'elil('J' and put it on a COB! fire till ii smokes and .O1!1 sa. smokes. 'filtyraas, G'tyd01"ee5. 1a.mtl!tas. F rhinno .. im!est the prJ'WeT uf fit 5JJiti#:s an tlli!' heart' of emuUt on tfti.s pf!tson. Dcn't forget to men ion 'hat ever desU'e. i~ or small. so th~ spirits influences I t _

vith all inds () torture, dicm:tl£n., an er and all inds .. ra enge and get the spirit's spirit ~dked '1..itl1 revenge on this perscn t lith 1.Irei:r PO" I:!'T. Those Spirits n ~ re BAID JOLUS, BA5R.-t5~ 1; WDRi\ S, BABIM(JIOS, , ) on do this be -SUT~d that "om .. Ish ill came true.

There IS another charm that is called Errna: and make it

get the kmgs~rmpathy fur women with elernal Jeve.

The .. ··ily it is done i by taking wa -that as not used befun~ and make a hallo sta ue ~ uh the name of t1:'J.E' king and a second statue also hallow whh the woman' name ma vuu wartr his rympathy ~, Then rou take the kings n.arue and you hold it in. our hand and make a hoe in the head and rake one slinall arnorm] of mdtBd fa frmn tail (lj e .. ·, .. e and one- smal I amnunr of camphor, nne carat of mu k, add them all up t· a mel ting poi: and melt them 1 'll:h a medium tire, Onre it melrs you pourthe mixtLH-t.' and leave it cool, "'hen illi cool seal it ba k vith the wax, Then YQU take twn small amourus 0 human. blood, t¥. [I small amounts of deer blood and melted Iat fJ the tail of e ~e. nne small amnurr o amber. h.llf a small amnunt of musk, one small amount of ruund sugar and two small ammmts [J white donke_ brain, You grind wha needs to be grinded then yOU! add all up m one meltina po and them on fire '- 'itb coa I till 1.1: is rompletel: melted, rou Dpen a. little ho e in the chest of the s atueand . ur the mixture in and leave ~[ till it (DlJJs 0 r then seal it with !he lo\ a.. ...... Then take the other statue and make a le in the he.J:d.h.e:n take O~ small amount uf mel ed fa the tall of e\ e, half small amount of camphor, half a ~alJ umount 0 grounded TOUnd sugar. 1 Ielt aLl these ed'ents in a meltina pet then pOUT it in the head and

re H till it coals then seal i baik. ~rith the ax Then nne- small amount iJ~ human blond. one ;:mall amount

deer b ood, hall small am um of go tIed camphor, alf "" ia J amount of UDJl:d -u~. :\'1'0 cara amber, U'I'O carat . "k one srnal] amount 1 JDC£ll \ rule do _ braln, -a er all thls in mehin pot aru. put an a fire n cnal

11 t- melts ake .3 hIDe in the chest f t:he nd ru




§ Cha a Al-Hakim s-

and pow: it in and seal i back Once ~i:. .-('1Ol5. Then lake 'l) GI rat camphor, two cera suaar h,,'o carat ambt:!'I ..... o • ..",

a ,L~ ~£~t

~\ hr t~ rooster _brain n nee sma U ilm.CJ1J n L of melted fa l oftJu.

ta I T ut ewe, gnml all and put in a rneltm g pot on d rued i ~~ liU it melts. Then leave It to coot and thicken, then u:

I ill hand and make thread" like wic . Then ta e statue uf the king and the other sla ue of he oman <I nrl make hem. make the kings hand lin the voman 5- bod} I!:ben tic them ~'1l11 those threads on the Dp, ll1i.J .md bottom. Then take a silver nail, poke it from the ,ki~ back al] the \"o'dlj' thrnugh the other statues back and Sa • Bil1iQYOs" .BaUyt1.s,_ Odriyac6,. iln!l.oZ:ea;. Then you \vrap both of them m .. whitE cotton cloth and P u tthem in a ... w w~ silk doth and ,Die it \'\ ith whlte silk thre, d. Then t,a ~ both sd:de'S of the thread and tie II. o:;ev~ ties and "DU Sin \\ hen YOll tie BarlilaJlOoS .. Balf11ayi5r ObalolJs. i" wtee£ T;Offl1lIJS. ,ahyga.s, Butarea«. Then uu pu [hat mat:'

b \; -1 made l,,,, lth TIel' lav, vou carrv if to at hill d:i a lillIe fo it and _ on bury i~ str~giu up uhere the head is and the teet aTE' down" Then pu a stone on the head and seal 1 wjth dirt. As you. are damg t.his on ceru:e ~\itb an i "Ji:n tha~ is made of ;;;malil amounts of each ()~ g rass, bush-grass sandah\.tcmd In .1 brazier with cool fire, ~TOU' pat the

ncense On the brazier and sa;, Algl,jdorJ , ~ lllt 1I1L_ Holees, ; f~Ol'aas, ~xrite t/J'~ ';earl oJ this ing to ~ ~ womall ft·itlJ lot: • lue - r:m",,~sjfJll Qnd high UJ! leI:. • fO:i\'f his fieriIT's spirit to h~r. that c nna'!" 'Stop wi 11 tht ,power D' flri spirit's ,pint amI n,~if" f1O"fnE!i re

BADALfi\f..t..-t ~ -1RH.-l I Tfl ti. rI WHOREF.

BA. mDllAS when (\1rJ do this be assure rha;! thls ch.:rr.[l'l

"\ ·iIl bring that ktng to tfuu WUJ1I'Lm ",;Jtft love hO rha he wil he impatient hi e av ·it,· rom her and she ill ha e 'Il absolute cLiIIltml 0 .. him. -

There is another ~han:n hat is called Brlgfliyo!!> and it is made for separenen, hostI_lit) between men and women. Th~ \'I,ray It is; done is bJ~ making t'o'l 0 hallow ;:;bltm_'S 0 wax ilia t '" as not U500 in <myl:b.iTI g beta re in 'I1n~: names [] f the man and WOITliID _'; nu want to 'Jieparatt> and you do _.t_ this

arue is for this man and tne other is or this wom n Then ') ~LI~tart wrth the man' t rue and take une carat of back ca ._ g-aJlbladder. \'0 Garil. of pi.:;~ gallbiadder, one carat

tack dog's taL, twn small amounts of black rnt'~ blood, pu ~I in melting pot on low hea till all melts and mix, Then pau:rtruLt in the man's 5t.1.~Ue in a hole you make in the fu:,e a a muuth- TI:lEn take half ill: small ammmt of blade dog s - ~.i::La!f a small amount 'b~ack dug's gallbladder, mix them t[>get:he[~ then pour m the tame. Then rnlile OJ fine iron nail and po '12 it :in the chest 018 you say Hodees, ~Jl1'Jt:dm.s~ HalH'lCffee5. BiJ-l'tlClw!u'm l'hen put that statue aside and

e file woman;s statue and ta -e han ill small amount of mecone, green shell of a ,,-aJnut, haH cara of each ot bitter gum arId aloe, half a GlFdt of black eat's gallbladdfft

o carat. of pig's g.illbJaddt:'r and one ~rrmll amoun of black dog's gallbLldder. Ga{her il!ll this ill om'! mclUng po on a 1m .. r- ... eat tiI[ all mel ts, Once it is melted do Ii ke you did 'with the ~t tatue and pmII' the l'Ilixtm" In the rrpe:nm vou made In the ta-ce like a mouth. Then take 0 e PulecI:JIle, h. 0 zarat cf" watEr chestnut half a small

un of green sh.eWl of a wahm w one small amo n 0 k dog's tat, mIX all and mel then. pm1I in e hele you in he tame. then ke an iron nail and get .it

th:rDIl~h the cJu~s;t and 5.'I} ,d_lfal~es, BliIJID"tl:>

. lundoref!'-~ BaL[ili(lJees. Then put both of the statu - ill om U \'1Jll and take a nan and pUTiJside 0:- the man - rues che:s and the aUrer: side tn the wnman -d rum th

ad of earn to the la~ a d takt:- t\ a carats C' "neeo e



3. Ghavat ~-\I-Haknn ~

and grepfl shell of walnut, half ii small amounts of black Io.."at'" gallbladder and black dog s tat Mix and melt aIJ ilia[ then cenSe with it and sav as vnur smoking 1\'Um();ran:5~ Hamilauo.s, Humt1tIJ/DS, yon cut ,atnl separ1lted flu' spirit Q :his IRan and tf,is WfJlUau and raisell bt"fIt'~a'1 tJJ,~tn l~

spirif:s of l~o,Stmty lUI J Jz.alc, yrm separate tlrem as tbesf' statrte-$ 5qJaMte apart rum t:lKh otl'N" and as von re sa. ing this separate me statues, Then :::..ay ~epaTflte the n it11 the power 0 tl,e spirits spirit Dud heir RnltJitS c; nnV:l5. SIl' 1'L£[S, B 1 ~·:\L05. "hen you are done bunthe statues illldJer II fruitless tree and fb:.:lt\\TillI:aUSie th-!;:' sepa ration of these n v n and hate an d an ger and hos td.i~~ in the hearts uf both of them.

Kln~ h~5 claimed (hat there were other alismarrs or the same purpuses \'llh a Uttle diff~rence ltn the Ingredients thal he had gathered from others t.hat actuall tried these charms bu because 0 the diffic lties I meTltioning all of the_ e Lalism.ans in book \'0 require murh repetition and work, I \ .. ill only mention the most important diffe-reru:es of each of the ingredients.

TIn~' t-',rnS]lllal) Dl food Is a mixture of ODe carat of black ill';;;' gallbLadder one carat p~'5 brain, one small amenrnt bla - dug's fat.. t YO seeds of gn-en shell n a walmr

The- ~alisll1dn or ~n-e:Q5e is a mixture of 0 e 51TI.:l. .11110unL of bla _I cat' _ brain .. half,), small ammm

gaIIbladder and one ra at n its braID, ne carat 0- e

black dog. one carat pinecone and one carat 17e£11l Ehcl1 D ilV.rainnl

wagnt of sulfur, moo seeds \\"erght of gulden me als, {Jne ~ \\ el g ht of gr~'ll shal I of a. "' aln u ~ f a small \n:!igh t of ~erc1J ry oil OnE' small amotmt of b1tc__\ cal' ~ pUP~ of an e,. e. two small amount of black dog 5 brain ana half a

rn.ill a moun t of black Jug's til II hair.

Unt:; is the "urn or the differences and I thought ·t Qu[d be l.mpmtanl to mennun these tahsmans because - • are spiritual talismans,

Kinas has mentioned a different talisman which ~ made as a picture on wax that heused to tie to people .. desires and the wa y he did " v a 5; by P (lUring lhe mixture nm d hole ~n the brain of he statue that is made of wa>.

and b ~ screwing an ron nail ill I he statue where: the desire area is. Ihen he mixes his spirits from one car,ElE pig'~ rain. one carat bJ \...1. cal brain and nne cara of mandrake

KindS also mentioned the '\ '<1j to undo the bm:md talismans and that i:5 by taking all OUlKf' of brain 0 an C1Ve-. one onnce deer blIKl£l. half Onru:e hUTnaD blood, four O!.U1Ce of a runrrin water thut has at least seven differ-errt ~ iller springs ru:rmin m dilie:rcn t d irections, one mall amuuru of horse urine half a small amount of rabbi~ tooth, One small amount of mandrake seeds, Grind

seeds and the canine tn. then mix ihem all. and pi!

I On the corners ·our road' behind r.he man J '011 ~, to stop h is desires and he shenld n uch anr of' ,

n cense in those 1~at101l5 ·with One srrra t of

mandrake.. bush-grass and grass and this "mIl unbind the' I]' :. spm t liI lsman of bind tng t:hc desires 0 cmeene,

1Den Kina._o;. has: mention -mans that 15 done 0

The lalisman of Lnc:-ense is a miexture of two SoeE!lli , ~igh Elf fllg'~ brain. three seeds weight ~f ~f bladder, '~.ei.ght of ptg's a.

taking tour ounces of deer blood, one small amount of r~bbit n~. one smaf amount of martin brain, one pound ol ~\" .. e milk, One pound ot squeezed rnvrtle "" ater ... mjx them aJI together like 'Ii.\ e haw" men tJ Oiled bet (1 FE' and Y u make the person that .. nu want to unbr nd the tal' from drinking it, Then h~ burns \\'ith one small amrrunt 0 bush-gLass and gr-ass and that' .. hm;.- YOU untie the cha

as Kinas W:iOO to J o i . -

0\\ I ~ ! I L • n:-.N-nON TO YOU some "'If the charms that I han~ gataered from 0 ner;o;;. ~rdE" KUle,s. There is i! charm [hat vnu make to tie penplas ionzue from a.n~ harmful words and tum them to kind words that force other .. to Jib! and th~ way that is done is by ta kin I'!; tongue of JI[l\'CTl, tongue uf

trmgue of eagle, tongue of viper , tongue 01 \ "hlte pi eOIlJ tongue of '\ hite rooster and tongue of hnopoe, G . d hem an tiJl they are dust. Then take a gem. one carae silver, one carat uld, one carat camphor, on carat tin and one carat aloe, Grind That needs ill be grindcd and

t:ix it with the first. dust of longu15. Then kneed them "th bone and hH I [ on hi e 5 Uk cl nth, Then ta ke two haars ~'een the .~ ot a pea -ad, two hairs bern. een the eJ es f iJ falcon. liver of iii. hoopoe, a rooster liver. tW'(l bones of igam l. 'lng. t .. vo bones 01 hoopee \\"ino;. Grind them an i them with yogurt. then la_ it on. ti:le same zleth. Then it e a statue frmn -hite : a, in yOUlr own shape and

D it hv drat .. ng ohe head yom name \ ith the _nape

tlhl Sun and on the che UG\\ OLlJ" name -i h he

1 then rap it ith hite -Hie cl~ and put it in the

ddle of the rmxnrre and tie' it w~lh .9:Ikthread's a' d ~ hol Df at ~ 'OU will see wonders.

