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1. Carry this booklet in your pocket when drilling or at calisthenics.

2. Refer all questions. suggestions, parodies and new songs to your Squadron Song Leader.


Squadron Barracks


TITLE Allouette


Anchors Aweigh---------- 7 And the Band Played 01---- 59

Army ~ir Corps 2

Auld Lang Syne 58

Battle Hymn of the Rapublic-- i9 Bless lem al1------------ 75 Caisson Song 8 CGlisthenics-------- 56 Comi n ' in on a wing ar4 a prayer 27 Darktown Strutters Ball---- 73 Drifting and Dreaming------ 64 For roo and my G:ll------- 25 God Bless ArrericQ-------- 3 G.1. Song------------ 36 Harves t Moon 60 Here Corres the Air Corp:>--- 4i Home on the Range-------- 70

I got- Sixpence--------



Into the Air 5

I \«lnt A Gir1-------- 21.

John Jacob Jingleheimer SchmittSi K4<-K-Katy i 7 Las t Long Mile--------- S4 Let me Call You Sweetheart-- 57 Li 11 Liza Jan 47 Long, Long Trail------ 1.6 MmtoMm 30 M:m on the Flying Trapeze--- 69

Mngie-- 66

Mlry 68

Marching Along Together 1.2

MJ.rine's Hymn- 6

Moonlight Bay----- 67

My Buddy - 7i

My Gal sUl- 62

My Wild Irish Ros 65

ChSuzanna..,.. 44



Old Gray Bonnet-------- i8 Old Mill Strea~ 6i OnJ Brave Old Arrr¥ Team-- 53 Onward Christian Soldiers--- 76 Orer There 9 Orer the 8ea-------- 1i Pack Up Your Troubles---- 1.0 Praise the Lord------ 24 Rangers Song 31. Road to ~"'andalay----~ 52 Roll out the &ural---- 1.4 Sailing 26 She Wore A Yellow Ribbon----- 35 Smiles-'-------------· 37

Song of the Vagabond 50

Souse Family 48

Star Spangled Banner i

Stout Hearted M8n------ 22 Sweet Sue--------- 74



'[lent ing Tonight 72 There is Q Tavern---~ 29 There's A Star Spangled Banner45

This Is The Army 39

Tipperary U

Vive la Compagnie 32

Wait'til the sun Shines Nellie23 Waltzing M:1tilda 49

Wave OVer Toki 0- 34 We Can Lick The Axis----- 40 We Did It Before - 46

When Johnny Comes M:1Tching Home-


When The Yanks Carre Mlrch ing In-

, 43

When You Wore a Tulip---- 63

Working on the Raqroad 28

Yankee Doodle Dandy i 5

You Are My Sunshine----- 55 Yo


Oh say can you see by the dawn's mrly light

What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleanring?

Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight?

O'er the ramparts we watchedJ were so gallantly streanring?

And the ~ockets' red glareJ the bombs bursting in air)

Gave proof thru the night that our flag was still there.

Oh) say) does that Star Spangled Banner yet \\(lve)

O'er the land of the free; and the hame of the brave?


Jh" thus be it ever when free men shall stand

Between their lov'd homes and the war's desolation I

Blest with vict'ry and peace. may the heav'n rescued land

Praise the power that hath made and preserved us a nation!

rhen conquer we must" when our caUse it is just.

And this be our motto. "In God is our Trust",

And the Star Spangled Banner in triumJ:h shall w:lV6

J' er the land of the free and the home of the bravel



Off we go into the wild blue yonder

Climbing high into the sun;

HeTe they come, zooming to meet orr thunder J

At 'em boysJ give 'eT the guni Down we dive spouting our flame

from undar ,

Off with one helluva roari

We live in fQrre or go down in flarre; Nothing'll stop the Army Air Corps.

Here's a toast to the host of those

who love the vastness of the sky; To 0 friend we will aend vo rressage of his brother men who fly.

We drink to those who gave their all of old,

Then doen we roar to score the rainbow's pot of gold.


A toast to the hOlit of men we becst ,

The AnrC<{ Ai r Corps.

Off WEI go i1".1:Cl the wild sky' yander)

Keep the level and true.

If you!ll live to be a gray haired

the nos a cut of the blue! nq the Nationls

We!ll be followc£Jd by more.

In seh'elon we Garry on ,

Nothing! 11 stop Air Corps ,

3. GOD BLESS AMERICA (F) God bless .AJ:reriooJ land that 'I lOVGJ Stand beside hEll" and guiqe her Through the night wi t h the light

from above.

From the mountains) t o ths prairies) To the ocecn whi te with foam)

Goo bless .America my hona sWElet heme. God bless .America my horre sweet heme.

4. YCU'RE A GRAND OLD FLAG (C) You I re a grand old flagJ

You're a high flying flagJ

And forever in peace mny you wave. Youre the emblem of the land I lov~ The home of the free and the brave. Every heart beats true under RedJ

White and Blue.

W'nere there's never a boast or brag. But should auld aequo in tance be forgot Keep your eye on the grand old flog.


Into the o i r , Army Air Corps Into the c.i r , Pilots true; Into the air; Army Air Corps Keep your nose up in the blue; P..ndwhenyou hear the engine singing, And the steel props start to whine; You can bet the Army Air Corps Is along the firing line;



From the halls of Montezum(1~ To the shores of TripoliJ

We fight our countrys! battles In the air. on land and sea.

First to fig~t for right and freodan And to keep our honor c We are proud to claim Of United States }vnril"t£)

Here is health to you IJ..?J.d Which we Gre Inm:mya strifewe1tle And never 100 t OUT narve.

If the Mtrr{ and the

Ever lock on heav",1u'6 scenes)

They will find streets are


By United States ~tlarines.



Anchors aweighJ my boysJ anchors


Farewell to college joys;

We sail at break of day-day-doy-dayThrough our last night on shore; Drink to the foam)

Until we meet once more)

Here's wishing you a ho ppy voyage home.

II Stand ArrrryJ to the bar; raise your glasses high.

