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The Marikina City Library started as a Municipal Library. It was organized on August 11, 1956 under the headship of the so called ³Education Mayor´ Mayor Gil Estanislao Fernando (Father of Chairman Bayani F. Fernando) joint auspices of the Municipal Government of Marikina and the Bureau of Public Libraries, now the National Library, under the direct supervision of the Provincial Librarian.

From 1956 to 1961, the Library occupied the small space at the Municipal Session Hall. The Municipal Government provided the salary of the librarian, office supplies and equipment. An amount of P200 was given for its initial subscription. The Municipal Library started with 300 volumes of books allocated by the Bureau of Public Libraries and with the basic furniture such as book shelves, small table and 4 chairs donated by the civic minded citizens of Marikina.

Its growth was improved through the generous support of the Municipal Government of Marikina which appropriated its funds. With the deep concern for the improvement of the said institution, the Municipal Government passed Resolution No. 18 on March 10 1962, reserving a lot for the Library building at Lot no. 100-B at Sta. Elena. Moreover, the Municipal Council of Marikina asked for a pork barrel fund from the National Government, approved under Republic Act Nos. 2093 (P5,000) and 3101

Automated Information System for Marikina City Library


Angeles/ Marqueses/ Santos

(P5,000) for a Library building with a counterpart fund of P10,000 to be provided for by the Municipal Government.

The Library was transferred to a new building on August 16, 1962. The inauguration, November 25, 1962, coincided with the celebration of the National Book Week. Because of the accessibility of the new location, the number of library users greatly increased as well as the collection of the informative materials found in the Library. Aware of the invaluable service that the Library was giving to the community, the Municipal Library in cooperation with the Barrio Council and through the help of the Provincial Librarian and Bureau of Public Libraries established Barrio Libraries namely J. Dela Peña, Barangka, Concepcion, Parang and Nangka to foster social development of the people in the barrios.

As years went by, the big population increase of Marikina presented a need for a bigger library. Through the cooperation and assistance of the Philippine National Bank (PNB), Marikina Branch, and the support of the Marikina Municipal Government, a bigger Library building was constructed on the same site on November 28, 1988. It was finished on August 1989 and the Library was housed on the second floor of the building. Under the Leadership of Mayor MARIA LOURDES C. FERNANDO a bigger and conducive for learning Library was planned. The new site (up to the present 2007) is on the West Grand Stand, Marikina Sports Park Shoe Avenue, Marikina City. The transfer was made March 19, 2005 and the ³New Library´ was eventually inaugurated on May 20, 2005.
Automated Information System for Marikina City Library


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At present, the Library occupies a total of 700.62 sqm. It consists of the following sections: The Children¶s Section, Special Collection Section (NSO publications, Shoe Industry, Local History, and National Center for Disabled Person Publication), Periodical Section, Teen¶s Section, Recreational Section, Law Section, Filipiniana Section, Reference Section, General Collection Section, and the Computer Section. It also has an Audio-visual Room (173.22 sqm.) which can accommodate as many as 80 persons per seating.

The goals of the company are as follows: 

To serve as an information and knowledge center of the community.  To provide sufficient and substantial updated information for the informal education of the people.  To augment the research and information needs of students, teachers and other professionals in the locality.  To provide opportunity for self-improvement.  To gather, organize and preserve the local historical documents.  To bring the library closer to the community.  Maintain an ideal atmosphere conducive to serious learning and easy assimilation of ideas.  Be an ideal setting for learning activities being the seat of Knowledge, Progress and Success.

Automated Information System for Marikina City Library


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VISION We aspire to become a premier public library imbued with sound values and a strong commitment to lifelong learning and information literacy.


Continually develop, sustain, preserve, and make available and accessible to the public the vast resources of the Marikina City Library.


1. To serve as a repository of information, knowledge, and library services in the community. 2. To provide sufficient, substantial, and relevant information to the public as a way of supplementing their knowledge, literacy, and self-development. 3. To meet the research and information needs of students, teachers, researchers, and the like. 4. To offer outreach and literacy assistance to individuals and groups in need of services such as job and educational information and educational programs.

Automated Information System for Marikina City Library


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CHAPTER II EXISTING SYSTEM History of the Existing System

From the establishment of the City Library, An Open-Shelf System is used by the City Library in organizing the books by using a Dewey decimal classification system. The Dewey decimal system serves to be the arrangement of the books in the library. It is very useful for finding or searching of books. The library serves all residents of the community and neighboring cities and towns.

