1EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENTS # 2 You can’t receive the things of the Spirit unless you are in the Spirit.

We have been discussing emotional attachments and we are continuing on tonight. When we really become sensitive to the things that God is trying to express in us, you will find so much more victory in your life. In being willing to do whatever it takes, you will be challenged. There is a price for freedom. Jesus paid the price for you and I to access freedom. Freedom is learned and trust is earned. That’s why Jesus said my yoke is easy and my burden is light, come and learn from me. One of the most important things in this area is to be consistent. When you get the lesson, you get the blessing. That’s why the bible tells us, forsake not to assemble. Because there are so many things that the Spirit is doing right now and when people are not assembling, they are missing what God is doing. Right now discipline is a major factor. You must be disciplined so that no matter how you feel or what’s going on, you do the right thing. In your spirit you already know what the right thing is. Now you have to do it. This is where emotional attachments are hindering individuals. Because they become men pleasers instead of God pleasers. The enemy is going to challenge you in everything you learn because he is here to steal what you have learned. The enemy is there to continually try and implement his image and likeness in your life, and negate the image and likeness of Christ. ROMANS 7:14-25 Sin is the presence of evil. Your carnal is considered your flesh. Your carnal mind, your carnal will. In other words, the old man is considered flesh. Too many people think that the flesh is the flesh on the body– the skin. The flesh is associated with everything carnal in your being — the old man. Adam and Eve had a glorified body until they sinned. Then they became flesh, and their spirit, soul and body were no longer one. It became divided. They became carnal. The bible talks about the carnal mind that it’s associated with the flesh. So you and I were born in darkness. We were born in flesh. Paul said, I will to do good but there is evil present in me. He is calling this flesh— carnal. This is why the bible says your flesh is to be crucified if you are led by the Spirit. Because your carnal is now on the cross. If you are not led by the Spirit, your carnal is off of the cross. That’s why those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God. Those that are led by the flesh are sons of the devil. Every choice that you make is going to be a reflection of the image you portray in yourself. If you see yourself as the son of God, you will begin to respond in that area. If you see yourself as the son of the enemy you will begin to come against the things of God. Paul was beginning to see that sin dwelled in him even though God had delivered him. This is because the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is still in you. It has not been removed and cannot be removed. The day it’s removed, we are home. That’s why we must take dominion over it. Things are labeled so that we have understanding of them. I believe Paul was beginning to reveal something of his conscious and subconscious. He was beginning to see two states here. The things he didn’t want to do, he was doing. And the things he wanted to do, he didn’t do. He found the presence of evil in him in that the things he didn’t want to do, he did. But if we look at Paul, he was pretty close to the image and likeness of Christ. He did shoot off his mouth a couple of times— and got angry and probably wanted to kick butt, but held himself back and he repented quickly. It doesn’t mean that Paul didn’t make any mistakes.

It means he was sensitive enough to get back into the relationship and divine position with God. Paul was conscious of things, but he was beginning to realize about the subconscious. When you are asleep your subconscious takes over. Conscious is a representation of something you have control of. But you don’t have control over something when you are sleeping. If the truth is truly imparted in your spirit, you will have victory even in your dreams. Because that’s associated with a belief system. Your belief system is going to associate with your selfimage, which is who you see yourself as. The devil still attacks you while you sleep. But there is a part of you that seems to be still awake while you are sleeping. When you wake up you remember where you had been tempted and that you didn’t fall to it. That’s because your belief system changed. Your belief is now associated in what the carnal world calls your subconscious. I call this Spirit. You and I were born in the image and likeness of darkness. You weren’t born angels. You see the little flesh-creatures (children) running around? They are going to do their will no matter what. They don’t even care about consequences most of the time. In other words, they do the things they want to do. Not even that they like to do, just what they want to do. Sometimes they will do things just to irritate you and they don’t even know why they are doing it. There is something in them that knows how to get to you sometimes. They didn’t need to go to any school to know how to walk in the flesh. They were born with the knowledge of how to walk in the flesh. Your environment also begins to impart things and you become a part of it. Sometimes you could even have a dream that you were going to fly but you couldn’t get off the ground. That’s because you really don’t believe it yet. Paul was beginning to realize that there were two areas in him and they were associated with his belief system. Your heart is the character of your Spirit. Your heart not only expresses your conscious but also your subconscious. Because it’s associated in the Spirit and not in the natural. Your subconscious is associated with the belief system of the old nature. And the enemy uses this. That’s why we do the things we don’t want to do. In some areas there is dominion, which is the reinstatement of the original divine nature. Because you have been born again. That’s why the bible says not to forsake assembling. In big businesses the successful ones are the ones who attend all the meetings. Because they are constantly being encouraged. They are constantly beating down thoughts of defeat and discouragement. They are constantly being encouraged. Eventually it becomes a part of their belief system. It gets imparted in them in their subconscious, where they already believe they have it and they are just waiting for it to manifest. That’s one of the things the enemy loves to do is remove people from fellowship. In any area he can. Because he knows that if he can prevent the image and likeness of Christ from being imparted in us, that the image and likeness of the anti-Christ will take dominion. It is important in the new belief system in how you see yourself, to be positioned in divine order. Divine order is important. Because if you are not in divine order you will never see yourself in the image and likeness of Christ. It’s impossible. You must be in divine order. Sin is the presence of evil that rejects the self-image and likeness or the character of God’s offspring – God’s image. Adam and Eve had glorified bodies again that were stolen as well as their self-image of the likeness of God. It was all stolen. So we see here that the image and likeness of the— I’m going to say anti-Christ (anti meaning that it comes against the image and likeness of Christ or what we call the Anointing) because they believed the serpent. And the serpent of course entered Eve and then the serpent that entered Eve, deceived Adam.

