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.You want to research · a business before you buy. The BBB maintains reports on nearly 4 million busi­ nesses across North Amer­ BILLMOAK ica. Their Reliability Re­ port will tell you how . many complaints the busi­ ness has received, how they responded to com­ plaints and their letter­ grade rating reflecting BBB S experience with the busiIiess . • You have a dispute s BUDGETS TIGHT­
with a business. The BBB EN for many fami­ can lend a hand if you · lies, it S more im­ have a dispute with a busi­ portant than ever to spend ness. Every year BBBs re­ your money wisely; ceives hundreds of thou­ For anyone looking for sands of complaints from advice on how to make disgruntled consumers, the best financial deci­ and usually the BBB is able to help resolve the sions, your B~~ is here to help throughout the year. issue quickly and «:!asily. The economy is still in a • You have been ripped slump and, now more off by a scammer. While than ever, consumers need BBB isn 't a law enforce­ to take control of their ment agency and cannot spending habits and be arrest scammers or un­ vigilant against fraud and scrupulous businesses, scams. your complaint enables We encourage everyone the BBB to identify trends to take time to keep the and warn other con­ sumers to help prevent BBB in mind as a tool for protecting their hard­ others from being taken earned dollars. advantage by scammers. Following are just a few Check out all of the on­ ways the BBB can help line resources and tools BBB consumers shop smarter provides at http://ms. and safer. The BBB is here More information to help if... . and advice is also available on the National Consumer • You need every-day advice on how to manage Protection Week Web site ( your money and be a saVvy consumer. Bill Moak is president of the The BBB offers tips on personal finance topics Better Business Bureau of Mississippi. Reach him at such as how to build a family budget, hire a con­ (800)987-8280 or visit or tractor or avoid .the latest scams. Advice you can trust is available online at • You need help finding a business you cari trust. The BBB Accredited Busi­ ness Locator can help you find businesses .in your area that uphold the rigor­ ous BBB standards and . have made a commitment to support the work of the BBB. There are nearly 400,000 BBB accredited · businesses across North America including retail­ ers, contractors and on­ line businesses.





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