THE SERPENT Even though we live in the natural realm, the word tells us that our fight is spiritual

. Many times we have a tendency to want to stay stuck in the natural realm. Where certain things we even sense or see, we have a tendency to turn our heads to it. In this tendency the devil likes to blind us. Every one of us has been deceived by the devil. There isn’t a person in this room that can outwit the devil. The only one that can outwit him is the Holy Spirit. So without relationship with the Holy Spirit, you’re going to be deceived and go through cycles and go through the same old garbage over and over and over. And one of the things we don’t want is deception. satan’s greatest weapon is deception and his power is fear. This is how he operates. He has always operated that way. He doesn’t change. He uses the same tactics-- different places, different people. REVELATION 12:1-7 The word of God is past, present and future. The word of God is omnipresent, meaning past, present and future. When God speaks, he can be referring to something in the past, present or future. That’s why you have to have the Holy Spirit to discern what he is speaking to you about, even right now, what he’s referring to. That’s why a lot of people are bound because without relationship with the Holy Spirit, they don’t know whether God is speaking of past, present or future. It says here a great sign appeared in heaven. Heaven represents the spiritual realm. The bible says in Genesis 1:1 that the heavens were made first and then the natural. So all the spiritual hosts were made first and then all the matter in the natural was made second. …. A woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and on her head, a garland of twelve stars. Heaven represents the spiritual realm. Now I’m going to share something else with you that goes a little deeper than what we are reading here. The bible tells us that a woman or “she” is represented as wisdom. God’s wisdom is represented as a female. In fact, the bible says, cry out to her. Grab hold of her. You can turn to Proverbs and look up where it talks about God’s wisdom— He represents it as a female. A woman. Clothed with the sun. Clothed with the glory of God. And with the moon under her feet. Now understand this, the moon is the lesser light of the sun. So it was talking about darkness under her feet. In other words, satan was under her feet. Because the brighter light-- She was clothed with the glory of God. God’s wisdom was coming in. Something was coming in from the spirit realm into the natural realm. The woman was the wisdom of God. God was performing an act of grace. When you cry out for the mercy of God, you are trying to get God to consider you. Grace is Him already having considered you, now putting into action—the redemption, the rescue (whatever it is for you) in action. So mercy represents God considering you. Grace is God putting it in action to get you, or do something on your behalf. Now a great sign appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and on her head a garland of twelve stars. Heaven was the spiritual realm, the woman was the wisdom of God, and God was performing an act of grace. The lesser light was satan under her feet or the powers of darkness. The woman also represents that which was to come—he was talking about Israel. The woman was also a representation of Israel. In the spirit realm something was starting to happen. God was beginning to do something. He was sending his wisdom for something he was going to perform from the spirit realm. satan was also a spirit. It says here, in verse 2, Then being with child she cried out in labor and in pain to give birth. She was carrying something. In the spirit realm she was carrying something from God called grace. This is in the spirit realm—trying to bring it from the spirit realm to the natural realm. …And another sign appeared in heaven [heaven meaning spiritual realm] and behold the great fiery red dragon having seven heads and ten horns and seven diadems on his head. So we see that the serpent, the powers of darkness, satan’s kingdom, was already fighting trying to prevent God from sending grace into the natural realm. God is omnipresent. He is past, present and future. That means he already saw what was going to happen to mankind. He was already planning—God was already here before you and I were even created. Jesus already came through this whole realm. When you begin to understand the dimensions of God, the multi-dimensions—you understand he was already here. The bible says that you and I were predestined. How could we be predestined if something wasn’t already. So it was already put in action. Jesus already came through here and already did what he had to do, and then you and I were brought forth. The bible says you and I were thought of even before creation. He already knew what you were going to go through. Did he choose what you were going to