We'll never pay the bill so Navy yml mus t buy-buy-buy-buy.

DO"'J:l Gordon Gin; ArIro[; dovn Rock and Rye)

Stand Army to the bar and drink the Navy; drink the Navy dry.



OVer hill, over dale, we have hit

the dusty t rc i L,

And those Caissons go rolling o Lonq, "Counter march! .IUgh t about I" Hear those W(HI0n soldiers shout 11lhile those Cc i s e ona go roll


For His Hi! Hi Hee! In tn." Field Artillery,

Cnl) off your numbars loud and strong (Shout; CNEl 'TWOI)

vlheT9 eler \ole go. you will alw:lYs know

Trot thc~e(higsons are rollingalon9J

rolling along.


9 ewER THERE (B)

OVer there~ over' fhereJ send the vord, send the word over there.

That the Yanks are cceunc, the Yanks are coming;

The drums r~tumming everywhereSo prepare) say a prayer, send the word, send the word to beW(H8, We 111 be ovs r , we I re coming OVer And we won I t cane back 't il it's Gym' over there.

i o PACK UP YOUR TROUBLES (D) Pa~k up your troubles in your oJd kit bag J and smi Ie; smi 1e.. smi Le 'While you"'e a lucifer to light your fag, smile boys tho t'a the

What's the use of was worth while .. So Puck up your troubles kit oog) and smile"

in your old smile.





Over the sea, let's go .me n , We're s h ov i n ' right off) we're shcv i n ' right off

Nobody knows where r hen. We're an ov i n ' s: off" we're shovin ' right off

It may be goodbye"

Sal and Sue don t feel b lue ,

We; 11 t be gD:ne for years and yeaTs and

Vle're shov in ' right off f or home. Shovin I right. off for noms a~in.

i2. M~RCHING ALONG TOGETHER (D) Marching along together,

No one's gonna stop us now) Marching along together,

No one's gonna top us nowJ Rolling along the highwaYJ sailing the sky and sea.

Oh rum-ti-tiddle dee beat the drum, and hold on to your lids.

Oh rum-ti-tiddle dee here we cameJ the Yankee Doodle Kids, Marching along together,

All together for Victory.



It's a long way to Tipperary It IS a long way to gaol

It's a long way to Tipperary To the sweetest girl I know. Goodbye to PiccadillYJ farewell

Liecester Square.

It·s a longJ long way to Tipperary But my heart·s right there.

14 ROLL OUT THE BARREL (G) Roll out the barrel" we'll have a barrel of fun)

Rollout the barrel" we've got .!he blues on the run.

Zing! Booml Tararel" .ring out the song of good cheer.

Now's the time to roll the barrel For the gang's all here.

i5 YANKEE DOODLE DANDY (A) 11m a Yankee Doodle Dandy; Yankee Doodle do or die.

A real live nephew of Im[ Uncle Sam Born on the Fourth of July.

I have a Yankee Doodle sweetheart She is my Yankee Doodle joy.

Yankee Doodle went to London Just to ride the ponies) I am that Yankee Doodle boy.

i6 LONG) LONG) TRAIL (C) There IS a long; long trail a-winding Into the land of my dreams. Where the nightengales are singing And the whi te moon beam.

Therels a long, long night of wait-


Until my dreams all come true. ~ill the day when 1111 go walking Down that long, long trail with you.


17 K-K-K-KATY (G) K-K-K-KatYJ beautiful Katy. You're the only g-g-g-girl that I


When the m-m-m~moon shines Over the cow-shed.

l' 11 be wa it ing at the k-k-k-ki t chen


K-K-K-K,P'J dirty old K.P. Thats the only Arm{ job that I abhor. When the m~m-m-moon shines OVer the mess hall

I'll be scrubbing up the k-k-k-kitchen floor.


Put on your old gray bonnet With the blue ribbon on it While I hi tch old Dobbin to the shay. And thru the fields of clover We will drive to Dover

On our golden wedding day.



Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord;

He is trampling out the wintage whs re the grapes of wrath are stored.

He he th loosed the fateful lightning

of his terrible swift sword; His truth is marching on.

Glory j glory ho Ll.e Iu joh ,

Glory) glory hallelujah;

Glory; glory hallelujah;

His t ru th is rm rchi nc on.

I have seen Him in the watchfires of Q hundred circling camps; They have builded Hi.m an altar in the even i nc dews and damps J I can read His righteous sentence by the dim and flaring lamps; His day is marching on.



When Johnny comas rrarchinghome ag:linJ Hoo-ray! Hoo-ray!

We ill give him a hearty welcone then, Hoo-rayl Hoo-ray!

His folks will cheer, his~friends will shout

His girl friends they will all turn out, and weIll all feel gay When Johnny comes marching home.


I want a girl, just like the girl that married dear old dod, She was a pearl and the only girl that daddy ever had.

A good old fashioned girl with heart so t rue ,

One who loved nobody else but you I want a girl just like the girl thdt married dear old dad.



Give me some men who are stout-hearted men, who will fight for the right they adore. start me with ten who are stouthearted men; and I'll soon give you ten thousand more) Chi Shoulder to shoulder end bolder and bolder they grow as they match to the fore)

Then there's nothing in the world can hait or mar a plan;

When stouthearted men)

Can stick together man to man!


Wait 'til the s un sh i nes , Nellie) When the Clouds go drifting by) We will be happy Nellie) don't you


Down Lovers' Lane we'll wander sweethearts you and IJ Wait 'til the sun shines Nelliepye and bye.


24 PRAISE THE LORD (B flat) "Praise the Lo rd , and pass the ammunition)

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition and weill all stay free I

Praise the Lord and swing into poa i tion

Can It afford to be a poli t Ic Icn , Praise the Lord we're all between perdi t ion and the deep blue sea I" .

Yes. the sky pilot said itJ

You've got to give him' credit for a son-of-a-gun of a gunner was he J Shouting: "Praise the Lord. we're on a mighty mission!

