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Eleven Third-Trimester Abortion Patients Seen By Neuhaus

Patient # Date of Patient Age/Home Gestation Patient Neuhaus’ Other Info

Abortion State/Ethnicity Stated Diagnosis
1 07/22/2003 14/NY/Unknown 26+ weeks Afraid Parents Anxiety Pregnant
will find out, Disorder through
Can’t (NOS) consensual sex
concentrate on w/boyfriend
2 07/08/2003 10/CA/Hispanic 29 weeks Rape/Incest Major Spanish
Victim Depressive Speaking; no
Disorder, evidence of
single episode interpreter
3 08/05/2003 15/Unknown/White 26 weeks Wanted to Major Pregnant
participate in Depressive through
rodeo as a Disorder, consensual sex
single episode w/17 y.o.
barrel rider
4 08/05/2003 15/NY/African- 28 weeks “Shocked” to Acute Stress Pregnant
American find out she Disorder, through
was pregnant Moderate consensual sex
5 08/12/2003 15/Canada/Unknown 25 weeks Not sleeping Major Referred by
well at night Depressive Canadian
thinking of Disorder, Health
situation single episode
6 08/26/2003 14/NY/ Unknown 25+ weeks Troubled, split, Acute Stress Pregnant
poor family Disorder through
consensual sex
7 09/09/2003 15/Unknown/African- 25 weeks Conflicting Major Pregnant
American statements Depressive through
concerning Disorder, consensual
suicidal single episode sex; referred
thoughts by Hope Clinic
8 11/04/2003 13/NJ/Unknown 25 weeks Threatened to No diagnosis in Pregnant
kill self or beat file through
child, if born; consensual sex
Aware of w/17 y.o.
pregnancy only boyfriend
1 wk.
9 11/04/2003 15/IL/Unknown 25+ weeks Loved Major
basketball; Depressive
Pregnancy Disorder,
took fun out of single episode
10 11/04/2003 18/KS/White 25+ weeks History of Acute Stress Lives
panic attacks. Disorder, severe w/parents,
(Neuhaus Neuhaus Anxiety attends school,
generated labeled her as Disorder, in offered job,
diagnoses “unable to partial tries to stay
11/13/2003) function. busy
11 11-18-2003 16/Unknown/Unknown 29+ weeks In “some Major Father had
danger of Depressive recently died
hurting Disorder,
single episode