go through? No. You did! But he knew what you were going to choose to do. He is always ahead of you, trying to rescue you in every area. He has already been here. Verse 4, His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven. He is talking about the dragon, known as lucifer. lucifer was one of the major arc angels. lucifer, Gabriel and Michael. Michael was a warrior, Gabriel was a messenger and lucifer was the praise and worship leader of the universe for God almighty. And lucifer was in charge of a third of the angels, same thing with Michael and Gabriel. So that’s why lucifer, who became satan, when he was removed took a third of the angels with him. Now remember, this fight already started in the spirit realm. He was trying to resist something God was trying to do. So his tail drew a third of the stars (stars represent angels of heaven) and threw them to the earth. The dragon stood before the woman, who was ready to give birth, to devour her child as soon as it was born. So God was trying to bring something from the spirit realm into the natural realm and satan was trying to stop it. Verse 5, She bore a male child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron. And her child was caught up to God and his throne. So we know that this had happened. So understand that something was going on in the spirit realm and then Jesus came in. But it started off in the spirit realm. The bible tells us about calling those things that are not as though they are. That’s what prophecy is. You have the power of life and death in your tongue. You have the power to curse and the power to bring life. That’s why so many people mess up their lives. They stay in those 12 step meetings and keep affirming they are an addict (“Hi, I’m an addict”) and never get free. They don’t realize about the power of the tongue. Look how many labels have been put on mankind. All these labels the world puts on people and they come into agreement with them. And they walk around that way. They are waiting to get triggered. And that’s now how it is. We need to break that stuff off of our lives because we are kings. That’s why Jesus’ name is King of kings. We are kings. You are part of a kingdom that has dominion over the world. Everything has been handed to you and I. And my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Then the woman fled into the wilderness where she has a place prepared by God that they should feed her there 1,260 days. In verse 7, And war broke out in heaven. In the spirit realm. Michael and his angels fought with the dragon. And the dragon and his angels fought but they did not prevail. Nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer. The great dragon was cast out, the serpent of old, called the devil and satan, who deceives the whole world. He was cast to the earth and his angels were cast out with him. In other words, he was cast down to the natural realm. I want you to understand that satan was cast out of the throne room of God. satan was removed from where God dwells, in the heavenlies. Unless God calls him up to His throne room, satan cannot go beyond the atmosphere. This is the only place satan can go. This is his domain. This is it. He goes from the middle of the earth throughout the atmosphere here. That’s why he goes up in what we call the heavenlies—that’s what principalities are, angels of satan. So he can’t go anywhere else unless God allows him to come up to his throne room or he calls him up there. So satan was removed from the throne room of God and placed in this arena. The next place he is going to be removed from is the spirit realm and put into the natural realm where all mankind is going to see him as he is. But he is going to put on flesh. There is going to be a man that’s going to die and he’s going to stay dead, and satan is going to put on that man’s flesh. God is going to make him come from the spirit realm into the natural realm. He’s going to make him. So he has got to put on a body. And that will be in mid-tribulation. The woman, who is also a representation of Israel— the twelve stars on the garland represent the twelve tribes of Israel. She was carrying the promise of redemption. The child was known as the promise of redemption. Remember when the priest saw Jesus he said, the Christ has come, my redeemer. He called him my redeemer. Now lucifer as satan was resisting the plan of God, he was known as the serpent of old. GENESIS 3:1 Now the serpent was more cunning of any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. The serpent, devil, satan can outwit you in a second. It doesn’t take much. He was created with wisdom. You can read this in Isaiah and Ezekiel. God gave him wisdom. And the bible says he was the most cunning, which means subtle. Did you ever notice when you did something, you ask yourself why you didn’t realize it before. It was because the serpent got in. …. he said to the woman, Has God indeed said …. Now she had a conversation with the serpent. The serpent didn’t touch her, he spoke to her. In other words he was trying to deceive her.

