Innovation Intervention for
Department of Social Economic Co-operation, Royal Netherlands Embassy

(The content below builds on the concept document drawn up on the 16th of November by Monique van Welie)


2004 the embassy runs a bilateral HIV/AIDS programme. Due to several reasons this programme's funds, which used to be EUR 12 Million in 2004, will be decreased to around EUR 4 million (or less) a year, in 2012. Furthermore, in the past, when funds were allocated to a project it was enough that funds benefited that project. Since 2008, however, it ideally needs to involve The Netherlands as well. From 2011 and onwards, without a clear link to The Netherlands it will become difficult to get funding. Furthermore projects need to be innovative to qualify for funding. After 2012 these two criteria will be used to assess project proposals and without qualifying for them it will be difficult to grant funding.

Stating these two core requirements; the need for a clear link to the Netherlands from 2011 and the need for projects to be innovative to qualify for funding, a 2-day “Matchmaking” trip to the Netherlands has been proposed. In order for this initiative to achieve it’s potential, a 2-day Innovation Intervention between the CEO’s of the seven NGO’s as well as the Royal Netherlands Embassy is required. Objectives of the Intervention: Build a Collaborative attitude rather than a competitive stance towards this initiative. Create the opportunity for the CEO’s to take ownership. Establish a collective vision. Set clear objectives and core deliverables for the June/July trip. Introduce the theories behind Innovation and ideation. Create a relaxed environment where Imagination and “out of the box” idea generation are core objectives of the 2-day process.

there is a requisite for a deeper level of buy-in. Set a clear action plan to achieve and rollout the above.5 Item Fee R5600 R1600 p/h 3 R4800 6. Create a Concept Document and letter of intent for the initiative. The Intervention will create an environment that will allow them to become aware and apply their core needs and desires in a more global context as well as foster an awareness with the long-term relationship to funding. connection and collaboration in relation to the Netherlands’s resources in the hope of meeting the needs of both the Royal Netherland Embassy as well as the NGO’s. The Style of the 2-Day Innovation Intervention will require a high level of engagement from its participants (No laptops allowed!). Clearly. This will be a highly introspective process and will involve Inquiry Facilitation methods (Question-based facilitation).5 R10400   (Please note: Each stage requires a minimum 50% deposit before commencement) . Methodologies called “Game-storming” and “Thinker Toys” will be used. the following 3 stages are being proposed. In order to achieve the above. Brainstorm and build ideas for how to best utilize the trip and tap into resources within the Netherlands. The contents of the 2 days will be finely tailored to the needs and objectives mentioned and the “curriculum” will be created from scratch from the information and insights gathered in the interviews and brainstorming sessions prior.  Stage 1 (Between December 2010 and Early January 2011) Action Initial Interviews with Key Stakeholders Informational Download and Brainstorming session at the Royal Netherlands Embassy Total: Rate R1600 p/h Hours 3. interest and synergy from the side of the NGO’s in relation to the funding that they receive as well as their level of engagement with the Netherlands. These are two highly celebrated innovation and problem-solving (solution making) methodologies that require interaction. group and team work.- Create an atmosphere where the Genius. engagement. focused thought. Talents and Skills of the CEO’s can be leveraged and utilized in the creation of this initiative.

ideas and discussions and to concretize key concepts. Core Custom Structure Development for the 2Day Intervention. (With input from Royal Netherlands Embassy) Rate Hours Item Fee R1600 p/h 3. Sincerely.5 R18400   Stage 3 (2 Day Innovation Intervention) Action 2-Day Innovation Intervention Total: Daily Rate R15000 Days 2 Item Fee R30 000 R30000 (Please Note: Potential input after the intervention is also possible if required. Oran Cohen Executive Imagineer Brand Your Genius . I look forward to working with you on this exciting and bold initiative. Total: R1600 p/h 2 R3200 11.Stage 2 (Completed by January 30th) Action Stakeholder online Research and Profiling for in-depth understanding of participants and their backgrounds and organisations. a scribe would be most beneficial to the process to document our brainstorming insights.5 R5600 R9600 R1600 p/h 6 Consulting on communications document that will be sent to participants.)  For the Intervention.

Oran is a passionate business and social entrepreneur. he has a knack for inspiring genius within individuals. Talent Attack. Oran has worked with Organizations such as Sappi. He is a SETA accredited Facilitator and Assessor. Being an Imagineer. Ghana.About Oran Cohen and his shenanigans: Oran Cohen is known as the “IMAGINEER”. the speechwriter to Martin Luther King. He has the ability to bring ideas to life and has served as an inspiration of imagination to dozens of individuals and organizations. In 2010. designer and creative strategist. He understands the subtleties of the business world and the art of creating true and lasting change within its walls. . Standard Bank and Raizcorp. musician. SABC. PABX. Oran is a firm believer in the value of uncommon sense. systems and organizations. facilitator. the Governor of Vermont and Clarence Jones. Canada and Nepal. consultant. Oran is now a board member on a United Nations NGO alongside Hinda Miller. Thailand. For the last 5 years Oran has been assisting companies to elevate their online and offline marketing reach and has consulted. He has run workshops and interventions in countries such as Japan. coached and worked on the creation of many brands and products. Switzerland. Oran has spoken at the United Nations in 2003 during the International Day of Peace. Oran worked closely with the Cadbury innovation team as an Imagineer and product development consultant. South Africa. In 2009 Oran was selected as one of the most interesting young South Africans by the Mail and Guardian and has been called an emerging young global leader by different international Organizations.