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EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENTS # 3 There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ.

That’s only for those who are in the Spirit. That’s why it is so important to be walking in the Spirit. Let me tell you how the enemy works. God prepares us for the attack. But so many people go and exchange the anointing for the things of the world. You must maintain the anointing. When you start exchanging the anointing, the purity of heart, for the things of the world (and you think you are okay because the enemy has lied to you and you have bit the bait), when you come in God’s presence, all of a sudden you feel all of this conviction. You hadn’t even realized how much you exchanged. It is our responsibility to maintain the anointing and the presence of God. You never— never sell the anointing! Never sell the presence of God! Never make the exchange. It is the most precious thing in your life and you had better die for it!! That is the difference between religion and relationship. In the presence of God, in the anointing, the relationship is wonderful!!! God is trying to get his people mightily ready. You see the anointing and the power of God is for the next fight! And if you don’t maintain it, you lose the next fight! There is no defeat in Christ! You must be confident and steadfast that you will not lose. No matter what. You don’t lose battles, you win them! You are not allowed to lose battles. The only reason people lose battles is because they make the wrong choice of the battle they are supposed to fight. After my visitation from the Lord, I wanted to go out and save the world. I wanted to tell everyone about Jesus. When people would prophesy over me saying I was going to be ministering to the body of Christ, I couldn’t understand that. I wanted to go out and tell everyone about Jesus and save the world! The body of Christ should be out there saving the world, but there is so much garbage, religion, incorrect doctrine— wrong belief systems. We spend more time healing the body of Christ because of so many breaches, than we do going out and rescuing souls! We spend more time healing the body. If everyone would just die to self, we would be alright. If everyone would just do whatever it takes. Not being willing to do whatever it takes your way, when you want to do it and whenever you feel to. You may make it home to heaven, but you will never fulfill the perfect will of God on this side. This is why we are talking about emotional attachments. It is one of the enemies plagues. It’s how he moves people out of God’s position. He moves people out of God’s presence. He deceives. The bible says in Hosea 4:6, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Knowledge is truth. Truth is life! If you don’t walk in truth, you don’t have life. Truth is life and life is truth and without it, you don’t have it. So if the enemy can deceive you by the spirit of error and false doctrine and religious garbage, you are not walking in truth. That’s why truth isn’t setting people free, because they know it but they don’t believe it! Because of the belief system. This bible is true from beginning to end. It is truth. And there is more than just what is written here. The bible tells us that there were so many things that Jesus did that they could not write it all. What we have is sufficient. It is a guideline to help us. So the bible is truth. It is knowledge. But knowledge that is not understood is not truth. Truth is life and life is truth. When you understand this you are free. You can’t believe one part of the bible and not the rest. We have the Holy Spirit and He is the author of this word. The word is still being written. It is written in you. That’s why you are the living epistle. It didn’t stop at chapter 22. It is still going on. The bible says that when we stand before God books will be opened. The Book of Remembrance, the Book of Life— books will be opened. You are being recorded.