All aboard! We I re not a goin I f ishin I Praise the Lord and pass the ammuni t i on and we III all stay free. II

25 FOR ME AND MY GAL (C) The bells are ringing for me and my "gal

The bells are singing for me and. my gal

Ev'rybody's been knowingJ to a wedding they're going)

And for weeks they've been sewing.

Ev'ry Susie and Sal.

TheY're congregating for me and my gal)

The Parson's wa i ting for me and my gal.

And sometime I'm gain' to build a little home for two,

For three or four or more) in Loveland for me and my gal.


SailingJ sailing over the bounding ll'


For lInny a stormy wind shall blow e' er Jack comes home al}lin.

Sailingl sailing over the bounding min

ror many a stormy wind shall blow e'er jack canes h0m9 again.


(C) Cominl in on a wing and a prayer Caminl in on a wing a prayerJ Tho' there's one motor goneJ we eon

still carry on~

Caminl in on a wing and a prayer. What a show - what a fight -

Yes, we really hit our target for


How we sing as .we limp thru the air Look belOW, there'S our field over there

Wi th our full crew aboard and our trust in the Lordi

We're comin' in on a wing and a prayer.


28 WORKING ON THE RAILROAD (G) I've been working on the railroad All the livelong day.

I've been working on the ro i Lr ond Just to pass the time away.

Can't you hear the whistle blowing Rise up so early in the morn? Can't you hear the captain shout in' Dinah blow your horn?

Dinah won't you blow;

Dinah won't you blOfJ

Dinah won't you blo,..t your ho - - rn Dinah won't you blow; Dinah won't

you blow

Dinah won't you blow your horn? Sc:Jillaone's in the kitchen wi th Dinah Sc:meone I s in the ki tchen I kn - - w; Sameone's in the kitchen with Dinah Strummin' on the old banjo; and


Fe~; fie; fiddle--ee-i-o;

Fee; fie; fiddle--ee-i-o-o-o-oJ Fee; fie; fiddle--ee-i-o; Strumming on the old banjo.


29 THERE IS A TAVERN IN THE -'I'Offl There is a t~vern in the town~ in the town.

And there my t rue love sits him down~ sits him dOWn,.

And drinks his wine mid laughter free And nevsr , never thinks of lYe.

Fare thee well forI nust leave thee _ Do not let this par-t ing grieVe thee And remember that the best of friends

must par t .. must par t ,

Adieu .. adieu kind friends .. adieu. I can no longer stay with you" stay with you.

I'll hang my heart on a weeping willow tree

And roy the world go well with thee-


30 MAN TO MAN (3)

There's a pride you feel inside you for the Infantry.

It's the story of the glory of the Infantry.

It's the record that we've made in the big parade; and we made it on our own two feet.

Pick 'em up) lay 'em down)

Pick 'em uPJ lay 'em down) count in , Hut) two .. thr so , four) hut) two)


What's 'a thousand miles or more; when we're in a war

We can rmke it on our own two feet.(end) Marching marching MAN TO MAN MPrching onward thru Japan.


Mnching to avenge Bataan

Hear the beat of the feet of the Infantry. (repeat frem beginning)


We're all pals together Comrades) birds of a feather~ Hootin' pals~ tootin' pals~ Rootin' pals~ shootin' palsJ

In rainer sunshine.

Hey) say there brother)

Pull for each other

You're not alone when you're on your own

When you belong to the Lone Star Ranger, man to man.



Let every good fellow now join in a song

Vive la compagnie.

Success to each other and pass it along.


Vive la vive la vive 11amour Vive 1a vive 1a vive 11amour Vive11amourJ vive 11amour

Vive 1a compagnie.

2nd verse

A friend on the left and a friend on the rightJ vive 1a compagnie.

In willing endeavor our hands we uni te

Vive 10 compagnie CHORUS


33 JOLLY SIXPENCE (A) _I've Qot sixpence~ jolly~ jolly sixpence.

I've got sixpence to last me all my, life.

I've got two pense to spend~ and twopence to lend~ and twopence to lend~ and twopence to send home to my wife.

No cares have I to grieve meJ No pretty little girl to deceive meJ - I'm happy as a king believe me" As we go rollingJ rolling home. By the light of the silvery mo-o-on, HapI'{ is the day when the Air Corps -

gets its p:1y

As we go rolling" rolling hone.

I ''Ve got fourpenca,

I've got twopenceJ

I've got no pence.



(Tune I Old' Gray Mare)

Ctl the Stars and stripes will wave over TokioJ wave over Tokio. lfave over Tokio,J

The Stars and Stripee will wave oVQr TokioJ in another month or


,In another month or sOJ In another m:mth or 50"

The Stars and Stripes will '~v:.e cvsr 'l'okioJ in another- month or so.

The G.I. Shoes will march over


Much over Germany Ml:rch over Gerrocmy.

The G.1. Shoes wi 11 march over Germ:tny

In another month or so. etc.


35 SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBSON (G) Around her neck she wore a yellow ribbon

She wore it in the aprinqtime all thru the month of MlYJ HeyJHey!

And when you ask the reason why she wore it;

She says it's for a soldier who is for J far a....ny.


For awny J (for a....ny) For aW;ly J (for a....ny.)

And she wore it mi Heing cows and mowing hay)

For 'round her neck she wore a yellow ribbon"

She wore it for a soldier Who is for J for Qway..

2nd verse:

Around her neck she wore alit Ue locket.

3rd versel

Around her leg she wore a purple garter.

4th verse:

Around the house she wore a Mother Hubbard , -28-

36 G. 'I. Song (D)

The pancakes that they serve us:

They say are mighty fine;

But one fell off the table And killed a pal of mine.


I doni t '\'.Unt no more of Army life Gee m:lJ I wanna go home.

2nd Verse:

The coffee that they give us They say is mighty fine

It I s good for cuts and bruises And tastes like iodine.

3rd Verse:

1~e chow the Army gives us fhey say is mighty swell

But confidentaillYJ brother The darn stuff tastes like h-~-


4th Verse:

The footwear that they issued They said was mighty fine;

I asked for number sevens

They gave ne numLer nine.