1 have also seen from 0Jl2 0 the most brill ian! of th~ -ali.; man makers, ml in sprrtts and CIIIl'OOI an disc r

:;;- Gha rat Al-Hakim e-

- "

betx zeen the planets and rts calle-d charm of food m 10 the way its; done you tak~ two small amounts IOf d~'5 brain hill 'Smarr weight of cheeta h <;; blood. one s,rnaH amuun t of fa bbi ~ no e!>'. Ga th er and mix them all b) mel rng it with a lov hea and this gets ted in small amormts in.fuod or drin :5>.

There is abo a talisman 0 lhec incense. of Iove ana c 1 a_ that 15 made is b." ti'lkin~ nne small amou " vhmdog's blood and brain. ... 0 small amounts of deer's bram, t'i. IJ small amounts of human blnod, gath!!r them 71 h m i ... i ngilllD rn eltlng then bmnthf'.'ffi and tha t IS eneu h to excite yOIl_( heart with ,the- spirit of love.

A tali~n or p easant food, the way it is done is by taking two smiill amounts of chickea blood and one amount of its brain. OTIt:! small amount of rabbi bl d, ne small amount of ·idean blood melt all wgether and

ood or put in drinks.

A ta1i~an fur pJe:as:al'l t incense, the \ a.~ i ts d ne 1:5 h taking one small amount oj[ white dog"s brain, orta small ammrrn of eag]~ brain, hillt a small amount or cheet blood, 1:\0.·0 small of de2T brain and human b

melt all [O~ther , ... ;t one small ilrnount. of mandr. e seeds and cense widt H.

Another ~ ·or JleasaTI food .. the wu i"

by taking one small amoum of \\i bite pigeon b~

of its blood, half a all amoun of :eilgl~ bloo hal

mall amount of rabbit D05C5, rme Gnat of falccn bTiUTI mel t all togetl':ier a" ci add to iood or drin ks,

Another tali'Sman for pleasant mncense. il:hc\ Mly i[ [~ de is by la.king hal a srrsall ilmoun . om L ef

r [1 tel: blood, h· e bloa


a rou n (J human bl.oo~, m~lt all mgt' her a.nd, add I hlIbt~"Oli1 and cense with u, This _ charm ~ the' pm:" er 01 haJ'll'l.oniZlilg and spreading the- sprntual at love,

A taJisIllan for disgusting toad. the '\il~ it is made is b~

I . .-.._, small amourr .01 black dog's blood. one small

ta",h. I, •

amount of pig s blood an ant:' small amount or Its rrram,

naIf a sma ll amount of donkey b ain, melt them all and

d to the food.

:\ talisman for disgusting Incense. the- 10 ra.~ It is made is bv takW~ t,'I.'O srnall amounts of ca' '<; blood, rme mall

. ounts of kite brain and its blood and a fo:;,: b load, h v o :;rll aJllOrn1hi of nut seeds, add and mlx <ill together on i~ [I1cJls then add the nut eeds grimiro because that has i:h.P po er of separating the spiriLu;ill of lovers.

. I:aliSrruI1l or disgusting food. the \ .ay it is made is r kin one small arnoun {1" in. blood and D1onke. blood. a 5ll1.3l1 amount 0 black at. blood and pf"C~ 1000 "'0 arabi 0 menkei brain and pig' .. brain. add all up and mrli then add to the food.

A n for disguiling ~eparntiIll! incense. the l\-'<l.} . is made is bv Liking one mall amount ot awl brain and bat brain h .. O small amounts of red d.ngbIood and black t 1 d, hall a small amount of pIg fat. red dog brain, m '. all together then add ·0 small amounts oJ c locynth ~ arul ' i!n cease J

A t.ilism,;m for separau food. the wa. it b IDilue is by

aking rmc small amman of hun"'liill blCl{)(} and de nke blood t\\ 0 smallamcunts of p~g5' brain, black cat.!:oj blood. half a small amount ('If tiger blood mi x and mel all and

d to food.


-Pi -

~ catnx ~

~ G a ~ atAi-Hakim ~

,.\ talisman Ear OJ .-.epru-ating incense, the wa i is made L by taking one' small amouru of black c og's blood and ~agle blood. half a small amou III fii donkey brain, a-fl

_ 1.:[

melting 1[ add a nut seed an.d~moke \ ~ith it.

AtaJisman for a pleasant iood~ the \\'a~ it is made L ht,: taking Om' small amount or bird brain and blood, ha ~ smal] amoun of haw], brain and bluud, two smaIl amounts 0 human blood and one 51xth 0 a ~ITL;l.U a o a phirbivon,

A alisman for food that rises desires, the wa¥ it ls made is bv taking an equal amoI1ni. of a eat's brain ilia .is striped Iike a UgeI and a human urine, mix them iIDd put I in fond and !:hat wil I rise 'the spin! of exritemen

A talbman for incense that rises de~i:r~, the it is mad~ is by I..a.king h\ 0 small amounts of red dog' _ bID d and it!; brain. one small amount 0 rabbit noses and Ir'OOOt~ bl and hall a. small amount of phr,.hh on. mix and mel

then C~ with it -

Another talisman done with. the spirttual power whidl

rises des:ires wlth incense, the wa\, ruts made is b, '

our small ammmts (If donkev b[~. half a small ~ ounts of fox hl'ood. hedgchoo b ood, add onl" small amount phi:rbi. On and Ceflse ith it.

There am mil(ed mS::Rnse.'i de 10 5pTead he sp. .

"TiniltiOR and bQsl!ility and ihl!l'e are four Df them;

The firsr Is IIL.<Ide JllI:Xing the same arnounts ()f black

cat- blood. red·s brain and -a fo'( blood. Then a li c:olcxynihand animal charcoal and (~se\"'1th·t.

The second ~ made with two small amounts of pig's fl,D:'ifS: and its fat" hawk blood, bali a small amount of EgYPt:iMl vulture's brain. add nettIe seed to the mix with ~nd.ed .l!1l.itf'l..1 ~ charcoal and coloq TIth!.ft:.'l..1s, then cense

with It.

The hird is made ithfuur small ilimou~ of bat brain and kite blood. hldf.a sma 1I ammmt ohabbit nD~ and ta , a d nettle and nut seeds 0 the mixture then cerise , 'i h it,

The fourth is composed or [J11C: ounce of raven blood and tiger blond, h.,. 0 small amou tl~ of dnnkey fat and its btrnJd. melt all .;IT''ld add gnnded nettle and nut seeds then C'E1'I5e \0\ 'til. it.

There j;;; a talisman. made y fur hostility. the 'By it is made is b) takmg one smaIl amount o fiind~d \ ild black (.3~ canine moth. add a small amouar of dry, hard tms.h fhen add to food.

The l'o>lse man ~\nstotle said trutt "Who kne. - the dividin~ of the spiri of mandat,o~TiJIId the assembling of til materia ~ and divine world; n(Jth:in~ i5 hidden for him anr more of all th~ kmd'!i (It 5piriwal powers, the rmes tha t !mile and the ones that does not tmite, fue hos-tile ones and peaceful ones, the mend1_ and the poisonous and all ewers that are harmonized in their COTe lInd the , in nature bes - de. lhe neutralizaliun Df their eel"

. gfue:spirib tcauses a1 this.

Th~:re an:! tdi.5maru. I:halie 4esires.lbat aFII~~ dlilJlll.e v...un tb~ u e of .fond anolly c.aptllring and ~g the piri~ fif de5b:1i! away a:niIlhe mmmher of these potion .. Is even;

T first is mad~ bv akin one smallamoun of hOl'£e


at .m.d the t too J a black ca L hill: _d II

~ Ghava ~ Al-Hakim ~

amount of colocynth oil. add all and me] arter gtindin

the mhX1 nths 0,11 .md mi- it in food and fe.ed wi+h it. 0

The second IS made by taklng an equal arnounr u/ horse' brain, pLg 5 fOIl, the blood uf a femMe hv ena, add nn~

carat 01 If in food: after mix .. inz il .


n;.mdrak£ seeds. Then _ uu add one (Milt of i in he food cr drin 103.

The second one is made: lyith two small ameunts of wild black poppy seed, IDill a small aIIltJW1t o 0)' blood. hall a small amount of human brain, two carat pi s aJ[bladder, gather .-.11 and melt then add the grinded POFP~' seed then add abou one and hal cam, to food.

The third one is made i equal amounts 0 h u man tllOill and blsc ca blood, add mandrake seeds and melt allihen put one camt of the mixture in Ieod,

The fo urfh one .15 made with equal amounts of pig':; brain and black Colt blood. melt all then put one Lar.l,t m food

The fifth one is made' 'i lequal arnmmts of ·ermm brairr, pig's blood and snake fat .. melt.ill. i:ogelher and add

carat oi the mixture ood,

The- sixth one is made ''''''jth ~ TOo small amoun 0;; or cat :5 urine, twn small amounts of came] 5li eat, half a small ameunt of mloc:yuth grease. gather all and mis it then put (Don and hall cara of the mho ture in food.

The Sti' enth one is made "rUh equal amoun :;. of wild rue ~'r'atcr .. iris walE' .. human moth and pi.;·s brain, add all

ther, melt them. thIm add One caratr in d these

Dre tb S2\'en kill talisman m their &pmts

In the hoo . tb~t i .cafled Tire HadytDDs there ~ fen polin [!LS thaI U;1l5~ fatal 51 rlmesSH:

The irst one is made with one ounce at a black rat·.s tlrin~ and one and h.il1i II small arTH'J lUU 0 f ~ - e ::Ia1 t CJ that UI'l:rle one small amount of mouse m~ une m:aa.U amount

The third is made bj La ing an equal arnnun] f monkey blood and j _: brain. slag honfs and pupil of its ~·C5. add ill and me] then reed an amoun of One - rn food,

The fourth rs made b) taking. rwn small amounts [It dorikev brain. half a small amount of pig'" tat, hal fa small amount of horse bl nod, nux and m el-t ail th en ad d g_nr;:: carat In food.

The fifth I made b. talking two small amount of powdered pi bones one small amoun of pear Ica ~ 'illtEr. half a small a nmmt ilf burned female h ella black car's pupi of the eve, dank~ blood. mi; and melt

and add on cara t in food. •

I'he siJ!:Lh is made by faking an equal amount of a female hyena blood, black eat's blood and buffalo brain, melt till and add in food.

The seventh IS made bv taking an equal amoun reo

d ~<; fa. a nJl en's b ood.m" aU and ad to Food.

There are oiliiOl wsmans that kill with its spirH

p. r'lH5 tha1 are made 1 ritb . e II e food md the

number of those iH1e 5e\"1!D a 'cll ..

The first OIH! '5 made by takin g an equal amnu nt a f pig~5 brain. \"e:t;mjJl brrlln. and an equalarn:ollnt 0'


S Picamx ~

~ Cha at Al-Hakim ~

of vermin brain • ad d ~II tOt;~the:r an d rut one ca ra t of t~ mixture in food.

The second one is made \nth equal amounts of pi s, bram, camels sweat and human salt of urine, gather all <If'ld add one carat to £0&.1

The third one IS made with one o;ma.U amoun monkey fat, half a small arnoun of \ ~ITILin brain, j r blood, gather and mel t hen put one cara In. Iuod,

he fourth is made with equal amounts of dunk.ey br-ain. human tooth. gnther and grind then rut one carat n food.

Th~ tenth ls made with equal amount of monke b arn ,;l:Jld human brain. guther and melt then put nne carat to


These are the- ten rnrxed talismans of the plant!t5 ma ~ rro .. en with Ihe spirits pm'eI: 1:11..=1.[ was mentioned In Hru1lfto(Js book for f- ermes. he also had another ·"!l' hf' called it the tl1lisman to PTL'itt'T1 ~ Hre Imrm rmd II (If'1 i11l1rld frrJlli peopk. The wQy it is done i .. b ' takmz a h"u.!<'Irt of .ol. frog end put it in .!.he fmw-; head. till i dries en

e dds one cara t each (If silk threads \\ ito farina, kidnev bean. gum and dried donkey brain. H~(!:5 claims that lbL talisman ~ ... T,;IG made by Gah~n fm a king in rhe old Irnes,

1 _


The fifth is made with equal amounts of human 5emt'I1 ;md deer brain. add and melt then put one- carat in food.

fhe sixth its made , lth equal amounts or donkPv trr<llTI. rabbit blood GIld camels 5\ reat, add all up and IJ. one cara in. fuod.

The 51CVimfh is made "iU, equal amounts 0 blM em 5 brain, bat's brain and ! ena fat, add MlU melt mrefr .. zr then pnt (I ne carat in food.

