Grant Proposal

Agriana Reese VP of Up to P.A.R. (non profit organization) Woodbury, GA. USA

A. Center in Woodbury.R. .Up to P. GA Bettering Our Kids.A.R. Protecting Our Future Submitted to: Meriwether County City Council Submitted by: Up to P.

and physical activities. Organization requests $100. I know some social workers who would be willing to come out and help and train people so they can work with these students. The program will also reach out to parents to help them get more involved in their children lives. students in Meriwether County are following the crowd and doing these things in order to look cool. majority of them being between the ages of 12-18. The first barrier is children might not want to go because of what the people will around them think. prostitution. Prostitution. Even though there might not be enough personnel in Meriwether County. drugs.000 to start an after school activity center for students in the Meriwether County area.R. The program will include tutoring. guest speakers. Children do not want to be teased or picked at or called nerdy for wanting to better themselves. This does not have to happen.R. and to have a sense of love in their life. With your help. The other barrier is trained and adequate personnel. or go to jail. we believe more children would change their ways in order to better themselves. test and study tips workshops. We at Up To P.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Up to P. Since they have no place to go. There are middle school and high school students that are smoking marijuana and having sex at a particularly young age just to fit in or to be popular. Most of the people taking part in these activities are students. to be accepted. . and violent crimes. have a STI. Using this program we hope to increase the number of students who get good grades and influence them to seek higher education and come back to help the community. I plan on visiting schools and showing the principals and teachers my plan in order to get their support and their help. If the children had more adults and teenagers showing them that there are other things to do than what everyone else is doing. Most children do not want to die. THE PROBLEM Many children in Meriwether County are succumbing to drugs. To get over this barrier. Ga that will provide students with a positive and nurturing atmosphere. This will also be the biggest barrier to overcome. think that we can decrease and possibly eliminate the number of high school students who are taking part in these illegal activities with your support. They could point out the children they think need the center the most.A. and I will do presentations and workshops with the children to show them why the center would be beneficial to their lives. and violent crimes are a big problem in Meriwether County. we can open an after school center in Woodbury. The STD rate is up in Meriwether County.A. There are barriers when it comes to starting up the center and getting children to go.

Center Description The purpose of the Up to P. Also. The plan is to put up walls and design rooms each one for a specific purpose or activity.A. On Sunday we would have church at the Up to P. We intend to help students prepare for their future the right way and to show them any illegal . Center.R. The Center would also have fund raisers which include bake sales. Center is to provide a safe. GOAL To decrease the number of students who are participating in drugs. OBJECTIVES y y y y y y y y Tutor students who need help so they can pass their standardized tests Show students the consequences of illegal activities Provide students who have issues with effective counseling Strengthen the student/teacher/parent relationship Increase number of students from this area that are graduating from college Decrease the number of student in the Meriwether County juvenile system Teach students about the benefits of healthy eating and habits Provide a healthy dinner nightly EVALUATION Our aim is to provide the students in Meriwether County with a better place to be after school. and candy sales.UP TO P. a media room. instead of them being out with people who do not mean them any good. we would have two well qualified and trained security guards preferably with military background. will add several more rooms to the back of the building. and positive atmosphere for children to go after school. The center will be housed in the old Family Dollar Store which was recently evacuated. We hope to have at least five staff members plus student tutors from the nearby colleges and universities. The Center would be open every day from 3pm-9pm.A. graduating from high school. nurturing.R.A. stable. and crimes and increase the number of students who are being promoted. and succeeding in attaining higher education and to decrease the number of overweight children in the Meriwether County area. an arts and crafts room. fish fry¶s.R.R. and a kitchen area. There will be offices for the staff and personnel. prostitution. The men who are part of the Up to P.A. an exercise room a small medical room. We would provide field trips and guest speakers for the students to get out and see more than just Meriwether County The Center will have a tutoring/computer room. Monday thru Sunday.

6 hours a day.00 $14000. bathroom.activities is not an option.000.00 $100.00 $29380.00 . 7 days a week) Equipment for tutoring and media room Medical Supplies Construction Supplies Miscellaneous (kitchen.00 $4500. groceries etc) Total 250 10 260 $2000 $3780 a week (4 weeks) $15120.00 an hour. We intend to prepare them for all the standardized tests which are required for the state of Georgia. BUDGET CENTER GOAL Number of Students Number of staff and personal NUMBER OF PEOPLE AT CENTER Arts and Crafts Materials for students Staff and personnel (10.00 $35000.

A. The Up to P. and emotionally.A.A. the Up to P. . We look forward to having Meriwether County support in helping better our community. The Up to P. They need someone to show them that there are other options in life besides selling drugs. physically. Center is to help children prepare for life in positive safe ways. prostitution.CONCLUSION There are so many children in Meriwether County that need help in order to succeed in life and become a better person. and violent crimes.R.R. We will encourage and support them to do the right things and look out for their futures. Center will be dedicated to making all aspects of life better for children in any way we can.R.R. Center can help children realize and reach their full potentially academically. mentally. Center will be able to make Meriwether County students make better decisions about their lives. The purpose of the Up to P.A. With the County¶s financial support.

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