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Dr. Aditya V S Dubagunta, BDS., MS, MBA.

14 Rayleigh court, New Road, Wood Green, London- N22 5EU. Mobile-07872468535 E-mail:

Career Intentions: I aim to be in a challenging environment which builds up my academic, clinical and research skills, there by delivering the services at my best to meet the standards and reputation of the organization.

Academic Qualifications: Master of Business administration in Health care management, University of Wales, United Kingdom. Master of Science in Experimental Oral Pathology (November 2007) from Barts and the London, Queen Mary, University of London, United Kingdom. Passed with Merit (71.66%) and got Distinction in thesis. Bachelor of Dental Surgery from N.T.R. University of Health Sciences, Andhra Pradesh, India from 2000-2005 with an aggregate of 64.3%. 10+2(I.P.E) from Board of Intermediate Education Andhra Pradesh, passed with an aggregate of 90.6%. Duration 1996-1998. S.S.C from Secondary School of Education, Andhra Pradesh passed with an aggregate of 81.7% in the Year 1996.

Honors and Awards: 1. Got distinction in two modules of MBA in Health care management and managing information systems. 2. Got Merit (60%) in Marketing module of MBA 3. Got distinction in MS thesis 4. First in PERIODONTICS Clinical Examination 5. Among top three in Conservative And Endodontics Clinical Examination 6. First in PROSTHODONTICS Clinical Examination.

2. organising and participate in the induction of both students and new staff members. minor flap surgeries. • • • . transferred onto the slides and some were immunostained and others were H and E stained. Duties included: • Performing minor preriodontal surgical procedures such as gingivectomies. Case reportings and assisting consultants with their research. This work is mainly designed to identify the role of PLUNC proteins in chronic periodontal diseases. UK from November 2008 to April 2009. Achievements: Liaised with consultants. 2006 to 30 September. Maintaining patient records • Working in the minor oral surgery clinics. sectioned using microtome. provide student support as and when required. 2006.S Teja Institute of Dental Sciences and Research. K. as a research student. apicectomies. Oral anatomy). Lecturer in the Department of Periodontics at C. assisting in the planning. post-graduate students. gingival crevicular fluid samples. monitoring the students’ progress by regular assessments of their performance in line with individual learning plans. guided tissue regeneration.Work Experience: A. B. Worked at Charles Clifford Dental hospital. The tissues biopsies collected were embedded in paraffin blocks. duty nurses and receptionists to co-ordinate with the patients. developing and implementing and evaluating the training programme on an annual basis. Sheffield. Clinical Experience: 1.performing procedures such as impactions. preparing course work to cover the syllabus and produce and design relevant handouts/presentations. Currently working as Part-time Lecturer in Queens Land College London. dentoalveolar surgeries. Conducting seminars to undergraduate students (Periodontology. calibrating the perio-papers using periotron and tissues biopsies from patients and storing them for ongoing research work. Achivements: Was successful in retaining the accreditation of the and attaining high pass percentage of the Health and social care students in the college. The entire samples were properly stored and the patient records were maintained confidentially in the research database. London Duties include are to organising the course programme in Health and Social Care. Duties included are collecting saliva. Tirupathi from 01 February.

Orthognathic Surgeries. Achievemnets: I did research on the dental market inTirupathi and helped the clinic in emerging as one of the best dental clinics in the town. • Attended a series of lectures for full academic year on all aspects of oral and maxillofacial Surgery.S Teja Institute of Dental Sciences and Research. prosthodontics. Recognising my sincerity and dedication towards work. Played a key role along with consultants in moulding the departments as one of the best departments in the state. from 01 December. Achievemnets: I was elected as the best outgoing House officer for the year in the college. 2006. Duties included: Personally performed tooth restorations. 2004 to 30 January. House Officer at C. I was given in-charge of one of its branches in Tirupathi. 4. 3. impactions and gingivectomies. Part-time General Dental Practitioner with Sri Kamakshi Sai Super Specialty Orthodontic clinic. Duties included: • I did a clinical audit on salivary gland tumors and also attended extensive lectures on Clinical Audit and Clinical Governance.on Facial Fractures. I gave a presentation on corticosteroids and its implications in dentistry to the faculty members. orthodontics. root canal treatments. Bleeding disorders. . Tirupathi from December 2004 to December 2005. K. Pain Management and Therapeutics by senior consultants. • Working in the different departments of the hospital on rotation basis to get well trained in all sorts of dental surgical and non-surgical procedures. Tirupathi. During this time.Achievements: My lectures to undergraduate students contributed to get the highest pass percentage when compared to all other dental departments.