5th Verse:

They give us fifty dollars And pay us on the line

But before the month is over They fine us forty-nine.

6th Verse:

13he Draft Board came and got me And stuck me in this hole

Where all the cocky roaches

~11 out for morning roll.

7th Verse:

The A r my is the 0 n 1 y P 1 Q C e The service here is grea t

The Sergeant saysJ "Now s o Id i.e r a , Fall in ihat line and wait. II

(over) (30)


32 G.1. SONG

8th Verse:

Now Army col i s then i cs

Will mo ke you strong" they so.

But ho If the s who. took t horn

Are ly ing cold end deod ,

9th Verse

If they ever

us over

Vle'l1 ffi'lke those }(-lzis ]:XlV

For all the miseries; Army life Has brought to. us today.

Chorus each time.

Af tor last chorus ~

I 1'oo11y mean it.

So let's repe'lt it.

This is the last time; Gee lTDJ I wanna go home.

37 SMILES (E flat)

There are smiles that make us happy There are smiles that make us blue There are smiles that steal away the


As the sunbeams steal away the dew. 'l'here are smiles that have a tender meaning,

That the eyes of love alone ean see. But the smiles that fiUmy heart wi th s"lmshine

Are the smiles that you gave to me.


AllouetteJ gentle AllouetteJ AllouetteJ/ Je te plumerai. Je te plumerai Ie teteJ (repeat) Et Ie teteJ et Ie teteJ Oh. AllouetteJ gentle AllouetteJ


Allouette je te plumerai

2. Et 1e bee. 3. Et Ie nez. 4. Et dos. 5.,Et les pattes. 6. Et 1e eou •

.... 32-


_This is the Army~ Mister Jones~ No private rooms or telephones, Yoo had your breakfast in bed before; But you won I t have it there anymore. This is the Army, Mister Green. We like the barracks nice and clean. roo had a hOUSElmlid to clean yoor floor But she wcn't help you out anymore. Do what the buglers command.

Theyl!"G in the Army and not in a band. This is the Army. Mister BroWn, You and your baby went to town. She had you worried. but this is 1.«lr J And she won I t worry you any mora.


40 WE CAN LICK THE AXIS (D) (Tune: Battle Hymn of the Republic) We can lick the Axis anywhere we chance to meet)

We can lick the Axis anywhere we chance to meetJ

We can lick the Axis anywhere we chance to met. as they shall soon find out.


We are out to lick the Axis, We are out to lick the AxisJ We are out to lick the Axis, It's the Air Corps marching on.

2nd Verse:

We n1.lIl1OOr in the millions and we're plenty rough and tough, etc.

And welre out to win this war. 3rd Verse:

We will bomb the Axis till therels nothing left to see, etc.

And it's home for you and me. - 34 -


4i HERE CCM.:S THE AIR C'CRPB (G) (Tunel Beer Barrel Polka)

'.' .

Here comes the Air CorpsJ

They are a great lot of men) Here comes the Air CorpsJ

Off to drop bombs on Berlin. Flyin' high and handsorn9j

"Bombs are a.....ay" Hurrah I

They are asking where we came fram WhYJ from Shang-Te-la-

Here comas the Air cor pe ,

Watch out below Tokio.

Here comes the Air eorpe~

Watch out below to Berlin.

We are the Air Co:rpsJ

We have a. word to saYJ

We wi 11 send you bombs f:ran banbers From the U.S.A.


42 ZIP - ZOOM - ROAR (G)

(Tune: Caisson Sonq)

In the sky, on the trail,

We will chase the Axis' tail,

And we'll shoot it, yes shoot it ..

r Icht off.

We're the best in the test and we'll prove it to them yet,

And we'll show them, yes show them who's boss.

For it's Zip, Zoom, Roar, it's the Arrrr{ Air Corps,

Off to take over the shaw.

And we'll all be glad, and they shall be so sad,

When we drop bombs on ole Tokio.

Bomb's Away I (shout)

When we drop bombs on ole Tokio.




Ch when the Yanks Go marching in on when the Yanks go en Lord :[Will,t to be in tho.t riulf,DEfCJ When the Yankf;, go mc rch i in.

en when our glJ.!lS "/hen our And roar (end conncns ah when our gl,ms and ccnnons Ch Lord Iwcmt to be in trsrt When oil!" gu.ns and cannons roo.r ~


Oh when we he t is dOIMn.

And when O1y:!, do win the

Oh v.rhenwe set the rising S11n, And ,,"hen we march into Berlin. ChW'hen that train goes



OhJ I come from Alabama with my banjo on my knee,

And 11m goinl to Louisiana my Suzanna for to see.

Oh it rain~d all day the night I


The weather was so dry.

The sun so hot I froze to death; Suzanna, don I t you cry.

Oh Suzanna, now donlt you cry for rns ,

For Ilm gain' to Louisana my Suzanna for to see.


Therels Q star spangled Banner waving somewhere)

In a distant land so many miles away. Only Uncle SomIs great heroes get to go there

Where I wish that I could also live sorre day.

I'd see Li.nco.ln , custer J Washington and perry

And Nathan HaleandColin Kelly too! There's Q Star Spangled Banner waving somewhere

"Vlaving o'er the land of heroes brave and true.

In this war wi th it I S rod schsmas of destructionJ

Of our country fair and our sweet liberty

By the mad dictatorsJ leaders of corruption;


Can't the U.S. use a mountai~.boy like me

God gave me the right to be a free American.

And for that precious right lid gladly die)

Therels a Star Spangled Banner waving s 0"mewher8

That is where I want to live when I die.

Tho' I realize I haven't had much schooling.

Just to be a U.S. soldier would be swell

There1s been ~ny a great hero from the mountains -

Sergeant York was one and he did mighi:y well)

If I do some great deed I will be a her o ,

And a hero brave is what.Iwant to be) +here I s a Star Spangled Banner WlVing sorrewhere -

In that heaven there should be a place for me.


46 WE DID IT BEFCRE (B flat)

We did .i t heofre and we cando it again and we will do it <lgain.