So one of the things the enemy does is he begins to control us by emotional attachments. And these emotional attachments stem from the belief system. Emotional attachments cause you to have a self-image of something different than who you really are. When you are born again and filled with the Holy Ghost, you are in the image and likeness of Christ. It does not mean you are going to stand in the mirror and look like Jesus, but His spirit is in you. If you are truly in fellowship with him you are going to begin to act and respond according to the way He did. In character, in ethics, in submission, in obedience, in surrender — and all those wonderful things that are in the character of Christ. MARK 16:14-18 .... and he rebuked their unbelief and hardness of heart .... Now these guys hung around with Jesus for almost 3½ years. He rose from the dead, he shares with them, and spends 40 days with them— and then he gets before them and rebukes them for their unbelief and hardening of heart. Unbelief and hardening of heart are always together. Doubt is sin. Sin is the presence of evil. When you doubt, you are agreeing with the presence of evil. Believe means to follow. If you are a believer, you are a follower. Don’t tell me how long you have been a believer and have been keeping that seat warm and yet you are not following. You are a liar and are deceived. You didn’t come to get your ears tickled – you came for freedom! The truth frees you but you have to believe. And your belief system must change. Jesus said there would be signs that would follow those that believe (or follow Jesus): In my name they will cast out demons. They will speak with new tongues, meaning they would be baptized with the Holy Ghost and have a new prayer language. If you think that was just for the disciples and not for today, you are deceived. The bible says Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Nothing has changed, just people’s beliefs. And they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover. That’s a belief system! Many people read the scriptures but they don’t believe. They read it but they don’t believe it. This is where the enemy comes in. He tries to alter your belief system. He does this and maintains a false belief system through emotional attachments. What you believe is what you perceive. If your belief system is incorrect, you are going to receive things incorrectly. Your feelings are associated with things you perceive. So if your belief system is incorrect, your feelings are incorrect which is why you cannot trust them. If you are feeling a certain way it is because you are perceiving something. But if it is incorrect a certain way, your feelings are going to be incorrect. What you believe is what you perceive or what you feel. You have to do whatever it takes no matter what. There were things I didn’t understand when I was a baby in Christ. But I saw the fruit of those things in other people. So that caused me to believe that same fruit could manifest in my life even though it wasn’t happening with me yet. So I knew that if I just got off my blessed assurance and did it, I knew that what happened to them would happen to me. And it did! As I began to watch people praise and worship God and as I saw them begin to change, instead of moving just one foot I began to move two. Instead of waving goodbye, I started waving hello. And things began to change in my life. I began to realize when troubles and stuff started happening to me, I just started dancing around and praising and worshiping God and telling him, I love you Dad!! And the enemy had to step back because he couldn’t stand it. Because the devils acknowledge the anointing. Too many people when they get caught up in the emotional attachment, begin to focus on that. They do this because their belief system has been altered and their feelings are perceived incorrectly because of the altered belief system. And they end up going to what is most comfortable to find relief. And sometimes it’s sin!

MARK 9:17-29 Some translations are different but in verse 19 it says “Oh faithless generation” – this has been altered. It should say it should be “Oh unbelieving generation.” .... How long has this been happening to him?.... Now I love this because Jesus didn’t cast the devil out yet. This devil is manifesting in front of him. This kid is laying there foaming at the mouth, flipping and flapping and Jesus says to the father, How long has this been going on? Jesus wasn’t emotionally attached. He was here to free people. Not bring them into bondage. So many people give up. They start something and they give up. There are too many quitters. Because they are emotionally attached to something and that is interfering with their belief system. Because things didn’t go right here or there. They have never severed those emotional attachments. How many times have you started something really believing it was of God and then you stopped. The enemy slipped in. You were emotionally attached to something that was there. The enemy brought it up (perhaps you didn’t even realize he was bringing it up) and all of a sudden you agreed with it. Then it was done and over with. You laid it all down. If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes. Immediately the father of the child cried out and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help my unbelief! The father said this because he knew his unbelief was affecting everything and he wanted it gone!! It was affecting everything. Jesus was standing right there and his son was dying, being demonized by this demon who was trying to throw him in the fire, drown him in the water and everything. Jesus stands there and just waits for this guy to do something so He could move! What did he say? He said, Help my unbelief!! Good