A serpent is a crawling reptile, but at this period of time he was upright. The serpent was upright. It was when the Lord cursed him that he was made to crawl. Serpents are also known as snakes. It says that the serpent was more cunning than any beast or animal that God created. He entered the garden of God. Understand that God had made a place for Adam to dwell but even the serpent was in the garden. Because of his previous position. He entered the garden of the Lord’s prime possession, His creation of man. The Lord’s prime possession was you. So Adam, he made in his image and likeness. Vengeance, revenge, jealousy and rage were now held in the body of a serpent, lucifer. You have to remember, he lost his position. He was very hateful now. He wanted his position back. So he was in this body of a serpent filled with vengeance, filled with hatred, filled with cunning, filled with deception. He could not do anything. He could not have any power over anything. So the only way he could get his position back was by manipulation and lying. He was trying to get possession of his office back. Now God expressed himself through all of creation. In fact, the bible says the glory of the Lord is all over the earth. So God expressed himself through even his creation. And the serpent hated God’s creation. He hated anything and everything that had to do with God. No matter what it was. His whole purpose was to steal, kill and destroy. Remember he did not have any power yet until he outwitted Adam. So the only way he was going to get in position was to be manipulative, deceptive and a liar. The first thing that happened was communication. He couldn’t touch anyone but he could speak. I always tell people he is nothing but an ant with a big megaphone. But he has wisdom, he has got power, he is an angel. God did not remove those things from him. GENESIS 2:18-20 I’m going to share with you something very strange. Adam named the animals. The Lord brought them, and Adam named them. I want you to understand that in that period of time, in that realm, I truly believe that there was an inner communication with all of God’s creation. I was taken in the spirit one day and brought to the garden. And in the garden, the flowers were expressing a character. Everything was giving off life. It was as though they were singing. In fact, they can prove scientifically, that even flowers and certain things let off a certain tone. All creation lets off some sort of a tone. In fact, every one of you is a special note to God. He knows exactly who you are. So here’s Adam and he’s naming all the animals. I don’t know if they answered back. But I will tell you I had an animal talk to me one time. A horse talked to me one day, and it wasn’t Mr. Ed. If a donkey can talk in the bible, God can use anyone. But I really believe at that period of time, when God’s glory was over the earth and the Lord had restored the earth, I really believe that when Adam called forth the animals that there was a communication. It said that the Lord didn’t want him to be alone. Having an animal that couldn’t communicate with you would be being alone. So I really believe that the serpent was possessed or possibly satan put on the form of a serpent that was upright. It’s very possible. So he was in the garden because there were animals in the garden. It says that the Lord brought the animals to him and that he named them all, even serpents. But they were upright then. It was different. They probably had conversations and whatever. Verse 20, so Adam gave names to all the cattle, to the birds of the air, and to every beast of the field, but for Adam there was not found a helper comparable to him. In other words, someone of his stature. But he was still communicating with all of the animals. He named them. He called them in. GENESIS 3:13-15 Now we know that the serpent deceived Eve, and Eve deceived her husband, Adam. Everything changed. The Lord was bringing judgment or correction. … The serpent deceived me and I ate. So the Lord God said to the serpent, Because you have done this you are cursed more than all the cattle and more than every beast of the field. In other words, of all of God’s creation, what’s cursed the most? Snakes! Snakes are serpents. They are cursed more than any animal on this planet. And he said, On your belly you shall go. So they were standing upright, weren’t they. And you shall eat dust all the days of your life and I will put enmity (hatred), between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed. In other words, there will be hatred for anyone who becomes a believer. That’s who they are after. The body of Christ. The believers. So the serpent or snake is cursed on his belly– eats dust. Before the curse was given, the serpent was upright. Today there are many poisonous snakes out there—Asps, cobra, vipers, etc. They are instruments of temptation, deception and devastation to mankind. I’m going to share some things about snakes. You may think this is a strange teaching and it is. Too many people are deceived. Snakes are the most cursed animal on this earth. They represent the