The e'ightb u; made with equal amou nts of iI mouse

brain; black rare. b:lood and quarter uf tI:te lotal wei n

~ fir:;- items add celoc=nth g:re'<ISe then put one carat the mix~ in food,

The ninth .is. made ri h one ~n aTYIiJW1 of ·01 • ...;

garJbradde:r and its ram, half a small amount mOllie

1000 and black ["<11'- fat gather all and add nne cara ood,

r Ie rmes claimed in that bonk that the h urn a n being has nan. Ira.nge- and d' eren kinds of magic t:hil the or (irs. in this flefd should be can1ul of ha ey do and

wrlh Ihi5 knowledge, There is a tallsrnan thar is called the l-J11lgifuHi(m tau.; run and the wa._ it done Is bv iakmg a whole human body that is fresh and put It in a big pot \vith eight dirham of fresh npiurn and ~·ou 01;:0 add lmman blood and vinegar nil emrng;li. to fill the po and .. eu cover the pot \\ith da", lid and put it on ~O~· heal fur a ~ dav and one nl ht Hum vnn take it: off lIhe hea till It . You will find hen' '0;' oFn it ha it became more.

L Take that fa and - it w en]OIl need. It has been tha \\"nen 'fTIU make thrrods ith this fat 0 U It on bing.It ~es the 100 (J things comp1ete] . different an Vi hat 'it fE'i'i1Ily 1 an interferes ith pee I~ gmation and nxakes them see the thing to all different .uui vnu nee-d to feed seme of i £I whom von l\ ant hem

- j

Ihings dif ~Lly

Th~n he also claimed that whom ever rook a head of any amll"lill he desires and from his fat and some drfurl I1U~ and co vers tha ~'jth o.i I then he put that In a pot dIHj 1[>i]\Te5 It for a \\·11.01e day and night OIl .:IL ]0\\' heat hlI i1 aU brcome-s f~tty and U!>eS that On lhings, it [" b'UlIr.lntred that the user "'111 see the picture of things (omplet:el 'di en!...'L Also ~ the ~~d of the animal is differen ilia will changethe picture ill the outcome of shapes. \\'hen "OLl use the animdl heads for this potion don't feed rom he mb.1ttke.

Herrru-s alsn said !:bat if you take a &esh human lleil.d and put It ina po t wi th the Iruma n's liver, hean; gp UbLad.der then you PUt \/I'ith that also the heads .of l:irl r ox, ruollM!Y, Jl'G{'I rer boopne, m"CH kite, bal. gOU5~, martin, turtle and awl Then you take f:hesc tn'eh·e heads and (0Tl:'.r them '\ il:h oil in a pot that can hold all this then dose it ~yitb a L.lay lid.

an a 1m beat for i:h.ree da ·s th~ I:.aike i uu after thaL and drain th£ Uquid in a separate- mntllne£ and seal j '[ the bones;md bLnnthem ina. separate pol .\r,. tha: ash ~it.~ d.r:iM LlUl.r;,. black stone and h.-ep it l:i 11 you need it You win see that when YOll usc lhat on anv human J wtli cause th ruining of that hl.m'Jaas thoughts, to the e. R'JI1d thai h wOO1~t ]mOl .. , where he is. whom .he is with or eVM hi country be's jrt, He "m imagine man' ,reird thin ,he

ill see and hear thin~. 0 do that \ 0'0 need ei n .

it 0 him or put it in a dri.n I ou ~n also use the oil i.15 threads too ho e\ or you need it f vorr anted 0 mear H on sornoone"s face, tha hiJ5 a wh~le differen effed un peopleJifta.l rould dm • them into l\ eird magicaJ effects.

Hermes also d.a1mf'd that if you take an equal amount of dog' b run, mDLL--e brain, and cal' brain hal dirham at -uJfur an tar. Gafue:r llilm) and rnf them J I

:- Ghava Al-Hakim ~

then- 1 hen l'OU took one carat of that mixture and O~

luge <...... _

L ut crane d1llIg and bum It rn arrv location, One who ~eli<; tba1. meense will hay>!:! d craze, fade out. hXJ';;~ his ;nd and will not know where he is and how he is,

There is another talisman that J!;" made b . ~.-amerin an equal amount (If blood of djffcr~ animals r e Ug5, ionkev s, cats, bulls and goa~. 1 hen .yon gathcr and melt !:bent ~n lew heat and add to it .5Illi11U a mounts of g;rinded

ld metals and nlercuI) Jet the mixnm; rot with dung iE ~ sultable pot for that -avc the mi ture sealed -0 YOLl don't ~I1lf'1J it and who ever burns with one earn of this mixture and t h I! sm oke gets In his; eyes h~ will be b B no as long as you VI. ant him ttl be and ~£ rrnlv ~\ra} to l.:rrc it is by dropping the 'ulo:~ u green coriander v .. !]th TOSt" oil

Another talisman to prevent people from tal.lrJng .is made b", taking twn dir.ham of rooster's ~bladder, h TO dirham of 1o\·(JIf gallbladder fum dirham of bat blood, hal~

dirham of ettuce SI."Cd b!ack poppy ana Ihe root 01 mandrake. Kneed all after mclting the blood on low heat so it mixes wdJ~ lin and grind the I"est",tth aged \\ me and 'ilia. ~ it J nto fablel-sin.'5 mat 'each \'1; eighs arotmd one carat

d add them into food (u· drin.ks. One who eats these, Ius ngue n; ill be tied vhere he can't talk .at 0'111 a no the onl ~ .... a. to untie j[ is to chi' grease i hi ... mouth,

Another alisman pr,!'! en people from D&1r'ng

:made with fu d, The wa is made 15 b - tak n,_,"uod

mount of mandrake anc the same amount of bull 9 Jbladd~r and goat gallbladder. ~lix and grind then PLltren'. 1 ake it oat a fteor rotti.rJl~ and ildd onE! carat in cod.

Jhis nu mre I"..-i]1 !>plead gpint ClI{ de~~ where \ .. ho

Ii!T eats it von' able h~ anythm an nlj

<I:j 1.0 unne thl. charm is h uring ~ JUice in his ear

~ Cha a Al-l lakim ~

. .

AJl{1ther talisman ror .. lee pi ng Ii kif' the first t ... rn, lhi ... (trte is made wtth equal amounts of opium. man~e bark, lettuce seed. hard bl?lI1t nuL seed". ro=e ol Jen~h('1 JUIce. blac '" helle bore ~d the .5~d of. black POPP) Grind the Ingredients \ t:'~ nne and mr wIth t:"To urnes _0 he' nuts of each with aged we and put m a ronramer til

fOr- a conpl~ of a_ ~ en U5-e one cara of the

mixture in drinks. talisman f r the extreme deep .. Jeering. the \.,ra} Ihis is done is ~" l!:akin g an ~ ual sm~ anmu:n~ of af'IesthetJ.c seed juke, vacclne juice. gref'n coriander JULce, !E'tWcc juice, hard bent nuts juice, Malek poppy seed [nice and Wine or dIlj alrnhclic jUiL~. Addto Utis one tenth the

I, -eight of the .first: ingredients worth opium, '\!'Ieillhe opium. then add fermented fi .juice that WH5 distilled at eas folIf' times and putrefy the mixture and use abou ' De .ara o his because It -5 "'err po," -erful mixture and the ~ - .. power in it is 'I.-e:I)" ettectl\'c.

A fatal klUE'r talisman added to food. i:h~ 'Ii ay to do charm you need equal amounts of dried ~ko. herd .bent nn s, black popF:r and c-o~ncynth gne:ase.. Grind and DUX all pu rtefv lhe mixture and lR"ep until! OIJ. need Land e a. un' DO use is one cara 0 it in food andthat s the 150n that Gall!Il used to kill the king :il:h..

n her tar;;;man. a harp atal killer. is made b. m smg the hearts blood taking equal amounts l h hn setall, phlrb)~(1n a d a poison. .. plant that is ciill l'~ ound olives. Pub-efy all with snake goillbl. deter then. It",, f r T"'\'enge because tt does make you sel reve:nge as! bu "lhout killtng_

Another talisman to spread hO'itil" t} and halr between groups of people, the 11,,1_" it LS done IS by taking an equal amount of lizard head, \''lper head, black dog s fur, black rar~ fin. burn all Hll.'" mgremenl<; in Ii bowl and when e\ er an~' at thL powder spreads on a !;Urllllp prople IL spreads the Spirit of hostility and hate. To un ._. h~ charm you need to pu CIne carat of incense in a br .

that is made of two small amounts of hollyhock seeds ne ~m.ill amount 0 hitc pigeon blood and it<; gallbladi;iL'f and nne small amount uf dnve'< blood and gaHbladdel'. Cline. the seed and add it to the blood on a 10'" heat fir~ Then make lltt!e tablets that each weighs around one carat and thar \\ ill spread thespirits of friendliness and.lnre <H1d take <J1-\,)Y anr hostility feeti 1'l:!¥ of hate,

A sleeping talisman. til \1\ a~ I:his talisman Is made ~ b_' hlirrg an equal amoun . D - half dirham of opium. ~trip of mandrake and blac aries hetic seads, one sixth dirham u - pleasant smelling nuts, small wood branches re sandal ood.. Grind and kneed with green coriander lU:Lr' Then you get putrefv i so It rnL"'Q'S and unites togeth.a .tOil the spirits harmonize in it (OT the-wanted actioo. Than ou feed one unat [If une mbd:u:rc and lhaf is enough ill put • n~rone into a deep sleep,

Anoth('f sleeping ta tsrnan with that has a

erfnl effi2l:!; the il_ I:his is done is by taking h '0 ~ amounts of each of har bent: IIIlt5,. Ted anes ticmandrake or Its bar • black pOPF_ seeds threeamounts of saffmn and nne 5lIlOlJ1~ amount uf b ~

d d all and pub:efy it rOT three da s, Then use one ' t L! [

the [llix~ in drinks to gt3t the effect of; sleepin .

~Picatrix ~

_ moth er fatal talisman for decem pu~mg body par I!; and ruining thern. is made I~ b~ taking as much as !'(}1_J find uf the spotted hogs tllilt are sick with malaria and poke through the HI mouths rusted metal sticks that goes <JU the way through to the bottom. Thc"F'I put it where th~ heads are dOWTl and pM t under them to~ ards tne nwuili. tra~-.o;; Qf lead and'5 to gather ~he fat that comes ma Itu! hug's tnuuths. Once It slops. tIrippmg. yuu need to k:ru:w that the last drops is the' most effective of them all aru::lth~ hrst OTIE! tIP use this ita lisman was RM fus and he sa, ... · 'Po\ P.<I t i can do of great evil effects.

There is the Indian talisman fha t I feci I ne'2d HI mention to show YOU some examph:~s of the I ndian ... knowledge with thesacharms <1[11.] this IJ'ne the lnd an ki.n~ use it has it weird effect omd l\ run it does is that It keeps the poisons an d an v evtl effoo a wa. r from them Th t" \Vat~-.. it is dene is by tarkiTlf; ~qu.u amnunrs of nm ~r.t~ pupils .from their f')' es, ren snake pupils from Ul.~ir eve= T ten virious' snakes and ynu get: a"i the tntel weight at <In, therr pupils of the eyes. a plf~CC of at w hales foreheas, Grind every thing separately then after drying i l sie to ! and grind lITe pieces again till its; real 11 na, Pu t il in Ii g.hl::;<; bolct:l,~ .villi ~trhi neck and thentake some of citron ao: ,.. and about eight di(ham of radish juice. one dirham wh,re clean ~dlrr web and one dirham gr.u;s. Cut the WE_ .ll d pu'l· it in the acid and me j uice 1\ itil some mastic arnl h:o.i1 - it for two days and "ig~ Dram \\,'Ell <3T1.d ~iJl]wl) pour (f ~ pupils ofthe e:} es, ilhen seal the botIle "elY l'o eH bw.y it in fief)" hay tiIl the pLD pils n'tel~ and become ou J.l d ~ n:ttiOO with the. acid and the tWc~ Thgl'l.,} ou lea -p U U1 ihl5 Ilre till n~ is lclt:o Ute two jukes and nulh n~ left othzr than !:J:l.eo "'~l~t or the pnpils then i ou krtf'i.:'d ro1l1i.d' and _~ au put it ms ide OC a egg shell and round l' h


~. Ghayat Al-Hakim ~

a hall Them! put another egg ~hell and put I ~ back to the ~ till iL th'ickens a little. Then YOll make iil Iin~ hole in It and .,,'Tap it ~Vlth a silk cloth and put thaL [n.~de bread dough Jlnrl cook it m brick O'\Te:T1 or put it inside ;1 bird's CT.1W and LOOk. It You cock it till tt is hud 1 I bee <3i rock t.hpn they pu] a thread th.l"nugh i land Lhey hang It. on the ltIppe:r armand 'I:he Ind tan kin6"=- hMlWd it there beca I..L.~ the=y fJ.e]jeY-ed I hi! t the ptnpose of this bead 15 ,\<he'!"l, a poisonoo fnou, dessert OT drink 15 brou ght to them o:r an} (J i:h~ \\ il) uf harm the bead wouldquo er, move, trem.ble and sweat, 50 iha~ is rnIe of thei I" wond eT5.