enough, come out!! That man’s belief system changed and it moved the hand of God! And when He had come into the house, His disciples asked Him privately, Why could we not cast it out? So He said to them, This kind can come out by nothing but prayer. Now the word “fasting” is really not in the original writings. They put that in there. Prayer and fasting— Fasting is good. But he’s talking about prayer. Atmosphere prayer. Remember Jesus went to places where he couldn’t do miracles because of the people’s unbelief. When there is a stronger demon involved, you can’t always just go and cast it out. You have to take time in prayer. In prayer where people touch and agree. Sometimes you need to change the atmosphere. That’s how people get healed is in the atmosphere of worship and praise. Because their belief system is changing. Unbelief and doubt are being destroyed. So when he says here some things just don’t come out without prayer and fasting, he is saying you need to change the atmosphere. Now wherever Jesus went the atmosphere automatically changed, but he spent time in prayer. JAMES 2:14-22 We must change the belief system so that we can walk in the self-image of Christ. The enemy is trying to prevent you from walking in the self-image of Christ. He doesn’t want you to know who you are. So we need to change this belief system. Faith is the fruit of belief. Faith is associated with work. The bible says faith without works.... In other words, faith without belief is no good. What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works.... I want you to look at the word works and replace that in your spirit with the word belief. Believe means to follow. To do. Faith if it does not have belief, or works, is dead. If Abraham didn’t believe he would not have offered his son. He was not just going on faith. Faith is a

fruit of belief. The belief had to be there first. This is why many people walk out in assumption and get in trouble. If there is not belief in it, it’s assumption. Faith was working together with works/beliefs and by the beliefs/works is made perfect (or complete). The enemy imparts the wrong belief system so that the self-image of Christ is not reigning in your life. But the self-image of what the devil has expressed to you is reigning in your life or in certain areas of your life. If there is not victory in every battle, it is because you are still touching in the area of emotional attachments that are connected to an altered or incorrect belief system. 2 CORINTHIANS 6:16-18 If you change your belief system, your self-image will change. Thoughts have images, images have feelings, feelings have emotions, emotions have habits. To “come out from among them” in this means to “come out from the secular belief system.” The secular belief system is unclean. satan is the ruler of the secular belief system. So he says to come out from the secular belief system that produces a satanic, or evil, image. satan’s image/the devil’s image. Remember when Jesus rebuked Peter and said get behind me satan. Peter didn’t understand and said, but I was just trying to protect you. Jesus said, no that was a secular belief system. He didn’t need to protect God. He said your ways are trying to cause me to stumble. Your ways are only according to the world and not according to the will of God. So Peter at that point in time, because of his secular belief system, did not have the self-image of Christ. If he did, he would have associated with it. He would have understood what Jesus was doing. But he didn’t yet. Of course he wasn’t baptized in the Holy Ghost yet either, but he was with the presence of God all the time. So the Lord was saying, come out from the secular belief system that produces the devil image. And come into the mind of Christ and allow God to be your father. So many people because of the emotional attachments, because of their childhood and whatever, have a hard time having a relationship with the Father. But if you come out of the secular belief system and into the mind of Christ and into the belief system of God Almighty and his word, there is a relationship that is awesome! And as you begin to sever these emotional attachments of the secular, you will find there were things you were missing for a long time. ROMANS 12:2 What’s happening is we are being transformed by the renewing of our mind so that we have the self-image of Christ. That’s why when people are out of fellowship, the enemy begins to work and they begin to lose that self-image. They begin to pick up secular belief systems and they begin to exchange and sell what God just gave them. Jesus commands that we be in fellowship. He says, Forsake not to assemble. Didn’t Jesus say, My words are life. Well when we get together it’s the Spirit that is bringing us words of life. You don’t realize sometimes that when God is trying to do something, the enemy will immediately try and move you out of position. If he succeeds, you end up missing what God is trying to say. You miss that one specific word that if you would have gotten it, would have altered your whole life. That’s all it takes is one word from the Lord. TITUS 3:3-8 The devil puts all these excuses in us such as: I’m tired, I’m hungry, I worked all day, I’ve got things to do tomorrow. I don’t have enough gas. But you would find a way to get that gas to get that paycheck! Nothing would stop you from getting that paycheck. When you were in