serpent. So wherever there is anything that is cursed—An accursed item. That means it draws demonic activity. It means satan has a will, a choice and permission to possess or infiltrate that animal. I have been reading this book that’s a testimony of this witchdoctor. It’s very very powerful. He was one of satan’s right-hand men, who has actually been in hell. This guy used to go the ocean and the ocean would open for him and he would walk underneath the sea. He shared that there were about 25,000 demons that were in him. He had been brought up in a family of witchdoctors and they used to transmeditate. He was able to turn himself into an alligator. He was able to turn himself into an animal. I know this sounds kind of strange but you have to understand the angelic power. He was one of the only humans that went down to hell. One day, in this book—He was boasting to the demons saying, I’m the only human that has come down to hell. And the demons said, No there was one other. And he said, Well I want to know who he is. And they said, Every time we mention his name, hell shakes for three weeks. Of course, we know who that was—Jesus. So they don’t mention his name. But eventually this guy got saved and he’s out serving the Lord powerfully right now. In fact, there is a testimony of Jacques Cuesteau(spelling?), the deep sea dude, who went in the arena of the Bermuda Triangle. And when they went deep into the Bermuda Triangle and they got to the bottom, he heard screams and yelling and torment. It freaked him out. He almost stopped diving from that day on. You have to understand that in satan’s kingdom there are ports throughout the world. That’s why so many things happen in the Bermuda Triangle and everywhere else. One of his major ports is in the Iraq area in Babylon. Because it has to do with oil. The god of this world—money. When Jesus cast out the 2000 demons out of that dude, called legion, and sent them to the pigs, even the pigs didn’t want those demons. They went out and drowned themselves! The bible says when a demon leaves a man that he searches, tries to find rest and then he comes back because he claims your body as his home. 2 CORINTHIANS 11:10-15 If you have had any dreams about snakes, it was a demonic attack. They planted corruptible seeds in you. You have to learn how to curse those corruptible seeds, command them to wither and die and break and loose yourself from those corruptible seeds or those serpents will have access to you. He’s talking about false prophets. satan cannot take possession of a human. They can’t transform themselves—It doesn’t mean they can’t enter an individual and possess them. That’s where a lot of religion and garbage are from. They are righteous ministers and yet they are not declaring the total truth. That means there is a possession in there— a presence known as the spirit of error. It’s not bringing people into freedom. It’s bringing them into bondage. Those are satan’s ministers turning themselves into ministers of righteousness. They don’t even know that they are doing it. All religions in the world are either pagan or truth. It’s either the following of Christ Jesus or the following of satan. There is no in between. There is only one truth. Remember out of all the pagan religions no one has ever spoke about their god going to hell. Because their god never left hell. He’s in there! They were worshiping idols. Think about what’s going on in the world. People are starving to death because they are worshiping animals. They think it’s their grandmother! They let the animals roam around and eat their meals and they starve to death. So we know that satan can turn himself into— The bible tells us about the fallen angels that put on flesh and went into women. They got cast into hell and are chained, getting ready for judgment. So, maybe satan can’t turn himself into a human because he knows he would get put away right away, but who says he can’t turn himself into an animal. That’s why snakes or what we call serpents, are the most cursed out of all of God’s creation. There aren’t too many people who don’t fear a snake right away unless they had been playing with them for a while. Didn’t you ever hear about a bunch of religions where they play with snakes and drink cyanide? You talk to their kids a year later and they will tell you mom and/or dad are dead. Because they either got bit or died from the cyanide. That’s tempting God. They take the scriptures out of context because of the spirit of error— the serpent. When I had my encounter with the Lord, what had happened with me was a serpent came out of me and manifested in the natural realm. And my 80 pound Doberman dog began to fight it. I was hearing this hissing, rattling sound and when I looked and saw this long black serpent trying to fight my dog and my dog’s head was moving supernaturally back and forth. And I looked to the Lord, because he was right in front of me, and I said what do I do. And the next thing I know my arm went towards the serpent and I said, From the love of God I curse you serpent, you satan! And that serpent curled up and went back. And the Lord said, That came out of you! Now this thing came out of me and

