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News, December 2, 2010 Featured items

SHARE Webinar on December 16 New Brief on Models for Exchange Implementation Released State Data Spotlight Series Highlights Maryland's Fiscal Model Workshop Summary Released by National Academies Press

News and Announcements
Save the Date: SHARE Webinar, December 16th
SHARE's next webinar will take place on Thursday, December 16th, at 12:30 EDT and will feature Shana Lavarreda, Director of Health Insurance Studies at UCLA's Center for Health Policy Research. Dr. Lavarreda will discuss findings from her SHAREfunded research on service utilization as a function of 12-month continuous Medicaid/CHIP eligibility in California. Dr. Michael Cousineau, of the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California, will serve as the discussant for Dr. Lavarreda's presentation. Registration information will be posted soon on the SHARE home page (

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New Brief on Models for Exchange Implementation Released
SHADAC and State Coverage Initiatives (SCI) have released a new brief titled, "Health Insurance Exchanges - How Economic and Financial Modeling Can Support State Implementation." The brief is authored by SHADAC Deputy Director Julie Sonier (formerly a health economist at the Minnesota Department of Health) together with Patrick Holland, Managing Director at Wakely Consulting Group, and provides an overview of how states may most effectively conduct analyses of health insurance exchange implementation through a modeling approach. The brief outlines questions states will need to answer about the potential size of the exchange, how many of those eligible to purchase coverage through an exchange likely will, the size limit for small businesses participating in the exchange, and more.

New SHADAC "State Data Spotlight" Series Highlights Maryland's Fiscal Model

SHADAC has released a new brief, "State Data Spotlight: Maryland’s Fiscal Model Helps Project Impact of Health Reform." This is the first of a series of briefs highlighting states’ unique data tools, datasets, and uses of existing data to inform policy. The series aims to provide information and insight on innovations that can be applied in other states.

Workshop Summary Released by National Academies Press
A prepublication edition of a new report, "Databases for Estimating Health Insurance Coverage for Children: A Workshop Summary," is available from The National Academies Press. This report summarizes the proceedings of a workshop convened by the Committee on National Statistics in June 2010 to critically examine the various databases that could provide national and state-level estimates of low-income uninsured children and could be effectively used as criteria for monitoring children's health insurance coverage. SHADAC researchers Lynn Blewett, Sharon Long and Joanna Turner presented at this workshop.

News from SHARE Grantees
HSR Special Issue Articles Available Online
Initial papers from the SHARE special issue of the journal Health Services Research, "Using State-Level Evidence to Inform National Policy: Research from the State Health Access Reform Evaluation (SHARE) Program," are available online through the journal's early view page. This special issue, scheduled for hard copy release in February 2011, showcases the impact of state health reform initiatives enacted in several states across the country and highlights the relevance of these initiatives to national reform under the Affordable Care Act. Click here to learn about the new 2010 SHARE projects.

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