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Psalm 19:7 You have got to understand something about God’s law in the old testament. God’s law in the old testament are Divine Boundaries. The Lord knew that they couldn’t obey them, but he gave them boundaries that when they got close to them he hoped that they would depart from them. And we know that because of the sacrifices then that they did then, they made sacrifices of animal and the blood to cover it. But it never removed sin it can only cover it. So these laws were Divine Boundaries that God put so that in hope in resisting or departing from those things. They were boundaries, they weren’t going to bring people salvation they were boundaries, are you hearing me. Because the bible says that no one could obey them anyway. But they did the sacrifices so that it could cover but it could never remove. That is why Jesus had to come. As we enter this new dimension that God is bringing the body of Christ into. You know Jesus express three (3) dimensions he said, I am the Way, the Truth and the Light those are three (3) dimensions. The Lord is bringing us into another dimension and in this dimension he begins to change us to fit accordingly to the dimension we are going in. You are going to find that a lot of things will get exposed in your life. Well nobody’s happy about it. So God’s going to expose things so that we can fit into this new dimension because see when God brings us into this new dimension we feel uncomfortable. It seams like you can’t do nothing right. It seam like we try, try, try and try but it’s because you’re not dead yet for that dimension. You’re still to alive and there’s still to much stuff there so your struggling and fighting on the things that you have learned from you past but God is trying to bring you something new, so all of a sudden the things you have learned from your past are not working. You know why? Because you have been too comfortable and the Lord brings you to another dimension. He says, it’s time to fit into here, but you can’t fit without me changing you. Now you got to have a desire to want to change. Remember something he said that was really powerful. He said not only am I the Way, Truth & Light. But you must also deny yourself to pick up the cross and then you can follow me. Those are three (3) dimensions. We are entering another dimension with the Lord he’s place before us. See we are waiting for the early and the latter rain to come, if we were to receive the fullness of it, there wouldn’t be a body left. There’s still too much garbage, there’s too much untrusting, there’s too much judgment and bitterness, there is still too much stuff that God is dealing with. Remember one of the first things that Jesus did when he went into the temple he made a whip and he began to go in and kick over the money changers and the dove seller and what ever. Then he said my house is not a house of thieves, now the bible says that the devil comes to still kill and destroy, so for us to get into this next dimension even as we step into it, it’s uncomfortable, now we got to get cleaner and purer. Now we can’t do it, can we? So when I say we’ve got to, what I’m saying is what you need to do is yield to it. You need to cooperate with what God is showing you and not ignore it and put it up under the rug, because you’re going to fall over it. One of the things its going to start doing is checking your attitude, how you are responding to things whether you are reacting or responding. He’s going to check to see if you are relying on what you know or what you’ve been through, your circumstances who you are really trusting in. See we have called, out Oh Lord I want to do your will, so if you have you can expect to do his will, dead or alive. To many people relying on what they feel, and we back to this again, to may relying on what they see. What God is tying to do is to begin to make the carnal realm more distant to you. See we have a tendency to constantly reach out to the carnal area, but it seam sometime that it just going further and further away no matter how much or how hard and whatever you do you can never grab it. That’s good because he does not want you to. Because if you do you walk in the natural real and he wants you to begin to walk in the supernatural. So we are entering into another dimension and in that he has specific things that qualify you for living there. Galatians 3:19 Now we know that the word believe means to follow. Jesus said you must deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow. Individuals who are following the Lord are constantly going from Glory to Glory; see the

Lord is bringing his church into another dimension, to move back the powers of darkness, to take victory with the rescue of souls. You see the Lord how the enemies tactics are sometimes you and I don’t. So he brings us into a place and prepares us. He teaches us new weapons, he teaches us new tactic, he teaches us other areas in our life we thought were good and helpful realizing it is no longer useful anymore. He’s changing jobs where you have been comfortable, he’s changing relationship, he changing all kinds of things in your life to position you, so that you may walk into that new dimension and fit in it. But before faith came we were kept under guard by the law, kept for the faith which would afterward be revealed. Therefore the law was our tutor to bring us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith. But after faith has come, we are no longer under a tutor. So we knew that the law were boundaries that bring us to the king and his anointing. These are called now Divine Requirements, these now replace the law. So the law that was is replaced by Divine Requirements. Divine Requirements are the things that God is telling you on a daily basis. Why? Because he desire a relationship. Now by obeying divine requirements, it grants us access, so if you’re not willing to change, you can’t obey under divine requirement because you’re not willing to change. You know everybody says they are willing to do whatever it takes, but see they don’t realize that change is willing to do whatever it takes. So if you’re not willing to change you are not willing to do whatever it takes no matter how much you say it. People get so much in a rut, they eat dinner at the exact same time everyday, they do the same thing every morning, we become so over disciplined that we become hard of hearing and then we become religious and then things are not going the way they are suppose to (but lord I’m doing everything I’m suppose to) but