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ee project


Redesigned 1952 retro wrap is lined to the edge and has patch pockets and collar. 18-3/4˝ X 101-1/2” (47.5cm X 258cm)

FABRIC SUGGESTIONS Lightweight Broadcloth, Lightweight Brocade, Lightweight Velvet and Taffeta. LINING SUGGESTIONS Taffeta and Satin. YOU WILL NEED
©2008 Butterick, The McCall Pattern Company

• 2yds (1.80m) of 45˝ (114cm) wide fabric or 1-3/4yds of 60˝ (160cm) wide fabric • 1-1/2yds (135cm) of lining

The McCall Pattern Company 2 . You may have to print it in sections and than tape the pages together. Turn upper edge to outside along foldline and stitch ends. or make your own grid paper. SEWING INSTRUCTIONS: Stitch FRONT AND BACK (1) sections together at center back. you can use one of the following methods: •Trace the pattern pieces directly on the fabric – count each square as 1˝. Turn upper edge to inside. Stitch ends. Trim. as shown. •Trace block pieces to Perfect Pattern Paper (available for purchasing on www. With right sides together. Baste raw edges together. •Put the paper with pattern pieces on a scanner or photocopier and enlarge square to 1˝ (2.ENLARGING AND TRACING the pattern on page 4: To enlarge the pattern. 5. 1. 2 1 1 3. Press. NOTE: Seam allowances are 5/8" (1. draw the lines and cut out along the markings. Press. 3 7.5cm) grid.mccallpattern. 4. turning in remaining seam allowance and diagonally folding corners. Trim. 6. Pin pockets to front and back. Edgestitch side and lower edges.3mm). fold COLLAR (3) along foldline. Finish upper edge of POCKET (2). ©2008 Butterick. Turn collar right side out. matching symbols.

Turn lining to inside. having raw edges even. leaving an opening for turning. The McCall Pattern Company 3 . press. 10. 9. pin lining to front and back. Stitch front and back LINING sections together at center back. ©2008 Butterick. 11. Baste. Trim. Slipstitch back opening edges together.On outside. pin collar to front and back between large circles. Stitch along outer edges. turning collar out. 8. With right sides together. matching centers.

The McCall Pattern Company 4 .CENTER BACK FOLDLINE CENTER BACK ON FOLD 2 POCKET Cut 2 GRAINLINE 3 GRAINLINE COLAR Cut 1 on fold Butterick Butterick GRAINLINE 1 FRONT AND BACK Fabric: Cut 2 Lining: Cut 2 Butterick Produced entirely in the USA ©2008 Butterick.