The' fIrst: , rrventer 0 thi.::; beadwas ~n ka the Imllim; he wa 51 a one of the Indian kingsand '" ise men, he' is also tlie O~ fu;at built the d.~ of Ma.n.:ai a,['! d DU i It pa laces fOT lns dilUghter5 thjjl~ had ~renm!l stanres that were' charmed, h.t'is the cne fua t m2l.dl:! 'S"l'i2lirnes fill theplanets on the right side, of ~e- city and so m a"y oth er~llon d ers tha t are men rioned U1 thPbooKs about India. Kanka is IDsD ~ crea.1:Of of fu:mou~ lull e tahsmaa willi weird mixtures- and ' .... :errd eff~. I hese taltsmans when ml:l>i.ed in f0Oi! or dri.nkE tlJ:a.l mu propk ~e 'intn fu~L'h es, will create an immediate 1Q.'Ii'-e connection betweenthem, This tarjsman is. an image sa i it ,'10 as dra\i\'"f! on a wororn stic.k and startrped in bread dough it , .. ill a~atr an .i::mmaiialle lave beh.."een .u1V \IWO that 2;3t nf Iha~ bread. [f if was drewn .. 111 clothes lDen ~ 0l!1 "" \rays be attached w~ t}n~ same clothes, also if :it was dD~ on baggage, that baggage will slav attached to you. Kilnka pointed rrut thBt~ ,are hvukinds Gf'~ iml~ that he called tllk! first the small hnage and it is symboltzed ~s


~ Gha. at Al-Hakim e-

And there is ill bi.~ image and it is svmbolized as

. -

fie made another statue in tlt~ [Own from [opper that had two big upc:n wings and he painted lhe ~dng. .. in gold an.d lre put the statue in a locaticn in the town that e\-f'I:_Io bod T in that tm":'1'1 ~~es l~ and the rCa50f'I Inr lbuiJding I

" s· . lal tlus statue had the P(J\'L er In make arrv committer af aduIteJ.} to poi nut to himself and to his \\;11 in.gne.s.<> to sin and commit the crimes. 50 in a \'\ ily (0 prevernr the peorle of this tewn Dt committin adullery he buill ~

·eIrd. and amazing statue, The tTt'oplc used if to te-st il:fue others in tha town for adultery and that made all the propl~ a the to\,~ stup stnnina (0.1' the fear of lnl5 statues .p:n .... er.

This Indian king and wise man had af (I made a cup

gyeat 501dier:s drank bum vet the liqurd in this magicall l"U;P newr decreased. At the time of Alexander the Greal Kanka had gi\ en this cup wi 0 rnan_' other \i enders to . Iex.ande.r as a gilt and he to d him tha.t fui - cup io:;: a rua~'(al rup that is made with a "I"ari~T of &p...ociai, natural and spiritual PO&\ ers -,

Azeem the Indian .. , as another famous wise man that had made this pond 01 tile entrance f NUhah city wi ' black marble that had \ Tater fua- riever decreases or

tang and l staved he- same' Ievel, Some fh" tha vas

po5.:!1ible because ';f th~ humidity· In the atr, Dul th people

[this own ~\T .!.me- \ that the water =-rared In the same

J --

• e beco.1t.l~ of the spiritual paWId'5 and the. charm that

Aze.e:m made for them and no matter ho" much t.hc rdrank 0 il the ~ ater ne 'cr decrease . 1h:i.5 Indii:lJl' . ~ ll'IiIIi had made this pond for !:he people, becam; Ute. "ere too far awa from the Nil and dO' to tl-te saItv ater,

Lhe 'r- caD· alwav have \\ atar wh.mever. ti:"lc,' need. or al I ~i:S'JU l he LIDde thi maeical pond for them,


The ,Tal'" it is used rs by drawl 19 die rug 'ry mbol and the small svrnbol witn dust or lOU draw on food then . give the: s";'.ill fnod to waom ;'0[1 wish and yon k:eeifh~ food \dfu the big dra .. \;ng to :om "e-li and eat that as the concept 15 that the littlt:" obeys the big so _ -nu give the lilt! to whom you want and you be the big and gel- ,to ohe~ ed and ron can use fur that lotld rke r-ai~iTTh or pomegranate seeds and "Imilar fruits to condu L talisman, I have persnnally tested h: and it ahs JUlel works,

Kanka is ilJ50 the man llial is rc ponsible for creatm;

the l cl \rp day;; of celebratlon tor each month tl; ~

people . n Egypt One' 0 his tali thaI he granted people of EID'-rt \'1.-a~ building this- house that had statues areund and the purpose of these stat es ~ as tc cure people from. si .kncsses, He dret. ~ on the' head· ch of these statues ill dra 'mp' showed which illne!i~ each stal"u.e cures and that made people COmJ! there rum all 0\ er the regiOTJS seeking CUTe frem these statnes nd they did find erne fur ...... hat ailed dlem.

He also made another starue ali a smilin W"11 n which an.... sad or [Ipse person onld Jook at .m.d ali ne sadness and troubles wenl.n" ay_ The people used . to' U7 al~ from aD 0\ cr t 100 at her and rutu:r'llamt-ll. Mound her tha' aft r a peried of time the\ ... it

orsh-p her.


~ Chayat Al-Haklm ~

The \'!. ay it work ... is that the sun " .. aporlzes tfte. 'f-a and with th.e ~piri rual PO\\reT this pond captures thi .. l\ a ~~ \'apor that 15 m the air and rums it into water that ~ tb.~ [ev~1 in ~t" pond. ah"-,,IXs th~ same with no c:han~ \'oJ ith. this magical engmeering the water in the pond 1le",{t'r ends and the pond hils water from the air all the time _ .. the help of tis location too. Jm; like the blood tone, i V(lu put it on illly at your "Id. parts it \ .. ril] pull me bi "out of the bod~ because- it has such a power to do o. Tha: is why It is cal ted the bloodstone. So too I11ll. pond . orks th~

ame \'I J}". The water would never decrease e '~n I the whale world drank tram it,

Thi .. Indian wise man has made a similar pgn in.scmo of the areas In his countrv in India , -ith the same . dea where people tnda ~~ sin! drink frum it and he water nrrrar decrea ses, (It paralyzing arrv person and lo PTC\. ent penpl from s1~pinf.'

The, also add some In () rc things to this mixture to 11ki:' a per~I1 unagine things tha l are nut ~here and se~ J1\~"'i ,t ha t an:' impossible to see,

The,' had the charms 0 putrct}ing all kinds of other aninutl -.:;- me-at and add {) it yogurts" and the~ et' It to people:; they can un gine other thi.ngr; and they transformed humans to anr shape dlt~!' Tan Led.

Ihev have I1iI the semen Df hlJ.IIlMl5 annthcr wonders. .As they take the' semen ofa fully grown adult human and t il In Em. egg and the~ put \'' that the semer; of iln:r , al Then the semen gets mixed togeLheT. They seal the

and they pl.I.t:n?ty "it in a fire like mrubanon for three

u~n tlru,~, take the: 'gci out and at tha pain it is an

Llike crBl~. They pu it in "\~o' for three days and that mrci:mallives in tha' crt.:illlful.' timeand thev a ll sh it alive in that oil and llie-~ do n 01 U5C that 0 I [ f(}[ thin~ like pasting or on their faces: ntherwise lhe human

I uses that on 11 15 f<I.I=~. he l\TH1 rn~ and look like hat nimal that thev mi,e the human 5emcn. with. The un erse ha=; SO man r- ,. onder that amazes u an the U"'lliliI~- are one these fI't!'Ople ilt ha e so much. knol'ldedge . field and they keep that ef"J' secretive and fu~ _ do sflan. it ".. ith a.nyone ther han the ones IltE!!' trus .

rb.e Indlans alse ~a};e the semen from i1I milll om hE!\ mix 1. ith hi .. blood. Then ttt£"\ (,,001: it vith lhe same "ilmQollDt () r ho u~-y till ill mi '<el "'" ell to'g:e too '" ~ th thep ~ and lhic~. Thev feed that to whom ver

rre in their rm nin tJ e far a y regi~ the


Azeem had another of his charms in ubah - . _ at

-as annthee famous one. He built this arch. on the had fmzr pictures. Eac h. picture po!n ted to on ml.D' d rredlons. In we hand of each picture 'there "~as a I to ring. He buih it In a wa~ to make the people in ~ at\. to kno~ If thEj bad any nne coming hn ards them any of these d Irectioas, The m"'TI used j till the E P araoh ot 1\.1"USO!I knocked ' e arch. doli 'TL

The Indians hav ceeded thciJ" kno rledge ,

cird~harms an talismans. Some ohb.os.e talismans ere amazing and mrerestin lor me. and I waul like m haLi;' them with you.. This charm the~ made Te<Jui ed lo t.aJ.;e • manhood '0 f 3 male and CD t it in to pi eces, The\ n;D. • pieces with Ilhe du - e epium; dried nuts and .:rneslhAl-L .5{:'-eds Then the pllb-~- it in a lead coma.merr anti .thi' -

eep that:tatty ail U' 1 in food or: d . he

hat eats from It LdII'L lea chis tuwn ever and e bl?CBrn~ like the msane that can nut comprehend am thing,

They ha va a nether magics I talisman that the~ u. <J.t:1' j n theft food and drink and lht'~ make thi_o; lalisrnan by -mg- a female pig to a deserted mp~~ location and the. tie' Eo an jrnrt bar tha prevents it from getting <1"\ ray. The_ front of her J. male pig tha is tied the same \'\ ar the ~ pig is. then they 1'E'~\"~'" both of the pigs there for forty \ o day~ and that 15 hom th. first day the Sun sets do zn in Capricern. During that hc~· feed the pih~ with crumb::= in milk After forty tv! u darsllie female pig bets vt."JY e: ... cited from the male pig and who out a heilllhy semen that looks Iike Ll piece of meal Then they 'take ~t a:fir::r n gets assembled frum the location the female and they put it in a con IDt:'I of lead an they in\: fur iorty t:\.,,"O da.ys. Then tnt') take i ou, and let it (:001 and they have a unique arrimal that comes out or it. Thev eed it for tfrree da F5 rom the rnnther s food then the - lis it in el and th~_ usa that oil in l:b.m charms by adding I an~ fond 01 drinks. I ha this charm from AI"I51otle:' ~ ,.: arti de in hi boo k about arum alii. The Indians h iI ~ hcrnble ft'avs in I.I~'-m~; animals in cir talismans ano magu: that need longer explanations ut I happen tu pmvl ~ lOU ith the most important parts of their g<:

WE L KNOW that any lahormg seeker ~ ill be able to bring cut the: inside a f each science and h \ ill be .a b le to sol e ill his doubts and .. uspkious \ hen h~ finds what he needs nom kno f"o'ledh~.and that IS exactl} what ._\bu: Bishr ala 11m Yunts talked about rn Ius explanation of his second .rrtide of his book tith:~d the B,"'.~ of Nature A/Iff 4n.-;fotlt> when he vrote a .ory about An05ha\\ an the king- of Persia

vi h '.u:dilk· '\e " ise man that tried () me' the king by .s.I}'lllg that he became a prophe .

!II1a.zdak came up with t.I:l.e- trick of building a house l)f fire, htch was a normal hou!ie but he built it with stones I:ha. are nnt a ted b\. fue]i'kp the m stone'S an all similar stones. Then 11~ waul hide a person in a spot of the RUU5e [0 talk back to Mazda k:. bu t it would SL-'(_~ as if Mazdak is Wki:n to the fire and the fire- f15jpl1nds ba a rum. So Lh~ king of Persia heard about f.u:dak me prop el .and the miracle 0 his talkin eo the Rye and tbe fire res.pondTng hack to hiim and i does run burn him, The ing was so ama~ and \~[Jndered about rt SO much that he

':ani£.J to 5ee for hnmseli Utis prophet and his mira So

llie kin went and stood b_ he ouse and listened tn tl _ .fire ltiJlkmg to MillZdak.. Once he undersreod the hi£ e snot an. arrow to\\·ard the: direction o fu~ fire and h hit the IlliIn li:J.a \ as hidin in the ho ~ and this was a


~ Ghaya A1-HakDn ~

, ~

proof aC('OTdlng to Abu Bishr that knowled e solves all doubts and wonders,

'.! nu need to u ndcr-stand reader that vou should ,aTwa:\<: to be faithful and honest 'ith J oUTSe'If and YleV2r fall . doubts .lnd prevent YOW5(!lf .tmm bad passions, You [I the fear 0 ~ Allah and to have passion only [or him, The soul has the power 0 Isolating itself tel th.e lover and gI es iI complete desire unto Pd5510llS. But the right passion am 1.)\'11:' should be- onlv to Allah and his holy presence. Thon the soul \ rould be 5a!Fe vith the passion 0 10\ C and :iii • from the mortal desires because these ara despised desmc~ The a~r of passron is thruugh love and the love ~ dh, Wed to o;e 'cral kinds uf love, there IS tt.e inclined obedience ki nd ot love and tha l is EI .. re the Im'e a obediffILe to AJIah.. Parent and earners. Then there is the sympathy and enn passion ind of luve and that IS !~ Iove tD your children. Then tttere is the benefit kind. of 10 c

. \e the love you '[mid ha e to 4111 people and the rest matters that Tequires benefit.