We Ive got a heck of a job to do; rut you can bet that weill see it thru.

We did it before and 1.19 can do it again.

We're one for all and welre all for one.

They'll get a lickin' before we Ire


Millions of voices are ringing Singing as we march along.

We did it before and we can do it

again) and. we will do it again .Welll knock them over and then

We III get the guy in back of themJ We did it be fore. and we'll do it


47 11'1 LIZA JANE (F)

I I se got a gal and you got none; Li i 1 LizQ Jane)

lise got 0 gal and you got none,

Li 'I Lizo Jane,

Ohe. 1iza) 1i i 1 Liz'a Jane, Oh e , 1izG, 1i'1 1iza Jane. Comej my love and marry me

:[.i'l Liza Jane;

I will take gpod care of thee, 1i'1 Liza Jane, Che, etc. 1i2:a Jane done. came to me,

11 'I I .. Izc Jl:me)

Both as happy gs can be,

1i'1 1iza Jane. Ole, etc.

House and lot in Bait Imo I 1i'l 1iza Jane,

Lots of chilluns raun' de do' Li'l Liza Jane. Ohe) etc.


48 M SaJSEFAMILY (G) Drink) drinkJ drinkJ drinkJ Drank; drankJ drank; drankJ DrunkJ drunkJ drunkJ drunk .• Drunk laat night) drunk the

before •

Gamel Qat drink tonight like I never qot drunk before

For when P ITt drunk I" I.'fI as as

can be

For I lIft!), ~'\"bar of the Souse fomi ly,

Oh the SOUB<9 family lEl the best family

Tha t ever cams aver fron old Germ::lny Th,erets the and the Lowland Dutch


'Fha Amsterdam Dutch and the-----,Dutch.


49 WALTZING MATILDA (G) Once a jolly swagman* camped by a bi l-la-bong*

Under the shade of a cool-i-bah* treeJ

And he sang as he 'Ntltched and 'Ntlited till his billy. boiled;

"You'll come a waltzing Mltilda. with melli,

waltzing MltildaJ Waltzing Mltildo; Youlll COlT'G a 'wO,lhing Mltilda with


And he sang as he watched and wait ... ad till his billy boiled

You'll Catl'G a waltzing Mltilda with


*swagJOOn - : . Billa-bong -

water ho~e in dried up bed of a r ive:r; coolibah - eucalyptus tree j billy .~ t in can used as a kettle Mltid:da _, bc r rucks bag.



Sons of toil and danger Must you serve a stranger And bo''''' down to Gernnny? Sens of 3 lfe and s orr ow



John Jacob

imsr Schmi t t

Tho. tis my name too.

Whenever I go out .. you hear the

people shout

John Jacob Jingleh.eirner Schmitt Ta-ra-ra-:ra-ra-ra-ra-

John Jacob Jing'leheimer Bchmi t t .



By the old Moulmein pngoda; Look i n I eastward toward the sea; There! s a Burma. r.l a··sstt in i And I know she thinks of me. ror the wind is in the And the temple bells t say Carre you back you British soldier; Come you back to Come you back to

CHORUS COIne you back to \rJhere the old flot Hla lay J

Oan it you hear thai r f.-'-".'cu,,,," chuggin' From R:lngoon to On the rood to Where the flyin' fishes play

And the dawn comes up like thunder Out of China 'crost the bay.

The &ryny Tf;OJ1l' S the

end dream

of BV'

heart in gray ..

you!ll ever find

And when the t sorn the )'nack and

vIe Ire (1



t sorn

l'? RGb. Rcih I R~h



en breve old Army TeGnl! en to tnG

Fight on Victory

t ho.t Ii the f8Grless


en it's not the pack that you carry on your rock

Nor the rifle on your shoulderJ Nor the five-inch crust of khaki

colored dust) ,

That nukes you feel vour' limbs are growing older

Aild it's not the hike on the hard turn-pike

That drives away your smileJ

Nor the socks of sister's that raise the blooming blisters)

It's the last long mile.



You are my sunshine. my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are


You'll never knowJ dearJ How much I love you",

Please donlt take my sunshine away.


(Tune: Pack up your Troubles)

We wrap both our legs and arms around our necks and ex-er-cise. '!'he look on. our faces can tell you more than any man alive.

We are rn so weary" we'll never mke it back.l:AND"

If you'll listen caref1111y you'll hear our bodies CAACKPRACKJ CRACK.



Let me call you sweetheart, 11m in love wi th you.

Let me hear you whisper that you love me true.

-Keep the love lights burning in your eyes so blue.

Let me call you sweetheartJ 11m in love wi th you.

58 AUL~ LANG SYNE (D) Should auld acquaintance be forgot And never brot to mind?

Should auld ccqm intunca be forcot , And days of auld lang syneT

For auld lang syne. my dear.

For QuId lang syne;

We'll tak' a cup a' kindness yet For auld lang syne.


Olsey would waltz with tM strawbb:rry blonde and the l::xmd played ea, He@d glioo I cross the floo:r· with

girl he adored,.

And the band played on •. Hi .. brain Waf} 90 lood~ the poor e,haka wi th alann.

He'd :ne'er the v>"i.1:11

strawberry curl) and th~ played on.


Snow time oint no tirr~ to s doors and spoon

So shine on, shine on ncrvest moon For me and my gal.


.6! DClm BY THE OLD ~ILL STREAM (D) Down by the old mill streamJ where r firs t 1'I9t you

With your eyes of blueJ dressed in gingham t o~.

It 'NO.S there I· knew J that you loved 1'19 truel

You were sixteen" rrrt village queen" DcMn by the old mill stream.

62 MY GAL SAL (C) They called her frivolous Sal A peculiar sort of a ~lJ

'I/i th a heart that WJ.S r.wallowJ and all I round good fellow was my old pal.

Your troublesj sorrows and care She was alWJ.YS willing to share. A wild sort of devilJ but dead on

the level was ~ g:ll Sal.