The Marikina City Library¶s service will not be denied or abridged because of religious, racial, social, economic, or political status or because of emotional, mental or physical condition, age or sexual orientation. Meanwhile, with regards to the day to day transactions in the Marikina City Library, has been recording the books that they have in a manual system.

To be exact it, the current system in the library is a paper based system. This manual system includes the recording of the issuance of books to the borrower on a record sheet.

How the existing system operates: The students enter the library for either reading a book or borrowing a book for some period of time, First the students must register enter information about himself, it

Automated Information System for Marikina City Library


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includes the name, address and the educational status, then he search for the book first using card catalog and filling up a call slip.

According to the departments in the library, he will send the call slip to the librarian to borrow the book. Then the librarian takes the call slip to find the book, after searching and getting the book it will take the information about the and the write it in a documents that is exists for that purpose, the librarian write the name of the book.

There are a different operations that is not related to the students such as the process of stocktaking that is held every end of the year, in which the librarian must prepare a statistics about the books in the library to ensure that no books missed or wear out, if so a new books is bought according to the missed books or the orders of the stuff members and students (the most required books).

Automated Information System for Marikina City Library


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System Run Chart

Library File Storage Folder

Verified Report Folder

Verification Library File Storage Folder Verified book details Folder

Encode and update Book inventory monitoring

Updated report
Book inventory report



Diagram 2. System Run Chart of the Existing System

In this diagram, the Librarian encodes the details of the book to be borrowed; this includes the book title, the book author and the call number of the book. After the manual encoding of the details, the librarian saves the borrower/s¶ files which can be found at their library records. The records will keep track on the library¶s assets for monitoring and updating purposes.
Automated Information System for Marikina City Library


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Data Flow Diagram Book request form Send Details to Librarian Book and borrowers¶ details



Valid book request Library file storage Verify the status of materials

Library Material

Processed Details

Encode the Details

Verified Book details

Diagram 3. Data Flow Diagram of the Existing System

The diagram above shows the data flow diagram of Marikina City Library. It starts from the filling of the call slip of the borrower. The call slip that includes the books and borrowers¶ details will be send to the librarian. The librarian will receive the call slip and processed it for verification. The verified book information will be encoded to the library¶s file storage. The recorded information will now be kept by the librarian for tracking and the book or library material will be given to the borrower.
Automated Information System for Marikina City Library


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The study aims to make an automated library system specifically for the Marikina City Library. The general problem of this study is the anarchy in the facilitation of the processes and operations in the library using the manual system. Current system is manual maintenance of all the entities and transaction of the library is a paper based system. Maintaining a manual system like what they currently have wastes a lot of time and effort, and it may be subjected to constrain in operations and information errors. Though many library systems are now practicing and operating by the use of automated library system, there are still some libraries that operating manually by group of people. In this case The Marikina City Library is included.

In such situations many people involved in the process of managing the library such a way that to keep records regarding the books & students (borrowers), check the books manually, keep records on issued books etc. All these things have to be carried out manually and if the library is large in content handling is also a problem. This problem slow down the processes that must be done every day, it also makes massive problems especially to the students and to the librarian as well. On the other hand keeping large amount of maintenance workers may cost a lot and it will not be efficient for a library. Therefore there should be a reliable way to manage the library system.

Automated Information System for Marikina City Library


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Specific Problems

1. What are the reasons of producing an unguaranteed accurate report in the library? 2. What could be the cause of the lack of immediate information modification and retrieval in the current system, specifically with the availability of books in the library? 3. What are the processes present in the current system that results to the lost of information needed by the operations of the library?

Automated Information System for Marikina City Library


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From the process of the existing system, it shows that the manual operation arises from the problems of slowing down of the processes that must be done every day. Using manual system for a library has a great impact on the way it processes and operates its day to day transactions. It also makes massive problems to the transactions between the borrower and to the librarian.

From the current system that Marikina City Library has, it leads to the different problems, from the access of information, security of the information and preparation of reports; it becomes really difficult in a manual system. Even after hard work, if one staff was able to prepare it then it is not guaranteed that the prepared report is accurate and up to date. ³Nothing is permanent ³everything changes, as time passes on the same stands true with the system, which is subjected.

One can imagine how difficult it is to alter some information written on the piece of paper. One way to alter is just cut off and throws away the paper and rewrite the same information with minor changes on the fresh sheet of paper. Another way is erase the previous information.