Eve couldn’t have deceived Adam unless she saw herself as something different. She no longer saw herself as the way God portrayed her. She saw herself in another arena. She allowed the serpent to use her and enter her. And then she gave the fruit to Adam without telling him. She could have said, “Listen the serpent deceived me and gave me this fruit and I ate it already. Do you want some?” He would have probably said, “No.” But she couldn’t be honest with him because now she found another source. And the source was a liar, a thief, a killer and a murderer. She found another source and that source, who she served– she now became a slave to it. And she didn’t even know it. Now she was out doing things she didn’t even want to do, and she didn’t even know why she was doing them. Because now she portrayed another image. The image and likeness of God was now replaced with the image and likeness of flesh. The fallen nature. The enemy. GENESIS 4:3-7 God is saying, I’m expecting something. You have already been taught it and now I’m going to ask you to do it. Do you know how many people refuse to tithe? I’m going to use this as an example. They are so dependent on themselves and their work and their hours, that they are confident that they can make enough money without moving in the supernatural. You must sow in the supernatural to get (reap) the supernatural. So many times people are holding on to things, not willing to sow in the supernatural so that the supernatural can move on their behalf. He knew exactly what moved God. He knew exactly what sacrifice and offering was accepted. Because it was shown in the garden. Adam and Eve already knew and they were teaching their children what was acceptable and what was not acceptable. The Lord had said, Just go back and fix it and it will be accepted. Sin is trying to prevent you from doing the right thing. Sin, the image and likeness of the enemy, the presence of evil [because sin means the presence of evil] is trying to prevent you from doing the right thing so that you can be accepted. When God says “accepted” here he is saying “I can move on your behalf” now. Because the acceptable offering was going to be according to divine order so he can move on your behalf. The Lord was just trying to get him in divine order. He was trying to get him in divine position so he could move on his behalf. But he realized the presence of evil was there trying to prevent him from getting in divine position so God could move on his behalf. God was trying to maintain Cain’s focus so he could have rule and reject the rule of evil’s selfimage of pride and disrespect. Because he had disrespected the Lord by bringing that offering. Cain ended up speaking with Able and eventually when they were in the field Cain rose up against Able and killed him. Then God sent Cain away. This same thing that happened in the Garden happened right here. It just repeated itself. History always repeats itself according to the carnal nature. But in the Spirit you can stop history from repeating itself. You can do that because you have dominion and authority. It can stop repeating itself in your life. There are three emotional attachments that really hit big-time here. These are the three major emotional attachments. When Adam and Eve fell the first thing that hit them was fear. Fear is one of the most powerful emotional attachments. The second one was rejection and the third one was regret. Fear, rejection and regret. Fear, rejection and regret manifested. These continued to promote the self-image of man as the image and likeness of the offspring of darkness. satan wanted to steal the image and

likeness of God and he replaced it with his image and likeness. He continued to enslave them through emotional attachments. Think about how many times fear, rejection and regret have affected your life. Where you were either afraid of being rejected or where you beat yourself up over regret for something you did. This portrayed a self-image that prevented you from moving forward. The other thing the fear, rejection and regret do is harden the heart. These emotional attachments begin to harden your heart. I want you to know that every emotional attachment has a spirit. I CORINTHIANS 1:26 Every thought has an image. Every image has a feeling. Every feeling has an emotion. Every emotion is associated with a habit. And these emotional attachments are associated with spirits. The world doesn’t know how to get to the root of things so they medicate people. I was watching this advertisement on tv where this medication was for oppression and one of the side effects was suicide! They actually think it’s helping people. Side-effect: suicide. For you see your calling brethren .... You see. Every thought has an image. Images are associated with imagination. Imagination is the window. That’s just a part of our character in how God created us. Children for example. Some children have phenomenal imaginations. You could be driving down somewhere and they can see something really quick and the next thing you know when they get home they sit down and draw it out extensively. That’s because their eyes took a picture of something and it got implanted. Just like a camera. They were able to see it and they were able to implement it in their thought system so they didn’t forget it. And when it came time to draw it, they just went to the image and took it and put it on paper. Your imagination is the window to the things of the Spirit realm also. So when he says, “you see your calling” - he wants you to see and imagine it. Because as a man thinks, so he is. So if a man can think it, he’s going to see it. And he will respond and react in that arena of what he sees. For you see your calling brethren that not many wise according to the flesh, not