63 WHEN YOU WORE A TUI, IF (D) When you wore a tulip, Q

tulip and Iwara Q red. rose ,

When you cc r r aes.ed ma+twcs t hen heaven blessed me,

What a blessing no one knows , Yo: nude life cheery \'\ihen '{ou

ed me 'Twas down ",here the blue grass graws, Your lips were sweeter them

When you wore a

And I wore ubig red rose,

64 DRIFTING AND DREAMING (E) Drift ing end dreaming, while shad~

Ck/5 fall.

Softly at twilight, 1 hear you call Love's old sweet stoTYJ told with your eyes;

Drifting and dreamingJ sweet paradise.



1''ly wild Irish,. rose; the sweetest flower that gorws.

I've looked everywhere" but none CClIl crmpare , to my Wild Irish Rose.

My wild Irish rese; the dearest flower that gn)vJS; and sane day for my sake; she:m:::1Y let rna

The bloom from my wild Irish rose.

66 ~IE [Bf Ic t )

My little Mbrgie; I'm always think-

ing of you) MOrgie;

I'll tell the world I love YOu; Don't forget your promise to rna I've bought a home and ring and ev'ry

thing for M:lrgie

You I ve been my ,i.nspirat ion) days are never blue.

After 011 is soid ond done; there is really only one)

Oh! Margie; Margie) it's you.



\{e were sailing along on moonlight roy

You could heQT the voices, s

They seemed to say:

"You have S tol(::!l!IT{ go way";

JiS \ve SGng Love ' 5 old sweet sene on

na'd don '


68 ]ifARY

Per it is l"la.ry J l'kcry J S"veet c s G}YY TIam_9 can

Sweet In soc

J pr opr i a

e,u t t -wcs 'MC1I'Y;J 11Clry J Long before th(~ fashions

s ozra


+hat sound", so square)

It's a

old name"

69 MAN CN THE FLYING TRAPEZE (D) He floats thru the air with the greatest of ease.

The daring young man on the flying trapeze;

His actions are graceful; all girls he does please

And my love he has stolen away. This maid that I loved; she was h o nda ome ,

And I tried all I knew her to please~ But I never could please her one quarter so well as the man on the flying trapezeJ OH

He floats t hru the air wi t h the greatest of ease)

The daring young man on the flying trapeze;

His actions are graceful; all girls he does please

And my love he has stolen away.



Ch give ne a hone where the buffalo room

And the deer and the antelope plaYJ Where seldan. is heard a dlscoura<r

ing word

And the sky is not cloody all day. Hans. hone on the range.

Where the deer and the antelope play J Where seldan. is heard a discouraging


And the skies are not cloudy all day .

. 7i M'l BUDDY (C)

Nights are long since you went atIO.y I think cbout you all thru the day,J My 'buddy J my Buddy;

No Buddy quite so true.

Miss your voiceJ the touch of your


Jus t long to know tho t you unders tond, My Buddy J my Buddy.J

Your Buddy misses you.



We're tent


on the old

camp ground,

G{ve us a song to cheer

OL1T Vi9aTY hearts, a song of home, And friends we love so dear,

t<bny are the hearts that are weary ton

Wishing for t ha war to cease.

twb.ny are hecr't s for the

of peace.

J ten'!: ing old CCtl'l1.P ground.


I'll be down to get you in a taxi. haney J

You'd better be ready about half past eight.

NowJ dearie. don't be lats. I wont to be there when the band start splay i no ,

RememberJ when we get there) honey; The two-stePSJI'm goinl to have 'em all.

Goin' to dance out both my shoes) When they play those u Jelly Roll Blues"

Tomorrow night at the Darktown Strutters B-A-double L;Bell.


74 SvlEET SUE (D)

Ev r rv star above kncws the one I love Sweet SueJ just you.

And the moon up high knows the rea-

son why J

Sdeet SueJ it's you.

No one else it seems ever shares my

d reorre ,

And wi thout you dear J

I don't know what I'd dOJ In this heart of mineJ You live all the timeJ Sweet SueJ just you.



Bless., 'em all) bless 'em all; The long and the short and the tall; Bless all the sergeants) we hcva to


Bless all the corp'rals who drill us all day;

'Cause we're saying gocrlbye to them all

As l::X1ck to the barracks they crnwl ; No ice cream and cookies for f lot footed rookies;

So cheer up my lads;

Bless I em all.


76 CNWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS (A) Onward) Christian soldiers) marching as to war J

With the cross of Jesus going on before.

Chr i s t , the Royal ;1:lsterJ

Leads against the foe; Forward into battle see His banners go.


Onward) Christian soldiers!

Marching as to war.

With the cross of Jesus, Going on before.

Like a mighty Army

Moves the church of God.

Brothers) we are treading Whe're the saints have trod;

We are not dividedJall one body we) Ole in hope and doct r ine ,

Cne in Charity


Additional Songs


Across the field - Ohio--- 98 Ain't Gonna Study War-------i06 Alma Mater - Cornell------ 97 O:1pi tal Ship---------.:...------iOS Don't Give up the Ship---- 79 Georgia Tech----------------i03 Give My Regards to Broadway- 78 Goodbye Broadway------------ 81. Go U. Northwestern-------- 92 Guns in the Sky-----.;...--- 77 Ha i 1 Purdue----------~-- 99 Hand Me Down My Walking CaneiCff I Love a purade------------- 88 Indiana--------------------- 9i In My Arms-----------~------ 85 Keep the Home Fires Burning-i04 Loyal Hst--"--------------ii6 ~ine Stein Song------------i02 My Me,ldncholy Baby-------- 86

Nobody Knows the Trouble----i08 Old Forty Two---------------iiO On Fort y-firs t--------------ii 3 On Wisconsin---------------- 96 Paper Doll--------------- 82 Princeton Cannon Song------- 95 Put Your Arms Around Me----- 83 Put Your Guns---------------ii5 775th Is Tops---------------iii 774th Marching Song---------ii2 Skinny MOrinkie Do---------- 89 Something About A Soldier--- 87 Swing Low Sweet Chariot-----i07 Till We Meet Again---------- 80 25th T.8.S. March-----------ii4 U. of M. Rou~erJ Minnesota-- 94 Victory March; Notre Dame---iOO Victors; Michigan----------- 94 Wait fOT Me Mary----------- 84 We're Loyal to You; Illinois 90 Yale Boola Song-------------iOi


77 GUNS IN THE SKY (F) Aerial Gunners Song

Hail the men that min the guns in the sky.

