The Ancient Lineage The Nubian-Kushite/Gã-Dangbe Kingdoms- a matriarchal empire Kingdom, is the descendant Imperial bloodlines

of the House of `Ra Ancestral Imperial Lineage of Shebah I, the Heiress Daughter of Na`rmer/Narmer- of the Throne of Hor-Aha(Horus-Aha)/ Scorpion- of Throne of Utu/ Bau-netjer/Sekhemwy and the Throne of Iri-Netjer- of the Throne of Ny-Netjer- of the Throne Anu- of the Throne of Atum- of the Throne of Shu and Tefnut- of the Throne of Isis/Iusaas and As r /Osiris- of the Imperial Throne of `Ra ± 0 /1st Dynasty BC to 2nd Millennium 7th Dynasty AD. The Nubian-Kushite House of `Ra Kingdoms has maintained the respective Monarchs lineage of each respective Royal Kingdom of the ancestral Imperial Throne lineage of Nubia/Kush/Egypt Throne of Nubia. Present day Sudan/Egypt is the origin and formal home of the Nubian-Kushites Sovereign Imperials of the empire imperial crown lands that covers all of Africa and in its past covered all of the present day Third World. It is/was referred to as ³the Kingdom of the South´.[2] It is the birth Kingdom and civilization nation of all the thrones of Africa and ancestral family blood-lineage of the Nubian Kushite imperial lines of the House of Ra ± Iusaas/Isis and As r /Osiris lines.[3] In accordance to ancient Nubian-Kushite history and culture, creation was through a Creatressthe Goddess Isis. The Terms Iusaas or Isis and As r or Osiris is in reference to the Ntrt (goddess) Isis and Ntr (god) Osiris(As r )- two of the children of the Ntr (God) `Ra and the Ntrt (Goddess) Nut. Isis was the Sister/Wife of As r (Osiris). After the murder of As r (Osiris) by their brother Set (Seth), the Ntrt (Goddess) Isis of the ruling matriarchal throne ruled their empire on earth via the House of `Ra ± House of As r . The throne was inherited by their Son Hru (Horus) the Elder and Daughter Iusaas II, of the ruling matriarchal throne and their descendants that form the Nubian Kushite Imperial lines and Nations. The House of `Ra ± As r in the days of Na`rmer was united as one Throne under Isis and As r descendants daughter and matriarchal Throne of Thrones Heiress- Shebah I.

The Matriarchal Line .The African Imperial Empire Kingdom The African Imperial Empire Kingdom refers to the Nubian Kushite (Gã) Imperial Empire Kingdom of Sheba. This is comprised of hundreds of descendant Kingdoms & Kingdom Nations under one Sovereign Supreme Imperial House of `Ra Matriarchal Throne of Thrones.the Throne of Isis of the House of As r -Isis.the Empire of the South. The Imperial Empire is one family of thousands of Imperials and Royals of the generations of the Early Dynastic Period (3151-2686 BC) Dynasty 0/1 (3150-3050 BC) root Nations and Sovereign Imperials ancestral matriarchal throne line descendants of the First Kingdom civilization since the dawn of mankind and ruling matriarchal empire Kingdom of Sheba. This has been the case since its inception up to the living descendants of today.