obey. Because he’s saying listen here is my divine requirements list which is going to qualify you to have access to all the things I have, because I’m on the move. And if you’re not on the move you’re not going to have access because certain times in the season’s access are granted in different places. Now we have a teaching call Invitations are Opportunities for Visitations, see so God is on the move, he’s always on the move, everything is moving, the universe is moving , it is not still it’s moving. You may think we are still but even the earth is moving right now, we don’t sense, because right now we are caught up on what is here present. But if we look beyond what is present, if we are to look beyond what is in the atmosphere, if we are to look beyond what is the moon, if we are to look beyond the stars, the milky way and the universe we enter another dimension. So God is trying to bring us to a place where we stop looking in the present and we began to look in another dimension that is so unique that when you see in these areas and you step into these area it is not only expressing future but it has already expressed past. It’s like all of a sudden something comes together all in one word, past, present and future all at one time. Because you see god is not bound by space and time and in this dimension neither are you then you will understand why things happen in the past, what’s going in the present and what going to happen in the future. And that’s what he’s trying to bring us to. Now Divine Requirement grant us access by faith in his accomplishments. Because you and I would not have access unless he had already accomplished it. So everything relies on what he’s already for me and you. Now the things is in order to access it, we must be qualified and that’s by obeying Divine Requirements. We have a wonderful teaching called going the Extra Mile, individuals that are not willing to go the extra mile will never walk in that dimension, they can’t. Because an individual that can’t go the extra mile cannot deny himself, he limits, and the reason why an individual limits is because they are still relying on their own strengths, they even rely on their own weaknesses. Roman 8:1 Now remember the law of the Spirit is now Divine Requirements (now he’s talking about the law that puts people to sin and death, which is the old testaments law isn’t) see it is fulfilled in you already, now let me share this with you and you grab hold of this. Jesus said he came to fulfill the law didn’t he? So as you are obedient to divine requirements you are fulfilling the law along with him. The law of the past. You see unless you fulfill something from the past, you cannot go to the future. You must complete and finish something and fulfill something of your past to continue to go into your future or your past will always hold you back, you can only go so far. Why? Because you will always constantly be attached to your weaknesses, you’ll be attached to you failures, you’ll be attached to your successes; you’ll be attached to you. In this next dimension, your have nothing to do with it. Again the law is replaced with Divine Requirements, now but we are still walking in the spirit that is fulfilling the law of the past, because we are walking with Christ and he said I came to fulfill the law so as we are

constantly the law of the past by walking in the Spirit you become obedient to Divine Requirement and that brings you into the future. Remember you cannot go into the future without fulfilling the past. Psalm 15:1-5 Now I want you to understand this God’s tabernacle is dimensional so I just shared with you that God is on the move isn’t he. So he’s saying who can abide in this dimension where you at and what does it say, He says, He who walks uprightly, well that means somebody who is obeying the Divine Requirements And works righteousness, And speaks the truth in his heart; Now I’m not saying doesn’t change with the spirit, but he doesn’t change the righteousness. You know you can depend on that person, you know that, that person is reliable; you know that if that person says something they are going to do it. You don’t have to go behind this person to see if they have done it or not. It’s done. This is where God is trying to bring us. Let me share something with you, if that is not manifesting in your life, god cannot trust you. And you will not advance or fit into this other dimension until this is broke off and you are willing to go that extra mile. See things through all the way in this dimension. He who does not put out his money as usury, in other words he is a good steward. Nor does he take a bribe against the innocent. He who does these things shall never be moved. He will never be moved by wickedness. But he will be moved by the spirit because he want be moved by wickedness so he will be following and obeying the Divine Requirements by fulfilling the law according to what Jesus has fulfill severing from the past and being able to go into the future holding on to nothing but Christ. I Corinthians 9:19 See Paul was able to become all things but not be bound to them. Now I want you to look at what would Jesus do, remember Jesus walked in that dimension. Paul was learning and it was blowing Paul’s mind because he was learning how to suffer according to the way Christ suffered, he was learning how to walk in that dimension, that why he said, I count it all (dung) of all the things of my past that I have learned. He said, now I rejoice in the arena where I suffer with Christ. (Why)? Because in that area where Christ was suffering, it was actually enjoyable. Because it was whole other dimension, not associated with the sufferings of this world of losing things. God did not suffer because he was losing anything he was suffering because he was gaining everything, and that was you and me. So in him he walked in another dimension with joy!! He called joy to suffer and die like Christ, because Paul had reached this dimension that not many men have. I believe he was the first one besides Elijah and of course Enoch did not hang around long enough to tell anybody about it. That scripture is so powerful it expresses Christ himself; I became all things so that all men can be saved. It says he became like a humble servant, he was a carpenter, he was a son, he became all things, and there was no one he could not relate to, because he became all things. See we who are caught up in the dimensions that prevent us to go into this next dimension will not be able to open an area; they’ll have resentment toward people, There