Lift your old chapeau to each and eV'ry guy.

To his cournce in the blue; and the things he loorned to do ..

Hels a part of G, team and :right on the beam

For youo' and YOu; end yoo!

Hail the men that nnn the gems the sky ~

Trost the man with thunder ing by.

Eviry ane's a lucky seven} end give lem hell front heaven,

Hail the men that !lUn Ute guns in the sky.



GUNS IN THE SKY (con t inued)

The Pilot and the Bombadier were

ready for the triPJ .

The Navigator checked his courseJ

and climbed aboard the ship.

But there was someone missingJ So they began to cc L'l ,

For the veryJverYJ very most i~ portant one of all.

(Repeat verse)



Give my regar'de to Broadway .. Remember me to Herald Square .. Tell all the ganqat Forty-Becond


That I. will soon be there. Whisper of how 11m yearning To mingle with the old time throng .. Give my regards to old Broadway And say that. I' llbe there ere lone;.


79 r:x::N'T GIVE UP THE SHIP (r)

Shipmates stand togetherJ Don't give up the ship; Fair or stormy weatherJ We won't give UPJ

We won't give up the ship. Friends and pals fo revor , It's a longJ long triPJ

If you have to take a lickinJ Carryon and quit your kickin'J Don't give up the shipl


80 TILL WE MEET AG\.IN (G) Smile the while you kiss me sad adieu .. '

When the clouds roll by Illl come

to you.

Then the skies will seem more blue, Down in Loverls Lane my dearie, Wedding bells will ring so merrily Every tear w.ill be a memory J So wait and pray each night for 1m Till we meet again.




Goodbye BroadwaYJ Hello France; We're ten million strong. Goodbye MothersJ SistersJ BrothersJ It won't ta~e us long.

Don't you worry while we're gone It's you we're fighting for;

So goodbye Broadway J hello France; We're going to help you win this



82 PAPER DOLL ll:')

11m goinl to buy a paper doll that I can call my own.

A doll that, other fellows cannot


And then the flirtYJ flirty guys; With their flirty; flirty eyesJ Wil~ have to flirt with dollies

that are real.

When I come home at night she will be waiting,

She'll be the truest doll in all this world.

Iid rather have a paper doll to call my own.

Than have a fickle-minded real live girl.



Put your arms o r ound me) HoneYJ Hold me tight,

Huddle up and cuddle up vr i t h All your might.

Oh! Chi Won't you roll those eyes, Eyes that I just idolize.

When they look at me my heart begins to float,

Then it starts a-rockin' like a motor boat)

Chi Oh! I never knew any girl like you.


84 WAIT FOR ME 'MARY (F) Wai t for me Mary

Till the world will smile again. Till a smile'.sin sty~e again. And a dream's worth while again. Wait for me Mary

By the moonlit garden gate

Where my heart and I would wait for you.

There are so mmy things I want to tell you

Little words that I never told befare.

And I hope that it won't be hard to

sell you

On the dreams I have in store. Wait for me Mary.

Till the world will sing again Till I bring my love again to you.



In my arms, in my arms,

Ain't I ever gonna have a girl in my arms.

In my crms , in my o rms ,

Ain't I ever gonna have a bundle of charms.

Comes the down, 1111 be goneJ I I ve jus t gotta have a honey holding me t igh t.

You-con have your knitting and your purling,

For if I'm gonna get to Berlin, Girnme a girl in my arms tonight.


86 MY MElANCHOLY BASY Eb Come to me) my melQncholy boby Cuddle up and don't be blue) All your fears are foolish fancy


You know) dear) that 1'm in love with you.

EV'ry cloud must have a silver


Wait until the sun shines through. Smile) my honey dear)

While I kiss away each tear)

Or else I shall be melancholy too.



Therels sanething about Q soldier, Something about a soldier, Something about a soldier that is

fine; fine. fine:

He may be a gleat big Gen'ral. l"Py be a Sergeant Ilb j or ..

M1y be a simple Private of the line Line , line:

But there's something about his bearing;

Something in what he's wearin~ Something about his buttons all a-shine. shine. shine:

01, a military chest seems to suit the ladies best.

There's something about a soldier that is fine) f i ne., fine.


86 MY MEIANCHOLY BABY Eb Come to me. my mel~ncholy baby Cuddle up and don't be blue. All your fears are foolish fancy


You know, dear. that Ilm in love with you.

EVlry cloud must have a silver

lin ing J

Wait until the sun shines through. Smile. my honey dear.

While I kiss away each tear.

~ else I shall be melancholy too.



There's something about a soldier, Something about a soldier .. Something about a soldier that is

fine .. fine .. fine:

He may be a great big Gen'ral .. M:1y be a Sergeant Ilbjor ..

M:1y be a simple Private of the line line s line:

But there's something about his bearing ..

Something in what hels wearin~ Something about his buttons all a-shine, shine .. shine:

Ot .. a military chest seems to suit the ladies best,

There's something about a soldier that is fine .. fine~ fine.


88 I I.t:J.lE A PARADE (D)

I love a parnde , the tramping of

feetJ I love eV'ry beat I hear of a drum.

I love a parade) when I hear a band I jti~t want to stand and cheer as

they corre ,

That rat-a-tat-tat,the bleare of a hor n,

That ro t-o-tcrt-tot ,c bright uniform; The sight of a drillJ will give me a thrill;

I thrill at the s kill of anything

mili tary.

I love a parcds , a handful of vets. A line of cadets or any brigade) ror IJ love a parade.



Skinny Marinkie. dinky dink. Skinny Marinkie 'do. I lave you. Skinny marinkie dinky dink; Skinny marinkie do; I love you. I love you in the morning and I

love you in the night.

