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Sentence 23: Long ago the octogenarian had adopted a lifestyle conducive to longevity.

Sentence 24: Drive carefully. Sentence 25: Show us the pictures.

Sentence 26: Each year we give our next-door neighbors some cookies. Sentence 27: Aunt Amy and Uncle Andy sent their nephews, Bruce and Bobby, some cake and cookies.

Sentence 28: My grandfather, a lifelong non-smoker, attributed his longevity to a healthy lifestyle.

Sentence 29: They mixed the dough quickly, put it into the oven, and waited.

Sentence 30: They washed and dried the sticky pots and greasy pans.

Sentence 31: The parents ate the cake, and the children ate the cookies.

Sentence 32: We are staying home tonight because we have too much homework. Sentence 33: Although he was aware of the big game, the math teacher assigned enough work for a week.

Sentence 34: Sue left school early because she felt sick, but her mother brought her back because she had forgotten her Latin book. Sentence 36: His classmates elected him class president

Sentence 37: He was elected class president by his classmates.

. Sentence 38: The announcement made him happy. Sentence 39: He was made happy by the announcement. Sentence 40: Do you recognize the people who just walked in?

we saw vegetables of every size.Sentence 41: Are they not the people to whom we sold our car? Sentence 42: The newlyweds whose house burned down have no insurance. Sentence 46: Having spotted a school of fish near the surface. shape. Sentence 43: I am selling the cabin that I built many years ago. Sentence 50: Seeing is believing. Sentence 44: Don't forget that you have a dentist's appointment this afternoon. Sentence 48: Bundled in blankets. but freezing nevertheless. the pelican plunged into the water. Sentence 49: Diagramming sentences can be fun. . Sentence 45: That man told me that that was the lure that caught the big fish. Sentence 47: Walking through her garden. and color. they left at the end of the third quarter.

Sentence 54: Our friends arrived too late to catch the last bus.Sentence 51: She earned a promotion by completing her projects promptly Sentence 53: It is pleasant to sit in a boat and dangle your feet in the water. . Sentence 57: He asked why they had waited for him. Sentence 55: I hope that you are eager to diagram more sentences. Sentence 56: They wonder whether they should spend so much money for a car.

it took a turn for the worse last week.Sentence 58: Your occupational success depends on how hard you work in school. has become rich and famous. Sentence 60: They are confident they will succeed. Her husband. The individual players were outstanding. . Sentence 59: I forgot to tell you whom I saw last summer. a professional tennis player. however. they didn't play hard enough to win the conference championship. Although his health had been improving.

My horse. the last Monday of April. but we're hoping for sunshine on Derby day. we need no more showers. Paddy O'Prado. the Celtics evened their playoff series with a victory over the Caveliers. . Last night. did not win the Derby. April's final days may be quite wet.On this day.

.Do you wonder who will win tonight's game between the Celtics and the Caveliers? How many days remain in this school year? Who is standing on the desk in the corner of the room? I wonder if they will drive all day.

I'm sorry about using the same sentence twice.recently visited people who have lived in Montgomery. If you want to stay cool in Louisville this week. Alabama. since birth. stay inside. Does he know the difference between a direct object and the object of a preposition? .

Each year I look forward to the Tour de France. stay out of the water.Thinking of a new diagramming challenge each day can be challenging. Do you think that most people enjoy their jobs? . although I do not own a bicycle. Children.

We call the day before today "yesterday. Both my neighbor and I hope that it rains soon. Would you prefer that we talk about something other than the weather? When does fall begin? .".

One of my sons is a teacher in Colorado. the other teaches in Texas. 21. We can watch her play tennis this afternoon. and I came to my friend's party. This weekend we went to the celebration of a friend's life. The friend who died had been a lawyer.Fall does not begin tomorrow. . The musician's friends and fans contributed thousands of dollars for his surgery.. two sons-in-law. Sept. Two of her daughters. three grandchildren.

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