The root ancestral lines are the root parental line of the first civilization and Kingdom of mankind that of the empire¶s ancestral lines of the Nubian Dynasty (Ancient -Mesopotamia. The great migration In the mid-18th Dynasty.The empire¶s matriarchal lines is the ancestral lines of all the descendant Matriarchs and Patriarchs of the King of Kings and Queen of Queens and the Kings and Queens. Libyan.the Queen of Sheba. Their grandchildren are referred to within the empire as the ³Sons and Daughters of the Ancient Imperial line´. The descendant direct line of the Ancient Matriarch is referred to as the ³Imperial Matriarchal Bloodline´ and the throne line of the family thrones that together form the empires throne Kingdoms throughout its existence until today. The imperial lines throne family empire formal home region of the empire is Nubia or present day Sudan. The lines of the Matriarch are referred to as ³the ancestral bloodlines sovereign Imperials´. which meant in fact one and the same. The correct title is rarely used outside of Africa.The Imperial Matriarchal Empire Kingdom of the Kingdoms of Africa. the continent of Africa. The spiritual discontentment under the Throne of Akhenaten. The migrated lines Kushite Tribal name was changed from `Ra Imperial Lines of the House of Isis and As r .Nubian Kushites of the Imperial House of Throne of Ra. Asia. a great migration of a part of the House of Ra Imperial lines took place to the center of the earth by order of the Temple Gods to protect and ensure the continuation of the root throne after the spiritual chaos brought on by Akhenaton the nephew of Aye of Kush and jumped upon by family lines rival descendants lines which almost brought down the family dynasty. The referenced Empire encompassed the ancient planet Earth.the son of Queen Tiye. The fore titles were as well changed to ³Ny or Nii´ which indicated their root bloodline ancestry to Pharaoh Ny-Netjer/Noah. India. This line is called ³the line of the Ancestors´. in the period prior to the enthronement of Pharaoh Aye of Kush (Kheperkheperure) (1325-1321 BC) the protector of the Thrones of the House of Ra under the Throne of the Imperial Matriarch Empress Tiye of Nubia-Egypt. The empire throne kingdoms are the kingdoms of their lines throughout the empire protect and ensure an unbroken future root branch bloodline until the time of a long awaited Oracle of the return of the great God Osiris after the final battle between Isis and Osiris against their brother Seth. The migration had as well an additional far greater purpose. the ruling lines of the great empire Thrones of Iusaas/Isis and As r /Osiris of the Imperial Empire Kingdom of Sheba of the House or Kingdom of Ra/God. Hence the present day reference name of. In respect to Aye of Kush the first established House of the . was seen as a future warning in accordance with the Imperial House traditions. In ancient times the unification of the line throne was through Narmer. to Gã Imperial Lines of the House of As r .the then known World. the Americas and Egypt). that line is the line of the Ancient Matriarch.

while the three other generals rose to power. The son of Queen Tiye remained. and was responsible for the Chariots also during the time of Akhenaten while general Nakht Min is thought to have been his relative. He appointed both Pa-Ramses and his son Seti as viziers and commanding generals of the army. and Seti. Aye. Pa-Ramses. This also explain how Aye. (excerpts C. as such covering the entire southern region of present day Ghana. not being in a position to crush the rebellion. They in turn succeeded him on the throne as Ramese I. and Seti I. brother of Queen Tiye ± the Queen of Sheba. Akhenaten¶s (Moses) mother. alongside the worship of the other Gods of the Empire ancestry. as the last migrating lines of the Imperial Empire Thrones migrating Family lines. supported by General Nakht Min. Akhenaten faced on his 17th year an army rebellion led by generals Horemheb. They resettled in the (spiritual) Ark of Ra or center of the known world Ancient Akra/Accra Ghana along the complete southern coastal regions in its entirety. who established the 19th dynasty. made a deal with them to allow for the abdication of Akhenaten and the appointing of his son Tutankhamun as his successor. Both sons exiled for safety from their brother Akhenaten/Moses.migrated Imperials was named ³Kpakpatsewe House of As r ´ the Nubian-Kushite form of the Egyptian-Nubian Throne name of Aye of Kush ± Kheperkheperure of the House of As r . as a Senior God. The Amarna 18th Dynasty As r ± Kpakpatsewe Imperial House is the 1st Cousin Throne House of the Amats we Imperial House born of two of the 18th Dynasty migrated sons of Aye of Kush and Queen Tiye. is regarded as the military protector of the Amarna kings. Aye returned to Nubia Kush and ruled Israel. which shared the same old beliefs as the rest of the people. Aye. The present lines after migration and reintegration with the older migrated lines assimilated as one caretaker Throne House of the God Sakumo adopted from the earlier Kpesi lines at that time. Akhenaten used the army to destroy old powerful priesthood and force his new monotheistic religion on his people but the army. when he succeeded Tutankhamun on the throne. as well as inland. They formed the Kpesi Nation of the Kpakpatsewe Throne of Aye and Temple Throne lines and the Amats we House of the Imperial House of Asere. could not support the king to the end. When Horemheb followed Aye as king.Pope. disappeared mysteriously together with Nakht Min after four years. Secondly.)[4] The migration during that period was in four parts during the 18th ± 26th Dynasty: Firstly the Nubian-Kushite Imperial Throne lines lead by the protector of the Thrones lines Aye of Kush. . the Imperial Royal Throne lines thereafter the Nubian-Kushite Warrior Kingdoms lines.