the world, nothing stopped you from getting that dope or the drink. Or the lust or perversion. And you would go through great lengths to get it. That self-image is still hindering. .... This is a faithful saying, and these things I want you to affirm constantly, that those who have believed in God should be careful to maintain good works. Works means belief. That you should be careful to maintain good belief. Regeneration and transformation by the Holy Spirit, of course with the mind of Christ, to maintain good works. So you must cooperate with the Holy Spirit. But the secular belief system, that self-image it portrays, operating in it you won’t listen to everything Holy Spirit has to say. Because of that wrong self-image we won’t listen to everything. We will only listen to things that are comfortable. Comfortable or that pertain to blessing of self. Every emotional attachment is associated with people, a place or a thing. A person, a place or a thing. Now we have heard this for years. We were told to avoid people, places and things of the past, but they never shared with us that we needed to sever them. I want to share a quick scenario about an abused woman. This is just to give you an understanding about people, places and things. She has an abusive husband. The husband is jealous, controlling, and has a fear of losing her. So he degrades her to try and keep her under control. By degrading her, he causes physical harm, tells her she is no good, and that she will never amount to anything. He forbids her to look in the mirror to dress herself up— and make herself look pretty for him. Consistently he degrades her, making her feel unworthy, ugly, bringing her in bondage. Guilt and condemnation have prevented her from moving into the plan of acceptance in the self-image of worthiness of God. Because of this belief system, every evil spirit would meet her to try and access and use her to keep her in this bondage. I want to share something important because in this, the person is the husband. The place is the bathroom, which is where you would go to put makeup on. And the thing is the mirror. So now this individual, if she is in the bathroom, certain things are triggered reminding her. (When I was in the drug world, I spent a lot of time in the bathroom. I used to build barricades so you couldn’t get in there!) But in this scenario, when the woman goes in the bathroom and looks in the mirror, every time she is in there, it triggers emotional attachments. In that circumstance where the abuse had gone on for so long, physical abuse and so forth, by just going to the bathroom it would bring a reminder. That self-image would portray, You’re unworthy. By looking in the mirror it would portray, You’re no good.... How could anyone love you! The emotional attachment was portraying a self-image where the devil was bringing bondage. But you know, you can’t avoid a mirror in a bathroom. Yet the voice of the husband was constantly badgering. She could hear the voice. Because emotions have voices. And the person, the place and the thing having triggered all these emotional reactions of guilt, oppression, low self-esteem, unworthiness, could eventually lead the woman to suicide. Individuals who are caught up in these things, many times their only release results in suicide. When I was an addict, my only way out was to die. I knew I couldn’t do anything else. Of course I didn’t know Jesus. He paid the price for me. But my only way out, at the time, was death. If I walked by a phone booth, I would start shaking. Because we used to use phone booths but then cell phones came and whatever. But emotional attachments to certain things would bring back that same image. You know you go to these programs and their philosophy is once an addict, always an addict. Good image! (Not.) When the Lord restored my wife and myself, her secular thought was, Well once an addict always an addict, I had better watch him. I had to earn her trust. Because in this, the self-image of who I used

to be was gone. This was where the word was being fulfilled: I am a new creation in Christ, old things have passed away. Now when these things are imparted from the enemy, they begin to create habits. Because a thought has an image, an image has a feeling, a feeling has an emotion, and an emotion has a habit. So your habit is something you do automatically as a reaction or a response. For example, you may act in self-defense all the time. When someone approaches and just says hello and you respond yelling that you didn’t do anything. That’s an automatic habit stemming from a self-image the enemy portrayed. Everything that the enemy utilizes will always back up to the end result of control and enslaving individuals with fear. Because the enemy’s power is fear. So he tries to cause things in individual’s lives so that fear is instilled. Now fear comes in many forms, shapes, words and emotions. The root of any unhealthy emotion is always going to be fear. We just talked about the three areas that are associated with emotional attachments, people, places and things. Now I want to talk about environmental conditions. Places. In other words, where you were conceived. Your mother’s womb. Did you ever see people singing to the baby in the womb and you read to the baby, you swallow a basket ball so the kid can play — these are inherited images that come down the family line. This is the area where the subconscious is being formed. I want to talk about environment where someone is brought up in a very poor state. Where the mentality, which I am going to call a welfare mentality (don’t get offended). It’s where the dependence is on the system. The child grows up learning to be dependent upon the system. All the way up. And their children grow up to have the dependence on the system. It has nothing to do with race or anything. It depends on the individual and the family. Look at inherited things such as sickness and diseases, such as diabetes, and so forth. The self-image of the way people eat support that disease. So if you have a family that has a history of heart disease or diabetes or whatever, if you’re eating the same way they are because of that