\ ill en _ '0 U exceed tile love, _ nu dn not call i lOVE • OU would call If passinn and jf • ou had pasmn to a thing else than to ~-\.lLJ then tha is an evil worshrpp _ Allah ligbh up your heart to wha pleases YflU lth delight of him to fuel AII.ah·s presence. You. need to carefn I \ ith you.r secrets, Thp~ are aluahle p 5' si I; and ~ on need tu keep hem safe of all ignornn devious people,

I would Iike to J:nE11t1on 10 you reacer some of \""hA

ha\"~ read in hn 8isbr t.{ ... fi:h!t article 0 h- boo

Hook L1 Na'ur~ A~T A rbtIJ'l.le about A ristorle' upJru\JJ1~ regardin~ l!l1igma.c;, -hich he said , eo TIE'e'd to J lk m " these mysteries. .~ the po er 0-

kn0\\'TI from these m~ teries, , 'e all are used m heari.n.g the tales and myths sin e ow- childl-loods bu. i '11', eo [00 at tltem from the point uf scientific proof hey will sola i:15 tales and myths but if 1'~ Iook at i . as there was no preof ,'e "ill be able 0 see the U5{L fill' these enigmas and the grl?aln~s of their .nunders and we should thank them or ,tading the reasons and answers to these mysh."Tu!s l;ecaU5e nf them we keep mrr li "es and minds and we hold on ~(l these answer . T he body nf nature has a po\\'U tha· keeps its nature and the shapes unchangeable and unmn 'able to a celi' ain times and each has a special na u €" and the people knmdedgeable in this ficld a re called the ~t!,. This natures power is the power that holds .ill bodies togetht!T and makes them la 50 i does not crowd earh ol'!rnr or takes lima to adjust or roughe:Il5_ nut it keeps )1 as Is and tlte connection is the sign or nature and the' nature Allah gave i 0 us in a \\'11. I:ha~ we have to discover 11 and know it ourselves alone it is liheo beginning

. allsoul and ilt 1.." self grown, like th~ stone fer example it falls down not because j an objec but cause its diffen.'111 in nature and not l1liLu" in fire tha rises up. TJ:iJb; ~ for this kind (I movement Is called nature and 'II'oY(' can call Ute movement na ure fur the stone as the on nature but each natures name changes like the doctors call

and the iru.tinrtiv',e h as nil ure til _. also call t:he

orgaru; mo\!emen and the seul, nature. in reality it is a "led name I,or all lives and for e"i"ervtl'I.IDt:; special like the v tid th 5-Kv, the pm rer th.1' A1.ah e lD hi gs as teason_ affect the Ut11i ~ an the movemenes and tabm .5; in e ef) mDving and st:anding Dhjet."t. That is

hy begirmeJ'5 called natu On even~ n eIDI!Ilt a

:'S:ilInes.s a one. lIut philosophers saT nature is a ph sica1


picture and i[ has to be in a bodv with he m:edia-re between the orbit iIIId the SOw alone. -

"ill pm er, the soul goes ith action. and the snul lOoes ~\ ith nu nd po\.\ er nr at nature lh ith action and nature with sot! l powcr an d the u bjec l goes with action.

Each one of these natnres LG cause ror wher is above It of pOl -er and bene-a it oj action. These causes have another -,ur medium CaUSL'S be ween l"'c:< lTIcidenta and sub::.tanLiaL The" are th C2IUses of Intentlnns, which are - he search for improvement and love. The Ge..:lJ'C or the s iritual things, that nature did ]jot hasi • k to ShOl\ IJ5 and lhi? search for impro~ing materialistic thinb'b. NaLureand 10 ve go han d' to hand a nd all lea d W one im portant thing· the love and n:>-spec 1:0 ,i\llah tha greatest, be io;. the gi\ er, the camplete to all thingh. and he i5 tb~ begl nner and Ie - .. -the ender. ~'\'ith thi s we {earn to the end 0' this hapter ot this book.

Aflawcm the phjlosnpher:said "nature b a natural sealed core ~f1 ad ting things alone".

Gi11t'11 the phrlosnpher said .. lith iI limited j uSLn; ndture 15 an in" tinct heal that reforrn.s. th e bod 5 keep iJ .01 an\ lLorruptions and give~ pnwer and fixes the bodl balance" .

Btma..Jklee~ the philosopher said 'natm'e has 1; ea' le co re wi th on~ phase w hie h means n- accepts anpicture Ob one and does not 21n~e-p~ all pha0S25 of things He also said ~ natu re has lli~ po wer of lli~ but ] t 15 <1150 the picture of ln~, llke Lh H Hie worker bov. he uild s th· ~

ith pe ver, then -hen he is done 1 ith hb training and budding fur other he becomes a manu acme! of

o"\.\ 'II"·_

I felt the- need to fTIL"'J1 Lion ili eo thoughts and some

great philos{)pher· _ opinions 54J YUl!1 have mare than ~rHf! reasnn to strike your knOVI ledge and to be prerective r the GI uses of thi ngs.

Bandaklees he philosoplrer 1'.iIs:o ~id tha the nature ha. .. fuur caU:i5. One that happens, rith an: power

ead to a higher foret', one happens: with a n tu:ra1 p ha' If!ads to the cans f action. Then there i til that happens the cause- nf p[mrer.:ln tina I e cause of actinns that .happens with anothcr C3u__,;"e of all action that a Ii Iead to 01]]1' causes ef nam re, Or" -..,-'-e r:t nld ~~ a<:: other':. idenUfl it as the 'o\'iHpower, the mind the "0 u.l. th e n.:I tU:l"e and l1bjecL ill t:h.e: po e.r u 1. iJl tone=:

AJ.la1t. the mind De wi at:l ion , th.e mind ~ ith th



Thanks to J adcliffe OJ' his bin i 19s. ad ice

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Uti:' fortJr bark l(J1U bL' an t"I,tL"'1l.'5,ran to the sanu: subject of the lret:' Vfl'I'W·U5 hanks abnul ale tfl~r<;mamc lJlO<f'ledge 0 th.e Jl tiItrm upJr. the magic of AI-fIabil51mh rropJ~ and

mplf!5 of the 11l11giad Ill':; td fal srntms tile Kur ts. I u 11

ad l' l1i~ book more mag"iftc~lll marie,s of fhe -am'

.r e Id a t er it'e" tolk a!tl H ofl L: len it win (it;' I L end a h16 - liu lllWQ1I- r umd 1 like to star« mu 001 loitJ ~ l.fl. ~u al ':1-'t'Ec1t as fl,. pfepnr yrm SlJJll _fv,- 'hi' ".-no"ll_rldg~


~Chapter O~ne<&i

ALL rIlE PFm.OS()PHERS AGREE that Allah had created (i\TC' essences and be made some higher .in ranks than ethers, he made the hi~~cr .the belti:'r th.iln the ones beneath. So. the tirst essence is better In \ isdnm, llglu and morals than ,th~ rest, The fh e natures are, the first primordial matter and it is the: upper world and the first inlilb,re and i IS also the first clement. then the mind. the soul and the nature, which is the. ~, J • Then ihC' Ii tit essence is the celestial body. which is the el~m.ent of the bodv, 50 Allatl made himself db the first primordial essence on his throne. the one and only and he made Lhrone recelve hls light wisdom and marais from his pos er and he made primordial matters funnative and motivatrng. flIen He made the mind 111 hi& horizon ~ here it gelt5 its light, wisdosn and mora Is &ODI his power and it is alsn where it forms and moo 'ates the l5!5ence of mind back to AHah. Then he made the soul fall in the mind's horizon and this receives 'the light. wisdom and morals &-om the mind' power and it forms and moti\'a~ it. nl'Clllt ~ made the nature in the horizon. v the SOld and gel the liuht .. wisdem and murals from the soul's pm er and i forms and moti ales it. 5O(J that ilU these esse:nc~ get back to the first prunerdtelrnstter ~nd fhat ~ All<lh hnnself, 'So the firs t is the more ho nora bled most delKa e and fu~ ID05'r g_rdcIDtJ'i. m er lhe rmnn, then the mind is more honorable, more dclk:.a[e and mmc 9"~ ~ the soul the soul i: more honorable, more delicate


~ Ghayat Al- Hakim ~

and more g:raornI5 lli~n the nature and the nature is Ibore honorable, more delicate and more gracious thaD th elen~ent5. Allah maile also rnore than One factor l~ mo~ ... a~ each essence. 50 be made the most inten..~· mo~vatlOn to the nile beneath in the essences, Sil lh~ motivator would have a desire for the moth anon and. ~ the need for him. shm 1m e and affecbnn o him <lind not forget him.

. The~ Allah created the orbits and shapes, So he made the omli of the soul between four orbits, There are. 'D above that are luminous, superior and mannerly and thev a re theprimurd.ial rna tter and the mind and there are two UFldeE the sou I that Me dark, d epra n:~d and ccnnecte an thOSE' <I'rC lliiI tore and he elemenn;,

The sou] that was dorrtinated by leading personaliJ is ah; -a)o'5 a lit haW. '. honorable and eir Iate iIJ1.d their ~d is ill high heaven that uriginall\' came and extended t_"{{. from. Then '!he snul that is domrna1tL'-d bv lox '"ers bee me£ dark. deprax ed and miserable and their fate and end-is in the ~OWB 11 ~ I i that they lnspired and elden d ed from. ~l lah also created bestial 5OUJS, plants and objects ~ha{ do not need mind or .h4;h primoTdial matter because Allah .J not feel !haL they needed these functinns find hese souls were dominah.-d with m:he 10\ • forms of the nature an the

elements an err fate is the dust thaf he, came

extended frnm, An hi i formed and done ~Nilh nall'~ presence and knowledaa,

An example III this are tht' trees and plan in th~ beginning they are Just seeds then ih.ey have root- d these in. tm:n become branches, then .aU the W<J\, until i beromes t"I tree. The phlnt"s !:tOw extends from th~,_ ouno and the mots and from he air ~ branches, then t~ •

I '

mal has more material hap-pen to pull the plant towards it, qJ me eanh has more rna t;erial than the air it will pull the plant down arid iJ the ail' has, mon~~ materials than the earth" !hen it -will pun llic. plant up and gI\ e it rnnre height or width. The proaf of thi'li i5that \.,.'e ~ s;cm~ plants that ha e onger stems than branches and SOIDe have ]un er branches than stems. some \"c see have dried ste:m- but green brnnclles and orne plants have dried branches bu' green 5b:~mli_.i'tJ50 he birds. jf the binI's food is on lhe ground. han it fltes 1~5 up In the air and if us food was in the air then it will fly higher and hjgher. Jhe Human being on the other hru1ld ifhis food was delicate simple food he \\ ould be closer and get spi:riwi;ll things rnoze and it his rood hes more volume and thicker, then be would be closer 0 mrl:b.y things and farther <1\\,.1, ,from. -pmlnaL lhings Evil l'OlIU!S through crlmmal thin~.and the gnod comes through ~ Epirihlillt things.

Let ill gel back to what we were 5a}iTIg about ilia' the e Sk"BCe5 are dlvldcd wto twn parts, the firs part is spiritual and the second i!:!. phy5~(al. The first sprritual essence is prrmordial which LS the dmn~ world, the nt'St image and the spiritual element and ll: contains the mind the soul. the nahrrc, the element, all the principles. aU the trst species that had no other lnd, the IiBt numbers thalr do nut divide like the one, the dot and

ifllilar shapes 'i:bat do not divida, because the "nov •• is th12:

- ciple nf time 3J1U I:1:te ,. 0" is tl~ begin~ 01 he line.

The ph skat essence i wha iJ.ssemb es of elemen ike. fi:re. air, "'aleIT', earth, animal, ']ant and ubjecL The essence . also di\ idled mto simple and asse-mbled aspects. The sint le is what is abo\ e the orbit and cannot be

owLed~ ',nth '" orl ,l~~ • M fur the a sembled

essence it is under !he orbit and Gin be acknm\-led ith

the woddl J serI..:'1£'5.

Bamdaklee5 the wise man said that everv esse.m:e ..-:a[j be le~t with f:he fjl't" phy leal worldly senses, k'"l::tlu.~ i1 i<; 2 pu:rr and assembled bcn.lilj essenre, It:b also mortal ;and decayed because the plaC"e _ urrounds i he body and the linul'i affect it. Not ev;f'I) essence is acknov cledged :ith h~ , orldl_c riTe 5eLlS{$ but it could be acknrn b~dged" ith t1~ bidden spirihI"a1 senses because iL is a pure and . Un spiritual bod_ essence that will stay m AHah's Jigb fur etemit& and never decemposes MId that Is bemuse 'ht."'eis no place or omyLhiing that can surround ~l EveI) essen e h. oitcknm.",·}edged. b} fhe worWIr seno;es because il i bndv lW-n ... zeen the .. imple and fue assembled b n dy. The as embled bodies are th~ unl!'s lhat fullm\' the mo '~ents of ~ time and fue colored. and !!he .spirirnill. body are J:i};o Iiah and gIon" and follnw he high~t spintual e: ence and mIile \ fib. it and therefore 135 . So by read1ng my k searchers, make sure to folio \ the happ) spiritual weI" and do not lese your mind's power.