. Kushi. Chad. the wife of As r . the Yoruba Royal and Hausa lines of the Empire and Nuba (Ewe Nations) Thrones migrated alongside the Imperial lines followed later by the South Sudan Akan-Abron and some of the 12 tribes of the Nile which included the Acholi. That line was the ancestral lines of the As r -Isis House of the Emperor Seqenen Tao III of the later Matriarch Iris Meryre II the grand-mother of the present Imperial Matriarch of the Throne of Thrones Queen Shebah III. as well as the far earlier settled 18th Dynasty Nubian-Kushite or Gã lines (Gãia or Isis Lines) member in the West Sudanic Kingdoms Coastal Region in present day Akra/Accra Ghana. All of these lines together with the 70 root lines that formed the hundreds of Nations of Africa are all lines of the Kushite Imperial Throne by root ancestry.This changed in later history. with coming of other Nations into the territories. The name Gã originated from the name Gãia another name of Isis. King Abdul Shibah. Fante Royal lines and ancient Ashanti line. Dongola. East and West Africa and outside of Africa of the Iusaas/As r lines. Bambarra. Which included the descendant lines of Aye and Queen Tiye. in Her personification as the Mother of the Gods and Nations later adopted by the Greek within Greek mythology.a subordinate line of the Kushite of the Nubian-Nuba Mountains Akan Tribal Nations. New Halfa. Aswan-(New Nubia). with a small portion of the lines remaining in WadiHalfa. Whilst the House of Isis Patriarchal line of As r was named after the God As r . Luo. Nuri. During the 18th to 19th century in 1889 ± 1959 further migrations took place from Nubia into Central and South Sudan. was yet alive as a line but shattered under poverty and colonial interference and rule. Libya. The Yoruba settled in the area between the North-West Sudanic region of ancient Kassena/Cassena and the coastal region of West Africa. present day Nigeria. Simultaneously. Karima and Sheba in Nubia North Sudan. King Natekamani and Queen Amanitore (12 BC ± 12 AD) Bible reference: Acts 8:26-40. Queen Amartaniwe III. West Africa. During the 1800s ± 1950s the family members Patriarchal brother/husband of Isis and 1st cousins of the earlier and in the mid-to late 1800s to early 1900s lines that last migrated. Dinka. Merowe.

Nungua. as would be briefly explained here in terms of Kingship (including Queens) rule. Osu. Labadi. whilst the As r -Isis lines houses produced the ruling throne matriarchal lines over the empire of houses and kingdoms in accordance to the millenniums old ancestral traditions. In the late 1880s to 19th century the As r -Isis lines of the late Iris Meryre II went through and survived the last period of Colonisation though the family lines of As r -Isis lived in seclusion as a throne house outside of Africa traveling back and forth to Africa and living and walking amongst the people outside of Africa. West by the river Sakumofio. It is however. South by the sea and North by the sharply rising scarp of the Akwapim Mountains. Goddess and Mankind as the earthly Throne of Ra Goddess Daughter of Creation and Son the God As r united as one Throne. generally applied to the people and land from the Cook¶s Loaf or Langma to the Volta. The Akra People or Gã / direct lines Nubian-Kushite. the family had the trials and tribulations of the colonial era which primarily was periodic isolation from the family lines in Africa. and Tema. Isis also known as Queen of Heaven and As r ruled both from Heaven and from their earthly Throne of Nubia-Kush at the dawn of the Kingdoms until As r /Osiris was murdered by their jealous rival brother Seth who wanted Isis as his wife. As r or Osiris was the Son of the God Ra and Goddess Nut and Brother/Husband of the Goddess Iusaas/Isis the Daughter of the God Ra and Goddess Nut. the family lines Asere migrated lines on the Gold-Coast. West African reference name of Gã. These are the Gã Mashie. the Kings and Queens of the respective Kingdoms. This area could be divided into three. Teshie. Gã Proper was composed of six towns all of which lie along the Coast. The Throne of Isis is the Throne of the Imperial Matriarchs ruling as such over Gods. the brother and husband of Isis. Gã Proper in the centre. Thunder and Lightening until a set time of avenge with Isis against Set and his disciples on Earth.As r House/Lines. present day Ghana Akra Thrones of As r and people referred to as the Akra People suffered tremendously under the colonial yoke and in Post-Colonial early to mid-European Governance which as well effected a changed in the internal formation and rulership power hierarchy of the As r -Isis Patriarchal lines Imperial Throne line of As r between the 18th-mid-19th Century. Obutu in the West and Adangbe in the East. Isis other named Iusaas means ³She that grows when she comes´ in reference to the formation of Isis of the Nations of Gods and Goddess and humans that grew generation after generation to form the world nations as we know them today. . this line produced the ruling patriarch and its internal houses. was the name applied to the people an the area bounded on the East by the Tsemu (Chemu) Lagoon near Tema. As r /Osiris could no longer travel to the earthly realm and was confined to the heavenly realm ruling as the God of War.