self-image, you’re going to get it too. I can’t tell you how many people come up to me telling me something is in their family line and talking as if they fully expect to get it also. Quit eating what you are eating. Change it. Quit feeding that thing. So there is that poverty mentality, that welfare mentality, using the system, depending on the government. Look at how much media influences. The media is used by darkness. The media of false images of success and illegal operations to make money and live forever. Environmental areas of violence. You see the same actor, one week he dies and the next he is back in another movie. You don’t realize the effect of the images that are implanted. Look at these kids that are going into these schools and just shooting. They are playing Rambo! So all of these areas of the environment have an affect on the self-image. Weather conditions can also affect an individual in their self-image. People who were in car accidents, train accidents or boat accidents .... Look how many people are afraid of water, afraid of flying, afraid of trains, afraid of boats, afraid of all kinds of stuff. All these things can affect the self-image. When people come to me and tell me their child is shy, that is because that child has a selfimage of fear. Shyness is not something cute. Shyness is a spirit of fear. And that child has had a trauma or it has been passed down. What about children who have seen their families or parents fornicate– like it’s okay. Or they have seen a death in their family. There was a self-image imparted there. Things that you and I grew up with in that area that were against the law. And we just count it as normal and think it’s okay. Even in schools— global warming is part of the curriculum. That’s secularism. Take a playground incident. There was a woman we had talked with who had been bulimic. She was at a playground and was five years old. She was not fat at all. Another child put their hand around her wrist and because this child’s hand was too small to fit around the wrist, this child said to the girl, You’re fat!! And this five year old girl made covenant and said, I’ll never be fat in my life. I won’t eat

food if I don’t have to! Well she became bulimic. When the Holy Spirit brought her to that incident and she severed it, that spirit left her and she never purged again. This all stemmed from an emotional attachment. Behind the emotional attachment was fear of being fat. There are many emotional attachments. But as you begin to look at what you are going through right now, you will begin to see that there is a person, a place or thing involved that you must sever. Whether it was an accident or whether when you were a kid and someone dropped you on your head, if you remember it. Whatever it was. What about agreements. When you went to the doctor and he gave you bad news, well that’s an emotional attachment. Now every time you hear it, you connect with it and own it. People are afraid of cancer, but we are supposed to have dominion over cancer! Somebody mentions cancer or diabetes— people are afraid of diseases because of that emotional attachment of what the world has portrayed over them. Did you ever notice that when something happens to you, the first thing you think about is the worst case scenario. For instance, you notice a lump on your arm and automatically you wonder if you just bumped it or if it’s cancer! Healthy and unhealthy emotions. Remember when people used to go bars and nightclubs— talk about unhealthy emotions. You can see them manifest when you turn the light on. What about a vacation you were on, did something occur? I’m talking about the simplest things. Because every time something happens, you see it. The problem is that we don’t pay enough attention to what we see. When you begin to pay attention to what you see, you begin to see what you are responding to and what you are reacting to and then you will be able to sever that emotional tie. Always look at the area of (1) who told you that; and (2) where did it come from. If you will ask yourself those questions: Who told me that? And where did you come from? And follow it through, you will get to the root and go beyond. The root had to start somewhere. A seed had to have been planted. If you ask yourself those two questions and follow it through of how you react— remember Paul even said, I do the things I don’t want to do and the things I want to do, I don’t do! You are either reacting according to the old man, or responding according to the new. Search this out. Emotions have a voice telling you to either react or respond. An unhealthy emotion will cause you to react. A healthy emotion will cause you to respond. By removing the emotional attachment, you have shut the door to the spirits having access to you. Once you agree with that emotion, it gives a legal right to those spirits. Spirits get fed by emotion. MATTHEW 12:43-45 When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none. Then he says, I will return to my house from which I came. The house is you. And when he comes, he finds it empty, swept, and put in order. Underline put in order. This is called divine order. That is the key here— put in order. The spirit wasn’t going back to see if it was empty of demonic forces. He wasn’t checking to see if any of his homeies were living there. What made him turn around was the fact that it was put in divine order. So he turns around and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and dwell there; and the last state of that man is worse than the first. So the key words here are put in order. The spirit needed to get the person out of divine order so he could have access. He gets other spirits from the past that have been removed, attacks and re-establishes emotional attachments and re-enters.