Luciferase reporter assay. Western blotting. PCR. Attended Cancer Stem Cells Symposium on 23rd November 2006 at the Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology. . 2. RNA interference using shorthairpin RNA vectors (shRNA). MSC: Presented my MSc thesis at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry. My study investigated the cellular and molecular effects of silencing endogenous FOXM1 using RNA interference on Oral cancer cell lines. Ectopic expression of FOXM1 in oral keratinocytes has been shown to enhance malignant transformation following carcinogen exposure. ageing and development. Also done longitudinal studies in the field of chronic periodontitis. Lipophilic gene delivery (transfection). cell division. Queen Mary. Was successful in maintaining the patients records and minimizing the wastage of resources (patient’s samples). As a Lecturer: Involved in a research in assessing the prognosis of chronic periodontal diseases in a wide range of patients. Meetings were held on a regular basis with Professor Gareth S. Clinical audit: Performed clinical audit on collecting gingival crevicualr fluid (GCF) and tissue biopsies from periodontitis patients prior to and after the perio-surgical treatment for research on PLUNC proteins. 2. Attended the annual meeting of the British Society for Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology (BSOMP) London. United Kingdom. I learnt and employed a wide range of techniques including cell culture. I got distinction for this project and my supervisor is planning to publish my findings along with his work in an international journal in future. Paper Presented on Lichen Planus and Vesiculo Bullous Lesions and Oral Sub Mucous Fibrosis at State conference held in Tirupathi. Pixel Analysis. storing them whislt preserving the samples so that the proteins in GCF will not be denatured and collecting the gingival tissue biopsies for immune staining. For this purpose. 2. Presentations: 1. Alamar Blue assay. Live-cell fluorescent microscopy and digital densitometry imaging. MTT Assay. Queen Mary University of London. University of London. Upregulation of FOXM1 has been reported in majority of human cancers including Oral cancer. Seminars Attended: 1. Research Experience 1. Griffiths.C. discussing about the best possible ways of collecting GCF using perio-papers. at Charles Dental Hospital. 3. MSc Thesis: Effects of Silencing FOXM1 Oncogene by RNA interference on Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Keratinocytes FOXM1 is a transcription factor important for the regulation of cell cycle. May 2007. genomic stability. August 2007.

Immunization status: Fully immunized 3. Holds full UK driving license 4. National insurance No: SH224175D 2. 2006. Hands-on-Course on Oral implantology for General Practitioners conducted by 4. team work and capability to work individually as well as within a team. Other Personal Details: 1. Temporary Registration with the GDC and Expired on 30-11-2009 and applied for renewal. 3. 2005 5. Experience utilizing web based scientific journals and databases. Affiliate member of American Dental Association Personal Attributes: 1. Member of Indian Dental Association.How to ensure success and avoid problems” held at the British Dental Association Headquarters. Hobbies and interests: Painting.Andhra Pradesh. 2005. Experience conducting baseline need assessments. University of London. Attended Lecture Seminar on “Endodontics for the 21st Century. 4. . 2.3. 3. Swimming. 4. Adult Life Support training at the Barts and the London NHS Trust Resuscitation service on 31 October. Volleyball. Playing Indian classical instrument –veena. 2. Actively involved with seminars and lectures organized by BSOMP. 2. at Queen Mary University of London on 2nd October. Memberships and Affiliations: 1. University of Sheffield. Attended several CPD programs regularly at School of Dentistry. London.Tirupathi. A high level of proficiency and competency in public speaking. on 15th November 2006. program plans. BDJ and Queen Mary. Indian Dental Association(Rayalaseema Branch). Attended the London Oral Biology Club Meeting on 14th November 2006. Innovativeness. Cricket. 4. carvings on wax and bath soaps. Continued Professional Development 1. Fully registered with Dental Council of India 3. Have an enhanced CRB check in the UK.

MDS Head of the Department of Oral and Maxillo facial Surgery. Barts & The London School of Medicine & Dentistry Queen Mary.2275492 +91-877-2287557.parkinson@qmul. University of London 4 Newark Street.teh@qmul. Dr.R.t. Tel: +44 20 7882 2387 Fax Number: +44 20 7882 7153 Email: e. Lecturer. London E1 2AT. Dr Muy-Teck Teh. S. Andhra Pradesh. Barts & The London School of Medicine & Dentistry Queen Mary. K. London E1 2AT. (Additional references will be provided on request). Tirupathi.References: Phone: +91-877. University of London 4 Newark Street. Email: bendapudirao@yahoo. Teja Institute of Dental Sciences and Research. . B. Tel: +44 20 7882 7140 Fax: +44 20 7882 7137 Email: C. Professor Ken Parkinson Professor of Head & Neck Cancer Research Center for Clinical & Diagnostic Oral Sciences Blizzard Building. Research Center for Clinical & Diagnostic Oral Sciences Blizzard Building.C. S. Prabhakara 2.