manifested in the natural realm. There would be times I would pray for people and a snake would manifest in the natural realm. There were times snakes would manifest and I would know exactly who they came from and what sickness it was. One time a snake came out of a cupboard and I knew who it came from. Because there was a woman that was sick and that came out of her—and it was left in our house. I was putting praise and worship music on and that thing manifested in the natural. I went chasing that thing and I grabbed a towel because I didn’t want to touch it. And it went into Mom’s stove and I grabbed it’s tail and the towel slipped off and I said, Hallelujah! And I grabbed it anyway! And I started pulling this thing and we were fighting and the Lord said to me, Behead it. And I beheaded it. He said that’s one less that satan’s demons can’t get in and possess. You may think that’s crazy. But when I see snakes, I know exactly what’s what. I went away a couple of weeks ago. And David went to my house and went in the back and there was a snake trying to get in my office door. When those things come on my property—they know. I call them right out and they take off because they know I’m going to behead them! I don’t play any games with snakes. Now I’m not going to go to the zoo and cut all their heads off. There are times though, when there are struggles, and I know that there is a snake on the property. I could go on and on and on and tell you powerful revelations about snakes. One time, about two weeks after had been saved, and we went to see this couple that was married that we knew. To witness to them. And we walked in the house and they had this huge aquarium. There was this huge snake in there. Now my wife wasn’t filled and baptized with the Holy Ghost yet—it was getting ready to happen. So I look at this snake and go, Oh Lord …. So I began binding the powers of darkness and applying the blood of Jesus. So my wife says, Oh when did you get a snake?.... So she goes over to the snake and they asked if she wanted to hold it. So they pull the snake up and it’s on my friend’s wife’s shoulder and slithering all over the place. And I’m binding this thing in the Spirit. So they said to my wife, Would you like to hold it? So my wife goes to grab the snake and it curled up in a ball really fast and froze! Froze! You could take this thing and beat it off a board. This thing froze up and the Lord said, Because it knew the anointing! So I knew why he let it happen now. You could take this thing and throw it like a frisbee and it would bounce off the wall. It was frozen. And they said, What did you do to my snake!!! So my wife hands them the snake back and they put it back in the aquarium and it was still stiff. I would look at it every once in a while—I had been concerned this thing was going to bite my wife. You know, lack of knowledge. So we left and I called and said, How’s your snake? And he said, Man it’s still solid! What did you guys do to my snake! Later on I guess the demon came back but it was stiff as a board before. GENESIS 6:1-4 Sons of God here are known as angels. These angels put on flesh and came into the natural realm. These are known as fallen angels. They put on flesh and got chained. JUDE 6 And the angels who did not keep their proper domain but left their own abode, he has reserved in everlasting chains under darkness for the judgment of the great day. These angels are known as fallen angels who put on flesh and went into women and produced offspring. So these angels had the ability to put on flesh. But they don’t anymore because if they do they get bound—instantly. The only ones who can put on flesh are the angels of the Lord but satan’s angels cannot. satan’s angels are principalities and powers of darkness and wickedness in heavenly places. Angels do not possess people. Demons do. Because Angels have bodies. Demons do not. A demon is a disembodied spirit. The teaching on Demons will bring you more understanding of that. So if the pigs didn’t want the demons but the snakes do— Why? Because they are the most cursed animal. So the next time you see a snake and you want to pet it – bind that thing first and then behead it! One time the Lord told me to dress up as Moses and I had this staff. On the bottom of the staff, about two feet of it, was painted solid blue. Sister Leitha had brought me the staff. Her roommate had it and her roommate had always had trouble. She would be up and down, sick, always tormented. So I used the staff for Halloween – no I didn’t practice Halloween. That Halloween, the Lord told me to dress up as Moses, to bless and put bibles in their bags, and to pray for them. After that event, that staff was laying down. And I walked by the staff and the thing moved in the Spirit. I couldn’t take any chances so I commanded the snake to come out. I commanded satan to come out of that staff. At first, because I was a baby in Christ, I thought I had to be crazy. So I walked by it again and it did it again. So I said, In the name of Jesus I command you serpent to come out of that staff and leave my house. I went to open

