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Outcomes ONE RE STRATEGIC GOALS To continue to develop the RE goals from 2010 Actions Who? Timeframe


SG1.1 We will continue to develop the 2010 RE goals in the following areas: • RE electronic resources implementation and evaluation

Brenda Susan All teachers



RE electronic resources will confidently used in all classes

TWO DATA To identify students’ needs using assessment data and match specific interventions to students performing below expectation. SG2.1 All teachers will be aware of national standards for literacy achievements and will electronically track students from school entry to ensure that students in need of additional support at either classroom or intervention level will be identified and catered for in a timely fashion. Literacy Leaders All teachers Ongoing Tools such as wedge graphs will be completed by teachers regularly and students making insufficient progress will have specific plans put into place and monitored on at least a monthly basis.

FOUR RESOURCES To ensure that both teachers and students have access to quality resources. SG4.1 Literacy leaders will regularly review all literacy resources and ensure that: • E-learning will be integrated into the literacy programme Maureen All staff T1 and ongoing E-learning is integrated into the literacy programme

ONE TEACHING AND LEARNING To improve student achievement in numeracy by increasing the capability, knowledge SG1.1 Professional learning community will focus both on current developments in numeracy and on meeting the specific learning needs of individuals and groups of students identified as requiring additional support to achieve at expected levels. • E-Learning incorporated into the numeracy programme in statistics Todd All staff Ongoing

Students are able to electronically produce statistical data.

and confidence of teachers

THREE SPECIAL NEEDS To increase all students’ knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of mathematics, irrespective of ability SG3.1 Mathletics programme will continue to improve understanding and use of basic facts SG3.3 G and T provision through Mathletics, Otago Problem Solving, UNSW Mathematics Year 5-8 teachers Ongoing Mathletics

Students will thrive on the competitive aspect of Mathletics and the levels of basic facts knowledge increases.

ONE To ensure that the design and shape of our curriculum is beneficial and meaningful to our community SG1.6 Cluster A focus for our Three Kings ICT cluster is to continue to foster e-learning as a support to the curriculum All teachers Ongoing Support, collegiality and reflective discourse is shared with our cluster schools.

FOUR E-LEARNING SG4.1 St Therese School has been part of an ICT MOE contract in the Three Kings Cluster. To ensure sustainability we will continue to share PD opportunities and expertise SG4.2 Our website will become a vibrant communication tool for the school community. Students will be involved with all aspects of this content managed system All staff Ongoing The website celebrates the school and our students in a really creative way. Because of the way it is set up, students have a lot of input in the same way as a school newspaper. Children become confident learners as a preparation for the future, encouraging their writing, creativity and technical skills in the online space. Children own the site, use it a lot themselves and share it with their families.