We should nnt forget that the realitv 0' the mmd and its sc-.ctions .h.a\ e been deult".!lTI'l.ined b! lots [If arguments between the searchers fur centuries and he, ayee 0 II the reality of t:h.e mind \'\riili four diffcrent meanir L£"S.

irst mBiilllUng is the description that differeatia e human from the res of the ardmals, which the u, .. CLUJ .... pIcpar~d to accept tnt." theoretical scien e and mana.geulrn.i of the hidden thoaghtfullndustrics:. It is an Instmc UMt prepares to acknowledge mhe th~nreli.,;a 'iCien~~, lt 15 • eo a light tha ..\iL-ih puts ill 11t~ human he.rl!~ so ~t pr'eparcs him to acknowled~ things,TIii~ 15 t.n.i' op..inion 0 some of the \ ltees,

The second section is the sO£nIT' that comes ou.t u :rt:a1ih: mside that special ch lld that ha l he gifl of a-ccepting the !ilCCep table and denying the impossible Like the knn w~edge that t'l, 0 is more than one and In e person (',iU"I Dol be in twio places a [ once and tha t is the scctinn tha I .. filers had problems v. ith ~ e the~ denied. the first section,

The third is the sciea e one receiv es tht:' bene it 0 e.'perit'fl e in 'with .. Huatio'l'lo; one goes Ulrough 0;0 that L'he ~~"p~rienccd is crmsidered smart <md. the inexperienced is cJJtlsidered the stupid jgnQ:rant one.

As for the forth it is the end of this instinct power till vou kOOl\T the con"i~encE!S of actions and rn curb the urge for d esires and of Ias t pl.etc:.-u:rc. If this pm 'ff happens. <Ii person will be called smart and tha l is because ef his <on m1ling for his d6ITE!s and pleasures and conssderation

1: the collSL'qu.ern:es of suc.h acnons and that ~ CIne 0 . e human's d15tJnctJon rom the res of the animals, The first

s . eo 501l1'Ce and simple. the secnnd h, the closest branch 0 i' lhethird is" thefirst and second branch as the knowledge of experience en rnes wi Ih the know ledge nf mstinct and ~e useful sciences. The fnrth ~ ~ hull and .!::he reach of tb desired level, a the II roam Ali said II I have seen 'l:he mind as 0\,'0; one is written and. O~ is heard, the heard doe~ no function \, j u ut ,E" wrttten I ike the ~ un is not usc UI if re did not have the eye sjght to sec it".

111.\'l1n1 you ilo lmo ... · searcher that I am advising yon D follow ~t is best for tII1. arul higher in. ''I. alue, asthe anciEnts divided the.mind in. o sl ~""ijons but i!:> thered it in h.\ 0 ~\ oT"d5 w h:ic}, is fut:' cnmplete mmd and the VI TIok mind and a=.lli:E'\ used ~o SClV tbilf the soul too bv di dlng It intn cumpletesonl and the whole sow, the explanation


1 -

for that 1~ thar the ancien -, saw that ~ e'l.isk:J.l(::e co isled n three parts.

The bod ies and th~ are the lowest or them, the c ~e rninds and fu£>5e .lIe the highest: and most honorab e of them fur being so ar ill 'a. -r of any object

Then ~ 1£ the middle pan. which are the souls

that are affutled from the mind and reflects to the .. _

Ihe ancients called the angels the souls of thL!: orbtl becOll!u se angels are SGrt of life and the-'. Me dose to the complete mind like humans and they lnt!eruu:!diate \ uh the 'I:(lmplete mind, That is also thereasrmable mind,

e pression. is what we can see lots nf peop1e ,'lith. Thee complete mind Is the mind !:hat gets the shape of each person SDTIle mnre or _orne less but that is \ 'nn the person becomes the compiete human,

Then there 15 fhc second meaning of the whole m and the ancients give it two m <mings, first meanlJ'l g i correct mean I ng which isw ha t!:hey mean by the wh le world for the whole mind and lhatalsn means th-e total meaning. \'I-'lhidl is away from aJ1 directions wlde Dr high. 1 is the fixed. mea ning that dues no' move mlle5iS ther-e- is .l passion behind i'l and i is he loral active mind that brin __ human souls out in the mental 5rienCI$ from pow .'Ie 'on an this mea:nIno i - e principal of allafte e - _ Lprincipal The first principal is the creator of all. s lor second meaning fer I:ju~ "hote mind; thE" {'''ITem bod and I mean ,\'ith. it the ninth orbi thcIl '1l.InS the day and -nigh and \-\"Uil its mOl. em~t e e:ry;hmg else moves around. It I!! the f:i:Ilmg of an skies and tha:~ u; ~ one that the aru:ien{3 call the .. hnle body and thE! l hale>fs tbr gn:'d.tc5t

ea of aIJ and" t. has its sight QI'l he- ........ "'np

~ Gha\'al Al-Hakim E

~ whole mind \. ith tbis me.m:ing :lli an absolute essence froID ~-ubrect and rl'1('1m all dtrectinns, It is- the Ul'IOYef fer ate aJ__O\ ernenls of rill. 0 liters and fun! is in a ~'a y to provide desj'l"i! and interesi in him. His existence is the first. In another meaning' y, lu!n AlLah created the mind he said m it come,!iO he came. As for the complete soul what is mt!aD~ ·o;th£' ~ame as W~ rnennoned earher about the complete mind. t:hat it _is, an expression tha _ rm can ~ in lots of people, but when if corn tv e zemplete soul ~t d~ nnt make aJI] people the same. Each person has his 50, 'eC131 soul, as vnu cannot measure the cemplete mind the same ~.<li\, \TCI~ measure the complete 5Ou1 The principle 0 the h~\'cnh bodiesaed :il:!5II1OV~[ncn:t5. are themind' 5 choice. lhe ,el~rt:h1sm between the complete souls and the (omple~e mind 'is ~ same proportion f'I our souls n the adh'e mind and tire cmnplete soul to a dose concep' to the eJ isrence the natures bodies and he lee 7eJ 0 alning existence aftEr the level (] the "~hole mind.

Aristotle the philosapher the mmd is not united "'Jill. the 'bod ... and that onht the soul b united "..itb. the body and he 'l!xP1ai ned it b)r sa!;n g that the logical saul i a pired by the mind' s fighL if ~h-c seul · ... ranted to kIUJ'"'' ~Drncthing. il: accepts the light. ~ happy with U. and ackno\ ledges !:his lighl that reflects on the senses and the proo 0 this i5 that if the se~ had a lack 01 sleep the soul

ould no comprehend any Inng_

Bandaklees the philosopher al said tnat he mid has no limits, because it is a simple essence and the simple essenCE' has no kind or t:vpe to 't because i (an not' be di ri d t' d and t::he rise [If the limi!3 Iurpp ens wt th llil!

e erm nation of lcind _ pe d the categury. ~ ld tffiit the mind IS of " 0 kinds. the full mind has

1 9

~ Ghayat Al-Hakim e:

'0 snme hmg is nothrlilg but an oppusit:e_ Wmpn~5Sion and ~·cnd! tmited has Iii subjee . that ]5- a~[ue of the i1npfe.~d!Jn. It j." a rising pm CI ohts mvn; fruthlu! for ~h_e boJv that 'the soul is, in. R r,eI1eW5 the body and keeps 1Jt ;JUlie and consta n tty rnovin g. The MmI . \llah had c:re-at:e~

vith the mmd wifhrrut iIfi_ intffmediate- and he pLa~t.ecl_aL in bodi~ 50 they become he sun Jiubt tltat spreads rn the bod 0 if o.rgan~ il in nature \ rifu the senses, thou hts i:magl nations. spec..'Ches and thinking, etc,

Artstotle the wise, mil! honorable said thai the ltrni L of the scul ls 'COll lnuous for a mechanical natural bod:~ with the power of life, So he specialized th~ Sl)W \<l.rtth n aJtu re ~ differentiate it from the industrial body' and he GJJ~.~d It mechanical because it is inside dead bodies that are m the "linil' r,<;e and he ralled it III omposed because it need to

r ;'hen he called the soul a ro~ rer he mean that the

~. d ~h

oul is a false defecf. tor the hreathing body an. \'1

breathing it becomes feed able and sens itil1e.

A phla toon claimed that the so ul is_ an ~f1 ~e a nd n~l an objoct that moves the body and urtited 'I'lI'1t:h ~t and ~ urri ling conrinues the bedywork, S01::'Il.e anctent h~d limited the sonl <as ill nature that con.:'>bntly mcves and with this f is completes the active alive body with power.

I have brought o nn reader all these .p~osorhl~a tbou.ghs about the mind and soul. and the. r senna] nature so ou can ha re .a goo porn ts m _ our ~arih and to

in llie ~emal ~i 'e and to lea ·c rlll} life other than ~pt which .... ill ream. to tlfiJt eternal life worth acknm ... ~ledgm.g ill nd yOU na\'t' to be certain thrat is bet\\ een what)?u are qsknlg Ior and w' hat ] have provided you w1th 01 tb~~

aluabJ.e. mrtrepl:s. TM is a long mad .. ~ 'hat:! ,.ou are IODlcing for f5 preven n shadew bet .. een :our: mm.d

everlasting, endless and pamless pt'lWeT_ The socond killd is the acquired mmd and this Jcin.d g-efs its po .. 'N hom t:" full tn:i:nd lhilJl am as a cemlainer of everythi:a'g; it is the begin rter (]of before ill ages. H eaL«n said that ill '. a light fmm the compJete mind that lights llie. seul and doe_ no unite because it .i..!: a simple e5Se:JlC'e and eve!"} simple essence docs not divide and "hat Can not be divid~ ca nul have a kind, and 1 hilt does 1101: .have a kind ean n t have a t)'"pe and \\':hat can nut have a ype can no have par. Th eo :rise of lim i ts is,~ the kind, t): pe and partl ~ u

'hen it does not have iI kind you cannot limi if }'et yo-u can limit 'the. soul even if if Was a SLmph~' essence and that j~ because ituniJ:e5 ..... ':i th the bod _. an d ftJTmed ~\; th th 1igh t .of the mlllild. Then he said that the soul i. .. a sma Il pm, cr:has know Il:!dge of i " own and Tt'cognizes I':!h'ngs because the _OU] is a funned essence,

Aristotle aTIS" ered Bandillces bad rom Aph121 ens philosophr and 'iaLid tlla i!\'ery formed elemen can beuntied and 'i 'hat you ge untied is likely to be ruined 5() he said how it is a simple essence vet it 15 ru50 a ·""""'""trl e'SSGiU-e. Bd!Ildiliees said that he meant \vdh the (iniit t!u tile eS5ernre has Iimits and with the fom,ecd he mean hat the essence 11& <I deSCrIption and it gets that its Ught from

he mrnd, so Aphlatonn and Sari ODS agreed i h Bal1dakJees.

Bandaklecs add also saying that the 5001· a simple essen e arreph; an th£' pi -h:l!res of mings. j sba -anc Its colors. l'hen he said that we need to know tba the soul Is united with the bodr an not printed in it. The senses are printed and notunHed in th:c: soul, \\'hat is prinlBcl CtlM01: be apart of what it 15 rinted in, but ~e~ uniled part ,Lan

apart of what it IS united viih just as f''\'erythinO' rinted

] 70

and the mmplete mind It preven } 00 of. cCqJting it conn ctiliIg with. .I_ 1 mean the shadm r is :ill dark obsta T~. which pre~'f'nls you hum reaching the sunlight, 1 h!! ::.lUl ]ig.h:t I:inJ.e since th.e tinI.e it rises tin it sets and j yuu can"t l" Tt you become unfortunate and you the shade without the bl:t.':Ssin~ ef the knm'\ ledge. understand well ..... thal ] had' sao I thinik it lhmu h Allah hE!lp 1[15 all and especial t,,.. an the searchers fur

ine, m. steries of knowledge and those: things abtm diffi OJ I to rnmprehend.

