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Beware Of These
Job Hunting Scams
(SPM Wire) With high
rates· .of unempleyment
natienwide, almest every­
bedy knews semeene whe
is .out .of werk and actively
fer a jeb. Adding
Insult te injury, matly
scammers are new taking
advantage .of this epportu,.
nity te prey en these jeb
seekers, accerding te the
Better Business Bureau
(BBB). ­
"The dismal empleyment
rate means that a let .of
peepIe are desperate fer
werk and may be grasping
fer any jeb which creates
a great eppertunity fer
scammers," said Stephen
A. Cex, President and
CEO .of the Ceuncil .of Bet­
ter Business Bureaus.
"Net thereughly research­
ing a jeb eppertunity can
make a bad situatien even
werse and a victim can
lese hundreds .or even
theusands .of dellars te
any number .of jeb-:related
The experts at the BBB
recemmend leeking .out
fer these red flags when
searching fer a jeb:
" The empleyer .offers
the eppertunity te beceme
rich with .out leaving heme.
While many legitimate
businesses allew empley*
ees te werk frem heme
there are alse many
mers trying te take advan­
tage .of senier citizens
stay*at-heme mems,
dents and disabled werk­
ers leeking te make
meney cenveniently at
heme. Jeb hunters sheuld
use extreme cautien when
censidering a werk-at­
heme .offer and always re­
search the cempany first.
" The salary and benefits
.offered seem tee-geod-te­
Pheny empleyers
might brag abeut excep­
tial and excellent benefits
fer little werk and .ne expe­
rience necessary, in .order
te lure unsuspecting jeb'
hunters inte their scams.
* Empleyer e-mails are
rife v:'ith grammatical and
spelling errers. Online
fraud is .often perpetrated
scammers lecated eut­
Side the U.S. Their first
usually isn't
English and this is .often
evident in their peer grasp
.of the language.
* The empleyer is quick
te ask fer persenalinfer­
matien. A typical scam in­
velves awarding semeene
a jeb witheut an interview
and then asking fer per­
senal infermatien, such as
secial security .or bank ac­
numbers. A jeb ap­
phcant sheuld never give
.out his .or her Secial Secu:"
rity .or bank acceunt num­
bers ever the phene .or
email. It sheuld be dene in
persen. even fer a
telecemmuting jeb, and
.only after he .or she has
cenfirmed the jeb is legiti­
*The jeb requires yeu te
meney. Many pheny
Jebs require the empleyee
te cash a check sent by
the cempany threugh the
r:'ail and then wire a per­
ben efthe meney en te an­
entity. Reasens
given fer this requirement
vary frem scam te scam.
The check might clear the
empleyee's bank acceunt
but will eventually turn .out
te be a fake and the em­
pleyee is .out the meney
he .or she wired back te
the scammers.
Te make sure yeu .are
werking fer a legitimate
cempany, yeu can ask te
speak with the previeus
persen in yeur pesitien, de
a quick Internet search fer
the cempany. and check
with yeur lecal Better Busi­
Bureau. Yeu also can
VISit bbb.erg fer mere tips

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