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***************************************************************** \ / Primordial Life -- Shareware v3.

21 / \ \/ -/\ Copyright (C) 1996-2003 Jason Spofford \ / ***************************************************************** Thanks for trying Primordial Life! Your screen is transformed into a artificial world where living biots can survive and multiply. The course of evolution can take many paths, resulting in thousands of biot shapes. Watch biots battle for survival. Don't be surprised if you end up spending hours watching the dynamics of evolution! >>> Please Note: Primordial Life 3.21 will not connect to, or >>> accept network connections from Primordial Life 3.16 or earlier. *** What is Primordial Life? *** Primordial Life is actually two programs. One program runs Primordial Life as a screen saver and the other runs Primordial Life inside a window on your Windows computer. A help file included with Primordial Life which explains the simulation in depth. Just run Primordial Life and select help. *** What is new in Primordial 3.21? *** Primordial Life 3.21 fixed a few bugs found in Primordial Life 3.2 and before. It also lets you use the mouse in the screen saver mode for Windows XP and Windows 2000. Primordial Life 3.2 improves networking by providing a Primordial Life server to automatically coordinate connections between biot ecosystems. At least 25% of you will need to accept connections on port 2088. If you have a firewall , don't forget to open the port. If you are using NAT (network address translatio n), Primordial Life will support it as well but only one of your computers can be configured to listen. There is no limit to the number of worlds you can intercon nect! Watch as the diversity of life increases as you expand the known biot universe. If you are a dial up user, I don't recommend using the network feature in the screen saver. Run the windowed program instead. When the screen saver starts, it might envoke the dialup dialog which will cause the screen saver to terminate immediately. If you dial up prior to using the screen saver, it should work for you. *** Primordial Life Installation Instructions *** Prim32.exe is a self extracting file. Chances are you already have installed this program since you are reading this file. Prim32.exe will install the Windows program and related files into the directory of your choice. It will also install the screen saver (Primordial Life 3,2.scr or PrimLife32.scr) into the \Windows\System for Win95 and into \Winnt\System32 directory for WinNT. <<<< <<<<

0 or 3.1 costs $8. Through an Internet based shareware collection company. please register. If you like it.*** Shareware Notice *** Primordial Life is shareware. single computer license. It will start register.kagi. If you decide to register.0. The user assumes the entire risk of using this program. Because of the various hardware and software environments into which the software may be put into and because it is possible that software itself contains software ANY LIABILITY OF THE SELLER WILL BE LIMITED EXCLUSIVELY TO PRODUCT REPLACEMENT OR REFUND OF PURCHASE PRICE. That means you will be able to move Primordial Life from one computer to another or upgrade your computer without worrying if your Primordial Life registration will still work. NO WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE IS OFFERED. Please note that you must be the primary user of each of these computers or the computer must reside in your primary residence. the seller is not required to inform the purchaser. THIS SOFTWARE AND THE ACCOMPANYING FILES ARE SOLD "AS IS" AND WITHOUT WARRANTIES AS TO PERFORMANCE OF MERCHANTABILITY OR ANY OTHER WARRANTIES WHETHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. *** If you have any questions or comments *** . *** Disclaimer of Warranty *** To use this software. even if it the problem is damaging. I can accept credit cards. Primordial Life is now registered to you and not to a specific machine.exe which will provide details on how to purchase Primordial Life. you are must agree with the following terms. Should any problem with the software be found. as well as other forms of payment. There are several ways to pay for Primordial Life. you can get a license for 2-4 computers for $18. please register. 2-4 computer license from Primordial Life 2. That license costs $60.exe". A site license lets multiple people run Primordial Life that belong to a particular organization at a specific site (~50 mile radius).com/life Primordial Life is just $12.00 for a single user. Included in this distribution is a program called "register. The next version I produce will be yours free. 3. press the "I want to buy it!" button found by pressing the "Register!" button on the Primordial Life settings dialog. If you own or operate more than one computer. *** Registration *** If you'd like Primordial Life to continue to to learn about the shareware fee collection company. You can order on-line by going to my web site at http://www. To upgrade to a single user. Run that program for more details and see http://www. You can visit my web page at: .email: spofford@io.