the front door and there was a serpent, a snake right at my front door. All colorful and everything. So when I saw sister Leitha I told her that I cast a serpent out of that staff. She asked if it was red and this, that and whatever? And I said, Yeah. She said that underneath the blue paint on the staff there is a picture of one painted on it. That staff was an accursed item. Accursed items allow serpents to be in them. Even though it is an inanimate object. That’s why certain logos, clothing, etc. draw demonic activity. People don’t realize that even though they don’t see it, that serpent is there. Some of us have been handed down things. Look at the dragon. A dragon is a known as a flying serpent in the bible. All these logos, people don’t realize—they walk around with bar logos on them. Why do you think they put food and spirits on signs. They might as well erase the word spirits and write food and demons and make it really simple. So everyone would know. PSALM 58:1-5 The serpent has poison that comes out of its mouth. One time the Lord had me go to the hospital to pray for this woman that was dying. She was in a gay relationship. And she repented and so forth. But she was still dying. As I’m praying for her, one of her friends came up and she had this staff. In the spirit she looked at me like a witchdoctor but she was a drug dealer – same thing. Drug dealers are witchdoctors. Even if you don’t use—but just sell, you are still a witchdoctor and are going to hell. So anyway I just stepped back and the woman came up and touched her. And when the woman touched her, the woman in the bed groaned as if in pain. I thought, maybe I better tell her to quit touching this woman as I am praying for her. Well she moved back and then went to touch her again to rub her hand and the woman in the bed groaned again. By then I wanted to push her away and the Lord said, No do not. He said, Stand at the end of the bed and fold your arms. So I stood at the end of the bed and folded my arms. And she did it again and the woman in the bed groaned again. And the Lord said to me, My children are the temple of the Holy Spirit and this woman is the temple of serpents. When he said that to me, my eyes opened up in the spirit realm and I saw a cup of serpents and every time she went to go touch the woman in bed, a serpent went and bit her. And every time he bit her, she would cry out and groan. Those serpents bite us. They impart a poison, a corruptible seed. Then people wonder why they are the way they are. ECCLESIASTES 10:11-13 Did you ever talk to someone who could not shut up? That person is just spewing out poison. We see here that even the serpent will use what individuals speak to impart—they actually bite. They will come right out of a person’s mouth and bite an individual. That’s why the Word tells us that we will be judged by our words. And out of your mouth proceeds life or death. If you have a critical spirit, you are spitting out poison. A lying spirit spits out poison. PSALM 140:1-3 … They sharpen their tongues like a serpent. The poison of asps is under their lips. So that’s poison. Did you ever notice how the devil sets trends. One of the big trends was to pierce someone’s tongue. The serpent has a pierced tongue. When people do that they bring a curse on themselves. Because they are actually imitating the serpent. I can’t help that the Lord revealed all these things to me. Praise God. A lot of things manifested. I remember one time I was counseling with someone in my living room. He had a little daughter that had come to live with us. She was only about two. As I was counseling with him, the Christian TV was on and I kept wanting to shut it off and go to bed! Every time I would get ready to, the Holy Spirit would come upon me and I couldn’t do it. Every time I tried to pick up the remote and shut it off so I could say okay it’s time to go home, I couldn’t do it. The next thing I knew a snake manifested underneath my coffee table right in front of my eyes. Of course I got rid of it. I knew it came from him. And we continued praying and stuff and I went around the corner in my home and there was a baby one and I knew it came from his daughter. Because God was doing something. There was a time I went in my back room and all of a sudden I saw a snake in a corner and the thing went after me. He tried to get me so I got a shovel—and you could hear him bouncing off the shovel. Again and again he would strike out and hit this shovel, trying to get me. And I knew who he came from. I knew exactly who he came from. The Holy Spirit revealed that to me. And I waited for the person to come home that night. And I knew what was going on. It was about someone who was in our program that fell and that serpent came from him. I killed the serpent. When that person came home, at first he lied but then he finally told the truth—that he blew it. The spirit realm is totally different than this realm. Those serpents will come up and bite you and you won’t even know it. The bible says that when two or more are gathered together in the name of the Lord, Jesus is there! When