will be people that they want, want to express God’s love because of fear, they want be able to communicate with certain people. Paul accomplished in reaching that dimension where it didn’t matter who, what, where or when he was able to express Christ and be a witness. Go to verse 1st Corinthians 9:24 In other words he exercises self-control. Yes, I work very hard that I may receive a pay check. Yes, I suffer that I may get a pay check, Yes, I willing to give up all there things that I may get a pay check. Now divine requirements are an area where it qualifies you. See by obeying these divine requirements is where god says, come on, I want to qualify you to operate in this place. I want to qualify you to operate in this dimension. God is not holding anything back he’s putting everything out, but he’s going to qualify you, you’re not going to give a six year old kid the keys to your car. You know everybody is expecting these things from God, but yet they have not earned it. Oh Lord your word says, well you have not qualified to receive that promise yet. But, Lord all your promises says, you paid the price. Yes he did, but you’ve got

to pay it too. But Lord your word says, you come to give us life and life more abundantly, right and as you qualify you’ll get what you earned. God qualifies you to receive. Trust is earned; people think that they’ve been good for a week or two week, or a year that they get everything. Well Lord you know I’ve been good for a year!! Hey man you ain’t dead yet because your still looking at how good you’ve been, you’ve lost what he’s done and your looking at what you’ve done, you want walk in that dimension. Are you hearing me? You cannot walk in it! Only his son or his daughter can walk in it, you cannot. That’s why he qualifies you to walk in it. So divine requirements is an area where God qualifies you. Psalm 40:6 You know this is you. You see you are already born with the law. Now as you continue to fulfill it as Jesus fulfilled it and then you’re obeying the divine requirements the Lord advances you. Are you hearing me? It what? It advances you. Why? Because God is on the move and your must be on the move with him. That’s why people who are not willing to change cannot advance, you’ve got to be ready to change at any given moment, and you can no longer have an agenda or a plan. What do you mean?? I’ve got plans to do pssssssst. That’s right it all pssssssst! that’s your plans. Now don’t get me wrong you can have little agenda’s, but you better be willing to break them. Your plans must always be willing to come under feet. My wife has a hard time with me. Honey what would you like to do? I don’t know. What do you want for dinner? I don’t know. Would you like to eat? I don’t care!! And why you ask me what I want for dinner at 6 o’clock in the morning?? HA, HA. That when the breaker start popping. Ear to see and a desire to change. See you can’t do his will unless you are willing to change. When the Lord says, hey I need you to go do this and you say (WHAT)? SAY WHAT?? That can’t be you Lord. I’ll never forget when the Lord said to me, Guy I want you to buy a motorcycle. Get out of here devil, you not going to get me to stumble and have a desire for a bike that I use to ride for a long time and I lost it for the last (14) fourteen years.!! Guy I want you to buy a bike. I felt like Noah, Noah build an ark, 42 x 42 x 52 cubic and Noah says Lord what’s a cubic? Lord says, Guy I want you to buy a bike, I said OK, Hallelujah. I struggle with that for (2) two months and I mentioned it to my wife one day, and she said yes I think you should too. I thought Wooooo!! Then somebody offered to give money for the bike, I thought Wooo! So I started looking for a used Harley, I looked on the internet. Then the Lord said, I don’t want no used bike. Wait a minute didn’t you just say I want you to get a bike? Yes! But I don’t want a used bike! Well, Oh, what kind of a bike would you like? I want a witness bike. See he had to change me! Because of this thing that held me back from when I was a bad boy riding a bike, what he wanted to bring me, I was still trying to bring from my past and I couldn’t receive it. So he had to change me, so I could walk in another dimension so I could see what he wanted. Do you understand? See he may tell you something, but until you are willing to change you can’t see what he really wants. And the story goes on. So one of the things the Lord is going to do is get you into the spirit. If you are not willing to change you cannot get in the spirit. Do you know that every time you get into the spirit you must be willing to change before you get it? You see peoples are still trying to get in the spirit without changing. Acts 1:4 Now Jesus had just been hanging around the earth after his resurrection for forty days. And he was getting ready to leave and go home and intercede for all of his children in another dimension, in to his dimension. And being assembled together with them, he commanded them; in order words he gave them a divine requirement, to what? To qualify them. Now those who obeyed were qualified and those who did not were disqualified. Again, there were 500 disciples there and what did he say, He said listen, he commanded them not to depart from Jerusalem but to wait for the promise of the father which he said you have heard from me, “for John truly baptized with water, but you shall be baptized the Holy Spirit not many days from now.” Five hundred disciples he spoke to, only 120 obeyed the divine requirement and entered a whole other dimension. And 380 stayed the same. And those 380 has gone down from generation to generation, to generation, to generation and that’s what we have denomination.

Ephesians 5:15 We are going to talk about a few requirements, God willing. in other words quit wasting time, Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is, How are you going to know what the will of the Lord is if you aint in the spirit? How are you going to understand what the will of the Lord is if your not submitting and obeying divine requirements that qualify you to fulfill the will of the Lord. because that relationship is an inward relationship that it may be expressed outward, In other words, divine requirements is to maintain a filling of the Holy Spirit, that was the first requirements Jesus gave them wasn’t it? Do not leave Jerusalem until the spirit comes and fills you. That was a commandment from the Lord, his first requirement; divine requirement was to stay filled with the Spirit of the living God. In other words worship at all costs.