many mighty, or not many noble are called..... He is beginning to share that this has nothing to do with your talents and your ability. We are talking about a whole other realm. When he is talking about the things that “are” he is talking about the things that God has built. What limits us from seeing who we are as the self-image of God’s creation is our flesh, our carnal nature and the belief system associated with the subconscious. Our flesh is associated with the old self-image and the enemy is going to try and keep it alive by emotional attachments. Now there are healthy and unhealthy emotional attachments. When you see “your calling,” this is who you are. Not what you are supposed to do. It’s who you are in Christ. Just like when you were born in the carnal world, that image and likeness of the character of darkness reigned in your life. That’s why you must be born again. When you are born again the image and likeness of the character of Christ is imparted in you, but we must cooperate so it has dominion in us. It’s like when you ride a bicycle. Once you learn how to ride the bicycle, you could get hit by a car by mistake and that fear can prevent you from getting back on the bicycle. You could also have a sense of rejection because the car didn’t respect you. Or maybe the car ran the red light. So you could have a sense of rejection because people don’t respect you on the bike. And then you could also portray and come into agreement with regret because you should have gone another way. The enemy uses emotional attachments to prevent you from

walking in the image and likeness of Christ. But there is something that stays there no matter what. You could be off that bike for 10 years and then all of a sudden get back on it and ride it. Because there is a belief that was imparted in your subconscious that tells you how to ride that bike. You believe and you know it. You just get on that bike and go and you don’t even think about it. Same thing with people in car accidents. They just get in the car and drive. But the fear is gripping them. Then they turn the key and everything is fine. They become amazed that the fear had gripped them in the first place when they are now driving effortlessly. It’s a belief. You have already done it, you have experienced it and you believe it. It’s a part of your subconscious now. Seeing your calling is seeing who you are. The first thing we must see is the divine selfimage as a child of God. You are a child of God. The enemy will always try and challenge you in this. You combat that by confessing: I am a new creation in Christ, old things are passed away. That’s why you have confessions every day. You are a new creation. The second thing you must see is that you are a child of the King and belong to a kingdom. And you have ruling capabilities. The third thing is that we must see ourselves as an heir with an inheritance – belonging to a royal family. I will tell you that if you just confess this one time, the enemy will come and steal it all. The enemy will attack you, questioning everything. These things must be imparted, implanted, sown, established and grown in your belief system. When Jesus was attacked and the devil asked him, Are you truly the son of God, the devil was trying to remove the self-image Jesus had of who he was. He was trying to remove Jesus’ identity. He will try to remove your identity. People go back to the world because they have never truly accepted the identity that such a huge price was paid to give them. And they have not maintained that identity and that their self-image. So the third thing is that we are an heir having an inheritance and belonging to a royal family. The fourth thing is that we are called to service of the king representing the kingdom. And by representing the kingdom that means we have been granted dominion. And at some specific time, God will use you. And the fifth thing is that we have been granted a mentor to teach and train us as to kingdom protocol— ethics. And it is to better position you with understanding. The Holy Spirit is your mentor. He’s the nanny, the mentor and so forth. He is the down payment of your inheritance. And the sixth thing is, you no longer belong here. The earth is not your home. People want to make this their home, because they are still portraying the self-image of the father from beneath instead of the Father from above. And the seventh thing is that you are no longer human but eternal in the divine nature of the King’s image and likeness as a soldier in the eternal army. The other thing that comes along with that is that you have access to every weapon and favor of the King. Defeat is not an option. In other words, if you are truly a child of God— This is where the Lord says, Those who are mine hear my voice. If you are truly a child of God and you truly believe that you are a child of the King— and you truly believe that you have an inheritance and are royalty and you are part of a royal family and you believe that God has paid the price for you to have all of these things — and you accept this and it’s a part of your belief system and you see things differently now, then you know that you are eternal. You know it. You can’t die. Your flesh will die. And thank God! Because your flesh is associated with the carnal. I’m not telling anyone to go out and kill themselves. But that is something you can look forward to and not fear. We have a purpose and a function to fulfill while on this side. But if the self-image that you are portraying now is more in the likeness and image of Christ, you will come to a point where you don’t fear death. Jesus came into the world to die. So in this you know that you have the favor of God no matter what, you just have to go through the circumstance, no matter what.