two or more are gossiping, satan is there. You are touching and agreeing with things. When that happens the serpent just took a hold of you and he is in you! And he will use you to spew out criticism, accusations and so forth to plant corruptible seed, because he is the accuser. NUMBERS 21:4-6 Discouragement is an open door for demonic activity. When you are discouraged the devil is there. He has already thrown the seeds of discouragement and now he wants to eat you up. When you are down, he doesn’t come and pet you. When you are down—it’s no more darts, he shoots missiles! Because he wants to wipe you out! Verse 6, So the Lord sent fiery serpents. He sent fiery serpents among the people and they bit the people and many of the people of Israel died. What happened was that God manifested the serpents that were in the spirit realm, in the natural realm and they bit the people and they began to die. ….Then the Lord said to Moses, Make a fiery serpent and set it on a pole and it shall be that everyone who has been bitten, when he looks at it shall live…. That’s the same symbol as the medical symbol that you see on ambulances. That’s where they got it from. It’s biblical!! So when people looked at it they got healed. That was the same thing as Jesus being on the cross because he was going to take the sins of mankind and become the serpent for you and I. That’s why you and I can now be healed. It was a shadow of Jesus to come. There have been many times when I have prayed for people that I have actually seen the snake leave them. Sometimes it would look like a huge ameba leaving them. Even on Friday night services, I could pray for people and sometimes I will see that spirit come right out of them and go. There was one time I had a guy come and visit me-he and his girlfriend came and I began to pray for them. The power of God hit him and he went down in the living room and I saw this serpent just nonchalantly leaving him. He just angered me!! I was like, How dare you just move slowly in my house!! Move in the name of Jesus and get out of here! But this was in the spirit, he was not manifested in the natural. I saw him in the spirit otherwise I would have beheaded him. One time I was praying for an individual during service and that individual started acting just like a snake. Right in the front as I was praying for him, he turned into a snake. ISAIAH 14:28-30 The serpent wants to produce offspring. Some of the offspring of the serpent, spiritually, are known as vipers. PROVERBS 23:29-35 Alcohol is known as an accursed item. When John the Baptist came, he came neither eating nor drinking that which was the norm. He was on a special diet. He didn’t drink any alcohol. He didn’t touch it. People will say that Jesus drank. Yes, but Jesus was never drunk in his life. He wasn’t out to drink. He hung around with them because he was out to save them. He came for those who were sick—for those who needed a physician. For salvation. Jesus wasn’t just out partying with these individuals, he walked in to them when they were already partying. And he changed their lives. He was not a drunkard. Even with alcohol the devil loves to have access to an individual. I was told today about a brother—that was telling us about his pastor and how his pastor used to be into witchcraft. He used to be in charge of all the idols, statutes and stuff. He would put them in this one room and he would get cigarettes and put them in a bowl and he would get rum or some strong liquor and put it in another bowl and they would light all the candles. He used to do this all the time. And then one day he went in there and did this and while he was in there he saw the liquor go all the way down to nothing. And the cigarettes being puffed, like somebody was smoking them all at one time. It freaked him out—he ran out. Those are accursed things. People think it’s harmless. Cigarettes are an accursed item. They draw demonic activity. It just blows my mind that believers are still smoking cigarettes. They are blinded. A serpent is in them—called the spirit of nicotine and I cast them out all the time. I’ve seen one of them run around this living room when I cast it out. I’ve seen a deaf and dumb spirit jump from one wall to the other— very quickly in the spirit realm. Ugly looking thing. They can be like humans, animals or a figure unlike anything you have seen before—In the spirit realm. MATTHEW 3:4-7 ... and his food was locusts and wild honey. Now he was not eating a bug! Locusts are nuts.