God will test you. God allows testing. He will test us to expose the spirits by positioning us in divine order or position. Jesus’ purpose in coming was to expose. When you are out of the divine order that God has placed, you open yourself up. The next thing you know, there is a spirit knocking on your door reminding you of an emotional attachment. He has to come with seven more because his purpose is to get you out of divine order. Within you. He tries to get you to put the job first. He tries to get you to pursue the pleasure first— before God. He tries to get you to put all of these things before God. He begins to attack. Slow at first. You miss a service. Then you miss two services. Then he’s got you fellowshipping somewhere— other than with God. You’re now fellowshipping at the pool-hall or some other place now. I’m talking secular. Justification by saying that they are just old friends, does not cut it. Because you have put something before your commitment to God. And now emotional attachments are being re-established in certain areas. And this is how people lose their deliverance. Again, the key words here are put in order. Sometimes God repositions us, without a cause or reason that we understand, to expose those spirits. You may be crying out to God for help and deliverance and God will cause a circumstance in your life to expose it. This is because he is trying to bring something to you. What he is always trying to bring to you is freedom. Healing is freedom. Deliverance is freedom. God desires that you be delivered and healed! The enemy is always going to try and come against it. Let me share something with you that I just recently learned. When a weight lifter works out, he doesn’t grow while he is working out. He grows while he is resting. I never knew that. He is actually growing while he is resting, not while he is working out. Waiting is one of the greatest tests that God uses with us. It exposes how carnal you really are. It exposes all those emotional attachments. Because we want what we want, RIGHT NOW!!!! That in itself is an emotional attachment. So God causes us to wait because we have been crying out for freedom. But during this waiting period, you are not to give up. You are not to grow weary. You are to maintain what you are still doing— so God can expose. During this wait time you are able to see. Many times during this wait time people go and try and create something else to do instead of waiting. When in reality God is trying to rescue them from that very thing. So what happens is that the devil moves them out of position again because God is saying wait and they have formed more emotional attachments. Now they are miserable. They can’t even stand themselves. They are now tormented. And that causes them to go and do and touch all kinds of things because nothing else is working. All because they had not waited for God. You are to be waiting, so he can expose and you can remove that emotional attachment. So you will then be ready to go where he directs and handle what he tells you to. PSALM 1:1-2 The bible says bad company corrupts good habits. We just talked about places. Now people — Bad company corrupts good habits!!! It’s amazing how many people will go and get counsel from the world. Just because they are successful. .... And in His law he meditates day and night.... Meditating is a representation of imaging. Focusing. All of this takes practice. He’s meditating, he’s looking, he’s utilizing, he’s not wavering. He’s not looking to the left or the right. He’s holding on. He’s using God’s word on his behalf. He’s not chasing prophesies. He’s chasing the Lord. People in authority, your overseers, parents, teachers, elders, even people’s heros. Those that say they love you— but it’s conditional. Those are all areas where there are emotional attachments. Coaches, clergy, rockstar heros. The media. All of these things affect people don’t they. These people impact our future with abilities in self-worth and self-image. But if

they are wrong emotional attachments, the end result will always produce fear. Fear. People who have been harmed— that’s why the devil loves abuse. The three areas that are emotionally attached in an individual are fear, rejection and regret. Of course those are all associated with fear. Regret will tear you up. Regret always causes you to look back. People that have emotional attachments are dangerous. They are unstable. I am not talking about healthy emotional attachments. I am talking about people with unhealthy attachments. Because they will say one thing and do another. A person who has experienced a lot of rejection in their life will eventually betray. They will betray you. Relationships with conditional love. People that manipulate. The reason they manipulate is because of a self-image. They can’t trust God. So they manipulate. All because of that selfimage. It’s an emotional attachment. Baby Hughey syndrome. They pout. They get miserable because something didn’t go their way. Abuse, disrespectful children, alcoholics, complainers, drug users, addicts. These are all portraying the belief system of a wrong selfimage. That is why children who are abused usually abuse. Many people say, Well that’s just how I am. I don’t like it when people come to me and say, Well I’m only human! No you’re not. You are supposed to be eternal. Being human associates with secular emotional attachments. When you keep saying you are human, then you have come under the wrong covering. You are eternal. You are a child of the Most High God. You are Christ-like. That’s why you are called a Christian. Saying you are only human is an excuse. This wrong selfimage has built an attitude. Have you ever been around someone with a bad attitude? Miserable all the time, etc. Never grateful. A taker and never a giver. All because of a selfimage. Have you ever gotten around a couch potato? A lazy person? Stuck in their ways and not willing or wanting to change. People would rather sit in front of the television