I love you when I see you and I love you out of sight. SO Skinny rnarinkie dinky dink Skinny rnarinkie-do; I love you.



Welre loyal to you, Illinois, We I re "Orange and Blue" J Illinois, Wel~l back you to stand

IGainst the best in the land,

For we know you have sand,Illinois. So crack out that ball, Illinois, Welre backing you all, Illinois; Our team is our fame protector, Onl'boys, for we expect avic'tlry

from youaIllinois.



Indiana) our Indiana) Indiana we're all for you.

We will fight for the Cream and

Cr i ms on ,

Never dauntedJ we cannot falterj In the battle we're tried and true. IndianaJ our IndianaJ

Indiana we're all for you.


Go U NorthwesternJ Break right thru

that line.

With our colors flying

We will cheer you all the time. Go U Northwestern. fight for victory Spread far the fame of our fair name Go Nor thwes t er , win that game!


93 THE VICTORS M6..RCH MICHIGAN (F) Hail to the victors valientl Hail to the conq'ring heroes! Hail! Hail! to MichiganJJ

The leaders and bes t .

Hail to the victors valiant! Hail to the conq'ring heroesl Hail! Hail I to MichiganJ

The champions of the west!

94 THE U.G'M.ROtBER MINNESOI'A (G) MinnesotaJ hats off to theeJ

To your colors truewe shall ever be Firm and s tr ongJ uni ted are weJ RahJ ~al:t) Rch , for Ski-U-Ma) RahJ RahJ RahJ RahJ

RahJ for the U. of M.


95 PRINCETON CANNON SONG B flat Crash through the line of blue, And send the backs on round the end, Fight I Fight! for eVlry yard, Princetonls honor to defend. Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Tiger!

Siss! Boom! Ah!

'And locomotives by the score, For weill fight with a vim) Tha t is dead sure to win,

For old Nassau



On, Wisconsinl On, Wisconsin! ?lunge right thru that line! Run the boll clear 'round Chicago, A touchdown sure this time, On, Wisconsin) On, Wisconsinl fight on for her fame,

Fight! Fellows Pight!

And we will win this game.


rar above Cayuga's waters; With its waves of blue) Stands our noble Alma MOter, Glorious to view.

Lift the chorus, speed it onward) Loud her raises tell;

Hail to thee! Our Alma MOter, Hail, all hail) Cornell!


98 AC~SS THE FIELD OHIO! A flat Fight that team across the field, Show t~~ Ohio!s here.

Set the earth reverberating

With a mighty cheer) Rahl Rahl Rohl Hit them hard and see how they fall Never let that team hit the ballJ Hail! Hail! the gang's all here) So let's beat that Wisconsin now.

99 HAIL PURDUE A flat Hail! Haillto old PUrdue I

All hail to our old gold and black! HOil! HailJ to old FUrduel

Our friendship may she never lack. Ever gratefulJ ever true)

Thus we raise our song anew.

of the days we've spent with you All hail our own purdue.


100 VICTORY MARCH E flat Notre Dame

Cheer! Cheer for old Notre DameJ Wake up the echoes cheering her ,

Send the volley cheer on high; Shake dcwn the thunder from the sky. What tho' the odds be great or snull Old Notre Dame will win over all; While her loyal sons are marching Onward to Victory.


Boola; Boola; BoolaJ BoolaJ Boola; BoolaJ Boola; Boola; When we're through with those poor

fe l Lcws ,

They will holler "BoolQ; Boo."


i02 MAINE STEIN SaNG (G) Fill the stei~ for dear old MOine; Shout till the rafters ring! Stand and drink Q toast once again! Let eVlry loyal MOine man sing.

l . Then drink to aU the "roppy hours,

Drink to the careless days;

Drink to days of youth and gladness; That linger in our hearts always. To the Trees) to the sky,

To the Spring in its glorious happiness;

To the Youth) to the.FireJ

To the Life that is moving and co Lling us!


To the Gods; to the rates;

To the Rulers of men and their destinies;

To the LipsJ to the Eyes;

To the Girls who will love us some day.

(Repeat Chorus)



I'm a rambling wreck from Georgia


And a Hell-uv-an engineer.

A Hell-uv-aJ hell-uv-aJ hell-uv-aJ Hell-uv-GJ hell-uv-an engineer.

And drink my whisky clearJ lim Q rambling wreck from Georgia Tech.

And a Hell-uv-an engineer.


:104 KEEP THE HO'<1E FIRES BURNING (G) Keep the home fires bur n i n c , While your hearts are yearningJ Though your lads are far away They dream of home.

There's a silver lining) Through the dark cloud e h i n i no , Turn the dark clouds inside out, T i 11 the boys come h oms ,



A Capital ship for an ocean trip Was the "Walloping Window Blind"! No wind that blew disllOyed her crew Or troubled the Captain is mind; The man at the wheel was made to


Contempt for the wildest blow-ow-ow Tho' it often appeared) when the gale had cleared)

That held been in his bunk below.


Then b l.ow , ye w Lnds , heigh-oj A roving I will gal

I III s toy no more on England IS snore So let the music play-ay-ayl I'm off for the morning trainl Pll cross the raging mainl

I'm of f , my love .. wi th a boxing glove

Ten thousand miles awayl





Gwine to lay down my burden) Down by the riverside, / Do~n by the riverside,

Down by the riverside.

Gwine to lay down my burden) Down by the riverside.

Ain't gwine study wor no more.


I ain't gwine study war no more. Ain't gwine study war no moreJ Ain't qwine study war no more.

(Repeat preceding three lines) G.Jine to lay down my sword and shiel' Down by the riverside. etc.

Gwine to try on my long white robe Dqwn by the riverside, etc.


Swing low. sweet chariot.

Comin I for to carry me home J Swing 10wJ sweet chariot. Comin' for to carry me home.

I looked over Jordan and what did

I see?

Camin' for to carry me home.

A band of Angels comin' after me) Comin' for to carry me home. Tell all my friends that I'm a

c om i n ' too.

Comin' for to carry me home.