He called these Pharisees and Sadducees vipers because they were cursed. The word viper is a representation of malicious or spiteful. That’s a viper. LUKE 10:17-20 He just correlated spirits and serpents. He said I give you authority over the enemy but I give you power to tread upon the serpents and scorpions. He just acknowledged that serpents and scorpions are associated with serpents. That’s why they are cursed. PSALM 91:9-13 … even the Most High your dwelling place—In other words, you are abiding in him ….no evil shall befall you. So there is a place where you must abide in him where no evil will befall you. …You shall tread upon the lion and the cobra, the young lion and the serpent you shall trample under your foot. You shall trample these things. MARK 16:16-18 … in my name they will cast out demons. That’s the first thing the Lord says we will do! … and they will speak with new tongues and they will take up serpents …. The bible tells us we are to be wise as a serpent—because he had wisdom. And gentle as a dove. I was reading an article about these people who were out the field or something. Anyway this poisonous snake—I think it was in some other country—a poisonous snake had come and this one girl just shook it off. I think they were missionaries or out ministering or something like that. This one girl shook it off and then it went onto the other girl. They were frightened and she shook it off and the thing landed on the bible that they had with them and died instantly. As soon as that serpent hit that bible it died instantly. Look how many kids are on medication. That brings serpents. A mind that is passive is an open door. The devil tries to get the mind to a passive state, where there is nothing of God. Then he has access. 2 CORINTHIANS 11:3 The simplicity is that you have dominion over all things. 2 TIMOTHY 2:23-25 But avoid foolish and arrogant disputes knowing that they generate strife. Guess who just entered. JOHN 3:9-15 … As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the son of man be lifted up that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. When Jesus was on the cross he became the bronze serpent, where anyone who looks unto him will be healed. Because he took all the sins of the world on him and became the serpent. So here we see the plan of redemption, reconciliation and restoration was put into place. Redemption for eternal life. Reconciliation to God and the restoration of everything the devil stole from you. 2 TIMOTHY 3:1-5, 13-15 But know this that in the last days perilous times will come.… We are in perilous times! The bible even tells us that more demonic activity would be released from hell and God would allow it. Things will not get better. They will get worse. The world is going to get worse. It cannot get better. That’s why God has brought you out of darkness. REVELATION 12:10-17 … and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring. YOU are the rest of her offspring. You who keep the commandments of God and the testimony of Christ Jesus. ISAIAH 65:17-25 For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth; and the former shall not be remembered or come to mind. You won’t remember all of this garbage anymore. You won’t have any lusts, hurts, pains of losing someone. Nothing. You will not remember this life!

So we see that there will be a big change. In the meantime, you and I live in this natural arena. In this natural arena, you have to have wisdom and discernment. I had a call from someone the other night and we talked for about two hours. This person shared with me how he was riding on his bike and how this dog came out from nowhere and grabbed him and ripped him from his bike and tore into his elbow. He said, I don’t understand it. I told him why. He wasn’t right with God. No protection. You can’t do your will and expect to have protection from the Lord. I remember one time I was jogging and all of a sudden I heard something galloping behind me. I turned around and there was this huge Rottweiler. At first my carnal mind screamed. Then the Holy Ghost kicked in and said, Take your authority! And I said, In the name of Jesus!.... and this animal started skidding to a stop and looked at me and I just starred right at him and he took off—I just pointed and he left. I didn’t go around looking for dogs now. God doesn’t work that way. I don’t go around looking for snakes either. But if they come across my path, they are dead! One time I shared some of this testimony and we had this one guy that was here. Some guys were working over here and it was lunch time work was being done and the next thing we know this guy is running out with a butcher knife in each hand, screaming WHOAA, chasing this snake. He was a little expressive. It could have been a very simple thing – just walk up and cut the head off and get it over with. But he was making a production out of it. Of course, he didn’t catch him and he put the knives down and we had some explaining to do for the probation officer that was standing in the driveway! The important part of this message is that you begin to discern. ________________________