“REACH” RULES *Basic premise is to REACH one gap in front of us!

*If I’m uncovered, I plan to REACH and OVERTAKE the down lineman in front of me. If that man slants away to the railroad track of the blocker in front of me, I stay on MY wide railroad track and RUN up to a linebacker. *If I’m covered, I first identify whether there’s a down lineman the gap in front of me…if he is, then I plan REACH and OVERTAKE him. If not, then I will REACH, RIP through the man over me, and RUN on my railroad track up to any 2nd or 3d level player that first shows up on my course! *COVERED linemen should cut their split if possible! *All linemen: LOSE ground to GAIN an angle! *Stay on your RAILROAD track on a wide angle! “BASE RULES” *Block the man on you whichever way he wants to go. If uncovered, release to the first LB over to inside you. Use his leverage & movement against him…block becomes an A, B, or C DRIVE. *If the man in your Base rule happens to be the man the H-Back is blocking (FSLB in 21-22-23-24; E.M.O.L. in 25-26), work back to the next LB backside! *Any blocker working back to a LB should take a 6” step inside first! If the lineman inside you has a head-up or outside down lineman on him, Slam that lineman and Slide off to your LB! This is NOT a Combo for movement! *You cannot be wrong unless you LOSE CONTACT! Drive your feet and finish the block! This is true one-on-one blocking!! “GAP RULES: Far Backer” *Frontside linemen responsible for the GAP inside them! First step will always be a 6” flat step to that gap! *If I’m uncovered, I call “Double” and look to try to Double Combo with the lineman inside me to the 2nd LB inside us! We will stay on the combo until the LB threatens the hole vertically! If the DL over my man to the inside disappears inside by alignment or movement, then my block becomes a Down block to the 2nd LB. *If I’m covered by an inside shade, I B Drive him down! If he slants away from me, I work up to a LB! *If I’m covered by a head-up player or an outside shade, I expect a “Double” call from the man outside of me! He and I will Double Combo to the first LB inside us! If my man slants inside, it becomes a B Drive block for me! **If I also have a DL on my inside gap, I must call “B, B, B !” to the man behind me to wave off the Double and tell us both to B Drive the man inside us! *The Center, if uncovered, will always DEAD block with a flat step back to Backside A gap. He must ensure that the 1st DL backside does not get penetration!

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