PHILLIPIANS 3:12-17 .... forgetting those things which are behind.... See when things are behind you, you can’t see them unless you are carrying a rear-view mirror, which some people do. Their focus is more on behind them than in front of them and they get into a lot of accidents. I’m talking spiritually. Quit looking behind! The only time you need to look behind is to sever and learn. You sever it and you learn from it. The limitations of the self-image of the divine nature and character of Christ are associated with emotional attachments. Because as a man thinks, so he is. The enemy is always going to try and bring your behind in front of you. People struggle with their past. Remember the old man is associated with his image and likeness of darkness. So you want to constantly sever those things and press forward— no matter what it takes. Paul said he counted it all dung. Mr. Religion himself, Saul who became Paul, found that religion didn’t do any good. But when he found truth, here was the opportunity to set him free from his past. EPHESIANS 5:8-15 We are to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but we are to expose them. Too many people want to hang with them instead of exposing them. We are to expose unfruitful beliefs. Feelings are attached to emotions. We are to expose these unfruitful beliefs because an unfruitful belief system is associated with your feelings. Your feelings are like senses. What you have believed in your past has now dictated what you feel. These feelings are also attached to emotional attachments. Emotions are the area where we react. Emotion is actually a voice telling you what to do because of feelings. So if your belief system is messed up, your feelings are messed up. Because feelings are associated with what you sense– what you perceive. Where Paul says “awake you who sleep,” he is talking about the subconscious. He’s saying, Get that belief system— so that your subconscious is more awake now and not deceived by the wrong self-image of darkness! Awake to the divine nature and expose the self-image that has been imparted in you from the day you were born! 2 CORINTHIANS 10:3-6 You are still doing the things you don’t want to do because you are still operating from the old belief system of the carnal man. You don’t believe the self-image of the new man yet. Your belief system must be altered and changed into the truth. The bible says truth sets you free. Emotional attachments are keeping the old man alive. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal. They are not fleshly. A stronghold is a memory lie. Something that you have accepted as a truth that is declaring your self-image. So your thoughts cause you to see. As a man thinks so he is. Because what he is thinking is what he is seeing! And that is the self-image that is portrayed. Our weapons are for pulling down those lies. Casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the character or the self-image of God. Bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. The weapon is your authority – that has been already granted to you. If you are not portraying the self-image and the likeness of Christ with authority— people don’t take the authority. They just take the thought and no authority. Jesus said I didn’t come to bring peace on earth. I came to bring you a sword so you can get peace once you have severed. The weapon is your authority in removing limitations of the belief system or thought which causes images – that cause false feelings – that cause emotional attachments – which cause

and become habits. This is why a person has a habit. He reacts every time and quickly no matter what it is. Someone can say something to him and he will immediately react in a defensive manner. Sometimes people have a habit of running every time something happens to them. Whether it is a result of guilt, shame or whatever from the things that have happened to them. 2 CORINTHIANS 5:17 .... all things have become new. This is wonderful, if you can believe it. You are a new creation in the Anointing. The word Christ means Anointed One. So you are a new creation in the Anointing. I JOHN 2:18, 19, 27 The Holy Spirit is your mentor now. He will mentor you and guide you into all truth. He will be there with you as long as you are communicating with him and he will help expose you. Because he wants to get rid of your old self-image. The trials and testing are exposure. The lesson causes the testing and the testing brings the blessing – once you pass. People are trying to get to the blessing without the testing. That would be a self-imposed blessing and it won’t last. The anti-Christ is associated with the old man. Because it comes against the image and likeness of Christ. It’s called anti-Christ. Everyone keeps thinking that it’s just one person and I am not saying it isn’t because the head of the anti-Christ will come. satan, who is the anti-Christ, will eventually put on flesh and come into the natural realm. But he is not only talking about the head of the anti-Christ, he is saying that there are many anti-Christs right now. And they are associated with your old nature. Those who are not born again are antiChrist. They are going to come against Christ/the Anointing. That’s