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State's deadly tornadoes leave residents w-qndering what's next
By Alice Thomas- Tisdale
Jackson Advocate Publisher
It's not unusual for local fIrefIghter
James to be in Jackson while his
wife, Bernetta, is tending to her elderly.'.: A
mother 40 miles awa)i 'in Ho1IDesCountY, ;,.
near Pickens. But Sahrrday's deadly tori. ,
nado kept them apart much longer than .
expected after the wind tore the roof from
. the home, leaving her to find .
the bathroom under a piling of insulation
to hide her and her mothers' eyes frQm the
flying glass. Closed roads keptJames .
from getting to his wife, forcmghin). t9 .
turn around and return the followIng. day.
"It was hard not being to teachtheII)"
but thank God we could ,
This photo is all that isleft of Bernetta James' sister's Smith) trailer home and mother's (Mrs.
See on 1'9A
Lee Smith) home in Holmes Co. .

phone. Knowing she was all
right meant everYthing," said .
. James. "When I did see the de­
strUction, I w'ouldn't have
wanted to see it any earlier. It
was all gone!" The James fam­
'ily is among 700 homeowners
:who . suffered damages; The
:fierce ' tornadoes also doWned
;trees, closing several major
:roadways and highways, and .
cleft thousands of residents
. ; The storm is. over but local,;
'state and ferlerniotEcials, c'on-:
tinue to survey the damage
wrought by the series of
tornadoes which hit
sevenll . Mississippi counties .
on April 24, claiIning 10 lives.
Several agencies, i,ncluding
Mississippi...EmergencY Man­
Red Cross and
vation Army, have been in the
areas since Saturday'.
Gov. Barbour received condo­
lences-from governors across
the country, as well as from
President Obama and mem­
bers of congress.
:.rhO/llJ?son (D-MS) assessed '
the damage from above via hel­
icopter. "The degree to which
this storm has devastated these
areas is extraordinary. The level
of damage caused' ;lmd the
range to which it Was able' to
extend are indicators of the
. awesome magnitUde of· this
$torm," said. Thompson. "The
damage' caused to these Citi­
zens' personal property cannot
begin to compare· to the' emo­
tional ruin they have to contend
with in the aftermath. Some
who have lived here for gener­
ations have lost everything and
I have requested an expeditious
assessment by FEMA teams,"
he said. .
Mississippians throughout the ' AmeriCorps National
. the state are lending a helpfug Civilian COmlnlillity Corps in
. hand to 'storm victims; Lo- Vickjiburg made haste to .
cally, Hinds County Board of Yazoo Cityt<ipr<;Jvide dis as­
Supervisors has partnered : ter relief arid assistance. "Our
with the Cityo! Jackson to Corps is trained and ready to
establish a donation site for ' respond quickJy to disasters
affected residents in Holmes 'like this one: The: damage to
: County at Fire' Station #28 at . the" is '
611 Terry Road " In this time The. people will need all the
of tragedy and despair, it is . help that we and others can
our humanitarian duty to provide for a long period,"
swer our neighbors in Holmes said Gary Turner, NCCC '
County with consoling arms southern region director.
and gestures of kindness ' and As residents in rural Mis­
empathy," said Jackson toward recOv­
Hltrvey Johnson ._ ....Business
(;oqJs Bureau (BBB) Mis-,
r ·- . .
SISSIPPl doesn' t want them
taken advantage of. BBB is
warningcon'Sumers to watch
for. pOSSIble fraudulent ap­
peals for disaster assistance
· and repair work, : "Mississip­
pians are renowned for their
· generosity, disasters such
as the one which occurred reo
cently often move peopl e to
want to help," said Bill Moak,
President of the BBB Serving
Mississippi . "However, please .'
make sure that,you know the
facts before .giving money to
or·to· make home· or business