%Chapter TwoE:

LET us GET BACK TO OUR AI TN REASO - fm riling lhis book and talk about the opinions o ill group of _l-'U-Haashah. and the Kurdish _. ~entis5 about the POW2I" of the loon that spreads to the plal1et!" As they ~ to ,obtain this pu~~; 'sacra lC~ng. makill,g charrns especla 11'Y~ .. -hen the Moon 15 m .th~ orbit of the zndiac signs. We haH~ mentioned to _fOU in he

re\ious chapters the knowledge of others regarding !:hcs-~ invocations; Ill}' purpose i. to be able to bring to _ ou all the ~ 'Iseman's knowled.~ in this e-Id from different groups of poop le,

The invocation 0 e loon at the Habasha and the Kurdish gronp.s is done when the 1\.o100n is at it~ ~ or ""hen it just :itarted I:!tiJ decrease and when itmee -. \..-. th the un, So if YOU \\rill'illted to bri ng the Moon'$; pnwN 'IN hen it is 00'''0 in Aries sign. Then seek him whzn he rises ,at full ill oiah:ttlme lPc.ause it is more likd~ to you . 'OUI ish nun. You need to appm.ach the Moon in. a green

pen area 1th Iots of plan by a ri.,er or by a wa er pnn lhat rtrns to ards the east, Erin:g willi you a r

~I:h a di ided ConID- Sacrifice . rooster : ith a OOIl1e. as

n IDe't.U should be touching yom sacrifice, 'the Habasha .md the I(lUdis-h groups hm e reason for that. Then ~ive' the erm [J5 yDltt holding hE:!h'\ een, your hands nyU

aI braziers iITLd pu n it t!'O e11' now and then SOR1E'

bush-grass till it burns up. 1 hen 'Stand be-m'"eeIl the i l bmzien;; and sav:

o Bright llQ:on. tlu~ jay/III, t'lf~ MllglmificFIlt, tit dinrilmtor oj rJuflo'e5s witll yUlU' I'igl'f. Ual, pmised !/C)lJ aRd spJ'l-'ad gfJIt,. liglJt in the lUlri.::ans. 1 app1'f1tlch Uti lfIltb _"bnus.siull Q.Jld a5[ ym~ irl .l1ris maUeT and ynn memiGJ"l what. } ou need]. Then you ~ alk ten ~teps as yuur still {aCting himan you sa_ "the same WOLds again and em IIDlke ~.his time you put the bzazlers right in front of .C'U and you put in it four dirham iJfficori~ andu.m tb~ sacrifice. Then draw ill f'SI! symbols \,,n th the ash of our sa:ain(~ '\\ ith some saffron .in a ca uJiIlowf'r leaf. Them b IHT1 th.ilt and once the smoke rises, VDU wID ~ a verv weJI dressed person standing in frQOt of rou at the brazi ~ TIleD} ou ~1lI him .... -bat you desire because-he ls ,l]te one. to dn j fur. au and whene "l!r yffi1 needed .my thing just do rt ~h~ way I explained to you <I: this spirit" ill show up , make ~ ODr requests come true and th~ .DE the 5 'ID1.'III_'ds thal.. DU need to use:

In oking the 1\-lnon when iit. is descending in Taurus ='iign. Yuu need to know that lh-e ~mm has an effect on "n the zodiac signs. For m ch as these effeets von o:rgomi;zC d charm for each, s.. ... if it, 'as the Taurus' sign .. you go to u: same described. 11 green planted location.. al5IJ 'I'or-Im a rooster 'or a, sacrifice and a brazier, You at&Cl meed to bf> drt'sse i linen hat is d red \ j h Lehanrm cedar 1 pomegranate ski and put thI!. sleeve all the \ 'a, on ClIJ head then get close to a pond tha ~ i4I coo I2d \, ater " If. nut wood, Put _.. our righ arm in the


'3< Grun at Al- Jakim e:

i - ..

~ -ater nn yom ef, arm, Then wash your hands, ace and a:rrrr.;. 'Be .. rery careful the sleeo. e does nut fall ott ~'UUr bead I,l:=. "OU are washint;. Then wash ) uur eet and have wtth

o~ a n5'1' mat tha,t bas 'never been used or stepped on before. rapped in "elned .linen with green <lind red, Ihen funlp from 'OUT location fin to the middle of that mat. Bow once and say Rib'w:r, ribb,. damll, f'kaam. tnk/ofJr, fakfotJr h 'entv times, hen _ OLi get up ~ en will fee-I an oven helming feelling to bowtill tears comes OU' 0 } UUT eyes. Get up and go to the pond nna more time and wash t:ke vou did the lirst time, SruDfli:e the rooster and bum it LEi v~ repeat wha r 00"2 t ld rou ro say earlier. s_ 'on il~ doing this use the brazier to ~I1se"\ iIh frankincense, buill-grass and mastic ou .. ill se iii spin that a pproars thaL 1 'ill grant you ~llat you have a. s ked fur.

t had. j[J friend that \ 'as so poor and he had a very- hard tim~ and his TI.smg was Sattmn an d t:h£ rontealler o£ his had lUI: • So [ taught him how -to invnkethe lOUD 10 Taurus and when h~ did, he saw that spirit and be asked il for \\ ha he: desires, So the "'pint took him to a lm:ation and told him to dig. H~ dug \ rhe:re.llic sphlt mId him to and he IDUfld ... hat eased his financlai situation and he moved frum poorness to wealth,

Invoking the Moon 'h nit i_o; drscendi gin GemirU.

Approach B 1"o'indT Location that' also high en.a hill. Ha"e with _ 'ou oil rcoster or sacrificing the i:nt:eT\...o;;e and a bar D bright vellow copper" abmlt three U1birs. A brazier tha is .:tlso yellml,. Ugi t up flre in that btu' in the brazter, Then FUim h.1lf pound Iirrrrice, Put ~e side of - . bar on the fISIn side of ~ smoke and equal the Q er side iili he Oi"clc Ll ,the moon, till the smoke go._~ through the ar all ·hl;! Wily up to thI! 5"'" Thun .ense , .. 1th half ounce bush-

:e Picatrlx e:;

grass and s:orrnf ameunt of amber, Then sit by the m1lZl.a take the bar and e ~md ita J around you. illite! drawa r::irtJe that fOU. mi'"e _ fh1" C'en~ o[ Then take seeen ha.ndfuls of beilr'lStalk:; and. put them in seven dif£ieI-e:nt hxatiun:s of thl:! circle. Then take ),CllT sacrifioe and divide it bJ seven parts. and put earn piece on one of each o,f the s traw Then lish them up lvith the bar, till iL lights up well an brrm__s tJ:u.. saa- tee, Then stIDd u in the middle D all that and sav Q Bright J\lfocm .. wit1. .Ju. g eat sultarm.te, fIre "-igll: in ~d. tilt? IJiglJ in place, you lire tll-f ,one tlHd engiJlf:"eJ:S tlu WlI71(1. I ask yml n.rith onl' spiritual p6IlJU In grunt :me' {so and s·.o). Then ycru. bow and SI'Iy HiroDt~ himot; girDoth. gJ'1(totll twlNlty 'time5. Then you. lift yOW" heitld and 'ou \'oill see im:media~~·.iIL spirit standing in Irontef you, 'then ask him immffiialle-I}' what you desire because he lvi] I grtlfil OU _rOUT wish

In oking he Moon vhen it is de5Lendin in the 19rt (J Gma>r. YU1i1 go 0 a high jocation like <I room lila ...,;el ... • on the- stree~ or an)' high place that rOll can ...... ~,...... yom tight. left, front and ba ~,k; rum hold m your stock dove. Than saaific~ the dove and takie from its ri ru wing. left wing and tail luur feaJ:h£rs Cu t a part uf . dove's beak, lhen) (IU bum the rest, Take the feather and add wm dirhan~ rColoc~"Tlth gt~. fouI dir'ham lli:orices Put all together in a Iinen -loth and then ma~e a ue from tt\·o ounce rhite now and the £'I5h of e sa -ce kneaded in gDf \ 'ala. The statue head \vili be 011. man - head on do body of a lion. \ 011 et up and hold the . ta~ m front. of yoU,.l:igh up a fire and say .iHi you cense 0' Muon ·thtJ t is fill~d il:.Jith ligl~ t.;. berurti/ul gloryl the high in I e:rrr,L.:

I l1:s:k yuu W STunt my reques. Draw :a circli" on the gr tU[10 and put the statue i . afhrr YOU .....-rile the name 0 whom

on want, Then repeal he rnrds, bow lJo him, r t ~- ur 1 6

h£ad- Take about one pound wgar and dissolv ~ the \\ hole statue m itwith some mu~k ~d. qDaT~er cHrh<lrl'l , four dirham, ,'ood sticls l.\ith fine edges and half pound of lupine ffoDlr_ Pu·t them on the fire till ftboiI' and l;bickeT15. Then make flat disks each disk 'l,"Lighs quarter ~rrham and put it to I f"on 'Or seven nights. The ise men used this chann in their trip!; to sa many cOlmtries

nd at ;my place th the ~ encunrrtered lions, snakes and . orplons they w~re n ver harmed by hem and th e nimals and insects wouldpass by them,

lTl v okiJlgtlu~ Moon" hen it is desCEFldmg in Len, appm-ach. the Moon at a flat gro~d area tha: ~s un.iJ'1hahited BriTlg \vitn you -I?Ven braziers; pUllhem m a -c i rc h~ on that gmmld bet\! eG1. each one of them aborrt one cubit. As rnu are rooeivrng the loon pu bet 'een every , ~ bra:zi~T5 a gnnse egg and dTi:1w on the egg the symbol:

Th~ take a thick nail made .of yeITov. copper iiliuut three sp~ long. Hold it in ) .oUT right and \\ ear on you head il Vi!Hm\' turban made of weol and also wear a . no shirt ~c ilI50 of wool, Then sacrifice the rooster the separated comb In e middle of f.hl:' circle with braziers around iL TI1eJ1 bum ,~our sacrifice m the

bra7jers after cutting it 0, Lieces a:ruf pur nn ea h Ier a

ieee 01 'il -I.a!{.e from the blood' or the sacrifice couple oE drup It) using the } ,e1loVi l1diIJ and: drop it on each br~ and abo on each egg. Then pick kl.-o of t~p. braziers and e egg: after the s:erund and l'u t t:tbm1 in fnmt- . t _ ou.

The ~ the nail and hi L egg and ,,~ 0 c ~ .....

~Gha. a

-Hakirn ~

. rankincense, bush-gra s and yellow sandalwu d, S.1 .. hulab ... Q ndn b n een times, the spirit will appear TO } au ask for l!f'hat ron drsire~t:he 5pm t1Ji.oii I i grant you 'i{'l[[T,.~ i$h i mmed1ately a r:I d do ]10:[ be a Ifrdid of his appearance.

I n raking the L Icon hen it is descen din~ in \ irgn lake thirt~ white S arlings and rQU c(}ok them a t <;acrificing diem \\ ith the eathers lill [I I 1 ell dD'nI!_ Ynu Jtake he birds ou' and the feathers ",-ill all fall 0 ., ;\d. ;.t normal amount of salt to it and you make this hefore the thi '. da~'!'i L" up In the sign. Then)'1J1] ea OIU:~ of the bird .. every day aftt.T censi ng tirw bird with qrnmter dirham (If saffm.'un and don't '15'l.l anr tbing after if foil' six hOOIS. ".t OIl do th is e\'~!I:'y day and rou need to be care_( u 1 not to d in itO. ah::ahol during lha time. liVhen vou arc done [tit this wash up 'with a eastern ',~ak>r spDni and put of this

half a pound in a bettie that was made wh the !inn "\\ as c n its third da.' of the Pi5c sign and the }"'][X}fl zas on i~ se' 'roth dar in Aquarius.~] the bottle verv wcl1 with tar that did not touch fire. Then go ou ill :in, .. ~ke the 1 ns 'po,¥c;r IBId put in frent of oua brazier !:hat has one OIll1Ce L'Jf grass and sa(- ron in ~ open empty area, then =:.iJ. 0 Afnon tfn.~ Be.autiful Sighted. the extreme ilJ giving, tile enrll!illf' Ul l1rigllf, t'l<e (Jlle' fhat lights dle .dark,. you nul 'r every uul 'wppy. yrmr joy and deligltf giu~ tIS ·oy and n_ .. IJn:,. 11I~<arts u'U/I delig'":, I dqwnd on yau to get m rehflf J ae"Sif'e' • Then YOU reach ·OUf left band to the bo 'e sa~' l/fJ(Jt~ afoot and ~'ou . wi, yow righ grollffid, .rou . eep .repeating.and digging till . ·(JU ha c dU_1" abm.rt at cuhit deep in the m"01JTld. Then put the bo e t .. fa..:ing, ,~he south and au COVI'T it with the dirt sler rl) ~:;_ vn u still rapeat the DiI~ tU I l:h~ gmund is smooth. Thel' ~'on draw \\ il:h ol ld needle'in a piece of lead the rlc~

o hat you desire' and bury i em the top' of· e hole, Once

rlJD do that yom: "'ish win come true.