or computer for days— for entertainment. Always entertaining, instead of spending their time with family. This is because of the wrong self-image. God will always test us to see if we are willing to do whatever it takes. And while he is testing you, he is going to expose these emotional attachments that are unhealthy. People who make excuses no matter what– and blame others. Not willing to be responsible. Principles don’t change habits. Images do. That’s why the bible says, As a man thinks (as a man sees), so he is. So until that self-image is changed by the belief system and the emotional attachments are severed, that old man self-image will constantly be there. And you will react to things instead of respond to things. Look at forgiveness --People who will not forgive. The enemy will always turn something good into something bad. That’s his job. I want to go to things. Music, that’s a thing. People can have tremendous emotional attachments to music. Music, pictures, clothing, items, idols– because of emotional attachments. Of course, we know about accursed items and so forth. Even food can have an emotional attachment. I know someone who sold his birthright for a bowl of beans or lentils, whatever it was. Emotional attachment. Essau was known for his hunting. He became reliant on his talent. He allowed his talent to lead him. People allow their talents and abilities to lead them, instead of the Spirit. Because of an emotional attachment. They only allow God to lead them so far and then they have to take over right away because they are afraid of losing control. Fear again. Fear always brings bondage. Money. The love of it is the root of all evil. People will go to great lengths to get money. If they would just go to those great lengths to get in the presence of God, they would have all they needed. God is trying to get you finances. He is trying to get you healing. He is trying to get you position. But that selfimage of who you used to be, or that has been portrayed or imparted in you, the enemy is

going to use that until you sever those emotional attachments. God said I came to bring you life and life abundantly. The devil always wants to prevent you from going forward. The testing has got to come. The lesson will induce the testing. So what you have been getting, God is testing you on. He is exposing. Testing is always associated with exposing. If you pass the testing, you will receive the blessing. He is always trying to get something to you. So the lessons that you are getting now are going to do the testing because the exposure is coming. He is giving you things now that you can look at so that you can begin to sever the emotional attachments. So when something occurs the first thing you are going to do is ask, Who told me that? and, Where did you come from? Then you are going to look at three things: people, place and thing. When you get angry, if you look you will see an image there. You are looking at yourself according to your mother, your father or whoever it was that may have abused you. If you stop and look at yourself when you react, you will see yourself either respond in the image of Christ or you will see yourself react in wrong self-image, having an emotional attachment connected to a person, place or a thing. That’s where you have to begin to sever emotional ties. This is what is going to bring total freedom. EZEKIEL 14:3.... because they are all estranged from Me by their idols. Idols. Things. Things that are more important. God doesn’t mind us enjoying things. He doesn’t mind us having pleasurable things. But he never wants that to go before Him. When we were doing the homeless outreach, the homeless were coming in to get fed. They weren’t coming in to get God. They were coming in to get fed. Now we had the hope that they would make the exchange of the way they were living and the self-image associated therewith, for the new belief system in Christ. Where they would know that they didn’t have to live on the street and that there were places for them. But they would first come in to get fed. Their whole purpose in coming was to get fed. But God is cool. He loves to bait people too! People always believe that where they came from is the area in which God is going to use them. That’s not true. There are drug addicts and drug lords that are now attorneys. You can never allow any of those attachments to lead your life. You must allow the Holy Spirit to. So you were a cook, you were this or you were that. Never be led by your talent or what you have experienced. Be led by the Holy Spirit. Emotional attachments have a false comfort belief system. People run to that false comfort because of an emotional attachment. That’s why people run to the world. The comfort of quitting something is associated with an emotional attachment. So they will quit something to feel comfortable. But it’s a false comfort. People take medication for a false comfort. When your belief system changes, so will your self-image. Have you ever been around someone who was always expressing, I wish I had this or I wish I had that? They are wishing for something because of a self-image. You don’t have to wish, God said, I have provided all you need. Wishing has nothing to do with it. You have to change that self-image, because wishing has no hope at all. Wishing has no belief at all. It’s false. I want you to understand. I want you to be able to look and focus now. Why did you give up? Why were you weary? You can start your own lists on how you react to certain things. Why didn’t you do what you wanted to do when you knew it was right? Who told you that? And where did it come from? In the area of people, places and things. When you get in a car and

you sense a fear or you sense something, stop and ask yourself who told me that and where did it come from. I’m telling you the Holy Spirit will give you a picture. Then you write those things down. Then we are going to talk about severing them in more depth and so forth. PRACTICE THIS. PRACTICE!! ****