what religion is all about. You have people going to church, playing religion, and yet still doing the things that they don’t want to do and that is because the anti-Christ is still running their lives. Their selfimage is not the self-image of Christ because the belief system has not been established yet. They are still reacting to emotional attachments and keeping alive the old man, which is actually the anti-Christ. That’s why some of your first reactions are fleshly. Your first thought when someone drops something on your toe is not to bless them. When someone doesn’t do something the way you want them to, you get offended. It’s anti-Christ. It is not acting or responding according to the way Christ’s character is. You can tell the fruit right away in whether they are responses from the new man or reactions from the old man. You do know all things. You just have to tap into it to know all things. You are listening to someone who at one time, could barely read. I used to be scared to death to read. When my teacher used to call me to read, I would shake. I couldn’t say the words and I would go home and get beat because I couldn’t read. Then I didn’t want to read. I was afraid of books. But when Jesus showed up and the anointing began to teach me.... When I would get frustrated and I would get ready to lay down the bible, he would say, PICK IT UP! He used to tell me, You are a new creation! And you can do all things through Christ! He would repeat this again and again to me. Finally I busted through and I read more books in one year than I had in my entire life. It was a deaf and dumb spirit that portrayed the self-image that I was unworthy— and fearful of touching a book. I had gone to tutors and everything and they couldn’t do anything with me. I was even afraid to go to the tutor. The secular world is under the anti-Christ. Because it’s coming against the image and likeness of Christ. Your old man is the birth of the anti-Christ. That’s why your first response

most of the time is anti-Christ— until your belief system is totally changed. And it’s imparted in your subconscious or in your spirit. You will abide in Him, in the Anointing or in the Holy Spirit. He is your way out! Jesus paid the price for you to have his Spirit. The enemy, through emotional attachments, is coming against the image and likeness of Christ. I JOHN 2:15 He is saying here the world is secular and is under the sway of the anti-Christ. So if you love the world, you are still fulfilling the self-image of the child of darkness. That’s why he says to come out. The Holy Spirit’s function is to restore us back into the image and likeness of Christ. That’s why he came so it would change our belief system to reflect that all things are possible to those that believe. That’s why he said greater things he would do, as soon as our belief system corresponds to the mind of Christ. MATTHEW 4:3-4 The Christ came into the world and he met anti-Christ. Mr. anti-Christ himself showed up in the wilderness. The first thing he said was, If you are the son of God.... He was trying to remove his identity. You have a new identity now. But there is a fight over your old identity and your new identity. That’s why emotional attachments are going to activate your old identity. Your old identity is associated with the secular world under the sway of the antiChrist. That’s why we must sever emotional attachments. Man cannot live on bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Carnal food. Man cannot live by what the devil says. But by every word that God says about you, is how you will live. The attack was about self-image, it wasn’t about the food. ISAIAH 55:8 When Jesus says that man will live by every word that proceeds out of my mouth, those are God’s thoughts. God is saying your carnal thoughts are not like my thoughts. Your carnal ways are not like my ways. God is saying if you will believe what I am saying and what is coming out of my mouth about who you are, you will prosper. You will prosper because my words do not return void! The only way they return void is if it has never been established as a belief system. So when you truly believe it and it’s in your spirit and it’s not just head knowledge, it’s in your belief system now and it’s associated in your spirit, and you believe it no matter what— it is changing everything. The way this is established is by severing emotional ties. His thoughts won’t return void but will prosper— The belief system of His thought relate to the new image of self for as He is, so are we. The scripture tells us that— As He is, so are we! That’s when his word won’t return void. GENESIS 1 The bible tells us that God spoke to bring things into existence. This is the only place in all of creation that God spoke to himself. Everything else he spoke to it. So when he said let us make man in our own image and likeness, he spoke to himself and created something from himself and that’s where you and I come from. The enemy does not want you to have the self-image of who you are— that you are in the image and likeness of the creator. That’s why when your belief system is associated in divine position and divine order with the creator, what you speak will not come back void.