Invoking the Moon whet! It Is descending in Ubra. \ ear a belt Iltat ~ made of Ithick ,;l.av that migimdly was m thf' wa~. '\: ou go to the eastern side o. water with ~ our .i8ITiD e. You run oppesl of the water current 1 .( g a the _._ 1o(Jll and holding an arm· made of ooFper on tile dav enus is retumingIrom . esign ofTaurus and 'hen

te-rrury , ·as d~ding in Aries. '\ ou do this fi'l,"e times bad and furth, then. ,'QU throw the arrow in i:ltC' river imd say 0 l\IOfm the magnifkerlt. the &etl"tiftd. I I,avt:' serd'to yo u the tU·fi'OW· dndl Italle IIlade i'~ for yU'U- y(l~ caJ'~ gTB'IJ.t me u:ry req'Ue\ir aM cmlzplf'tf. my 'tope. Then light up a fire of jungle trees and add to it orne g:ra55. then rou start l-uming armmd tlre fire in a hUIlJ' holding }'Oill' self till yau all! hrt!atWess, then stop and make Ii line from tha loca' 0 1 m !:he ground till the fire and draw on lli.'e line the -erds Gl.mmc. Ghwme. Then take that dust ihat yon " .. -rote the name iT'1 and add to it in the same amOllTl~ of parasites from a well and kneed 11: .... rita still i~.:ab!l!". than make t¥,ro pictures one for your self and the other for whom nJU 10\ e, once pJU do lhat your"\'\'i h \1.Ti1l (,ume true:

uwolring the M(lOIl1 Vlrhen it 15 desc:ending in Scnrpto. )'(10 approach the: {{MIn -hen it ~ ~ tenth degrees In rpiu, Yon go to a p1ace ith ots of trees and ~"'<lter ill it an tl'>.en, "(lU draw In the eround a sqIhTIP and spread in t;! square the Ieaves of DU'(. qaince and mallo . The-n rinkle i with rose "\ "a'ter and pul in frrlnl 01 ,mn e .. en ers made () f s11 \·ff. Pu t ill each brazier <15 rrmch as ) au. an of sort mae wood. Jikoru:e and gum. then get dn - d in hi~ ouUi 'with no rrliU or ~~5 and hold in :our haIlds; rwc ullas of p fuTr.:fiIle \'11th \ ater. Then .'OU e. .i} SID. II cup and YDU old i ehind our back then ~ uu

start to empty the wale from t1!e first ol a tnthe second }'OU k~p_ rep~~ Hlis a couple of times. Thenvnu fit:

YOlD" 5.lcrlfiO! (which YOl1. can pick of any of the sacn~

the: sign is 5pl!dalized fa . Von appToach :to the tn

'then. au bm' fon:rtimes and you 501)"" each orne Shn,a/ihtJ.

har,a!iluJ . 'DU .sit up and repeal adding aloe 1\ 000 licnrires and gum w the braziers, 1 en you bow agam Or folU' Lin:t2s and then YOll will ee a human ~ookinG 5piri appears in fnIDII: of you and talks to yOIJ,. then }'-ou a him fur what yon desire and he "\'!Ii ill gn»1t it to you,

In oki.n,g the Moon when it is desc~rn cling In Sagi narin 5 , For Al-Habasha and the Kmdish groups approaChing the ~ ~oon in 5agifut:riw; is '-cry hard ~aU5 't gBtb~ all he eharms of the temples and t.a1i:5lThl:JTS that ha e I~ do Vtith findmg hidden treasures. So yOll n ed to

:.Itch for "'hen ~ful"CtIl"V is at four degrees 0-£ Can'Cer' 5

ign~ then taX:P Ml pounds of ~ 'eUow copper and make I. snakes and divide what js left ef rite' degrees Df the Sign the re-t of the fi1'"e pounds of coppa. Then ~ to a ~~ NT riverside and make a small creek out fram Itha river Divide thaI O:~k to fi .. "e' small creeks and put in eve :CI~e- one D the five snakes vou .made 0 the elm wppe'r. The snakes that 'mJ ~de should be opm~a I th'"

\'aV' ihrough and ·hen Ull put them in he cr~h e purpose is tl1at tlu~ .~ will go 0111 ~ lVay tluuugb from the tilll and out rom the momh,

Po five '" ater 5.Jdns ~llliem[]1.ll1:h of the snakes, Crillt'C~ the \ rater that ~thers in the 'Kafer 'Skins ever' other hour and pour to the ground ev~ hoar, tUl !:he "·~ter skms are full Then feu ta eo a I this and walk about v,entv ::ubits .n r Irnm the river, pu the Ka.trr ski1"l!:! an me' ~ und make a SIDaU needle hcle in each one ofthen1afrer d'C'cirJ, T

~ Gbayaf i-Hakim ~

a hole in the ground 50 the watcr tha t leaks from the skins ~theT5 m the hole. '~ then the water starts leaking from the ~atCI skins. pUL br earn "I\"ater skin ill snake. 'hen fill] fast

me river and earrv much as ou can fmm the 0'1: er'c;;; ~\'iilmr in yom mou lli;, go back to lhl' vater skins and pill that w,abe1 on each snakeand \'I:ah:!t skin. Put at the head of ea:'Ch snake a brazier' made of sih,TeT and put in it soft aloe \..,-OCKiI,amber and JIlilt'Cls5US. Do not smp lhe C'.eming until ill the wa er is drained in the ;\O'atiel" skins. Then take !!he Sflii!iXes and put thcmI in the water skins and bury i~ in the hole and em UJ:e same p~aoe sacrifice the immolation,. then br'lw fifieen lin1:Js and sa. y when) (Ill lift yOUT head .ntcr leach bo~" Harkoom,. lmrluolOln_. five times, then y9ll will see a spirit at it is best 'SMpe.te,U the' spirit your request because hels able tn seek. and get it fior you from the east tIl the west n f theearth,

I had a friend that n'ilade this inVOGiItlOn to the loon and the spirit appeared to him. my friend's '(,.ish 'i as a charm Inr findirlg b"easun5. so the spkil carried him to iii. 1ot:ation that nobodv had seen or heard about before. Then the ~ pirit GPt"'e him ~ stame [J an ~hant made of copper F hDlding a metal key on his feet. The spirit told m_ friend to cany the elephant and walk with him hBe ever he

j,shes and \\ here ever fuF ke .falls on he ground thal will be the spe "' h.ere he needs (1) dig for treasure. So he

'" alked ho[ding the elephant aOOut fum (ubit and ~'

J.. so he found a basement under ground, he ... alked undcr I:illlhill basement open.ed. np fD iii huge house full Df oldenand sil, er.tombs and plenty [If rnbles, So he cal':I'iOO lis much as he desired of the treasure and he re eated the in 'lOCi! W:m several times:



In. oking, the Moon when u is d~llding in Capricorn.

o ilppl'oodJ. the MnoM }'OD need to build a house thOi t i ~ big and enough no I}"· fur mTO peopte. You build n wh_en til -

un is 111 Cancer you spread soft basil in the p:la.G tnr seven daY!' and rQU change the basil en~rr da~ and ou

cense hf' place with samdidwood and bU5h-gr .in tht:

evening ~.-~. my. . terthe seventh da_. ge In Cl red outfit and saj Hayawm 1Iaya.wmu, Inllgluw. brdgllUr. nnk:raHJ'", ntlkraw. Then YUll go uul and drde ar h~ house :sevenp,' times. Then take two OURCe of sandaI{ DOd and burn it in ;iii brnzier made of sjfver~ )lOU put the in "e once in the .middle of the brazier, Then ciYde for another se .. <ent} times and iJb.~n . aorific.e \l0llT i mmoia'Uon. En~ the Imuse and there will be a sprnt sitting there talk to him and sa~'I,' 'n the 1fO'J"1I.c of tile Bright .. Betln.liju I tmil. Gnu 1 Mol1U:, ltlll to 111£ rou repea it three times and hen lw. ill ta lk lD TOU and grant zou 'I. 'ha ~ au d~

This Invocation is used more fur love matters. The that came up with I:his way of In\'oIring the uon had 5e1'Vant fuat he ~e ed 5elling. So he had iJ grea urge tn get these1"\' ant back but he could not. 50 he did he fnvocaticn and asked roo aef the se.nranf bad.. and sudden! l!::he nev [I "mer of the servant , ... anted to -return i· c t~ the old fJI."\Fl1Ier because he . eL't like lie had In ge-t rid of . ~ servant and turn hrm bade to his old 'owner. 50 "00 TIt! ill

ca:reful reader \i rith I~ cnilml..'10 Yoll use ~d d n t un ercstima-h:! u-re.k pm'" L,

Ao om;~ 0 untie-IL'Stimating thEir PO" er, I knew a rna n tha ~ tried to i m D e the !I. ~oon ~ .. et he took ffO(l'; mad he should tun enet and he .i.n'5isted to do thr irrnlk-!TI~ the wa " he did for se\"eral. nights. Till O'J"[e night d "P-Int

..appcaJ'eci tu hfrn tIJllchedffis rnuuth and! it ger sea as

. .,


he did not have a ml,uth he lasted. in lhi~ .rnde~ibabJe. hornbl e and SGU)'" situation .fo( fod:.r hC::IlJ!U' till. be died

The anciB1f5 said Ithaf doin a single talismnn is g:nod bu t doing several talismans is better in gran tlng th.~ "isbes, as. U lessens the possibili • 0: ri5king yom; S!O 1 I. an hm~ -ent ".,leng and it exceeds the po ihillti _ uf te.aching the cure and genero' ~ of the power. That i rh I ~·ilJ1l vouJEadcr to ~ awar.l! of the manns great puwc

The anciersts had iii stol'~"- about a man tha.t ~ Falb?d an me .. -ater ill day. wh~ntfte'T a.sked him hOll he go -MUch a po .. ~ er, He said' that he has' been ~:lJke tnt .. 5iH~ a hundl-~ ears and 'l:h<l.t is hum in ';,I oking the Moon ~ sen Ill"LL m "-\quarius' sign and his nam-€' is Q'Xtmwmll.

In oki:ng the Yoon. hen it Is descending in Aquarius.

You need to take three mare eese heads and LOok them in aged wine till tlJ.~. shred, Then ha:mntff th.~m ~ a m~tal pan or lea tiU it is doughy when the- \;loon facmg Cancer" Then add to that dough hall <!II pmmd of lci:nrunnon,. h'llO' ounces of ~aL wood, half a pound ('I hard. licorice and a quarter of a pou nd of cowpeas and P~tv of traga:canlh. KIrncd. all the ing:r~dh.nb- with the wrrte "\ ~u ooukedthP heads in. and make forty at loaves, Tf them lin a metal pan until they drr- Than m:ke it out tu an open ficl.d in moonlit niS-ht .. hen t:b.e Mu n is facing, quar' . Pu in front 0 you fifteen braziers made of ycllo~ . cnppe:r and

llv er and if possible to be. also made with some gold in i alh (1, ise 11. l 'W not be e fee Ye. Fhen u'row in earh braZIer a nat loa ( from the loa '"e5 you ha \f ~ prepared eiilrliff.:m.d bring it near ~ our S'acrifi.-ce-. As the smoke ri es "OIl will be able to' see a <; lnt hal: ap~ and dtsappears in, at 'CUI e) 5. 'Ihen se three c the-fla loa' 13m:!

throw lhzm in i:tl.e fire to\ ard the saamce en es;I~ Hintd r A.smk H'inmr srak, ten times so he comes to you and teU~ raUl and gr a nts ~ eu what y(m desire,

Invoking the Ioen when it is df.5(lrnding in PISCes Take some cauliffmo.:er Juice; mlx iI::"ilh one and f" , at d pound uf Ietmcejuiee arid SOITli:! tara (Elephant' ImT' jlIille_ Then takie this mixture out by uSing marble pin »r '1'. hen the SU1I 15 at Us zen lh i\l!nd IercuIT IS in a strai ht Iine Add to it hmr ounces of tllst:ic. ty".(,1 mmres amber, ["j II)llllH~S Camphor, one Dunce ,M wood ticks ~iih fin~ edges and ten ounce 0 black. rnufherry, Ma grind1ng w.ha l needs, tn be' yIru:l eel. add hal ( a pmmd of bat blood Utilt vas slaughtered with a ye.Uo V copper .lrnife. 1\Ii"li..aIL these ingredients togeth and Pl!Jt it in iii! glass bltde. Then walk to a '" ate)" spring and put the glass bo le bJ the water sprinS. Take one of !:he braziers that ou pre ~arl[er and pIl it un a. rock in the middle of the watP.1' spring as the '<iller OW5. Then liEN .'I fire in it Ii . fire Jjgb.1s uiP :in the brazier, oren the glass le and A3r{ pouring !:be rmsture slm·dy time after time in the brazier Then b:rfugyOUF sacrifice dose ro the brazier and s.1aughti!r it ,<IS ibis .inc.e:nse "\'illhring: l'l-l.e Moons se:nrant to you from Pisces sign. Ask him to grant ycm , .. ~hat . em 1 ish for aJFLii he 'ill make itcome true.

~ charms and tali:smans have been used or m!ID';ages anJ have man}' reasons and Illim~' "ays· ~ the ancient Habasha an th:e Kurdish 8' biin;,' "0 ented. nom thrn_ The Indian ru\'e their 0 .... 'Tl channs t:ha thE!J~ call Ka~{if"Yllt that belong to the Sf'Vei1 . enets. e) have a special iUld unique tallsman according to e-.ach planet&natrne.


SA R·N in lhcir b1owkd~ .has seven day 0 fasting from the day of the Sl.Il1 till the seventh dav and a lso t'equ:i.Tes 1.0 sacrifitea hfud~d\'~ on the geventh day.fum 9'0111 sa~: In. the name of the kmg Asllb'e'l!l# thE" ruler oj

hlm'= m«ffi't.5. In the Hame uf till! gads above. ,obl"Y my atders and gttmt m€ my teqU t: Then use these charms in allY 1 ily you desire an he symbo1 they have for it is:

j GPITER r~ui:ff's fas:t:i:ng fur seven days TO m th first day of \I·enus UU th~ se"enth clay and it requires rme in sacrifice a sheep and eat its li\<cr and say: 0 Ruph·tli'!~l:r

DU'I't! flu king. lIte flJ'lfJ' 0/ Jupiter tfu~ h.appy. tire goad. tile CDltplete, the graceful In the name uf tIlt go ' abovt; Ii tnr to my can arm grant me m f'equesf. TI1en use these charms .in "nat ever YO need and the 5YIDool lmey hitve

. ~

MARS requires : ting r seVl!l1 days from th~ mi:st a..' of le.rcury un the sevenil:b dil" an i requires

c:rifi.cml7 a cat tha is _ hi hke a tiger and ean g; it livB_ Th.~ sa ." () }':Qunye' the king, 8u! n Ier 9 rs, 1J1~ blugb. the ~ght ,ami the fie.ry. fn alE n.tm1E! pf the gods abOl;le, listtm 1,9 my ad' amt Enl!l1 t n'le. (Sfl and so). Then use these charms in whaJI ~YN the: symbol the! ha e for it is'