The librarian or library staffs have to make transactions with number of book at a number of times. There are always chances of recording information about the same book number of times. This is ³redundancy´. Redundancy invites inconsistency. In case

Automated Information System for Marikina City Library

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some information about a member or book is maintained twice or more than twice in future, if modification done at one place then how they be able to decide which of the various information about the same is correct.

The lack of immediate retrieval and security of the information brought by the manual system is evidently present to a paper based system like the Marikina City Library. The retrieval and quick inquiries in the information about the availability of Books is slow. It is caused by the unorganized paper based system; it is hard to sort information in a large number of files.

Addition to that, Information is not information, if it is unordered. To make data useful the library needs to store it on various basis like on the basis of Book code, Title id, subject id, etc., but imagine how to store information in a manual system.

Automated Information System for Marikina City Library


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Alternative Course of Action 1

An Automated Information System for Marikina City Library

The automated information system will carry out such operations in the library that will sufficiently alter the problems faced by the library¶s current system. Having the system, it will Immediately retrieve needed information for a specific transaction, a better storage facility ,better sorting of efficient report , quick sorting of information, preparation of efficient report, accuracy of data such as no redundancy hence no inconsistency and Prompt updating of information.

The operations present are the issuance and returning of books in the library. In the issuance of the book, the information needed by the librarian will just have to be encoded in the system and save it as a record in the library. Whenever the librarian needs the records it can be easily accessed. In terms of returning of books, the librarian can easily update the status of the book that had been returned. By that, the status of the book/s is now available for borrowing by another person again.

It is also a creation of a secured and accessible system whereby the system can be accessed only by the authenticated user using the password protection mechanisms. The system can be used to store large volumes of books and student data.

Automated Information System for Marikina City Library


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From the system itself, the librarian or the library in charge will use the system for the transactions of the borrower/s and the library staff. The system proposed can also be use to easily monitor the status of the books provided with the personal information of the borrower/s.
Alternative Course of Action 2

An Online Library Information System

The online information library system is consisting of a website for the process of the operations in the library. This will be system that will benefit the Marikina City Library staffs and the borrowers as well. The creation of the online system is a useful system and website for the part of the borrower. It is for the reason that, the inquiries of the book that they tend to borrow can be made straight to the website exclusively made for the Marikina City Library. The borrower can search the book in the shelf of the library and get an immediate result if the book is available for use or not.

Asides from the quick access of the books inquiries, it is also convenient since the borrower won¶t have to spend a time and money in going to the library¶s premises. For the security and updating of the information in the online system, it is less prone to problems, since the access for administration of the website is strictly made for the people in charge of the website.

Automated Information System for Marikina City Library


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Alternative Course of Action 3

Computerized File Storage System

In this computerized system, it will be dealing with the use of computer software such as the Microsoft office specifically Excel in keeping the records of the information of the books needed by the librarian and the borrower. The librarian can store information indicating the relevant data needed such as the book title, call number and the personal information of the borrower. This system is useful since it can create a back up for all the data stored without the constrain of losing some encoded files.

What makes it effective also is the fact that it is economically feasible. The library will not be spending a huge amount of money in creating a system like an automated system and for the payment for the I.T specialist who will be in-charge of creating and facilitating the system created for the library¶s operations. The library staff who can handle a simple excel operation can operate and be in-charge of that activity.

Automated Information System for Marikina City Library


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Alternative Course of Action 1 Alternative Course of Action 2 Alternative Course of Action 3

An Automated Information system for Marikina City Library

The Automated Information system will be used for the replacement of the manual system of Marikina City Library. A system that will alter the current problems faced by the operations in the library and will improve the processes present by the use of a computerized system. It is a computerized system that uses a various collection of computer technologies such as computer machines, printers, programming language, database system and so on. The new system will provide the librarian with an effective way to control all the library operations, an easy way to control and managing borrowing and return books and Ability to perform stocktaking with minimum amount of effort.
Automated Information System for Marikina City Library


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This recommended system will perform necessary task of the librarian such as the issuance of the books to the borrower. It will keep track to the materials in the library which are available for use and those that are not. The accuracy of the information will take place since there will be spaces provided for the information needed to be stored in the system. The security of those files and the system itself is also implemented due to the exclusive username and password for the administrator of the system. This will also serves to be the file storage system of the library for the issuance information by the borrower that will ensure the security of the books. From all the alternative actions enumerated, it is the most effective since it will be use by any appointed personnel to use this kind of system.

Automated Information System for Marikina City Library